【TW GUIDE】How to play Twisted Wonderland「Part 1」ENG

When You start the game, you will be immediately transferred into this page here The first button on top is for the terms and conditions to play the game To proceed, select the Black button, which agrees to all the terms and conditions to play Twisted Wonderland After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are required to fill in your name for your new account Which is this first box here And your in-game name or MC name in the second box I’m going to leave mine as Yuu Which is the default name After selecting your preferred name, You may proceed Don’t worry if you do not like the name you’ve selected This can be changed after you’ve completed the prologue If requested, this will be covered in a future video After Selecting your name, You will be able to select your first SR card You may pick anyone you desire from the robes SR collection From Heartslabyul to Diasomnia Before selecting your preferred villain card, you can explore each characters in their menu selection This gives you a glimpse of each dorm’s theme and each character in that particular dorm A recommendation is that you select either Azul or Vil

But that will be explained another time To select a character, tap on the purple button at the end of the description And select the purple button again to confirm your selection Next, we will be exploring the “battle” aspect of the gameplay

This will be covered more in depth in the future, when we’re able to go into further detail in the game To “battle”, You have to choose who to attack from the character icons as seen at the bottom of the screen Only 2 character icons can be selected per round Do not worry if you Lose this battle, I also lose this battle, as shown here After this, you will be taken into the story Most of the current story is translated by YouTuber’s such as Shel_BB (link in the description below) For the Story, you may select the top right button and skip the story However, if you want to appreciate the game further, you may play the story to listen to the Characters interacting with each other As for the choices, it does not affect the story But if you want to know what they’re talking about, refer to Twisted Wonderland’s Main Translation Twitter (@twst_eng) For more information/translation of the story in English Rhythmic’s are one of the main aspects of Twisted Wonderland

So basically the first rhythmic game you play in the prologue just wants you to tap according to the beat

The objective of this mini game is to tap the phone when the note reach the circle as shown here For these type of notes, you will need to hold down on your screen and release when the note reaches it’s end