[Let's Play] Grim Dawn part 35 – The End is in…sight?

how long it is I flower Richards of the game train welcome back to brim done and the road is 0 out of 10 oh yeah that’s how you should start dark souls free then he recorded you crowded template you got shanked i write this game out of 10 where do we go now oh speaking of dark horn mountains speaking of dark so she s go ahead Jordan like wouldn’t it have been the most ideal arcade game ever you have died in said a quarter maybe but I think it would be short-lived considering its difficulty well I had something similar like that parents kill quarters ago clinic but before that there was another machine and another hotel we were at not a vacation but I order given enough gave me enough entertainment for two hours at this hotel I play for five minutes no I’m not even five minutes 40 seconds you’ll be killed instead new quarters well that you would it would be good because they’ll be making a ton of money off of people oh yeah and I’m actually now that I think about I should check both volume settings I forgot to do that I are sick damn night it’s okay we get to see the behind the scenes of the game train also known as no you don’t cut okay I’m you fight like hot [ __ ] I fixed it now we can actually win game no yes oh this guy this guy well it’s the Alpha what did you expect hit me with the [ __ ] rock and I instantly died that’s just as bad as chef boyardee throwing those [ __ ] pots at she at the undead settlement I remember one of them [ __ ] through the pot at me mainly fall off a bridge into that pit I survived though but just barely what I don’t know how I just barely made it one HP left [ __ ] healed a suicide hood one of my friends suspect his neighbor is trying out better breadcrumbs on his car to attract all the birds to [ __ ] on it why would people do that for some reason there’s ownership on his car and there are no [ __ ] trees in close vicinity to his car and whenever he goes up it’s [ __ ] ship to pieces neighbors car nothing the other day was got nothing so my sis Vegas yes Oh alesis at eggs guys having fried egg on your car that’s Batman let’s [ __ ] up we’re doing a summer it’s a option new compulsory activity in Baldia why should you spend the gas on your I don’t know what’s it called a computer or something when you can just use your car in the least spend gas on your computer no no not your computer your computer not your computer the computer no no no one else with an F and the kill they come Comfort all what you mean no need ice you mean like truth you mean like a little something but remember the store yeah very good the word let’s go searching for another computer computer no not the computer become pure American peak you could God a bit the computer not like a puter no guessing no no teeth like a true man yes our computers run off for gas [ __ ] 40 years run off of electricity what a noob no wonder you have leg for this that’s what all pro gamers to take this energy source to their computers gasps oh I thought they filled their computers up with Mountain Dew and Doritos or the full of the HIPAA debt know if you see they take those

tubes for water cooling and then we feel that if Mountain Dew the best water cooling is mountain dew speaking of it i just realized recently while price years ago in the office map you can find cans of mountain dew which has the name changed to alpine sweat oh my god i think it accurately represents the true taste of mountain dew loma’ i found a bar east the boyfriends name Lamar hey Lamar hey this is you called LD long day LT is a champ right there limit the kings or a long dick Lamar something Lamar Davis I think the more dick oh that makes sense remember his last name is I remember here is that best voicemail ever though I think it’s Davis probably right I haven’t played in a while I need to play that game again that dudes hilarious I deleted it not recently a while ago cos the multiplayer was getting on my [ __ ] nerves all so so there’s apparently this board game where you play as alchemists and you have to create off a different kind of potions and then force your apprentice to drink them to test its golden Archer pelago no social and you have to get on boats as well and go with it you have to use potions to capture islands you can give it to the residents there they’re called potions of Christianity and you convert them already dublin for the vikings side effects may include going valo law oh you we do not guarantee the safety from your former Alastair Hawk have the only good tabletop game that I played is munchkins it’s all about the only one you [ __ ] played properly well it’s the best one oh you properly because other ones are too complicated yeah and munchkins is like the best thing ever everyone can play it and everyone can [ __ ] your way I think one of my friends actually has that as like like actual cards I’ll he invited me over to play at once and I was like oh no it’s one of those you should have a separate or what it is that one was simple though i’ll give it that it’s a very simple game but it’s lots of fun i loved it especially when you get to the stroke of luck and get for level up car at the beginning of the game oh I’m waiting for your hands [ __ ] agonizing but he has his reaction is gonna take a bit of time for him to react but I can remind him we were playing one time and I was acting like the biggest kiss ass of all time up until level 4 but not not not level 0 level six then I just use my trump card for level off and i won everybody [ __ ] ground we did do a mistake there because you actually have to fight the monster to go from the line to 10 where the hell go up here you what the [ __ ] go up to stash you [ __ ] are you having the same problem let me up there yeah yeah click like the middle of the stairs that’ll let you go up finally I need become handicapped pretty much you have a global my arch nemesis why did he go up here there’s a way to go it’s right there [ __ ] why did he go up here it was the challenge we had to overcome the stairs is the energy plus the stairs are dominating you there is no opportunity for revenge now this is why I like we’re gone I can only play one hand and the father I can do things like eat and drink or available Henderson or have a quick one yes I like grim dawn because I can get a quick wakey while I’m recording another thing then that’s the WEP in the air it’s like playing a paladin in World of Warcraft vanilla you too jack [ __ ] for minutes at a time but you can watch a quick get there bj will you are doing it watch a quick bj oh oh yeah go ahead

in there my blade into these orbs ass what is a twisted fantasy cryptic I’m not sure I want to play this game anymore oh yes girl give me like thrust the sword into an ass oh [ __ ] you know what what can I even say after that welcome to the dungeons of yoga diamond there is no escape but it’s right there you got an exit sign oh that’s just the entrance to this special rule it actually leads out what you talk about that I I knew I should have taken all that side damn correct so any interesting bull [ __ ] happens ever since we last recorded probably it’s been a long time since we recorded the it’s rather than sick boards or sick ways being illegal to drive around in public roads in Denmark I don’t think anything particularly has happened oh good the [ __ ] segways are stupid well suck what is your response about segways a stupid answer us quickly now I have no comment [ __ ] concentrate don’t you care about handicapped americans who can’t walk properly she even uses those [ __ ] things yeah they can’t fit in them you gotta use a [ __ ] carts or whatever they’re called exactly the sit-down was they can’t stand are you gonna be ma jörgen what America are you watching you gotta be more considerate York the one from 1776 I got cards at my house right now and I’m not even fat well think about it you could probably use a sick way with your ass a sick way yeah sick way that’s where you bring the X Games oh yeah yeah well I don’t really know if you could or could not move the Segway around while sitting on it but why would you even want to have it in the first place it’s just an expensive scooter why not you might as well just buy a scooter I mainly see mall cops using those things not really anybody else mall cops why am I not surprised oh it doesn’t listen um seriously paul Blart status dude I’m Clark I look on alternative history map there’s a signature for Turkish there’s no [ __ ] Turkish on the lab but the [ __ ] is the frame they like ask you a sign there they lost their territory on the stands English English does not occupy great britain in fact spain occupies great britain and straight britain occupy suede what kind of me really I don’t know I’m looking at a map on that the starship elaga fiscal matters custom campaign or in solaris it is not needed to be a white man I mean I’m energy removed mod where you could only play a Shrike man oh why though you can do that in vanilla no but if you play suddenly you are the immortal right man emperor of Europe your air also the black white black African woman well you can see you’ll enjoy a harem your excellency I don’t really see the problem in that I mean if you want to just have white people in your game sure why not why why stop having that option it’s not like it’s a paradox pulled off that mod it doesn’t hurt anyone does it well because or did the paradox become volatile well maybe not needed a maybe there was some other reason oh this is the creepiest picture I’ve ever seen you know how hard up here Ali I don’t think so so there’s this harp and the lower part of the hood they have it replaced to the woman and just stuck needles through her skin so do you can play the

heart well she’s trapped to the heart what kind of fetish books are you doing there what are you watching man 4chan for [ __ ] sake this came up on a blue were done for Chad yeah it’s all so blatant oh did you keep the children away oh my god this looks like a painting of some sort is it not a painting no it’s some sort of funnel of [ __ ] lead in the villa or something oh well it’s kind of reminiscent to most kind dumbasses who hook themselves up in the back or whatever and just hang around people do that [ __ ] yeah the people that do that say it’s very relaxing I don’t think so considering your [ __ ] meat is being hooked with some butcher’s hook and you’re just hanging there like a [ __ ] dumbass does he look very [ __ ] relaxing it looks very [ __ ] painful to me just ah ha ha so somebody on my facebook newsfeed got tired of his huge ass bigger portal filled with saliva from sneezing so he decided to shave it off why don’t you [ __ ] wipe this is what they’re going to do when you get all [ __ ] saliva inside yogurt we wipe through late some interesting people have associated myself with you gotta stop role-playing know her dress although these kind of people just let me I see you died sack yeah the baby I kill me again yeah maybe he’s a big guy for the move the big guy what do you got a big one throw the [ __ ] bomb and they’re like who threw that bomb and they gang bang me and then i watch i watch [ __ ] water just standing there watching me die I don’t realizable I love lip watch the screen as I died and you’re literally just standing there just staring yeah my corpse flying through the air I didn’t even realize you die the pump up until a few seconds later than a [ __ ] post yesterday no loitering I didn’t you good picking up oh I think these guys really don’t want us going this way [ __ ] them what to do when you’re out of cake you die drop it on the ground and die in DotA you don’t happen once I play DotA match I’m running from somebody so gonna kill me with all background worry this way I’m eating cake while I’m doing it and then it for sat in the floor I gonna have to pick it up well and trying to evade and then I come back and I killed that’s what a new york and glued loses the game cuz he’s a fatass I had to pick up the cake pop stick that’s why people say don’t eat while playing games but while working at the computer in general actually well I have to kick it I did it didn’t follow my keyboard Jordan very oh that’s the least of your worries really if anything cake falling on the keyboard will just make the the buttons sticky for a little while well you know all about that oh yes I’m professional at that [ __ ] first-hand experience oh you keep it very thick you all that yeah after spilling the tea all over the [ __ ] keyboard yeah spilling your titty waiting like how many weeks three weeks to get a new one in yeah what other keyboard we offer free shipping can take up to three weeks if you’re like us I might as well take it shipping the best thing ever is water taking a screenshot with the touch keyboard monitor [ __ ] worst thing ever especially then I was playing runescape all that time people are trying to talk with me and I can’t even tie back fast enough it’s our [ __ ] accusing me of boarding then I’m like no I’m not a bad i can’t type that fast come on i’m going to put your check it let’s fing their crews know me i’ll type it right now have a good thing is their war doesn’t mean jack and [ __ ] because you cakes as their methods of figuring out who is really the bot so i don’t have to worry about your accusations it’s just annoying and this guy is spelling very slowly put on the one left at the time or he probably has a handicap you can only use one hand

he’s probably another bot guys i have a hurry cap i can only use my [ __ ] dick to type 0 hold on I got some point how would that enhance your online gaming experience playing playing shooters but making authorizing simulated do you have to make you a dick hard so you can control it but you have to shoot but you just keep its lacking waiver to get out no just take another subject excuse the [ __ ] game then Gordon then when I was thinking of a game that I played recently but I forgot what it’s called again you wouldn’t imagine exactly actually host the podcasts before oh yeah I don’t know we had like three or four episodes of most the minimalist yo gandi we gotta shut down you look up of that space game that we played a while ago it’s like you you have to fly before ship do stuff and every player has a specific role like Captain gunnery scientist oh yeah what’s something orbit thing I don’t remember what’s so funny I think I’m sorry oh yeah bowls are lost oh yeah I remember now yes i plated recently with some people was pretty fun actually but we had some fun experiences too i was gunner so obviously the best parts came from there oh [ __ ] most of the time we were just one shotting the people because he had the nope in laser from some kind of a station which we blew up it was ridiculous like five RS 5000 damage in region aden was [ __ ] ridiculous but I’ve thousand yeah pretty much one shot at everyone it’s very sick man especially if we charged the attack but there was one case where the captain is like okay we’re gonna need to use a nuke for this part I’m like okay this just let me know when to shoot I’ll do it because I I have the console for that nearby so if we gets to the point where we need to shoot the new he arms it I’m ready to shoot I sure that and then ready to shoot yeah I shoot the new cut but he told me before that but I also need to wait a bit before i detonate it oh boy I wasn’t sure how far it was so I flipped the switch and it blew up right in front of us God you gotta read a bit we very survival that we were missing like wait a bit more in there we nearly survived that and nobody figured out it was me but accidentally yeah guys to totally yeah we’re like who did this who put prematurely bombed it I’m like I’m shooting right now I couldn’t have done that it wasn’t me guys okay weapon specialist it couldn’t have been him he said he didn’t do it yeah touch it don’t you throw this big nerve a Polish spaceman oh we wouldn’t press this photo shoot work it was pretty fun though he had some good time he’s come for that aim