– Leave these alone Come walk so you have a good see real quick – Okay So go up here Gate, gate Is up through here – Yep, okay – Here is gate one Come through here I guess this is gate two Not gate one – Yep – Go through there and then up there – Okay – Gate three Back down, gate four – Gate four – Gate five – Five – Turn around, and you’re coming back up for gate six – Sounds good – Thank you, Charles Okay Good luck, Mark – Thank you – Hold up just a second Class three vehicle You have six minutes on the clock – Yes – When you’re ready – I follow you – Okay So all the way up – I’ll just slide it over We’re going to back up and we’re going to do a little run – [Man] Mark, you’re not supposed to roll over the gate – Reposition (laughing) – Position here – [Man] Oh, that was dirty – Well, I can’t progress you through the next gate; right? You have to progress yourself (laughing) – [Man] Fair enough – Oh, really? (RC engine revving) – Race – [Man] Get clear Oh, give her, give her – [Man] There’s not a scale accessory either (laughing) – [Man] I should watch what I’m pointing at Wow Good Fire up that side as fast as you can Give it a run Oh – Throw me at the top of the gate (laughing) I feel for all those class threes (laughing) Going to destroy the hill climb here Nice – Progress I go here? – [Man] You’re hitting just as many gates as I am – [Man] I have to go this way? – [Man] Through those two yellow ones – Up here There’s no more red gates From here up you’re just — – [Man] Progress Progress Oh, that’s a gate – Okay – [Man] Traffic jam I hope he uses that too (laughing) Progress – Are you going to go up? – [Man] Through Up and through – [Man] Yep What time? – [Man] 3:34 Progress Progress Progress Progress – [Man] You’ve got to make a right turn after the next one – [Man] This is another gate here You have to drive through; right? You’ve got to go through that (laughing)

– [Man] Rolled back into it Same thing Who designed these gates? (laughing) – [Man] Yeah, yeah I know; right? Got it – [Man] Lots of time, lots of time Progress – [Man] Good finish – [Man] Progress Oh, there’s another one – [Man] One more – [Man] Jesus Christ – [Man] Why are you wearing your clutch? Progress – [Man] Nice work – [Man] Holy gates, Batman – [Man] Hard, hard, technical course, huh? – That’s tough, that one was tough – [Man] It’s a tough one – This is how it’s going to go I’m going to start driving only power class two trucks (laughing) – [Man] Mr. Repel – Get ‘er done – [Man] Scaletown – Absolutely My class one did better than my class three – [Man] Progress – [Man] This is where you jump off Your class one gate is here Class one gate is here There’s another one back behind you and then it goes up this way So all the white flags on your driver’s side Gate Let’s see This one, that one and then this one And then you aim up top – [Man] Oh, it’s hard to walk through here Getting to safety – Progress – [Man] We didn’t make this film friendly (laughing) – You got to go all the way up into here Into here and gates to go – And that’s the end of like your — Positioning Sorry Progress (mumbling) Yep Try to wind it for everybody Have you got this one? – Yeah, I got this That’s a gate – [Man] My anchor is catching so I’m going to repo or whatever It’s heavy (laughing) And then through that one? – That’s a gate – [Man] Tight little spots So can I go around it now that I gated? – Oh, you have one more attempt and then you can go for a repo – Repo, I guess – [Man] Progress Gate Gate – [Man] This is a challenging course to all the viewers When you’re hearing gates, it’s a heck of a course Very technical turns – [Man] Three progresses There – [Man] Made it Some good dips there Hard to judge – [Man] Oh, sorry It’s not this section You’re good Progress – [Man] I’m supposed to go up that? – [Man] Yeah – [Man] Nice work – [Man] Nice – [Man] Wow – [Man] Nice Oh No touch, no touch – [Man] Wow – [Man] Progress

Progress Progress – [Man] Woohoo Is that a finish? – [Man] A finish – [Man] What a run Comes Penguin’s awesome run, or rig And run I should say – [Man] Except I’ve got penalties coming up the asshole There goes my body again – [Man] It still looks epic Yeah, me too – [Man] Rollover or reposition? – [Man] Rollover – [Man] I’ve probably hit like eight gates by now – [Man] Yeah, but if you do it twice as fast as anybody else, does it matter? (laughing) – [Man] Apparently not I just got to make it through everything by five minutes A camera in my face That’s where I stop swearing I got to turn right here? – [Man] You betcha – [Man] Oh, boy – [Man] Gate behind is live, gate ahead is live – [Man] This is a very hard spot to do – [Man] The gate behind died – [Man] Okay There we go – [Man] Nice work You’re looking good doing it though This one Is that it? – [Man] Finished – [Man] Finished Good job Three minutes left? – [Man] More gates than my liking – [Man] That was a quick run – [Man] You don’t have to go back through it One can try one more time then I can do it – [Man] It’s like a 55, 65 degree angle in there, folks Super steep – [Man] That’s good – [Man] I’m going to start running quads too (background conversations) – [Man] There was a lot of guys lined up down there Mattox is right now Yep – [Man] Good hop up Forget the gate Doing terrific Yep, tight, tight, tight right corner All the way back up over here – [Man] Yep – [Man] Good work Nicely done – [Man] Progress – [Man] Then you’ve got to turn around

– [Woman] You do? – [Man] Yeah, turn left – [Man] Thanks, Pat – [Man] Nicely done – [Man] Good try It’s real hard here – [Woman] Oh, boy – [Man] You can climb right back up here You gated on that one – [Woman] Fuck – [Man] Go around it Good – [Man] Good job This is another really hard spot Almost got it first try Oh Quit touching my bun Good job – [Man] White on the driver’s side – [Man] Right to me Oops It’s a very hard section right here Good job Just chasing me down Stayed right on that one Nice Oh All right – [Man] It’s real tough We’ll just wait until he gets up on the flat there He might not – [Man] Progress – [Man] This one? – [Man] Double orange and yellow flags are yours – [Man] Any judges meetings? – [Woman] I’m trying to help you Shh – [Man] Oh my God Come on Don’t roll him over – [Man] Can you fix some flags? You see them? – [Man] I fixed already a couple – [Man] You already gated You don’t have to go back there – [Man] You already gated – [Man] Okay – [Man] Yeah Just straight through Oh Watch out for the random logs on the ground – [Man] Progress Progress – [Man] I’m the first cross one to run or what? – [Man] The first one to touch that gate – [Man] No, there’s been a couple cross ones – [Woman] Don’t touch that flag (laughing) – [Man] Gate Where am I going? – [Man] Down to your feet You just stepped on a gate – [Man] Flattened it – [Woman] Jeez, Joe Stop wrecking the course – [Man] As soon as you move your time starts again – [Woman] It’s Joe What do you expect? Everywhere you went last year? – [Woman] Oh, yeah – [Woman] I remember – [Woman] Like really? No one else had to deal with that – [Man] Gate – [Woman] My uncle gave me the wrong information – [Man] Damn bugs – [Man] You already touched the gate Yeah, I’m going to fucking roll right here – [Man] Nice

Progress Don’t back into it, Joe Four minutes left, Joe You need an anchor? – [Man] Possibly not Look how long that is – [Man] Oh, fuck That’s nothing (laughing) I got 12 feet on here – [Man] Oh my gosh – [Man] Going to go just to the hill here And you can hold me there All right – [Man] Okay – [Man] 3:25 Progress Got to wait for it, bro Progress Do you want to let your line back in? While I do your progresses here? – [Man] I want to wench once more, so it’s going to be three in total – [Man] Okay – [Man] I’m just going to pull up to this log and then you can anchor me – [Man] Yep Okay Anchor – [Man] Okay Just remember you doubled with (mumbling) – [Man] Three of them – [Man] Progress That’s a hell of a side hill, isn’t it? – [Man] Oh – [Man] Yeah, get some – [Man] Fifth scale power Oh Hey now – [Man] We’re taking too long We need to go faster (laughing) Where are we going next? – [Man] Down through that gate and then down through the following one Gate Oh, I missed a gate Yep, down through that one – [Man] Nice climb Oh – [Man] That was close but you missed it Oh Gated it out – [Man] Oh – [Man] Good job, good job – [Man] Close – [Man] Keep it going, keep going – [Man] That is a narrow gate That is not 16 (laughing) – [Man] Clear – [Man] That is not 16 (laughing) Nope Good climb, Mark – [Man] Thank you, thank you – [Man] Upper gate, lower gate – [Man] You good? Okay – [Man] One? Two? Turn around Three, four, turn around Gate One, two, three, turn around Four, through the gate One, two, three, four Through the gate – [Man] And, oh, shit Was I supposed to go there? – [Man] You want to go up that direction – [Man] Nice climb That was really steep – [Man] Same time – [Man] Nice Progress Progress Progress Another progress Progress, another progress Progress, progress – [Man] Can I just get a repo? There’s no way I’m going to get through that – [Man] Yeah I’d take one too It’s a good call

– [Man] I’ll put you right over here – [Man] Almost three minutes, man – [Man] Doing good