Midnight Train – YOU HAVE TO GO, LUNA [Chapter 3, Part 13 RPG Maker | Azurchief Play]

all right so let’s get onto Oh it seems they are not going to attack me why are there so many eyes here no idea but he is better to ignore them I can’t go up there so must be roof to my yes a lot what do we do now any idea where I look at that crime it trees water is pesky dad because if we climb that huge tree we could get up there maybe there is something useful there and what you mean I don’t want to get closer today monster oh you do what happened here that tree wasn’t like that the ice must read the dream all that’s right ie know that you do that even though we need to collect the tree I can’t think of another way to advance let’s try okay ah that hurt it hit us mr. Lana are you okay you should worry about yourself get away from this tree your pocket was is a very friendly object it could easily break another in this place you watches like your heart if it stops it is over okay are you okay I think so what happened don’t tell me this thing can also control the terrain at this rate you will be in danger I can’t think of any other way to escape without putting your pocket watch in danger not all my weapons we walk in this situation why should I do what was there nice eggs that’s amazing impressive Luna I’m glad to see you are fine since you’re now you can use three thank you for saving us I’m so happy to see you it was amazing you are not hard right I didn’t want you to see your game demos wife you have changed a lot in these 10 years but you know you could do something like that you have you know let me could have on the euro was a little dead don’t say those things to do but gets unis if it was a vehicle see if you will conduct I want to eat the opposite this is for me you got a mysterious key maybe we could use it to unlock the door we should write dates I’m very happy we are together again but there is something I must tell you now we can’t loose more time do you mean one you deduced before yes noona I already discovered the truth of this place but to be sure I must ask you something Luna when you escape from the orange did you do something you are not proud of judging by your expression I guess it is

true what kind of question is that you really understand it now it’s time to reveal the truth about the Midnight Express what are you ok so this time is Luna this is the most important education I have made so far if I fail now I will never be able to save the people trapped here go ahead new we are listening to you in order to understand better what is price is how to start from the beginning we have all been transported to this place through a train called Midnight Express that train connects two important cities laven war and Bluebell yes it is a popular training Maven war as it seems strange to strange pair of people who disappear inside this train like us why did no one report the disappearances by now there should at least be rumors about people disappearing inside a train you are right I had thought about that we already know that the Midnight Express is cars but what realistic cause why do only some people end up in this place the Vita Express right yes certain condition that makes sense but I don’t know what kind of condition could be that’s what I mentioned the disappearances isn’t it weird that nobody has noticed as someone if appeared on the train a family member or a friend of a missing person should have noticed their disappearance I think the reason nobody has said anything about the disappearances instead I don’t know well then we can operate a bit longer arm let’s go to Seoul first they can’t report of disappearance because they don’t they are not near by you saying that nobody would miss us at first I saw stir was the reason I think we are all quite lonely people nobody would missile has a belief appeared but that is not the main reason just one of the consequences of the real reason I realized and thanks to your relationship with Apollo he wanted to find you but he could never report your disappearance what do you mean I could have never have figured out the real reason without meeting the people trapped in here Luna Diana Apollo semana our viewer have helped me understand the truth this is what we have in common we don’t have a favorite we are all criminals we are part of a newspaper okay well dick Diana also has no to me maybe not I think when this she did not mention about them didn’t see we are all criminals no clue we are part of his favorites we are part of an experiment for by midnight space Isis operative I believe escaping from here was some kind of test or experiment but there is no point in being trapped here forever if we fail budgeting wait this is not what I want you say let

me try it okay their baby Apollo has a fairly oh that’s right but you doesn’t want to live with them I understand what you read but it can’t be the reason really we are criminals criminals that doesn’t make sense it is true that I have committed crimes no one else has done such a thing near tell me that is not true sorry but that’s the truth we all committed a crime at some point a photo was not able to report your disappearance because you were a thief if they found you you’ll be in trouble we are all in that situation that can be the reason or Jeff or what crime did Apollo commit you do not do such like that it is impossible Apollo causes crime was okay not vandalism not assassination Maine lobster what are talking about opera would never do something like then in his defense he didn’t have a choice if he hadn’t done it maybe he didn’t your life beside it was an accident but an instant client and she decided to run away by anyone there Midnight Express while on the other hand it can be self-defense will be fine if it was self-defense it hasn’t been he is a criminal I refuse to believe that Apollo is not that kind of person so that it and what about the guard trap in the first earring what crime did she commit what crime were two of them was she almost I mean Diana almost committed okay there we go the mega experimentation that’s what is strong would have them dearly to choose kidnap no way identity theft I have only one more chance yeah I think this is the only one because there is no option to choose like toxicated near or threatening this life or something she never admitted it but she mentioned she did on ethical experiments in the past did she I see wait a moment this means that Luna also committed a crime that’s what I mean that’s impossible right I was not sure either that’s why I asked that tested before Luna I’m not sure about your crime I have an idea in mind but I was later not saying yeah I would not pressure you about it either but it is true right you’ve also committed a crime in the past noona obviously I was a criminal I committed a terrible crime but that doesn’t make sense you want to be a detective that’s why on to be a detective I wanna try make up for all that damage I have cause even though I know it is impossible I don’t know what to say I didn’t expect this but I guess you’re right even if I don’t want to accept it we are all criminals oh come on it can be and reservation amia the train transports for people who have committed crimes to these buildings knowing that it is easy to know what these buildings really are well obviously presents then experimentation centers but soft rock expects plantation centers though ok which one should I choose my head indicates presence my my mind commit me to choose expectation centers okay think about this as this

perspective presence this is a prison is it a prison is a place where criminals are locked up exactly what it’s placed us basically that middle is face is in charge of transporting criminals to these traitors every minutes to escape all crimes are forgiven this phrase provides us food clothes and a place to sleep we doesn’t want to kill us just trap us in here so all this time we were the bad guys to reach deserve this punishing criminals is a cuisine right the Train is doing something good in my opinion The Midnight Express is where you say I mean you thoughts in my opinion so this opinion Midna is pressing but it is very hard question unfair many people would think that the trainees taste of the good blocking our prima nurse doesn’t seem like a bad thing however do you really think that Apollo Carson deserves to be dragged here of course not mayhaps doesn’t be bad attention personally I think you deserve to be here in ER huh what do you believe that I like I’ll follow I chose to become a theme the middle is present consider the motive all the circumstances that lead the person to commit the crime doesn’t matter how serious the crime is not even the age of the people all people are jealous the same way I can’t ugly waste them tonight there you meet that someone who has committed a minor theft we’ve had the same punishment as a serial killer I don’t think those crimes can be compared yes we all stays trapped here forever if it is the train no matter what crime you committed to cause we still affect you it can’t be I think widows must pay for their crimes in some way but the Midnight Express has don’t like to judge us the latter don’t say that the best idea the real premium is the person who caused the train do you know who them please okay currently is what is Blakey oh I have no idea okay either Luna or near or let gear okay let me go flag here because I have no idea thank you Jesus I made a mistake am i play gear what do you think of that idea people answering your question I must explain to you now what black gear is all the black here is the one what they have been chasing for or binlong away from my eyes I just it’s an organization in charge of eliminating criminals that the police hasn’t been able to capture kind of vigilante living criminals that are difficult to capture or criminals who have managed to avoid the law with bribes the usually kill them and leave a car next to the cops but they amputate the legs or arms or minor criminals so they cannot commit crimes again it is ROG powerful and well structured organization not even the police have been able to do anything they say they do it for the sake of society to cleanse the world of impurities doing the kind of thing doesn’t it make them criminals too they have the support of many citizens who feel safer or thanks to them right now the riddle is justice and the second

in command is purity everyone in the water division uses code names you’re very well my crime is related to break gear that’s what I know so many things I’m curious but maybe it is better not to ask great you still haven’t told us why you think they are the concrete’s the meta Express is in charge of punishing criminals the same thing Blake killed ours oh okay so she makes sense to assume that the person who caused the train has to be related to them they are people obsessed with punishing criminals obviously it is just a theory and is now we know what we are here and who the culprit is this is the first trip step to breaking this course if we manage to escape wouldn’t we all be in danger Blake gear could attack us at any time we are all criminals that’s why we have two goals now the first one is to return to our world and the second one is to stop play here little world and destroy brachear okay yes you’re right nuna let’s do our best together okay thanks the next that you found before since it was in bad condition it broke while you are using the tweened all of our moves can I go up no okay then Welsh die oh yeah okay music is no bit sad though I will try the key to the found yeah it’ll cut okay the pass is empty no no wait let’s follow this path first there is something I want you to see I mean I’ve never been here but I see something interesting from here if you are not more careful you’re not going to realize the truth what truth you mean the one can be the one about her family yes I agree what a beautiful place I didn’t expect to see something like this year it’s a garden of artificial flowers they don’t smell like real flowers but at least they are pretty Luna are there any flowers that catch your attention you know wish you all’s I mean right let’s go see them catch my attention I see he says to remember but to bloom pollen there are some drawings on the wall looks like a child you of them but the art style is familiar to you I wonder who made these drawings it must be someone very talented yeah sure could be you I yes good the box of colored pencils drink all the water you want you happier the plan is your energy it is very lucky that you didn’t go crazy or something Saturday for over five or three years is really okay yes I need to take some more

in vegetation here there’s some drawings on the wall this you’re doing well then I have no idea which color to attention then help so we are all creepiness it is not something to be proud of but we can change the past that’s it I’m stuck game not here though I wonder what this lost elastic music stands for this must be something well I know this looks like Chris something but Oh I knew you is still remembered these flowers what is so special about them there are there were many blue flowers like this in the garden of our own pants we used to make flower crowns with them we didn’t know the name of these flowers so we decided that we would look for the answer once we left the orphans in the end I still don’t know their name they are called for yet me nuts what kind of name is that is surely are making fun of me no no no I’m serious they are cold forget-me-nots marry more weird name they represent good memories and connections between people are more other things as if they were a reminder of your favorite moments with other people yes something like that hua you know very evolved my mother loved flowers so our house used to be full of them that’s why I know some 80s I like flowers too I always let a loss wherever I stole something a gift for the police sometimes you leave me speechless why don’t you keep one of these forget-me-nots he will never wither after all it’s not a bad idea here you have you got up for yet midnight they are proof Rose called forget me birthday artificials right there are some papers inside the box you want to eat them but you decided not to do it why don’t you keep them I’m sure it’s been hours since you last ate something they don’t look delicious but they’ll help you replenish your energy what about you I have food stored for emergencies you need them more than me if you know what I mean the fourth building will be tough also look at Lunas face she can’t stop looking at the ecers ever she’s not even listening to us then I will keep them ok this store lose before opening this door I don’t know how to say this I mean behind this door how do I say so then I tried to warn me about what is behind the door but she can’t say in front of Luna as your chief instance to tell any danger behind the door yes that’s it what do you think it could be let me think

maybe explosions poison gas explosions fire is frozen’s earthquake explosions monsters perhaps even approaches there are too many options explosions there is a problem what a naughty door what should we do if this is the only way forward we must open the door if something goes wrong I will take care of it somehow you don’t seem convinced but I will also help in any way I can do not don’t be shy and take my hand if you need you okay let’s keep distance away quick move don’t just stand there okay as you say I knew not are you okay there is no time for questions move okay take my hand I know it’s difficult for you about we can do it there’s more hold on a bit more we are here with you her legs are shaking she can barely move at this late okay here comes the next one must move Luda I’m glad to see okay nightmare oh geez you scared me I do Jane if you have any injuries I’ll take care of them are you surprised to see me where right now I’m supposed to be trapped alone in the first building or maybe I should say in the first prison is near still mad at me for what I did I couldn’t apologize to him I was scared and I didn’t make the best decisions sorry I wish I could be braver but I’m scared of Louis I was scared of death that’s why I develop different kinds of medicines how would a cure diseases so the people can live longer but since I’m very young others underestimate my abilities and don’t let me investigate so all my experiments and investigations have been in labor nobody died or was injured I promise but something could have gone terribly wrong I committed my crime for the sake of others you are probably the most dangerous criminal of us all right I trusted you believing this Sunday used compared to save me I have a bad feeling but knowing who you really are I guess you never intended to save me she did you have let me escape with you you have been the best decision eerie whistling disappointed once he realized who you really are if you have been travelling the first prison in my place you could pay for all the damage you have done that’s enough scientists it’s my turn now oh wow scientists are you talking about me but but I don’t know who you are but we both know the traveler traveler do you mean Luna yes although I don’t think it is a good nickname anymore you are not a traveler you’re a city running away I like your energy oh right when I

saw you or saw it looks like you’re friends with slannen a good friend of mine however I can no longer respect you I killed a man I had no choice you could have relieved that normal life but you decided to become a criminal there was no need to do what you did it isn’t commit minor crimes you did something very serious how did I not realize it before I can’t believe I trusted you to help less I also feel bad for Nia I can imagine how disappointed he may be here was hypnosis was about you oh wow I be punished for breaking the rules but I think you deserve the worst punishment than me okay I really have a tariff area that’s prepared a lot you don’t deserve to escape with beer Apollo stop being so mean to Luna you are going to scare her I’m the one who got scared but I better not say anything yeah I just telling her the truth it must be hard for you to see your two best friends argue right but I like her I’ve never happened on you and I’d never old you are right Luna I would trust you you are an important person to me when you escape from the orange I thought that you need to live a better life but you actually needed to commit those horrible crimes I saw some we were good friends but you never told me your plans if you did I could have helped you maybe you did have become this kind of person you never considered me your friend did you that’s so painful you abandoned me without saying anything you never thought about how I would feel I think that’s enough here you are yeah are you going to defend you tonight despite what she has done of course it doesn’t surprise me you’re a sentimental idiot we all did something bad we are not very different right but her crime is much worse she’s right although I don’t want to admit it do you still wanna stay with her yes I will not break my promise you and I and our escape from this place together but once we return to our Ward our make sure she pays for her crime in a real prison if I want to be a detective I cannot even know your crime you must pay for it once we get out of here we will become enemies good for you Runa you will finally be able to pay for your crime why are you making that face you have always known that’s where you could end up Luna that is nothing the end I want it for you but I know is the one they deserve you are going to pay for the damage you have caused with your life okay Jesus do not you finally woke up are you okay we were very worried about you he saved you from the explosion when you passed out he dodged all the explosions why carry you he was impressive it is we’ve advanced a lot thanks to Selina I think we should be near the Train there is nothing to fear anymore guna what’s wrong are you feeling unwell it is understandable you should rest even though these arms are shaking I think he can still carry you in his arms my arms aren’t shaking I have enough

strength to carry Bruna in my arms whatever you say why don’t you believe me what are you saying we don’t think that about you you’re my friend guna stop Seder I would stay by your side no matter what happens I don’t care about what you did in the past there doesn’t take that either if he did he would not have risked his life to save you from the explosions what’s happening Donatists we are going to hate her for her crime that’s silly we all make mistakes a crime is not a simple mistake but Runa is different no matter who committed it a crime is still a serious thing you are not happy me I met several people who committed crimes in these buildings but I don’t need them I don’t think you are the exceptions Runa our song I’ll be a high pork right if I just you for it I’ve also committed a crime it is hard to accept a mistake you made in the past but I’m here to support you DeLuna I met on The Midnight Express is a wonderful person that’s what matters still I think we shouldn’t overlook the crimes we committed it is something that can’t be taken lightly where said me that’s much better the doesn’t seem convinced though okay wait a second Lulla i think there could be something important there what so many flowers Luna we could make flower crowns with them let’s make a flower craw for their we could use the red flowers I appreciate the detail but we don’t have time for them there’s something we told the blackboard break there is also another word read on the blackboard in this period just as I imagined now that you mentioned it it’s true I forgot about that so Midnight Express cars can break I don’t know what these walls could be useful you may have to break something I don’t know but there must also be something written in there love building we shouldn’t forget this it might be something important seriously no I swear I cannot remember that unless there is an option another door is here is there anything important it’s not here okay looks like I cannot investigate further and I need to go back to this mine Oh we are here to Train no no wait you shouldn’t get on the train yet there is something I must tell you this is much more difficult than I thought I can’t find the right words surrender it’s okay here thanks for keeping my secret I was able to have a lot of fun thanks to you but just like I promised I would I want to tell her the truth now Luna I can’t get on the train with you look at my pocket watch the hands don’t move anymore I miss the train a

long time ago actually it’s been three years since I missed the Train I’ve been trapped here alone for a long time I don’t even know how I have endured that long I felt empty inside the only emotions I felt was sadness and disappear by when I saw you I felt happiness again for the first time in three years I was finally able to feel joy again I knew that happiness would only last three hours and that we would separate again but I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to feel sorry for me I just want you to feel happiness with your day the UV allow the throat right from the beginning but I taught him not to tell you anything in the end my flare failed we separated and I couldn’t spend much time with you my plan puts you in danger I was very selfish by not telling you the truth if you are angry at being however the studied alright where she’s not looking at all now however I hope you can forgive me I imagine you are mad at me now you don’t need to say goodbye if you don’t want you Luna no no the whole truth don’t cry if you cry I’ll start crying too I’ll be fine here I’ve already endured a long time I can still and you’re more now that I have seen your game huh your pocket was why are you showing it to me do you want to give it to me I won’t accept it I don’t want it really you are the one who is going to get on the train don’t insist Anatole insisted I won’t accept it I’m not going to get on the train in your place Luna stand up and get on the train are you going to sit here if I don’t accept your pocket watch you know we act please I wants you to get on the train peace this not why what ah I wanted to try something Midnight Express you are listening to me right there is something I want to ask you please make the hands of my pocket was move again if I’m here for be a thief I beg you to forgive my crime let me escape with Luna near peace I regret my crime to be a second chance please I want to use my life to make her for all damage while I’ve caused I want to return all the DS I saw to their owners on a walk hard do I don’t want to die here and be remembered by others as a thief please give me more time doesn’t walk my pocket was remains the same don’t worry armored disjointed Midnight Express as well I’ll write it at least be tracked in the second building I could be reading a Poirot Midnight Express reason to me as we’re near don’t you think selena has already paid enough for her crime she got on the train because she decided to stop being active and look for a decent job are you still punishing the car for it if she hadn’t gotten on the train she would still be asleep let her get on the train so she can pay for her crime in the real world this

that are calling us but my pocket was she doesn’t look a nudie suit not what I wanted to try it anyway I had nothing to us it seems that The Midnight Express is too strict this is thought there it hurts not be able to do anything it holds a lot there is something new and when I keep doing what is it Luda are you listening to me do you still want to stay there do you want to miss the train and stay with me I was not expecting there I guess you don’t care about what happens to dear what are you saying if you stay in this building with me Thievery get on the train are gone you’d never know if he will escape from the last beauty you’ll be able to live without knowing there could be trapped along or he would die there but since we don’t care about what happens him it doesn’t matter Savannah that’s too much it’s a shame because you are the only one who could save him and make sure he escapes alive good luck Nia I hope you don’t die just change your mind I know this is difficult to do now but I really want you to escape I want you to escape because I want you to be happy the truth is them for a moment I also wanted you to stay with me I want to be with you but not in this place I don’t want you to waste your life on me you see had the possibility to leave on our life being able to see you for why was enough for me and they see now I know you are fine I want you and here to escape from here I’m sure this is also what Apple wants we want you to keep on living we trust you and I know that you will find a way to save us if we were able to beep again at the Soviet ears we would eat again near take out Loula do whatever it takes to escape the lost building otherwise I’ll never forgive you that’s my intention to be honest I’m a disappointed when I separated some Luna and I had to be with you I only cared about Luna but now I’m happy I had a lot of fun with you you’re a cool person that’s why I know you’ll all really safe thank you for everything I will do everything I can to break this curse when we get you out of here I promise I hope that day comes soon but tsk from the last building and can’t find a way to save us I want you to destroy the big man Express in the real world burning if it is necessary destroyed there won’t be any more of a teamspeak of nobody will be able to get on the train if you can save us that these Deacons prevent more people through any herb in its place but if it is rain we don’t know what could happen to it doesn’t matter what happens to us you need lost at least really with their last victims that’s very extreme it’s only in case the cause we can’t be broken by the way you will end up missing the train if we continue that’s true only a few minutes left get on the train now stop fooling around don’t need to push us have a nice trip Luna it’s a good idea it’s City and it’s 11

huh the forget mid nah did I tell you before either giving it to me thank you thank you so much I definitely won’t forget all the memories I had with you never I’m glad I was able to have an adventure with you again I refuse to believe that this is the end our definitely see your game we will continue to make many memories all of us together another flower crawl finished these flowers are a dollar right they are blue just like your eyes and your bow they fit you mera Luna do you think they will punish us again for taking of flowers without permission I wouldn’t mind being expelled from the orchids I will explore the outside war I’m tired of being locked up in here once I am an adult I finally be free I won’t be trapped okay I will become an adventurer I want to explore many things from the outside for example my first adventure will be to discover what these blue flowers are called they are not lotus or tulips that’s for sure those are the only four hours I know do you write the idea would you like to have an adventures with me I knew you’d accept after all we are inseparable Luna winter and Selena Ambrose will always be together forever whoops I got carried away maybe I accelerated did our leader I would like to grow my by your side after all you’re my best friend Oh could you teach me how to say bad friend in sign language yay another new world you have to teach me many more I guess that must be ring they were Junior or either a senior I guess jr. at school Luna has been mining something since we got on the train have you finished what you were writing is it a letter or something like that forget it you don’t have to answer me I know this is difficult especially for you but we can’t give up yet when you find a way to help the others now then we know that we have all committed a crime I want to Opera’s eyes from the beginning I haven’t told you the kind of person I am I did something terrible I think every day about the crime I committed it’s something unforgivable I wish I could go back in time and change what I did I even accepted my crime yet I don’t accept myself a criminal who wants to become a detective you must think I’m a piper cried that’s true I’m a hyper crime I don’t deny even so I need to become a detective it’s my way of making up for the damage that I’ve made I really write maybe you think I should have confessed what I did to the police if I had you would have been useless it’s time to tell you the truth about me

I don’t want to achieve hiding it from you I want you to know what kind of person I am I’m going to tell you my crime well you don’t have to that’s the end of chapter 3 all right where I truly hope to see some kind of a keylock next time you