How To Train Your Noob The Movie | PART 1

Noob: What’s that? Ammunition? Noob: I want this and this and this and all this ammo Noob: Oooh! A gun, I don’t know what I’ll need it for but OK *John Wick pops up* Hi! * Noob Picks up gun and leaves* John: *Sigh* What a noob *Noob keeps running* John Wick: Hey wait up! John : Hey stop! Noob: Uh? Johnk: Got you. Noob: Ah what what did you do free me right now! John Wick: I’ll free you but calm down ok? John Wick: Here a Big Shield Potion, it’s like bonus health, this one gives you 50 Noob: Uhm thanks? John: Follow me Noob: OKay! John: Try to cut this tree down Noob: Uhm like this? John Wick: Yes Noob: Yay!! John: Umm… Are you– Noob: LOLOLOL John: Really?? John: Wait! John: Look! John: Aim And FIRE! John: Honestly! John: Like that John: Well done, Noob John: Come on John: Hurry up Noob: TAKE THAT! John: Oh my God! John: Now you try! Umm… Okay Is this right? You did it!! Noob: Yay!! *Later* John: Keep up Come here! He’s knocked down! RUN! YES!! Attack Be careful! Killed ’em Help me! Here Better? Thanks, John! Got ’em!! WE WON!! OMG OMG OMG!!

Oh yay! Hey John Hello Noob Let’s go take down some noobs You’re a noob Lol. Okay Ready to WIN?? Where should we land, John? Hmm Careful Watch out! Take that! Oh yea This is called a chest! I know. I’m not that much of a noob Do you know how to open it? Of course I do! Lol Wut are those? They give you 5 shield if you eat them Can I have them? Sure. 🙂 Thanks What the– Hey! Not funny HAHAHAHAHAH Now we’re even! I can do this, remember? So not fair Look out, Noob! My name isn’t Noob! Sure it’s not(!) Another kill! I don’t think I’m a noob anymore Meh Careful, they’re above us An empty house? Oh God Hello, hello. Remember me? NOT SO FAST!! No.. please! Goodbye, John Wick NOO!! JOHN!! Why!?! See ya Why?

No no no no no He made me who I am He stuck by me How could someone do this to him?? Flashback-John: Hi A noob! Hey! What? Calm down, Noob Here. Drink this You’re a bush, Noob! Omg LOLOL You did it! Here OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE WE WON!!! That’s it! Watch out, noobs Nice try! I won. That win was for you, John. And all my future wins are also for you. And for me ’cause I won. 🙂 I can’t play alone Not if I want to win I’ll just do what John did! I’ll train a noob I’ll hide right there Who’ there? Hello

Stop breaking the walls!! Don’t be sad Here Wut’s that? Look Yea nice view Could you be a bigger noob? Sorry Oh my GOD! Wut is dat? Your 1×1 base isn’t any better There’s a soccer pitch! *Flashback* Omg COME ON!! Wut da You love hiking or something? Just wanna show you something *Flashback* Nooooo! The king of noobs Like you weren’t that bad Where could he have gone? Even I wasn’t this bad!

Yea nice view No no no no no! Like this. See? Oh yea 1 sec Hehe AAAAAHHHH!! Why??!!?? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Bye loser! What? You’re useless! Nooooo! Help me! See ya LOSER! I don’t know why John Wick didn’t give up on you! NOOOOO! John Wick would never have done this! *Flashback* Here! I’ll help you! Thanks Goodbye!!

I’m–I’m in… Heaven?? John! Noob! Still not my name. Also, I’m not a noob anymore! Well done Adventure? Sure! Meanwhile, in Hell Edit this out: If you decide to use these, (Unlikely) please credit my contribution. This took HOURS to make. 🙂 PS: GREAT MOVIE! 🙂