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now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils speaking lies in hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a hot lion and a special thanks to the members of the Roosevelt family who are here and the one who is not Eleanor I know that because as all of you famously learned when I served this president my wife now the Secretary of State was known to commune with Eleanor on a regular basis and so she called me last night on her way home from Peru to remind me to say that Eleanor had talked to her and reminded her that I should say that here on the top of the Capitol dome in Washington you can see the goddess of freedom also known as Semiramis Queen of Babylon who later became Isis of Egypt now we suggest the dome itself represents the womb of the goddess so if the dome represents the room of the goddess we should find nearby the phallus of the god ready to impregnate her and bring forth the spirit of the sun-god and we most certainly do facing the dome is the phallus of the sun-god the Washington Monument during his research for his amazing book apollyon rising 2012 which actually hit number one in the book charts the day of his release dr. Tom Horn travelled to Washington DC where he met with Masons at the house of the temple the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite Horne says these men were very cordial and mostly responsive to his questions they even confirmed his understanding of the influence of Freemasonry in American history it was only when he pressed one of them about a ritual called the raising ceremony the raising of Osiris from the dead it’s also known as which is conducted in the temple room on the third floor of the building it’s only then that these mesas became evasive and visibly uncomfortable the reason for this according to dr Horne is that in addition to the raising ceremony being conducted when members reached the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry this strange ceremony is performed without public knowledge in this very temple room at the inauguration of every United States president why is that because deep esoteric meaning behind Egyptian and Rosicrucian magic that was incorporated into the rites and rituals of Freemasonry hold that the spirit of Osiris can be raised from the underworld and installed for want of a better term in the reigning king or president according to Tom Horn this is why the US Capitol dome is laid out so as to face the obelisk the phallus of the sun-god known as the Washington Monument an interesting point regarding the obelisk in Washington the Washington Monument the column is 6666 inches high and each side is 666 inches long now obviously this cannot be an accident because we remember that the antichrists number in the Bible is 666 this is Dabu 7 wanting to take you inside of the 100 million dollar penthouse on the 66th floor of Trump Tower and no this is not lifestyles of the rich and famous this is exposing Sun worship in the occult and his penthouse is littered with all kinds of imagery you can see the masonic pillars this theme is copied all across this place it is mirrored in the floor and in the ceiling literally as above so below in all of this is set off by some interesting detail that i

want to share with you now in the background back here on the right you have a family portrait they say the siblings and then a picture of his father this book worth 15,000 dollars that is sitting here pillow with his coat of arms but then we get to the other pictures in the statues in the vases in what it symbolizes is exactly what Trump believes in you see on the wall here the centerpiece is Apollo the Sun God the son of Zeus centered between the pillars dead center showing his loyalty showing what he believes is important do you know who eros in psyche are look into the story here one of the children of Aphrodite you see in this love affair ended up peaceful only because of one reason because Zeus said it was going to happen in over-read Aphrodite Zeus had a son named Apollo and it’s one sister named Artemis in Apollo was the god of the Sun Sun worship and what is very telling about this Sun worship is that even right here in the headline they point out that this is Apollo up in this picture up here led by Aurora the Greek goddess of the dawn suggesting that Trump sees himself the mold of Apollo Zeus is son one of the most powerful of the gods all depicted right here just in this one room let’s move on take a look here and you can see the theme of the pillars is repeated once again but this is when we start to pick up on some of the murals that are on the ceiling and they are very interesting as you can see here and I’ve covered this in multiple other videos we’re talking about the Statue of Liberty looking identical to who apollo the sun god and who do we have right here with the torch you cannot see this whole thing displayed in full but it is pretty interesting if you ask me now we go down here to another view and remember the last painting that was on the ceiling was over here depicting this here we have another setting see all the pillars what do we have up here well sure enough and they even state it so you know I’m not making this up once again it is Apollo riding in his chariot across the heavens so this man never says it he never speaks it he doesn’t ever say in public what he has his allegiance to but it’s pretty clear to me by looking at everything he has in his penthouse on the 66th floor it is laced with Sun worship in Apollo and this goes hand in hand with the Vatican Egypt the obliques the huge sundial at the Vatican all of this the huge Sun on a stick that the Pope carries around is it all starting to make sense to you now Zeus the Pharaoh Zeus Obama in one of his main speeches it was one of my channels that got eliminated if you played that main speech backwards in it he says hail to the Pharaoh Zeus showing once again what they worship who they worship and of course his beloved Sun god Apollo

right here it’s in the wide open I’ll leave links oz open first Corinthians 10 21 he cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils he cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table and of the table of devils when it comes to Halloween it is especially important for you as a parent to understand how demonic Halloween truly is it is an occult holiday where the demons are manifesting right before your very eyes as you dress up your children in aims of having a great wholesome family time you do not realize that you’re partaking of something so demonic and so evil that can harm your children that can bring forth a lot of demonic activity in your home open yourself up for sleep paralysis and many more things and we live in this type of a society where in horror films nowadays you consistently see them getting more and more and more demonic I grew up in the era of Michael Myers Jason Voorhees Freddy Krueger and I used to love all of those films I used to love all of those films when I wasn’t a believer in Christ but as you’ve noticed in many Hollywood films the films have gone from that extreme to now the more demonic it is the aim of Satan to slowly desensitize you to witchcraft to slowly desensitize you to the occult this is why the Scriptures tell you 2nd Corinthians 11:14 and no Marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light it has been a slow indoctrination and to be a cult in Halloween it is especially extremely evil witches many witches believe this is their new New Year many witches during this day are performing rituals sacrifices and many more occult things but the devil has tricked many churches forgetting 3 John 11 beloved follow not that which is evil but that which is good he that doeth good is of God but he that doeth evil has not seen God and you cannot mix the holy and the profane just because your child is interested in doing Halloween and if you can teach your child from a very early age the wickedness of Halloween you train your child up in the way that he or she should go because that is your responsibility as a parent the topic of trick-or-treat study the origins of Halloween when you study the origins of Halloween you can take him all the way back to the Tower of Babel with Nimrod and Semiramis I made a very detailed video on this last year and I’ll put a link on the screen for that video but here is a slide from last year that I discussed the Horned God in some Wiccan traditions by Simon the goddess has entered into her incarnation of Crone this is the goddess that rises up in Easter Ishtar the Queen of Heaven ok which God prohibits you from worshipping but in this point in time during this year Wiccan tradition some of them tell you that she is entering into her incarnation of Crone she is the old one the Earth Mother the wise one we turned to when we need advice according to Witten’s according to Wiccans she teaches us that we must let go in order to move on so at this particular time of the year during Halloween the God at semmen is the horn one the stag of great antlers the god of the Wild Hunt he is the animal that dies so that we may eat and the grains and corn that once lived in the field before our harvest they worship the god of the wild hunt a god that has antlers this is that this is typical of Babylonian traditions this is typical of bel worship for them to worship horned gods and he is the god of the wild hunt and Nimrod was a mighty hunter brothers and sisters in the Lord Halloween yes we can trace him backs to the Druids but it even goes even further than that

it is very demonic to the core how did these ancient traditions survive into our modern era in Western culture they were preserved by of all people Christians in a bizarre twist of history as Christianity spread it adopted and reimagined pagan folk ways rather than try to stamp them out this made it easier to convert pagans a key pagan festival destined to get a Christian makeover was Lemuria when celebrants placated the dead culminating on May 13th of all the different days that they have in the Roman calendar to celebrate the dead it was the spookiest so on the Lemuria what are called the larvae a ghosts of the departed would come up and haunt people to quell the dead pagan Romans poured milk onto their graves or offer them little cakes but the church co-opted Lemuria in 609 ad turning May 13th into All Saints Day a day to honor the most holy of dead Christians suicide this day was an attempt to Christianize – for a pagan festival and you at the same time what it did was it kept a lot of the same themes going the Christianized version of Lemuria was such a success that church leaders made a decision that eventually gave rise to Halloween they moved all saints or Hallows day to November first to drain the life out of Pagan Sawa because Sawin fell on the night of October 31st before All Hallows day on November 1st people started calling solemn All Hallows evening the evening before All Hallows day this shortened into All Hallows even and finally into Halloween and then to be safe the church went one step further adding a holiday to honor not just saints but everyday Christians November 2nd became All Souls Day a church sanctioned holiday to honor the departed when you send your child trick-or-treating the point of trick-or-treating to the Druids and other traditions they believe that during this day that evil spirits were roaming the earth evil spirits were roaming their towns it was a time where the weather was very cold crops were not growing properly so they associated that with the dead so what they did was in order for them to leave their homes they dressed up in costumes in evil masks and any type of a way to avoid these evil demonic spirits but it went worse than that on that day they would actually leave treats in front of their homes in the forms of vegetables groceries and so forth as sacrifices so that the evil spirits will not harm them if you look at different traditions it was it was even darker than that human sacrifices were involved witchcraft was involved animal sacrifices were involved all in the name of these demonic spirits they did not overcome evil with good in the sense of Jesus Christ they did it with evil that’s how witchcraft works there are a lot of people that turn to Santeria which is witchcraft to combat evil instead of turning to the true power which is Jesus Christ so when someone knocks on your door and they say Trick or Treat think about the words alone hey I’m gonna trick you if you don’t give me a treat that’s manipulation first of all aside from that think of what you’re doing when you’re giving them candy you’re giving them sacrifice so that you can ward off those bad spirits now of course you can say you’re taking it to the extreme Sally I in and that you may say that and I realize that but all I’m showing you is is the origins of all of this stuff I’m not necessarily telling you that you’re sacrificing anything but solely Guling all of these traditions are not of God the jack-o’-lantern there are many believers that are watching this that have jack-o’-lanterns in front of their homes according to the legend Jack was a man who played a lot of tricks upon people and long story short he made a deal with the devil that the devil will not take him to hell okay so when he died he tried to make it to heaven and he couldn’t make it to heaven he couldn’t go to hell he couldn’t go to heaven so he was stuck here on earth

roaming the earth so the devil has a courtesy to him tossed him this Ember this light this orb if you will so that Jack can actually light himself into the way so Jack’s favorite meal was a turnip he took a turnip carved it out and put that orb inside the turnip and he roamed the earth with the turnip with the orb inside thus came the jack-o’-lantern the reason they did jack-o’-lanterns was to ward off Jack the evil spirits and there’s other traditions that show you that the jack-o’-lantern is made to bring forth good spirits and ward off bad spirits so when you carve out a pumpkin right because the turnip turned into a pumpkin and you put a candle inside what do you think that’s representing yes we modernized paganism we’ve modernized and it made it okay right but you’re basically in the spirit realm you’re basically in the sport of realm to these demonic entities they’re saying look at that person they believe in the jack-o’-lantern story you see all of these rituals all of these stories turn to evil to get rid of evil when the reality is is that you don’t need evil to get rid of evil you need the power of Jesus Christ does the Bible not say in Leviticus 19 31 regarding not them that have familiar spirits neither seed after wizards to be defiled by them I am the Lord your God does the Bible not say in Micah 5:12 and I will cut off witchcraft out of that hand and all shall have no more soothsayers my brothers and sisters in the Lord in Ephesians 5:11 and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them reprove them they so if you wanted somebody knock on your door you want to give them a Bible track giving bobble track preach the gospel your kids want to participate in it no honey no we can’t do that no sweetie no we can’t do that but let’s have a Bible study how about that obimomm I want to call the pumpkin home I would listen I know you want to do all that stuff but all of that is not of God train your child up in the way that he or she should go because these little compromises that you make now when they get to 15 16 17 18 they’re gonna get out of hand and then what you’re gonna do well mom you allowed me to do that little witchcraft what’s this witchcraft right because then they turned to Wicca and this is not about being extreme in these senses you have to understand that you also have to protect your children a lot of the candy that you get from Halloween you don’t know if that’s tainted or not many kids actually are abducted during Halloween for a lot of satanic purposes we sometimes do not understand how evil things really are because Satan has modernized things and made it okay and cool I’ve had a Christians tell me Tommy I’m not gonna do the evil stuff the evil stuff I’m not gonna do but I’m still gonna go to a Halloween party in places full of witches which are out there loving it this is their new year how do you celebrate New Year’s in America you have parties fireworks hugging each other wow it’s here that’s how they view it it’s the rise of the Horned God so may God bless you I hope this at least warned some of your parents out there before you go trick-or-treating I love you very much in Jesus Christ remember our website is always there for you if you have prayer requests or button on there for you to put prayer requests thank you for always passing by keeping my family in prayer thank you for your support for your kindness for any you ever do every time you pass by each week you have no idea how much that means to me and love you very very much thank you so much for passing by god bless you Jesse Jesse what’s the matter with

deathy she was abandoned in a box for years you you’re gonna get in a box what it’s the only way to free woody no no way I can’t I can’t do that I can’t get in a box I can’t there’s gotta be another way well you guys October 2013 Toy Story of terror human trafficking is what you’re really looking at I couldn’t even believe what I was watching but after putting it together with all the other Toy Story films this picture emerges that what they’re really showing us is child trafficking now in this film they go to the sleepy motel and that is code for what they do to the kids to traffic them and their toys who are stolen by this man that works at the sleepy motel he runs this hotel and he steals he has this iguana steal these kids toys and then he sells them on eBay he takes a picture of them and then they go for auction now Johnny Josh’s mother who went missing in the 80s said that there were people out taking pictures of Johnny Gosch before he was abducted and that they were trafficking the pictures through magazines and different things they didn’t have the internet back then and that people would auction the pictures and then they would go abduct the children and that is what we see in Toy Story of horror now there’s always a cover story with these people but when we get down into the nitty-gritty and the details of what they’re showing us the truth emerges it’s undeniable this goes back to MKULTRA project paperclip and you see the soldier and his name is Karl and there’s a big car on a little Karl a big heart a little heart a big paper clip and a little paper clip inside of it these are the pedo symbols and they’re repeated in this short 21 minute film the paper clip is Project Paperclip it’s MKULTRA it’s the fracturing of the mind through trauma so the child finds an alternate personality a smaller personality within the bigger personality and this is what happens to them when they go through this experience now I remember being a child suffering trauma and wanting to just play dead like a possum now I couldn’t find anything on the internet about that being a characteristic of child abuse but as a child I specifically remember that if I could just pretend that the trauma wasn’t happening and I could disassociate from myself and play dead that it wouldn’t hurt if I could just imagine myself somewhere else and this is what these toys do when a human walks in they disassociate they fall lifeless and dead so now you’re starting to see the minds behind all of these different animations this is crazy you could have never imagined that this was possible now this red carpet the red drapery we saw this repeated in Toy Story I think it was to wear what he was also abducted and trafficked the same thing they took pictures of him okay and they showed the building was like red and had a red carpet a red veranda well they have the same red here and that stands for trafficking like the red-light district so now you know the truth you guys here you see Wilson Phillips that’s reference to Tom Hanks Wilson the volleyball Phillips is captain Phillips the movie you played in I know it’s also

a group take care be safer everybody what started out as a classic horror film is turned into something more of a tragedy as his ROM claims itself to be the one true church you would think they would lead by example but what kind of example is this you have a depiction of Lucifer underneath the Vatican for countless hundreds and hundreds of years now this image here underneath the Vatican has been there since their claim which would be constancy we would know that he was the first one that built this Basilica and so again we asked ourselves why are they keeping this depiction of Lucifer underneath the Vatican well we think the answer or why all these images idols are kept underneath the Vatican is because what we’re dealing with here is we’re dealing with an apostate Church that has always been apostate and even now as it is filled with Freemasons and so we know that the reason why they’re keeping all this there now and they’re actually revealing this on their internet website is because they want people to see this they want people to see what they’re really all about for the masses who believe that Rome is still a pure Church they don’t mind deceiving them into believing that they are still a Christian Church as you go down underneath the Vatican down into the next rooms they will try to convince you on this tour that you take that Peters buried down there in one of the rooms and that this gives credence to following the Pope but we ask the question why would you want to follow a pope who has all these evil things underneath his church it’s very clear by this depiction of Lucifer that the devil is in the Vatican he’s hidden way down underneath the Vatican at st. Peter’s Basilica now if you are a Catholic and you are watching this video we want to encourage you to come out of that church as you can see from these images and these idols that are kept underneath your church we would hope that you would so really think about these things and ask yourself the question if my church is a true church why is it promoting these things been talked about as an act of God the Vatican struck by lightning on the same day Pope Benedict the sixteenth shocked his Cardinals by announcing his resignation the frequently stumblin pontiff has long stayed off rumors of deteriorating health in this instance he’s caught napping during a moment of sanctity while visiting the flock in Malta Benedict began his reign as Catholicism’s mitre wielding man of cloth in his late 70s he injured a broken wrist and a very public attack giving rise to concerns that he may become vulnerable after suffering a stroke just recently and perhaps another sign from God the pontiff’s dove of peace found itself flying solo against a wall the symbol of harmony and purity was then set upon by a vengeful seagull leaving the faithful questioning the mind of God perhaps the reign of Benedict is ending not because of his age or health but because he simply didn’t have the cool factor of the Pope who went before me you thank you

mr. brilliant detective who sealed my booty sweets remember this table what Goes Around really those around you have a safe trip someone’s like Reese they kill a few people somehow it ain’t their fault oh it took place tonight the consequences of what I do you’re home early today what change detective John Hobbes wants to uncover the truth what does Azazel me now my dictionary there’s that evil spirit of the wilderness walk away mr. Hobbes but nothing in this world is all mas can help him solve this case there are angels some of these angels were cast down and a few of the Fallen were punished by being deprived of form and each time and at the execution to be trying to touch you and then actually passes the soul of a killer into someone new well I believe what I see and I’m still trying to get my mind around what I just saw some things you should know I know you hate them my work is based upon evidence and aren’t your facts resistant to normal interpretation hey Hobbs leave my family alone I’m still having fun Denzel Washington how do we fight him is that even possible I believe it is Josie you know I didn’t do this I know what it pops I know you know more than you’re saying is all you cannot sit back and wait for a

savior and he said unto them I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven he still and know that I am God that I am God that I am God I will be exalted among the nations will be exalted in the earth and power was given him over all Kindred’s and tongues and nations all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world answer the damn phone shoe store yes what time are you open to yes you’ve got plenty of shoes there the shoes have soles on them that how many shoes the 1/2 of a store how many shoes are in the star gonna get the soles without the shoes yes I want the souls under the soles what I am the Prince of Darkness I need the soles I command a to speak our Father who art in hush puppies I will be thy heel I need soles man how many souls can you deliver to me today never can take my hand walk in the valley of the darkness do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm this work continues the story goes on for me one and an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm god bless you all god bless america to read that’s where the best way to get ready get ready boys and girls found this word I’ll get ready yeah you will never see it coming do you think I’m joking hey – it’s the 13th of September 2018 and I almost didn’t go back and look at this speech that Trump made on 9/11 but I did and there are multiple very very telling things of which I’m gonna share a couple with you this morning I’ve gone through this multiple times pertaining to Bush jr. reading Psalm 23 on 9/11/2001 just reading off a teleprompter the same with Obama in 2011 9/11 psalm 46 but just reading off a teleprompter I mean you can even watch this and see that it almost troubles him

to read this scripture I’m not kidding watch his mannerisms and then we had Trump you would think he would read Psalm 69 right well you’ll you’ll never see that happen but what you will see is what I’m going to show you and this is the linchpin to the whole Luciferian satanic Masonic ritual that is playing out all around us and this is absolutely leading to an event of epic proportions but remember you know God is over everything and as long as you’re in Jesus Christ saved through his blood that these things will not harm you or put you in fear so just remember that but we had Donald Trump we’re looking for the 69 and sure enough people he’s telling a story about a woman whose husband perished in this alleged crash and all that she wanted was her wedding ring from the crash site okay and it’s a good thing that that’s all she wanted because nothing else remained okay there were no plane parts there were no nothing no seats no wheels no engines that always survived plane crashes always there’s never any exception except for here in Shanksville not a single solitary plane part until okay when this first happened some young guys some local guys actually showed up they got a couple of pictures then the first responders showed up more pictures there are those guys over there it’s nothing less than a missile crater that’s that’s where a missile blew up right that’s all there is to it no airplane no nothing right but as soon as the feds show up they form a human chain around it and tell everybody to get the hell out of there and this is just the way it works folks there was no plane crash there and in fact you even had the coroner himself literally say that there were no bodies found at all not a single drop of blood okay this guy’s right out of his own mouth okay it’s the most eerie thing he said I’ve not this day seen a single drop of blood not a drop so it’s all a lie and Trump is telling this story about this woman’s husband which is a lie but listen to what he says about this this heart-wrenching story which is exactly how they keep pulling the chain of the people people with good will will just latch on to these heart-wrenching stories which are blatant lies because they know how to feed on the goodness in you and in turn destroy you through it this is the depth of the evil that you’re dealing with you need to know that you need to know you’re in a spiritual war but it’s not this willy nilly cartoon level stuff this is for your eternal soul and without Jesus Christ you are dude you’re done there is no salvation without him please understand that now listen to what mr. Trump said on 9/11 and this is him describing the ring that this woman wanted back and of course they found it it’s very inspiring and in just heart string-pulling tearjerker okay but listen to what he says followed by the number 8 to 69 the date of their anniversary 8 to 69 ok now if you understand anything first there’s your 69 your 2346 69 but what does it mean 8 – 8 – is very interesting there are several things that we can point to with 82 but first let’s just go back 82 days from 9/11 and where does it land us exactly on the summer solstice the summer solstice is the you got to understand Freemasonry and how these factors it’s just amazing stuff but just know this the summer solstice is represented by the 69 the cancer okay it’s also the Keystone this is the Royal Arch and everybody seen this your two pillars Jachin and Boaz where do they come together as one yet the Keystone the Keystone is what the 69 the cancer 69 is the Keystone at the summer

solstice that’s what this represents this is the zodiac this represents the summer solstice the triple tau you need to look into this if you really want to know the details but I’m telling you right now this is what it is and he’s pointing right to it the 69 what is his favorite day of the year the 4th of July he’s a huge patriot right we’ll go back 69 days from 9/11 4th of July probably the biggest Luciferian celebration in this country because I’m sorry to tell you but that’s what this country was founded on okay they tell you it’s judeo-christian and yes there is a foundation of godliness a foundation of Biz biblical principles but it was created in order to use that Constitution that was created you know through the leadership of God as we were led to believe but it was a god of this world because they’re using our own Constitution to turn the tide of evil against the Christians to crush them constitutionally you understand and it’s going to bring everything to violence and it’s all coming it’s just that simple but there’s your 82-69 and let’s not forget Psalm 82 just saying huh have I said I have said Ye are gods and all of you are children of the Most High but you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes Psalm 82 let’s look at the word in the Strong’s Concordance 82-69 you’ll you’ll love this Hebrew 82-69 a head person of any class of rank captain chief general what is what is Trump what do they all strive to be a keeper Lord master Prince ruler steward and now look at where this root word look at this just wrap your mind around this X all together to make self a prince to bear rule six times to make self a prince okay do you understand I’m not the greatest at explaining these things but this is just a continuation of this giant ritual and it’s purely satanic and it’s purely leading to a plan inclusion in their eyes and these things will come to pass but it’s all under the control of God if you only seek Him through Jesus Christ all these things will make sense to you and you will be separate the does not affect you you are saved sealed and delivered so seek Jesus first above all things because this is going to come to pass I’m just being a straight up forward as I possibly can be talking about a wedding-ring 82-69 ye are God’s the triple towel the two becoming one the sixty-nine this is what is coming I’m just trying to get this out there and so people can know that when you really start to understand what you’re seeing in this world the evil that your gut just tells you is encroaching upon everything turn to Jesus look up call on his name seriously because it’s the only the only way out of any of this it’s the only way you need to know that and so I had to share this stuff with you it’s just something that I have to do you know how it is but I have to show you one more thing for a go here and I do this every time but I don’t always share the scripture that I’m given but I always ask for a Bible verse before I post a video and this is pretty incredible what I got here and this is true this is the one I got Genesis 6 11 through 13 I mean this is just really really something that I pray people really take to heart because it’s real the earth also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence okay God looked upon the earth and behold it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted his

way upon the earth God said unto Noah the end of all flesh has come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I will destroy them with the earth okay that’s pretty heavy verse for the father to give me on this video but there it is so keep looking up people keep praying always seeking Jesus loving God with all your heart mind and strength because the time is short okay that’s all so all these Satanists they pretty much worship with Lucifer we’re gonna get into that a little bit later on as well they perform all kinds of spells and rituals within a circle with candles lit all around it we are also going to talk about that as well so these people all they do is worship death and they worship Lucifer they believe that Lucifer is the good guy because God quote-unquote which was in the Old Testament on record by the way he had committed a genocide in other words murder he mass murdered a bunch of people but yet again the people had to also sacrifice animals more specifically lambs in order to you know be forgiven for their sins but then God in the New Testament gave Jesus Christ His only begotten Son to us to die for our sins so that we don’t have to sacrifice lambs anymore or even animals so yet again within the Bible they believed that God had trapped Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and then Lucifer was trying to enlighten them and free them and also that Lucifer rebelled against God in heaven so he’s actually the good guy no that’s not what is actually you know on record because Lucifer tried to betray God he’s tried to be just like God or even higher than him and God wasn’t having it so then he fell from you know Oh heaven through the sky as fast as lightning when God had casted them out of heaven so now all these Luciferians more specifically the Satanists devil worshippers they believe that Lucifer is still the good guy and that you know hell is this big party that when they get there that’s why you have that song highway to hell and all these people salivating especially at that I believe one of those music awards I believe it was the Grammys or something like that but it was way back in the day when you have Katy Perry and all these people salivating this is why I call it the entertainment industry expose as well because all these people the entertainers are being used whether they are real Satanists witches occultists freemasons or whatever you want to call it or not they are being used to push the agenda that Lucifer is the good guy we got people that Madonna Lady Gaga Katy Perry with her music video for uh you know chained to the rhythm talking about we are trapped in a bubble and we are living in Oblivion so then we got people like Matt Groening the creator of The Simpsons I believe this is one of the episodes of a themed Simpsons show by the title of you know tree house of horror which pretty much airs every Halloween season depending on if they have any satanic occult rituals they want to portray to the children just like how you’ve seen here in this episode which aired way back in the day of Marge’s sisters worshipping Satan in a circle with candles lit all around it and a pentagram in the middle and of course Marge the good one is shocked to go up into the attic to find her sister’s worshipping Satan and all these children at the time had watched this episode so we got this woman right here with the serpent which represents Lucifer because again they use the serpent all the time Marina Abramovic as well the spirit cooking and demon wits so you see the serpent on her lap and she’s doing the Baphomet as above so below position and this is something else that these people believe in pretty much they believe in it like because in the Bible that says on earth as it is in heaven and they know the Bible believe it or not they do even if they have their own Bible they know our Bible as well which is the one Bible they should actually read and it says on earth as it

is in heaven what goes up must come down or vice versa what comes around goes around so then bad format is a goat with breasts and a penis and androgynous goat basically meaning it is half male half female that these people worship and pray to and then as I stated they also always do rituals and circles with candles lit around them because the circle is the circle but the candles are what is illuminating the circle as you seen at previous Grammys including this year’s Grammy Awards with the dark circle and then around it you see a white light it doesn’t necessarily have to be candles and a pentagram in the middle when Adele had performed see you are hello from the other side within that circle a reference to Lucifer so they sacrifice goats humans anything that pretty much breathes but then they’re vegetables but then that circle and then you see this little you know room right here you see the pyramid with the Eye of Providence the eye of Lucifer it is not the eye of God watching over the United States because if it was then why will they have it painted in blood which red represents regeneration to these people black represents death and then we have all kind of horror movies coming out every now and then and then we got you know pure flix which is another pretty much the rival of Netflix which has nothing but Christian theme the movies I urge you to go check that out you know we have pure flicks but yet again we got Netflix just to not get off topic too much but I just wanted to mention that that all the Christian movies end up independent which is pure flicks but all the horror films end up on big screen on the silver screen because they want a lot of people to see their vegetables whether it be subconsciously consciously esoteric or exoteric so as I stated and you’re looking at it right here they perform rituals whether it be real rituals or mark killings within these circles and when they perform mic rituals that’s basically them getting initiated into Satanism witchcraft whatever whatever you know aspect of the occult they are getting initiated into the Freemasons the order of the eastern stars and cetera whatever the bones Club skullenbones sweets into Yale University whatever they are being initiated into they do mark killings just like at the Bohemian Grove they do all kind of mark killing killings by pretending to burn a baby at the cremation of care in front of this owl that they worship because the owl sleeps at night no it sleeps during the day and it stays up during the night time which basically that’s another thing that these people go by as we the normal people sleep they are awake performing all kinds of rituals and doing all kind of sadistic things signing bills into law that we are otherwise unaware of until it’s too late the National Defense Authorization Act so then you have Allister no answer on the VAE rather hair and all these people they dress up in masks whether it be of pigs goats skulls bears animals whatever even human flesh from time to time and all these people dressed up in the masks they pretty much are the ones who are performing whether it be sexual activity like oral sex we’re gonna get into the calendar in just a short second so you see and some of the vapor forming a mark fake in other words ritual on this female because it seems like she’s about to be initiated into luciferianism so then as i stated they they know the bible they do more than likely inside and out more than any other person who claims to be Christian even which are lukewarm Christians they have their own Bible this the Satanic Bible but this Bible is purely written by man and the Holy Bible is written by men yeah it is but it is inspired by God through revelation so then they have another belief believe in yourself do what that well shall be the whole of the law which

is Anton LaVey or rather Aleister Crowley I keep getting them mixed up but first of a feather flock together so basically Aleister Crowley’s belief within the school of the Lima do what that will shall be the whole of the law in his book I believe by the title the book of life or something like that but the Bible pretty much goes against that it says in Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9 heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it so basically this belief in yourself is saying that follow your heart do what do what you want to do do what you feel is in your heart that will I forget you successful a lot of money sell your soul to the devil do whatever you feel like doing and if success comes out of it or if gratitude comes out of it then you are doing a good thing but at the end of the day a lot of people who follow their heart not a lot of people because people who generally follow their heart to do good I commend you but more than likely a huge population of the populace follow their heart and it leads to the sepal things whether it be lusting after women while you are married getting a divorce and then cheating on another woman and getting arrested and that was not a subliminal shot at somebody I know or maybe it was so then as I stated they do all kinds of rituals but they when they do the rituals they don’t necessarily just do mark killings or just killings in general they also cut flesh they cut their flesh you see the guy the you know the people throwing up the Baphomet hand gesture and a lot of people are telling me that it means rock and roll you gotta be kidding me I’m gonna push you over a cliff in about 2.5 seconds and they also do rituals in water because this to them is going against God they do everything backwards I forgot to mention that they write backwards they walk backwards not necessarily walk backwards in public cuz they would look like the idiots that they are but they walk backwards whether it be in a confined room or a cathedral or a Satanic temple or in the woods or at the Bohemian Grove wherever they are or even a Masonic Lodge wherever they are performing their you know rituals they perform these rituals writing backwards that’s why we have bank masking in music they walk backwards they read the Bible backwards which is complete as for me to be quite frank with you ah you know what they needed pretty much they needle just walk backwards off of a cliff seriously so then basically as I stated you know these people represent death they idolize death they are all for death you see them skulls and snakes and all everything black jay-z as he stated which is he is a mason of the Prince Hall Mason’s fighter nity on the record he says all black everything black shoes black cars all black everything I believe in run run this town featuring Rihanna and Kanye West I mean come on come on so then as I stated all these people worship death you see these men and even maybe a woman dressed up in torrid costumes and then wearing skull masks and every year at WrestleMania you gotta understand WrestleMania is always in the very beginning of April it’s essentially a fertility sorcery ritual and the guy who owns the WWE Vince openly ridicules and mocks Christianity and basically is a very very pagan and his shows okay there’s a Monday night show called raw ok raw like the sun-god raw but as spelled are aw like raw chicken but it’s red and it’s called raw and it’s red yeah Smackdown and it’s a blue show so he has this red and blue polarity every single week you know and then at the end of the year well it’s at the end of the wrestling season you get WrestleMania but the wrestling year ends in April so basically he’s celebrating a pagan new year with his mania of sports and here’s the thing there’s a guy named the Undertaker okay the Undertaker has now had 25 matches in a row at WrestleMania I think he’s the the one professional wrestler in history who has appeared in the most WrestleMania matches overall and not only that he went 21 years undefeated right out of the gate so he went 21 and oh and then when WrestleMania came around he was going up against a guy named Brock Lesnar and Brock Lesnar is known as in wrestling as the Beast

incarnate okay then we’re at WrestleMania 30 okay so it’s a 10 and it’s a ritual thing so Undertaker the dead man death faces off against the Beast incarnate okay and the Beast defeats death and it’s the first time death losses at WrestleMania the Spring Festival a rebirth for the pagans psychopath Vince McMahon in his pagan ritualistic psychosis and effect you know he murdered Chris Benoit everybody knows that now and a whole bunch of red he’ll murdered The Ultimate Warrior a lot of people say and those are of course speculation but it’s pretty much well-known he does this thing and the Beast is the first one that can never conquer death so we know how he feels it feels like the Beast and coronate Satan the Antichrist I guess is the only one who can defy death that’s what Vince McMahon says at WrestleMania xxx by breaking the Undertaker’s 21 year 21 years of being undefeated at the Superbowl of wrestling essentially or the world cup of wrestling essentially and then a couple years pass he’s 21 and 1 he goes to 22 and 1 he goes to 23 and 1 and that WrestleMania 33 ok 33 in Orlando in Orange County ok the same place that the pulse hopes shooting happened and the Christina Grimmie hoax murder happened ok it comes to Orlando and Orange County and they have WrestleMania 33 and guess what now the Undertaker faces a guy named you’re not gonna believe it Roman reigns REI gns like the King reigns over his kingdom Roman reigns ok and guess what Roman reigns is the second guy in history that now defeats death and that funny so only the Beast incarnate is Satan or the Roman Empire can defeat death that’s what Vince McMahon wants to tell you and now death has retired essentially I think a lot of people who think they after twenty-five years now because now he’s 23 and two and it’s 25 years of competing at WrestleMania his first loss was at 30 his second loss was at 33 it’s a lot of number magic and a lot of spring fertility magic – and Vince defiantly wants to celebrate death and maybe death maybe death is a holiday maybe death is a holiday for his satanic sect dancing construction workers angels with giant heads and whatever these things are it’s a surreal ceremony for the opening of what’s been billed as Switzerland’s construction of this century leaders from Germany Italy Austria and France joined Swiss President Johann Schneiderman at the spectacle in Pelagius Switzerland where a record-breaking 57 kilometers through the Swiss Alps the mammoth engineering project links the Stations of s field in the north of Switzerland Tube audio in the south work on what’s now the world’s longest and deepest tunnel started 17 years ago with a guest list that read like a meeting of the United Nations when you celebrate science perhaps it’s best to not get carried away the inauguration ceremony included some how should we put it original choreography is quite visible idle Ami do you associate thing with the inauguration of a tunnel so the internet has been ablaze in shock over what transpired in Switzerland with the opening of the longest and deepest tunnel in the world conspiracy research community and regular folk across the spectrum alike were in disbelief what many are saying was the most open satanic occult ritual of all time even much worse than the 2012 Olympics but it was truly shocking it has definitely hit me to my core when I first saw it especially the end of the ceremony my heart was heavy and it’s just difficult to watch but I was reassured that after what I just witnessed there’s going to be some disturbing and bizarre times ahead more than we’ve ever seen that much that much we should realize these Freemasons these so-called ruling elite they now know they can perform outright

blatant satanic rituals short of literally sacrificing a human being on screen and easily get away with it they don’t care they no longer care it’s just another indication that shows you just how close we are we’re in the final phase of a plan spanning hundreds if not thousands of years and if what transpired and in Switzerland doesn’t wake you up to that I don’t know what will this ritual was a ritual for the unleashing of the underworld Gotthard tunnel underground CERN underground as you’ll see in this video the connection between this tunnel the ritual performed there and CERN goes far far beyond being in the same territory and both being underground but there is definite viewer discretion advised because there’s a lot of very disturbing imagery in it now this happened in Switzerland near the Swiss Alps air show and bizarre performance opens the longest tunnel and Swiss Alps a spectacular air show marked opening of the world’s longest record-breaking rail tunnel and Earth’s field running 457 kilometers through the Swiss Alps the ceremony continued with a freakish show where some of the half-naked performers dressed as ghosts allegedly tried to express the hellish work through the mountain or the fact that the gates to hell are now officially open let this sink in here for a moment this is how the secular world a Russian newspaper described this event where for heads of state were at even the secular world states that it was a show and that is strongly hinted at and conveyed to them that the gates the hell were open that’s how blatant this show was with the main performer being the dancing goat and other blasphemous references to Christ in this event too as well daven parade around the Lamb and even again secular world it was looking at this and saying what in the world is this showing this is so bizarre this is a freak show what are they showing here they’re doing just openly many blatant references to cerner nose and pan figures and satyrs in connection to parading the dead lamb around mocking the Lamb of God at the same time while the goat figure is dancing around celebrating all during this Turner knows dancing the witchcraft and pagan occult illustrations they were involving year with blatant witchcraft dances as well they’re displaying sparking forges and evoking video imagery on the wall referencing hell as well other pictures from being in the forge and the fires emerging at this time and red flames all this coming together while the gates and the doorways are opening bathing everything in red this event was truly disturbing it truly does disturb you when you watch the footage of it this was most certainly in a cult event they show all the red in the blood show that is associated with opening the door and when they opened the door smoke emerges just like the Bible talks about when the bottomless pit is open smoke emerges as though from a great furnace and a train comes rolling in there’s gonna be a portal open there’s gonna be a dimensional highway made and things are going to come out of it like the Bible states and we talked about just several weeks ago at the same time as all these other events starting how they were blatantly letting the world know the gates of Hell were about to open with the Inferno trailer with Tom Hanks bringing that onto the scene in connection with a lot of other things have been studying as well prominently featuring trains in the trailer too as well because they use it as a picture of time time traveling moving a long time as well but then also as a cute car to look for other events tied to the messaging as well with the train tunnel and we talked about how in the trailer they talk about being in the underground and rivers of blood because I know all these are tied together the one leads to the other and they know there’s gonna be a massive release of shedding of blood and ties in with other messaging they put down before with The Da Vinci Code blasphemy and the angels and demons film which was filmed at CERN all these are connected by subject matter CERN definitely does seem to be part of opening the bottomless paint we’ve talked about that before and they’re now announcing that hell is about to be unleashed the mystery of iniquity is about to be unrestrained and then just two days after that they again Bromley featured on being the gates of Hades being opened with their Orcas reference referencing Hades the underworld we’ve seen a lot more messaging in between that but then just recently on the 31st a commemoration of the hell of her done using some of the same public figures who are also involved at the tunnel ceremony or Kell and Holland a bringing attention to the hell of her done and we talked about that and with the lighting of opeing there same color messaging and then the very next day they went to the

tunnel opening where they commemorated CERN owners and pain coming from the underworld and persecution and blood-shedding celebrating openly that the gates to hell are about to open they don’t need to hide it anymore I do want to reiterate here again and drive home the point that it is irrelevant whether or not we believe the Bible to be true Satan to be real the important thing to understand and realize first and foremost if you are a non-believer in the spiritual realm spiritual warfare etc is these people do and they are literally carrying out an agenda based on these ideologies this is the reality so in order to understand the bigger picture understand why they perform rituals such as this you must understand things biblically and spiritually let’s take a look at various symbolism of this ritual and break it down in terms of time and space CERN and the opening of what is called the abyss as described in Revelation these are aspects I’ve covered from time to time and it seemingly culminates with this ritual and only further solidifies my conclusion regarding the real agenda behind CERN so what we actually see playing out in this ritual is revelation 9:11 and that states and they had a king over them which is the angel of the bottomless pit whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon but in the Greek tongue his name apollyon and as we can see the 9/11 Memorial in New York called the infinity pool is a direct reference to Revelation 9:11 and that is no coincidence it is a direct reference and representation of the bottomless pit the abyss the black void this is what they’ve shown us time and time again consistently throughout history in there are cult structures and locations all over the world 9/11 Memorial infinity pool being a prime example even our T News wrote an article on CERN and revealed the quote/unquote curious connection between Apollo and CERN quote now on top of all the speculation as to what CERN scientists are really attempting to do with their LHC many observers cannot help but notice that the town in France where CERN is partially situated is called Saint in SPE the name pooey comes from the Latin Apollo a comb and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honor of Apollo and the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld it is interesting to note that cern is built on the same spot and quote so cern was built over the ancient site of apollo AKA apollyon the destroyer the name apollo was often linked in ancient greek writings with a verb a poly me or a Palio meaning destroy CERN’s shiva of course is also known as the destroyer with that said let’s look at the actual symbolism of the ritual let’s look at the first part of the ritual the obvious Satanism and the worship of the angel of death the angel of the bottomless pit the Baphomet androgynous figure we see here it’s the Baphomet angel of death archetype with androgynous features you can see male breasts and that is quite disturbing and it is exact representation of Baphomet here we see the green man is escorted out surrounded by all the goat horns and the green man of course is synonymous with CERN Uno’s the Horned God of the underworld moving on to the second part of the ceremony where we see a display of projected images onto a wall or a screen the workers form an 8 spoke wheel just before they breach through the mountain wall 8 spoke wheels are depicted as time and space mechanisms throughout ancient artworks they are synonymous with transcending space-time this is why CERN’s detectors particularly the Atlas detector is designed after the 8 spoked wheel the 8 spoked wheel of time because it is a time and space mechanism this make no mistake is not by accident on the projected screen we see the mountain is now breached representing the breaking of the veil of reality the workers are then sucked into the void of a portal where numerous Specter like hands are reaching out to them quite quite disturbing chaos ensues inspector like entities are released into this dimension we now see the Horned God appears in the black void the abyss coming out from the bottomless pit the

underworld is unleashed at this point we can now see the strong parallels between guards ritual and cern particularly CERN’s a cult film ritual symmetry here you can see snake identities in the black void of the abyss is depicted in both guard ritual and CERN’s a cult film ritual symmetry so after the collapsing of time and space the merging of dimensions the opening of the portal and unleashing of the underworld we now see a clock is shown to be in disarray going forwards and backwards representing space-time manipulation or distortion the same time distortion symbolism is also shown in CERN film symmetry a brief close-up of the watch of the character named Lucas which is a name that has been said to be an allusion to Lucifer shows time going in Reverse before abruptly stopping further exploring the connection between lucifer or satan and time an interesting sidenote in the film winter’s tale Lucifer played by Will Smith has a dialogue with one of his demon minions played by Russell Crowe in this scene Lucifer informs his demon how he has no comprehension of the simple ABS and turns of time and eludes his understanding since Satan is also known as the serpent or the dragon and the serpent is another variation of the Ouroboros which is a symbol of time we can see why Lucifer places so much emphasis on the construct of time in this scene he is also shown reading the book a brief history of time by Stephen Hawking although it is essentially unnoticeable unless you search for it emphasizing once again the connection between Lucifer and time all you have to do is pay attention to what the media Telegraph’s regarding CERN when you see Wall Street Journal for example recently released headlines such as quote CERN is seeking secrets of the universe or maybe opening the portals of hell and quote and openly discuss conspiracy theories and address conspiracy theories about CERN you know the CERN occult agenda Israel it’s really happening they are literally attempting to crack time and space merging dimensional realities in order for the unleashing of the underworld to take place this is why they’ve injected themes and symbolism associated with time travel dimensional travel CERN particle collider time distortion portals dimensional doors and so much more in our media more than ever before on one level people will dismiss any notion of the CERN occult agenda being real dismissing the possibility CERN is creating dimensional doors because it was shown in science fiction it was shown on this TV show or that TV show this is how they conditioned the populace on a subconscious level to accept these scenarios as purely science fiction and not possible but make no mistake what is seemingly science fiction is literally manifesting in our reality this is precisely why it is possible reality itself has changed or been altered because when human beings are tampering with forces they should never be tampering with opening doors they should never open the result is likely something most humans cannot even begin to fathom or comprehend there is an astonishing hideous rise of

devil-worship Satanism and witchcraft among the youth you will be shaken startled and disgusted witchcraft is on the rise throughout the world it is surprising how many Christians are deceived concerning the dangers of witchcraft you especially need to learn about witchcraft and the New Age movement now I said this weeks ago that a New Age practitioner is a witch they say why did you say then because the spirit of the New Age movement the spirit of the occult world is a spirit of a witch and witchcraft is the spirit of rebellion remember carefully there are perhaps five to seven million active witches in America today and another thirty five million or so persons who studied or dabbled in witchcraft Satan wants to control children from the womb and cradle to the grave in all organizations destroy their faith in Jesus take your children from you abuse the children give them an unholy childhood robbed their brains in the classrooms and guide the children into hardcore devil worship in witchcraft heaven agree with that the plan promotes New Age movement and religion rituals adultery reincarnation fantasy books and games white magic black magic sorcery shamanism polytheism occult symbols objects and idols psychology UFOs and extraterrestrials witchcraft and Satan worship astrology and horoscope tarot card reading guiji boards palm readings firewalking seances mediums spirit channeling holistic medicine physical tests in sports and guided imagery and visualization basically these are occultic rituals beliefs practices artifacts and objects including butchery violence and sex shows are full of sexual license magic sorcery and satanic violence and evil Satan and the New Age plan are after the children especially children of Christian parents they want to destroy Christianity from humanity there is a shocking assault an all-out spiritual war being currently waged against the kids by Satan’s demonic legions and his new-age leadership and their millions of disciples there are 13 doctrines of the New Age movement number one the children of the future will serve a one-world planetary government and live in a one-world culture number two patriotism – once country must be abolished and all national barriers destroyed in order to build a one New World Order the three children will accept that Eastern mystical religion is to be married to the Christianity of the West to forge a new unified social and religious order of universal truths you’re seeing that right now number four teenagers and youth will rebel and revolt against their parents and against authority to help usher in the new age World Order number five youth and all of humanity must accept that the time will inevitably come when grown-ups who refuse to become part of the new age will have to be killed there are to be considered as lowly germs and infection or blot on humanity that must be stamped out and eradicated number six the traditional family unit is not desirable for the aquarian or new age children belong to the government to the world and the community the human group not to their parents a new kind of family unit must inevitably come into existence number seven young people must be taught to believe in reincarnation and the law of rebirth rather than the resurrection and judgment teaching at the Bible this belief must guide behavior especially sexual conduct number eight absurd at immature notions of sin and guilt must not be imparted to children by parents teachers pastors and other adults a more permissive and worldly attitude must be adopted number nine children are to be taught that all religions Christianity witchcraft

Hinduism Buddhism Islam Judaism PEGI ISM paganism etc are equally worthwhile and that it doesn’t matter in which god one believes number ten the new generation of youth must recognize that Jesus did not come to save or convert anyone because no one is lost when’s the last time you heard some of these nationwide gurus calling themselves Christians say to anybody that you must be born again that you’re under the curse of Adam’s sin and that you’ve got to be saved by the grace of God you haven’t heard it and you won’t number eleven Christian doctrines such as that of heaven hell and judgment must be discarded and a theology the Old Testament must be repudiated number 12 a New Age world religion must be established without Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior the Christian Church is dead and must be replaced number thirteen the coming New Age world religion will emphasize the unity of all religions while rejecting Jesus Christ profane bibley profound biblical statement I am the way the truth and the life the plot to decompose and destroy the family unit subvert Bible doctrine and promote a one-world New Age religion and government the roots of new-age occultism can be traced all the way back to ant Babylon the unholy trinity has three divinities father mother son we see in these events the roots of several Cardinal New Age doctrines evolution human divinity spirit worship reincarnation and sexual license what does that say to us tonight it says to us tonight that there is an organized systematic effort to wipe the Church of God from the face of the earth and if it does not conform and become a new-age Church which the big ones are already the emerging church movement the big ones they’re conforming they’re becoming they’re becoming what the one-world religion requires there and they all do it under the banner of love I’m a hate preacher because I’m telling you the truth tonight yeah but the Bible said in first Corinthians 13 that love rejoices in the truth but in any event if since this is true then it is obvious that there is a systematic concerted effort to brainwash your children and take them away from you they’ll let you pay the bills but they want to raise them and then when the day comes if necessary they will turn your children against you and take you from the face of the earth they’ve already now believe this here’s what I believe I believe that these planners this these elitists these social engineers that engineers social the world the social world our education and our empower of interaction with each other and our family structures and all of that they’re engineering it I believe that they put out test cases to see how far along that they’ve gotten the people to see how far along they’ve brainwashed them you can’t believe what these people are saying you can’t believe what they’re doing you can’t believe anything you listen you have what’s called public consumption the news that is for the public to consume but it may not have anything to do with the truth I I am I am so saddened that the world that I was born two is not here today for our children to grow up in we didn’t have the spirit manifestations back then the occult world it’s there it was then it was there it’s always been but it wasn’t on the scale that it is today it wasn’t there but it is now what’s the point the point is to educate you my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge yes there’s a lot of buzzwords that go along with this because you should be conscious of them and you hear them you hear them you hear the vocabulary is as it comes out from the pulpit in these churches you hear their vocabulary and and obviously they they’ve they’re tapping into one common source they’re drinking from the same fountain they’ve all got the same message with a little different spin on it love your children and hold them close hold them close be very careful the books they read the movies they go to the stuff that they’re involved with be very careful the DVDs they watch when they’re on YouTube the stuff on YouTube they watch the social network or social media be very careful and who comes into their life you can’t trust anybody anymore this is 2015 you cannot trust anybody anymore you’ve got

a close close circle of friends here at Temple you’ve got brothers and sisters and the Lord that you love and and if anybody on this earth you should be able to trust you should be able to trust each other in here and there are many Christians no doubt in my mind about this outside this place that love the Lord and you’ve know them then you can trust them what you’ve got once you get to know them you can trust them they trust their judgment about certain things that’s all well and good but do not be naive don’t throw your kids to the Lions because they want them they want them I don’t know if anything that would make a witch a New Age practitioner one world religion I don’t know if anything that would make that would fill them with more Glee than to look over at you and say got your daughter got your son I got your children that’s what they’re after they’re after our children now what does that mean that means that they are vile sinister godless reprobates that cared nothing about anything but their own gratification that means that they don’t have a heart they don’t have a soul when it comes to relation to humanity they have none of that that means that they are vicious we know what’s right and what’s best for your children and for the world the debate is over we don’t need your input we are the elite we will tell your children what to believe we will tell your children what the truth is as we spent it we are the ones who will educate you and we don’t care about hearing your side of the equation if you don’t agree with the sodomite agenda in this country you are demonized fired from your job call it a bigot and a hater and there is no debate these people who call themselves liberals are not liberal they will put you to death when the time comes how do you know that preacher they have put your free speech to death and they may walk through that back door with their black coats on and their guns on their hip and their badges on their shirt and then they come up here right in front of you one day and put handcuffs on me and lead me out the back door and when they put the preachers from the pulpits in America when they take the pastor’s and lock them up and make no mistake about it it will be by the thousands or tens of thousands when they take the pastors and lock them up for what preacher just the other day you know what hate speech is you don’t understand you didn’t we already been brainwashed with a speech okay bigoted hate speech all right the next phase is this hate speech is to be criminalized so what do you mean by that it becomes a felony for you to get up and say something hateful about somebody’s sexual orientation and so forth and so on which means you have broken the law which means they will come and arrest you and so when the day comes and a lot of it depends on what this Supreme Court does right now as it defines marriage when the day comes that they criminalize hate speech and they come through the door and they put the handcuffs on me and take me to jail for preaching the Bible will the church wake up what do you think God’s gonna do with them if they make it to the judgement seat of Christ this is serious business very serious so we’ll see we’ll leave it in the hands of the Lord I’m just the messenger but I have to fulfill my responsibility and I know that the day may come when they throw me in jail for preaching the truth and when that day comes my only hope is this for the church for what’s left of what it calls itself the church that when the pastor’s lined up in jail that they’ll wake up and say hold on government you are out of order you have completely crossed the line when our pastors can’t even preach and you’re throwing them into jail under whatever pretence you want to call it we got a big problem in this country maybe it’ll take it I don’t know but I know one thing until I’m as long as I’m in this world by the grace of God it not because I’m great none and because I’ve got courage it’s because I believe in Christ

as long as I am in this world I will preach the truth you