KITCHEN GADGET TESTING #28 – 'The road trip'

(upbeat jaunty music) – Hello, everyone It’s Barry here Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen I hope you are well It’s Gadget Of The Week except, from time to time on Gadget Of The Week, there will still be some gadgets that I need to bunch together, okay? And some of those are in this video but I have to have my wife for some of them Where are you? – [Becky] Here! – What are you doing? Mrs. Barry’s here – Waiting for my cue! – Ta-dah! – Hi! I look really small – You do! (giggling) Hang on “Hi, Welcome to my vlog channel “I’m Becky!” – Hello (laughing) – She’s getting a step Hang on, let’s make this easier Today, we are trying out four different gadgets and one or two of them are kind of like non-kitcheny ones I bought one of them I’ll explain when I get to it I just want it out of the house Should we do it? – Yeah (laughing) – She looks so small today! – I haven’t shrunk, I promise – It’s ’cause I’m in the foreground Can you do me a favour and put the kettle on? I actually genuinely want the kettle for this first gadget – Okay I can’t your books are in the way – Oh, my books? They’re available on– – Your two cookbooks – They’re available on Amazon Thanks for everyone that’s bought one, by the way Really proud of them Mrs. Barry’s putting the kettle on Mrs. Barry, you can actually have the coffee, okay? But, we might be getting coffee later So, this first gadget is kind of like a novelty thing and if I put it right, it’s kind of Mrs. Barry’s head This is– Sorry The Game Boy Colour Changing Mug – Nice – We’re just gonna wait for the kettle to boil and then we’ll talk about it because it’s loud, right? – It’s very loud – Whilst that’s happening, we need another prop – Oh, I was wondering where she was – We need Lizzie She’s on her last legs – Yes! – Literally Homer’s kind of got the big dig The big dig? The big gig, now – Oh, she’s bent – She kind of leans – Oh, she does – “Oh, she does?” She’s not an old lady She’s just cardboard – She’s part of the family now, though She’s been here for so long – Yeah (chuckling) Kettle’s boiled Hopefully, you can hear us now Maybe the last few scenes would have been– This is the Game Boy Colour Changing Mug When it’s cold, apparently like that When it’s warm, it should like go up like a traditional Game Boy – Game Boy Do they really sell them like that anymore? – I think you can Ashton is the right person to speak to about this In fact, I was going to give it to him but I think he probably has something like this anyway So, we’re going to give it away You want to open that? – Do I have to do it in a special way? – Nah I was really envious of these when I was growing up because I never got one They were quite expensive back in the day – Did you never have a Game Boy? – No, I had like a real cheap version thing It wasn’t even a Tamagotchi I know they came after that But, it was, yeah, it was really weird – I did It was a secondhand one but I still had one – I didn’t realise you were posh Only the posh kids had Tetris and all that – Yeah? That was like the first That’s like the Candy Crush of today, Tetris – I just had Tetris on some sort of weird thing that looked like an Etch-a-Sketch – Donkey Kong game, I think, maybe? – You’re making me jealous now – Very, very addictive It was like a proper chunky thing as well – It was chunky, yeah I was not a game child, though Let’s put it that way – A what? – Don’t worry She hasn’t watched the film – Oh, it looks like a proper Game Boy as well – Does it? – This is what a Game Boy looked like – Thanks Thank you very much – I did notice, though, there’s some dirt in it – Ugh I’ll wash it now – I was gonna wash it out That’s fine “Heat-changing mug “Hot, cold “Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.” That is basically it There’s nothing else in there It’s a mug It’s a canister for holding your hot beverage of choice but if you know someone that likes Game Boys, or someone that had a Game Boy when they were younger– – Me? – It might make the perfect gift – Just tell me I might need to crouch down – Yeah, because the focus is on the mug – I can see now how small I am It’s not about this It’s about this – Well, then you can go like that, surely – I don’t want to hold up a mug while you pour in boiling water – Right Ready? – Yep – You’re just pouring hot water in? We’re not making a drink? All right – Oh, sorry – Anyone for hot water? We’re making like cabbage water, from Willy Wonka Here we go Is it gonna happen? – You know it’s there You don’t have to drink You just have to put the kettle on – Nothing’s happening – Oh? – Nothing’s happening Nothing is happening Yes! Oh, my God, look! – Yeah, yeah! I can see it in the back as well! – Mrs. Barry’s got it It’s like a two-way Game Boy They should totally have invented that, shouldn’t they? That would have been amazing Look! – That’s cool Super Mario Land – You’re gonna get to see this up close Don’t worry We’re gonna let it, like a Polaroid picture, we’re gonna let it fully bloom (gasping) – I wonder if it changes – It doesn’t change– – Because of that? – It’s not that sophisticated Amazing if it did do that – On the box! – That’s because, as I’m about to show these folks,

it’s different on both sides – Oh, is it? (laughing) Sorry – I don’t even need to say “My wife, ladies and gentlemen.” Because you already know what Mrs. Barry’s like – I don’t mean to be – I don’t mean to be clumsy! I’m clumsy and then you just take it up another notch – I just don’t think about things before I say them sometimes – I know, like I do – Oh, I get that (laughing) – Come over here There’s no more looking where she’s at (laughing) So, as Mrs. Barry quite clearly spotted, let me just try to get you right in close You see that? You see that, guys? So, on this side, it says, “Thank you, Mario.” “Oh, Daisy!” Okay, so that’s that scene at the end, I think, when you complete it I never had a Nintendo, either I was really unlucky And then, on the front, you’ve got the proper Super Mario Land start-up thing So, that’s pretty cool You have really outdone yourself today, Becky So, hot water – No, no, no, no! – Oh! – Oh, my God, you silly boy – Nice Tell you what Boil water like that, let it cool to room temperature Freeze it, you’ll get the most crystal clear ice cubes ever – Don’t freeze it in this mug, though – We are gonna sign I’m sure you want Mrs. Barry’s signature more than mine On the grey side– – On the box, not the mug (laughing) – She’s like, “How can I do my proper signature? “What if people nick it?” “Sign checks for me and stuff?” Right? She’s looking at my signature “Oh, how has he done his?” (laughing) We’re gonna give this away at the end of the video We’re gonna announce how we’re doing it – Where should I do it? – [Barry] Signed mug, signed box We’re not going to send these separately We’re going to stick them together Let’s move onto the next gadget, okay? – Okay – [Barry] If people are still even watching this – Sorry – It’s fine Homer’s not judging you (laughing) Yes! Yeah, we did it! Wow This, as you know– – I like it – Mrs. Barry and I are hardened drinkers Right? – No – This is a ring Random fact, I lose my wedding ring a lot It comes off very easy Look at that I’ve actually already got a back-up wedding ring – But, it’s not the same because it’s not been blessed by the Vicar – It’s not been blessed by the Vicar but hopefully, the subscribers will bless it This is a ring and as I was saying, we’re hardened drinkers, Mrs. Barry and I, aren’t we? – Water – So much so, we’re like, oh my gosh Have we got any bottles in the house? Because this is just gonna open bottles with a ring So, I’m gonna take off my wedding ring, put on my bling – Surely that’s not safe Is this not sharp? – It’s big – It’s sharp – Well, it is sharp a little bit – You’ll cut your finger – But, I guess you– I’m not sure I haven’t read the instructions, but we’re gonna try I think it’s gonna be so it’s face down and then you just go pfft! (gasping) Do you remember? I’ve got that flip-flop It’s a bit dirty but I’ve got a flip-flop – A well-worn flip-flop Bleh! – It’s got a bottle opener on the bottom of it – Yeah, that’s hygienic – Made by Reef Yeah, I walk the dogs in them now – Not now – I don’t drink beers when I walk the dog Only sometimes When you drink– – I hope you put that back on the shoe-rack and not on the floor In the proper flip-flop space – Is there an allocated flip-flop space? – On the bottom, next to the other one, because, in a few month’s time, you’ll say, “Where’s my other flip-flop?” And I’ll say, “You should have put it back in the proper flip-flop space.” (laughing) – Stop I hope you can find this relatable, but every Christmas, you get the old random gift We didn’t have many bottles of beer In fact, we have none in the fridge so luckily, we’ve managed to forage in our house and found some bottles I am a big fan of rum and I got this in a mixer kit – Actually, this was a really thoughtful birthday present that I got for you – Did you get it for me? – Yes! – Oh, thanks Thanks – I spent ages trying to find it for you – It was nice I do like my rum Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum is my favourite This isn’t the spiced one but– – This is one – That’s Kraken That’s spiced Kraken, yeah That will get you going But these don’t have lids on them – We’re not drinking rum – I was gonna say It’s like half-nine in the morning – You probably would if I wasn’t here, right? – Yes, I would – So, I’ve got cola and you’ve got ginger beer – Yeah! – Oh, I think– – What? – I think it’s just the bubbles – Oh, my gosh It looks like there’s dust inside it – Yeah, it’s a bit weird – Thanks, mate I like how this video’s panning out – Sorry Oh, yeah, it needs to be on – She took it off and she’s going– Couldn’t get any worse – So, it turned the ring when I tried to hammer (doorbell ringing) (dogs barking) – Parcel! – Parcel Hide the address! Ta-dah! It will look better in a frame – Yeah, you’ve got that t-shirt on – I am wearing it! – It’s like you’re gonna wear that top in the picture – I’ve only got the same clothes We just cycle it See, that ain’t gonna work – Oh, I’ve got it!

– You got it? – It’s hurting my hand, though – Come on, mate You’ve got to be like a cool dude in a bar, like “Hey, I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.” – Oh, that’s really hurting! Look! – I’m gonna try and do it quite cooler – Oh, no I can’t do that – Yo man, how’s it goin’? (bottle fizzes and pops) Oh! – See? Because you’re stronger – Thank you very much – I think– – Come on, you can do it Believe – I don’t think it helps I just plastered my hands with hand cream, either Oh! I’ve done it! – Nice one – It’s like ten to ten in the morning – Whoa – It’s fruity You try it – Mm! Smells like an orchard Show them your finger – Oh, yeah, look See? That one and then that goes into my thumb as well – Ah, let’s move on We’re signing the rings as well I’m a bit tipsy (giggling) Crikey! That didn’t mix well with my cornflakes The next two gadgets is where it goes a little bit off tangent – Okay! – All right, so this next gadget– I can’t remember, I’m really sorry, who sent me a link to this Without thinking, I just bought it and I was like oh, okay It’s not really kitchen but you guys want me to do some more non-kitcheny gadgets First of all, this arrived and that was 20 pounds but then it’s like, I sort of did this one – Which is just like– – It’s just like that! Look, she’s even got the brooch! She’s got the bag, she’s got the hat It is essentially a replica of Lizzie This is ridiculous Someone sent it and said to get it and I was like, yeah! Let’s do it and it’s basically a solar-powered Queen – The girls have something similar to this and it’s a solar-powered flower – Oh, not one of those ones like a few years ago? Like the rockin’ flowers that dance? – I think it was a little one like in a little pot and it kind of nodded like that – Oh, okay – “The solar panel on her handbag is her power supply.” (laughing) “She never needs batteries.” – She’s a robot! – “She may just wave forever.” – “Place the Solar Queen in sunlight and watch Her Majesty “wave with a subtle twist of the wrist “This gesture, cultivated over the centuries, “is the true mark of royalty “We create the Queen’s Derby Edition in miniature “to pay homage to her life-long love of horses “God Save The Queen.” I wonder if the actual Queen has one of these? – I would just like to see that – What edition is that? Okay this is the, yeah, Edition Derby That’s just your standard Queen, all right? That’s just your Sunday-afternoon-roast-dinner sort of Queen – We’ve got to put these in sun? – We have, but I’ve got an idea – We’ve not done that before? – No, so that’s basically it It’s got a serving suggestion there of putting it by a flower– – With a flag in it – Very nice With a flag in it (laughing) – It’s got a flag in it! – Yeah, it’s got a Union Jack You see that? I want to have a little bit of fun with this I don’t want to give these away to you Sorry I want to give this away to our hometown I don’t know if this is illegal– – Oh, God – But I want us– because we need to go outside for the other gadget, but I want us– We’re not going to sign this because I don’t want it to be traceable, although this video is technically evidence of this, I want us to test this out somewhere and we’re just going to leave it for the general public to walk past and go, “Is that a Waving Queen?” Okay? We can sit them together It will be fine – We can drop off and just drive off – Yeah, it’s kind of like a drive-by Queen drop-off – We can’t do that! – Yes, we can We just had a little moment off camera where we’re kind of like planning our drive-getaway thing, like we’re going to rob a bank or something – I’m driving – You’re the driver and I’m the planter – He sets– – I can’t drive I can’t drive – No, you can not I can’t even see the lens right now – No, you can not I’ll drive – Yeah – I’ll keep the engine running (giggling) – Shall I wear a balaclava! – You’ve got one! Wear your hat, wear your dog-walking gear – [Barry] All right? – You need to see – I can see I can see Look at that! No one will ever know (laughing) By the way, England is bigger than some people think that live outside of England We don’t live by Buckingham Palace If we did, we, of course, would leave it by the gates – Road trip – That would be– Shall we? Irresponsible parents! We could get to London in three hours – And then we’ve got to be back – We can’t just miss the school run – We’ll miss the kids They’ll be waiting – The kids would be in the schoolyard like, “Where’s Mummy and Daddy?” (giggling) The other gadget we’re taking with us is the Worktop Desk “Transforms your car into an office “Good for soft drinks, coffee, maps, laptops, notebook “Hooks to the steering wheel in seconds.” And it’s double-sided for peace of mind, so if there’s anyone underneath you when you’re driving, they can use the other side “Desk with pen holder, desk with drink holder.” It kind of is like a steering wheel, actually, so this will hook around the steering wheel I presume it’s most size fits all, because some steering wheels are different sizes, right? Then you’ve got a little bit here to put the coffee thing so we’re gonna try this, but we will give this away as well Are you feeling privileged? – Are you sure about this?

– [Barry] Yeah, well, I’ve drunk a little bit over what I thought was in that glass and I’m letting you drive the car, okay? Oh, my God! You’re supposed to be going reverse! You just nearly went into your car! (laughing) – Maybe this isn’t a good idea – Right I’m stopping this now All right, Mrs. Barry’s got the knack of the car It’s all good and we’re off to McDonald’s drive-thru Oh, we’re just in time for breakfast still, I think Unless we do Michael-Douglas-Falling-Down style “I want a breakfast!” Don’t worry Then, we’ve got to see if this thing is gonna fit on there Oh, God It’s a funeral procession It’s a sign Oh, no! Becky’s gonna kill us! So, we’re gonna get McDonald’s breakfast I’m not gonna lie McDonald’s coffee is actually pretty decent compared to like, when you go to Buckstars, or Cost-a-Lot if you’re in the UK I think it’s like a quarter of the price and it’s coffee, right? It does what it’s meant to do I know it’s like, not McDonald’s related, but I want to sing the Toys R Us theme tune ♪ There’s a magical place ♪ ♪ We’re on our way there ♪ ♪ Toys of a millions are under one roof ♪ ♪ It’s called McDonalds ♪ Please do not curb the car around the drive-thru – I probably will – [Barry] You know what, Mrs. B.? It’s so busy Everyone else is making videos on YouTube about the Worktop Desk What are the chances? – What are the chances indeed? – [Barry] Don’t think they can hear me I’m a bit far away – [Server] Hi, can I help? – Hi, can I get a Bacon and Egg McMuffin, please? With a coffee, with a latte? – [Server] Anything else? – Anything else? Is that what you want? – [Barry] No – No, that’s all thank you – [Server] That’s three pounds, seven at the next window – I’m just drunk – Okay, thank you – [Server] Thank you – [Barry] They’ve run out of Grand Big Macs (“If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher) ♪ If I could turn back time ♪ – [Becky] No! – [Barry] Cher-ing is caring What, are you going to put it there? Where’s your Worktop Desk, huh? – There’s your coffee – [Barry] Oh, you put it in the standard holder thing – [Becky] Great, thank you – [Barry] Bye! – I didn’t curb the car – [Barry] All right, we have come to a very scenic location This is the Weston sea front and if you guys are fans of Banksy, like I am, that is what used to be Dismaland, folks, right there It was an ice rink over Christmas, right? – It was We were ice skating here – [Barry] Also, this thing is open in the summer It’s shut now It looks a bit quiet, but they sell cockles and whelks I’ve never had a whelk Only on my face – What? – [Barry] All right, this is role play I’m a hungry businessman – I’m a hungry businessman! (laughing) – [Barry] Thank goodness I’ve got my Worktop Desk with me – Thank goodness for that – It’s supposed to lock in It actually hooks to the steering wheel in seconds One, two, three Don’t honk the horn! (laughing) Come on! (laughing) – I’m definitely too short! – [Barry] What do you mean? It has nothing to do with your height Stop using your height every single time It doesn’t work for me What are you doing? – I need to move the seat back a bit Look, it’s meant to– Oh, it’s the steering wheel – [Barry] No, it’s a circle! Look, it doesn’t matter It’s a circle Oh, you’ve got it You’ve done it Amazing (laughing) Oh, no I don’t know if it fits too much – It’s right against my chest! – [Barry] Yeah, but look– – It’s sitting on my stomach! – [Barry] Look, but could you write on it and stuff? – I need to– – [Barry] Move back, yeah, but it’s gonna flop over (laughing) – I’m kind of liking it now – [Barry] It needs to hook in, mate There you go – There we go – [Barry] That is pretty good, actually – [Becky] It is good – [Barry] This looks like on an aeroplane or on a train – I feel a little bit like it’s– I guess you could put your laptop on – [Barry] There’s a little dog I think I’ve got it Not the man The man looks nice I’m sure he’s nice All right, what we’ve worked out is you do it at an angle and then you hook it on like that That feel good? – That feels good, right Let’s put the drink on You actually work on the road sometimes now You’ve got your coffee Wait, is that gonna move? That’s quite good What’s the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable? – We’ll have a picnic in your car – [Barry] Yeah, well, that’s the point of it – [Becky] I do feel a bit uncomfortable Get my meal out – [Barry] This is like the worst episode of Top Gear ever How is this experience going for you? I mean, you’re not getting crumbs anywhere Like, when I did that vegan road trip, my car was like a seitan, which is the vegan thing, protest There was, like, stuff everywhere So, obviously, for the passenger, you’re gonna need to get the meal to stay on your lap I’ll just get one of those fake steering wheels kids have Stick it on

Happy? – Yeah – [Barry] I think that’s not bad, right? Oh, you’re in the zone, now – There we go It is like a proper little picnic in the car – [Barry] Yeah, nice – It’s a good idea I like it – [Barry] When it comes to the Queens, we’re actually gonna put them in two different places One is gonna go in the former location of Dismaland We’re gonna go there in a minute The solar panel is apparently on There it is Yeah, on her handbag You can see that, and then that hand should wave Oh, is it doing it? – [Becky] I think it was – [Barry] That looks sinister, doesn’t it? She looks like she’s got a gum shield in, like she wants to play rugby Now, I don’t know if it’s solar powered or is it called photovoltaic? Where it’s not just done by sun? It’s just any form of light would charge it up? Oh there you go Wow, she’s doing it! I’m gonna plant this one over there while you steam up the car and eat your muffin – I can save you some – It’s proper steamed up in there She’s like, doing Titanic “Jack! Jack!” It’s a little bit windy out here (grunting) Oh, it’s cold as well – [Becky] Can you see him? He’s that little dot walking towards the sea Can you see through the steam? Oh, there he goes! I’m trying to get the camera focused on him You can see he’s like a blur Are you gonna focus? Come on, focus! Please? Oh, he’s gone There’s like a man following him (laughing) Oh, no it’s not It’s the man with his dog The man, yeah, his dog’s chasing him The man, it looked like he’d stopped just where Barry had gone – All right, it’s quite the setting You probably can’t hear a word I’m saying There you go And what a lovely view, eh? Goodbye Someone’s gonna pinch you but enjoy your time here I know some of you might be frowning upon that but I know at least 50 people that will watch this video and be down there in about two minutes and take it, so, whoever gets it, I hope you like it – [Becky] I believe he successfully planted the Queen He looks a bit windswept You were gone a fair bit of time – I know There was lots of dog walkers about– – [Becky] Did you see that man came around the corner and he just stopped? – I just got a waft of McMuffin in here When you’re really hungry, sometimes it’s really nice, but now it’s like it just smells of egg I can’t let this one go – You want to go home? – Let’s go home Let’s go home – Okay – [Barry] Oh, my God! I can still see it! Just about! There’s like a little blue speck The camera won’t pic that up but she’s waving at the beach Right, we’re back A little bit of housekeeping before we talk about the giveaway If you don’t follow us on social media, @myvirginkitchen, please do on all platforms for behind the scenes bits and bobs including Patreon for some sneaky bits and the podcast Also, they’re two different playlists for gadgets so if you enjoy it, there’s the compilation ones all together and also the individual ones so you’re gonna grab the popcorn, Mrs. B.– – Yes – And have a Barry-thon So, the giveaway It looks like a bib! We’ve signed this as well This is the other side, so you can hold a pen in that thing We’ve got the mug– – And the rings – And the rings, oh and also, the candy floss maker on the Dog Cake video, we’re gonna do a giveaway on that, where people were doing dog puns We’re gonna announce all of the people that have got that and give it away on our live stream so next Tuesday, it is known as Shrove Tuesday – Shrove Tuesday! – It’s Pancake Day here in the UK so we are going to be going live, doing a flippin’ good fun pancake giveaway extravaganza Of course, the Pancake Art thing as well, maybe Should I try to do that? I don’t know – You could try – So, join us for that and we’ll do some giveaways there for you guys that join in, all right We’ll do it through and we’ll announce the winner of who got the candy floss maker – Thanks for letting me drive your car today – You’re welcome Did you enjoy it? – I did I loved it – I don’t think I’m gonna have it back – No, I’ve got it now Thanks for helping me out, Mrs. B – You’re welcome – I hope you guys enjoyed the video We’ll see you later – Bye! – Bye!