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(upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ – [Robert] Greetings from Norway! Today, the plan is to drive to the northernmost place on the planet that you can drive to, that is The North Cape, Nordkapp in the region (upbeat music) We’re going to a pretty remote area here, so let’s begin by emptying our gray water tank, as we can be as autonomous as possible As we’ll also find out, it is not nearly as remote as we originally anticipated, but it is better to be prepared, just in case Would you take a look at those mountains coming over the horizon? And that’s just a preview of what’s coming up ahead here in Norway (upbeat music) The further north we go, the more surreal the landscape becomes (upbeat music) Hey, check it out, wildlife! Well, it is our first reindeer, first of many, I’m sure (upbeat music) And there it is! That body of water in the distance is part of the Porsanger fjord, which empties into the Barents Sea, which is basically the Arctic (upbeat music) Check out that arrow waterfall coming down that mountain Isn’t that beautiful? (upbeat music) Well, what can I tell you? The landscape has become incredible and beautiful here as we approach the Arctic Yep, I am totally mesmerized by the change in scenery here (dramatic music) These roads around here are so narrow that there’s barely enough for room two vehicles They don’t even bother painting a line in the middle And we’ve got some sheep here (dramatic music) (piano music) And here, we encounter a herd of reindeer

(piano music) Unpredictable little animals (choral music) Well yeah, this is beyond the picturesque It is almost surreal! Can you imagine it with nice, sunny weather? No matter how remote we are as we go deeper into this arctic region, there’s always a gas station or a campground and cellphone coverage pretty much everywhere, at least along the main road which oddly enough, is this narrow strip of pavement (dramatic music) All right, quick stop here to stretch our legs and admire the scenery (piano music) Yeah, they’re all over the place, these reindeer (piano music) (choral music) (upbeat music) We are about to cross here a pretty narrow and dangerous tunnel I don’t know exactly what ulykkespunkt means, but it sounds dangerous It is a very narrow entrance and according to Google Translate, ulykkespunkt means accident point Sounds about right Apparently the narrow entrance is actually a gate that opens and closes automatically in the winter as cars approach the tunnel in order to keep the cold out and avoid ice formations on the rock walls And look at what’s waiting for us at the narrow exit Luckily we are both expert drivers, huh? Anyways, that was a pretty long and scary tunnel, particularly the entrance and the exit, so let’s take a break It looks like there is a parking area up ahead By the way, that was the Skarvberg Tunnel, almost three kilometers long (upbeat music) Yes, very nice place to take a break here with views of this waterfall and the fjord By the way, you won’t believe how many RVs we’ve seen in this area Well, believe it or not, we still got an hour and 40 minutes to go until the very top of the world

By the way, this is RV central here in Norway So many motor homes Let’s go (digital music) And the sun came out, if ever so briefly (digital music) Well, perhaps not so briefly after all (horn music) (digital music) I am still amazed at how many reindeer are grazing in this area, and check out the faint rainbow Can barely see it (dramatic music) I didn’t notice when it happened, but the landscape has certainly turned a lot more barren and tundra-like (dramatic music) We continue pushing through (dramatic music) Just a quick stop here to enjoy the scenery We are getting close to our destination (dramatic music) (piano music) Whew, it is very cold! Let’s go back inside Whoa, check out this rock with the layers Pretty cool! (dramatic music) Whoa, check that out! Let’s stop again (piano music) (orchestral music)

Now this tunnel coming up, first of all, 9% grade I’ve never seen a tunnel with such a high percent grade Second, almost seven kilometers long This is the North Cape Tunnel and we’re going to go 212 meters or 696 feet below the surface of the sea Enjoy the ride Of course, I will not make you go through the whole thing Anyways, the camera really doesn’t do it justice Can’t really tell how steep the grades really are (digital music) And this here is the Honningsvag Tunnel Both tunnels were completed in the late ’90s Before then, you had to take a ferry (digital music) And here we are, Honningsvag, the northernmost city in Norway and the gateway to the North Cape Of course, very touristy with the cruise ship stopping here Even the welcome sign is in English Very cute town, though We will visit tomorrow on the way back south because right now, we want to make it to the North Cape We’re almost there I can’t believe we’ve made it all the way up here By the way, it is 10:00 p.m., but of course it is not going to get dark tonight In fact, where we are, the sun does not set for 76 days this time of the year, from May 14th to July 29th Let’s continue The North Cape is just 33 kilometers away The town from this vantage point here is a mixture of cute little houses and industrial facilities (dramatic music) Here to the right, we have the Nordkapp Campground, but we’ve been boondocking most of the trip and we’re going to continue doing that (upbeat music) Well yeah, that’s our view This is the final stretch on this barren, frozen land (dramatic music) Let’s park real quick and check out the scenery

Of course, a tour bus had to arrive just after we did Tour bus just stopped here They seem to be interested in that We’ll find out what that is Amazing landscape Let’s continue We’re almost there (piano music) (choral music) – Hi now – [Robert] Hello, good evening – Hi! – Hi, welcome! – Hi, thank you – Where are you from? – [Robert] Miami, Florida – Florida, wow! – In the United States, yeah – [Woman] How long have you been here in Europe? – Just two weeks – Okay, nice – Yeah, yes – Yeah, only two people, right? – Yes – It’s 550 krona (digital music) Whoa, check out all these RVs parked here It looks like we are kind of late to the party It looks like everybody had the same idea Okay, let’s walk to the famous marker, which by the way, ironically is not at the true northernmost point This marker These markers never seem to be at the correct place for some reason, but the symbolic aspect is what really matters That peninsula over there, that’s the real northernmost point, but after all, we’ve traveled, what? An extra 1,500 meters, right? Here’s the King Oscar II obelisk He visited this point in 1873 and declared that the Kingdom of Norway reached all the way here Mm, so it did It looks like it might rain here very soon There is the visitor’s center There’s a bar in here (faint speaking) Only 2,093 kilometers to the North Pole and I cam here just to defrost, and now I’m going to see the marker Here, we have a group of rowdy Spanish tourists which just arrived as I was going to take my selfie (tourists chattering) Greetings from the top of the world We have made it to the Nordkapp, which is the very, very northernmost point in Europe, and it’s actually the northernmost point in the world

that you can drive to The closest you can drive to the North Pole really, which is, I just saw the sign It said a couple thousand miles that way and here, let me climb up There’s a bunch of people here celebrating their arrival to this place, but here we have the marker that marks the northernmost point and I guess that points north, so is exactly that way and the sun is more or less over there and it’s going to be coming down this way, the midnight sun I’m gonna try to come this way later with the camera to make a time lapse and if I have internet, maybe I’ll do a live video, but anyways, this is it, the culmination of our journey The only way now is, the only possible way now is south This, of course, is another bucket list destination In 2010, we made it to the northernmost point in America, to Prudhoe Bay, well the northernmost point in America where you could drive, Prudhoe Bay, and now this year, we made it to the northernmost point in the world that you can drive to (tourists speaking in foreign language) I don’t know what’s next, but it is going to be hard to top this one, let’s just put it that way It is pretty mind blowing once you realize where in the world you are There it is, the Arctic Ocean and the midnight sun trying to peek out from behind those clouds Also hard to fathom, we are 1,000 feet high Pretty cool to see all the birds swarming the boat And there is the cruise ship that just left Honningsvag It almost looks like there are two suns, doesn’t it? I was actually expecting to encounter sea ice like we did in Alaska, but that doesn’t happen here Apparently the North Atlantic current and the deep waters are responsible for that, so no ice It is so surreal There, I can almost see the North Pole, almost (soothing music) I return to the parking lot to take a time lapse and right on cue, the sun starts to peek out (soothing music) It is exactly midnight and the sun is supposed to reach its lowest point right around 12:20 Such a fascinating phenomenon Now that it’s almost 1:00 a.m., the sun finally came out Some sleet here (sleet pattering) (soothing music) It is incredibly cold out here, but now the hordes of tourists have dissipated and we have the sign all to ourselves, so I might as well do a selfie, right? Check it out It’s the midnight sun This is magnificent Yeah, didn’t come prepared for these cold temperatures Well, here we are Greetings from the top of the world and the midnight sun (soothing music) It’s very surreal (soothing music) Good morning! I’m going to drive to the visitor’s center so we don’t have to walk in the cold It is not really as much the cold as it is the wind, actually Here at the visitor’s center, they have some displays, a panorama movie, more displays here depicting the discovery of the North Cape and some famous tourists who came here

and Oscar II himself claiming this land for Norway There is a chapel, of course And for some reason, a Thai museum And here, we have the Cave of Light, which should actually be called the cave of darkness, unless I’m missing something here They do have a nice display depicting the midnight sun phenomenon and all that, which here, it lasts from May 14th through July 29th It’s time to leave the North Cap Very remote, very cool (soothing music) (camera lens clicking) (upbeat music) Time to head back south (upbeat music) I guess some people actually choose to do this trek on foot (upbeat music) (digital music) It is such an incredible drive going down this narrow road Not having a center line actually makes the road feel a lot narrower than it really is As you can see, it can accommodate two RVs with a little room to spare (digital music) We are going to check out Skarsvag real quick before we continue, which happens to the be the world’s northernmost fishing village (upbeat music) (soothing music) Well, that was pretty much the whole town Now that we saw it, let’s continue towards Honningsvag (orchestral music) Remember this spot? We stopped here yesterday, briefly I guess these people spent the night here in their camper vans Actually, I’ve heard a lot of people do that and then hike the rest of the way so they an avoid the entrance fee Here, we can see the North Cap Horn, which is an important point of orientation for maritime traffic, I guess before the invention of GPS (upbeat piano music) Lots of people hiking today Anyways, get ready for a rollercoaster ride! (upbeat music) I think this road is too narrow

to have so many pedestrians walking on the side of the road Well, it gets worse This road is already narrow enough for two RVs to go through (upbeat music) Ooh, even people with strollers in the middle of the street It is otherwise a beautiful drive There’s the Honningsvag Airport and this whole thing is apparently an event called the North Cape March Anyways, here we are, Honningsvag I like to say that Let’s find parking Mm, nothing here (bass guitar music) (upbeat music) I see an RV, I see tour buses Yes, this is it! (upbeat music) Seems like a nice spot and other RVers were following us here, obviously I don’t think they can figure it out The Class A brother next to us and this is an incredibly beautiful place (percussive music) Kind of touristy, understandable since these where the cruise ships dock and there is a marching band Mm, I wonder what’s the occasion and I’m still wondering because I asked at the tourist information center and they couldn’t say, either Something about the birthday of the municipality I have a feeling something got lost in translation (percussive music) Anyways, marching bands, children in costume, sounds like a big deal to me (marching band music) – Hello! (marching band music) – [Robert] Such a picturesque town here, Honningsvag, at the top of the world King Crab House We’re looking for somewhere to eat and that sounds like a really good candidate Here’s the Trollfjord cruise ship Here’s where we’re gonna eat Yeah, we decided to eat here, the KingCrab House, very nice I ordered a seafood soup and Ili got the bacalao Delicious, both This is the Ice Bar By the way, the Trollfjord here sails from Bergen all the way to Kirkenes, near the Russian border, and it stops here and at Lofoten, which is where we’re going next There’s a Norwegian band playing Brazilian music (marching band music) But there’s an event here somewhere (marching band music) (audience cheers and applauds) Well, here we are, Honni Bakes Well, it is a scone We are at the Norwegian supermarket Let’s see if we can find what we want Well, let’s check out the supermarket

Right, let’s see what they have Mm, they have taco sauce Actually, very well stocked supermarket for being at such a remote place, but as I mentioned at the beginning, nothing around here feels all that remote because there is infrastructure like this pretty much everywhere and fresh produce all the way up here in the Arctic I love going to supermarkets in other countries, as you can probably tell by now Well, I just love supermarkets, period I really need Scotch tape Pretty eclectic mix of stuff in one aisle Let’s walk back to the RV That’s a big nose Trolls here are very much part of the Scandinavian folklore and mythology You know what, it’s time to go Lofoten awaits and it is such a beautiful day now (upbeat music) ♪ Riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be because I’m free in my RV ♪ ♪ Yeah, I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ I’m riding in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ – [Robert] Coming up on the next episode, we’ll begin the journey south towards the Lofoten archipelago off the Norwegian Atlantic coast (upbeat music)