Döme Gábor – Vadvízi kalandok 39. rész – Pontyhorgász paradicsom

Wildwater Adventures part 39 A movie by Gábor Döme Carp Anglers’ Heaven I have already had the chance to fish at several different locations around the world with my friend Dr. István Pulai, but I believe that the place where we are now, outshines all of them! We are literally on an uninhabited island; which name is Little Goat Island And the name of the reservoir is Dale Hollow I have been paying attention to carp fishing in America for nearly 30 years, which I am myself also an active participant I have constantly searched for those locations, which can give special experience and special fish, that was how I came across this 11 000-hectare reservoir on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee This is such a carp fishing heaven to where carp anglers come not only from America, but from all over the world, with the single intention to catch these beautiful, Spanish-patterned mirror carps! But this water does not give itself easily from any point of view! Because of its unbelievably divided shoreline, even approaching it is not easy All main roads are 30-40 km far from here, and should we like to go from one bay to another, because for example our accommodation was there, we would need to drive for hours in the morning and at night as well! Looking at the map, it is not surprising that the lake’s shoreline is 1000 km long! For the sake of comparison, Lake Balaton has 235 km long shoreline… So, in order for us to be able to spend as much time on the shore as possible, we became ship captains! There is the edge! We must go that way, aren’t we?! I can see it now, because there is an island there again. How come? This place is not only about fishing, but it is also a highly well-known tourist destination too… A complete industry was built up to serve the tourists that visit this place, there are house boats, sport boats, pontoon boats, jet-skis For the sake of comparison, there are 21 ports here, where people can refuel these ships, repair or store them, with restaurants, stores, and basically everything When we were planning this trip with Doc, we found that we would hire a house boat like this, which would be our accommodation as well There is one important rule with these ships, we cannot travel with them on the water after sunset This is why it is very important that we must park them stable and safe It was important that we must find such a spot where we can fix this huge monster, but at the same time, we also have chance to catch carps too So, what do you think, which one will have bite the soonest, if there will be a bite at all? I think it is all the same, perhaps the middle one. I don’t know Well, Afterall, it is all the same, but we hope that something will happen Something should happen now, yeah The rock is glowing from the heat Well, in the end of September, this is heat is very unusual here as well,

perhaps it would not be so unusual in the summer, but when I was trying to find the perfect date, when we were planning, we reckoned that the temperature would be at least 10 °C degrees less Well, you know, we are in the middle, or a little south from the middle region of America, But this is too much, this is too much in the middle of September, this is massive No problem. I think it is better if it is hot, than if it was cold Look, the tip of the rod is moving! Oops! Was it any worth standing up? Is there anything on it? I hooked something! Good! But this might not be a carp yet, István! What other fish species dwell here beside carps? There are catfish here, but as far as I tried to investigate it, we don’t have to be afraid that it would become similar to that we experienced in Texas, that we needed to fight with catfish all the time This is a smaller carp, if I will manage to take it out of the weeds Here on the drop-off, the hydrilla (kelp) is what usual, isn’t it? Here it is! Whoa! Catfish! Damn its good thing Kelp catfish! Kelp catfish, yes! You have found it afterall, old fellow! Well, look at this! Watch, what a nice fish it is! This is our fist fish from Lake Dale Hollow! Yep! Hello catfish! Hello, if I see it right, this is a Blue Catfish, this is the species we caught numerous ones in Texas, but far smaller ones Is it “kék harcsa” in Hungarian? I think it is Well, my friend, send me a carp now! The bait is absolutely flawless still, Mega SpéciCorn, it bears this perfectly I will cast back with the same bait! It has just reached the bottom! The water is at least 8-9 metres deep there Oh, so that’s why you caught a fish there! We must keep the rod tips so high, so they are not placed the traditional feeder method style to the side on the shore, because the weeds grew up so much here near the shore, which width is varied, 10-15 metres, furthermore it can be 20 metres wide as well, the line must exceed this to some extent, in order for the kelp not to hold back the bite, and also for the line not to reach directly the weeds During wildwater fishing, basically I said it at all occasions that the most important factor is choosing the right spot But it is true indeed, I cannot emphasize this enough! No matter the best bait, the best tackle, the best strategy, all this worth nothing, if we do not attempt to fish at the right spot! So, Doc, here is this vast area of water, or a bit of it only, what we can see. But why did we choose this particular place to fish at? Well, when I am trying to find good fishing spots on wild waters like this one, Google Maps can be a good stronghold, and the different kinds of depth maps too, because I am trying to find those spots where the transition between the shallow and the deep water is, and it is highly probable that I can catch carps there, when they are moving from one place to another What is the average depth of this lake? Well, it is more than 20 metres, but even a relatively shallow bay, which, you know, we call shallow bay, is about 8 metres deep, like here as well Gábor, if you look, here is the essence! You know, this whole bay is surrounded by a thick field of weeds You know, this kelp fills up this crystal-clear water four metres deep, serving as a perfect habitat for clams, snails, and for all other creatures that carps love Well, if I was a carp, I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else! Listen?! This is a real bite! I think this is not a catfish this time, but this is why wild water fishing is so beautiful, because you can never know what you may hook This is a better bite! It is working really nicely! Is it letting herself? She does not like the game Well, she must have had a different plan for today She does not want to give herself, although if she knew, that if she came out to the shore, she would become a real film star, so… and the difficult part is yet to come, namely how I am going to pull it through this dense field of weeds Luckily, you brought your strong feeder, since we wouldn’t have a chance with the weaker one Listen, it is here in the kelp already, we must go in for her! How wonderful this fish is, look! This is why we came here, isn’t it?!

Because this place is almost incomparable in America, thanks to its Spanish patterned carps! It has wonderful colours! Yes! Its pattern is wonderful It is absolutely unique We can make nice close photos of her, which brings out these colours, especially in the sun shine… When I landed it, I saw an interesting part here on the other side of it, look at the other side! One part of its fin is vestigial She has a unique identification sign here On the basis of this, If someone catches this fish next time, they will know that it is the one that we caught earlier Never! Are you laughing on what the odds are for this? Yes, exactly, on the odds Oh, wonderful! These colours she possesses! Mainly in the light of the setting sun now Wow, how beautiful she is! Yes, wonderful! I believe it is absolutely obvious that for a water like this, it is not worth planning for a couple of hours, for a rapid fishing only, we also prepared for several days However, this several days of fishing befalls also according to a definite strategy Without this, the whole fishing would seem only as hollow castings In the given area, we chose the place which seemed to be the most promising and the most easily accessible and fishable spot for us, which is no other than the spot 50 metres away in front of the boat, indicated with the buoy We have fed this constantly since we arrived here in the mornings and in the evenings The bay surrounded by sand banks, which is behind me appeared to be very promising, where we saw several nice fish surfacing, so it was not a question that I made a try here as well The Method feeder technique appeared to be unbeatable in this searching fishing, since I owe my first two fish to this method too And later, as the fed spot started to get vivid, more and more fish jumps indicated this, and Doc also caught his first fish around the fed spot, so it was not a question, that I must come back to the ship and continue fishing further from here! This was a great save though, since it ran across here like 150-200 metres We showed up here on the ship not by accident! But, well, this is why we are a team, to save what can be saved Yes! You hooked the fish there on the left side, and now that wonderful fish is here on the right side, beyond the ship Well, I am the happiest for that finally I managed to catch fish with the boilies I made myself, and a nice fish came at once! It made me walk a little bit, basically it ran across all rods, but, thanks to good teamwork, it came out finally! For a short period of time, and then… It can go back soon! But I caught it! Woah, wait a minute! This is not a light feeder, and it is bending it like this!

Nice and slow, the fish approach the fed spot afterall Something is damn interesting, this one also came on the Method end-rig, it is true that I cast further the fed spot with 5 metres Wow, how big it is, oh my Gosh! The Hungarian method works well here too! Wow, oh my God! Fish love it! This wonderful fish deserves to be show to the camera here, and not to risk to hurt her on the boat, I brought her out to the shore Look at her mouth! It is for sure that there has never been a wound caused by a hook on its mouth, my hook has been the first! I hope that it will heal quickly for her And I will show you in a minute, in its entire size, this huge, wonderful common carp! After a large fight, I can finally hold a huge common carp in my hands! I just simply cannot get enough of the sight of her beauty. She is a flawless elemental force, a real wild common carp! This is not even a bad fish, not a bad fish at all! Your mother will see that you don’t wear a hat again, what will she say? My dear little son…! Thanks! Éva is not my mother! You get beaten by your wife? Yep, she is the one in charge of avoiding skin cancer! Didn’t it get tangled into the left side line? Perhaps it did Maybe she went around it Maybe-maybe You are lucky, so go into the water! Of course, I go close to it, now I can lift it out with the long rod. Right?! So I don’t need to drag her along the drop off here, but I can go above her It is not a “Moby Dick”, but it is also nice! Goddamn it is not! Wow, how beautiful! Is it? This is wonderful indeed! Can you see the tiger nuts in her mouth? It is interesting that the tiger nuts are a universal bait, since no matter what kind of place we are fishing at, without any kind of pre-feeding, fish takes them up Since, you know, I haven’t seen a tiger nuts farm here at the bottom of the lake, but there is something in it, which fish like pretty much! And it can basically become the first bait for searching fishing too in a totally wild water I have just put on a Big Carp flavoured black coloured bait and a single tiger nut onto the bait floss, tiger nut is almost unmatchable on wild waters! Despite the fact that it is not part of the natural nourishment of carps, they will search an eat it on the first intention, until the very last piece disappears form the fed spot Well, the reason for this might be that, though I am rather speculating, that its sugar and oil content is very high, and when fish bite it, they might feel a pleasant crunch in their pharynx when they swallow them By the way, tiger nuts are very delicious, you can try it out for yourself! in Spain it is part of normal human food, and, well, here in America as well, they are selling it more and more often in bio stores for human consumption I also tried it, it is very pleasant, aromatized, crunchy and delicious! So, will it be a stout common carp, or mirror carp, István?

I think it is a Spanish patterned carp! Of course, since we are craving for them, because they are the most beautiful ones It is the most beautiful fish, and well, this place is famous for these fish Wow, I see it already! That’s it! It is one This is because the water is very clean, though the fish is quite deep, and there is about 3-4 metres deep water under the boat Here it is, another wonderful Spanish patterned! Woah-oh! My end-rig equipped with the Long Cast Method Feeder gives the umpteenth fish, and the SpéciCorn Mega corn paired up with it! Here is the bait. Carp like this pretty much here Wow, what a wonderful fish it is, oh my Gosh! It is not a huge fish, but its scale pattern is so nice, its colours are so wonderful that I just simply cannot stop watching her I will try to cats the end rig beck to its place. Well, there are a few hindering factors, it is apparent that this fish was not designed particularly for fishing One could slide here great, but that is not my intention now I must cast in my end rig next to this in a way that I won’t get caught in anything, but, I have already found out a good method, what position I must take on in order to be able to cast in the end-rig to the desired spot without any problem, and here we go again… I need some help though! …István, your fish is coming now, then your right hand. Thank you very much, and so we are ready already! I tried to keep her away from the rods, but I so far, I have been just travelling, but perhaps I will be able to control her better here Is it nice? Is that the nut in its mouth? Your tiger nut is there, yes! Well, this is better! Although despite of that it did not cause many and big wounds, since the hook is small, we will give her what she deserves! Well, I think this is nearly close to 10 kilos! But I hope that some bigger ones will arrive too, and they will like tiger nuts as well as much as the previous ones did! Here are those components which the mixture included, which local carps like pretty much To tell you the truth we did not have much specific information, when we were organizing this trip with István,

what groundbaits and additives we should bring with us However, he and me as well are experienced wild water anglers, thus, we tried to narrow down the variety of additives, which has already proved their effectiveness not only here but on numerous other places around the world For me, the Big Carp groundbait is an unavoidable and first place additive It is one of our oldest groundbaits but it is also one of the most stable and most effective mixtures! I paired this up with the Big River Old Carp fancy-named groundbait, which is a new groundbait expressly developed for river fishing It contains a lot of lumpy, big particle components Oats is almost like inevitable for fishing trips in America, this is also a first-place favourite of my friend István; he does not leave it out from any of his carp fishing mixtures I also like it, it is expressly good for breakfast, so why carp wouldn’t like it?! And a little additive was also added to it, but I will show you this in more detail during the mixing procedure I pour both packets’ content into the bucket It is apparent this way too that both groundbaits are meaningful mixtures! I put a great handful of Oats to this I add a cupful of sweetener to this By the way the mixture will become brutally sweet because of this, especially in such a dense and huge amount! But this is an extremely deep and large lake, I would like this small amount of groundbait, that as it gets into the water it must mediate such an intense and strong signal around my end-rig, that it should lure fish to my rig from several metres of distance, and also direct them straight to my hook The most intense, the most aromatized, and the sweetest groundbaits are the most suitable for this aim We sell a lot of kinds of different aromas, but whenever I prepare for wild water fishing, this is the one, that cannot be left at home by all means! First, I pour half of the bottle onto the mixture. And later on… Just a little bit more! And later on, when the mixture reaches its final consistency, and further aromatization is necessary, that is when I add the other half to it With this groundbait, we don’t need to be afraid of that if it accidentally becomes a little too sticky, furthermore, it is the best when it adheres a little more than usually, since this way it is guaranteed that it will sink down to the bottom with the feeder, it won’t dissolve too early, it won’t fall down halfway, and so it will create its attractive effect at the right place, on the bottom of the lake! Well, this is what the ready, wetted groundbait look like! This way it became a really meaningful and impressive mixture, but before every cast, – I won’t mix this to it, the whole amount – I will scatter a few corns on it as well, and tiger nuts, with which we perform the grounding feeding and this is how I fill it into the feeder Hello, Dale Hollow! We doubled up again! For the first time here… But not for the last time! But not for the last time, that is for sure! I will caress the head of your fish! 🙂 They are wonderful! Watch, how beautiful these fish are! Oh, my God! So, this is why people come here… form all over the world, aren’t they? Those who appreciate beautiful carps, since it is quite rare to find them in such huge quantities elsewhere, or to catch so many such a nice Spanish mirror carp! Look, they are wonderful! I don’t know how well the video represent this, but it is autumn here already according to the season But it is the hottest Sahara heat here, it is apparent that behind me, this part of the island is almost like glowing, and the temperature of the water 29,6 °C degrees

But despite all this, it is astonishing that we can catch fish during daytime as well, and not even a few! But, something that really bewildered me was that we put a pan into the accompanying boat, and I hit an egg into it, and well, it did not take too long before it fried from the heat of the sun This is not a baby fish! This is a huge common carp! That’s nice, the method! There is not much left until sunset, we could not say farewell to this day any better than with these two wonderful fish! A Spanish mirror carp and a flawless common carp! And both of them are above 10 kilos! That’s for sure! During the several days of fishing I had the opportunity the experiment with different kinds of end-rigs I prepared here only those that gave most fish It served as a pleasant surprise for me as well, how affective the Long Cast Method Feeder proved to be, here as well! I fished with the 55- and 65-gram versions, in this deep, minimum 7-8 metres deep water, and it gave one fish after the other! Of course, I caught smaller carps with it as well. but no matter how surprising it is, I owe the biggest ones to this as well! I have been thinking of it numerous times, that the amount of groundbait I cast in with the Long Cast Method Feeder might not be enough, so, obviously, we need such a feeder, with which I can cast in a bigger amount of groundbait The Pellet Feeder Complete feeder offers an ideal solution for this You know, this is not that version of the Pellet Feeder which has a lengthened stem, but the variety which offer a semi-fixed solution, which has a swivel in its bottom originally I changed this swivel to a Guru Speed Bead quick snap, which fits exactly into the end of the feeder By the way, this solution helps to achieve safe hooksets, since the fish that absorbs the bait, when she tries to escape, has to move the feeder, which eventually drags the point of the hook into the fish’s mouth It is really simple and effective! The weight of the feeder filled with the groundbait can reach even 100 grams And last but not least, here is the end-rig that my friend, Doc preferred, which is a lead snap boilie fishing end-rig He used mainly boilies and tiger nuts for baits, however he does not used a lead weight, but a Rocket Feeder, into which he pressed the pack bait that he favours and which has proven for him When I was thinking about the assembly of my tackle,

with my friend, Doc, we talked a lot about what would be the best for me You know, based on the previous information, it became obvious that this is a really tough terrain I’m sorry, I put it more precisely: very-very-very tough terrain! And there is no exaggeration in this If I take a look around, I see a seemingly homogenous patch of water But if we knew, if we saw what is under the surface, we would definitely cry! When they created this reservoir and filled it up with water, whatever was here, trees, forests, everything was flooded This forest, and this slate structure, which is a characteristic of this water, continues underwater as well Well, obviously, this is a perfect living space of fish also because it also serves as unbelievably good hiding places for fish Right now, we are fishing among these, and we try to pull out fish from these woods Well, obviously, for this only the strongest, most suitable tackle can come into consideration, with which we can control fish! This is why I chose the 3.9-meter-long Big River feeder rods, and 6500 Long Cast LCS reels suitable for them Nothing else can characterize the power of the rod better than the casting weight ranging from 100-to 350 grams This rod can bear anything basically! It is suitable for the casting in of the heaviest river end-rigs, it stands ground even on the toughest terrains and it catches the largest fish! I haven’t talked about one important parameter yet, and this is no other, than the diameter of the main line on the spool of the reel This is 0,35 mm thick I know that this is quite far from the classical feeder fishing technique, but, well, the location is also absolutely far from the classical feeder fishing In order to be able to pull out such snags like for example the one that you can see here, or to be able to pull out the fish from these snags – by the way I caught this yesterday morning – I need such thick main line indeed And, making my job even harder, is that it is visible around me that there are numerous tiny clams and snails drifted out on the shore If these were not enough line killers, I would like to show you those needle-sharp blades, which originate from this rock, these cut line so easily like razor blades So, the reason why this thick main line and strong tackle is necessary is not that fish are so huge here – although they are not small either -, but because we need to catch these wonderful fish on such a harsh terrain, and this tackle is suitable for this task! This is a massive creature! Getting closer to our mutual tour, it also gets clearly outlined, which baits gave most of the fish István, which was the one with which you caught the most and biggest fish? Well, this is totally obvious, the tiger nut was the bait that worked best, especially with the Big Carp flavoured version! It caught fish basically anywhere and within any circumstances, no matter whether from the fed spot, from the edge of the fed spot, or just during searching fishing However, well, I did not belie myself, since I brought a sack of homemade boilie with me I needed to harden this with molasses, thanks to which it became hard, and so it remained on the hook for a longer period of time

It did not give as many fish as tiger nuts did, but those that ate this lure, were clearly the bigger ones, so it took some time until the wild fish that dwell here got used to this I also prepared with many different kinds of baits, I tried out many kinds, but fish gave an answer surprisingly fast, which bait is the most effective with my technique! This is no other than the SpéciCorn Mega, the White Rum flavoured version I caught a vast majority of my fish with this, furthermore, I owe the biggest ones to this bait too However, what is interesting, as I saw Doc’s successful catches that he achieved with tiger nuts, of course, I also tried it out Putting two pieces next to the Pellet Feeder Complete, laced up to the bait floss, it gave wonderful fish for me as well So, should I narrow it down clearly, and we started the tour now, I would exclusively fish with these two baits only We always think that it is hard to top our previous successful trips, both in experience and in catches Well, I believe that this is not a question now that we have managed after all! And I really hope that not only we, but, through these fantastic pictures, you also enjoyed this tour exactly the same way Well, Gábor, you summed this up nicely, but we have two more hours to fish, so let’s go fishing! Ha-ha! OK, let’s go! 🙂 I wouldn’t like to make an early judgement, but after a long playing, it might be possible that the biggest fish is on my hook right now, and it is still going. As the sun went down, bang, it pulled it away! Uh, a wonderful Spanish mirror carp. He also ran out of power just like me For me, every fish is wonderful, but perhaps this is one of the most beautiful, and heaviest fish that I could catch from Dale Hollow reservoir! It was a fantastic experience, fantastic fish, I don’t have the words! Well, Gábor, I honestly congratulate to you! This is a wonderful fish! Thank you very much, my friend! Wonderful! This is the result of our mutual work! That’s right! If you liked the video, like it and subscribe to our channel! The reason why I ran away so impolitely while Gábor was introducing that wonderful Spanish mirror carp, because my bait indicator also went off, and this was on it!

It is way more than 10 kilograms; this way life is beautiful!