Our roadtrip in Brazil | Vespa Trip Around The World #03 [EN SUB]

Ahhh, it’s too hot! We’re going to die! Yeap We’re going to die here! It’s nice here, but it’s a bit hot I’ll probably have to put more ice in my coffee After we managed to pack all our stuff we made our friend Valia drive us to the airport We carefully wrapped our bags not that carefully as proved later: all our bags arrived damaged we did the 25km hike to the gate we made ourselves comfortable in the Turkish airlines seats and after we perfectly understood the safety instructions in Turkish we were finally ready for takeoff Deeply stressed about our leaving, we said farewell to Greece and in only 15 hours, we were finally at Sao Paulo Wait, wait, wait! The last time we showed a video from our trip around South America it was in 2015 and we were in Bolivia We are in 2019 now How did we jump and suddenly found ourselves in Sao Paulo? Let’s take things from the beginning or the middle or just after the middle So, we left from Bolivia and went to Peru and we ate a sweet and we spent many days in Cusco and we took a lot of pictures and we strolled around because we liked Cusco very much but then, we left and we bumped into a bullfighting and we fought with a tarantula we saw snow on the mountain we saw more mountains, this time higher and then, we climbed on these mountains and we saw the Incas and we were very tired by all this walking and then we climbed down the mountains and we got into a tunnel and we got out of the tunnel and we got to Chile and we crossed the desert that was in blossom and we headed to the south and we stayed at a luxurious apartment but not for too long and we got on a Greek ship and we got soaked and we got dusted and we got frozen and Christmas arrived! and we had a good time and we drank sangria and we got on a boat and we went to Patagonia and we raced against a llama and we saw a glacier and we played foosball with Carlos and then, we hit the road again north we went to Brazil did some burnouts we got to Sao Paulo and we left Kitsos there for his holiday And that’s all! Phew! We’re in Sao Paulo let me take you for a tour in the house we’re staying Kitsos has been living here. Here he is! He had his own corner in the room with printed photos from his trip And here’s the view from our window we stay here and sleep like this in our sleeping-bags we have our own bathroom, surprisingly clean for a scooter club’s bathroom we didn’t have a kitchen though, so we had to cook our recipes in our stove We may ate almost 15kg of pasta in 14 days only, but we enjoyed it! And in order to kill some time, we shoot a time-lapse or two Here’s the professional waterproofing of the camera What a shitty weather! Clouds don’t help We’ll try again tomorrow Apart from the photo-shooting, we had to find more things to do until our mechanic’s return from holiday We talked with friends on the phone It’s about to snow here! Stratos, what are you cooking this time? Milk pie today! Wow! We learned some basic Portuguese We played some table football Had some beer chitchatted grabbed a bite strolled around the most central parts of Sao Paulo grabbed some more bites (Cheers and swears in Portuguese and in Greek) until waiting time ended the garage opened again and after 3 days of intensive restoration work Kitsos was new again! The first loading was a fact at last!

All our brand new gadgets were in place everything we needed on the handlebar and early in the morning (at 14:00′) we were happily leaving Sao Paulo behind with direction unknown 45 minutes later What’s the problem? It won’t start! Great! How many kilometers did we do from Sao Paulo? 20? We have fuel, we have spark, but it won’t start the spark-plug is new, everything is new but Kitsos refuses to cooperate We replaced the stator plate, we put a new one we replaced the ignition coil, we put a new one let’s go see now if it starts 3 hours later Kitsos has character! We have put the exact same parts as before, and it works Later that evening Is it filming now? How knows? Are we having a good time? Perfect! And that you can tell! Of course! And some rain, too! Exactly what was missing! Here we are, soaking wet, filthy, we still haven’t found a place to spend the night and we’re here At least the engine works I think it works We started our trip from Sao Paulo, happy, relaxed, Let’s go for a walk! Our scooter is brand new! It’s likely that we’ll spend the night there, at that table we’ll put the plates aside and sleep on the table Here’s the huge room we finally found not that huge, eh? For 20EUR it’s not that bad Well, it’s the smallest room I’ve ever seen but a great chef will cook no matter what This is our kitchen for today and here’s the chef! Sausages for dinner! It didn’t take us long before we realized that our initial plan to ride in Brazil was wrong At least, for the time being The heat was unbearable, the prices too expensive for our budget, and in the north of the country in the regions we so much wanted to visit we’d have to deal with the rain So, we followed the “autostrada” or something like this in Portuguese and we opened the throttle (!) so we could leave Brazil quickly and head towards Bolivia We have our private parking here what else do we want? You should see it! What? Is it as crazy as it seems? We’ll take a closer look later It is a traditional hourly-rate motel! Oh! A traditional hourly-rate motel?! Oh! From now on I’ll be taking you by surprise with the camera so, you can’t do anything but tell me the truth If you knew I was filming you’d choose other words Anyway, let’s go grab a beer I just need a beer Let’s go drink! And come back to…to sleep Argh… I’m dying! Really? I don’t feel that bad I don’t know, the moment we arrived I started feeling sick Unfortunately the shots from the specific motel for some mysterious reason got lost (or I didn’t press the REC button) Anyways, the only thing I should tell you is that for the first time in our lives we slept in a room with a huge mirror hanging above our heads

Weird experience! Anyway, we spent 2 days in this motel next to a gas station in the middle of nowhere We have parked the scooter at the backyard of the gas station, together with the trucks! And we found this corner, which is exclusively for truck drivers and if anyone asks we’ll tell them we have our truck parked outside With all this luggage you can say our scooter is a truck Buffet with the 1/3 of the price of the restaurant in the front Bon Appetit! And while everything looked relatively fine, Kitsos started having problems again The only thing we could do was more frequent breaks to give him some time to relax, to wait for him to feel better and seize the opportunity to stretch a bit ourselves After 5 days on the road, we arrived at a town called Presidente Epitacio We found a nice campsite just next to Parana river but when we started to look more closely we spotted some minor flaws and it suffered from a slight, total abandonment The only thing that makes me miserable right now is the heat I’m dripping with sweat Yeah, me too But I’m telling you, I didn’t want to miss this time-lapse It’ll take about half an hour What do you think about this place? Let’s start from the campsite itself, The campsite The campsite is another run-down place as every other place we’ve stayed at in Brazil A total wreck? Yes! A great example of what a wreck is! C’mon, the one we stayed at yesterday where did we stay yesterday? In a town called Ibiribibiribi… I don’t remember Oh, now I remembered the room, yes, total wreck The sink almost fell off when we touched it We were also attacked by huge roaches The biggest roaches we’d ever seen It was about time to get lucky at last we didn’t die from electrocution in the shower with the bare cables, and we also met an amazing family who invited us for lunch! We ate rice, beans, omelet, sausages, cabbage salad, we drank cashew juice And before we realized it we found ourselves in another place at the grandparents’ home, where the party went on with fried-only food and lots of petting, singing and dancing! The family from Epitacio admired our dancing skills so much, that they offered us a house to stay for as long as we wanted! Now that we had our place to stay, a kitchen to cook and a bed to sleep, we took the opportunity to work a bit and prepare our video! But we took good care of them, too: when we found some time, we went to the supermarket, bought the most Greek products we could find and we prepared for them our classic recipe: Greek salad, tzatziki and stuffed vegetables! The plates were emptied and what is the best thing to do after a tasty dinner? Some more dancing, of course! We had more things to do, not only singing and dancing: in the 2 weeks we spent in Epitacio we finally welded the scooter’s back and shortly after this… we returned to singing and dancing! Walks at the beach, walks in the city,

walks at the farmer’s market, walks in general Today I woke up at 6 in the morning because I spotted a nice place, a swamp that looked appropriate to shoot a time-lapse and I got up to film the sunrise I’ll probably won’t make it to show what I had imagined, but unless you try, you won’t learn! So, here we are, patience for about one hour and let’s see what happens Alright, I tightened the bolts of the carburetor, let’s hope it’ll stop leaking oil and it won’t be torturing us for long And let’s change the gearbox oil, too We’re warming up the engine a bit And now that it’s warmed, we can change the oil After we barely avoided the tears, we said goodbye to the grandparents we crossed the bridge that was almost 11km long, and at the opposite side a different scenery was waiting for us! Much more interesting! Welcome to Mato Grosso do Sul! And just when we had started boiling in our jackets, the weather did us the favor and apart from the rain, it also gave us this view! For once more, gas stations became our second house and apart from gasoline, food and free WiFi, the also offered us free religious teaching! God is our refuge and our strength, and help…errr…that is always present? And that one over there? Lord is our…errr…shepherd and nothing shall be thy And after a weird and somehow creepy place which we never understood what it was we arrived at a campsite just a few kilometers

outside the town of Jardim At last we’re here, we found this place to stay Brazilians charge a lot we arrived at a beautiful campsite, at least it seems beautiful, we don’t know, it’s dark. It’s 21:00 But, 20EUR per day again, so we’ll be probably going to Bolivia soom! Let’s see how the place looks like tomorrow Oh, I forgot Kitsos’ light on This light is great value for money! Put this kind of LED lights now! If you have a Vespa scooter We wouldn’t have gone far We wouldn’t be able to see anything without it And it’s not that expensive, 20 – 30EUR ? It saved us! The place looks decent, Alexandra has gone to see if there’s some nice spot to pitch the tent We have heard good things about the region, but unfortunately it’s not for our budget Plus, Kitsos is feeling sick these days, he doesn’t work well, has not enough power, not enough compression, it stalls, can’t go above 50km/h, Today, when it got dark, he started working properly 100km/h…no…80km/h according to the GPS, 150km/h on the clock! And it seemed to work fine he probably prefers riding in the night, or he can’t stand the heat, I don’t know We’ll investigate it It made us a bit tired today, we had to push it to start, we have changed 3-4 spark-plugs, they were all black, Hey, what’s going on here? Errr…my boyfriend is filming the whole trip I write, he films Tell her if we stay for a week, will we have some discount? Errr….he says he likes it here You didn’t ask her for a discount, did you? Errr…thank you We’re left with no money with these prices, thank you, thank you! OK, the night wasn’t so bad but the real surprise came the following morning We weren’t alone at the campsite as we thought at first we had some monkeys, macaws, exotic hens with us and a whole river for ourselves! But we had forgotten that the weekend was coming and soon we had to compromise and share the place We put on our specially designed underwear and dove into the river! They have 4-5 more tents to pitch, let’s see where are they going to pitch them! All the animals have disappeared, the people have come to spend the weekend Oh, look at that guy! He’s leaning and I have to see his butt-crack now? I can’t even turn my head towards his direction! We can now listen to 3 different kinds of music at the same time! Perfect! Staying at the worst gas station would be far more quiet than this! And now the rain started and everyone is going to be rinsed away! Party time! C’mon, c’mon, let’s go now! Don’t tell me they’re coming towards us! Time to go, guys Finally, the rain did exactly what we wanted and we soon were alone again, enjoying nature and silence We spent 4 days at that campsite before we decided that it was time to go And just before we arrived at the border of Bolivia, this happened Kitsos broke down! Broke down in the middle of nowhere! Only a few kilometers before we get to Bolivia About 100km away It has 0 compression

nothing at all, he’s dead From the first days, after Sao Paulo it wasn’t working well never worked as it should we did the stupid thing to continue And today, despite it was working at first it suddenly lost power and now I can push the kick starter with my hand It has no compression, nothing, no power We don’t know what is the problem exactly Alexandra, after several attempts we did to make it start, hitched a ride towards the nearby police station to ask for help and we now hope that we’ll find someone to take the scooter to the next city a truck or something and let’s see what happens next how we’ll fix it The solution came late that night a truck from the local road assistance brought us back to Miranda, where we faced some new challenges Great room! Let me show it There are ants everywhere Here’s my favorite shower Certain electric shock every time you put your hand on the switch It wakes you up! You go for a shower and it is completely revitalizing! The ant line? Where is it? Aren’t they here today? Look here the air-con installation not here, look here, you can wave to the people outside Where? Here, say hello! Anyway, this is our room, our great room we also have plenty of time It’s cheap, too! Real bargain: 25EUR! All the hotels here had the same price 25EUR was the cheapest in the area and we were almost begging for a better price the initial was 30EUR! Anyway, we needed WiFi, we needed a place where we could leave all our stuff and go to find a mechanic and I don’t know what else We also needed a place where we can work we tried our best here, we tried to find out what’s wrong with the engine Always with Costas’ help from scootershop Unfortunately, telemedicine was not enough in our case So, we had to find a most effective solution soon The solution all these days was just next door and it was a boat mechanic! The problem was that we had the piston rings completely stuck we got them un-stuck and in no time, we were ready to go You can do it Kitsos! Sounds fine! He has a loudspeaker on his bike! He has a loudspeaker and we, the so-called travelers, we don’t have one! We haven’t thought of it, we’re unacceptable! There is plenty of space I’d say we can put one here, we can remove the bottles from here Who needs water? They take all the space we can keep some water in the cup and replace the bottles with a waterproof bluetooth loudspeaker Awww!!! Where are you, boy? Woof! Woof! Woof! Where are you?

We spent our last night in Brazil at the backyard of a gas station We didn’t regret it at all! And after a good breakfast, we were ready to hit the road again Street-food at Brazilian gas-stations The best! Look at this, look! Coxinha! Why do the serve coffee with sugar? Everywhere, coffee is sweet! So, guys, we’ve made the best deal in a hotel yesterday, as usual, we couldn’t find a place to stay 18.5EUR for a room, OK, it was decent the other tenants were the problem and the Vespa is here Yes, the other tenants were a bit aggressive Some huge cockroaches came last night This big, with wings, you know, the ones making loud noise And today, we discovered what? That breakfast is included! In Portuguese it’s cafe da manha This means breakfast and it’s probably common for the hotels to include breakfast in their price It’s two breads, this thing was ours some butter and coffee which is always and everywhere served with sugar As sweet as it can get! I don’t know why don’t they add the sugar later Cheers! Cheers! They found us! They caught us! It’s the motorcycle club of Maracaju! This speed we travel now, 60km/h on the clock is the ideal if we want to talk, it is ideal but I think we’re going to die soon! Until we get to Buenos Aires From boredom? We need approximately 7 months to get to Buenos Aires with this speed We learned two or three things about Kitsos’ engine We learned how to remove the cylinder head We learned how to remove the cylinder We learned how to correctly close the engine again We learned what a mallet is Or better, we remembered what a mallet is We can now just play with the clutch we assemble and disassemble it just for fun I can close it with no tools now! Yes, you can now do it with no tools Carburetor, it takes us how much? 5 minutes? In 5 minutes we can remove and put the carburetor back at its place Alright, we keep learning stuff this is positive