Route N°1 | Julie et Pierre en road-trip en Islande

One of my dreams is about to become a reality Going to Iceland ! This thousand faces country I imagine this country as a wild, spectacular and peaceful place One could say that travelling is more and more affordable and approachable But adventure remains ! At the airport, we are in a airlock A spatio-temporal bridge towards the unknown Flying participate to this magic, carrying us from a world to another one Julie and I are going to Reykjavik The islandic capital is a quiet city nothing in common with the capitals visited so far 120 000 people live there that only represents a third of the icelandic population We’re not getting cramped on Reykjavik’s sidewalks But despite of the lovely colored houses and the succulent lobster soup We can’t wait to leave the town and begin our adventure So ! Live broadcasting with Julie in Iceland From the Gullfoss waterfalls An amazing show ! Look at this ! We are lucky because it was raining in the morning and now, it’s fine Good enough Julie : it’s amazing ! We don’t even want to talk Actually, we don’t know why we are talking to you 🙂 This is the famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Sorry for my prononciation One of the main Icelandic symbol ! 65 meters high We feel ridiculous at the bottom of the giant of water What a show ! So Julie, where are we going ?

We’re going to hike in the Skaftafell moutains In which part of Iceland are we ? We are in the south of Iceland and we are heading east ! And what about your winter jacket, was it on purpose ? Of course, I wanted a blue car which would match to my winter jacket ! So, we’re live broadcasting from… Well, where ? From Skaftafell ! This is the first time we see a glacier ! It’s quite impressive And now, we are going to hike on a glacier With stud shoes Let’s figure it out ! It’s stunning to see so much ice ! How can you sulk in a place like this?

I’m focused ! Oh really, why ? Because of the traffic ! That’s true we cross paths with a car every 15 minutes So we have to be careful ! Actually, we see more gooses than cars This is what I love in this trip the road trip It’s not just destinations It’s also the pleasures of the road We feel like being in a huge natural park This is really enjoyable Do you agree Julie ? Sure I do ! We are currently in the Mývatn hot spring with a splendid view but, the smell is not nice Yeah, there is a sulphur smell like rotten-egg Personally, that spoils my enjoyment But this spot is still superb We are near a big lake, the lake… ? Julie : Mývatn Well, when it’s about names and prononciation, I let Julie handle Names, yes but I’m not sure about prononciation Pierre : I don’t even try ! However, this place is incredible It’s perfect to end the day Because we crossed all the east part of the country to get to the north We drove during 5 hours And now, we are cool We finish the day peacefully It’s pleasant despite the rotten-egg smell What’s up the whale Stop ! We are around the Mývatn lake

A beautiful place, again There is a volcano just behind After the eruptions Lava designed this landscape There is also a lot of water sources It’s impressive So, we are going to walk around the lake and after, we are gonna hike around a crater and also, go to a mountain, i forgot its name I’m sure it’s gonna be a good day We are off the coast of Husavík located in the north of the island We are wrapped with 4 layers of water-proof clothes In an old fishing boat Why ? A 18 meters whale just showed up in front of us She’s resting, she doesn’t seem preoccupied by our presence During several minutes, only the grinding noises of the hull ring out We are totally hypnotized by this unique scene We won’t never forget this moment ! Here it is, I let Julie drive for 2 hours

She transformed our car in a kind of there is mud everywhere It’s deplorable ! So, this morning, we’ve been sailing in order to approach whales Personally, i was scared not to see whales But we finally saw a few of them it was sperm whales We had the chance to get very close on the boat, it was really cool How was it Pierre? Stop ! For me, nature is cool that’s it Then, we moved from Husavík Where we slept near the port And we are currently on a beach where seals are chilling Again, it’s a beautiful way to end the day Then, we will go further to west to spend the night And tomorrow, we will discover the Fjords of the north-west Julie : What the f*** are you doing ? I’m calling seals ! Kilometer after kilometre, Iceland keep fascinating us After driving 7 hours, contemplating verdurous or snow-covered moutains

Frozen streams The north-west fjords and this changeable sky We enjoy this delightful sunset Where are we Pierre ? No idea Have a guess ! Where are we located ? No idea Well… We are in the west Me too He’s completely thrown So you’re the funny guy, aren’t you ? Well, our roadtrip is ending in the Blue Lagoon That’s quite enjoyable Moreover, in a 38°C turquoise water ! See you soon 🙂