Go Kart Snow Tracks From China! Camaro Shreds The Snow!

this looks like it’s from China which means more exciting stuff that we ordered from Alibaba it’s very good timing because we’re starting to be snow outside there’s no real like scale but look at that said tracks and skis for a go-kart yeah these are like they’re made for a go-kart how does that even exist I don’t know I’m so glad it does of the whole we’re definitely gonna have to make some adaptors for these puffs yeah they have splines on the inside I was something maybe he’s serious they had ones that came with an axle so we could have like used it to adapt but it’s way more expensive because of shipping yeah anyway look at those little baby skis those cute we’re expecting this for like a month yeah I can’t believe this exists that’s what is amazing me it’s like how did this exist yeah why is this exist like are we the only people that bought this or is there other people that want this I don’t know but it’s amazing they’re awesome they’re kind of the perfect size for they are oh yeah like I’m glad we didn’t plan on getting them for the Jeep like they might even fit with the body on if it’s lifted all the way oh my god that’s gonna look amazing that is so cool man we need more snow I don’t know what these are supposed to be made for maybe like a you know snow blower or something the tracks themselves but is enough to set up there it’s really basic just a drive sprocket with teeth on it and then two little idler bogie wheel things what’s cool is it’s got some flex in the middle to roll over bumps so and then this whole frame just kind of holds it rigid on the back and they have adjustment as well yeah they have tension adjustment here really basic just a you know it’s kind of like you’d see on the rear end of their bike a little bit yeah the same yeah there’s a concept Steve’s are just teeny tiny little snowmobiles style skis that got a little metal scag on the bottom for grip I have to figure out how to adapt this to go onto the end of the inch and a quarter axle that’s on the Camaro in a way that’s strong because these have a lot of leverage on the axle so I believe and these and welders will figure something out yes no this is this is my attempt at an North Idaho spline cutter so I did a little bit of math and made marks evenly spaced marks all the way around the shaft here 23 of them because that’s how many splines there are in there now I’ve set up this so that the grinder is essentially a hose clamped onto the boss slide for the lathe and so I’ll turn the grinder on hold this still and then run the grinder back and forth and cut a spline that’s the idea my man was off or I just didn’t pay attention whatever I cut in 22 splines instead of 23 but about let’s see 1 2 3 2 6 10 of them lined up so I marked which ones lined up ground off the rest and it works

Wow this is 10 points instead of 22 but it’ll probably hold for a while we’ll see just in the snow oh yeah and that so now I’m just gonna bore a bolt bore a hole in the middle there and tap it for a bolt to hold it all on there and then I’ll spin it around and mill down the other side and I’ll explain how I’m gonna make it all attached but so nerd it up pretty dang straight straight enough oh yeah that like this part is nice and tight inside the bore here so it doesn’t matter if the splines are off a little bit because this keeps it all straight the spline to just keep it from being a little spin here’s my adapter it’s taking me like most of the day to make one of them but a second one will go faster this is a chunk of ancient quarter axle same as what’s on the Camaro this is the adapter that I’m about to weld together so it’ll slide inside the end of the Camaro axle and then it’s got the key way and then this piece is what will help it drive it because this will be welded on right there so the axle will go on to the end of the shaft and then inside of there with the key in there to drive it and then this side goes inside the hub of the track set up inside this hub here with this bolt to hold it all together and then we’ll be in track driving business we’ll just go to wrassle the strap back on here which is easier second oh yeah that’s the easy way to do it work smarter not harder that’s what they say good news it didn’t work when it welded so this that’s just beautifully in there so you can see how that’s you know really strong I didn’t you know I had this go inside the axle because this is only that wide and I could didn’t want to rely on that for all the strength so now this part of it is the strength part but both of them work together and this all it has to do is transfer the rotational force through the keyway just like it would you know on anything else so I think it’s time for a test fit the stance is a little wide but true there’s really not a lot to be done about that because there was never any chance of this fitting inside of the axle and don’t think we get a shorter axle for snow mode but we could do that we could definitely do that we don’t need to drive this thing again with the wheels anytime soon right just shorten this I share it often you know so that’s that’s one track mounted on the Camaro and we looked at it the body will fit with these on there which is even better yes so that’s as far in as we can get it it’s right up against the brake rotor which again it works out because the body fits inside of it so now I’m going to do the other side and I’ll try to get the splines more than ten lining up this time the other day method there yeah I’ve got a rather unorthodox threading method here so I’m holding the the the tap with

the tap you know thing that is made for holding it but I’ve got it in the lathe here and with these belt drives in this motor it’s not that’s it doesn’t have that much power so I just have the lathe running but the belt detentions and then I just push this lever and go until it slips the belt and it doesn’t it threads it a little bit at a time I back up a little bit shove the lever get a couple more threads it’s way faster than doing it by hand probably a little more accurate – yeah I mean once you get in there a few threads you can’t get it crooked anyway but it’s just easier obviously it’s not recommended especially not with a lathe that actually has power cuz it just like brain stuff but like your wrists yeah well it’s relying on like it it it’s hitting here so it’s not just relying I mean I can easily hold it with my hand yeah but it also would hit there but you know you’d probably break the tap or something else with a more powerful wave because these belts just kind of slip yeah when it gets over power it works and then pulling the tap outs pretty easy to just spin the Chuck definitely saves you a lot of time and energy there yeah and the lathe does all the work of turning it mm-hmm plus the lathe has far less torque than you can put on it by hand so there’s no chance of breaking it because the wave just stops you have to back up a little bit so this time around I actually got the right number of splines I did a little bit different math I just divided 360 degrees by the number of splines we need and that gives me the angle of arc between the two splines so let me put this the angle finder thing here on the lathe and I just turned it in multiples I think the number was 15.6 degrees so I just turned it 15.6 another 15.6 another 15.6 and made marks all the way around and then did the same thing with the grinder is last time so actually they’re much more accurate and they actually all fit they’re not perfect by any means but for what it is it’ll work it’s about a perfect as you could get with the tools we have yeah not bad for cutting splines with a grinder attachment okay here’s a close-up on what that attachment looks like pretty simple just a chunk of aluminum clamped into the tool holder with a couple of hose clamps to hold the grinder on and then a very high-tech shim to adjust the angle of it phase one tracks complete phase two skis yeah this is gonna be a lot simpler all I have to do is bore this up to five eighths to fit over the spindle and then make some sort of a little bracket that keeps it from rotating and then phase 3 is rip phase threes wait for snow currently we have just enough snow to look like snow but not enough for this to work

shoot it’s a little a little on the long side yeah that just means I need to cut that off and make my own bracket yeah so maybe wheelies would be a bad idea we just put the rubber stuff like on the reel yeah we can just we could just exactly we can just take a piece of rubber and screw it in right there and then it won’t be a problem yeah cuz this Way’s not an issue because if you’re just going up a hill you know that’s fine but if one of these lifts off the ground you wouldn’t want it to dive in yeah it’s a good bit of angle yes seriously that’s a lot of angle and it can all turn just fine it’s gonna look like some crazy little RC toilet like you wouldn’t think was real yeah so cool except the body on looks so sick no we’re waiting it out for the snow guys I wish we could show you right now finally got some good snow which means snow maro yes it’s gonna be so sick can’t wait to test out last thing we got to figure out here is just some limiting straps so did you go over a bump or whatever they can give it like a bit but not too much that way if you actually go airborne they don’t just spin all the way around cuz we got some fresh powder and some fresh cookies I decided to go for maximum effort here and just use a hose clamp to hold the limiting strap on obviously it’s not an extremely high strength solution but it’s not like they’re gonna be taking a ton of force it’s just to keep it from over rotating [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so that was taking it super easy we still got a fix the fuel pump and then send it really hard tomorrow it’s because in the driveway one ski is like always on a tire track and the other than the deep snow so one of them’s like got a lot of drag and then also that track has less traction so just like all over the place it’s super fun though throw snow everywhere so we can’t really like get out test it very well because it runs out of fuel too quickly it’s a bad fuel pump but

it’s super fun a very very different snow machine all we have on hand is this little fuel pump we were gonna use for the oil and first started turbo in a Mustang let’s see if that guy works that might yeah so the only reason it would work is it might have too much pressure and be overpowering the float valve in the carburetor and then flooding the engine if that’s the case we can just add in a little regulator which we don’t have didn’t seem to be overfilling or anything and then no whole granite wide-open shouldn’t be a problem anymore yeah apparently it’s gonna work yeah I’ll take it so this is something we ordered for the Odyssey quite a few months ago but the Odyssey hasn’t stayed running long enough for us to need this to test it out this is fuel cell phone sticking your fuel tank and it keeps the fuel from sloshing around so much when you go around corners which is a problem in the off in the Camaro because of how flat the tank is so we’ll see if we can’t stuff a few pieces of this in there which might help also with our fuel sloshing around we do donuts nice and sturdy and got wired up to the ignition so when you turn the ignition on fuel pump runs just like a real car yeah [Applause] so right after we got the fuel pump in the Camaro it rained we lost all the snow at Ethan’s house so now we got it warming up you finally got some snow we’re about to do some hill climbs we’re really gonna put this thing to the limit keep it wide open and make sure that fuel pumps gonna work and get us all the fuel we need so let’s get it [Applause] [Laughter] things are improving outside as we speak it it was gray at times and we saw some blue skies that you saw the Sun for the first time in a while put together less for me because things are getting better watch them continue to get better that just happened going around this corner all the skis are not exactly crash rated this skis cannot hang chute yeah was running great until he crashed into this snowbank Wow Oh baby will air down those off-road tires and put them on front huh I don’t think they’ll clear the defenders at all oh yeah I just came around this corner and I did it break the tie rod for the steering no I think how did the spins I’ll get that far it just went past its center they have a like see it’s just pivoted the opposite direction which can happen easily see it just spun all the way around well I’m not sure oh this is the front to the ski that’s totally mashed yeah well I mean because that’s where I hit it yeah yeah no it didn’t actually bend the spindle

it just destroyed the well in conclusion it worked properly for maybe two minutes and it was fun those tracks are severely inadequate for anything the skis well are now garbage but they were also inadequate once we got the fuel system sorted out it runs great overall though it’s just not going to be a great snow machine which you know nobody expected it to be because tiny little skis tiny little tracks very low ground clearance but so this means for Cinderella is real quad tracks and real snowmobile skis yeah and the theory is tested now so we know it can be fun it just didn’t work super well in this setup but then again like I said low ground clearance all that wood made it not great in any situation but fun test for the concept and now we’ll do a much better version on Cinderella and then eventually obviously on the four-wheel drive build I’m sure you guys are gonna be antsy for the next episode that we are collecting parts working on it this was just a little in-between thing while we were waiting for some parts to ship and getting supplies for that so we’ll be back to the four-wheel drive Power Wheels next week nice that’s good enough enough it’s like all of a sudden it went from being fine to like full Serato barely staying above whoa all right so I guess ten volts is the lowest it’ll fry those by far the most successful drone flight we’ve had yeah yeah oh yeah look it wasn’t tight enough