Full Road Trip | Driving around the Denver area! Part 1

Now if you are around the Denver area

or grew up around the Denver area that is

You will know what this building is coming up to the left

not the first one but the white building down the road a little bit

right behind the street signs i will give you an hint well is not kinda a really good hint because you not in the car but the hint is that you can smell it miles away not a necessarily a stinky smell but its a unique smell have you ever had Purnina Dog Chow or what ever its called well that’s where the dog food is made i was hoping not to get get any traffic today now the have a picture of a cat maybe its cat chow now oh drr its says cat chow right there if there was not so much traffic i would shown you guys the skyline of Denver but oh well you guys can google it lol the GPS is not going to like me NO we are not going to keep right

lets go left why not uuuuuuuu i don’t think that going to be you might get to see downtown Denver the bridge is in the way i guess you do get to see downtown Denver so there you go there downtown Dever you can see mile high stadium its always going to be mile high not inveco field or what ever it is now sports authority or did even sports authority lost the naming rights i don’t know right now all i know is that its mile high i am such a dork i know way to much traffic for 11:14 in the morning don’t people have to work oh its it still sports authority FedEx should pay me something lol there incesco field at mile high whatever you want to call it colfax no no one want to go to colfax trust me its a pleasant 62 decrease outside

welcome to lakewood this is where my aunt and cousin use to live i don’t think they live in Lakewood anymore maybe they do