Sleep Meditation for Kids | THE STEAM DREAM TRAIN | Sleep Train Guided Meditation

hello and welcome to your most exciting bedtime adventure a relaxing guided meditation sleep story where my voice will guide you along the most enchanted safe fun and cozy adventure on the super marvelous extra fantastical steam dream train Express together we will chug along on the mystical old-fashioned steam train before we go faster and faster and take off and make amazing discoveries in the land of happiest dreams so are you ready now for your extra-special bedtime story journey brilliant gently close your eyes take a deep breath in and a long breath out great now you’re ready to go as you closed your eyes just now a magic mist of safety and protection surrounded your whole body as you drift over a bustling train station in your thick fog of protection you count back over the platforms from platform number 10 down to platform number seven and to quarters as you float above and count down it’s okay if you lose count at any number because your whole body is feeling light as a feather and is becoming more relaxed with each number I say so when we get to platform seven and two quarters a hidden and magical platform you will feel so happy and deeply relaxed as we journey together into such a safe calm and dreamy place as you look down you can see below you’re floating over platform 10 and now platform 9 and your feelings so very tired now platform 8 you’re doing so well and on the next number I say you’ll discover yourself on your very own enchanted and hidden platform and now you float further down to platform 7 and 2/4 and now you find yourself gently arriving onto this magical

platform as the mist clears you look around and see that you are at this very old and mysterious train station bustling with people dressed in old-fashioned coats spectacles hats and long dresses and magic folk are carrying trunks and bags and all sorts of unusual luggage then the magic mist clears even more and you notice along the platform is the most magnificent train you have ever seen a real-life steamed dream train it looks strong and sturdy and is super smooth and it has Pistons and cylinders which pump along and a smokestack for the steam to pour out as it chuff’s along to its magical destinations this is a beautiful machine a real old-fashioned steam locomotive such a marvelous invention you feel a rush of joy as you realize that tonight you will be riding in it to your most favorite places you notice a tremendously tall and extremely thin man in a tidy vest and black waistcoat swings out from the front carriage of the train with a pleased grin he checks the time on his old brass fob watch which dangles on a golden chain around his neck you easily understand that this must be the train conductor and you can hear the steam engine hissing and starting to chuff and tough as it is time now to travel all aboard you hear the conductor announce feeling very excited you leap into the nearest carriage and sit down on a leather seat which feels warm and smooth and very comfortable there are lots of other people in their pajamas and magic folk also aboard the train but you can see inside your courage and they smile and wave at you they all seem very friendly and you were all feeling so happy and relaxed to be travelling on the steam drain train Express

the courage is made of carved wood and smells of fresh leather varnish this train has an old-world Lee air of mystery and adventure and exploring about it there are sheep’s wool blankets and feathery pillows so everyone is cozy and comfortable for the Magnificent journey ahead you can hear the steam engine getting more and more energy now as the train starts to chop and chop and Charlie and chug and move faster and faster and the horn honks as it lets out steam this is so much fun you have always wanted to travel on an old-fashioned steam locomotive when the train lifts off into the clouds you know that you will drift happily into your deepest and most enchanted dreamy sleep adventures you look out the window and see that the train has lifted off the platform and is moving at great speed now zooming through white fluffy clouds and traveling out into the open starry sky you feel your whole body relax even more deeply now as you prepare for your dream destination and you look down and see with delight that platform seven and two quarters has disappeared from view into the clouds below the stained dream train soars through the sky as easily as a bird taking you on the most wonderful dream adventure you feel light as a feather and so happy and safe and free you look down at the sleepy towns below

seeing houses with lights glowing through the windows and then switching off as the people of the world go to bed the stained dream train keeps flying over the countryside now and you can see fruit farm and farm animals resting out in the meadows and sleeping under the stars you fly over snowy mountains huge valleys stunning waterfalls tropical islands and open plains of Savannah land with wild and wonderful jungle animals roaming free this is truly amazing feeling yourself drifting off into the most wonderful dreamland the stained dream train climbs high and now in the sky chuffing and chuffing and chugging and chugging along in the most comfortable rhythm past white fluffy clouds and the fantasy fairground in the clouds complete with a ferris wheel an amazing cloud Castle swing slippery dip and lots of other fun so bouncy cloudy amusement it is so warm and cozy in your carriage

and you feel truly satisfied and so happy and special to be enjoying this steam train adventure into your deepest happiest dreamiest sleep your heart swells with happiness and peace as the steam dream train floats even further out now past the fluffy cloud land and then into space for you to admire the Stars and planet it is so quiet and peaceful to be journeying through space zooming along and looking at the sparkling stars the glowing moon and glorious planets up close on the enchanted steam train you love that there is so much space here just to be yourself and explore freely anything and everything is possible and you feel so joyful free and inspired to explore the skies on the steam dream train Express to journey wherever you would like to go and write your own sleep story you may visit your most fun and favorite places

or maybe see somewhere you have never been before but have always been curious about just simply make a wish with your imagination and the steam dream train will take you through the sky to your happiest destinations as you keep dreaming and exploring sleeping and discovering you feel so special as you believe now that anything is possible and every way you wish to experience you can go with ease joy safety and fun you belong anywhere and you are welcome everywhere and the entire friendly universe is yours to explore freely and to enjoy fully as my voice fades away now you continue to love that beautiful place of peace where you can sleep so deeply and dream so happily you are feeling so loved safe cared for and completely content because you know that’s the entire universe is yours and you can explore your favorite destinations on the enchanted steam dream train Express anytime you wish

wishing you sweet and happy dreams you