Podcast #4 – How to be a mitochondriac in Europe? / Jack Kruse (PL)

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shuttle is the power bridge the the thing that man used before that was fire from wood and also kerosene and that that kind of Lights okay because if you can see it around me it’s got a red light that’s exactly what infrared does that doesn’t get you into too much trouble at night but the light that we have now is a huge problem when you have a spectroscope and you look at an LED a fluorescent or even an incandescent you begin to realize when you compare it to the Sun that it’s not even close it’s it’s it’s so Surat eclis different and the problem is is most people when they talk about health they think it’s about food and diet and exercise until you show them the picture of the spectroscope and they go wow I never actually never actually considered like and the reason why they should be heal is because light is not easy even for people who have a science background to truly understand so when you change the spectrum you’re actually changing the stimulus of how everything works with it and it turns out everything in a cell is optimized especially around the mitochondria to the solar spectrum between 250 and 780 nanometers so when you have a light bulb that is only operational say between 420 to city 700 it radically changes everything because you’re subtracting out the purple which is UV and you’re subtracting off the red and it turns out the purple and the red light one of the two things that our controls in a cell control something called otology than apoptosis and those are the two change programs that allow you to control mitochondrial biology so if you can’t control those two this is where all the diseases come from and you know I think 10 years ago this idea was not well supported even in the literature but today it is very well supported people now know a lot about mitochondrial biology and the predominant reason for that there’s a lot of researchers all over the world that are studying this but the number one research are probably in the world is a guy from my country named dr. Doug Wallace he’s at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and he basically has told people when mitochondria go south diseases come in your life like out of the blue and when you fix the mitochondria when autop of gene apoptosis come back online and it lowers what he called a header flash movie the disease’s go away and this this is shocking to doctors it’s actually probably more shocking to patients but over the last 10 or 15 years he’s been proven right and this is the reason why today especially like in my country we have certain diseases that showed up overnight like autism is one of them with nobody ever had autism before 1940 but we have two places in the United States one in northern New Jersey and another one in Southern California where incidents are autism is now 135 live births if you look back in the 1940s it was 1 in 500,000 so the you know if you believe Darwin’s genetics there’s no way that DNA and genetics could explain this it turns out that defects in mitochondrial biology actually can’t explain it so it isn’t only vaccine because a lot of people talking about this and I think this is only one reason Wow here’s the funny thing not not to throw cold water on this I understand why people believe that in Poland because many people in the United States please not but you know what’s the underlying theme is for that since there’s things in the vaccine that cause mitochondrial toxicity so again what’s the cause it turns out there’s other things that we just like those drugs or even vaccines that can actually make the mitochondrial function worse and then this disease to manifests I want to ask because you are now surgeon so I think you know a lot of about brain more than any doctor and I want to ask you that summer disease like Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s ice like the production in the price now it is perfect right yes absolutely and the way that this happens is very counterintuitive for someone to try to understand cheap you have to know

a little bit of the new science out there and it turns out I think most people know that Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease are caused by proteins that miss fold okay and most people have heard different proteins some of the some of the proteins you call tau proteins or neurofibrillary tangles and Alzheimer’s the ones that are present in functions and ceases from alpha synuclein which is another protein but the mechanism in which this happens all proteins in the human body is surrounded by water not water wants to come on mighty conquer people forget is the mitochondria it makes two things from food co2 and water and it turns out the water what a mitochondria makes is very special it is depleted of isotope of hydrogen called deuterium so we call it metabolic water or contain depleted water that water around the protein when light hits it information and energy is transferred to the hydrogen bonds networks and that programs the protein to fold proffers what people don’t realize is the first tooth bends this or Benjamin 15 we have names from primary and secondary folding well primary and secondary Tony are phenomenal control by the genetic code but it turns out tertiary which is the third what Larry which confirms physiologic state of the protein is totally controlled by the Vidocq state inside the cell that’s determined by the mitochondria so when you understand this you start to go wait a minute that means that the incident light or the incident EMF changes what we call the topology of hydrogen bonding Network to change the protein to teach it how to fold either properly or improperly so this is the reason why your environment is very very important by do this and I know since you’re in Poland you probably don’t go to my website much but I have I have a whole article exactly how Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s forms and causes you could go there and read the details because I just try to make it as simple as I could when we talked about it now but if you go to the website and you look this up it’s in a form called educating doctors and it talks about these Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s use a photo electric disease and it turns out the answer is yes because I saw some research when people with party song or on cement or sleeping better and that was enough to make them feel better and yeah if you don’t have never worked what’s the reason why these links to what we’re talking about now in mitochondria when you have good sleep that means our topic G and apoptosis or okay so again we’re back to night economy of sport see most people don’t realize when we talk about sleep we’re actually talking about what how good or bad the state of the mitochondria is that’s the reason why it makes sense because one of the things that we know in both of those diseases is those people do not sleep law before the disease manifests and don’t sleep all that means the protein folding is not occurring properly of the chick and they don’t have enough melatonin developing is really important in weather melatonin is important because it’s the protein in our body that controls mitochondrial DNA so when it goes low we’re back to the mitochondria to suburban you’ll see the more you read the more questions you ask the funny thing starts to happen say wow this is all coming back to this might economy that’s the reason why the people who are members of like the people who follow me what elect all them black swuan mighta contracts why Black Swan is wet rare and they charge courts rare Polar’s United States mitochondria because we focus in on the mitochondria see medicine tends to focus in on the DNA the nuclear DNA this is the biggest mistake that we’ve made in medicine and this is the reason why so many people are getting diseases today that we can’t do anything for I know that almost every council death that now is the most popular like the abbot’s or Alzheimer is a metabolic disease and it’s it’s in our country right now if you look at the disease metrics from the government they don’t talk about Alzheimer’s very much and I think the reason why is they’re not trying to

they’re trying to downplay the effect I can tell you right now my belief in the United States is that Alzheimer’s is the number one killer and the reason why I think the big risk at least in our country is because of the effects of blue light and non-native EMF we use wait two months away in the United States and if you really understand the history of the internet we built the internet so this is the real problem and it turns out in places where people live close proximity that’s the places where Alzheimer’s the greatest can you tell to people in Poland exactly called blue light effect their mitochondria yeah this one is easy it was much much more difficult to explain this a couple years ago but we have new research out in the last year for years it shows that when blue light comes in through the eye protection and you can see what I have around me now it’s right red like the collection from blue on the Sun there’s always red light all the time from Islam the Sun rises to the tiny sunset blue light never by it alone it turns out a man-made light it is because we subtract out the red and we get rid of the purple so what blue like that bits chemicals called melanopsin and melanopsin is the blue light detective all options and humans are bound to vitamin a like this by a covalent bond when blue light hits it it separates and liberate the vitamin A so when the vitamin A is liberated it turns into an aldehyde of vitamin A and what does that do it destroys photoreceptors inside the cell so the number one’s one that it talks about this it destroys melanopsin and it destroys melatonin so never know that this vitamin A is what destroys the melatonin and when the melatonin gets destroyed you control of autopsy apoptosis so you’re back to the mitochondria it destroys many other things but that’s the major effect and now you know research has science off the cheese but this photo reception should be destroyed first time everywhere and the reason why it’s a big deal we found melanopsin Mei in 1998 we just found out in 2017 in November of 2013 that melanopsin October skin and subcutaneous fat destroys the photoreceptors and it turns out one photoreceptor your subcutaneous fat that most people in science are interested in at least I was very interested when I first started this is leptin and leptin is the hormone mission tools why people are fat in my country you probably heard that first out of fat people this is their July because there’s a lot of like toxicities is to help our people and with leptin resistance is a big problem yeah big problem globally because everybody’s not blue light toxic people is afraid about court and court that modernize I think another program no there’s no doubt I mean the the good thing about this topic that you’re bringing to your people in your country is I want them to know but the things we’re talking about these may be new to your awareness chair but I can promise you that the data for this goes way way back it goes back to the early 20th century there was a book out now believe it or not from a PhD researcher who’s very close to your country in Denmark his name is roland van Wyk and he if you go by this book it’s called light sculpting life he will take you all the way back to the original papers you go back from your neck of the woods from Poland Russia the Eastern Bloc countries that we’ve known about this but the problem is nobody’s put it all together and when you read this book it almost amazes you how much we’ve really known about this in medicine you know problem is and I mean I think you understand this probably better than the people of my country most of the things when I learned this came from places like Poland Russia all the papers were in foreign languages on how to translate them all to read them because Eastern and Western medicine don’t tend to mix together too much and I don’t know the reason why it’s probably the class of politics and in world history but for people to say that this data has nothing around for over years a mistake it’s been around the problem is it’s just not well known now I will ask five to ten years especially because we have social media and everybody in my country is now beginning to realize that social media

Google Facebook LinkedIn all that is very very dangerous especially for kids that I don’t have my lenita brain believe it or not the Russians have known this for 50 years that’s the reason why the way they use technology in their country is radically different than the way we do it in ours and in many senses because I know there’s a lot of bad blood between Russia and Poland from history Russia has been much more smart in terms of the way that they use technology for their own population and I actually think that the EU actually is probably smarter about some of things in terms of the way they use technology than we do we don’t really have any true controls over here and to me that’s a big disadvantage and now you in USA have a 5g right yeah trust me you also have it in Europe too yes but we still have some 3G as all most important but not yeah 5g is coming and can you tell people how it rice problem well I can’t tell you but this one this one is gonna be a story where you have to know a little bit about the science that Jack each’s so this is a little manic on the outside so five genes is a story about pathology technology is a branch of mathematics it’s focused on the fundamental size and shape changes as they change when my members first heard about the apology for me was for 2011 then I did a webinar in 2014 to teach them about the basics of what this is because it’s very important to intent so topological insulators are special semiconductors that life uses on our services I just told you about one which is melanopsin melatonin is another one dopamine’s another all these these these are neurotransmitter that you know about you just didn’t know they were topological insulators what they allow for is on your surface to do shape-shifting and living system and this allows them to release light to the surroundings so this allowed light proteins to become photonic from electron see when a caterpillar bites the leaves of a plant it makes a DC electric current that is the current and injury that’s how the leaf knows to begin to regenerate turns out in us we have both the electronic and the photonic signals when we get a cut or we cut ourselves when were outside it turns out that the science of through pollachius showed us that she changes drives tissue thermodynamics and this is at the quantum level this is not classical thermodynamics like you know a mall one two and three or four it really is a quantum thermodynamics so people thought when I first started talking about this in 2011 and 2014 that this was crazy you know they there’s no way this is true so then in 2016 in October Nobel Prize is given for table topology then all of a sudden people started to go hmm this is interesting looks like Jack was looking at this so what is the focus to understand about five genes apology turns out that waves in our environment can emerge or disappear because of how the topology can change based on how the environment changes what’s the key mechanism I already told you the answer earlier when I told you how water networks change it turns out that’s the key topological us and what 5g effectively does it changes this surface thing but all five are all on a DBMS does one thing to our mitochondria because let’s bring this back to the mitochondria we make water from sunlight that’s what mitochondria do it turns out all of the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum when mitochondria affective dehydrates us so I try to give this analogy to people when they have a piece of steak at home and they want to heat it up they have to wrap it in the paper towel with with water to put it in the microwave to heat it up why if you don’t do that it tastes like shoe leather you dehydrate the problem is people don’t realize that now they are the piece of steak when they live in Poland or they live in New York City or they live in London and this is the big problem what does that mean when you’re dehydrated these the topology in your body changes and you no longer can use photonics to drive your biology so what happens when you can’t do that the mitochondria battery drops and when it drops you get sick that’s the real that’s how that’s how 5g works that’s about as simple as I can make it

okay thank you I think it’s a clear enough it’s a big problem and we can do almost nothing it’s because I disagree with that I think there’s a lot you can do you know what the problem is you have to understand a lot about five order to come up with a plan to hack it so in my opinion I think there’s much you can do but the thing is because people don’t know that much about the science they feel helpless and I don’t want people to feel helpless I’ve done many podcasts too with many people all over the world and I said look 5g is bad but 5g absolutely can be hacked and the reason why these 5g is very unique if those from about six bigger Hertz to about 120 gigahertz in a spectrum and it turns out you would ask me five or six years ago I would have told you that I thought microwave part of the spectrum was the big part we just had a big study come out in the United States called the NTP study that actually showed us that it wasn’t so much the microwaves or the prophets RF radiation radio frequency this is a bigger deal because RF most people thought was not a big issue you’ve been using RF since I’m radio you know since Marconi it’s just using that is now showing up to be a big deal packing the the radio frequency part is actually easier to do than one would imagine it’s gonna turn out though because the spectrum band of 5g so wide like certain cities in Poland are gonna deliver 5g differently than you would in New York City that means that people will get certain diseases there then they will in New York City and it turns out it’s heating my country to even a bigger deal because the federal government lastly the Mississippi River owns all the land like almost ninety percent of land is federally owned there east of the Mississippi only 3% they are so they’re gonna have to put more antennas very close to people in the eastern part of United States this means they’re gonna get sick really sick because the points are so the radiations made closer to them but in the last one for the United States they’re gonna deliver from Elon Musk above and Elon Musk that’s gonna create totally different problems and I don’t know if you follow the current events in the United States he just launched a satellite this week where he’s gonna put 64 satellites and his goal is actually to deliver 5g to Europe from Obama and the European Union wants him to do this which is completely cuckoo but this is the things that we have to fight and the thing is when you understand how the 5g is going to be employed in your area then it becomes a lot easier to deal with and you know I would tell you way to think about this when it comes to all radiation you need to realize since I’m a neurosurgeon phenomena surgery and we have an x-ray machine because x-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum we were led in front of it and we’re able to work with the x-rays no problem so this team idea is gonna become employed when you have 5g senior in Poland you’re gonna say okay I need to have a metal roof and I need to have special fixing of my house where I live you know in Poland to offset these risks and the number-one thing at least in my country probably different than yours because you have a much smaller country is where more people live they have more devices 5g will be much more dangerous so you start to realize that the number one thing to do is you don’t want to live inside a big city and I don’t know if you know this or your listeners know this but it’s something that hope to share with you so that you understand it in Poland in the United States the last three years we the first time in our history longevity in big cities is dropping that’s never happened before and the reason for this is because now in our cities you know we have some big cities like New York City is 14 million people the reason for this is you have more people that I call obedient idiots they own devices like this and in the average the United States is between 9 and 15 devices in one house so when you realize this it means the density of the use of radiation is much much higher then you have other people remember we have a very big country if you go you go to you know places like in item which is a state in the western part United States very small amount of people law in the state of Mississippi in the southeast it only has 2 million people and it’s probably three times four times the size of force so you there are places that you can go to get away from this kind of thing so I don’t want anybody to think that this is going to be something that you can navigate through you can it’s just gonna be a little bit more difficult for you if you don’t understand the science

it’ll probably be even more difficult for you if you have no money and you live in a big city that will be the biggest problem those will be the people that get to hurt the most but the reason why I’m more optimistic than most other people I think for people to learn a lesson the best way to learn lessons to see when you get a wound or you because the wound creates the wisdom you start to go hey wait a minute this isn’t good for us maybe we need to think about it differently to do this so I personally think with 5g this is gonna cause the globe to wake up that maybe Facebook maybe you know our use of technology is not as smart as we thought it is I mean it’s nice that you and I can talk over the internet now to share this message but we need to realize that there’s also downsides to technology and this is very important for us all to realize this is a lot of information but I think it’s really important because there are five days coming upon and and we need to avoid this I want you we all need to be aware of what we’re not aware of that’s what we in the United States we have this thing called the dunning-kruger effect it turns out the things that were not aware of that we don’t know about when they turn out to be the big problems those are the things that can hurt you the most that’s the reason why it’s important to talk about these things to get the message out to different people because there may be people in your country I can tell you even in my country there’s a lot of people that think that technology has no downsides this is just not true I know and important is still like this people used to write at night and don’t you get efficient right so this is a big mistake and big problem yeah I think it’s a huge issue but you know I unfortunate I think both in our countries and I think in Europe people look to the federal government to make these kind of changes for people this is where I could leave it this is where I think the American mindset is a lot better we rely on ourselves reason why remember you owned your mitochondria you’re the CEO of you the government is not gonna come and save your ass you need to realize that you need to save your ass and this this mindset is very very well built in America so I think when you understand this you start to say okay you know what I need to fix my house I need I need to do this I need it’s not going to be easy but I need to do this if I don’t want to get Alzheimer’s and wear a diaper and you know poop on myself and and and wind up in an old-age home when I’m 40 years you’ll begin to realize is important yeah I think it’s important and I have a lot of infrared light in my home because now in Poland after 4 p.m. it’s really dark outside so I used infrared a bit of fire but I I’m not sure that long time on infrared like 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. it’s not to report 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. is not wrong all right well I would tell you like me right now I know 3 huge in the middle of the day where you are important for me it’s early early in the morning sunrise this even happen yet so that’s the reason why have the red on I will say this the same right before confid but I would tell you from nighttime I’m ok with people using infrared at night but not very late into the night so for example since it’s January now and you’re in the northern hemisphere like I am sunset where I am is about 5 o’clock at night so I would tell you I’m ok with you using red light up until maybe say 8:30 9 o’clock but then turn it off because that’s what we used to do with fire and fire doesn’t get us into too much trouble but if you use even too much red light at night you can get into trouble with melatonin so I tell people try to limit the light at night we have my name you know in the United States we have our man’s name called Alan Alan has it stands for artificial light at night we always tell people avoid Alan that’s the real answer if you do that you’ll be ok ok I want to ask you about orange light because I found on Amazon a board with on the orange light it’s a good idea it’s not bad if all you can get you can’t get red light orange lights not bad it doesn’t cause major disruptions

so you can use that I mean I can tell you right here I have I have my red orange light that I use sometimes when it’s really dark to get around the house because it’s very dark here at night so I don’t have a big problem with that but the I think the key take-home point does you want to teach people if you don’t have to use white at night try not to we have big problem with damming the tree I know you’re not a big fan too supplementing today no I’m everybody in Poland probably will be shocked to hear my two cents on supplementation jack is not a fan of supplementation at all for one reason when your body makes it you’re not designed to take it what does that mean means when you take something your body makes you are uncoupling consistency the way the body works is we have negative and positive feedback so when you take something that’s exogenous it breaks apart so it makes the situation worse supplementation can work on a short-term basis to get somebody well the problem is it means that the clinician or the patient must be very wise to know what they’re doing most of the people are not very wise and you guys guess what happens at leads to a much longer term problem so I’ll give you a for example when people take melatonin to try to help them sleep short-term it’s usually not that big problem but the research shows the longer you take it thins your retina and you get diseases acute macular degeneration it makes them more likely to get Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s so does it make sense for you to take this kind of medication and just keep watching TV all night the answer is no it’s not a smart thing to do okay but now it’s really hard to have a lot of becoming the three important what no it’s not hard you believe it’s hard all you need to do mmm it’s just like anything else with with human life what what grows in Poland since your high latitudes I used to come from high latitude where I list this time of the year photosynthesis doesn’t make any fruits and vegetables very few maybe the only one to pull them that’s probably growing us cabbage that’s about it so you eat the cabbage but then you eat the other things are around which is animals so protein and fat so in the wintertime that’s what you’re designed to do as the spring comes photosynthesis starts to grow whatever grows at your latitude you eat that that’s the way it works the problem is today in Poland I’m sure just like in the United States you can go in there and buy a coconut well I tell everybody if you see a coconut in Poland or New York City right now and you eat it you’re a [ __ ] it doesn’t grow in that area just because it’s in the market doesn’t mean that it grows in that location so what I want people to think about is go talk to the farmers who are in your location and say tell me what grows right now this time of the year in our country now when you hear when you hear the word nothing that means you need to eat the pig the cow you know whatever else you like that’s what you eat or eggs but don’t think that eating the coconut is wise okay I think it’s a really fresh and interesting because in our country everyone is talking about supplementation a big portion of becoming deathly I will tell you is that is one of the biggest mistakes we made that mistake in the United States the last 20 or 30 years don’t make the mistakes americans make and I would just tell you that the data that out there that shows when you do supplementation it has no effect in fact when you take antioxidants like misogynist vitamins there’s now very good data that it makes you worse so when you understand this and I always tell people it’s the smartest people in the world you know who they are they learn from other people’s mistakes before they make the mistake themselves so what I’m trying to tell you is that in America we’ve made all the mistakes learn from us okay before you make the mistake yourself I think if you understand that you’ll do very well okay what about dij because it’s really important for everything Superman tension is a bad idea yeah it’s a bad idea I’m a big fan of DHA from fish that’s the one good thing about the EU especially up there fish is usually readily available not maybe not so much in Poland but you know like if you look at the Scandinavian countries that are pretty close to you that their countries they eat fish all the time the UK used to do that as well you know that’s the French they’re big into their seafood but I would say from my perspective that countries in the EU

have done a really good job of eating the right things much much longer than us in the United States we do a lot of processed foods because we make a lot of food the problem is it’s not protected by the photosynthetic pathway this is the reason why it’s a problem so I would tell you in Poland any natural DHA you get from the seeds locally around your area the answer is you go for that and I would tell you this will surprise you probably that if you have to make a decision say between grass-fed meat versus farm fish guess what I’m gonna tell you to eat farmed fish and this shocks people yes it shocks people and the reason why is you need the DHA see people don’t realize like the metalia diet the reason why grass-fed meat works is his works in breast DHA the cow eats it eat the cow the problem is though cows don’t have a lot of DHA in their in their flesh but it turns out that the fish they’re usually fed algae the algae is in what we call the sn1 or sn2 fish each it turns it into sn2 position that’s actually what gets into the human brain and the reason why it’s a big deal to make the story and they sent everybody in your eyes your central retinal pathways that connect to the leptin receptor it has the highest amount of DHA what did I tell you before about blue light and melanopsin it destroys melatonin but what else does it destroy DHA so the reason you need DHA is the more blue light technology use the higher fish you need in your life so if you’re a young guy like you are in Poland say your internet entrepreneur you need to eat fish five six times a week if you don’t do that big mistake now I know that you live in a landlocked country so fish is hard to come by so any fish you get is important so for your country that’s why I would recommend don’t be afraid to farm fish because it’s a much higher density of DHA that’s a little bit more natural then you’re gonna get from anything else okay okay that’s that’s really surprised me but that’s a good idea yeah okay good because I was afraid that in such opponent when the inspire tumor they can’t but okay I like fish so fish fish is one of the best things that you can do to offset its technology use I want to ask you about cancer because this is another topic that is a bit controversial and really we are like like two months we are really far for answer and people are reading this with any therapy and that the therapy what is this this is going to be very very simple and again I’m gonna try it straight back to mitochondrial biology and you’ll be surprised as most people I think around the world I can tell you even most doctors in my country don’t know this information but we’ve had nine meta-analysis in the in the United States nine times this has been studied the closer you get to eunuch later the incidence of cancer goes away so you know what that means it means that the Sun is the vaccine for cancer why the reason why is sunlight can produce otology apoptosis what do we know about in oncology literature turns out you almost can’t get cancer if apoptosis is intact it turns out what part of the spectrum of light controls apoptosis it’s red and purple that means therefore na and UV light you know it Poland right now high latitude there’s no UV light so the reason why people in high northern Europe get diseases like you know diabetes cancer and more obesity is not a lot of UV light because apoptosis is not so good so that means what you do in the spring and summer is very important so if you live inside you have this issue so in the States I tell everybody you know the way our vitamin B levels Road range goes from about thirty to a hundred what I tell my people I want them between 60 and 120 if you’re above 60 it’s almost impossible for you to get cancer now it’s very almost impossible for someone in Poland to stay above 60 unless they are outside of nature consistently okay and there’s an advantage in the wintertime where you are now what what are the things that you can do to improve this situation when the spring comes back well when

it’s cloudy out and cold you can use Colt or magenta psious and clouds clouds are red light day remember son still has 42% infrared a so that’s how you build your solo callus so that when the Sun does come back me and you he comes back you absorb a tremendous E you lose this ability it atrophies when you don’t go outside and this is the big problem that people don’t realize so when you look at these nine meta-analysis what is the take home that you need to understand it turns out that sunlight decreases all cause mortality what does that mean in English it actually means the same thing in Polish it means that every single disease that’s in any medical textbook in your country or my country is reduced by solar exposure so guess what maybe if you’re wise in Poland and it’s January you call your friends up and say hey let’s go down to the Mediterranean or let’s go somewhere south for a couple of days it shows that if you’re there for four to seven days you get about a two-month pop in your vitamin D to keep you away from this the real problem is the more time you live inside the more time you live outside the Sun the more time you live under technology the more cancer you’re going to get though for people who test natural or health cancer and now they directly are after treatment what do you recommend they go south go closely quit that means that should be easy when you ask me that question I mean I tell everybody this though go south get more Sun I just came back from Mexico I live in New Orleans I’m at the 28th latitude we have good Sun but I was just there for 10 days in the Sun constantly if you saw my shoulders right now I’m peeling you know on January what today’s January 12th so you know in Poland nobody’s probably feeling you know right now right so you have to make decisions on how you do things and even though I’m at a much lower latitude than you are I will still go inside the tropics to get that benefit in the wintertime because to me that’s much more smart than getting chemotherapy radiation or some kind of drugs for cancer the problem is it may not be as convenient you know but I’m not interested in convenience I’m interested in doing what nature needs us to do that’s what the Black Swan mitochondria mindset is I think to go someday the blue zones have changed though we used to have a blue zone in Loma Linda California the most famous blue zone is in Okinawa and in Okinawa the blue zone is now gone 25 years it’s completely and the reason why is now technologies there do you need to get away all the things you talked about 5gb for well it’s a blue zone 20 years ago no longer is if you want to know where the blue zones are gonna be now inside the 20s that’s the top of the cap one and the top of cancer that’s there if I lived in your country I would plan every year between say November and March I like this idea I like this idea you know it’s really is really a lot of information and now you’re using no right looking does this yeah I have the old ones here okay I have different ones I have the ones all over these are all different types of blue blocking glasses I have about 14 different pairs these are the ones that I wear when out the computer because it blocks 50% of the blue lights because you remember the Sun is up so now it’s okay but when I’m inside like this to do this interview I will pump my red light on because if you look at the glass about all my windows have you had a spectroscope when you’re inside the two things that happen you lose all the UV but you lose 40 50 percent of the red so a red light fact on the inside then you offset the blue people don’t realize that’s just me inside alone causes blue light boxes why because if blocks have to read and all of the purple so it has no effect on the blue so just be inside the glass there’s a problem how could you solve this in Poland open the window that’s all you got to do let some of the cold name but the one thing I would assume in Poland is that you guys are pretty good with the cold you

can handle the cold weather you know I’m northern european haplotype for a mitochondria so i’m from your neck we would like perfectly fine poland no problem plus i love the cold so it doesn’t bother me at all yeah i was today in in water so I take some UV I hope and like in your book for people with that let me resistance told and not a lot of blue light yeah cold thermogenesis is a big deal you need to understand how to use it that’s the program that works in us in the winter time most people don’t use it properly when the spring and summer come especially when you live high latitudes that’s when you want to use the Sun it turns out that the sunlight and the cold work in unison together to help keep you well the problem is most people probably in Poland now have down jacket hats on this and that they look and they they their eyes and their skin never get to sense you know the true nature outside and I tell people this all the time even in my country I said you know any other animal that comes out of its mother’s vagina so where is sunglasses or winter clothes you know like the Wolves right now in Yellowstone Park they don’t have anything Buffalo don’t have any clothes and the thing is people don’t realize that these little things they change the mix and you’re designed to sense cold you are you you can make it work your problem is weed atrophies this ability in us because of the way we live and we think that’s the problem so if you can embrace a little bit of cold in your life in Poland in the wintertime you can do phenomenal you can do absolutely great the problem is when people first hear this they go this is crazy there’s no way until you think about the wild animals all of a sudden then it’s not so crazy you know because there’s no other animals out there that are wearing glasses and clothes 24/7 no matter how cold it is if after this podcast someone important will ask about one thing to change to start that’s easy every day the number one thing I tell all my people is always see the Sun Rise every day of your life if there’s one thing you can do that’s the number one number two is block Allen at night that’s number two if you do those two things you you protect otology and apoptosis you’re doing well I think I asked about everything so thank you very much for this time hey no problem I’m glad I’m glad to talk with you about it and hopefully you can share all this information with the people in Poland I’m sure there may be some questions if they have any questions you can post the link if it’s in Polish I’ll expect you to translate it for me so that way I can answer it but because my polish isn’t so good and the the the thing is if anybody has questions they can also come on my doctor Facebook page they can come to even my website and ask the questions I’ll be more than happy to answer them for them okay thank you very much one more time okay no problems all right take care Genki vlq Zellweger yes ten podcast ship of the bow those tough connection op kabura Dyson I should comment a shock to Marrakesh Patania when he was 10 tomahto TV she has bad with Rodney object close examination is just above a notion operated novice Patania tags a new me has come this one week the subscribe willingness can Alberto to exchange echoing its novelty podcast of a blog of YHWH mukha now Jager oz will magnify a podcast of liquid rumors linked the profile of patron ID such as a sparta banerjee said there’s news gently I mean maybe Jimmy she understand name to God new tags a dose of Eternia trashed