The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi (1979)

In cooperation with Kadokawa Corp and Mifune Productions Co., Ltd Next stop, Ichinomiya, Bizen Ichinomiya, Bizen Excuse me, sir Please be careful not to miss the stop This stop is Ichinomiya, Bizen Ichinomiya, Bizen… Umm I’m sorry to intrude, but are you going to finish that crossword puzzle? I had planned to Forgive me, I tend to notice such things I see Can you finish it? – If I may – Go ahead The answer is, “Indian lilac Salisbury” Hey Your name What’s your name? You want that I should tell you my name? My name is Kosuke Kindaichi I know you – you’re famous! The linguist No I’m an ordinary man The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi Produced by Haruki Kadokawa Based on a work by Seishi Yokomizo Screenplay by Koichi Saito, Kensho Nakano Dialog writer: Kohei Tsuka Cinematography by Daisaku Kimura Ikko Furuya as Kosuke Kindaichi Kunie Tanaka as Inspector Todoroki Miyuki Kumagai as Maria Special appearances by Mariko Okada, Isao Natsuki, Tatsuya Mihashi and Toshiro Mifune

Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi Hey! Hey! Thanks! Sorry to make you wait! – Welcome home – Were you waiting long? Was Mr. Isogawa of Okayama prefecture well? Yep, really good Your powers of deduction could unravel the Gordian Knot That’s right, that’s right! Enough, let’s go! – Mr. Todoroki? – Yeah? This isn’t very becoming of a private investigator I don’t see the problem Provided you want to If “provided I want to,” includes movies, books, and this – Sir, we’re ready – Okay Look, put yourself in my shoes I’d rather not; your taste in clothing is rather limited Quiet on the set, let’s begin Relax. Good One, two, action Mr. Todoroki, what is going on here? I can only imagine that we’ve been marked for death It might have just been the flashbulb of a camera Yeah, maybe But elementary deduction suggests that the girl and the photographer were suspicious from the start There are too many frightening coincidences to dismiss offhand Damn straight, there are Give me a break already Tainted blood, secret births – the truth always has to be bizarre with you – This time it’s different – Maybe so – Actually, I’m incredibly busy – Why? A commotion over a thief A thief? Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Let’s go! We pulled it off! We pulled it off! Tokyo Chuo Police Station 18 March, 18:00, around the time when the sunset bathes the face with a warm glow Tokyo Chuo Police Station Whatever. A flatfoot always wears his sunglasses at the window If you look at the sun, you’ll want to howl You knuckleheads watch too much TV “I want more pay.” Forget about your pay – a detective needs guts! You idiots, the building’s already being torn down You might at least want to think about packing your stuff It’s the phone – the phone! Stop howling! Oh no! The limousine got him again That’s unreasonable Unreasonable, I say Look, the kind of limousines that run all over Tokyo We’re going to look under every rock OK, we’ll look under every stone, what’s the difference?! Excuse me

Stop! No! Don’t! Hello and greetings Hey, how are ya? Oh, a present A special, wonderful case No present, just the thieves A gang of art thieves No grudge, no curses – nothing like that But surely someone must have died? This is the homicide division, after all They’re thieves, nobody died I see This won’t do. Hey, meathead I mean, “Hey, you.” Detectives and PIs are like water and oil You’re too friendly with strangers But you seemed like you were enjoying yourself with me Just like on the poster Didn’t you feel like a star? Hey Give it to him It’s in the garbage can Tangled up with everything else The incident is a black, muddled mess Someone will be killed. Everyone will gang up on him. Stomp him into the dirt The kind of incident where you can’t tell your ass from a hole in the ground You know what I’m talking about – the Chrysanthemum Doll Strung up upside down, with a funnel in your mouth Give it to him He’ll sort it out Good call! Here it is! Here it is! Look! Look! Look! I found it It’s a sculpture. It’s plaster I know. I know Look, it’s a bloodstain A single hair betrays the unspoken grudge That’s seaweed Why don’t you give it a rest? You’re scratching your head Have you ever solved even one case? You’re getting dandruff all over everything By the way, Detective Kindaichi About three months ago, a certain South American airline was carrying objects of art Cargo Plane Crashes Into Ocean – Do you remember an airplane that crashed into the ocean off the Boso peninsula? – Sure Cargo Plane Crashes Into Ocean Cargo Plane Crashes Into Ocean A fisherman near where the airplane crashed Cargo Plane Crashes Into Ocean A fisherman near where the airplane crashed fished the objects out of the ocean What’s more, they were objects that had been reported as stolen All Objects Found to be Stolen What’s more, they were objects that had been reported as stolen All Objects Found to be Stolen This is how I see it It must have been the act of a gang of art thieves What do you think? But… was anyone actually killed? Well, sure, someone died After all, it was an airplane crash A flight crew of six died That’s pretty good In any event, you seem tired recently from the movies and books – I did TV, too – All the more reason for you to be tired How would you like to rest here a while? Has anything come of the talk I hear about you going to the US? 1-2-3-4 Sanshiro 1-2-3-4 Sanshiro Maybe I’ll go back to the US Hospital Hill The beauty of Japan and the beauty of criminal investigations fade with time Are you Detective Kindaichi?

Who the hell are you? – You’re Detective Kindaichi, aren’t you? – Yes! – Can you roller skate? – What? Uh, a long time ago I did it when I was in the US I see. Please put these on – Come with us – No, I Get his sandal! His sandals! Stop that! What are you doing?! Cut it out! Don’t do that! That tickles! It’s a case! It’s a criminal case! How frustrating! – Detective Kindaichi! – Yeah! We’re here What do you think we are? You’re the most nefarious band of art thieves operating in Tokyo Brilliant! You certainly live up to your reputation So I was right! But there’s just one question I have about your book How much it costs? Don’t you remember? There was one case that you never solved The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi There was one case that you never solved The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi Oh, it’s my book of short stories The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi Oh, it’s my book of short stories You failed to solve the case in A Woman in the Eyes It ends unsolved and you wrote, “It was an extremely questionable case, and I apologize sincerely, “but I suppose it’s acceptable to have one case end in mystery.” It was rather sloppy of you, and I can’t quite forget it – He’s cool! – That guy’s more debonair than me Kindaichi P.I. – He’s cool! – That guy’s more debonair than me Kindaichi P.I. What do you think of this? – This is…! – Do you know it? No, why do you have it? I knew it was real! What a lucky break! I suspected it was real My guys are always filching things with an air of mystery This was one of them Then this is definitely the head from the story The Figure of Fujiko in your book, right? Yeah, I can’t believe it It’s the real thing There’s one more thing I have to show you – Hmm? – It’s a movie from 20 years ago A movie? A goofy director filmed it, not even knowing that the incident was unsolved Of course, the movie was incomplete and incoherent “A Woman in the Eye” Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi Of course, the movie was incomplete and incoherent Of course, the movie was incomplete and incoherent You’re guilty, too, Detective Kindaichi No, the director is just incompetent Haida Manor No, the director is just incompetent Haida Manor Haida Manor Haida Manor Haida Manor Is that Kindaichi? Ouch! Who has dared to hit my head? I have lost my memory, but I do remember what I saw at that time. This movie sucks He’s dead The statue of the young wife of the manor, Fujiko Haida, whose dead body had been thrown into the lake. It’s the statue of Fujiko! Look! He’s scratched his head bald! I’ve got it! No, I don’t understand. – There ain’t much to this! – This story is thin The main house… the basement and “The Figure of Fujiko”. – There ain’t much to this! – This story is thin – There ain’t much to this! – This story is thin So, Detective Kindaichi, that’s about it

So, we just want you to solve this one case So, are you in? Great! Jeepers, it’s the fuzz! Open the back door and cover everything with sheets! Detective Kindaichi, I’m counting on you! Hurry! Open up! Freeze! After them! Whaddya know, it’s Detective Kindaichi? Hey, I thought it was you! I run into you in the darnedest places What in the heck are you doing here? It’s just coincidence I see We can talk about this later Hey, knucklehead, what are you doing?! They got away, boss – They ran like jackrabbits – Shut up, baby! Tokyo Chuo Police Station 25 March 10:08pm, a hardboiled night What’s up? Tokyo Chuo Police Station 25 March 10:08pm, a hardboiled night Tokyo Chuo Police Station 25 March 10:08pm, a hardboiled night Please. Starlog, please Tokyo Chuo Police Station 25 March 10:08pm, a hardboiled night Please. Starlog, please I don’t know Starlog What happened to Variety today? They’re off covering The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf – Inspector, long time, no see – Indeed. – Hello I hear they gave you the slip again It must have been frustrating, after you found their hideout and all But I hear that you made no arrests and found nothing of value There’s a lot to the case Give it a rest already Are you going to ask Kindaichi for help? The police can’t count on him for everything – Here you go – Thank you Detective Kindaichi, what are we going to do with your hair? It’s hopeless, isn’t it? I give up Give me a shave, too – Detective Kindaichi – Yes? – What is this? Don’t touch it It’s an antique I’m going to have it appraised So, are you on a case again? Sure, sure Come to think of it, your cases always get made into movies You come off as really cool – You’re too kind – Look, he’s here again – Mr. Kindaichi, “You’re a Lousy Sleuth” – What?! It’s the title of a ludicrous new book Oh, Mr. Takagi! True or not, I’m sure the book will sell By the way, Kyosuke Kamizu Hey, look! Hello? Mr. Koji? No, I’m Kosuke Ms. Ruriko? Sorry, wrong number What the heck was that about? Wrong number! Oh, yes. That’s me Oh, so it’s you? You went to a lot of trouble to give me the head of that statue What, did you want it back again? Huh? So it wasn’t you? That means someone else wants it, too This is a very curious development Both the old case and you crazy kids Take it easy “Thieves are artists, “and investigators are just their critics.” Pi-pi-po-po-pi-pi-po-po! What happened to your nose? A weird novelist bit me – Here, take it – Thank you Pi-pi-po-po. Good luck “The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi.” “A Woman in the Eyes.”

She was excessively respectful, even though I couldn’t crack the case Maybe she admires me I guess I’m an overprotective P.I Detective Kindaichi, Detective Kindaichi I Coffee Maaaaaxim – Mr. Kindaichi – Yeah? I was just thinking Me and the other detectives went whole hog on a case up until… When was it? The Taisho period. No, the early Showa period. Now, we’ve lost our mojo Look, people kill each other for no reason We lost our drive But with you, you still have the old spark That reminds me, the current owner, one Mr. Kazuya Furugaki Oh, Mr. Furugaki? Yes, the late Dr. Haida left his entire estate to him – He did? – Yes The manor is being preserved perfectly in its original state It hasn’t changed a bit! I feel at home here In fact, I’m ecstatic to be here This place is terrific The place still smells the same I don’t have anything against this place I feel an investigation brewing! Right! Is your husband in? – Who are you? – I’m sorry Here’s my ID We’re here to see Chairman Furugaki He’s in Kansai, at a speaking engagement I see This is an odd question, but has anything been stolen from the house recently? Not a thing Then, has there been a funeral in the neighborhood recently? Yes, the house across the way had a funeral Eureka! If I’m not mistaken, aren’t Dr. Haida’s plaster statues are in the basement? I had the pleasure of seeing them 20 years ago I would have been a primary school student then Not to be a pest, but are they still down there? Yes, they are I wonder They are Well, then It startled me Let’s have a look, just to make sure To the plaster statures! It brings back memories This is great This is it The head is gone! The head?! This is it, this is it – it’s a case! If you look closely, you can see the head is clearly missing! Kosuke Kindaichi! You don’t seem surprised Actually, I am Oh, it’s the phone Yes, yes This is Kojuro Akechi Indeed? Yes, yes Splendid, I understand I shall return to my abode forthwith I ask that you proceed to the store immediately Oh, and enter through the back Papa, Hey!

Oh, no! There’s no point now We have supped on carnal pleasure twice this eve Not yet, not yet If this proceeds in happy triumph, I shall indulge your every request Will you make me your first wife? Ayaka… you speak of this again ‘Tis of these things that you do speak, and yet do you profess ignorance that a man has been slain? Kiss me It’s Kanebo For beautiful human life! You’re overdue Tell me, what of that costume? Garbed in such a manner, you will attract unwanted attention Well, Mr. Akechi To cut to the chase, here it is The children are waiting, and I must return home Just show it to me, already! This… this is a dream! It’s a dream! A dream! Ah, ’tis a dream! And thou art the fulfiller of dreams! You sure do keep your cards close to your chest You even keep secrets from me At this point, we have to cooperate a little more Kosuke, get out I’ll wash your back I do enjoy a bath Remember, Kosuke: you’re famous – Hello, sir – “Sir,” he says. What did I say? You should move to a snazzier neighborhood I found an apartment in Midorigaoka that’s perfect – I thought I might move – It sounds nice If you don’t change your image occasionally, people will get sick of you I wonder if the sky’s going to clear up The weather is supposed to be clear tomorrow How’s your daughter? She’s well That’s good Hello, this is Kindaichi Oh, it’s you OK, I got it I’ll be right over – Who was it? – A girlfriend – A lover? – Yes, I’m going on a date A date? You? And why not? Even me, sometimes What in the heck is that? Oh, yes. This Well, it’s a present from the Society to Keep Kosuke Kindaichi Unmarried Look, it’s not even dirty I like it Whoa, this is bad Paddle! Paddle! – What’s the fuss? – Paddle There he is There you are! Again? I found you! Wait! Hey, we need to talk!

Look! There that man is again! I feel sorry for him – He’s been following us for a long time – I wonder why? Maybe because he knows I’m on a date with the ringleader of a gang of thieves Oh, he’s just jealous I like you, Detective He’s coming There you are! Hold on! Let me out! Stop! Next time I should let you two go on a date by yourselves – She said she’s going to let us go on a date by ourselves next time! – Here you go It’s the address and map of an art dealer in Ginza The Akechi Art Gallery Please! Hey! You’re disappointing me, Detective That’s where the head of the statue is Wasn’t it stolen from you? Please! Please! I hope he’ll be all right In any event, I can’t leave this alone until you finish the book How do you feel? The car I’ve been waiting for No wonder it’s car of the year The RX7 is the envy of all You sound like a commercial It seems your mood has soured Gee, I can’t imagine why! Akechi Art Gallery – What are you going to do here? – Physical evidence May I be of service, fine sir? The head! (You’re fired!) The head?! (I’m fired?!) You heard right! The head! (You’re fired!) I haven’t heard anything from the owner I’ve worked here 15 years I’ve worked diligently for the gallery Coming here from Tottori prefecture was a terrible mistake Woe is me! Pipe down, bub We’re looking for a plaster head! Oh, the plaster head? That’s 2 million yen Excuse me, sir May I ask your name? Inspector Chan of the Macau Metropolitan Police? It can’t be! – Woof! – Are you a dog? I’m Todoroki of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police I’m Mr. Akechi’s secretary, Takagi Can we please see Mr. Akechi? I can’t get ahold of him How about his wife, Fumie? – That’ll do – All right The gentle sea, the spring sea Waves and tears are warm The day the fish came out Wonderful. You’re terrific Is the Blind Plover Jonathan Livingston Seagull Fly Phoenix Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly This won’t fly Today is Big Wednesday

Breathe in the air of the North Shore and shout Ma’am, telephone It’s Mr. Takagi from the store I said not to take any calls when we’re rehearsing Hello, Takagi. What is it? What! Detective Kindaichi?! And Inspector Todoroki?! I’m thrilled! Really?! I was waiting! Bring them here right now! To the supercondominium! Supercondominium Thank you Your coffee, sir Thanks His wife is really late On the phone, she said she was at the beauty parlor She always stops at Tokyo Style, then rushes right home We’ll come again some other time Please don’t The mistress would be so disappointed But we’ve been waiting three hours Would you like some Chinese noodles? Yes, please – Some other time, maybe – Oh, please Oh, Detective Kindaichi! Inspector Todoroki! So glad you came! Good to see you! I’m so happy! A rose is prettier than you I think it’s the other way around When I heard you were coming, my heart was pounding Look! Detective Kindaichi, this is the coffee that Spartacus drank Ma-axim! Ting! I can’t take this! Ma’am! – I know! – Ting! I’ll show it to you Don’t be angry – Ma’am! – Yes? Where is it? On the other side of the door Go ahead Oh, no! Here it is, here it is – Do you like it? – It’s perfect In this kind of situation, you absolutely must have a body Every time you two are together, there’s a corpse around Thank you What is this all about? I want an explanation! Who is this?! – My husband’s mistress – Your husband’s mistress? Why, yes. My husband said that, since I’m his second wife, I had to look after her Of all the nerve! Who killed her? I’m the only one I can think of that would do such a thing I can’t take this anymore I can’t believe that she did it But she has to be But I don’t like it one bit It wouldn’t be right if I denied it, would it? How about it, Detective Kindaichi? I get a kick out of your body language – Are you OK? – How long have you known that there was a body in your closet? Yesterday afternoon around 3:00, when I was eating Chinese noodles Yesterday afternoon?! Please don’t scold her; it’s all my fault I wanted to call you sooner, but I figured I’d see you sooner or later

After all, people are always saying, “Save it for a rainy day.” That’s why Our perp is singing Let’s arrest her and be done with it This is beyond the pale Inspector Isogawa Walk! Don’t step on it It’s “Respect for the Aged” week Respect the elderly! Tokyo Chuo Police Station 29 March 17:32, the night the stars didn’t twinkle Go ahead What’s the matter? My teeth hurt I’ve been eating too much sugar Did she tell you where the head was? She talked a lot, but said she didn’t know about the head Honey, I want Chinese noodles How come he gets all the pretty broads? Damn Did she mention any past disputes? A woman like that always has a past Maybe she’s covering for someone I hope so What about her husband? He has a convenient alibi But it’s fishy that he was searching the apartment of the dead girl, Ayaka – Shaking it down? – Yes, a local policeman caught him Don’t step there. Please I don’t see your name, Todoroki Detective Kosuke Soon, the suspiciously shining stars will be in the Hibiya night sky When you see it, remember us Mr. Akechi, what were you looking for? I’ll tell you… It was the plaster head, wasn’t it? – Why do you…? – I was right, wasn’t I? You gave Ayaka the head for safe-keeping I’m right, aren’t I? But you lost it That is to say, someone killed Ayaka and stole that head Which is as much as you know I don’t know I really don’t know I really don’t know anything! Hakko Loans I’m not saying that wolves have a long life span It’s just a catch phrase You’re a stubborn bastard I didn’t say “a sow”, I said “an ugly woman”. Hey I just stopped by because I was curious about what you did with Ayaka Oh, tennis? Hello, Hakko Loans Oh, not this again I tell you straight: ugly women should die! “Wolves live, ugly women die!” But Ayaka couldn’t pay back her loan Is it true that she left something valuable before she died? I heard it was a “head” What are you up to, tootsie? You can’t outfox a fox I’m not up to anything Show it to me I won’t tell anyone It’s supposed to be a lovely head You got me them potatoes I like Cholera! There’s been an outbreak of cholera in the area!

Cholera?! Go into the next room, we have to fumigate this one OK. Cholera! Yes! My safe won’t catch cholera, got it?! Don’t touch the safe! Loan King They’re here! – Great! They’re here! – I hear you! Sorry for the wait Wowee! You kids are really good! Damn straight This time, don’t lose it I sure won’t It’s in there The head’s coming It’s the head of Loan King! It’s the wrong head! Tokyo Chuo Police Station 1 April 13:01, dog day afternoon Another coincidence? Tokyo Chuo Police Station 1 April 13:01, dog day afternoon Tokyo Chuo Police Station 1 April 13:01, dog day afternoon You’re telling me you were out on a walk and you found a dead body? Tokyo Chuo Police Station 1 April 13:01, dog day afternoon You’re telling me you were out on a walk and you found a dead body? It’s not really an excuse I mean, every time you leave the house, a body turns up Rolling around This is getting old Yeah, I get sick of it, too It’s not your place to feign interest Hey, Detective Kindaichi! What’re you doing here? Is Maria here? Maria! Hey, Maria! You found me! I can hold my own as a P.I I can sniff out your watering hole I can’t believe that you came here to dance There’s no telling Shall we? They’re an item! May I? On the level, what’re you doing here? I imagine it’s urgent The head I really want to see that head I’m sorry I have no idea where the head is – I see – I’m sorry If that’s the case, then there’s really no way of getting it Yes, but… there is one clue Do tell It will definitely be at the crime scene of the next person killed No doubt! You say the cutest things Detective Kindaichi I’ve never seen you here before – Let’s take a photo together – Hey, you! Detective Kindaichi, whatever is the matter? – Get away from me! – Just a second, Detective – Detective – My, how you’ve grown!

– It’s been two years – It looks like you’re having fun Very much so – Goodnight – Goodnight That’s what I call a family More fan letters You work at the Akechi Art Gallery! You brought the head? Yes, I got it from the Loan King – Then – I killed the Loan King! I also killed Ayaka Hold your horses, I’m the sleuth here There’s no time You’re going to die now The public won’t stand for it – Don’t touch it! – Too late! Hey, wait! Choo-choo! This is the terminal station Tokyo Chuo Police Station April 4 10:42, the morning that even the heart danced Thank you, ma’am You’re free to leave Tokyo Chuo Police Station April 4 10:42, the morning that even the heart danced Tokyo Chuo Police Station April 4 10:42, the morning that even the heart danced I was just getting used to this place I was even starting to like the jail food Tokyo Chuo Police Station April 4 10:42, the morning that even the heart danced I was just getting used to this place I was even starting to like the jail food All aboard! Detective Kindaichi! Did you come to see me off? You shouldn’t have Not at all. For some reason, you’re convinced your husband committed the crime And you’re trying to take the fall for him, am I right? – Wasn’t I convincing? – Not really But when I think that this means that I’ll never see you again, it makes me lonely It doesn’t have to If it pleases you, I would like to continue to see you Old man, old woman, out of the way! This is the first case we’ve had in a long time! That’s not a woman! Doggone it! This is scary! We’re cursed! We’re cursed! We can probably skip checking his vital signs The perp even put batteries in this sucker Turn it off, you’re wasting energy I’m the town fool of the Village of Eight Fools! – Howdy! – Whassup! – Shalom! – Que pasa! Mr. Takagi of the Akechi Art Gallery I like you better this way Kosuke, why don’t you make yourself scarce? What is it about you? Why is it that whenever you’re around, bodies start piling up? I’m doing my best, you know A Lazarus sign! Katsuhiko Haida, who was the Chairman of the New Art Association at the time of his death 20 years ago, made the statue of Fujiko, which even now is hailed as a phantom masterpiece in the art world But as the current chairman, Dr. Furugaki, you would now be in possession of the statue. Is that correct? Well, yes. Of course Thank you very much Good work tonight Dr. Furugaki, it’s been quite some time Oh, Detective Kindaichi! I hear you’re making quite a name for yourself recently – You’re too kind – You’ve been of immeasurable help It’s been 20 years since the incident I’m not sure if you remember Inspector Todoroki? Yep Actually, we were at your house the other day Oh, yes. I haven’t been around much. Sorry I’m just going to come right out and ask, has anyone threatened you recently? Not to speak of

Do you know the whereabouts of Mr. Katagiri? – Couldn’t say – And his student Mori? Gee, I never keep company with him Rumor has it that he abandoned art and is living quietly in a nursing home Is that so? Mr. Kindaichi, why do you think anyone would try to blackmail Furugaki? 20 years ago, Furugaki told Katsuhiko Haida that his former pupil Katagiri was having an affair with his young wife Fujiko So? Fujiko subsequently committed suicide by flinging herself into the lake Katagiri fled the country Are you saying that Furugaki is being blackmailed by Katagiri, who surreptitiously returned to Japan? It’s difficult to forgive infidelity Haida had lost both his wife and a fond pupil And with his remaining strength, he made The Figure of Fujiko Six months later, he died of exhaustion Then, it’s Goro Katagiri! You’re being hasty But of the three geniuses in the Japanese art world, only one is left Right! Mori! I hear he’s in a nursing home He lost his teacher and he lost his friend It would seem he would have little love for Furugaki We have to pay him a visit So, we meet again I happened across a murder investigation What?! I thought I’d never see them again But Japanese policemen are stupid I told them repeatedly that I killed her, but they didn’t believe me – I wonder why! – If that don’t beat all But it gave us the chance to meet again We should be grateful I have presents for everyone Merci, madam Please enjoy yourselves Thank you, as always, and good work Detective Kindaichi! What are you doing in there? You said we’d meet again before long But I feel bad that you were locked in the trunk But at least it brought us together again Hey, everyone’s here. I want to introduce you to them

I’m proud to be able to introduce such a luminary as you I’m sorry Hello! This gentleman is a fan of Sherlock Holmes Holmes! Holmes! He’s my rival He’ll never beat me! And this fellow directed movies a long time ago – What did you direct? – Horse Horse? Can’t say I’ve seen it He doesn’t seem interested in you This man spends all of his time making plaster statues I think he’s quite gifted I was the one who discovered his gift I plan to hold a special exhibit of his works at the Akechi Art Gallery soon I abandoned this world, I’ve brook no truck with fleeting luxury I just love people like him Look: he thinks of nothing but art The word “artist” was invented for such men Might it not be better that you turn those over to the police? Please don’t concern yourself with it Go to bed I’ll be in soon Good night By the way, Detective, we still haven’t located the torso I’m sure it would be useful in your investigation Look, up in the sky! The weather is beautiful! Hey you kids, get out of there Hey, what’s this? This should come in handy Yes, indeed Hey, what are you doing? I’d like to ask you the same thing Hey, cover up her privates! This is obscene, I’m removing it Stop touching it there! I can’t believe you brats cobbed it! The cajones on that jerk! I wonder where it was stolen from? – Are you in charge? – Oh, yeah That’s a valuable work of art Valuable? This? – Dagnabbit! – Hold on a second The police have every reason to steal this from you Your face is infinitely more obscene Tokyo Chuo Police Station 9 April 13:00, the afternoon of the singing rain

Hey, Mr. Kindaichi Just the man I wanted to see Tokyo Chuo Police Station 9 April 13:00, the afternoon of the singing rain Hey, Mr. Kindaichi Just the man I wanted to see I was just about to go see you I’ve made a great deal of headway in the case Take a gander at that We arrested the young man who stole it He’s a member of the band of thieves What did you do with the other members? We only caught the one I see Actually, Mr. Kindaichi, about your progress in the case, did you happen to find the head to this? Oh, the head I’m confident that the head will be at the scene of the next murder Mr. Kindaichi, I’m more interested in cracking the gang of thieves If I lean on him a little, it will only be a matter of time before he spills his guts I’m going to unravel this mystery The fun is just beginning! Goemon Ishida, I presume Goemon Ishida I think you’re fencing stolen goods We arrested a young man He said that you bought everything he stole Come here, sonny! – Dad, I’m scared – Dad! Stop, these kids are my life! This is the end! Never give up! I like them all I can’t keep up I owe you one. I’ll take you someplace nice when I got the time Sorry, I like a man to be at my beck and call Today we’re going to try French cuisine First, take your napkin Tuck it in like so. Good Isn’t this fancy? Quite a lavish spread I have to teach my children manners so that they can behave properly, no matter where they go This is the ringleader of a gang that often sells you merchandise The girl! Yeah, I know you have a pleasant voice Now, pipe down Detective! Hey! Hey! The grand entrance of the 12th generation of Kindaichi – What’s the name of this case? – “The Lying Wench Cometh” I’d never tell a lie I see, you’re a good girl But you’ve already given me enough proof to put you up in the police hotel Todoroki, I’d like to make a deal with you Sure, keep dancing It’s no use trying to escape

Take a look around Cops everywhere Do you get it, Todoroki? The string of murders all started with the statue head the gang had In order to solve the case, you have to let them run free and see where the head goes We already got the ringleader of the gang of art thieves The way I see it, the case is closed No, they’re just trying to earn spending money They steal for the thrill The fact of the matter is, I know the real head of the gang of thieves What did you say? Who? I can’t say In order to get proof, I have to solve the murders first I’ll get to the bottom of this mess For you Now – let’s boogie! Hello, is this Mr. Goemon Ishida? My husband isn’t in right now Yes He might be at his villa Go and see if he’s there Hello Oh, Detective Kindaichi! Is Mr. Akechi out? Not exactly Do like this and speak If I start asking him questions, – I’m worried people will think he’s dead – What are you talking about? This is Goemon, I run the five-and-dime shop Is Mr. Akechi in? Mr. Akechi! Mr. Akechi! Mr. Akechi! He seems to be out I guess he can’t die if he’s not in Let’s go in and have a look – He is dead, isn’t he? – No, he’s not This… is the end. It’s not over yet It’s not over yet! Mrs. Fumie Ma’am, I’m sorry for your loss But, damn, it’s kind of nice to see a healthy slew of murders now and again I’ll be leaving now I’m sorry But with him dead, it’s going to be pretty tough to solve the case This case is my reason for going on I can solve it. I will Just keep talking It’s here… It’s got to be

Just plain water I know there’s a secret room here! Show me! This is an apartment complex, there are no secret rooms! I don’t buy it Behind this frame, there has to be a secret passage That’s where I stash my money Couldn’t you think of a better hiding place than that? I’m looking for a case that’s a little less mundane You two should be filthy with blood! I’m type O. Is type O filthy? I don’t know. I’m type O too, and I’m not filthy – And the boy? – Type B – Your parents? – Both O My parents are also both O That was a doozy! That dream was bad juju You’re Yukichi Mori, aren’t you? Mori? You’re well informed Sometimes I even surprise myself! I am indeed the sleuth of the ages – Did the film director next door die? – No, he’s in the john To tell you the truth, I’d like to talk to you about Mr. Katagiri Don’t waste your time I haven’t seen him in a dog’s age Don’t worry This concerns something a dog’s age ago My heart bled for him Tormented by the unrequited love for Fujiko If Furugaki hadn’t squealed to Dr. Haida, he would have never found out I understand that you had your own problems with Dr. Furugaki That stoolie! Loose lips sink ships It was too soon for my rival Katagiri to leave, and my teacher to die. The New Art Association was his for the taking I can sit here and stew in my juices, but it doesn’t do diddly I can’t touch him I’d like to ask you about the Figure of Fujiko that Dr. Haida made Can you tell me anything about it? He poured his soul into it Nothing I produced could compare How he suffered upon hearing of Fujiko’s infidelity I know only too well In his later years, he stared at it constantly He embraced it like a madman He even… kissed it on the lips He kissed it? Dr. Haida!

Sir! Now look what you did! He’s as flat as a pancake Friends and relatives have been very generous financially after he died I haven’t given you anything I know how busy you are Please forgive me for calling for you Did Dr. Furugaki have a heart condition or anything? He was very neurotic Recently, he seemed as if he were frightened of something Are you saying that someone had threatened him? Yes, that, too Who threatened him? It couldn’t have been Goro Katagiri! He received several letters every month – It’s not here. – All right – We’ll have to look somewhere else What are these?! In here Rairaiken Ramen – The head! The head! – The head! The head! – We gotta find that head! Stop talking trash! The head Sorry for the delay But I got the head! Yeah, we found it, too What’s this about? This stinks Look! Look! Look! Look! Oh. An explanation, please There’s no way of telling which one is the original Where did you guys find it? Mr. Kindaichi What in the hell is going on? I don’t know I’m as confused as you This head looks like somebody “Take Me Away!” That’s it! You figured it out! Right? OK, let’s get started! Hurry up! It’ll be the biggest heist of the 20th century!

Get the best stuff first! After all, Detective Kindaichi asked us to do it! And everything’s being stolen in broad daylight I’m not going anywhere or meeting anyone I’m not setting one foot out of this hospital Don’t talk like that What are you doing?! Stop!? Whaddya know, it’s Detective Kindaichi! What brings you here? Madam, what a lovely surprise a coincidence I certainly hope you’ll come with us And you too, Dr. Mori Let’s go Why am I in Dr. Haida’s studio?! Furugaki! You’re supposed to be dead You’re still alive? Well, you’ll be dead soon enough! You ruined my life! It was your own fault How dare you! Dr. Haida gave you the chairmanship of the New Art Association, and his own manor! All I wanted was the love of Fujiko You snitched! You ruined everything! But that wasn’t enough for you Dr. Haida’s masterwork, The Figure of Fujiko You knew he was lip-locked with it night and day, and you put arsenic on its lips! You cut his life short! Furugaki… you’re a murderer! Are you finished? Enter the illustrious detective! Yes, your killing spree has also come to an end Last night, Mr. Furugaki met you when you were impersonating Dr. Haida The shock killed him this morning Goro Katagiri When I first met you at the nursing home, I truly believed that you were Mori That was one delay in solving this case Furthermore, I didn’t notice that the statue head that I saw you kiss was actually an unfinished forgery of The Figure of Fujiko Mr. Katagiri, as an artist, you never reached the level of true brilliance You envied Dr. Haida That’s why you had to have his beloved wife and muse Fujiko The irony of all this is that it prompted Dr. Haida to produce his masterwork, The Figure of Fujiko You despaired, abandoned Fujiko, and fled the country Left alone, Fujiko “You drowned yourself in the lake.”

Todoroki, get him! Let’s go! This way is faster! My name is Ohan Onikobe Village My name is Ohan Onikobe Village Don’t let him get away! Don’t let him get away! We’ve got him trapped! Get him! Come out of there! Hands up! Chief, this is stolen property! Open it up! Hello! It’s you! Mr. Todoroki, this is all stuff that we stole You?! Hey! Madam, we meet again I did so long to see you Fumie Ma’am What are you doing here? She’s the ringleader of the band of art thieves What?! No one else could’ve figured it out Inspector, I’ll come quietly Fujiko

Detective, what did you call me? I called you Fujiko Pour quoi? It’s delicious Let’s forget about the past All stories are supported by a deep sense of pathos common to humankind When I finally fully understood the case, I couldn’t help but feel I lacked the requisite tenacity… to figure out the case. That’s when it came to me: Fujiko Your suicide attempt failed and you wound up marrying Kojuro Akechi Then, you quietly waited for Goro Katagiri to return to Japan Mr. Katagiri finally came back, but he had become embittered You stuck him in a nursing home, and probably never forgave him You sought your revenge by forcing him every day to reproduce The Figure of Fujiko How horrible that must have been for him You forced him to confront his meager talents, that could by no means compare to Dr. Haida’s Do you know why Katagiri left me? Because he loved art more than me I took an oath of revenge on all artists You formed a band of thieves And the one who secretly loved and supported you was you, Mr. Mori – Dr. Haida’s pupil and the third man You were trying to get close to Fumie, I mean Fujiko, to make her your lover, but also to get the priceless artwork, The Figure of Fujiko You learned that Kojuro Akechi had The Figure of Fujiko, and you used his clerk Takagi to try to steal the head However, the head had already been taken by Ayaka, and then passed to the CEO of Loan King You had Takagi kill them both, then you killed Takagi You tried to sell the head at an exorbitant price That led you to kill even Kojuro Akechi This was your scheme to get both Fujiko and The Figure of Fujiko for your own Furthermore, the innumerable forgeries of The Figure of Fujiko that Katagiri made served to conceal which one was actually genuine How base, yet fascinating Still, I wonder where my hat is Yokomizo – Sir, forgive me for being away so long – Not at all – Here’s this month’s royalties – Oh, I see This is the royalties for The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi That’s a lot of money It was a masterpiece There wasn’t much to the story

I didn’t want to be in this movie But, but, but, but We had some good kills, didn’t we? Was is really necessary to kill four or five people? Kindaichi was so indecisive A bunch of people had to die for him to work up the gumption to solve the case Quit bellyaching about the story First off, Furugaki and Mori were already characters in The Woman in the Coffin And Goro Katagiri was the protagonist in The Woman in the Suitcase Isn’t it just because all the stories were compiled in the same collection? If you’ve read the book, don’t see the movie, and don’t see the movie if you’ve read the book It also seemed strange that people changed so much in 20 years Even if they did, it was implausible when Fumie turned out to be Fujiko The two women bore absolutely no resemblance to each other Art beautifies everything Still, where was the real head? Did Mori have it? The truth is that criminal investigations don’t get wrapped up in a nice clean package Not in reality, at least For whatever reason, contradictions linger If you call the stories derivative, I have no response For whatever reason, crimes in Japan are always connected to family and blood It’s a sign of what an impoverished country this is Mr. Todoroki, a private investigator must never be angry or indignant about a case The question is how everything unfolds from a single homicide Then the murder can easily beget another murder It’s interesting to ponder Like the audience, I can usually predict midway through who committed the crime, but, but criminal investigations should not be pursued rashly Cases take on a life of their own Still, I feel like I have to watch over them caringly Then it touches off another murder, then another Crime grows! Also, I like the shocking murders committed in Japan I don’t care about a couple of white devils blasting each other dead Japanese murders are committed to exorcise the demons of our past Japanese murderers lose hope as they kill more and more people I’m the only private dick in the world who can really empathize with criminals What’s the fuss? You’re making money OK, this time we’re going to roll I, for one, am not satisfied with this I’m not satisfied with Fujiko or Mori Four or five people died! Shouldn’t there be a few more twists and turns to the story? After all, I am a famous P.I If it all ends here Mr. Todoroki! Maybe I’ll make you the criminal next time That’s why we’re here, after all Let’s begin! One, two, three, go! He’s gone! It can’t be! I’ll tell you, Chief,

I don’t know that that P.I. stole it again Maybe it was Goro Katagiri We even found a sandal print at the crime scene Kindaichi is a klutz Chief, did you know about this all along? You finally came, Mr. Todoroki. Chief! It was the first time I saw your world-weary face. Still, it suits you. Dammit, it’s him! That P.I. who dresses like a 19th century beggar’s completely flipped his lid! Your name is etched in the twinkle of the stars in Hibiya. Look how far you’ve come. Don’t hold back, do it. This is where we part company. Goodbye, Mr. Todoroki. Goodbye, Kosuke Kindaichi. Goodbye, everyone. Translated by scannon Timing by lordretsudo