Almost died in tundra @ cross-country Norway road trip

This is RadicalTrips and we are on the Atlantic Road in Norway the most beautiful route in Northern Europe This vlog is about a road trip of 5,000 kilometres long across the country We are talking about world-famous fjords beautiful mountains endless landscapes and even tundra’s! We will take you along with us I even went to a CrossFit box in Oslo to pump some iron Dude Doesn’t matter, just cut it out Stay with us because you don’t want to miss how I almost died in Norway that’s true, he actually almost There is the waterfall You’re a mad man! Abort the mission, abort the mission today I was scared it’s some crazy stuff RadicalTrips This is a true Norwegian celebration of independence sticking three gigantic gigantic enormous Viking swords into the ground Celebrating an ancient battle that ended up uniting a portion of Norway under one banner something, something Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 widely regarded as the conflict that finally achieved unity among the warrior factions of Western Norway Be strong, Karel Don’t fuck with me, Rens Release your inner Viking! Ha haaa Look how tiny it is! Oooooh Aaaaahhh!! Karel let me have your review of little Lady Liberty? You know, RadicalTrips the best trips get five stars this Statue of Liberty Wait! Ice cream van And some girl running to get her ice cream okay sorry this Statue of Liberty gets only four stars the reason is, we can’t go racing with the car around She got her ice cream And I just think it’s funny the now original Statue of Liberty has become world-famous that there’s now weird replica’s all over the world because every little town that has something to do with creating the thing in New York has now one of these standing because, here, the copper was made in the local mines The one that we have seen in Colmar in the Northeastern part of France I think that’s where the designer lived or the sculpturer, or something for some reason, there’s one in Tokyo as well I missed it, unfortunately Nooooooo! But there’s many more across the world so maybe we should collect them Take them home? Sure man I think this one you can actually fit in your living room it was cute! yes, I think you could even fit it on top of this car That’s another Unesco World Heritage Site my friend

It’s good! I can cross another box Some of these dock houses along the harbour are over 300 years old while the city of Bergen has already been founded a thousand years ago Until the 1830s Bergen remained the biggest city of Norway only then to be taken over by the capital Christiania that city is currently better known as Oslo But of course, Bergen still serves as the country’s most important port with over half a million passengers every year According to tradition the city was founded in 1070 by king Olav Kyrre and was named “Bjõrg Fing” in English it means: ‘the green meadow among the mountains’ alright! yes Say that in Norwegian, again? “Bjòng Fing” It sounds like Japanese, or something Yeah… “Pjöng Ving” Bjørgvin! Bjørgvin! Pjöng Ving! Everything is fine Okay, thank you! You’re welcome OMG I’m fucking pumped I went to the top I was so fucking stupid because I had my Hugo Boss pants on so I didn’t wanted to go into the water and back on the other side but I just climbed half-way it was fucking amazing and then even the camera is falling down and the camera is shocked Let’s go! Karel has another stupid idea any last words before you drown in the river? yes, “things happen” uhh This cold Fucking hell, I thought it would be warmer in here You’re the ice man! yeah I think this is a crazy idea I think you’re right because it’s fucking cold and it is getting deeper and deeper so, what do you say? Mission abort! Mission abort! Nope? Nope That’s a nope A winner never quits and a quitter never wins

let’s find another one, Rens I won’t give up I believe in enjoying nature and respecting its serenity so taking garbage from somebody else might be the best step to making sure that you will leave it even cleaner as how you found it Broken window theory! Very nice, Rens If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands wow Kitty! Hey… hello Karel! yes? we rented the house with a cat serious? – yeah a pussy? – eh yeah! I’m happy again a couple of hours ago, I wasn’t that happy because there was a rooster And you know what he did? I was like… zzzzzz and he was like COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO WAKE UP EVERYBODY IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING Good morning! Watch this hey! There he is… hi cat I think he wants some privacy bye bye Rens, I have a new muscle exercise just walking with this cam you know, there’s a gorilla pod under it so you can hold it farther away so people don’t need to look at your face from that close Oh, like this? oh, I’m learning by the day a little bit higher so you have a nice frame going not in the dead center rule of thirds oh, one-third, yes! one day you will get it Yeah, one day but, that one day will not be today! Oh, you guys do you know about a thing, called a road trip? yes we’re on it do you know about taking in an extra passenger? come on, you love birds the car doesn’t drive itself

Good bye, my friend! Ahh, even Google has decided it’s closed we can at least try to fly over it! Commence flying scene Ready, Rens? Let’s do it! Quite a challenge to get a drone flying on the most beautiful route in Norway following the car Let’s go! Come on, baby Let’s position it nice and tight along the road let’s jump into the car see if this is working Alright, Rens coming ha ha! Ready Rens? Ready Start the car hit it! There we are ah, beautiful nice and centered although, it’s a little bit far off let me see if I can get closer to the car the road is safe, both ways ohh, Jesus this is hard ahh, it needs to go faster! Drive faster? Cause now it can still see us Yes, there we are! Isn’t this beautiful? Ah, now I’m blind I hope it returned safely or maybe we killed our second drone then, let’s get a third! Of course We’ve got 99 problems but money ain’t one Ah, there it is such a good boy he’s hovering he’s waiting for his dad Let’s hope we don’t have Norwegian police watching this channel we’ll be far out of the country if they do! But I want to come back some day Where is it? Oh, there it is! Jesus! Would you look at that? You could have really hurt yourself! Don’t make me scared like that, again! Moving away to the edge of the cliff your place was over there, buddy! Am I a pro flyer? Yes, you are a pro flyer but I was a little scared with the traffic because, when other drivers see a drone you don’t know what happens maybe you crash a car or something like that and we don’t want that! So, I passed? Yes, with flying colors! With flying colors..? yes, I don’t know what it is

what does it even mean? We Google it! Okay, you Google it! Alright No, no you! Not you! You drive the car! We survived another leg of the trip Yes So why not keep going to Trondheim and after that, to Oslo so stick with us! We’re in Trondheim! Like this? Yep! Thank you You’re welcome my friend Enjoy! Okay, thank you That is a view! I wanna help I want to show I have some powers Yeah, but if you take that one I take here and you drive it under we don’t put it on the thing? We can’t… you can try You’re too strong! Oh, no! What have you done! It’s good, now just leave it there alright Let’s go Ohhh, that breakfast was delicious! But we have to keep going up to Oslo! I love it, just driving endlessly through Norway

enjoying the silence and just do nothing it makes me feel alive no one tells me what to do no mandatory things just park the car, walk into nature and enjoy Ooohhhh! Oeh, that’s cold Alright not too comfortable walking on bare feet but what’s the worst that could happen? They don’t have snakes in Norway, do they? So now, let me tell you something about this Norwegian landscape we’re now in the highlands moved away from Trondheim and we went South now on the way to Oslo it was great roaming through the landscape it looks very dry but then, there’s water everywhere and I have never seen such a thing before in my life it’s a unique place and it’s very different from what we’ve seen earlier on during the trip because most of it was full or fjords deep blue water brilliant blue skies very green mountains and then these little red houses perched on top of them And now, again, this looks very different they have the same snow-topped peaks in the background but then, most of it is very flat So, let’s continue we’re now driving towards a waterfall and as we’ve read from the description it should be similar to this place very flat, actually with some mountains in the background but then all of the sudden there will be this massive waterfall for us to explore so I’m looking forward to it I’m getting out of the snow right now because it’s cold so let’s move on! This doesn’t look good! A sign with simply “stengt” which, of course, means “closed” No problem Rens it’s 2,000 meters, we will walk Such scenery! it’s not a bad day to be out in the sun! Climb a few hundred meters

turn some corners into another valley or up another mountain and then you have this! On top of the world, it seems Ah, this is good snow! I read on the sign just a couple of hundred meters back that this road is only open from the first of July untill the first of September but we are RadicalTrips so, we leave the care there and we go by foot! Are you cold? yeah, now I’m cold he’s cold! I think I have fucking frostbite on my toes Normally, I’m never cold So if I’m cold, it’s really cold Guys, I wanna tell you a little bit about Tai Chi When you are very cold you can warm your inner body like this breath in feel the energy Are you done? I’m getting warm This is where this hike ends don’t pay attention to the mad man behind me ah, it’s too bad, but we’re this deep in snow it’s cold I think the whole thing is just not reachable by foot there’s water beneath the snow it might be even worse, far worse a few meters ahead so I’m calling it quits because I don’t want to be sick I’m starting in a new job on Monday and today, it’s Friday, so this guy needs to drive me so he also doesn’t need to get sick this idiot he’s trying to prove something come on, give me the best you’ve got hit me! ah, it’s too bad the weather is good the landscape is magnificent there’s nothing like it but, already here I’ve drenched my shoes it’s leaking ice into my socks so this is how far it will go let’s turn around find the car and get to Oslo So, our ways have parted only for a brief while Karel is over there because he insists on going anyway trying to find the waterfall There he is, again! I was really close I think 500 meters Sometimes I tell myself why why am I doing this stuff Do I want to prove a point? that I can find the waterfall? or do I just like challenging things? look somewhere in the middle of nowhere when I look on my Google Maps with waterfalls on it we have a special map dedicated to waterfalls it should be very close Did you see it? No Then why did you return? Because I was standing in the snow and the snow was like this, like up to here WHAT? and I was fucking scared For sure, it was one of my scariest experiences of my life the benefit of that is that I feel fucking alive right now! Like one guru told me one day every day you should do one thing that scares you today, I was scared I was stupid I said, Rens, go to the car I’ll go further and I was standing in the snow till here and I thought, if it was till here I wouldn’t be able to breath and I will die and I was standing like this The most frightening was I crossed the river

and then after that, a couple of hundred meters further than that I thought to myself Abort the mission! Abort the mission! we’re gonna stop this mission it’s getting too crazy! So, I took a path down but the river was getting steeper and wider so it was like a little waterfall with snow on it and crossing that one was really scary Oehh, this is cold! Do I wanna cross the river? Let’s cross the river Ahhhh this is cold But, let’s go! Let’s go! Why?! Why?!? Yeah, but you must be ice-cold by now, then? I did I had a strategy! My feet hurt it’s getting cold and now, I’m trying to walk fast to the car because, I’m not a doctor, but if I’m walking fast my blood will go pumping, pumping, pumping, fast and then, my feet will get warm again So, never do this again! But I feel alive! It was crazy So, while falling through the ice that wasn’t the moment for you to consider backing off? Oh, I aborted the mission then, yes Then I thought, abort the mission and I went back but, if you say, abort the mission you can’t just quit the mission and you’re here you know, you have to go some way Oh, this is not good maybe the other way is this doable? look… a lot of water Can I stand on it? No This ice is strong enough I can stand on it, you see? and just hope and if I fall down I need to do one thing hold the camera! Whoo… like this This is a fucking idea just walking on fucking ice falling through this ice is weak, again oh my god Oh, you’re such an idiot Yes Well I’m glad you agree with me You smell too, I think Yeah? Ugh Is that not my Athletic Greens with 75 ingredients, like broccoli? This is not an advertisement No no, I don’t get money for it it’s just really good I’m happy again! my plan worked Since my last update I think it was half an hour 45 minutes ago and I’m walking fast and now, I can feel my feet again my toes, I’m happy that they’re still on and they are getting back alive they are tingling now so, I’m just walking fast and I think, in 20 minutes or so I hope I’ll be with the car But I was scared And I was thinking when was the last time I was this scared? And I think it was in 1992 I was a boy of just ten years old and on the news at six o’clock in the morning, there was United States of America has sent war planes to Iraq and I was so scared so I went to my mother and father and I slept further in their bed because, I was thinking the planes were coming over our house and I was scared So, I’m now 37, almost so that is 25 years ago so I’ll take the next 25 years to just be a little normal Life is just taking risk and the rest is just waiting And drowning camera’s in the process? Yes, you’ll buy a new one All right man Just for one night? Yup Ohhh…. can you give a bro a hand? (snoring)

Hello! Good morning! How are you? Today? I do have to say… this breakfast isn’t too shabby, either Well, bon appétit, my friend thank you We are here on top of the Grand Hotel in Oslo which was built more than 150 years ago It’s the first day that it rains and I think it’s no problem because we had a beautiful seven days prior to this with sunshine which was above average in Norway One thing which is a shame is that we booked this nice hotel pay a lot of extra money to have some sauna’s, swimming pool one of the best hotels in Norway but, we arrived after midnight So, we had to go to bed now, we have to go traveling back to the Netherlands so it’s a shame we couldn’t enjoy but paid the money but, such is life you can’t win them all! So, Karel is away on his CrossFit mission and I’m exploring the city, a little bit too bad it’s grey but I don’t get bored easily, because I bought myself a sword! To be a true viking in honor of the Norwegians well actually, that’s an axe but I think a sword is accepted Hello Karel! I have it I did a workout at CrossFit Oslo Ohhh I am one of the wolfpack! Alright, so now we’ve finished our road trip we’re on the boat back to Denmark and as a bonus we want to give you the 11 things that we have learned about the Norwegian country and culture First point Everywhere in Norway you have a fast 4G internet connection it’s really beautiful it doesn’t matter where you are if you’re inside a cave on a mountain top in a tunnel or even on the tundra everywhere there is a fast connection

Point number two Thousands of waterfalls, small and big You actually get tired of ’em But now it’s time for point number three There aren’t many highways in Norway So, it’s slow driving especially if you are used to the Deutsche Autobahn Point four This one was a strange one to us so, if you are in a restaurant often times you have to order and pay for your food at the same time and up front Now, we believe this has probably something to do with the individualistic Scandinavian nature of the people who rather would want to pay for themselves separately from the group Point number five So many fjords! and, therefore, many lakeside roads with high mountains Beautiful! It never gets tired Number six All gas stations and ferries have the same sausages with bread on offer And we would recommend the bacon-wrapped cheese-filled ones! Number seven It is true Prices are freaking expensive in Norway If you are in a modest restaurant eating a hamburger and you want a bottle of water just a small one you pay six Euro’s or seven Dollars Number eight! The roads seem to be in perfect condition, everywhere and they reach every little corner of the country Often, they’re supported by ferries that go continuously back and forth and they have elaborate tunnel systems Deep below the mountain taking the roundabout connecting all the tunnels with each other Now, it ‘s time for number nine Many roads have toll You have to pay a couple of Euros when you drive through you don’t have to pay it up front when you are at home you get an invoice from the Norwegian government Number ten! So, if roads and areas are closed off the Norwegians actually know what they are doing Let me explain if you are a troll with a very big nose stop here, you can’t go any further But if you are from RadicalTrips you say AAAHHHHH and you go Especially for you, a bonus tip! This is number eleven You don’t have to take your cash with you because everywhere even in desolated areas you can pay with your credit card That was it! Thank you so much for watching hope you liked it Like! Subscribe if you want to! And see you for the next vlog at RadicalTrips at YouTube, at Facebook See ya! I dare you to jump to the ceiling ha ha, he can’t do it! Oh, fuck Haha, did that hurt?