Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures l 2ª Temporada l O Dia de Folga da Barbie l Ep21 l Barbie

♪ Whoa, oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ So much to see ♪ ♪ So much to do ♪ ♪ Let’s share a dream ♪ ♪ Make it come true ♪ ♪ Us girls’ got ♪ ♪ The right combination ♪ ♪ Make our way To new destinations ♪ ♪ Imagine all The possibilities ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ You can be anything ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ Barbie’s here, gonna sing ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ Adventure Yeah, that’s our thing ♪ ♪ It’s the Dreamhouse Adventures ♪ Ken! Where are the others?! Gone. All gone! – You’re too late! – No! – What’s happening? Ever wake up feeling like a zombie? And then you think “Come on, I’m fine I’ll just get up and power through and do a million things, anyway” Well, zombies aren’t real but the way your body feels? That is something we all need to pay attention to Because if you don’t, this could happen OK, let’s run through it When making ice cream the traditional way, you have to churn and freeze the ingredients like milk and sugar for a long time But in molecular gastronomy, we use chemistry – to do the work for us – So exciting Just add liquid nitrogen and voila It flash freezes the mixture almost instantly, creating extra small ice crystals that result in the smoothest ice cream possible – Whoa! – So cool! Thanks You wanna try some, Tammy? It’s raspberry vanilla chip swirl – And really good – Ew! Ew! Ew! No, no, no. It doesn’t matter what it tastes like as long as we get an A on our group project My dad is all bent because my grades aren’t exactly stellar Oh, don’t worry Barbie really knows her chemistry With Barbie leading the project nothing can go wrong Excuse me – You OK? – Yeah My nose must be a little sensitive to liquid nitrogen or something Ew! You better not be getting sick This presentation has to be a success tomorrow It’ll be fine I’ll be fine Ooh We got this Right, guys? Dude! Wow You need some help there, Barbie? Thanks, but I’ve made this recipe a hundred times Could you hand me that can of tomatoes, please, Stace? Thanks So, you excited about bring your daughter – to work day tomorrow, Chels? – Yeah, it’ll be fun Especially since I get to miss school But you sure you don’t need some help? There. Now all I need to do is let it cook Timer set I have a better idea Why don’t you get in bed and see how you feel in the morning? Dad, I’m totally fine But I guess I could use a power nap before we eat Need all the energy I can get for the big presentation at school tomorrow Call me when it dings! Pizza? Trevelyan Finknottle Reardon! Uh-oh Middle name time I’m in trouble What is the meaning of this? Uh Don’t bother I’ll tell you Your school has informed us that you are on the cusp of failing chemistry! How could you, son? We Reardon’s are exceptional at everything! I’m exceptional at the things that matter, like yachting and caviar tasting Don’t change the subject! You need to get this grade up at once or I will be very disappointed! Don’t sweat it I got a huge project due tomorrow, and I totally got it handled Oh, my poor Trey! Trey is so sick! Does it hurt much? Only when I think about missing school today Don’t give it another second’s thought You stay home as long as you need to until you are 100 percent healthy Anything you need at all, just tell us Ah, thanks Mom – I would like a– – Oh, we meant by text We’ll be at the club all day! Finally Let my day off begin – Honey, you’re still here? – Your plane leaves in– – I know, I know See you when I get back Bye, girls – Bye, Dad – Have a good trip See ya – Bye. Are you ready, Chels? – Ready Do I look grown up? Very. Let’s head out

We’ll drop Stacie on the way Barbie! We’re gonna be late! Barbie? Barbie What? Where? Who? Oh, Skip I guess I overslept Yeah, you did We have to go No prob I just gotta get dressed – Are you OK? – Hundred percent Never better Totally fine Oh, definitely not fine You’re going back to bed But I have to drive you Uh, I’ll get a ride with Ken You’re staying home OK. OK, for a few hours I have to be at school for last period to do the chemistry demonstration School will go on without you Take a day for yourself and get better – I would – I would, too, if it was serious It’s just a little cold I’ll see you after school If you say so – Excited? – Yeah And it has nothing to do with missing school today I thought you liked school? I do, most of the time But everyone knows being a grown up is way more fun Well, I do enjoy my job, but I’m not sure how fun it will be for you But I do know one thing you’ll like It’s doughnut day! No school and doughnuts? Best day ever! No parents and a day to do whatever I want? Best day ever! Worst day ever – Oh, sorry Taffy I can’t seem to get comfortable Ah, this is better Nice and cozy I’ll just watch a little TV That should help me get to sleep Then I’ll be refreshed and ready for school See the pretty strokes Think of them as butterflies – Ah, perfect – Perfect to carry you away Today on Zombie Theatre Where’s my classroom? I have to find it! Wait, Nikki’s not in my class Don’t worry, group! I’m coming! – Teresa? – You shouldn’t have stayed home Your group needs you I know! I have to find them! Ken! Where are the others? Gone. All gone! You’re too late! Brains Yummy No! What’s happening! Barbie Roberts, you should have never missed school! We had to make the ice cream without you Yeah, it was awful! We want brains! No! Phew It was just a dream Ken! Don’t tell me I slept through the presentation Uh, no It’s still first period How are you feeling? Skipper filled me in Good! Never better OK, I’ve been better But I will be there for sixth period. Promise There’s no reason for you to push it Not that we don’t want you here, but we’ll be fine – Trust us – I don’t trust anyone You better not let us down, Barbie I won’t See you after lunch Mmm Well, this is Claire and Jonathan Oh, and you remember Mr. Hartog? Nice to see you again, Chelsea You, too, Mr. Hartog So what’re we going to do today? Well, after the doughnuts we usually have a staff meeting

What’s a staff meeting? Well, it’s a meeting for the staff – But we already met – Not that kind of meeting It’s where we get together and discuss things we’re working on Oh That sounds interesting Using data from 2009 we see the cost analysis is very encouraging considering the equity potential’s limited exposure for risk analysis Moving on to data from 2010 Yes? Can I go to the bathroom? I’m awake! Ah, hi I meant to do that Uh, care to join me in a little downward dog? ‘Cause you’re a dog? Get it? Whoa You hear that? It came from next door Hello? Anyone home? What’s going on over there? Oh. Nothing there Whoa! It looked like a spaceship, but it can’t be a spaceship because that would be crazy I know. Sleep I’m on it The Happy Stuffer is the answer – to all your plumbing needs Get ready to walk the plank, ya scurvy rat! Ooh, a pirate movie Fun Yarrrrr! Help! Would anyone help me?! Arr, give up, Trey! No one is coming to save you I am! – Barrrrbie – En garde! Hi-ya! Tell… Renee I left the shirt I borrowed from her in my backpack – I knew I could count on you – It’s what I do You’re my hero Now, for your reward No! That was terrifying I’m not sure the structure will maintain its integrity What’re you guys working on? It’s a new amusement park ride State of the art Never been done That sounds fun Can I help? Well, isn’t that cute But you should leave this to us grown-ups Maybe you’d like some pens and paper to color with while we work That’s OK, I brought my own No more sleeping No more dreaming What was that? Yep, definitely seeing things I better check in with Ken – Hey. What’s up? – Why so secret? – ‘Cause I’m in class? Sorry Why did you answer? Because you called I thought you needed something – Do you? – Oh, no Everything’s great See you in sixth period I’ll take that Oops Please tell me you saw that Either we’re in the middle of an alien invasion, or I really am too sick to go to school By this point I was feeling pretty bad Not just sick, but terrible that I was going to miss my presentation Leave it to my imaginative little sister to find a very grown up solution Ah! I’m awake! Hi, Barbie Mom said I could use her phone to check on you How’re you feeling? To be honest, not that great – How’s it going there? – Well, at first it was fun, but now they’re just doing serious stuff I guess that’s why it’s called “work” Will grown-up work ever make sense? Someday That’s why we go to school – I miss being in school – Me too But I know I need to rest today Too bad I can’t be in two places at once – But you can be – What? Don’t you remember when you were at camp and Skipper needed your help to make a cake, so you made a – Robot? – Robot! Thank you, Chels And don’t worry about grown up stuff You’ve got this Hmm

Come on I know it’s here somewhere Yes! You’re gonna help me be two places at once – Hey – Hey Listen, Chelsea found a way for me to be lead the presentation from home I don’t know if that’s a good idea – Whoa! – Why? Because you’re sick And you’re not at your best And neither am I, apparently I know it’s unusual, but I really think I figured out a way to– Maybe we should talk after PE? Ooh. Good idea See you soon Wait, see me soon? How are you…? Whoa! – Yeah, this’ll work, right? – Whoa! What the…? Whoa! Best hooky day ever Trey! It was you! I didn’t do anything I’m home sick I mean the spaceship Keep it away from my robot Keep your robot away from my spaceship Hey! Great Now I have to go find it Thanks for ruining my day off I didn’t mean to And anyway Different priorities, I guess OK, robot It’s presentation time Get back here! – Trey Reardon! – Uh-oh! What are you doing out of school? Oh, hey honey, sorry to leave you like that I know this day hasn’t been that fun for you – Are you OK? – Uh-huh – Whatcha doing? – Helping Helping? How? Who knows more about theme park rides than a kid? Hey, did you get it? I’m having some trouble with the reception Hi, Barbie Now’s not a good time We’re about to start the presen Great Just hit both the odd switches Stitches? I was just at dodgeball I’ll begin in three, two, one Hello Today we are making ice cream using molecular gastronomy Feel free to follow along, as my robot leads a demonstration Ted and Ned, prepare the crystals Tammy, if you could bring the mixture over And, Ken, be ready with the liquid nitrogen When flash freezing, timing is everything And there you have it Smooth and tasty ice cream OK. I’m done See you all on Monday You don’t have to tell me twice Back to bed Mwah. Yes, thank you, thank you – Well? – Hm. Definitely feasible – And wildly creative, I must say – Thank you That’s quite an inventor you’ve got there I couldn’t be more proud Mom, not in front of my colleagues Oh. I’m sorry, sweetheart – Whoa! – Double whoa! Barbie? At least she didn’t try to go to school That could’ve been a disaster Speaking of disasters, what’s up with that kitchen? Ooh, I don’t know, but you better get it cleaned up before Mom gets home Yeah, right I’m not cleaning that But your poor sister is in bed sick She’s your sister, too Why don’t you help her? I never found out what happened to my robot, but I did learn that when you’re sick, no matter how much you may think you’re killing it, you’re probably not That’s why it’s OK to stay home

and take care of yourself and rely on those around you to keep things going until you’re better A day off really isn’t that big a deal Unless you were faking all along There he is! Whoa! Hurry up! Squirrel? Move! Are you kidding me? Get out of the way! Ha, ha, ha There is a very good explanation