Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures – Full Episode #23

Coming up next on Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures I want everybody to make their very own musical instrument [honking] [Betsy] Is he kidding? Make a musical instrument in only one week? Mrs. O’Connor, are you all set to go to the Dinosaur Museum? We’re going to the museum? The Dinosaur Digging Pit Me, too [Kevin] Hey, Betsy, the bus! ♪ A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ It’s kindergarten time for you and me ♪ ♪ So climb aboard and take a seat ♪ ♪ For kindergarten fun with Betsy ♪ ♪ We’ll meet new friends ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ And have adventures every day ♪ ♪ It’s Betsy’s ♪ ♪ Kindergarten Adventures ♪ [Kevin] Ahh! ♪♪ [Men singing doo-wop] [Betsy] Sometimes, when I’m trying to figure out something, I find the best time to think about it is early in the morning before anybody is awake and while the house is real quiet [snoring] Well, for the most part, it’s quiet But I had a real problem, and I didn’t know how I was going to figure it out It all started last week in our music class Mr. Warner, Principal Warner’s third brother– he’s our music teacher– was just about to say goodbye to us when he suddenly remembered something Oh One last thing, little guys I got an amazing homework assignment for you I want everybody to make their very own musical instrument for our next class together, okay? [all gasp] Was he kidding? Make a musical instrument in only one week? I mean, this is a really hard assignment What’s the worst that could happen if I just can’t come up with anything? But maybe I’m worrying too much [Mr. Warner] Yes, Betsy What if I just can’t think of anything? I’m sorry, Betsy, but if you can’t think of anything, then you’ll just have to sit there until you do But what if it takes a hundred years? Then it’ll just have to take a hundred years Well, it’s been a hundred years now, Betsy Have you come up with anything? Nope S-Sorry See you all next week [gasps] Hey, peek-a-boo [laughing] Yeah And peek-a-boo [laughing] Peek-a-boo [laughing] Breakfast is almost ready Would you please get the syrup? Sure thing, honey [laughing] [yawns] Good morning Good morning, sweetheart Hi there, sleepyhead [squeals] Peek-a-boo Peek-a-boo [cooing] [laughing] Pancakes are ready Yay! And I found the syrup Now, if you’ll please put Kevin in his high chair, I’ll serve the pancakes Will do [laughing] Peek-a-boo [laughing] Peek-a– Whoa! Where did your clothes go? Peek-a-boo [laughing] Today I was going to have a special day out with my dad Usually I’m very happy about this, but this homework assignment was making it hard for me to think about anything that would be fun If only I could come up with an idea

for a musical instrument This is your pilot speaking Thank you for flying Father and Daughter Day Airlines We will be driving at street level today The sky is clear, and traffic seems pretty light, so I think we should arrive at the Lakeshore Zoo pretty soon [sighs] Uh-oh Pilot to copilot Somebody has a bad case of the gloomies And it’s not me Over Copilot to pilot I roger that Over Copilot Gloomy reporting for duty What’s the matter, pumpkin? I’ve got a homework assignment, and I don’t know if I can do it I’m sure we can solve your homework problem if we work together I do Now, I want you to tell Copilot Gloomy to take the day off, because the only copilot I want is you Aye, aye, sir [both laugh] I was starting to feel a lot better I had a feeling that, with my dad’s help, we could come up with a great musical instrument So your assignment is to make your very own musical instrument? Yep Pretty impossible, huh? Not really We just have to keep our eyes open Maybe something we see at the zoo will give us an idea [roaring] Betsy, look at that lion’s tail and the way it strums against the bars Maybe we can get a stick and some metal bars of some kind and– Oh Maria has an uncle who’s a circus clown, and he plays a thing called a washboard in the clown band [scraping sound] After he taught Maria how to play it, she brought it to school That’s your musical instrument? Uh-huh My Uncle Bonkers, the circus clown, taught me how to play it How do you play it, Maria? Yeah It looks really strange It’s easy I’ll show you First I have to put on these thimbles on my fingers, and then I move my fingers up and down on the washboard [all exclaiming] Cool! [Maria laughs] [Dad] Okay, well, maybe we can think of something else [yawning] [slurping] Betsy, did you see that lion’s big tongue? Uh-huh Well, that reminded me how scratchy Kitty’s tongue is What if we were to get some sandpaper and– Newton Newton? [sighs] Newton Newton used sandpaper on his instrument Newton wrapped two pieces of wood in very rough sandpaper Then he glued an empty sewing thread spool to the top of each block to be the handles [scratching sound] he gets a neat scratchy sound Wow I guess we’ll just have to keep thinking Yep [bells jingling] Molly is using bells as her instrument Molly took some old jingle bells, and her mom sewed them on two old wristbands [bells jingling] [chirping] The noise they made when those two birds hit their beaks together reminded me a lot of Kenji’s instrument Oh? Kenji took these two wooden sticks [clacking]

Sounds like a good idea Musical and pretty [squawking] Hey, look, Betsy Duck eggs That reminds me of Sarah’s musical instrument Sarah has a musical duck? No [rattling] and put some birdseed in them and then glued them shut [rattling continues] I’ve got to admit, you sure have some pretty clever friends Look at the seals Say, that reminds me of the time when I was just a little boy and Granddad took me to the circus And you saw a seal play a bunch of different-sized bicycle horns? Uh, yeah Did I tell you that story already? No But I think Billy must have gone to the same circus Just the other day, Billy brought in his musical instrument What a funny-looking instrument Thanks Can you play it for us, Billy? Sure Listen to this [honking] Wow! Cool! [all talking at once] But Scott’s was the most spectacular of them all What are you making, Scott? A kazoo Gesundheit I didn’t sneeze, silly A kazoo is a musical instrument Oh First, he cut a square piece of wax paper that was about twice as big as the opening at the end of a bathroom tissue tube Then he taped one corner of it down on the side of the tube Then he taped the corner of the wax paper in place on the other side of the tube So two corners were taped and two weren’t Then he put the open end of the tube up to his mouth [melodic buzzing] [trumpeting] You know, looking at that elephant just gave me an idea For an instrument? No For lunch I’m hungry [both laugh] [chattering] [Betsy] We decided to eat outside because it was such a nice day [laughs] What’s that? It was the silliest thing I’ve ever seen He had a washboard like Maria, bells like Molly, a sandpaper block and shaker– like Newton and Sarah [honking] and a kazoo like Scott, and he played them all at once [laughs] ♪♪ [continues] That’s called a one-man band [toot toot] Sounds to me like you found your musical instrument [both laugh] ♪♪ [tooting continues] I gotta say, I’m totally jazzed over all the interesting musical instruments you children have come up with So let’s get ready for an old-fashioned kindergarten jam session [all laughing] [Betsy] One of the things I really like about kindergarten is that you never know what to expect each day Weekends are fun, but I like school better ♪♪ [Men singing doo-wop] ♪♪ [humming] Okay, Super Fun Sandy, your new house is almost set Oh, no, Sandy! [roaring] Quick! Hide! A dinosaur is coming

[roaring] [laughing] It’s okay, Kevin I’ll get it back Don’t cry Don’t cry My goodness, what’s the matter? Gracie strikes again Oh, there, there, Kevin It’s okay [crying] Whew That was a close one, Sandy Gracie, no Why, hello Hello, everyone Good morning, Bus Driver Bob [crying] Oh, boy, that is one unhappy baby What seems to be the trouble? Gracie’s the trouble She stole Kevin’s favorite toy dinosaur Ah, you’re a fan of dinosaurs, eh, Kevin? [fussing] Huh? I remember when I was in school I couldn’t get enough about learning about dinosaurs My mom took me to the dinosaur museum two, sometimes even three times a month Yes, siree, those were the days In fact, I even went through this phase when I was a little kid where I thought I was a dinosaur [laughs] Yep I walked around the house roaring, showing my teeth, and stomping my feet for three whole weeks [laughs] Oh, the things kids do [crying] Did I say something wrong? Good morning, everyone I have something exciting to show you Oh, let me see! What’s that? It’s a giant footprint That’s right, Billy Does anyone have any guesses as to what animal a footprint this large would come from? An elephant? A hippo? A monster? Big Foot! Don’t worry, girls It’s not a monster Good guesses, everybody But this sized footprint belonged to a dinosaur Whoa! Ooh, dinosaur! Cool! Look at that! This sized footprint would have come from a dinosaur named Brachiosaurus Mrs. O’Connor, are you all set to go to the dinosaur museum? The bus is out front and ready go to We’re going to the museum? [excited chattering] That’s cool! Dinosaurs, here we come! You bet Come on Let’s go Dinosaurs! I hadn’t gotten around to telling them yet that we’re going Oops Sorry Okay, everyone I’d like you to line up and follow single file behind myself into the museum quickly and quietly [excited chattering, laughing] Yeah Come on, everybody Hurry up Dinosaurs! Whoo-hoo! He’s just excited, Principal Warner You see, when he was a kid– He thought he was a dinosaur I know I know Hello, everyone You must be the kindergarten class from Lakeshore Elementary I’m Mrs. Murphy, and I work here at the Lakeshore Town Dinosaur Museum, and I am a paleontologist Does anyone know what that is? Me A paleontologist is someone who digs up dinosaur bones Very good, young man A paleontologist is someone who studies ancient life on earth by finding and looking at fossils Now, fossils are what’s left from plants or animals that lived long ago Um, excuse me, Mrs. Murphy I happen to know a thing or two about dinosaurs myself Actually, [clears throat] I don’t mean to brag, but when I was in first grade, my teacher said she had never seen a boy so into dinosaurs So if you need any help today– I’ll be sure to ask you Thank you Now follow me, everyone First up is our Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton we have here at the museum named Bob [Molly] Bob? Hmm? Interesting With these long fingernails, I would have thought Bob was a girl [laughing] He certainly does have long claws Now, the name Tyrannosaurus rex means lizard king

Ooh, the king He’s my favorite Me, too [Mrs. Murphy] This guy is a carnivore, which means he only ate meat Probably why he needs these pointy teeth Exactly, Sarah They sure are pointy, and there’s so many Cool! Billy Oh Sorry, Mrs. O’Connor Okay, okay, everyone Moving right along here To your left, you will see the skeleton of a Brachiosaurus Oh We learned about him this morning [chuckling] Yeah Brachiosaurus’ name should mean “big foot.” [Mrs. Murphy] Brachiosaurus was one of the largest and heaviest dinosaurs that ever lived Can anyone guess what this dinosaur would have eaten? He’s so huge he could eat my house Oh Oh He must have eaten lots of other dinosaurs Actually, if you don’t mind, I’ll take this one, Mrs. Murphy [sighs] Be my guest [clears throat] Even thought the Brachiosaurus is so huge, children, it ate only plants and leaves You mean lots of plants and leaves Exactly And a dinosaur that only eats plants is called a herbivore What’s all this? [Mrs. O’Connor] This says “Pretend these two dinosaurs “were still alive today What would you feed them? Make them a meal.” They’re sure hungry Oh Okay So, Brachiosaurus was an herbivore, so let’s feed him plants and stuff Here’s some celery And here is hee most delicious carrot for you, big guy And some nice green lettuce leaves [deep voice] Feed me I’m hungry, too T-T-T. rex, is that really you? Yes, Maria Feed me I’m a meat eater None of those carrots for me Billy! [laughing] Sorry, Maria Okay, king of the dinosaurs, Here’s a nice juicy burger for you Yeah And a hot dog And chicken Well, what good little dinosaur chefs I have in here Looks like if we ever had a real dinosaur come to Lakeshore, I know who could make lunch [kids laughing] Really Okay, everyone Let’s all meet at the last station here, the Dinosaur Digging Pit Cool! I’m coming Me, too Now I’d like to give you all a chance to see what I do at my job Like I said before, a paleontologist is someone who digs for fossils and studies ancient life So first, I’d like to show you some of the tools I use to dig for the dinosaur bones [Scott] I know what this is A magnifying glass [Mrs. Murphy] That’s right, Scott A magnifying glass is used to see very small fossils like teeth and scales [Newton] And you use this thing to see how big the dinosaur bones are That’s right This is a tape measure I measure the size of the fossils I find in the ground And next we have [Molly] Oh! Oh! Um, Mrs. Murphy, yes, um, this is a camera I definitely know how to use one of these [Mrs. Murphy] Yes Thank you, Molly I use this to take pictures of each step as I take the fossils out of the ground [Maria] These look like paintbrushes Yes, Maria These are several different brushes I use to clean up the fossils and take off all the sand and dirt Wow Mrs. Murphy is so cool She knows everything about dinosaurs, and she even let us use all her tools Maybe it would be fun if I could be a paleontologist someday Well, Mrs. Murphy, you sure were a hit Thank you so much for a lovely tour Oh, it was my pleasure, Mrs. O’Connor You have a very bright class I think we might have a group of young little paleontologists on our hands here [Principal Warner] And one big one, too [all laughing] [Mrs. Murphy] Oh, my Okay, everybody

Back on the bus We need to get you all home [all] Aww! Yeah– aww Do we have to? Yes, Bob, we have to So, children, I need you all to line up here and– All right Climb aboard, little dinosaurs [all roaring] [sighs] Ouch What’s this? What? I can’t believe it It’s a bone A bone? A bone from what? Wait a second here Let me see that I know what this is This is a dinosaur bone What? No way It can’t be Billy, are you sure? Sure I’m sure Don’t you think I’d know a dinosaur bone when I see one? Wow You could be right A real dinosaur bone If that really is a dinosaur bone, there must be more around here Yeah Lots more Start digging, everybody Yeah We could put together a dinosaur, like Mrs. Murphy [crying] There, there, Kevin Here’s your bottle What on earth are you doing? Well, Billy found this dinosaur bone, so we thought there must be more where that came from But we haven’t found anything else Dinosaur bone? Let me see that Kids, this is a chicken bone Gracie must have got it off the counter this morning when I was making my chicken noodle soup A chicken bone? Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure Hey, over here I found something Oh, my goodness! Well, Betsy, sorry to say there’s no dinosaur buried back here, [whining] Kevin, look Your toy [cooing] [laughing] [roars] Well, kids, I guess you were right There was a dinosaur buried in our backyard after all [all laughing] [Mrs. O’Connor] Visit the Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures’ Web site and see how Betsy’s getting ready for school Play games, color pictures, and meet all of Betsy’s friends at [Betsy] My friends and I love to read You can find all kinds of fun and interesting books to read at your local library Visit the library in your town today to have your own adventures, just like me [giggles] Of course, garbage will have to be taken out by somebody strong [Billy] When someone gives you a responsibility, you should always do your very best [Mrs. O’Connor] How about Billy? All right! I get to take out the garbage! Closed-Captioned By J.R. Media Services, Inc Burbank, CA