My LEGO custom Train Locomotive MOC collection! (2019)

hey everyone I have here a collection of my custom Lego locomotives that I’ve built up over the course of a number of years there are some other Lego locomotives that I have as well that I don’t believe fit into this present collection I will touch on those as I go through the video but right now I want to focus on these these are full ground-up scratch designs some of them are inspired by other things some of them are completely made up most of them are powered by the old 9-volt system which is very simple to get power into a Lego train it just takes power from the rails one of them has a modern power function system in it let me go through these one by one I’m just gonna start with this yellow one at the front and then maybe go random from there this one’s inspired by present-day diesel electrics in Australia and South Africa what the short nose on a hood unit and this has just built up from scratch with an emphasis on using these pieces here these large modified tiles that I grabbed off another you know an official Lego locomotive set I just want to put them into something so I wanted to pick a color scheme that would work with them fortunately a lot of things work with dark grey and so I was able to pick yellow as something that would stand out that’d be nice and and bright and different from stuff that I’ve done before like most of my locomotives this one is built on a standard leg of a locomotive frame or rolling stock or car frame you know these these long ones which have also been used for road trailers at various times so a fairly simple build then but I actually really like the look of this one when it’s either just sitting in a yard or if it’s actually in motion it just makes me happy to look at that’s one of the most important things for me I really like trains a lot I like having models of them I like having working models of them and since I’m into Lego of these days well it’s just a perfect combination and I’m able to get multiple hobbies in one sort of this one meanwhile goes we American with its design it’s just inspired by a number of four four zero steam locomotives not based on any particular one once again you know use a little bit of creativity and imagination this one’s just powered from the tender with a nine volt motor in there which makes things very simple and makes it easier to build stuff up I had some limitations of parts when making this but I really wanted to use this piece from Bionicle up here there are many better ways I’m sure to create that detail up front with the cylinder and connecting rods and everything a lot of people do fully working connecting rods and that’s all great I just really wanted to use that piece and so I did this one is able to navigate around regular Lego tracks it has enough articulation up front with the pair of front axles swinging quite far and the pivot point for those is fairly far back in the body so it’s able to get around the normal tight radii and I believe this was my second ever steam locomotive custom build in Lego my first one was done back when I was a young kid and I had very very little Lego so it looked nothing like this you had to really use your imagination to see that it was intended to be a steam locomotive at all but I was happy with it at the time I’m much happier with this one today though this little guy is actually one of my older trademarks that I have for custom builds that I have today and this one was actually inspired by Southern Pacific SW 1500 a were which are actually fairly large locomotives for switchers but in my mind’s eye I used to watch those classifying cars in a yard not too far from my house when I was a young kid but in my mind’s eye I see them as being rather small and here I went and miniaturized the concept even farther just basically trying to make something almost as small as I reasonably could again using a nine volt motor as the base and just building direct we upon it this thing is very fast it’s very lightweight it’s surprisingly quick unity to accelerate it’s able to hit almost top speed going around my layout not quite but Oh almost so it’s a it’s a fun little thing but this is another one that I actually still like to this day not the most common thing for me you’ll you’ll see you’ll hear a lot of criticism self criticism on some of the others that I’ll show you but this one still makes me happy to this day partly because of

the color scheme I like how that work down and this today does service for my passenger line in my city yeah so about that self-criticism then this is my police train locomotive there’s also a car that it pulls along that is mostly a jail car I kind of like how the front end looks on this one it’s it’s it’s own thing you know it does definitely follow the design that I wanted for it up front and that’s really where I started building it but behind that it gets rather plain now this does have interior detail at least you know there are things to do inside of there I’m not sure if it’s that easy to open all of this up anymore but there are still some folks in there let me actually see if I can pull this off there we go that actually wasn’t that bad but yeah it’s it’s able to bring some people along got a little bit of crime lab back there a little bit of surveillance that’s going on got stickered pieces inside of their equipment Locker on one side so the interior works out pretty well but the exterior definitely needs needs some more work needs some help to get some more detail you know it just needs detail it’s just too plain on the sides it means detail for the sake of detail not for simulating any particular need or purpose or anything around the back again kind of plain looking idea that I came up with us something I wanted to try out so yeah this is definitely one that is gonna get some more work at some point in the future but I wanted a police train I have a police train it’s just not it’s just not all there this one that’s gonna get I don’t know maybe you’ve rebuilt in the future maybe just add it to a bit this thing is also pretty plain and flat around the back on the sides but that’s fairly intentional and it’s fairly accurate to the thing I was trying to build this is the little engine that could based off the I want to say ii illustrated version of it official illustrated version of it not one of the modern ones I think they redid the series or made a series in and redid the artwork in the 90s I want to say this is definitely not based off the the most recent thing that a lot of kids these days are familiar with in okay young adults but this is based off the version that was on and in the my little arsenal the little engine that could book that I had as a kid so you know this is definitely fully inspired by not a not a real thing but a pre-existing design and this was a personal challenge from me to me to create this with pieces that I had on hand so if I had if I had held off and ordered some more parts I definitely could have done a little bit better with some of the things I had to make some compromises but that was all part of the challenge and it was actually pretty enjoyable this one does have its own onboard battery so all of its power is self-contained as a matter of fact I think I can if it still has a charge in it yes that’s pretty cool it’s slipping a little bit cuz yeah hard-surface right now but yeah see so this one actually works and it’s got a connecting rod oops it’s turned a connecting rod that actually moves but yeah it’s able to to go on its own so this has a a power functions motor that’s facing down in the center and then it’s geared and then this rear most axle had to swing quite a bit and then the front pair with this strange design these are able to pivot and shift from side to side so it’s still able to go around regular Lego tracks that that needed that amount of of range of motion which is awkward to pull off I think I probably spent more time setting that up under there than I did anything else in this build but for what it’s intended to be I think it came out pretty well it’s definitely not one of the better-looking locomotives that I have of any type it could really use some stickers I would really help it to look much better but it was an enjoyable project I think this was more about the build and the process then the completed thing these two are twinsies and originally I had just one of them because the entire purpose of building that first one let’s just call it this one was to use that piece right there that windscreen piece I had one of them from an old official

Lego locomotive and I wanted to build a locomotive from it so I did I just started with that one piece and everything else came from there so this is a strange design with the wide body but then the narrow nose I don’t know of anything like that actually exist in real life maybe it shouldn’t maybe it doesn’t make sense but yeah it’s it’s unique and then I eventually ended up with another of that same windscreen piece and that’s why I made just another engine and the other one is absolutely identical least it should be absolutely identical and this was my first first pair you know that was the main purpose of of using that piece for a second one man after I got it you know first matched pair which is something that looks good again going around to lay out the these don’t look that good when you just sit here to me just looking at the details especially this section in here gets really weird if I were to redo these I would probably clean up the the streak back here or continue it forward further do something with it and then work on this center section that’s just very awkward got a little pinched in there kind of like some locomotives have four let’s forget the specific name of it but for the sake of of operator view you know towards the towards the rear but this doesn’t know it doesn’t have the the practicality that was intended there but again having two locomotives that are identical does look good a lot of the time going around the layout maybe someday I will redo these not completely but just fix it up some of the things that I don’t like about this I believe is my newest custom locomotive my most recent build and it’s another one that is definitely inspired very very heavily by something real it’s supposed to be and ham track phase-three f40 pH so these really existed and again from my childhood I used to watch these go by on the shared Southern Pacific rail at the time and they were actually active at the time I believe they had not been converted over they actually had their engines they were they were working in everything and also as a kid I got an H o scale version of one of these it was a real cheap one but I loved it and I I think it had a working life this one does not have a working ladder I shouldn’t fix that at some point I don’t like all the holes here at the front I would like to smooth that out eventually but otherwise this makes me happy because it is an Amtrak phase 3 livery or color scheme f40 pH and it was one of my favorite locomotives as a kid and I still like it a lot some of these do still exist but they’re used as cabbages cab baggage vehicles basically with the interiors mostly gutted out in just a working control camp they stick at the back of some trains but yeah I do like this I think that it could be done better there are definitely some small details that could be worked on but overall big brings me great joy because it looks close enough to the real thing probably more than close enough good salad for something a little bit more plain than this but I’m definitely happy with this and won’t be taking it apart anytime soon I won’t even be making modifications to it any time soon I actually did one small round of modifications when I finally got this windscreen piece which is a very very expensive and rare piece I think it was only ever made in that color in one or two sets here’s another of my more recent builds and this one was specifically put together to use parts from the not the most recent but the second two most recent official Lego freight train set which had this set number and used that door had those pieces that believe those are from that one yeah basically just want to use a bunch of parts from that particular set especially the doors I didn’t want to take the stickers off because I mean I had them so why not use them other than that this was completely built from scratch and designed from scratch and as I got to the point where I was I want to say about 80% done that’s when I started looking up other locomotives and realized that there were things similar to what I had built that exists maybe I had seen them before so maybe actually subliminally took some are subconsciously took some inspiration but when I finally found the concept of genset and some of the gen sets that

have low hoods like this it’s all just really worked together it all just fit together and I was able to finish it off with some details that I actually really liked I like this one as it is right now I know it has a very divisive design that probably a lot of people won’t like but I personally like this one almost almost so much that it’s like someone else had designed it it just it doesn’t feel like I I did this so and I really don’t care to be honest I just like having it on my layout I like having something that is not the original Lego design I’m glad that I was able to use up some of those pieces I like the color scheme I don’t have a lot that’s in this color scheme I have one more thing that I’ll show you next actually it ently got the two blue ones one after another which side is the front which end is the front I think this is supposed to be the front here because it’s intended to be a yard switcher but you still have a pretty good visibility coming out the other way combination of simple techniques with basic pieces and some know a little bit of custom work not too much though but end of the day happy with it and it was a successful project oh yeah once you use the wind screen as well that was another very important thing so wind screen our front window set and doors from that official Lego set other than that it was you know everything everything up for grabs free for all and that brings me to this thing which is pretty weird double-ended design yeah okay it’s not fully mirrored from end to end that’s good that’s important but just you know two cabs for obvious usage purposes and it’s weird and it’s different I don’t mind it it’s not my favorite that’s for sure but I don’t mind it I don’t feel like I need to change this actually looking at it now I haven’t really looked at it this closely in a while I don’t feel like I need to change it at all probably if I stare at it long enough I’ll start to see oh you know that one piece right there or this one section I could do better if only I but ultimately nah this this works out it’s just a random freight locomotive obviously from the same your hailing from the same company as that gen set that I just showed you prior to this and yeah it just it just works out this one obviously is using those those same windscreen pieces with the blue frames but also this I don’t even recall what that was from maybe it was one of those really small short locomotives that that they did that are being with just two axles I honestly don’t remember maybe it was from a crane of course anybody now watching this video is on a computer or on a mobile device and can just enter that say Lego four six four five what is it well I’ll put it in the pin comment there but yeah I had those and they already had the had at least one of those and it already had these stickers so I think I had to get another one for that to finish this off just to have the double ender and there it is it’s a thing it’s weird but I’m okay with it now at the beginning of the video I mentioned that there were some things that I was not showing that I was going to tell you why I wasn’t showing well here’s one of those things this is a modification so this is not a full custom build it’s a modification it’s fairly extensive modification but it’s my attempt to make a slightly more believable Genesis locomotive from an Amtrak I believe these were at least in my area the replacements in operation for the the f40 ph’s I think these came directly after but this is based off the Lego Metroliner set you know which was already based off those you know those real-life things but the the real Lego set actually had a diner car if I remember that was integrated in here so passengers would actually come into this section and I took all of that out at one point this was actually power functions based and I still have a little bit of the the mechanism up top for hitting the switch to turn it on but then eventually I just I think I harvested that power function is a unit to use for something else stuck a 9-volt motor on here and just haven’t gone back because this works just fine as it is but yeah definitely a modification not a

full custom build and uses a lot of the pieces from the original combined with some pieces from one extra car and then some spares you know just to again make something that looks like a Phase three genesis loco from Amtrak now if you’re not into trains and specifically if you’re not into Lego trains you could easily look at this and immediately say well this doesn’t belong in this video at all because that’s just the Lego designed maersk train locomotive but it’s not this is another modification and it was a fairly extensive modification at that to dramatically shorten the official Maersk locomotive but it definitely is just about a modification I can’t really call this a custom build because I used all of Legos existing design and just started taking stuff off and adapting things down to fit on a shorter wheelbase and make everything significantly smaller so I think this is using a shorter base and then removes much of the overhang most of the array that the original did just to make something that is smaller so that it wouldn’t take up as much space on my layout so if I have it parked in a yard you know having this version rather than the original means in some cases I can put a whole other car on that same sighting you know so that was something necessary for me to do at the time when I first did this a lot of people hated me for it because I had ruined the original slea ruined there the original was was the ultimate expression of of everything locomotive and Lego it was perfection so I ruined perfection well it’s not ruined for me it’s way better for me it’s way better because it will fit in anymore situation I can actually use it I can actually have it out on my layout whereas the other one I often couldn’t see it would just take up all the space which isn’t efficient in isn’t the good thing so yeah just just a pure modification here that’s all lastly I decided not to include my custom passenger locomotives with the white and orange scheme because they are multiple units have three different multiple units which you know I mean they all belong together with cars I feel like they’re their own thing I have a track maintenance vehicle and also the fire train which I mean which piece of that do you call the locomotive I can’t really tell and they both in universe would be self powered and they don’t come apart and I already covered them in my fire stuff video anyway that’s it for this presents video and you can see videos already on my channel of many of these things running around my layout to have an onboard train video where I took a GoPro around and showed some different views some time ago have various videos that are getting a little bit outdated but I am preparing to update the city and get these things running and show you some new footage of these things going through the larger layout stay tuned for more you can check out existing stuff on my existing playlists and I’ll talk to you in soon