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Miss Qing, what’s the problem? Don’t call me that Although we are friends before, you and Wang Zeyang bullied Zhou Fang together That reached my limits Don’t blame me for being cruel It’s totally out of my expectation You stand with that kind of person Today I come here not to discuss these with you I want to tell you Don’t think you do propaganda, then you are the center of public opinion If you let me know that you slander Zhou Fang I will do whatever’s necessary to vent you I hold a grudge especially to you bitch I can’t figure it out Two years ago, Wang Zeyang and me were in love Zhou Fang knew him just one year Why do you say I’m the mistress What? One or two years? Four or five years ago, they got together How is that possible? I don’t have to lie to you You were fooled too? What the hell is going on? Don’t lie to me Two years ago, we knew each other through our common friends He said he want me to do a interview for his brand I was a bit contemptuous for his company So I turned him down But he didn’t gave up Once in a while he brought some samples to me and was kind to me He cared me so much Latter, we got together You didn’t know he had girlfriend? He said he was single Then we fell in love One year later, I saw the message from Zhou Fang I got angry I wanted to break up with him But he said to me that Zhou Fang was introduced by his parents and they in the same industry, seeing each other every day Later out of appreciation, they became partners Then he told you Zhou required to marry him only wanna to protect you and worried Zhou Fang to do silly things He would be guilt for all his life There is really such a absurd thing like this! So Was I fooled? The follow is the right version Listen carefully Zhou Fang and Wang Zeyang since they graduated from university, to the day when you met Zhou Fang, they have always been lovers It’s been four or five years Wang Zeyang made a number of marriage proposals Zhou Fang nodded Why would I trust you? Why did I want to lie to you? But you’re friend of Zhou Fang If you don’t believe me I have no idea It’s impossible It’s impossible It will take time to accept

Now You already know the truth You and Wang Zeyang has been broken up Yes When did that happen? last month Why? he said he wanted my families to take a state in his new company But my parents were cold to him For him I broke up with my family Since then he became another man, gave me the cold shoulder, even sent messages to other girls I just couldn’t t stand it I broke up with him He agreed without hesitation He is the kind of scum who depended on women It’s the same with Zhou Fang I didn’t expect that I’m the mistress I was cheated at the beginning So you two were in the same boat Ok, it’s clearly now Sorry I really never thought to be a mistress I think it’s disgusting Sorry, Miss Fang We are also victims Someone like Wang Zeyang is not worth thinking about It has been pasted so long Don’t mention it again So you’re not mad at me now, right? Now I have someone I like Who’s Wang Zeyang I don’t remember Miss Fang It’s totally out of my expectation You are so excellent Dare to love and dare to hate By the way Don’t you want to make a brand? I can help you with propaganda Leave it all to me I do it for free No, thanks However, we can be friends Now that we are friends Cheers I hope we won’t meet someone like Wang Zeyang from now on We will be happy Cheers! Alright Zhou Fang Thank you Don’t cry If you cry, I think you’d not like my dress No Just five minutes Right away Look Now, I would like to give the floor to Mr. Lu

to give the wedding vows Welcome Dear It’s been fourteen years We have been fourteen years two seven-years I still remember at the beginning I promised you I will love you, protect you all my life I will make you a carefree little trash But I’m too lazy There are a lot of reasons I was busy with my work I gave you little care I didn’t protect you well I didn’t make you be a little crash I trained you to be a strong woman Honey, I’m sorry Sorry Now people’s mind is full of money and fame I was like that once But I don’t want them anymore I don’t want anymore I only want your smile During the rest of my life, I just want to see your smile Dear Would you marry me again? Yes, I do Bride and groom, exchange your wedding rings Mr. Lu He was quite famous in the financial circle I have heard his story before But when I see him He looks different from what I’ve heard That might be because that Mrs. Lu is sick That impacts him a lot Isn’t that what people do? Only having gone through depart and death will they know what is the most important People are busy everyday, feel that death is far away from themselves But life will meet accidents Actually, I regard everyday as the last day of my life Then, even if some accidents happen I have no regret If one day I have an accident Will you regret It’s a secret Aunt Uncle Qin, are you the daughter of patient? Yeah What’s the matter? Just say it Your father advance liver caner After this operation, we still need to observe Now the medical treatment are relatively advanced So there are hope of recovery Then do you mean there’s little hope of recovery Guess that all depends on the man, it requires the active treatment We will certainly do our best But if the patient has a positive mood, it’s very useful for the illness Your father looks pretty good

We need to prepare for the worst But we still need to stay positive Xiaofang, you already knew Xiaofang, don’t worry I will be alright It’s just liver cancer I’ll be fine after the operation You see, the doctors agreed to operate on me It means that they can cure me Uncle, stop comforting me Don’t worry, Xiaofang Your uncle was always healthy It’s OK When is the operation? Next Tuesday Xiaofang Don’t tell Qin Qing that I’m sick She hasn’t experienced much in life If she knows, she will break down Ok, I got it Uncle and Aunt If you need help, don‘t hesitate to call me Take me as your own daughter Please don’t stand on ceremony Thanks Thank you Open the door, please Are you hungry? What do you like to eat? I’m not hungry Are you upset? Tell me if there is something upsetting you I can talk with you I’m not upset I can tell you are upset If you can talk to me you can talk to Zhou Fang You see, I’m your brother You can’t tell me but you can tell her She is my sister-in-law I will be out tonight Sister-in-law Still up? I’m not sleepy Not sleepy or there is a message you hesitate to sent Do you miss Xiaodi? No You are stubborn When you holidays begin, I will take you to see him No, I won’t go Don’t you have a crush on our Xiaodi? What are you talking about? He is just my good buddy In your grown-ups’ minds, there is either love or work What a silly theory You don’t understand us Fine, I don’t We had our youth Ok? Get your passport and I will take you to him No, thanks I’ve made my decision I will study abroad as well What will you study? For Xiaodi? No For my dream I’ve been thinking about this for a long time I always feel that your grown-ups’ world is kind of boring But if I can do something that I love in the future, it will be cool You can learn graffiti It’s called street art I plan to go to a high school there to get used to it And then I will study modern art It sounds like that you have prepared for a long time Does your brother know this? Does he support you? I haven’t told him yet But no matter he supports me or not I will go Are you sure? Yes! Do you support me? Yes, absolutely Good night Help to undo my hair You undo this everyday? Of course Otherwise I won’t always be late for school Why are you so obsessive with your hair? Why ah? Brother, you

She wants to talk to you You two have a real talk I have plenty of homework I gotta run Are you messing with me? What’s up? Can you stop being so serious? You make me nervous OK. Relax and say You know that everyone wants to do something that makes them happy, right? Just like you like doing business I like designing After growing up, we will realize that doing what we love will make us happy and add more happiness into your life And everyone has their own rights to choose when they reach a certain age You understand this, right? Just be frank with me Luoluo wants to study abroad For Xiaodi? Yeah Not exactly She wants to learn modern art Because she wants to be a street artist after graduation Street artist? What does she know about being a street artist? To graffiti on school walls is not street art It’s just damage to public facilities I think she did some really serious thinking this time I wish you could respect her thoughts It’s just her excuse to be with Xiaodi Can’t you read a little girl’s mind? You are wrong this time They are just buddies She said that to me in person You are overthinking it Someone pretends not to care that much, acts like a careless person and pretends to be heartless, but actually cares more than anyone Someone just doesn’t want to lose face and hide them all behind secret care and attention If there is something wrong with others, someone will be worried so much What are you talking about? Someone means Luoluo? Someone means you Me? You just tell her I don’t agree with her going abroad to study She can go abroad after high school I’m going to work What if I can be one of the top ten students in the final exams? Will you agree? What if you won’t make it? Then it’s all up to you Really? Alright Then you will be our witness Look How is this? Does this fit me? Nice. And there’s discount Hi Miss Fang Miss Fang, check this This is the advertorial I wrote If it’s ok? We may use it to promote our products Thank you Thank you Chendong will come soon Are you OK? Yes No problem Just to make sure you won’t feel awkward If you will, I can make him come later No, thanks Miss Fang Is he a pursuer of yours? No Yes He is chasing her for years like a real fool in love But our Zhou Fang already has her heart set on someone Song Lin? Yeah Stop it You just broadcast all my secrets I’m sorry I’m late Here he is I’m late You two haven’t met before, right? Let me introduce This is our senior fellow apprentice Huo Chendong Shen Peipei Nice to meet you Shen Peipei Chendong What’s gone is gone now, we are all friends again I need to pick this up Go ahead Qin Qing, what did you came to me for? I have a meeting later Have some drink first Excuse me, may I have the menu? Aunt Xiaofang

I may need a favor from you Sure Aunt Er Your uncle is quite sick He knows that Qin Qing has a boyfriend and he wants to meet him Can you Ok I will tell him Please don’t make the meeting too official Just fine an excuse Maybe tell him to drop something by No problem Thank you Bye bye Pencil boy, where are you? I need you to deliver something for me I’ll sent the address to you by Wechat Don’t let Qin Qing know OK Peipei These masks on the back seat are for you Don’t forget to take them UNIFON All for me? Just take them. They are good It really helps to whiten your skin Ok, thanks Miss Qing Welcome Actually, I quite envy Miss Qing so much The pencil boy is so sweet You will meet someone like him I think so Hou Chendong is a good man You have a crush on Huo Chendong? No, stop wondering I just think that he is quite special Come on, have some water Hello, Uncle and Aunt I’m Xiaozuo Miss Fang is occupied today, so she asked me to deliver these things Xiaozuo, we’ve met before How nice of you to bring so many fruit You remember me, Aunt? Of course I do This is the blanket Uncle asked for Yes, yes Your uncle feels cold today Look Sorry for making you coming all the way Thank you Let me introduce Xiaozuo Your daughter’s boyfriend No, no, no Aunt. I’m not We are just friends Xiaozuo, please sit Sit down Xiaozuo, what’s your full name? Zuo Yulin Zuo Yulin What a pretty name Xiaozuo What do you do? Aunt, I just graduated and I’m working in the marketing department of WanFeng Group Marketing department? Then which university? East China University of Technology Are you a postgraduate? Yes But you look like you are in your early twenties I’m 23, Aunt I went to primary school earlier than others I was right You look younger than our daughter Uncle and Aunt, I hear from Miss Fang that you won’t tell Qin Qing that uncle is sick Don’t worry I will keep it a secret Thank you By the way My company is nearby If you need me, I can come over at any time Thanks, but we are good, we can manage it Thank you Fine Then, I Xiaozuo Tonight can you come over? Yes Thank you Hey, honey Where are you? Sorry, sorry Something comes up So I can’t manage to come What’s the matter? Nothing It’s a temporary assignment I need to work overtime Fine, bye Good night Let me tell you something What happened?

Pencil boy is cheating on me Oh my gosh, no way He was supposed to come tonight, but he can’t make it I asked why and he just hemmed and hawed and couldn’t tell me why Is this the first time? Yes I think he may drink with his friends now and don’t want you worry about him, so he didn’t tell the truth Stop wondering But there must be something wrong Don’t you know the personality of pencil boy? Why bother to guess? I don’t think so I think for a man, if something suspicious shows up, it means that there are much more issues underneath It’s time to break up with him Don’t You cannot She’s right. You cannot If you break up with him now, you are just making trouble out of nothing You need solid evidence, then you dump him It sounds right No, it isn’t You two make me speechless Come in What’s up? I wanna show you something Isn’t it cool? There is a signature, an exclusive signature Where did you get this? From Shen Di Xiaodi got it? He is awesome He can do anything to make you happy I just said something that day But I gave you so many expensive presents, you seemed not happy It’s just a poster, you are so happy I tell you, Several of these just released the other day Have you done with your homework? Do your homework I will catch up with you later Let me see what’s it What’s the fuss about it? A poster can make her that happy It’s just piece of cake Are you jealous? Of whom? Do you want to be a good big brother to surpass Xiaodi’s position in her heart You know how to do it? Send her abroad How was it? Don’t worry Your brother’s gonna say yes eventually Really? I know I can count on you When will you two get back together? What? It’s all past Come on Why did you guys break up? Didn’t you just think that he was still connecting with Luna? Those two are totally stay clear by now, so there is no obstacle anymore Why don’t you get back together? Don’t you worry too much stuff? In the world of the grown-ups, there is the rule of destiny We come together as if by predestination Don’t worry about these things Do your homework You just think about it Sooner or later What’s up? I just wanna take a walk Then I’m going home Emmm Everything is fine? Fine That’s great Is there something else you wanna say? How is your new product launch? It’s going great Will you have a meeting tomorrow in your company? Then let’s have dinner when you finish Let me think about it Really? Ok. I’ll wait Go back Don’t you wanna go for a walk? It’s too cold, I quit Go ahead. Bye You coward

You should just run to her and hug her You were watching me I was not I just had a casual look It’s the good vision of our balcony to be blamed, otherwise I may not see your little coward scene That’s respect Understand? Respect Now you realize you need to respect her But she may not need your respect Don’t hesitate anymore Zhou Fang must still like you If you still hesitate, she may find someone else since she’s such a beauty What do you know, you silly kid It’s none of your business Go to your room I know you well You need Zhou Fang Really think about it You scare me So many masks you bought In case you need more This is the whitening task for you You can’t stop it I also made you a love meal So sweet Then I go first OK Honey, come and eat or it will get cold Ready? When did you go home last night? Over midnight Over midnight I worked late last night You worked a lot recently You must be very tired Kind of How about a massage? Come on How about it? It feels nice I’m hungry and my arms are sore I should eat first How is the new product coming online? Fine We’re quite prepared this time There won’t be a problem like last time When the new product comes online, the platform will give you a round of promotion Then we could promote it ourselves OK Song Lin, you’re a little freaky How? That’s all? Are you calling me to repeat yesterday’s words again? Nothing’s wrong I just do it for myself and make you to come out so that I can meet you Alright Hello? I just finished eating outside Now I’m back OK. Back soon Is there anything in the company? A pile of accessories need me to affirm When will we have meal together next time? We just finished eating You wanna next time so soon? Yes Zhou Fang I miss you I’m here right now If you want, you can call me at any time Who are you texting all the time?

No Watching the news Hey I’m thirsty Can I have something to drink? No problem! Pencil boy Pencil boy Honey, what would you like to drink? Whatever Just hand grind coffee He has too little information online Everybody is using the internet After all these years usually there are something left Really? Don’t worry I’ll find another way Stop it What happened? I used to hate people who peek at someone’s phone But now I’m that kind of person I don’t think it’s interesting to fall in love like this If he really likes another woman, I should let him go to like others Anyway, I don’t want to know who is she Let him go