Dungeons & Dragons – Episode 2 [Part 3]: “Howling Terrors” | Tabletop Adventures

that’s not your fault you’re not familiar with combat yet I should have reminded you that you couldn’t move you don’t necessarily have a better section I’m alone it’s simply you have a moving in action uh you free actions like you have to have something has to give you a bonus action like some something special you do not have a bonus action like button like the dancing lights had a bonus act right because yes something has to modify it as the bonuses yes that’s okay um so first how do you where do you want to move soon I’m frantic appearances is running to and fro I will twenty five movie speed like foot permits would never say that ooh that’s one mark against Bourbons I have a twenty five permits will run closer to the fray and ready his short bow okay I’m going to interpret that that as you step sort of behind ly ly s you guys kind of form a line hoggers first the mouth of this area lightly is right behind him you have a terrible shot you’re just pointing here both at Lila’s back why because it’s like yeah imagine you’re going through a door right it’s very small yes I understand the curtains is very small but imagine imagine yourself behind me with a bow yeah you you see this door you see Hager in the frame of the door you see lightly a right behind Hager that’s what you see and then I mean there’s stuff to the north of the you it’s just pitch pitch block the lights are in the illuminating the area with the Wolves so the area to the north is not illuminated because what she’s illuminating is an enclosed space so it’s only illuminating that area what’s hanging close but runs up and he says to you to your left good lady whoa you can’t I don’t know what that means like what passing on the left is you’re trying to go through laelia I just is ready what would you have you do just wait that’s okay he’s like this is a real thing that’s happened he’s actually pulling your face so when you say what would you have me do that’s what you can’t decipher what you’re saying I say what what would you have me do my my brother man lies wounded brother under attack brother moon trivia second in line now second in line when Hoggard eyes / Vince’s next okay you’re short bow is still pointed it all right now it’s pointed out hoggers back in city how can’t be pointed the woes Hager is a head of nowhere he’s right there he’s big yeah see I mean the ceiling is quite high so the ceiling above you guys you can’t it’s like 20 feet above it it’s a very high ceiling I shall shoot my bow in an arc all right okay other than Trump I can’t believe this is happening our friendship roll another t20 why do – damage for damage no roll another goddamn did you just try to roll – you didn’t like me tricked that is the most egregious thing you’re gonna clump on the wrath of the dungeon master lady twenty-three and a ten you had a point of inspiration oh you no longer have a point of inspiron probation no yours just done

you can tree roll rolls it’s fine okay so you managed to shoot the arrow above hoggers head you you try to arc it but that fails so it just kind of goes straight diagonally above Hager you hear a clink I must have hit the ceiling that’s what you logically assume one of the 23 the good part is she didn’t hit I feel like there’s a person okay dad I’m gonna explain mechanics behind how that happened so the only way that I you how is she going to shoot a gyro you know well no no no listen to me listen think about the wolf is like 10 feet away from her how is she gonna shoot it in an arc where it hits the wolf and has enough force in an arc to damage it it doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t know the only way that I was gonna happen is if she meant that you can treat a wooden arrow the only way that I was gonna let it happen is if you rolled in natural Shawnee you roll the 19th so I was like okay if you manage to do hit the Wolves armor class again on a second roll I was going to allow it but you didn’t so the whose turn is I think Miley goes oh yeah oh yeah that was a very flustered there permits that was a hell of a turn pissed that an arrow just went above me by the way from my back yeah you know what it was you don’t know if it was a goblin or if it was real friends nature and I’m actually coming at you two gone damn you’re fighting wolves no yeah I’m just thinking aloud it’s a neat there cheating though I don’t like that I wouldn’t fight them but now like they’re coming at us alright I use produce flame are you going to attack the wolves what is your reasoning for attacking the wolves they’re getting mugger no I don’t give a [ __ ] about Hager what no I don’t attack the Bulls I sit here this you you can I just need you to give me a baby so hot because they were chained up so I wouldn’t attack them so how do you even do in there there no I remember the change they’re not showing up in these goblins right but they were chained and freed these wolves sure now they are free technically well speak to them so check out my channel wouldn’t let me rest and that’s a stupid spell instead of a canter I just because you’re still you’re all still fairly new with this like I will give you some options here check out this do you mind I can’t I can’t go in there because harbors big dumb idiot is so your options essentially are you can fight the wolves but you have to give me a convincing reason if I’m not convinced you can’t do it and also whatever reason that is you’re gonna have to apply that going forward so if a similar situation happens again you’re gonna have to act in the same way your morals well yeah my such as your moral a if nature is cruel if some even if a wild animal is attacking me you kill it yeah but my right these were chained up and I hate that I would argue that they were somewhat provoked as well right so I’m on the Wolves side right now so you decide to not attack a little yes I know there are [ __ ] it was Jones walked he couldn’t do anything they were provoked what I really understand it’s chained up it can’t hurt me I want to kill it you illusion you but it did not attack you said you say dark it like it did bit it did bite you but it didn’t actually all right I think I think it’s the wolf’s turn so are you are you done you can also if you want make an animal handling check however oh I got about that I’m good at that it would I’m really good at that yes but considering the situation right right right if I have you you said that magical spell blows my mind I feel like it should be a contra but whatever yeah I feel like I would have the ability to talk to an animal’s you can get that later actually you don’t right now you can’t everything on convert I knows me knows I get it but uh yeah well a handling animals check like I would like try to grab the one that is now you’re gonna have to like now we’re gonna have to convince me how you’re going to

handle these animal hotter than okay that’s that’s a good point so yeah I stand here and watch harbor guy I think that’s the prevailing denies huggers in the way okay Hager could move Andrew it is your turn that’s the wolf’s turn before mine no you are before the wolves okay um yeah I mean I there’s no reason for me to go in until somebody asks me I’m staying up okay wolves the one that went for your neck is going for you again it’s gushing blood what are you talking about the nose yeah half of its body of you no no you didn’t let me that you skinned it so it’s a joke of its skin here now yeah it’s just it is it is hurt but it is it has everything it needs to lunge at you and I can feel its pain isn’t it is in pain but it is not out of a fight holy [ __ ] oh yes because it worked so well last time it goes for your neck again oh no since you have already been bit in the neck it seems to know it you seem to be even more sensitive this will be a crippling it was a really insane rule this would be a crippling attack this is your fault you could have you were in that room with hunger okay so hugger you are the first no he was always blocking the person to be unconscious so the way that this is going to work is you every time it’s your turn you roll a 20 there are no bonuses there are no you don’t add anything if you succeed you mark it down so just put successes and failures you get three successes or if you roll a natural 20 you have one hit point you’re stabilized if you get three failures you are dead permanently what is it a success what’s a failure I believe it is like above ten is accessible it centers a failure I okay let me double check because this is a brand new thing well for me it’s a brand new thing I don’t know if it was in fourth edition or not did it used to be when you die you die in 3.5 it was when you went below zero hip points every single turn you took another point of damage bless you and once you got to negative 10 it was a countless Commerce’s a role and I just wanted to what patient one night gusoff I’m to bring note to you that one of my traits is nimble I move through through the spaces of larger creatures so now that Hager is now on the ground you can move through that space I just met the one when lightly I was standing in front of me what do you say I’m nimble I can move through the space of larger creatures oh how large is the question is it medium-size are you sure medium okay but you did get in front of I let you go through so rolling a walking ability not just to failures rolling in 20 you get one hit point is it above tenable attend though uh 10 or higher you succeed yeah okay so I’m gonna have you roll your first one now 20 d 20 alone okay so mark one successful a success there’s another wolf there’s another world there are actually two other wolves they’re both a lot bleeding like crazy no one’s fine once one is on Jenny two of them are bleeding so they unscathed one since you’re just gushing blood out of out of your neck it and you just collapse to the floor like it like a like a giant boulder cuz you’re a big heavy do with chain Milliron it assumes that you’re dead it is it is a feral animal it is not going to check for signs of life you’re down mission accomplished as far as its concerned just past you however he’s a tasty young halfling know that it sees and because it’s still sort of in the frenzy of combat it attacks without hesitation what is your air armor class Pervis 13 it goes for your arm and it manages to snag it I need that to plan my bagpipes you take eight points of damage I only

have 900 I think you targeted Pervin that was a person you’re directly behind I’m not going after Andrey that should be one Hey yeah I’m directing you I’m purposefully calling Union uh-huh can you watch at least and make sure she’s not cheating you straight up re-roll the bedroom um whose turn oh the other wolf does not come forward to attack you cannot see it anymore so week one the one who the one who like the one who’s you Paula got chopped up you don’t see anymore okay harder is your turn again actually I should have waited so usual so we’re just gonna count that as exists your turn is over at the moment because you’re there’s nothing else you can do mm-hmm Bourbons is your turn give one hit point you’re still alive I agree with your boat you’re still technically Vince is going to the launch is short I pulled my rice yes you can but since you a pity since you have the so the way that I’ve been doing it is if you have nothing equipped and your sword is in the sheath you can do that as is a free bonus I’d whatever you want to call it you can do that without penalty but if you have a ranged weapon equip and then you switch to a melee weapon that acquires a little bit more effort like in this case you’re gonna have to drop the bow or put the boat like you’re gonna have to do something with the bow and then draw your weapon so if you want to draw your ray PA you can you can do that but that will be the action that would be your action for this could pervades also retreat and leave Lila at his handle these wolves you can retreat however if you just retreat will chase me you the wolf will get attack an attack of opportunity uh-huh because you’re turning your back to it however there is this something in this edition called disengage where you can use your action to move away from the wolf without giving it an attack of opportunity disengage I like that yeah it’s I need services whoa you can also try to shoot your arrow at at point-blank range but because it’s so close you have a disadvantage on your goal but you can do that if you want to how big is the disadvantage she doesn’t improvise what a disadvantage is is you roll to 220 and you take the lower revival score okay cool you wait you take a lower of two scores so sit there again so when you have a disadvantage you roll a d20 twice you take the lower score are you marking my own every single time you use an arrow cuz you use two rows at this point so you should have 98 left it’s a lot of arrows right now and then with this one oh the 97 so roll a d20 twice and please take the lower one that’s crazy nice not looking good no three plus your attack bonus is what so sort of sort of frazzled because your your arm just suffered a deep bite and because you have this wolf like right in your face you try to stumble a shoot but it it fails you you you hit the ceiling again that ceilings getting to look for can you collect arrows after a battle uh it depends yesterday is there anything a ceiling are not going to cuz they’re 20 feet above you and but like if it hits something or if it hits like song if it riffs yeah yeah you could you could yeah absolutely that’s very smart to do actually okay so turbans this turn is over lightly odd as your turn things are going bad for your group yeah okay well at this point it’s clear that the two injured wolves are they’re not going to come back from this so I feel like I could in good conscience put them out of their meds or come out of their misery whoo right also they’re probably gonna try to kill me in a sec unless I what I’d love to do is try to calm these things down but I can speak to them because I don’t do an animal handling check but it’s that’ll eat up my attack though right