BACK IN BLACK — Concept to Adventure [Exclusive / Full Length]

Get your truck out of my way Back in Black… what a weapon Now this truck, it was a concept in my head, and I wanted to turn it into reality I wanted to turn it into something that people would remember Holy **** Yeah, you got it now Let’s go right back to the beginning Let’s go a 14 year old boy, and all I was interested– I just had this real passion for the land I wanted to be—I wanted to work on farms And I always liked the remoteness of Australian outback and always had that in my dreams And for me working on my uncle’s property as a 14 year old, and he had a 75 series or 70 series I think they were 70 series LandCruiser It was the first of those square shapes Still had the steel dash, and I thought this thing was awesome That was my first introduction to–I want a LandCruiser This is this is my dream car, and it’s just a ute And so once I bought 76 LandCruiser, guess what? Never looked back Season 4, 76 LandCruiser That thing was a beast And that’s where the love affair just grew from there You know, I don’t have that story where I’m driving around and I want a 45 and you know all those old, old ones. Yeah they were there I drove around them. I was in them We did that But the love affair came from the modern LandCruiser And here I am You know, Creative Conversions, 200 series conversions, you know, those things are just out of control 79 LandCruiser We’d owned them before, like we’ve been building LandCruisers for years Building that 79 for a long time Chassis extension, first one Creative Conversions, first one in Australia 300 chassis extension, Simon drove in season 8 Holy crap, it’s proper washed out Don’t go in that hole I’ll straddle it Maybe We’re going down We’re going in. Going up Holy ****. Holy quadruple **** When you start with a 79 shell, it’s built around the 70 series LandCruiser It comes as a basic farm tractor, let’s face it Now I went and purchased the 79, and you get it, it’s a GXL It’s got some power windows, you beauty! But this thing is a basic farm truck The thing that sets it apart from every other truck is a v8 diesel It has a turbo It’s a v8 It’s one of a kind I don’t think there’s anything around in that size in that space that has a v8 diesel engine with a turbo swinging off it So straight away, you’re working with something that you can really expand on Just push it a bit further make something a little bit different Like something that just sort of stands out, eye-popping Out of the box, it’s so rudimentary and basic, it’s not funny Yeah, yeah, I got ya But the beauty of the 79 is the second you get it and chuck a few bits and pieces on, it just becomes a machine Well I know we get rid of that front bar and we get something sort of custom Straight away with the chassis extension, its gvms, its load-carrying capacity, its ability to travel off-road… all those things need to be altered But the second you do, it makes it a truck It makes it this machine So first thing you got to do is you got to talk to the boys in the industry, the guys that know the vehicles: Creative Conversions 300mm chassis extension, straight away changes the truck instantly So basically they get their 79 series extended to make the ride better They don’t ride really well when you put a lot of weight on the back of them, so by extending the chassis, they ride a lot better We know from season 8 when we did the first chassis extension and then we tested it down in Western Australia, and look, the difference… because Simon spends most of the time driving it, and he said the difference was just outstanding I’m out! Mate, I’m out

I’ve escaped You’re out, mate Mate, you’ve gotta love front and rear diff locks Yeah? I was totally stuck to where I couldn’t get anywhere, put the diff locks in and just [car noises] And got around? Out! Oh wow By changing the track as well, because the 79 LandCruiser comes out with a hundred mil narrower track, which is–I don’t know why they did it, but they did it So the rear is narrow and the front’s wider The vehicle is doing this in an off-road situation and has this ability Now that is emphasized tenfold when you turn it into a tourer, because you want to put weight on the back, whether you’re towing something or a canopy So straight away, that’s where the coil conversion comes from Superior engineering, mate, they are onto it They’re straight onto it Wow, look at the size of that thing They knew the capabilities of the truck, and just by changing lengths and getting rid of those leaf springs and putting that coil conversion in, longer bars all that sort of stuff, really changed the way the vehicle drove and how it handled load Complete new rear end, but way stronger than factory Now coupled with great suspension, so a really good adjustable-suspension package which was developed–that Outback Armour kit was developed around my truck And my particular use is touring It’s about being reliable, but also being able to carry load, tow load, carry load, you want a bit of comfort on the road And so straight away you need to put these comforts into the vehicle, because yeah, it does. It comes with basics Change the seat; change the head unit; change the steering wheel; change the system that runs all your power in the back, you know, batteries and RedVision, for instance Putting that new RedVision system in Now that RedVision system was built for the caravan industry I saw the potential straight away, and the first thing I saw was, get me that unit I want that unit in my truck Because then I put it into a canopy, because I knew that’s the system we were looking for You want to be able to focus on what you wanted to see, not have all this other fancy crap You just want it to go, ‘right, how much power have I got my batteries? How much time is going to take me to charge those batteries? Is my battery charging? Where’s the charge coming from?’ all those little things It doesn’t sound like much, but if you want them at your fingertips, then that was the RedVision system, it could do that The thing with the truck, so when you want to step outside the zone, you start thinking about things Right, you start thinking… what can I change in this truck? How can I make this truck look good, perform well, and basically get people talking about it? And I get a lot of feedback Like people are saying, oh what’s the go with this and that? And one of those things are like, for instance, the scoop So it’s got a bonnet scoop standard on the bonnet Now I’ve chucked a light bar in there And it’s like, well, there’s a reason for that It doesn’t have a top mount intercooler anymore It was taken from the top where all the heat radiated and heat comes off the engine, and it hangs around this thing which we’re trying to keep cool, and we stuck it in front So the airflow comes through like that, increase your horsepower Straight away cooler air heading to the turbo Another one was the air intake So there’s two snorkels coming in, again, as much as you want the truck to perform, you also want it to look good So I went with the double snorkels Now it’s a pipe snorkel Yeah, it makes a bit of noise up near your near your ear hole there on that side But guess what, I’ve put this little rain deflector, I think they call them, and that cut down the noise by half So little tweaks like that can make it work better The two snorkels, only one is connected to the air box, okay? We looked at it and we looked at it and went, there is too much–there is too much plumbing, too much modification involved to bring the second snorkel across to the air box Because, why? Am I going to get a gain? We looked at it and went, no, there’s no gain There’s no gain in horsepower; there’s no gain in airflow There’s no gain when you’re crossing the river, and you want, you know, above the water–none of that So why bother? So it’s purely a look factor Just like you put alloy rims on your truck, they’re gonna make my truck look good! Let’s go with that! You know, so things like that Another thing was how this truck sounded It was very important Oh that’s mad, mate. That is nuts, Matt Absolutely nuts. It sounds like a jet engine

To make something sound like that, turbo You’ve got to put a big fat turbo on Oh look at the size of the intake here, so this is where the cold air comes in Yep so that feeds our big g turbo that’s on there now And you don’t just get any old turbo, all right? You don’t get those gated turbos, okay, they’re old school stuff We went with new school VVT–variable vane technology Have a look at that! So as the throttle gets open, so do the vanes on the turbo Big fat turbo get the air pumping out There was a big fat intercooler that’s sat here Yep, it’s all gone now Where’d that go? Yeah pretty much in the bin The front mount intercoolers run on them, yeah they’re unreal for intake temps on these 70 series cruisers It’s definitely a must-have, especially you know with towing under heavy loads and the heat that we have in Australia Turbo upgrade, intercooler upgrade, intake pipe upgrade Four-inch exhaust and a npc clutch And with these things in mind, Jase is going to be blown away with the power increase and the drivability he’s going to get from it Nearly a thousand newton meters of torque From 314 Holy crap Get the spool going Get that noise, that thing that makes people excited And you know where that came from? It came from the Rambo movie I watched the Rambo movie when I was 15 It was First Blood, okay? Rambo First Blood, you know the one We all know it. You’re my era, you know it And he jumps in, he steals the army truck, the old army truck And this thing had the stack coming up the side, and all you could hear was the whistle of that turbo And I’ve just gone, I like that And that stuck in my head since I was 14 Turn the key, Back in Black whistles Pipe comes out the side, it’s four inches round It doesn’t just come out once, it comes out twice Remember it’s a v8, okay, there’s two sides to that engine Two pipes, two dump pipes—bang, out the side And it just sets the truck off It’s little things like that that really set the truck This truck was built to be used in the bush and to be used off-road When you build a truck, and you build it from concept to adventure, you start with the base You start with the base truck, and then you start adding bits to it By the time you get to the end, eight months later… you’re seeing how this thing comes together And what I wanted wasn’t… for me, I wanted the reaction from the people that saw it for the first time Because I’ve already seen it I’ve seen it from here and gradually build… and so my momentum has slowed when I get to see it finished So what we did was… I thought I’ve got to reveal this truck I’ve got to reveal it to the people that put a lot of effort and time into it and really backed it, you know what I mean? Like really backed my vision There she is, boys The jaw just drops. I’ve never heard a 79 sound like that Blew our minds, put it that way All the boys have put so much work, and it’s a really, really nice vehicle Now it’s one thing to have an animal You’ve got to get out there and use it So I set up the little gig and we weren’t going to take it out up north We were just going to take it down the road–Inskip Point Dub DI for a spin Everyone knows it It’s because everyone gets bogged there, and I’m thinking, yeah that’ll be the destination That’ll be the spot I wanted to see this thing recover people on the beach, that was my thing That was my whole thing really I went, ‘I’m going to do some recoveries.’ So away we go We start recovering some backpackers But the one thing that stands out for me, all time and I’ll remember this… I think I’m going to be telling you the story when I’m 80, 90… is we’re at this spot where everyone gets bogged, and of course, sure enough, you wait there long enough, 10 minutes, somebody’s bogged And look Inskip Point is a trap for young players Here we go this looks familiar. What have we got here? All right, turn the volume up for sure

Yeah I remember this day Here we go, old mate bogged So I’ll run you through that little video, because that’s what you want You want a blow by blow on this video I rock up to old mate Obviously I walked up, ‘hey man are you in trouble?’ ‘Oh yeah, I’m bogged.’ Blah, blah, blah He’s a bit of a novice, okay, he’s a bit green. You knew I don’t even think he dropped the air out of his tyres, or he may have drove on there and then dropped it out So he’s stuck He’s stuck in the Bogged-at-Inskip sand, right? And I know the sand Of course, I live near there Anyway so I pull up and I pull out the big kinetic rope, by the way That’s one of our prototypes that we had, we were playing around with Pull out the kinetic rope, and this thing’s nice and stretchy and does its thing There we go, that should do the trick I had heaps of horsepower. I knew it was going to happen But what I didn’t know was old mate was going to sit there and he wasn’t going to help So generally when you do a snatch recovery or a kinetic rope recovery, when things take off, the vehicle being recovered, he gets his wheels going and he helps you out Because hey, we’re trying to get out here, the more help we can get Back in Black had to do the whole shooting match We’re good to go And so I hit the gas, the rope takes up, and the truck stops It literally stops But the power just keeps pouring on which I was impressed by, because I’ve got the throttle–I’m just pushing the throttle to the floor, and this thing just keeps winding up So revs going up like this, wheels are crunching down I’m thinking [car noise], and everyone just went, ‘he’s bogged; he’ll bog it; he’s bogging; he’s gone; he won’t do that; and he’s stuffed.’ and the truck with 37s just go, [car noises] and the wheels are just pouring out this sand It’s digging down and digging down and then all of a sudden it starts to move forward And I see my rev gauge going up, and I’m thinking, right I’m about to hit redline You know what? I’m going to go for another gear I’ve got the power here to go to second gear So I’ve just gone a snap change Now I owned a Suzuki Sierra, a 1.3 litre Suzuki Sierra It had a race engine in it. The thing was fast It was good on the dirt drags I think I won a couple of dirt drags with it Small engine, but lots of power to weight And so that whole snapping gears… I used to do race change where the throttle was flat to the floor, and all it was is bang the clutch, the gears went straight through And so I’m thinking, yeah let’s give that a whirl But I haven’t got a Suzuki Sierra anymore, I’ve got this big four tonne beast So I think I did pull the foot off the accelerator for a split second and drop it back down Anyway I go for second gear The change was smooth And as soon as the clutch comes out, throttle’s to the floor, revs go up, it jumps into second gear, and the rooster tails just hit the air, mate And I couldn’t see it. I’m just in the car snapping second, and then this thing just powers up even more So the torque in this thing is nuts And we’re moving now Everyone talks about that It was pretty cool Let’s face it The video is pretty cool That was a good day, Double Island filmed it You know, it was Back in Black, the launch of Back in Black It was good. It was cool. But you know what? Simon wasn’t there He wasn’t there. I really wanted to show Simon Until that point in time, he’d never seen the build at all Never seen it. Never seen a thing He knew I was building it, but he was off He was busy doing his own thing at the time I was focused on the build I’d speak to him on the phone and he’d come around and stuff like that, but the truck’s off It’s getting built, you know, it’s not in my workshop the whole time So I showed–Simon come over, pulled it out of the garage, he had a look at it, and his reaction was good. It was cool Simon’s, you know, he played around with 79s You’ve seen him driving them He had a 79 in season five Nearly, nearly! New 79 in season eight, so we’re building these things years ago And so he’s driven all the 79s on the show Yeah I never got to drive one Anyway he rocks up, and yeah, his initial reaction, and I know it is always hard to impress Simon, but I think he was impressed Check that out That looks good It looks pretty tough, doesn’t it? That looks great!

So yeah he really liked it He liked it, but like any truck, it’s how it performs I think we need to swap spots Yeah oh my god, the red-line master wants to drive my new truck Hell yeah, he wants to drive it All right, mate, so just be gentle with it Oh listen to that Wow Seat belt on I don’t know what I was thinking I said yes to Simon, the red-line master, jumping in my truck to start redlining it I think it felt like a bit of an anticlimax almost, because we just went down the backyard Like this thing’s good Rev, you know, and power and grunt and spinning some wheels and stuff And yeah it was cool It was cool, but it wasn’t… it wasn’t… it wasn’t over the top And so straight away, Simon goes, ‘let’s get this thing on the tracks.’ Now if anyone knows, if you’re going to take a truck and do some sort articulated type crazy stuff, everyone goes to Glasshouse I hate Glasshouse That place, I hate it Yeah there’s some tracks there and stuff like that That’s the stuff I did when I was a kid I’m looking for adventure, not mud holes to get lost in and destroy trucks on But I got convinced otherwise by my crew that this is the place to go And so I said yes Well yeah, it started off really well Back in Black, water, mud, holes from hell, yeah this thing’s rumbling in it That’s nuts, dude This truck is out of control It’s spotless. Like I’m talking about polish Too bad he’s not washing it He’s got it. He smoked it Oh yeah I’m pretty sure the guys– Longy at Vogue Industries who put the whole build and brought the whole build together with me–and mate they literally were polishing that thing They put some Pomponazzi finish on it I think they put that on the chassis as well while they were at it And it’s like this thing is spotless And then I go and take it to Glasshouse Yeah, and the first thing I do is shove it in a hole the size of the truck, and water over the top and v8 rumbling and tyres and mud and spittin’ water and crap and black soot and the whole thing Ah it’s great, but it hurts It does hurt a little bit, because when you get your truck dirty for the first time, it’s never the same It’s never the same ever again Anyway we head off, we’re doing the days in mud, pull out, I’m stuck, bogged, yeah tug here, do that, do this Now you can see why it gets washed out Bloody idiots like him Like I said, 4-wheel drive or low Yeah, we got some content. We’re cool Let’s go one more one last run We’ll go up this thing called Big Red Everyone talks about it You know, all right, turn around, let’s go That’s gold Yeah that’s a flood Did the mud wash off much? Actually it did a bit One, two, three–three points, because you know what Glasshouse is like There’s like five tracks Pick five as soon as that one becomes too hard, they cut another one, like that I know which one was good I went left Oh that’s… I’ll just drive through here And when you’re in the Glasshouse, the holes, you don’t know how deep they are, because people just keep gouging them out Water keeps filling them up, people keep gouging them out So I drive in and it looked like a regular sort of bit of mud and pop out the other side Holy **** He’s in trouble. He’s in proper trouble It was hard on one side. Soft on the other Drive in and the car goes [sinking sound] So it drops down on one side, and the other side doesn’t drop at all Oh sh** Oh sh**

So much for not rolling it He’s all but rolled it Dude! I’m in the truck I’m thinking, ‘oh ****.’ I got on the radio If Simon can get a snatch strap on me and sort of pull me up, because water’s coming into my truck. Water’s coming in, right? So I’m thinking, we’ve got to get this thing out of the water You want me to pull you forwards or backwards? Forwards, man, forwards I’m not going anywhere No you’re in proper **** Water’s not coming in yet So Simon comes back He’s like, ‘yeah, yeah I’m onto it’, and he’s there and he comes back Now the problem with the track, the track goes to the right I’m on my right side, and there is a like a bit of bush on the left And Simon’s gone bang, straight, hook her up And Simon’s in his head, I’ll get him out and I’ll move him forward Go, go, go, go, come on Go, go, go But as he moves forward, he pulls to the right because he’s following the track So it’s moving forward, and I’m hoping it’s going to hit the embankment and pull it like this And then it sort of starts launching up But then suddenly it gets to the point–now this is the point where not everyone has seen Like you guys watching Unleashed–so–so if you’ve subscribed to that, you’ve seen the whole thing But those guys who don’t know about that or haven’t subscribed or anything like that, they haven’t seen this. So watch this bit If you haven’t got Unleashed, you gotta watch this bit So it comes up It hits the hard embankment, and it’s up like this And then I’m expecting it to come down, but it decides it wants to keep rearing like this And Simon keeps the hammer down, and he’s got the 200 And the thing just goes boom And now it’s not just in soft mud, it’s smacked the side of the embankment Simon, you’re going to need that winch Just grab my winch out or your rear winch and just get me on the angle It’s hit the side of the embankment and smash me truck Brand new beautiful truck Not a mark on it… now it’s broken And um, I couldn’t help it I couldn’t help but think back when Simon rolled his 79 all those years ago Holy sh**! Holy! That wasn’t good was it? Ohmigod, man, ohmigod! Yeah, we’re **** now. Now we’re **** Nah, winch Come on, man, winch Can you get it out? This is messed up right here All 4 Adventure, my arse! When I had that youtube video that went viral, global, ballistic, I popped my head out of the top of the window and went ’All 4 Adventure, my arse!’ and look, that’s where I got it from. From Simon Couldn’t help it But on the day I wasn’t overly happy about it Like not happy at all In fact, I was pretty pissed And you know, your truck… you put a lot of time and effort into something, and then you crush it I remember the first time I rolled my pride and joy, which was my little Suzuki I’d rolled that thing three times after that, but I remember the day I rolled my truck, my little Suzuki It was brand new, and that was the feeling It was that feeling where you know your vehicle is never going to be the same again Is it ever gonna get back to what it was, you know? What’s the damage gonna be like? And you know, things like that That’s what was running through my head I was half thinking that, you know I’m sitting in there going, don’t pull me sideways, don’t pull me sideways All right, you’re gonna need your foot on that Come on, baby, come on

Did you see that? That was messed up Hey I reckon if I keep the weight on you, and you hook your winch up and then I’ll just slowly let you go. And you slowly drive out You control that And then we’re not doing carnage to the side of your truck Let’s have a look at the carnage already At least you’re back on your feet And you laid in the mud, so ooo, a little bit of a ding there Door Door? Oh, fell in that hole there Yeah It’s messed up, right there All right, let’s pull this sucker out It’s okay, girl, we’ll get you out It’s not too much damage Oh All good? Yep! Yeah? Yeah, great! Yep, you’re out. I’ll just unhook my winch Am I out? Yeah, you’re out So we got the truck We got it back up on its wheels, all right And the first thing you look at is you look at what damage there is, you know? And when you first look at it, it didn’t look like there was much damage at all You know how you just went through that puddle back there to get the mud off? Yeah You need to do it again Yes Yes It actually doesn’t look that bad No No, you’re coming out pretty good I don’t know what you’ve done… oh, it’s trying to work You’ve damaged it No, no, it’s got too much mud… Oh yeah, too much weight It’s got weight on it You gotta get the mud off it, poor thing All I can see is a dint That’s pretty much it. Dint there and a dint in your snorkel And a dint there. That’s all I can see The mirror survived Oh… no, the door’s good Mate, you went all out testing it, didn’t you? You went all out Yeah, I didn’t need to do that but No, no, you didn’t I didn’t really need to do that No But, it’s the Glasshouse, mate Yeah, there’s a reason why there’s water in that hole Yeah, because it’s mud It doesn’t have a bottom in it And that’s what happened You know what we could have done, don’t you? Probably should have done a slow recovery Yeah With a winch Yeah, we should have Yeah, hindsight’s a good thing Hindsight is a good thing I was panicked. I was waiting for, you know… Yeah, like I’m in it. I’m in it Let’s just get you out Let’s have a look in here, eh? Here we go Oh there’s another big heap coming out to meet you so It’s brand new in there, buddy It’s brand new Not a drop That is one thing, they’re sealed good, hey? The mud is on the outside Yeah, they are sealed well The mud is on the outside only I think I’m gonna go and get my truck I don’t know whether to laugh or cry I think I’m not gonna cry. I think I’ll laugh it off I’ll laugh it off. That’ll do Well if that’s a test that you got to put a truck through to see what it can do, that’s the test

Come off actually pretty good considering this is just about a small, small, little, little dint Just a little dint there Only a little one A little dint on the snorkel, that’s all It’s not too bad No A little dint Yeah It was only a soft little roll. Bit like your roll, mate Absolutely Remember that one? Yeah Yeah There you go, you’ve done it too now In 11 years… The old 79 Eleven years, mate, I haven’t put anything on its side You haven’t, have you—no, you’ve never rolled the quad bike You rolled got the buggy once, but that was off camera We didn’t get that on camera Yeah He rolled the buggy once No, I didn’t He did 11 years, I haven’t put anything on its side 11 years All right, what? Except for the buggy No, that didn’t happen 11 years Well you did it proper The Glasshouse got you, mate I ain’t going near the Glasshouse again That’s it They make a good cafe back at the glasshouse township Do they? Let’s go there. Let’s go to the café But when you sort of start to get into it, you know it dinted the pillar The snorkel was crushed And you know, all those things… the rear, you know, the tray The tray faired well, but it did take, you know, it scratched all the rubberized coating All that sort of stuff So when you really get into it, it did a fair bit of damage to a brand new truck So heading off for season 11 Back in Black is good to go We’re out on the road, start towing heavy gear heading north I’m excited. I’m excited, you know Look, it was pretty good It’s good on the bitumen. It tows. It’s got plenty of power And then feeding this thing, and getting it into, you know, feeding it straight into season 11 Back in Black doing what it was built to do And that was concept to adventure Now it’s adventure time Let’s do this It’s gold when you get somebody sitting in the passenger seat, and you’re off road, and you’re really hooking into this thing And not because you’re trying to be an idiot or race around, but you know, you’re pouring the power in, because you’ve got the big trailer on the back And you’re in the soft sand or the mud, and you see the smile on their dials Tommy, when he was sitting in that passenger seat, he had a grin from ear to ear And the kids at Mornington Island loved it And you know the noise, the stance, that’s why 79s are so popular, because they really draw a crowd Hello! The 79 had a mission Its mission, like Mornington was good It was cool Get on the gas, mate. I’m going to come through hot Nice work, you smoked it But its real challenge was the Nesbit He’s goin’ in We went out into traditional land to get to a destination A cyclone-ravaged track It was nuts And the 79 just gobbled that thing up, chewed it and spat it out It led the way the whole track It was the lead car, and it just ate it It ate it for breakfast And I’m up That was its real purpose That’s the real reason why it was built And things like when you come up out of those creek beds I’m through I remember that one goin’ through that gully there I come out the other side through this soft sand, and I’ve gone first

I’ve snapped second, and this thing is just roaring And when it’s in the bush and you’re enclosed in the bush, it just rumbles That’s how it’s done Wow, nice Third gear, wheels rooster-tailing Hey that’s the coolest thing since sliced bread Then there was the ultimate test, and everyone knows the track The Frenchman’s Have a go at it, mate What a speccy bit of countryside It’s pretty cool That open scene country, mate Yeah I love this sort of country I don’t think anyone else has towed seven-meter trailers through this track It was a mission. I knew it was going to be a mission 79, it was capable of it Gives you some sort of idea what the wet season does, huh? Yeah we’re driving on a little bridge Yeah, when that little bridge lets go, that’ll be the end of that track It was towing the heaviest, the biggest trailer through that track Yeah, it was a big ask I gotta go back Either that or go get a chainsaw–too late Yeah, don’t worry, you’re all good Nice and steady, you’re good Trailer’s getting a good wash I think your trailer will pop up over those rocks all right Wow The only thing I would have to say was, the only thing I would have to say was is that truck probably needed an auto on that track Other than that, that thing was incredible Here we go It’s just sheer horsepower when you need it to get that momentum And then the fact that, you know, it’s got this winch from hell The Red winch from hell on the front Put some weight on that freaking winch rope That’s hardcore winching right there Come on, baby, come on Come on Come on I reckon all other winches would have just given up and gone home Oh talk about squeeze I told yeah! All right winch me out Here’s the thing with the 79 Well this is this is All 4 Adventure in general We’re not your bash and crash I’m not interested in going down a track just to get to the end of it I want to go down a track I want a destination. I want a reason The track is part of the journey But the whole adventure is why we go on the journey Jeez Yeah you’re good. All good How’s my balance point? Yeah you’re good That’s it I was a bit worried there So for me the destination is important and a lot of the time I go down tracks, you know, a lot of the time I go down tracks because I want that destination at the end Or whether I’m trying to cross from east to west, like the Frenchman’s, you know, it was a mission to get from point to point which was the coastline And the reason for it, and you’ve got to haul all these toys and this big gear and you know when you get there… It was a mission getting there, but when you get there, it’s like, wow, I’m so glad we hauled that seven-meter trailer there Because now I take my buggy off and my boat and off I go further And off into more adventure Beautiful looking fish Look at you How nice is that? So the 79 was built for that, and it achieved that

We could live out of the back of it You cook out of it you’ve got refrigeration, battery power, run things, store gear, carry fishing rods, all that sort of stuff Outboard, you know, rooftop tent on the top, all those sort of things that you want when you go out on an adventure My favourite thing about owning this truck would have to be just driving it in the bush He’s coming up high, there he is. We’re gonna get run over When you get in the bush with this truck and you’re towing big gear, you just know that you’ve got a capable machine that’ll get you through Yeah! These are the things I like about the truck I like it… I like it because it’s different I like it because it’s functional And I like it because it’s got a name now and people know it Awesome When people see it, they know the truck And I can’t believe it. Like I can’t believe it’s gone so far Well there you go guys Would I ever get rid of this truck? I don’t think I will I think this truck is going to sit in my garage forever Want full episodes of All 4 Adventure ad-free? Go to for our full library of content