2020 Legislation Virtual Town Hall

had a very truncated legislative session because we simply had to shut down- because a code nineteen so we had the potentially cut our bill Loads by about 80% So the main bills we focus on were Related to the recovery code it. Certainly dealing with our schools re opening- protective gear for essential workers for- people in public in public service out there serving the community- as well as just you know. Healthcare and testing and all those pieces we had a really zero in on- but but we had a major event in our- country in our nation in may And that’s just further galvanized. The look on racial issues on police reform and criminal justice issues so that became a second big issue that was that the we’re- the person bills on. So a lot of my bills on early education on health care environments and college access. We had to kind of shut them down because of because of it. I did have a couple bills that went through at the end and I’m really proud of the can talk about. On criminal justice issues on on police reform- that did Go through and were signed by the governor actually this week so. It wasn’t that I didn’t have other bills but you know. From our leadership in the Assembly and Senate we really want to focus on the core issues that we that that were. In front of us here this summer. So that’s kind of a snapshot of some of the some of the issues that I worked on this past you’ll get more detail. But I really want to focus my time on you all. And get to the questions. That you have asked. Us so I usually like to say when I do these town halls I talk for For less than. I percent of time at your- and with the 95% of time. So I have a lot of- issues and talking points of thought that I want to work on but I want to get right to your questions And so- what let’s get to that So the first question we have is would I be interested in sponsored legislation to control night time. Light pollution this can volumes center section to limit unnecessary office lights- always at home outdoor lighting. About motion sensors- and the night to turn off the lights see the stars You know I eight zero down on this a lot when I was a city council member. In the city Sacramento interestingly enough some neighborhoods were built with street lights and some were built without- and an interesting to your question here. Is that some people Bought their homes because they wanted to have less nighttime light pollution and one have the country feel even hearing tal park land park you see some of these areas that don’t have lights. Well over time Neighbors thought it really Adequate street lighting and so forth was was was more about safety making sure people feel safer coming up from work it’s to play at clean evening will take walks in the evening just overall- public safety so I’m most neighborhoods in the city of Sacramento and in the west Sacramento have lights promote street lights they’re built with them- if they don’t have them. Neighbors are actually paying assessments to install more lights so I think it’s the opposite direction are there are areas Not really urban areas but there are areas that Are some of the more suburban real areas and city of west sac and sac where they have Don’t have as much whiting Much of the answer but it’s as why issue probably not something I’m gonna be looking at legislative wise Moves more local government issue Okay the next question is about the high speed rail. In says a ban in the high speed rail project will give the funding to local transportation agencies to use Improving public transportation specifically buses and local L farmer California’s benefit from local public transportation to and from the train that runs from SF to LA money is limited let’s spend it. Where it will help most among people particularly those who depend on public transportation I could not agree more I think the high speed rail is a- is a foolish project for us to invest so much public money without having A plan for the private sector to come and make it operable and make it financially viable we look at the- diversions and- Europe and Asia. We have a ridership and other financial means and private investors to make sure it wasn’t totally born upon by The but by the government- because how California is our typography or Mountains Going in the Central Valley towards LA. It’s not just flat. And this project went from an estimated ten billion dollars

to forty to fifteen sixteen something like now like it’s over seventy billion dollars and- it just doesn’t pencil out and I actually think that we should. Hold the plug and redirect those dollars To other transportation projects I have one disagreement I don’t think we should use it for public transportation. From buses and local well I think we should think about what the notion here is high speed rail we already have rail in urban areas we think about Sacramento San Francisco we have the capital quarter line. Or so many people work in the in the areas it’s the fastest growing online in the nation And you know I think if you took the high speed rail money And improve the capitol corridor system Right now it’s takes about almost two hours ago from Sacramento to San Francisco or kind of San Jose- you know ones about the same. And let’s think that you could- you know cut dads. No not quite half but like maybe say care like 30% off the time that you Would what’s been on the train and you have higher frequency trains as opposed to every Hour a couple hours you have nay every twenty minutes during the peak you know actually more cars I know be a far more Investment of our public dollars and high speed around you get the same bang for your Buck with construction. Dollars construction jobs out there- we also have- existing rail between San Francisco and San Jose we have a line between. A Los Angeles and San Diego we have a line between the bay area. And Merced already you know the a string so I think that there are already Existing on. Inner city Rail projects intercity rail projects that we should be focusing our scarce resources on and I think there’s many people legislature have the same feelings and I think will be- a vote in the next couple years on this I just don’t think it’s a wise use of our scarce. Public tax dollars Okay next question is It says California must set a policy to strongly discourage the production and sale of plastic packaging in California. In an economically encourage development of alternative you could based replacement materials bike seat California based research groups and are manufactured by California based company. I totally agree now this is an environmental disaster that we all see with our own two eyes- you ask any kid in public school one thing that when they talk about for their environmental issues besides of course climate change I’m sure someone’s gonna. Ask about a few seconds is the amount of waste that we see from plastic bottles the plastic bags to straws And you know unfortunately America and the world has gotten addicted on. That the plastic packaging for a single use- it’s only used for a short period of time it goes. In the in the trash and goes to a landfill let’s face it the plastic and cans and paper aren’t being recycled you know the big manufacturers Set this campaign years ago saying recycle your plastic bottles you know put your material in this in this container recycling but- we were never able to achieve that and it was really- I think that’s an unrealistic pushed by. Industry to somewhat you know deceive what what would be achieved- and then we know how much money we We waste on. On on sending these it is such thing material July. Lastly good our ocean our creeks and so forth there literally are more pieces of plastic in the ocean. And there are fish and that is very difficult to explain to kids including my two kids and talk about this all the time so. Behind me is in the pictures are beautiful Sacramento River. Our bridge when we see way too much plastic just floating down or how much we try to recycle just doesn’t work so. I’d like to see. You go- mutual. Materials developed. I think that if we if we- you know put our minds to it and put a marker out there. And provide potentially some incentives you mystery we can come up with alternatives look they’re already coming up to up with alternatives for Strossen. And the material and paper- I’m confident that the- you know the people. That that eat the lawn mosques in the world that you know I’m getting that the Tesla cars and- so much technology. You know they can solve the plastic packaging but right now. It’s just so cheap for manufacturers. Use plastic and- you know say they care about the environment the reality has a big big impact so. There is a big deal this year before legislature the phase out. Single use plastics over. You know a decade long

time. It’s Dahle by a couple boats. But I am hopeful that it will come up- next year we will pass that. Okay. I realize there’s no one else talking but me so one man to drink lots of water here into on a map to take a break to just about thirty seconds so here is a This is a very technical question here about housing in about AB thirty one fifty five about ministerial approval for housing. And SB nine oh two which is missing middle zoning- you sensually yes these are questions about our housing crisis In California and I’m not sure if anybody read today’s Sacramento bee there is a big story about the housing boom in downtown Sacramento and you can drive around sacking see firsthand And it’s pretty exciting what’s being they discussed Russian projects are flourishing downtown you can see cranes up there You see quite a few housing projects under construction Ality is though majority of those are market based rental housing And they’re not really affordable for the masses so there’s very little amount of subsidized housing being built right now- so we really have a housing crisis in California here in Sacramento- so but we need to step it up and build all kinds of housing- it’s a shame right now in downtown the urban core all you see is Market rate housing but more housing the better because it hasn’t trickled fact on all on people in the economy so you know the people the end of the day the lowest paid individuals service workers are you know getting squeezed out- and so That’s certainly something that I and I’m very very I’m mindful out and we did- pass some legislation last couple years to provide more resources for housing to be built These bills that we’re talking about here are really for not but honestly they’re not really for the cities that I represent a measures on this call right here is talking about this. But the city of Sacramento the city of west Sacramento I’ve been very a grass. In and setting aside land for housing into it is it giving permits to builders To build housing. In some cities across Cal You know they don’t want to build more housing you know it’s kind of like what are president’s talking about during Hey we’re gonna ruin the suburbs by doing more housing not necessarily so- but there’s some commuting to say you know what we built our fair share I want to pick on of cities in our region but you know what I’ll make an example of a couple right here over the past years and that that they really have been ripped from the headlines that I worked with. As a city councilmember so for example the city of Folsom for many years didn’t want to allow- zoning for multi family housing for apartments all they wanted there is you know single family housing not many duplexes you know housing that costs probably today’s range- way north of five hundred thousand dollars that’s kind of that the clientele they were trying to bring to the city of Folsom Well you know one that’s not fair is cities like Sacramento west Sackets and a corporate accounting up to do their fair share of housing until it creates a big problem for people with- transportation gridlock as people that work up there are the restaurants the work at the mall in the service industry to make let’s say minimum wager been more they can’t afford to live there and they have to live down here and after driving clog up our freeways so I think the city should. Do their fair share want one really controversial idea but I introduced in the bill two years ago the governor embraced and putting last year’s budget twenty nineteen budget Says if you’re a city And you don’t said bill. Your fares. Of how. Base upon your your number called arena numbers which are your projections where you should have in your area for housing It will be a consequence So the budget had this had this issue that says we will hold back. Some taxpayer some tax dollars in the state Some sales tax dollars if you don’t do your housing My bill actually was going to hold back the gas tax money that SB one Money that while I was little too controversial so that the same issue was achieved by having a different. Source of money so I don’t want to take this money from cities like the city of Folsom But I think we should do is tell Cities Hey you’re on record we want you to do your housing element appropriately- appropriately zoned. The right amounts of land to build housing. In you know really it’s kind of that you know. You’re in a stack so to stick out there hopefully we’ll never have to pull. Money

back from the city that really Makes a step up. And that focus on housing. Production okay- there is another question right here about reducing the voting Age to sixteen. This Is Your there’s a lot of. People have opinions and you elected me to represent democracy to represent four hundred thousand and you. At the state capitol As You representative so I represent you in vote on these issues whether it’s housing high speed rail- usually talked about earlier plastic pollution. And we do have direct democracy which is the ballot of course so this is- this is the issue of. Of building it’s going to be free for you so you have a chance to vote on this it’s not actually Lowering the age of voting to sixteen- is lowering the age of eleven to seventeen. And not totally seventeen- seventeen if you’re seventeen you can but if you’re seventeen if you turn eighteen by the time the presidential election- comes to fruition for individuals so You know this will- yes will allow young people to get more involved in in what happens their communities I supported- I think that- young people we see are stepping up on. On climate change issues and protests and you know please protest and so forth. Queens Reform protest so I think there’s plenty young people who want to be engaged but I think it’s a fair compromise it’s not going to sixteen and seventeen On with that because we have the option eighteen by the time the general election comes around. So again this isn’t something that’s my opinion I was living in those you know and politics on your on your elected official in the politician but this is your- vote you get to vote on this and this is. Propositions Eighteen on your ballot right now. So I think that’s I think that’s very tight Nicole’s I recently saw. So keep the questions answers no more. Wide questions here so I need to go to the questions that were submitted before And So let’s I’m not sure can you can you I’m talking my stature I apologize can you type in from the talking from this sheet right here some of the questions I get is falling on the chat up and down- let’s see somebody asked here about banning the use of gas powered lawn equipment by- by twenty twenty. Twenty twenty six. You know that is an issue that comes up now again with that noise pollution air pollution with the past you know I know we all get frustrated I see it sometimes to. Where people on the centrally- now blow dirt around the street and don’t even make much improvement you’re gonna see a lot during the fall leaves start falling from the trees I don’t see the state. Focusing a lot on that I’m I’m not interested I know that it’s- you know I see art Kerr you know gardeners up and down the community and so I’m not sure if they’re paid enough to get the rate gotta get rid of their- gas powered equipment- you know maybe sometime I well I’ve always thought about this some type of a compromise there are now these very. Efficient on battery powered blowers at the big things we blow is not necessarily always that. The via the lawn mowers because those are good on the streets and sidewalk and I know it’s I recently bought one. And it’s super super high powered very quiet in the technology has really changed a lot so maybe that’s something in the future that we can phase out of these and- I know there are some other. Environment issues to as far as you know the impact on the- on the particulars and then pollution and so forth with all these. Gas powered- devices so we can get To that question a little bit with cars So here’s a quick. On fireworks in banning the sale of fireworks in the state because the in danger- because of climate change and increased wildfire danger I’m certainly in some communities in Areas where you’re you’re you’re close to greater fire- hazards- don’t really think that that Sacramento per se when certain areas they have done this I know that the city of Sacramento- I believe there are one of our council members is taking a look at discounts were Gary I read that he was taking a look at this issue You know I’m kind of torn on this you know I think that done- wisely that’s a you know like the kid’s- really enjoyed our kids really dead. What’s happening out to this much if you banned the use the sale of fireworks

Yeah people are still going to get a look at all the legal fireworks just going off like crazy you look at the – sometimes they have a helicopter footage from. LA or Sacramento all the you know just the- massive amounts of illegal fireworks being shot off so Even if you banned the sale of the goose I think you’d still still see a massive amount of. Fireworks knows frankly are probably less safe more dangerous. Many also the issue to was you know. Little league organizations neighborhood groups girl scouts of for They use those firework Sales a boost to raise money for their nonprofit so. I know it’s complicated. So I will be offering. That maybe City well an office manager it but I don’t I don’t know if will be a statewide records on that Next issue is the says please consider legislation to eliminate Concentrated animal feeding operations are harmful harmful to our soil in environments. And help ranches transition to regenerative ranching and farming to transition to regenerative farming practices okay some words from the army I Don’t have an answer to that but again- I said this twenty minutes ago that yes. This out when said town hall on the virtual town hall wasn’t just for me to provide answers to your questions for me to hear from you so. Take this down I know I have my environmental staffer at the capitol who’s who’s monitoring this and so we’ll look at this and take a look at that issue Next question is require the tax return transparency for any candidate running for governor Or president about that- yeah I fully support that We had a bill that was going to Legislature couple years ago but still tied up- I voted for that I support that the bill said anybody who wants to be on the – on the – on the ballot California running for president must. Be transparent as far as their tax returns nation publican Steven so I do support that Next question is term limits for Congress Yeah I don’t think it’s a bad idea I think that’s- you know or a reasonable limits I think the short term limits are terrible The terrible- because right when you learn the job you have to sensually government I’ll give you a good example I’m just finishing my six year In the Assembly and I’m I’m just now learning how to be an attractive- really and my and my prime a lawmaker and the other I was ineffective before or didn’t know how it works I did and I. I actually knew more than most people I was that a staff member in the Legislature when I was twenty Twenty to work there for now It’s a decade or so then what’s the city council and came to the Legislature stop I knew how it worked I knew there I knew the ropes for a lot of people but- you know takes time to really hone your skills. And so- it took me a few years to our stand the flow you know That know that the- each it’s always you know nots not always but you know it’s kind of like how you interact with people and- and the politics of. Compromise and working with coalitions to get things done so That takes time. And if was the old term limits like we had up until twenty twelve. I’d be done I would I would be finishing my term in office right now. And yeah I talked to Dave Jones who certain Mike who served a couple turned out to couple Terms ago in this seat here in Sacramento and talk about the same thing he left after six years and full cracked that’s right when he was getting going so. Now we have these rules here we can serve up to twelve years in the legislature you don’t get twentieth at mac you got to run for office every two years so you can throw me out of office I am. On your ballot in a few weeks ago I’m not politicking today but just stating that I am on the ballot. But I can run for three more terms for another six years answered up to twelve years so I think something like that is a you know it’s not a bad idea- you know. Twelve year sixteen years some similar type thing in Congress. You know but I will say that would be a terrible idea and just California had it and not the other states. Because Congress is built upon the seniority system itself we have our congressional members. Who can’t serve. As long as somebody from Texas to New York or some other Illinois now we never get to be leader we never

see Nancy Pelosi. In our our member Doris made City rise up to have leadership positions- armor have your to Serra’s is now Sacramento and- he went to Congress. MLAs not returning general he was able to rise up because the seniority system so. You know that that’s an issue. And then someone says no law donations allowed to members I think that’s law but I think it’s more than lobbyist because it appears other lobbyists it’s lobbyists employer. You know it’s special interests we have been way too much money in politics. That’s one of things that just you know not. Really gets on me about my job is just that the huge special interests and money in politics and- that that we see inside like you have- publicly funded elections you know one day. We can have Less influence of special interests and more people from the community running for office. Okay let’s see next question is about helping people keep their pets when they move by prohibiting home Insurance companies from Blacklisting bereits this will also reduce the number of dogs surrendered to shelters. Well this is an issue I don’t have an idea On a bill but I think it’s interesting. And I will say this is an issue I’ve been debating at home with with my with my kids I am. Yeah we have we have a dog here- at said it’s a loud yelp all American dog in our labs aren’t seen as as problematic dogs but some dogs are and I was talking to girls recently about it pulls And actually knew a family here who had. A young family member loved one loved one mall to death by a pit bull about four years ago a four year old boy who was just heartbreaking and so you know I had some strong opinions on that. In you know I didn’t propose any laws what what have you in my little girls you know did they just turned twelve years old and this and that is not the dog the people So they’re like make sure no one ever does that to ban certain breeds and so I don’t think that there are there are dogs that are predisposed to violence and gets the situations around them. And so you know this is a nuanced issues not black and white so I understand that but interesting issue I didn’t know that home insurance Companies had these blacklist is for as pre. And some all we that. Okay this is a question about leaf blowers we asked about that I know it does the question a point here is a great generates more ground level ozone and cars do right now yeah I think that is an issue and so- I think there’s probably technology that we can. We can look into that What while we’re over on that I don’t see this question yet but let me talk about the big idea proposal that came out of the governor’s office we can get on that is phasing out- you know traditional five gas powered- automobiles the in on the tried and true internal combustion engine. That we all know and love to you know- hi I have a in our family we have one Electric vehicle and one that’s not and so you know I’m I’m not a purist you’re in our household- I have had a hybrid car before in the past and- technology doesn’t allow for all types of cars and so. We are getting there But if you look at the issue of climate change and- just that the user mounts of pollution are facing in our communities And none just the trajectory of what will happen if we don’t reduce- our carbon footprint you know the research and science is pretty clear it’s pretty drastic pretty dramatic well see level change we’ll see it’s getting hotter and hotter- claim it’s- missing the impact of that right now with all these wildfires and- notes Aug October and it’s it was a hundred degrees this week so we are seeing. Heat wave like we’ve never seen before And the impacts of automobiles and mobile sources is the number one contributor to climate change and pollution in our air. And so it’s not the factories in the smokestacks and power plants those all have eighty eight eight- a factor but the biggest contributor Is the automobile cars and so we need to we need to- transition out of that two more electric vehicles and alternative vehicles that don’t have have the impact on our environment And so the idea that the governor put out was to put a marker for you know fifteen years twenty thirty five agreed last I think I think it’s a fair one there was a bill on this a couple years ago which I wasn’t. A co

author as well find someone to fill team from San Francisco. So this doesn’t what the says it doesn’t say Overnight oats over here times and sends a signal To the automobile manufacturers in the public that Hey we’re serious about this by a certain date when I get there And we do have a lot. Of infrastructure issues we don’t have enough charging stations around King’s today we are gas stations will have you know charging plug in stations and all these gas stations and so We need to work on infrastructure in the next fifteen years And you’re saying automobile- companies making that change will seem even more snacks for years Especially in countries like Asia and China they’re really stepping up on that so. Is happening anyway but but having a on you know putting a firm marker down there I think is the right the right call No there are some technical things I know that some people say Hey you know if I live in northern California. I can Alturas. And it’s you know forty miles To my closest gas station And I don’t I don’t you know have- all the – charging stations up there as well you know Houses are going to work in for the job or they have a big truck and so they don’t necessarily have the technology right now to deal with those trucks and so you know I think that in the in the governor’s- exactly worry talk about Where feasible and so we I think we should look at alternatives you know if there are no hydrogen another on technologies that are that get us to the to the goals were trying to get to- you know I think it will have to take a look at that too but I think having. A marker out there and having a goal at the governor set forth is a good idea for California Okay Can anything be done to break at P Jeannie- have a state run utility we need to address the blackouts and brownouts yes we do and that’s actually should people bring up **** with that would that would that enough all the cars are. Electric powered you know how can you How can you guarantee is built into the car you love we don’t have electricity on to Charge the cars some You make sure we have a stable energy- utility system in California said PG&E has gone through their you know their bankruptcy process- I don’t know if there are any plans to have a state run I think It’s super complicated buying that. I’m not sure what it’s worth and maybe may be Worth less than what the cost is in other words. Liabilities the financial liabilities for lawsuits and- and fire damage and- all the old infrastructure. Is that is really really severe and there’s a lot of research that done but said Nguyen PG&E last ten to twenty years became really really focused. On the and the profit center and their- shareholders. Invest as much as infrastructure and the power lines in the great and that’s why. You have so much liabilities fires last for years and so you in a California did taken over in AB work anything maybe more liability owning it the not only- but I do think there is something said about public power. You know we’re here and slide territory we are very reliable power- we have affordable rates- is no we don’t they’re gonna they’re not making decisions based upon Shareholders and how much money they can pay their stockholders on by what they’re focusing on what’s best to the community And so I do like the The smaller model here in Sacramento. And so will we’ll know certainly some. Thing that we’re looking at some. And yes we need to address. The blackouts brownouts. It you know worst here were and smiled we don’t have that. Some of my district is in west sac of course the third of my constituents or whatever and yellow. I don’t have somebody that P. Ginny but I haven’t heard too much about- blackouts but in the region in the foothills in in. You know. In your lap closer to you know Davis in Dixon out there in the world where it’s an ag no see a lot of blackouts and so I never really impacts people’s lives Some people going to work on the school and all That so I know that has it’s a big issue Okay next. Is about. Do we need legislation to provide reliable internet access to all students Let’s go even further in creating statewide broadband internet access for all residents with Kobe many more people are working from home Access the internet has become an even bigger challenge from low and middle on middle income Californians. I am I totally agree it’s a big. Issue issue with access to internet and broadband for people in California you know limited means you know I know many people saw that image of those

two little kids doing their homework and from the Taco Bell In Salinas about a month ago it was heartbreaking you know we’re telling our our our kids our families we can’t you can’t be in Canyon schooling to do school from home. And comparing in internet access and frankly you know I I’m involved in education lots of talking and superintendents because I chaired the budget committee overseeing schools And when I talked them when covered first hit it wasn’t the computers and laptops being available or unavailable It was broadband and so little kids you saw and from a Taco Bell there and eighty nine years old and- they were sitting there by themselves other parents- log in online to the free wifi. And so they can do their homework signature at your work- on you know. In the in the irony here is it is lance’s you know forty five minutes from Silicon Valley Word you know. All the staff was invented. The home of apple and Google and- Twitter and everybody else and so. Right here in the heart of Silicon Valley. Now We have these huge inequities and so. It’s some it’s an issue. That that we need to address to make it- universally accessible it’s also very issue to in rural areas I know that there there are so many of these programs in urban areas were. Comcast others charged Ten Bucks for low income people to have Internet so I think there’s some very affordable options so you know. Maybe we can just subsidize those your families that need it- but you know in some areas of California especially the rural areas it’s just. Funding there in the first place And then you know some students to you know you may have internet. But maybe there’s four kids. In the household maybe there’s a mom or a dad or a family member that’s working so during this whole covert thing it’s we’re facing even if you have internet. Getting kicked off and so. You know it’s high speed high quality. Broadband internet it’s really important to access everybody. When we may be. Women’s for long remember more people working from home I think that. The future work is being assessed right now by companies- by technology companies He also it by its California who may have we may have Work from home in future Okay next questions about prisons and mental health and says is it possible take taken one take one five or one in ten prisons in turning into a mental institution our recap place prisoners not working that we get the same amount of money as prisons developmentally eller attics- would have lessened John actually help people we allocate inmates based on need and counseling Nazarian AB I totally agree with that site I was working on a budget proposal last year with the DA Of yolo county Jeff Reisig on this issue As far as using some of our – our facilities to focus on. On treatment for deferred for drug addicts- I think that you know you have great treatment and mental health care and in prisons but- no people low level drug offenders to just go through the system and get Arrested over and over and they- and their you know they did not commit crimes many drug addicts unless they actually Have a high level of property crime it’s good to that threshold where it’s a felony Northern being turned over over and over in the streets and so- I think that we should think about focusing on that. Now for example are you facilities we spent like two hundred thousand dollars a kid on juvenile hall We have this facility here in yolo county which is built Was built about fifteen years ago in with friends and I went to visit no right before covered yet and there is less than five kids in juvenile hall those bill for two hundred so we have. This beautiful facility branding spent couple hundred million dollars building at and that didn’t have a being there so I think that we should Utilize our infrastructure And our- incarceration facilities and focus on mental- mental illness Treatment as well as we have And that may some live that we need to look at. Our laws in the conservative laws And you know. Kind of Push people that direction not go round up like the old days and taken away but- some people can’t help themselves and- it’s- a waste of our police resources out there in our communities and you’re seeing it. Lot quieter than welcome drive around downtown Sacramento Okay next question the tech in question on a policing issue please reform issued says do you have any concerns about Brady violations that occurred in our judicial system and cause people to be wrongly convicted by police and prosecutors The perpetuating them As relatively negligible consequences-

there there is a Brady law radialis for the bill down now that if you’re a police officer who had a history or or was on down to be dishonest or unethical your honest And then if you ever arrest on. And you gotta try They can that as evidence that you know that your you’re law enforcement background is in question your integrity is in question so the actual actually was a bill this year to take clean that up. In the governor veto it because he didn’t he had some other recommendations but I know it’s an issue that the DA’s and- and- and others are working on this is what this is a this is a fascinating bill. Was supported- by the district attorney’s association and it was opposed by the police unions and the ACLU it first and so you don’t usually see that that type of coalition. On the side and bill well done I know that that’s an issue as far as the- the issue of police reform. I’ll just say I’m not you know we Did a lot this year. I think were Further pushed for. And help my – of after the murder. And George Floyd SR with our to I put for a couple be in play reform the governor sign weekend a lot One was ensuring that I’m sure departments cannot oversight bodies. On example here is we had one here in Scott Jones didn’t like that oversight body and so- that the former police chief Sacramento with was inspector general. And you made some recommendations on a on a killing that a sheriff’s deputy was involved with. Sheriff Scott Jones didn’t like his findings and told them former police chief represent all you know what you can come to work anymore and because I was like what do you mean on that independent Spector general for the County Sacramento have a job to do. The sheriff changes lock. So you the guy couldn’t use is keen to get to work anymore and so. That was just unbelievable. And in that example plus a few others law seems and others- let me in a coalition to write a law that says that sheriff’s can’t Stonewall anymore then if there is an independent sure if oversight body. Are there that’s appointed or created by the electorate and they shall be able to do their job and they should be subpoena power for them if they sure for remorse their information requests the- governor signed that- this this week. Another big bill the governor signed that I was working for number years is to have independent investigations for deadly force incidents so the bill that I put for the governor signed AB fifteen of six. Says if there are incidents of deadly force an officer involved shooting With an unarmed civilian. That there were be an independent From the state Attorney General as opposed to local DA- local DJs. No just have an inherent conflict of interest back to that Brady list issue they work hand in hand. With law enforcement and so when they’re you know in charge of investigating people they work with. You know they get elected with support from the unions from the local sheriff and so forth so from them. It’s just too complicated we saw this year in Bellator recently with a local DA. Ask for independence Education in the criminal justice That was denied so my bill was up a process for Not all I’m deadly force incidents but- Office revolve shootings within an arm’s. Individual so I think stop on Clark’s shooting That would be in this category but ironically George Floyd would not- because it wasn’t an officer involved shooting he was you know kill with a chuckle. I was the governor also signed a bill on banning the chuckle practice you’re in California so those are three of the major bill signed Their under another number of others that didn’t make it- because it covers everything we’re gonna rush the process we can here We could hear every every bill this year so you know they’re important ones are gonna come back with next year- one one big one that wants to talk about a lot. Is the issue of de ser Police officers. So I think of a place officer to cross line that was unethical and maybe the other get fired or they quit one police department and the guy that hired By somebody else down the street And so you know if you’re a teacher or a doctor Or even a beautician to do someone’s nails you have to get a license right. By the city California if you mess up. We can take the license away from me you can get another job In that field and so this would have that same type of practice will be- decertification devices for officers across the line. Okay so with with that There’s a number of police

reform bills that we’re gonna come out. Come out again. In the NFC in a couple Months I think our work is not done the governor say that as well I’m in full support looking at some other issues how we can Make our leasing more just as well as make sure our commuter safe Let’s see- this is a question on school districts they need to be audited to me districts have your responsible nefarious superintendency when you’re terminating school board members did not give reasons for the taxpayers I can Kerr- there are districts that have superintendents and school boards that make poor decisions- right here in sexy right kids go to school this kind of exhibit nay. You know I did audit of that school district a year ago The state of California and they uncovered innocent deeply troubling- findings which was talk about how they were you know. Proving budgets approving contracts spending money didn’t have and you know driving the district ended up into that point of. Almost receivership and we’re teetering on bankruptcy right now And so you know that’s something that the current school boards trying to rectify And I think that it’s an important issue for our kids and our communities and our schools but also I look at it from the taxpayers for California So we need to make sure that we- support our our our schools And means make sure have school and sound decisions that don’t exasperating the problem and I will say the problem big picture because we don’t fund our schools an adequate level So I know that yes we need to have more auditing work count ability of school districts To know we’re funding our schools forty first forty second and nation in per pupil funding Now you get what you pay for it sometimes to And so there a lot of proposals to increase school funding by going to the ballot through tax measures which I do- I do support that there’s measure on the ballot there’s also an idea for a corporate tax increase next year with someone looking as well. So I need to take a five second break its water talking for fifteen minutes nonstop What okay hopefully that was more graceful Marco Rubio Assembly cut that check- let’s see next question What efforts are being made to help fully employed professionals are still paying down their student debt loan ten years later Yeah the student debt in college college costs crunch is a big topic For us to consider at the state capitol I’m I’m all over this issue I’ve authored a couple bills last couple years trying to- trying to reform our our college financial aid system you know we call that degrees not debt you know there are some There are some cries across the country for free college I don’t support that Y. supporters debt free college on Franklin on the we have enough money to make college free for my kids. And you know a new class of a middle class kids will be nice my brother use of scarce dollars. To help make college more affordable for the masses. I we do have a- generous financial aid system here in California- Cal Grant system which is the envy. Of the nation as far as providing A money to pay for tuition for students to go to you seen. CSU thanks for tuition and also it pays a lot of tuition for students one of them to private schools music Cal Grant as well. And the current Cal Grant budgets two billion dollars. We help. Hundreds of thousands of students every year. Chen she that in families that make under a hundred thousand dollars are automatically eligible. If you get it now a two point oh GPA or greater in high school. So it really is- you know how big pay for college tuition but that’s the key word I said there’s tuition. The true cost of college. Is much more now than tuition you know when I went to school. You know you can if you can afford to work part time and help pay for your apartment books transportation but Now housing costs. Especially cities like soccer we have a CSU. That state or – A. R. C like Davis the have you now now them to ask plight housing you know how. Housing just so sucks So food into. That’s why. Are barred so much money in the average debt load of the students. Graduate who gets full scholarships for tuition so they get a Cal Grant all

call all their tuitions paid for. Their still graduating on average of data about twenty five thousand dollars and so that impacts their ability to buy a house start a family and get married- just has a huge impact so. We’re looking to reform our Cal Grant this them to cover not just tuition but the cost of instruction based upon your- sliding scale on your income. I would not a lot of mind the budget right now to do it overnight we’re looking to phase it in. We’re also looking at potential revenue sources to do that some states have legalized for example sports. Internet sports gaming- they use the proceeds did stuff like funding- college and so that’s one idea. That that I have but yeah I do think that we’re trying to make it easier for people to young professionals to. Get a degree start a career- and I had not be saddled with which management of debt. So here we go A question on. This the state capital project This Is during this pandemic- do we need to be spending a lot of money in the capital projects many people putting me into the capital parking all the trees of products in the necessary during this time budget uncertainties. I understand and needs work the proposed project is way out of ski. I disagree the capitol park is beautiful CalPERS can to there are some Pieces of the state capitol That some parts of the park will there will be trees removed- right adjacent to the capitals and not the entire park. Not a lot. No one all be removed- we would sense the world we will. Tear down the and rebuild another building right there and that that building is about seventy years old. And inside very unsafe now it literally is a fire trap there’s ever a fire there would be major major tragedies there’s no. Adequate enough fire house sprinkler systems it accents aren’t aren’t really- you know. To codes eighty a issues this is the public house to come talk about issues Of the day whether you know Ste all these issues student debt the environment transportation so. You know it is a in a an issue that we all. Face going to talk to our our government the state capital and so On we’re trying to make sure that we can we can focus on limiting the impact on the capitol park we did have money that we set aside for this one time money When we were when we were flash so during those during those good years the state budget we didn’t we are smart we didn’t spend all the money on on going issues we used it for one time things like state Buildings and- in set aside money a rainy set aside twenty nine twenty billion for a rainy day. Or using that right now to deal with the budget but we had money was for this project your for the capital project Another thing we’re trying to why some of the trees make me go out on the side it’s next to the capital think of it it tenth street side. You’re gonna have a visitor center where people could enter the capital who on. Field trips students to come there on a regular basis through schools and so right now it’s very inefficient when it’s raining or hot we are this massive lines out one have a visitor center so. People that work there and go to work so if you’ve ever been in DC same type of thing there you have a visitors center going to the state capital Capital Capital but I understand I am trying to work. To make. The on the trees in the park It is my district here districts seven song I understand the- sensitivity there So this next question We have about five more minutes this final final two questions- it says I’m looking for a bill that stops the increase in rents Sacramento young professionals are being forced out of the city. Adamic the pandemic has yet to bring down the absolute ridiculous cost of rents Yeah actually I read a report today- and that I mentioned it today it’s an today Sacramento bee about Housing and what’s happening with professionals in the bear so. You know with the with that work future work changing people working from home A lot of people who are in one technology work in your computer and commute. On a semi regular basis the Bay area they can work virtually and so they’re saying you know why seven least in San Francisco at five thousand a month like I rents a- house here in Sacramento. And downtown for two thousand twenty five hundred a month just a lot for us but for someone in San Francisco it’s cheap. So we’re seeing you know not we’re seeing the demand- from the bay area really impacting housing prices So I do supports the

measure that density put for To a stop Iran gala it’s really not a troupe control It’s really anti rent gouging so would limit rent increases on I know more by like- I think it’s like 3% plus the growth in in that city I every year so like let’s say you know you can increase more than like 56% in one year. There is a measure on the ballot prop C. which I know a lot of you are getting information about Sacramento That would take it a step further so that’s up to the people decide they want to go a step further This last this is this will be the last question it’s- almost four o’clock and by the way great questions I couldn’t get to them all but- I think we had a idea questions here so I really appreciate Your engagement and you can always email me these and you did and so it gives me a flavor of what We’re thinking about in my district. The question here is I’d like to see the Legislature lower state taxes lowering state taxes Possible how about putting the obligation of dat ons in colleges. And the colleges rather than the state and the public And more transparency on how tax money is spent all star last one first yeah I totally Agree with you I’m more transparency in our dollars and that’s why support- oversight bodies like and having her for the sheriff When I was in the city council I work to create the independent auditor for the city council and things like that you know will supply our hotline to talk about with the city was. Being an- with that would based five some in some examples. And so I think we need more that- as far as putting the obligation to the colleges. I noting the colleges are cash cows. Maybe the UC where they have a ton of Donors and wealthy donors and alumni have been around for a hundred years that call just so all they have donors. And alumni who who who really have occasionally a lot of wealth over the years so. They did give a tremendous amount of money to that the campuses but- it’s not nearly enough to educate- almost since we haven’t California. And let’s face it with the economy changing more people need higher education degrees. Not not Lassen so need to put more money in higher education. For UC and CSU but dabbing sad Need to focus on you know- spending at the university level as well so we can just be. On the ivory towers by money money on luxury that they can’t afford so. We’ve been really hammering that you seen since you to look at their spending practices. I’m trying to- trim down some of the unnecessary stuff and focus on the basics which is our students and student Agent student loan. And lastly about lower the state tax. I don’t see that that have frankly for the Middle yes I don’t don’t see as increasing and all but four- the wealthy I think there’s a large conversation With the voters putting there’s on the ballot. And now with luck with members like myself to think that we should eventually increase taxes. For corporations I think if you look at that that big corporations and made a killing off our from the trump tax cuts. I think the date could stand to pay more in our corporate tax amount in California. And that’s something they’re looking to potentially put on the ballot next couple years I don’t think would make us- a less and less attractive place to do business people think all they’ll just move to Nevada are you now Louisiana are. Overseas well the corporate taxes not based upon where are you located based upon where you do business so think about Starbucks or target or Walmart or Amazon you know they’re still going to be working doing business year in California We have forty million people with the Fifth largest economy in the world. So where ever they’re located they’re still going to be doing businesses of the corporate tax- issues based upon the actual Business you do in the state of California not where you’re located so that I think is it is maybe a very efficient way To look at taxation and that’s when I think as it has has a broad Bipartisan appeal to because I think there I didn’t quite quite a few individuals with think that. Large corporations are doing quite well we should use those resources to help Our schools and our kids our neighbors our community sell- but as far as the lower state tax for individuals I know that’s a slippery slope if you increasing too much people will leave California but California is still desirable after governor brown for the measure on the ballot six years ago increase state taxes The number of millionaires That we have in California- you not nearly doubled. In some

measures governor went up by like you know 304050% something like that. But you know what we had in enact increase in millionaires in California after we increased the millionaires tax still It’s not always that we increase Taxes on the rich and they’re gonna leave California sometimes and use that money to invest in colleges and schools It’s a bigger bang for your Buck in our economy anyway. So I’m good last question I know that was a tough one so I don’t want to leave on the softball for me. Easy one’s own make sure answered all The questions green hard ones as well. So thank you for much I am out of breath I was tiring And but I enjoyed it. And I hope to do these again in the near future thank you for being part of this today my constituents here and districts seven if you’re not where is your seventy part that creators Akron area that’s fine too Thanks