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Hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate bucket list and on today’s show I’m here in the port city of Marseille Marseille it’s the epicenter of southern French culture and tradition it’s famous for a being a port and B being one of the most relaxed cities in all of France I highly recommend that you come here to explore the architecture the history the food and some of the amazing sights that you’ll see from some amazing buildings and national parks are absolutely nearby but the first port of call is this place the old port now as soon as you go into the old port and know or the tourist guide will tell you this but it reeks of fish and the reason why is because all the fishermen bring their catches into the ports to sell literally right in front of you so these fish were caught about a few hours ago and it doesn’t get fresher than that but spend some time walking around the old port because it’s actually quite a lovely walk in itself especially on a nice day like it is today so on one side of the port is this place admittedly when I got hit I didn’t know what this place was ok I’m not entirely sure what this place is it’s pretty grand whatever it is but as of yet I mean I just literally commit to Marseille about two hours ago and yeah I’m just trying to get my bearings around the city but honestly I don’t know what this is certainly nothing was happening at this time because there was nothing on but it does give these some opportunities to take some nice views and some nice pictures of the force that’s opposite the side of the water I decided to fire up my drone and have a look at it from the air and ladies and gentlemen it honestly does look like that down the street is this odd star-shaped fort fort st. Nicola when I tried to get up there it was closed open today that’s all I don’t think everything closed on Tuesday but possibly so apparently some got in to take photos can see I started far up the drone and have a look at it from the air and it seems to be pretty nice albeit it’s in a pretty shabby state so yeah it might be better when you visit this is the National Theatre of Marseille and once again it shuts for renovations and that’s a recurring theme here in Marseille I think there’s a citywide initiative to change the city and improve everything but that means that everything is currently under construction but that was the trap in the fact that this is a lovely port city and there’s plenty of other things to do or the third that even just walking around the streets it’s actually very pretty indeed but if you don’t want to walk let me tell you how to get around the city the best way is to use the metros so you look for these signs in black and using a metro is fairly straightforward simply go to one of the ticket booths it’s like your language mine’s English and then use the buttons and roller to select the car of your choice I highly recommend getting a sense to our past now you’ll need to take your origin tickets and literally tap it to one of the consoles or one of turnstiles and away go it’s that simple to use a metro train it’s very clean it’s very efficient and definitely definitely these metros are all the time your ticket also counts for the trams and the buses here in Marseille and there’s not a place where you can’t get to without the help of public transport and this is a giant shopping centre now it’s a very very fancy shopping centre don’t get me wrong and if you’ve got money this is a good way to waste the afternoon but if you don’t and visit this monstrosity right next to it the orange velodrome I see monstrosity in jest of course this is actually quite a lovely football stadium with a lovely football at all I actually made a separate video about this right here on my channel so if you are interested in football I highly recommend that you watch that video leave is not smarts of op de Triomphe here it’s kind of not as big as the Paris version but they have their own version of it and when I went to visit it they were planning some kind of riots or some kind of protest here so I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what it was this is the major Cathedral but the biggest Cathedral in the city don’t get me wrong it’s extremely pretty

especially from up here in the air but if you do decide to go in it and it is free of charge to go inside I highly recommend you do so because inside as you can imagine from any Cathedral it’s pretty ground especially with the Gregorian chanting in the background take some time to explore what this Cathedral has to offer because it’s actually quite interesting I enjoyed my time here and the fact that it was free is an added bonus you’d paid money to see something like this somewhere else in Europe but here in Marseille it’s free right next to the cathedral is this the museum this really Buber modern building is a museum and believe it not the actual building itself is free to walk around so you don’t actually have to pay money to go inside the building which I didn’t but if you do want to see some museum exhibitions you’re gonna have to pay money and it’s 11 euros just access all of them but I didn’t bother because I was running a little bit short on time climb up to the top of the moose amp and get some amazing photo opportunities of everything around you before walking across the bridge to that force over there fought some charm this is probably the most recognizable feature of the port of Marseille if you send a picture of Marseille you’ve promised in a picture of this place so what’s it like to walk around a fort on the side of the harbor actually pretty nice really especially on a nice day like today it’s great to walk around the walls and the battlements it gives you an awesome view of the entire city so there’s the Cathedral there’s the Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde you get to see everything around you and once again this is completely free of charge I’ve paid money in Europe to see worse things so the fact that this was completely free I’m absolutely astounded unfortunately some of it’s still under construction as with multiple city and you can leave some bit here if you want to you know and honestly no idea where I am in this place this force is seriously like a bit of a maze but let’s be honest when the sun’s out like this and you’ve got such wonderful views you honestly don’t mind getting lost a little bit but boy this place is huge the best part about forts and John is if you climb the spiral staircases right to the top of that tower yes this is what’s booked on the top of the tower overlooking the harbor an amazing view of the entire port of Marseille really really top drawer stuff but not happy with the view that’s fine I fired up my drum and I have a bigger look if you do want to go into some of the exhibits well some of them are okay but some of them are really that interesting but I highly recommend that you put forts in John ride at the top of your list because it’s actually a worthwhile thing to do especially considering it’s free so once you’ve bought a fort said John use the giant bridge to walk across highway to look at this place the church was Samer on now admittedly it was closed when I went there probably under construction like the rest of the city but if he followed the historical walk from here all the way down to the back of the old port it actually tells you if you fold this one Road you get see lots of historical sites which I did admittedly backwater Marseille isn’t anything to write home about it’s pretty grubby in places but what do you expect from ancient city if I had to sum up Marseille in just a couple of video shots it would be these two roadside cafes people taking it easy and people socializing here in the West everything’s rush rush rush but here in Marseille things are a lot more laid-back life is a lot more simpler out here once you start walking down the street will notice various things such as this the hotel to be which I can guarantee you is not a hotel and this building which i think is a hotel this is the Palais Locke shop this extravagant building houses a water fountain right slap-bang in the middle of it this is home to two museums the museum did both ours and the Natural History Museum sadly I didn’t go in either because I was running a bit short on time but mainly I was happy to explore the architecture and the fact that overlooks one of the main streets here in say seriously the architecture is pretty stunning honey a forgery some excellent photo opportunities check out these courts have got

Instagram models seriously these two had costume changes and everything this is definitely a cool place for Instagram as if you like that sort of thing right next to the Palais de LAN shop is their chart on the long shot this is basically a public park which is quite nice seriously what are you two doing what sort of poses that Instagram models one thing they don’t tell you about in the trouble guides is the sheer amount of gravity in this place graffiti and vandalism sadly Marseille is blighted with it and there’s no corner of the city where this isn’t the parents so better in mind before you come here is this part or is this blatant vandalism you tell me I personally don’t mind it because it affords some excellent photo opportunities especially if you’re going into the area over the PA this is full of cobble streets small French boutiques and it’s very interesting to walk around but make sure you do it during the day and not at night and also watch yourself because cars tend to drive on pavements how it literally just like this the Nutri to Marseille is complete without SPO track and I highly recommend do want to one of the two islands just outside Marseille it’s dead easy to find look for the booth with Lobato the boat on it and literally buy a ticket to one of the islands now you gotta watch yourself because the boat times are fairly erratic and you’ll need to know what times they depart and arrive be the first to get on the boat and I guarantee you’ll have your pick of the spots where you can get some amazing footage just like this the boat ride itself is fairly pleasant I actually enjoyed my boat ride there was plenty of things to see you can take some amazing pictures like here of forts on John and there’s plenty of sites to see if you haven’t already taken pictures of them already the bull ride only takes about 20 minutes to reach the first island which is the Isle of free or now admittedly I didn’t have time to stop off free all this was like 2:00 in the afternoon and I really didn’t have the time to explore it if I prepared a bit better I’d probably spend the morning here in Friel and the afternoon in my other destination but I highly recommend that if you do have the time if you’re here in Marseille for a few days to check out free all because it looks actually quite good what the one-stop I did do is this place the Chateau beef this is the force in the middle of an island that traditionally guards the port of Marseilles when you rock up you can’t believe that they actually built this on a remote island out here back in the day and it’s pretty steep to walk around in places but it’s actually quite a nice place to walk around I highly recommend that you walk around the perimeter of Chateau you first let all the tourists go in the castle first so that you have all of structured views of the environment around you and once all the tourists have cleared off then it’s time to go into Chateau d’If and actually explore it for yourself this is kind of like some kind of crazy fort / strange country thing I can’t really describe what I see it’s basically a fort they’ve modernized it it’s hot various uses before in the past such as a prison and administrative office etc and now as you can imagine it’s just a tourist attraction there’s various different artifacts that you can see on the walls and it’s very interesting to read the history of this place but the best thing is to climb the stairs and walk up to the terraces whereby you get some amazing views of Friel over there and of marseille back behind you and especially on a great day like it is today it’s very picturesque the views are absolutely lovely and there’s plenty of nice pictures to be taken seriously it does look like this but me being a funny guy I decided to fire up the drone and take pictures from the air and joy so after you take a walk around and yes guys just chuck things into the cyw hmm but what you get bored of that take the boat back to the mainland and take the number 60 bus directly from the same spot to Marseille most famous attraction the Basilica Notre down to the guard this is a basilica they’ve built high on a hill that overlooks Marseille it’s arguably Marcis most famous attraction and the crown jewel is the bright gold statue of Mary and Jesus right on the top of the Basilica you can’t climb all the way up the hill to visit this but it’s like climbing stairs for 20 minutes so I highly recommend that you actually

take the number 60 bust and it will do all the hard work for you this will drop you off at the foot of the Basilica and it’s very lovely to walk around indeed from every angle of this place it’s very beautiful and the views from the Basilica are simply amazing there’s two parts of the Basilica you can go into you can either go into the Crypt which is kind of like a mini chapel and this is where most people kind of say that prayers here and that’s the main part of the Basilica which as you can imagine is fairly grand and colorful everyone’s in silence here because that’s the rule and obviously no hats you’re in a house of God but it’s very lovely to walk around and explore but even if you’re not a church person the views are what you come up here for and there are some amazing views that you could see when you’re here up at the Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde if you’re willing to travel a bit further out this is to the collector National Park you’ll see plenty of mountains and hills in this white rock formation and this goes on pretty much forever I’m not going to talk too much about this because I actually am making a separate video about this what you can see right here on my channel but suffice to say this national park is amazing and you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re in Colorado or something except that you’re in the Mediterranean crystal blue waters white rocks and southern French culture all trademarks of this national park you wouldn’t think so but Marseille has beaches lots of them and to be honest they’re all very very lovely they’re pretty clean the seas are crystal blue sadly some of the sun’s especially on the beach that I went on can be a little gravelly but overall it’s a very lovely Beach if you do like the seaside atmosphere if you do like seaside eateries and watching the world go by then this is definitely for you and you can also see pigeons doing their shopping for some reason this is la corniche this is part of the wack Cornish part of Marseilles it’s a lookout point that has a very picturesque bridge that you could stop off and take pictures it also has the Mara graph which unfortunately was shut when I went but in general la corniche is a very pretty place to take pictures etc but as the Sun sets and the sky turns room blue to orange there’s two places where you can get great pictures either back at for Sir John or the best option is to go back to the Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde watch the sunset from all the way up to the silica because you could see the sunset on the entire city from up here I’m up here with a whole group of people just watching the Sun go down and it’s a lovely atmosphere very romantic indeed and as night falls Marseille is a city that’s worth exploring the sights that you visited during the day that looked completely different past nights and they recommend that you do visits if you stick around the main bits of Marseille at night you’ll be absolutely fine there’s plenty of eateries and stuff to do and you’ll be perfectly perfectly safe however this is supposed to be a very happening place there’s nobody here it’s a bit of a ghost town if I’m being honest so yeah I’m sure it’s different in the summer months definitely but there is literally no one around apart from your person on a scooter or your person sitting on a bench it’s it’s pretty dead I will warn you to avoid the panty 8:00 at night admittedly even though the graffiti walls make for some excellent photo opportunities it’s not worth your personal safety this is a dodgy area of town at night so I highly recommend that you avoid this like the plague especially when it goes dark your safety is not worth a few Instagram photos buts overall guys I highly recommend that you visit this amazing city once in your life whether it’s to experience the food the culture the sights the smells the amazing architecture or the natural beauty this place definitely has it all and I recommend you visit this place over in Paris I’m really not joking I’d come back here in a heartbeat okay I’m sold what do I need to do well you’ll need to get here to Marseilles the airport is about half an hour drive away from Marseille city and the best way to get in the city is to take the number 91 shuttle bus from the airport all the way to st. Charles train station which is the main station here you might say from st. Charles you can get anywhere in the city from there as it’s one of the main natural stops in the city you could

alternatively take the train from the airport to send Charles and the result is exactly the same don’t bother with taxis they won’t get you here any faster as earlier mention to get around the city the best thing to do is to buy a metro card use one of the machines I highly recommend that you get 424 or a 72 hour pass depending on how long you’re here for and use this to get around the city and like I said this pass also counts for the trams and the buses and there’s no spot anywhere in the city that you can’t get to without this ticket I highly recommend that you use public transports because especially if you’re visiting places like the Basilica which is high on a hill you’ll need to save your legs I’m not joking about that if you’re looking for somewhere to stay I highly recommend that you pick a place between st. Charles train station on the old port if you do that’s everything is pretty much within walking distance you might not even need a metro tickets this is actually my view from my hotel and yes I actually stayed next to st Charles train station and I could get everywhere pretty much in a flash so definitely definitely worth considering the cost to do these attractions believe it or not most of it was free yes the natural beauty the Basilica and the Fort st. John they were all free the only thing I really had to pay for was the tickets to the football and an entrance fee here in there but to be honest marseille is an incredibly cheap and cost-effective city so your money will stretch really far here especially if you’re eating out the prices are too bad either is there anything else I need to know yes for some reason the traffic here is horrendous and you’ll find cars driving on pavements almost running you over this is pretty much a normal thing so you need to have your head on a swivel and yes this was a parked car in the middle of the sidewalk and Azula mentioned avoid Lipan yay at night it may be pretty to photograph but is not worth your safety so please avoid this area because when I went round it was a little dodgy and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you guys especially if you’ve just been wandering around I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you have please be sure to like share and subscribe comments on the comment section below and if you’ve got any other ideas for bucket list ideas feel free to tweet them at me and if I get enough suggestions I’ll go ahead and do that so guys thank you very much for your continued support share this video it would help me out massively so if you could do that that’d be great we’ll see you in the next episode Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK