Jones Family Road Trip Q & A

Yes, check out day. Do we have to whisper? It’s early. Ok, well somewhere like nine o’clock Guys read to go home? No, See Copper, Yes You miss Copper. We had a fun trip though, huh? You look super sleepy. I kept on getting up and going back to sleep. Oh ya. It’s one of those days huh? I just wish that our camp out that we are going on tomorrow. I wish we would have a few days to pack up. I know, literally you are going home and you and Daddy are completely unpacking and then re-packing for a Boy Scout Camp out, right? That’ll be fun. I don’t think I mentioned it before but we actually stayed in a Historic Hotel of America which was really cool. Tennessee Williams finished Streetcar Named Desire actually in this hotel years and years and years ago It is a Historic Hotel of America which is very, very cool. We had no idea right? Sleepy Sleepyhead. All right and the last thing is to grab the skateboards. Skateboards, skateboards, skateboards. which we brought the skateboards and we didn’t get to use them. DO you want to use them in the room, there you go..oh Kelly’s going to do two of them. Whooo hahaha, careful. They’re like snowshoes. We’re going to make an emergency trip. Oh careful, hold the door.Wow. Kids come up with the craziest stuff. I love it. We’re hitting the yellow arches for breakfast this morning on the road Holy Moly! Just like everybody else is doing this morning obviously. This is a popular destination in Key West. It’s probably the only McDonald’s in Key West. McDonald’s Truck You’re excited about the McDonald’s truck? McDonald’s truck actually at McDonald’s. That is true, you usually see it on the road, right? They actually do make it to McDonald’s. We’re on the road, eight hours, eight hours, haha Very long road trip from Key West to our house, but we figured this is a perfect time, Right? yes, to do a road trip Q&A, Yea. We know we have a lot of new subscribers, a lot of new viewers and we’ve had a lot of requests for Q&A’s, so you all get to know us a little bit better. Question number one from Kate Loves Disney which I love that, Kate Loves

Disney. Question is Favorite sit down restaurant at Epcot. Kelly do you want to go first.? Chef du France, Hunter. I love Chef du France but most of the time I get confused by the menu for the adults because it says it in French and then underneath it I didn’t even know it was there, it has what it actually is. Oh it has the English version? Yes. Ohh. so I’m like ACHHHHH. But I still love their food. Actually we were there last week or the week before and Hunter and I and Hunter looks at me and says, can you order for me? and I’m like no, you order yourself, figure it out. hahaha. And you did , you got to practice some French while you were at Epcot. All right you’re up what do you like? Favorite restaurant at Epcot, that’s a tough one, there’ s a lot of good ones there and what’s worse is I haven’t been to the one I really want to try that I think might be my favorite which is Laselia. That is good I mean that could be a favorite but I haven’t been there yet. I can say if you go, it would be your favorite. You think so huh? Steak and soup is so good. I mean I …I don’t know, I actually I think what my favorite is right now is Spice Road Table and it is a sit down restaurant but there is a little, it is almost like Tapas, little appetizer style foods and it’s just really good, it’s right on the water, great location, the foods really good, it’s unique food so it’s not what you are accustomed to getting everywhere else on Disney property so I would go with Spice Road Table having not been to LaSalia yet. We’ve been to Spice Road Table a lot, a lot recently.that seems to be our go to. Yup. I’m going blank. My favorite ..oh, I just remember it, I had just gone blank. My favorite is kind of odd because it’s more the whole experience. I love San Angel Inn knew that is what you were going to say. San Angel Inn is the restaurant inside Mexico, inside the Mexico Pyramid. Tim and I have been going to that restaurant before kids and it’s one of my favorite restaurants because it’s very romantic. It’s indoors, kind of, romantical, romantical!! Is that a word Romantical? It is now. You just made it up. but it’s very beautiful and even with the kids I like it because the boat goes by and it’s just a really fun restaurant. The experience is very similar to Blue Bayou at Disneyland if you’ve ever been there. Blue Bayou is on the waterfront the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We don’t have something like that at Disney World but San Angel’s Inn is the closest thing cause it’s on the waterfront for the Mexico Water Ride which is very similar to Pirates of the Caribbean Ya, I agree that’s exacty, I never thought about that, you’re exactly right but just to warn you the menu is super limited there Um, there’s not a lot on the menu if you don’t like Mexican Food and like real Mexican food, not the American Version, you’re not going to like that restaurant because it is true Mexican dishes. But I do like the atmosphere when you’re hungry they bring you chips right away, always good. All right, I love this twitter handle..that Florida Guy. That Florida Guy asks, this is a great one. What was the reason you started youtube and have you achieved everything you want within your channel? That’s a great question. All right so I’m willing to handle that one. All right so the reason we started youtube was really just to document our families adventures and what we get to do with the kids and things like that. JonesFamilyTravels, pretty much is in the name, that’s what we wanted to do document our family travels We used to just do it for big trips and then we decided one day, we’re going to do it for everything so we can see all these individual daily adventures that we go on. As far as accomplishing our goals we accomplished a lot in the two and a half years that we’ve been doing daily vlogging and w’ere really proud and happy of that. Can I say we’ve accomplished everything? NO, because as far as I’m concerned, we’re always going to growing, always going to be striving to better, to be creating better products, better videos, better tips, help more people out, grow more, see more, so I don’t see us ever accomplishing all our goals If we do , there’s no reason to continue the channel. So yes, we’ve accomplished a lot, we’re really happy with it, but we’re always striving for better and more. What is the song in the Intro. Tim came up with this song, he found it from, what Epidemic Sound Right?

Epidemic Sound. And that’s where we get all our music. If you ever wonder, all of our music comes from Epidemic Sound. But Tim came up with this song, he came across it and the song is called For the Week-end. And don’t you guys like that Intro? Yes, Ya. Everytime I hear it, it sounds like our family, it sounds like us. It is totally our personalities and I love so I’m glad you guys like it and everyone keeps asking us where? Every video we get two or three comments, What’s the Intro song This next question is for you guys? Yea. How come you are able to come on all these adventures? We’re home schooled. Yes! So basically we both have our own computers and what we use with these is mostly for schoolwork so we use a bunch of programs like Con Academy, Monarchs, a whole bunch of stuff and we use those and our road trips are when we’re at home we usually just use scorecard so that’s how we do it. I thought you said compuuter’s, Compooters! Kelly needs work on spelling..yes and pronunciation. How old are you? That was quick. Ok Kelly, you go first you’re older I went first on the last one. OK I am ten years old, in December I will turn 11. yea…Kelly, I am twelve and in January I will become thirteen Yes, A teenager. No not a teenager. I will bug you for the rest of your life though So do we have any viewers that are Bluntline fans? Recognize this place? Um hummm. We’re now in Miami, Miami, Welcome to Miami. Some more questions. This one we get asked almost every other video? So it literally goes like this. So your son is name Kelly and your daughter is named Hunter? Yes, that is correct. that is Correct, yes. To explain in more detail Hunter, actually there’s no real ryhme or reason by her name and how we came up with it Hunter, it’s just a really cool name, Tim and I always just thought the name Hunter was a really neat name and I’ve know a lot of people named Hunter that were girls and a lot of people that are boys named Hunter I used to get one of those names that cool either way, that’s pretty much Hunter’s name We just like the name. Kelly is a little bit more history on that one and why we chose Kelly. Both our families are Irish and Kelly is Warrior in Irish Language and that is why we chose the name for him on top of the fact that I just loved the name Kelly. I’ve always loved the name Kelly for a boy, I grew up in Florida and Kelly Slater is a huge surfer out here and always thought that was an amazing role model so between just the history and you know, it’s just a really cool name so yes that is correct our son is named Kelly, which I love that name, and our daughter is named Hunter which I love that name. I think both of them have really cool names and our last name is Jones so you had to kick it up a notch. Do you guys like your names? I love my name. Next Question. Do you have annual passes? Yes, that was a quick question. Yes Yes, let’s move on. Yes we have annual passes, we have annual passes to Disney, and Universal, um. and Actually Sea World too. Cause we’re down there as much as we do for us, it is more economical, economical by having annual passes to all three. So yes we have annual passes. All right, next question. I’ll let the kids answer this question. Do you get tired of Disney World? Sometimes. ya, Yes, sometimes because we’ve gone there with mom and dad stopped counting at a thousand, a thousand right? Not a hundred thousand. I don’t know but a thousand so we’ve been there so much many times we just got bored of the rides. And there’s not many roller coasters I have to expand on this question. I think the family, every time we go to Disney World

we have an amazing time. We do love Disney World. I think there’s elements that we have to get tired of cause we’ve done it before and before but how many times have we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, thousands of times and every time we go to Magic Kingdom, everybody wants to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. I think elements do change but every time we go you just experience something new and do something different. And you just have fun different ways. As many times as we’ve been there we just had it in the previous question I’ve never been to LaSelia. Right, so there’s always something that you haven’t done, always something new to experience at Walt Disney World. How many Disney Resorts have you stayed in and which is your favorite? I want to answer the first time. We’ve been to pretty much all of them but then my favorite one is Polynesian It is awesome. I love Hawaii, that’s how you have to say Hawaii, that is correct. Hawaii I love the Hawaii, just awesome. It is really great. All right Kelly what is your favorite, Have you been to all the Disney Resorts and what is your favorite? I don’t think I’ve been to all of them, but I think my favorite is..I don’t remember the Name, that’s what it is, yup Coronado. but you love Coronado so yes, awesome. Tim? Been to all of them, stayed in all of them, Um it’s hard to me to pick a favorite, I have a favorite in each category. Um my favorite value I would say is it’s kind of a tie between Pop Century and Art of Animation. I really like Art of Animation but it has to be a suite which kind of pushes that price up into the moderate category so I’m not really sure you can call that a value but I love Pop Century as a true value resort. Great resort. Moderate, I really like Coronado Springs but I also really like Port Orleans Riverside. I think that’s probably my favorite moderate, New Orleans Riverside, and then the luxury I love Wilderness Lodge It is such a cool resort and Did you know it is the only Disney Resort anywhere in the world that has a back story? Next time you go there you should ask one of the cast members if they actually know the back story for Wilderness Lodge. After the…. Mommy? Not so say what he said but to kind tie in Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was the only resort on Disney property that was created by the same Architect that created Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Both of them have that lodge feel and I love the Savannah view rooms at Animal Kingdom where you can just sit out and watch the animals I mean here we are in the middle of Florida, right in the middle of Walt Disney World and you are like you are in the African Savannah crazy, yea it’s cool. Next Question. When is your next cruise? We get asked this all the time. Actually Kelly asked that this week-end, when’s our next cruise? We do have several cruises coming up, one of them is still kind of in the works, we’re not sure, we won’t know until the end of the week if we should go or not, but we’re pretty sure we are, we’re doing a Fathom cruise, which , I don’t know if you’ve heard about this cruise line, but it is an amazing cruise line that is educational…ohhh..and the kids are having a hard time with that cause it is an educational cruise, which to say cruise and education at the same time but it is an educational cruise that is going to the Dominican Republic. We’re going to go down there and learn to make pots, make pots that that locals can use actually get fresh water. Amm it’s a really amazing cruise line and an amazing experience. We’re really excited, it’s the first time we’ve ever taken a Fathom Cruise. The other cruise is Fathom does is to Cuba. If you ever want to go to Cuba, that is the only cruise line, right now, that is going to Cuba so we’re really excited about that and we’re still in the works, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to do the Fathom Dominican Republic Cruise. So that one is coming up. And then Hunter and I are going on mini preview cruise later on before the holidays for Thanksgiving on the Harmony of the Seas, the New Royal Caribbean ship. I’m very excited about that, lots of crazy things that are on this ship that are new and I’m very excited about that. So that’s going to be a very quick cruise on the Harmony of the Seas. And that’s one a lot of our viewers have asked about. Oh the Harmony, when are you going to go on the Harmony? Yes so very excited about that one. So that one’s going to be November so watch for that one in November

And we haven’t done a Disney Cruise since January, February, March? When did we do? February, February, And we are watching for another Disney cruise cause we do love Disney Cruise line. So hopefully we can fit that in, we may try to go another Disney Cruise And we know you guys love the cruises, you ask all the time, we average about two Disney cruises a year even though last year we did four, just cause there were a lot of deals, a lot of opportunity to do so. We would love to be on a cruise ship non stop. Oh Ya if we could, don’t you agree? If we could be on a cruise ship. We’d do them every month, every week if we could. We love them. It’s really based on when we get deals. Honestly guys we go because we get really good deals on em and it’s very last minute so a lot of times we don’t know, we can’t tell you when our next one is, cause we book them very last minute so that’s just the nature of our lives is that we’re not really sure when the next ones are coming. But we do know this. keep our fingers crossed for this. Next Question: Stephanie Barshaw, Are you going to miss the Main Street Electrical Parade? Na. Not until I would say recently our kids are starting to stay up much later. Several times I love the Main Street Electrical Parade and several times I’ve tried dto keep them later at Magic Kingdom Parade, cause I love it. I remember seeing it when I was a kid but it’s too late for them. But we’re just now starting to stay up later. Now is the time we could see the Main Street Electrical Parade and it’s gone hahahaha. Yes, I will miss it a little bit but now we can actually stay up and watch it. Next question comes from our friend in New York City Alex Chang. Do you remember Hunter when we were in the Disney Stores, Ya, you weren’t there. All right this question is from Alex. He asks do you guys plan on coming back to New York to check out another Broadway show? Hunter do you want to answer that one? Yes. I love it, We went to Finding Never land. Mom didn’t think I would like it I loved it. I was so sad that they were going to do a final show. But I did get a t-shirt so ya they have a movie of Finding Neverland so the movie is basically the same but without the songs. Ok..ta da..But I would love to see more of the Broadway Shows. And one that note we definitely are going back to New York City. This guy over here is super lucky. Super lucky. He wins stuff all the time. He won a trip to go back to Blogger Bash 2017 in New York City. We will definitely be back to New York City. We will definitely be back next summer. Ya, so Ya, we are definitely going back. And I have a conference every year in New York right around August time frame so I’ll probably be back for that, but yes, we’ll definitely get back to New York, I’m sure. Last question comes from Rudy …, my wife handles travel plans for our family and friends, especially Disney, any advice for her to start this professionally? I have to tell you Rudy, your wife already has the hardest part done, she has clients. She has people that are already contacting her about planning trips to Disney so I think you already have the hard part done. I would just go out there and find a travel agency that would be fantastic for her, start small, if she’s already working clients that are going to Disney, just have her do that on top of what she is doing already as a part time job and then actually cultivate her business and then it could turn into a full time job. But it’s just getting out there and finding a travel agency that works with her lifestyle and that she likes. There’s a bunch of, Disney’s calls them authorized Disney Vacation Planners and there are earmark agents. Those are the best of the best selling to Disney Destinations so I suggest possible checking into that first. Am. working with a travel agency but find a travel agency out there that fits with her lifestyle and fits with her plans to give her the support she needs. She already has the hardest part done, I would say having the good for her, might as well turn it into a business that you love. Yup which is what we do everyday, yup. .We are winding down, slowly, slowly

getting closer to home. yea. ok. i hope you guys enjoyed the Q&A session. I love that you guys ask all these amazing questions so we can kind of tell you a little bit more about our family and what we do. And if we didn’t answer your question, leave it in the comments down below, we’ll do another one of these cause they’re fun. They are fun If you guys are new and you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe to our channel, tell your friends and family about us. We really appreciate all the love the support out there. And we are almost home so we’re gonna say good bye, thanks for joining us, give us a like if you liked the Q&A and our road trip home from Key West. See you guys tomorrow, Keep on Dreamin!..Bye Love you all