FIFA 20 Career Mode Livestream – Grimsby Town FC

Ya’ll what is going on guys we’re back with some of the to 20 Grimsby Town career mode that’s right season at seven ah yes season bingo and clicking fast you know feels light yesterday that which starred opposite 20 campaign no Grimsby Town but of man 50 armed got slightly better goal difference so that’s why they are of course on the top of the premier league table the home sat in seventh place joined on that point to win the Chelsea during sixth her slightly worse qualifier; Leicester winners l Everton soak yet in search and think things over, K thrust the moment of us in our outboard want us to try definition Owen in the champions exports of I still seen as very much a possibility for us like a sailing by only three poin yes it can be done will it be done I’d have no, try my best to into icy achieve that before I we’ve got the team certainly to do are slight remit was really frustrating me carefully felt like he wasn’t an 18 I’m a striker on always places like all layout them in his paces supposedly meant to be real by his acceleration discovered a bit too slow armed illegal clean up their tour can go conductance in a sensational signing for downside America does that she is well on the right only 22 years old 88 rated them in such as the basses what 23 is already nin lot of the three defenders are about candidate to back an employer to long serving goalkeeper young goalkeeper from Brazil still a more often than not got mawkish dollars error is it good young said about coming through a central statute does what we signed in alas last rings a in her stuff happens walk immediate arm but yet without a ready lies or we’re gonna get straight into its first game in a stream gullit our farms arm it’s only wanna wear a mean to win your we always want to win every single game are we can’t use can be a t not not really too sure what to or what are expected to come away with some scheme water expect to come up against in terms of t R wegerle dribble through here right are what Baron did it but when we have to do by dad and I landed a drill never he understands after drills and when I wanna so do to the arrest better go at St. James’s Park year away from home against Newcastle let’s hope we can kick things off tonight or with a good win against them all for England to opponents in this one a reader brilliant tackle Greenwood he gets it back plays it as it back to go back Tabak are open to debat not not really sure scone on Newcastle playing Mrs. Muscle 12 on their left hand side as in our approach going to was 18 yard box to bet she still out on the far side try and make a prisoner stay seat is being done no doubt closing d Barclays that’s going ahead is acted all my word god Fred dons are what did I am I Emily giant stunned I’m stunned as to what the hell does happen there were, going trying Diego back almost insta

look to set up shop and potentially go for just a one nil victory here size of a subtler and castle would be against doing our i R. Davis running in from the midfield just conquered all under his control is Greenwood oh Greenwood Greenwood to close their good luck and I still Calais bar all goalkeeper makes a fantastic saves on my across one of the defenders on the line two among as the chancellor’s a chancery level things are almost instantly we knew we definitely a goal back Sven very soon for a chance i so early on as game were perhaps thinking that Newcastle, a bit easier that’s all century bass as a shop goalkeeper this time do witness warning from the far side R gardai are my god Sanchez read at tabs just not expecting you are my god is act as a Loris carriers in goal for Newcastle I don’t believe that god rest relative waiting times so much time wasted their reps that’s absolutely ridiculous become fulltime western really get down on the right side game dishes are that this is where we got bombed for first goal was this guy got fed done so all my gosh you gonna do it again after perfectly well that a avoid having to give away a penalty and then as I say that we years when appalled or grimma justice blocked off try and track back but an it is likely MM some people in the chapter tried it helped me get back on level terms and then events the go ahead in this one it’s been that I can say eight they are expe not not taking Newcastle City ago Greenwood is frodo Greenwood led us from talking about.drug usage at immediately three or 4 minutes later years and years since unseat the end product eternal god and I saw 12 or more I ABS screen but as one talking about that’s all we needed to gas else back in this gam still@now in its first after maybe even grab one just before halftime really given Newcastle manager had been over a tough choice to make in terms are going to second offer sweet and grabbed won just before halftime was only chan the same ago such as the bass are restaurant’s buried a restaurant darn plant ASIC decision from referee that play sure R better at all those or us a chance that was almost a chance to make it to want within style there is a is a century mass again 20 ahead on the it looks like it was galling is gonna roll out on this nearside for a t less than a couple miss out left in this first of cross at the time of course before I will we would allocated a cell’s back on level terms we need to of is the finding that second goal at least trying in a give us after build more breathing room or a players’ game dr this could destiny have the opposite sex for us R takes a deflection off a wall or does fantastically well there does go out for Newcastle call oh so messy hopefully week and d tore my gosh Armacost please please rest their Clore Globe logo or so owl or my gosh enough to close income for William Ellis had a whale of a though

11 into half times IRA to her by making it any changes but we CM in a fix up defensively armed year we had we haven’t really bee fairly quickly sniping at ladder tactics have changed is just made a mentality is just not there you know still many of the shoc players need to pick their heads up yet again on the far side now Kubo tracking him well classic river wild arms goes out four a throw want to Newcastle on the far keeping their possession are really well Newcastle frustrating us of course in the middle of the park sir TS I cassettes been a frustrating Mr. My god Tom I got all my Washington up the hotel or air and ground crews, aren’t always going on we are stunned stunned into silence the away fans R ER eight there are no words are literally at molester that we are whittled been diabolical defending your we’ll defensively we just haven’t looked to at the game dinner we we we just didn’t look altogether in the first of an it’s only at the start things well win the second half or are we try squeezing through again just manage to give away Newcastle its ER yes frustrating to say later, just give her composure now keep my composure don’t have the stupid a regard us from talking about 22 Sanchez RE bass, to make up the hour that are talking about R to Wales my shoulders we’ve gone blind twice in this game had managed to claw it back twice destiny when you we’ve got half an hour left in this want trying in a style which are within as if we’ve got any hopes of trying to you know fourth our way into the top six top four this season the more is really we defin beating realistic the abdomen a crunching challenge they’re just as bowling was looking to work his way in the to the box RY diverted of XG 7 stemming directory good welcome one this is not going good lads this is not going gonna told ask onerous going out, down or go about finding its way to meet weekly one would credible more chance which the one which onsite that bass always been for us today he that we have had limited chances divx she is in doubt divx she aenarion a forum for write better chance the chance we have done won go lead against Newcastle away from home 32 of just under 15 minutes left on the clock in the second of baffled or a divx RE an absolutely right for that warning to the top left corner five gastrin so fine that any league this season ordering a more crucial and that one right there are 32 after being going behind twice in this game one neon and that two won we just had a colon now or Michael says played a fantastic through ball to make do Cadillac is back there to stop the cross coming across a gold diggers the corner killing or eight giving away the trauma designers on a training ground all Pereira but he art at a nearby still like you certainly grateful to watch that won’t go sailing over his crossbar them weakened a way th club row ago Bailey Bailey to come on as a sub sub for each desk home and on the overlap now R try so witty across a paradox there but are my god no no no no no no had to do that to do our clients do you looking at for defending their Terry spirited defending R come on, David David, the ones you why I love you don’t be stupid stuff like that play the ball doorw goalkeeper Pereira their

didn’t thankfully enough grit and try to do something here blames the corners you need to lads Derbyshire into doing that R know so frustrating R Greenwood with the muscle back till century bestial as it by their strength from century bass why did you usually the matter player frugal there it did not afterburner frugal you sector key possession and the game is yours by Mary do those 32 or my word order gave menace to open up begin at the away fans after the heavens EN route castle shown officiating 4848 S same on the pitch a fantastic so small as enrolled tuna like I say to go to go one nil down, backed by then go and other go down again to want them to pull that backing him to get the winning gold in about you and 75th minute or whatever was fantast lawyer summer from from next game we weakened to alarm we Norwegian rival we did wrong but Taylor you know what to wear never in our trusted that we would give our all and we fought till the end so lanky over a mean we decide a game which than a game to wait we now supply eight wigan focus on anything in Newcastle doing diff aim not sure it’s that is a good player or freedom and actually losing him and other concerned agency in the top left of screen I’m a bit concerned about that geordie based on the fact that your we could get sat on the seagull are you manager rating is to I’m hoping in the last forcing away into that top four spot might rectify someone is problems are unknown they want us to deuce out player wages by 45 K matches, happen we’ve already probably by giving a new signings in a mordant 40405 K so winner, reduced our our wage budget before truck any time soon I don’t think in so we’d get a deal with that as is as and when it comes arm because a 57 is not great it’s definitely not greatly need to be doi anecdotal still stay in their bill still pretty soon you’re am sorry at C. Carter sorry Maugham Baker Rees Mitchell your tennis orchid the rest of them and they still show some decent manner potential problem in is theirs is gone to gangs you are in S40 or 57 undermined losing you to be honest funny Bristol very immoral once ma in as all had no idea loan of etna there’s your wants me may am sorry dear me Alvarez Neva you as a do you not the ones me I adv would be decent Alex conscious shell as well 7794 a good couple players and hit arm again and offered nothing nothing to turn your nose are real for Stefan a Mancini 58 or 648 Ford 94 or lose the Bruno you’ve dropped out that Giovanni Greco -starring as neither won yawning minor tired Benito Carbone to players or got the potential up to be in and 90 for a player Mexico can your first job to be international man mother for cymru bass is not a are 90 are rated striker all my word all my word dignity at a steel or my gosh icon believe that in Cadillac must now come to any four David Stephanie were not from a fighter EC will have a in a local O’Reilly century bass is honestly sensation he hasn’t always will be a Grimsby Town legends at a mere 90 rated striker for Grimsby Town is totally unheard of

a to all even as he is the number single since one against Baum of we are playing at home if we do win this one army could leapfrog arsenals they don’t pick up four wins telescope by David fake same team century bass newly rated 90 such as the basses imitating France it doesn’t by Alan argued a potentially maybe, Cecil two in that game or, to bunk about picking up both goals for us to were not very early to want is some talk about that is one talking about telling six place only three points still behind suppose we are three points clear in our of Leicester always always good army have a bed of a buffer to the team’s behind us centre stared you do their up to 70 a rating to why haven’t made a limited account what he’s made a limited an Aladdin’s on all major limited is meant as a market game for England are not too sure aren’t we mean by may delimited accounted also thank you for coming out Islam argued earlier the the many good A boards of big game a big game guard against Leicester avoid mentioned earlier we are only three points ahead of Leicester in this format for a come up by actu tough income it play this one might make a couple us a few are cobbler changes to the squad by think operas want a let you know what stubbly Zane but they were gonna give it the year old was sentimentality this match we Taylor my players were deafening for its own honesty and erratic are the last couple weeks but you know what we took to winners on the bounce not the easiest when Stewart to pick up as well so are to give a bailee game and then I would also put Mason more the captain walked back to the captain and you are swept watched art we would also retain markets dollars error in our mortgage bank limited game why the hell not whether or not rotating a bit of a silicon four backed on the bench if we do need to define us are struggling in the swung against Leicester City away from ho and eating out stadium ICL a song goes to get some predictions for a score in this game in the chat let’s eat a senile how well you think I’m gonna play in this from I so toll at NASA which it into the training of so is totally committed poor something off like that in this one lawyer snowing it at the King’s our stadium in the Midlands grand in Leicester let’s go greasy tumblers or so away from home am hoping like a seminar I think is more are given really to say that we’re hoping top four would be fantastic are sink by any the Mason more Thompson interrupt myself their masons racing are all Pat’s Van Der options over to advance it just want to go dame regattas run you want to discontinue it answered in outwit ball af Greenwood because of poor fires in Harris and harass them back to green word bars rational and as 012 between strikers Paris and angry would linking up ban tacitly well there are Leicester’s the home fans were stunned into silence early on in this one at th the away fans had up in arms to website to download files song rituals but you have to login that’s what’s questions must I do not have RAM a kilometre the t tie the knot of runners account

R test go former kickoffs almost when it back in silly are we don’t win the lack Mason was there to win it back vital intercepti R unlucky unlucky that unlucky unlike the invention their did like that are going to muscle one touch passing and that lasted through ball over the top was looking enticing indeed for each point is, it may seem more breath RR walker mom good Russell Coventry a Birmingham against Leicester were there when efa cup tennis take up a difficult draw tonight by aghast as also the with us always thing as well Co.s was he like Birmingham a play your Coventry are playing their home games a notional mean Jamie film in Moscow in order Coventry stayed in situation Co.s I know that they’re not playing their home games our way from home by at home it and I mean Greenwood Paris and are my gosh all my gosh that a draw draws on that enough to let me know who or why what teams draw grew by, the big teams are coming up against a for sale know also on Ballmer for playing Leon receivi all Harris and was looking for the ball over the top to more you can see more running towards the penalty spot they’re just coul we go again no former foreign R. Harris urges runs into traffic Leicester get a lot bodies back there crowd about as he tries makers approach in the two the penalty box at 18 yard and all my god what’s record Arizona top back to stay with him at Purdue Aberdeen asset stay with him on the an owner rest all m all my gosh bar by gosh of White’s gone tariffs alright or a four is crime Paris Air or find gosh or my god level for Shrewsbury plane Chelsea while while Waller would gain I’ll be gone weight to what Shrewsbury by Chelsea R my god I’m so thankful for the offside their honestly four riders been absolute done them a goalkeeper was not made but we have the final at eight ago Greenwood’s all Greenwood as the old himself layer does it support anyone there Greenwood Mason Greenwood@saw about no maintain Grimsby town’s and number 10 medallist Mason fantas goalkeeper day outstretched defender there are awaiting the he’s doing Pat’s not expecting a stop to come at him as quick as it fantastic after almost concealing down the other end at moments earlier it’s not for an offside decision we make it two nil just before halftime I hope to we can go into the break just stirred to know are keeping a clean sheet would be a fantastic to destiny to reorganise ourselves going in the to the second half we are again talent great defensively although we have still certain are long before he’s gets across just in time except tackle toss Somerset blows always fans are showing their appreciation you can hear bones and whistles around at the stadium picking how stadiums not happy with what they’ve seen so far this evening let’s go do Grimsby setting off against Leicester go well so far two goals are clean she is well to play a sensible egos player sensibly had no need to do anything or to arrange this year

or Harris and agreement green word ardakke trick that hat trick is therefore Mr. Mason Greenwood’s bass inmates celebrate celebrate do when are you doing them a you all are grumbling truth because it wasn’t as the when you make me but may neither me nor is there a lot I know what people say you know it was arguably Liverpool’s you know beating see team players he was already in under 23 squad basically playing against a plain in Shrewsbury pocket, taking some way from Shrewsbury when it did that year the goal of against the abominable falls in a for to do that in such a the way they did was fantastic from them aren’t I had heard of assuming that your own top is, said a dozen yds a cup replays I do understand ways but also the same time it csa cup to repay is what makes him at school gives a smaller teams are you a chance to make it further competition ball soak a chance to on and is a great opportunity for Shrewsbury R think operas, said that he is Irwin Nottingham gonna be like considering to be ma just to show you know he’s not a guest, could point to make a statement saying that he doesn’t refill frenetic a replays and he thinks a it’s not fair on beati answer is not fair from them by IRA are think it’s a bit disrespectful that he’s come out and said Azinger you put preserve youngsters a second team are our against resistance shown him the respect set do army was out does sonorous you dare take a spin around source for longer periods time than your club is even bigger lies in I of the season touts his opinion by I don’t particularly if is it because I like to duty in the magical the Essex up an anyone sa he’s got four he has got four Mason Greenwood is got four goals what is going on Paris Elena Harris’ Turner providers several times but Greenwood Greenwood has got more goals in this one telling goals and a premier league or my gosh all my gosh Mason removed proven way deserter in asylum and what right here right now he’s been sensational promising we’re into his game of C. Wallace line keeper clean sheet although we go rotate his squad is slightly is also a the when always good when you can Collins win from your rotating Paris as her harassing Mason more trial or on fruit your school get there in time perhaps harassing to revive the ball into them a bit later there Harris and try going for a tackle referee waves are advantage Leicester now on th Berlin running at the fence R is just missed controller their eyes out on the far side to four rid of the town from Glasgow R come on Y what you say that through all that auld enemy Ricky forced into making nothing what may be one of his first Asian risk ain’t never even troubled so far in this for good punch and is well Lester though still have the ball second chance Greenwood begin back there on his defensive duties are Harris and run away the ball still going answer is still going all eight breast still, it still gonna acid coming down, down there are some good run forward don’t us to do anything stupid are my gosh is a sale is possession just inside the Leicester City after answer to all answered is been done answered he’s been sold no no n

our way away our Danieli weekly or a save Guinea and Sierra go for time whistle for Neil all way from home against Leicester mak us a lot of luck answer blues or a the stadium racing Greenwood four goals in today’s game sensational performance foreign are absolutely intends no win no one to stop him in today’s game is seven shots fired on target very good, version rate indeed and its are fantastic to know that we can wrestler a players are still, Waverley , Deschamps a good Taylor in all rearm by them for raising coming Greenwood is a bloody superstar the guy is insane bsc have his barren patches yes he can be bad at times what it does starts at four Coles completely dominating the Leicester Cit as the races gone up or raiding altar at three a smarter saying Wilby, competing or with may small four a starting spot at the camp positions got walls in our next game we are keen to fifth place now arsenal still have a game in hand so mackerel change stony of 3. rice Burroughs all the teams above us into be winning consistently 30th less than ideal for us , midweek game against walls now in the December games coming thick and fast not sure three are quite ready four the winter periods animal again so we are gonna have to be you are playing the vet he can come back in the to the team as canker brow I think we also put to grow back in it to the team that privacy S mark each dollar Vieira can come back boss of the pitch four Cadillac emperor reinstate him between the sticks undergo an input race on the bench arm and I think that’s problem and it will rose in the as Roma komeito man is still holding it down as the backup left me to gue was correct answer this one against walls see Argos all to one Canadian 20 picking up the goals and on two and a 29th minute they do equaliser fire panel seen from process on the d got burning annex from a zn mean that the star although this season with a cup against you basically every top six eyal the that we can come up against that we are we are Daphne Du and a best shortly Oregon trolleys 84 seven on loan to the report is 84 rated or mine are ensuing going to have built too much with whatever, wages on this luxury lot Lindsay and errors or you’d definitely so be signed two extended contract 52,000,000 rated central defensive midfielder still relatively young nothing out team is is poorly one of the youngest not least to be honest we are at saint six face arsenal won both the games in hand over us so seller to both of wine arsenal three points Doris Byrne is now at six points are exposed Mason more complaining years in pretty let’s go and change that Sir Cameron let’s put Mason more in their art let’s leave that as the and is a guess maybe we put Paris and instead a century by as many comment on the left outside R through her to her butlins in the air ahead of Sui Chris wonder why the hell not gonna start fair mentioned in the team and albeit god against Burnley Dave got three yet all losses are only ever scored a goal

move all he still hadn’t scored a gold 40 is a golfer burn at least rolling towards the bonnet able their divx sheet Paris and m all markets dollar Peres answer 82 now find that us to progression from a young Brazilian centre back there almost always good enough for just as good as AI Samantha do tattoo Bailey’s complain about having a while when the plane or they may say guided goodbye to all from you make a callow Decisive moments do not worry about Oliver true that because of decisive moment, come up against Leeds was in this one winner of the played turn alone and Austin th it’s gonna get tough on to her to plate in swallowed names that we are pretty America similarly playing yet we do want to or definitely try winner on against a against Liverpool whaling for outfit Luke death in a gonna hold anything back against us so i according to plan but firm, um, hoping that this is next game of today council ball will be a much better result in terms although and interns are so what’s in is one again they’ve lost two and a row conceded eight goals garment is the there we go out other two to that tally Bailey Bailey taming a what’s about them or another seat scoring improvin with a second goal for an attack stick to antacid from the lads how we doing in the league we’re now joined on points with the likes of spurs arsenal never fall to press ahead of us we do play them in their business came together we are doing and use I was at didn’t Wilson is complaining let’s go ahead and see what’s going on Kim Wilson here who is them Wilson Dawson is the right taxation and Wainwright back bateson he years will sign your mates I’m not be so in the D R rotating ever so slightly to fetch he Garrison addressing can stay on the bench says not been two grey nothing will bring the ma When dollars give limbs the start state is back for cameras give us a race a game as well or I am also going to do as I am going to put Wilson’s on the or two of the bench in just two R they’re just occupy spy guess transit we can give a testing time to answer that R Wright is a big game coming up now kettle four to win this for kitcat apart cells above looked potentially as tired as for place but you know it’s a win this one are we were deftly go ahead of Liverpool into fifth place so is constrained to at Blundell park is the venue for this one train at Sundance still in the little side just as showed just a young B is currently a citizen in a 2 army are quite as their weight in the to the future so he still going strong falling off all the young quite back to live aboard a sensational right back to Liverpool and England of course the skin to elope we didn’t come away with a good result me face to Mansfield had earlier in the season but goddess run out chance for redemption potentially here at Blundell park do we go now Davies RSC toolkit will RR Waugh row which Shearer scored omission scored another garage answers onus is that while sensuous cordon that won wooden our first shot on target as well but which does destiny scored in all Alison as earns as is still still a great goalkeeper or my god would attached that is Tories and the break din tackled oh long before Estella longbow longer good good tackle good pass or longbow spurs one off against Watford smart good sign for us is as a sample Wallace

to go throwback to mark each dollars error by is the stupid or retiring them out a rigorous good as good as good regarded are R where was the supports 18 on their glittering on their Dwyer’s money still alive Monet’s to lies no way nowhere is Morrison alive near to Nittany Times tore my gosh or my gosh was going on all my got as part tariffs box bigger – our way directly some explain to Verity all oh my gosh what is the or all my god Alison is a sparkling guard whole any all the goalkeeper next four Neil back goal cancers fourth any other goalkeeper for kynaston many’s the overpowered is just a goalkeeper as a decade Ohlmeyer goal my goal might have weren’t far kinder out mature out and gladiators non image that are mighty glad that I was at this when there is no one is that world Mrs Not a not enjoyable begun up against a fork in Dallas and whose some Howell is still wanna best goalkeepers in a reside 78 by what is going on a bar my guard shirt believes is dollies and it can’t man strikes me to or also saussure so what the four key you’re doing since they’re not like them alive comradeship three for most minister game Mr McGrath world this is far Kim frustrating all we need goal for King held over for just look on it about football, K no, we’ve been I want somewhere in support me no locate call call below my god has sent us and what their R my goddesses piercing the office alasdair is not that good man to 18 I could all my god leaned sir Leon’s Linz are forecast for F spark off Ref your average same frock is a real watch and a different rock and a run your R or my god almighty are are my to on our my jar or might guard are marked cleared away league immediate possession back or might come far clean the arts please places barely over barking hell what to fight was that get what you can’t all my god what the us this was about to go straight from a monitor for my right foot literally before connived what forked white keep coming back to this came when a wire why why not keep coming back to this game I danced and where players game so much I swear have not changed anything about skates just talking difficult at the moment or my god, god had a fork we did our own bike tax controlling please control investor doubts holding bar my garden or players don’t know what the structure doing century basses 99 to RE striker never given them and us cent on Semitic Eustace m what is that all my god almighty or might almost

Lorelei matter cut the string short normalise not, lie when it when you come up against teams I distance west evil four in your defenders gonna do anything at all is supporting rest home at half a hold all my god or my god looking at looking at fantastic defending R. Michael Thomas why is the only person is an offended a low pass don’t all Farkas mean the arts on a mighty century Mary to be on its disciplinary Napoleon real flocking back through adjust fokine you come up against these teams are just like so under rated Sanchez rematch; now are ago, are meant was that please our 25 minutes left pleases good roar an estate least a draw would not be the worst result for us just please fork in the way that they play against us a play against me how I imagine I would play against every other, moment or like doing all these cheekily a 12 or might have to almost forking on sorry I shouted a couple times I ridiculous ship to virtue divested days allow a sellout did it for goal kick is that everything is just falling Liverpool’s way eight Alison it’s a rusty ought 99 ray g at a cost key a cell for Tammy fokine Abraham a sulk eight four kill everything she’s going away eight breasts your but while while why was it you’re not up to you below Mr. Cook ERI wish I wasn’t there mood to speak when Alistair Kerr keeper does not provide forecast or more RS R us where I swear to god a smasher a splash for him my best guide, was going on the top left corner either the wine that direct on 01 at ease on schools back and say down 21 down is what situation is I am 21 down blown off the had this close this close this close by punching a hole in my Waller swear on so close far the highest they’re back having to buy another controller R’s been frustrating and I don’t Alison for some reason is still a fork in the basal goalkeeper like a breath got one stand off become sites I excuse right which is just had this in the office came on after Leonora was all down at the skimpiest as me arts and all at home loan to hate life and what, football was that since I’m farquhar¢ not failed to of all reject is now somehow return to Liverpool wee sister¢ am thinking of you are failed level player and now you somehow gone back to play for Liverpool five years and a future please please please please please a blaze a for-a P at her deletion has I had ¥danger of a don’t care likely do not care are have oh my gosh

malice and Matisse and other take care Barlow that initially the final kick that are all minor leagues Austin all my word I’m exhausted Jesus Christ all my gosh or in or I would win a game but don’t really care are only kept saying she’s very much Mr. Cook in the chattering to work on your deserved a Mary R my god order to lean against l is only professional enough storage British sugar shows how bad I receipts are right back to a draw was deathly fully deserved you know R R my god I was there wasn’t any stream of do anything relics are best bet that are piste off I was a terrific added four for a bit more bit longer we are also coming up to the terrace windows so I am looking at the national opposition them look in the tones of a tractor with no I am potentially looking to make some signings we’ve gone back up to 71 manager at know which will inject Dow falls off from was a greased winner Jack you for from Denmark bisect this many times before on restricts if we’re off would linen job it would take it and another had England job as well as be Grimsby Town job are a managed to positions at once seen a we are no manager of England as well as busy town square more than happy to do that Tesco us all we get for your drawing against Liverpool and for that is what we get dryness of the Darlington Spring match press conference tourists in this game against Aston villa are to go rotation is key to kill understands it are you know what to expect that we do need to play better Taylor wrote easy but never as well see try a the champions league qualification this season’s on is ordinary difficult specially when he got such a tiny camera teams in and around you back Smillie on arrival he is back from injury yesterday we are England manager now but he don’t have anything to do they must left a to look at the England squad clue what England squad saint our ration a top rational top three nil with the winner would assume you want your between three nil win a symptom of a poster boy OK that althou still hanging about in the abdomen is why it is whiteness after on the pitch for west rent sank on the Audi a train is a lot better mounts at great also prince and Sean Ryan side who is a goalkeeper is because nick Gomez stance as anyone else let sure sure sure you got that left by Billy do so Kinnock had Eastern England side to know to look like a the singer sewing on cigar Parry came still hang around 32 years old together good left Winger we are we got setting or attacked by insisting on is that as a that had eaten the in England tame enough passed a foreigner been there and then had to ¥in terms of acting like relaxed b ice feel like a ordinate puts all weather put the had to go back in that cent of four addition just after two strikers by brow can come back into the squad Ba Tabak and an to do as well Willie that at all since games against Aston villa hopefully we can pick up all three points in this one’s a fantastic if we cou for make sure case closing their up and utterly sure it was all the time

had come on for larnaca that all my god we’re such bed or us in games out such as the best comes after bench and schools for a summer long time they scored and again we have seemed Greenwood and about picks up the double you said three or 4141 as close as a good guess good guess Mr Croquet Baker guess I would ofgas the one about maldon two goals reset or cruising as Chelsea S take up this again enough to play as well because at stake up is is one of our objectives the ethic up is to fish will make it into the semifinals of the essay cut its one is one of the objectives at the port of sellouts Prix car after plates want as we do just take over into January into a 26 trance windows opened so you no wouldn’t means trust winners open we have to a U.S. after tell me what played wrong to sign a steady anyone bigger players that you Sinclair still be in this game at Amin we are few seasons into the future bump face earn a lot of the yo your own elsewhere sea hero how’s it going seaward chatty a almost guest in the almost guessed it three Mills 41 week upturn bik as I say we’ve got this essay cup game, not against Chelsea are early on in January 2020 sick its insincere it swallows ones where we have what I liked the we have to win it just because trying keep our trying to Al team now board happy Danny all moat Danny a let’s see if I’m pretty certain should be in this game at Danny on whether he is a canter and seven years old all 47.5 million 170 K Wade all sure listings called it a sign him because he is quite expensive army I’ll show you the current budget ship situation or what the squad so you guys can checked out to although we’ve made triumph 8.6 million pound profit tcr budget 44,000,000 of 135 K and also we can just at how we see fit arm Bailey don’t level of money are more it are not particularly looking for any players in any position on shown squad will qui maybe Le Carre higher rated can not be a good want or maybe I’d centre back Bobby goods arms often than not really too sure opposition I’m looking at that moment they’ve let me get you back a bless me to Khomeini’s our only backup left mid we don’t have anyone else are apart from him by another messy regain a balanced it like honesty is such a thing in this game and only used to be unfairly son I have checked four and Alan messy we gent already this by to go to right wing watching Tino and like someone who’d like 19 into of 16 attack 25 whenever for unless there’s a messy region in its games on it I know exactly we’re talking about because I’ve played fee for so long enough to know he talked about I don’t know fifth if there is something in that this was received by know their wishes to be in our always do exactly the same things in servings it up and innings Irvine’s it won a court name that is as ago man as ago ended definitely ings areas argue all Daly, but beings in my@seat and it seems own destiny ings Owens it ally than a don’t as wouldn’t normally us as unlike their something special in Owen only comes off and says something special drug like that town lost 3 to 1 weekend eyesore that may I saw that already adding see it spice or result arm yells at their yet all the while anyone to also miniature sales and great showing great potential bias on us all in all my scout a busy man was going on was going on on a given us by my scout summer’s b describe the book a kamara looks decent 30,000,120 K wire lagoons and, just recall signed a dollars scouts

so that I can art by gonna recall you may just an icon of someone looking some people take elder Brother Harry Ewing and I sings in my goals in the insurer player on inside the scoring if we continue saracens in the that the list of the scoring in we can be neutrality teammate are right we do we’re looking four Bergman outer region your mate staff and Southampton have a good recently you know Der Der Der destiny on the comeback to deafening when he I think that they were like glass plate four in the relegation zone for being Sunday on ratings are the great brilliant Alfredo Mor where does it shall be away by a series for us Colombian it plays for Rangers right our customers name are more rail is frivolous 2929 years old 83 rated place for both your motion club at the moment dollar only schools are Mr Looking walk I do like to find players and gobble he scores is in a contract which is always always good fun by welfare reading I’ve been tal as a cup games at home against Chelsea big game for us but essay the board was abject in his to make into the semi final of would be out of the essay cup¢ in the third round them had behalf by a scarlet a fonts can get a friend eyes and try my best somewhat greater thesaurus it when he know post hours ago he scored a late equaliser against and daily chats Tanner are at the hell are you mad Denis ours in the was a dozen yeah took a bullet or an effect that art was was an air base area was rough after what don’t hate you like endeavour to the table elsewhere as way doesn’t like meet a what’s solid mid table by lie s by inigo grisly town against Chelsea us if we can get this one a from running with eight early goal a Garcia comeback after posts R is right to sell a real threat to absolutely mental but together Wales won at the was going on psoe off because I known as the for-update recently Armitage said that you would ever have it so that shots go on target more of R bath underscores Sacher the car is Sacher since it only person who it wants to play for arsenal moment bike when you look at the performances on payday I think it’s him a it a team like arsenal to have your none of your sights team players really wanting to play a survey showing that the one to pla to visit a were arsenal concentrate on the way we’re playing we have seen a lot of although an ssr of Chelsea on doing two great the premier league this season or green words as I say that we give the ball away cheaply in the midd copper trader Robert said he didn’t wait for the art or century raspberries bar wanted our own moustache he really venture is what mandate by staff at all allege and when major moustache tears or laughter and love I love that in FA cup against Chelsea in the premier league and a glance an tacit please rights go please please can we win this please HA HA HA HA goose is so far are Jesus Christ

but shrs Chelsea on it doing a great asset so what kept buying goal is welterweight, prosperous track are considering you how bad Cadbury’s was a I think was a stacks I can car at of 130 odd or 150 goalkeepers across Europe ears l which is just that Brazil in considering he is the most expensive goalkeeper well by staff at that always always on our quiz me regard to your leader please counter attack counterattack such as the bass on the counter bar up at a knockdown fee for guys am sorry if he came in for quality quality game play eight yo personal Glory R. Watson of attendance nearside or Cadillac the were given away in the way their ego ago area to go was that why is the way play the ball at Y crack back to dream about Greenwood on your side offside his offside is outside is a sides and eight others and butterfly is allowed a cake layer celebrate a lot happier attacked and at of a 4 hours a side underwrites you a sword of a side Ira’s not your Islam Islam are what deployment a neon factional because a more good on a Monday playing on professional but all because arm become shirt I tried playing on like legendary ordinate next step up was are now just it not for kiah mother enjoy ceasefire would only join a mother enjoy any more playing on a wire difficulty than on pay your he contain if you want that’s just the way it is in a poll as good as he tries it does any good and yet I’d play on cre but an are not sign on as a if you want quality FIFA game play like amazing feat again therapy would doing tricks and stuffed ar care for a rethink is just a register slipped a running a summer posters we’ve been couple minutes left it at staff R almost almost almost recycle recycle Linda’s R. Congo shot just or four times won the a one off for a the deafening deserve to be a head in this one’s so far it’s been a good game to Scotland the staff moustache go to the making of oil has a bus or you may guys I do order seagull know what is it a should it take so much as deftly in excess of 70,00 tenure lease to keep yuppies on Seaside Town on NASA by the only star can do that Key Duffy’s men like Stefan was a story about the gist of I can do recording I had to step up work on strings still see us a condom expect overs into something ultimately turn away and be spins into request a recording like on link skill Mozart together clad no idea how they work Paola Golan is an ActiveX she think it might be devotee you know BN is slither out on a celebration divx she alder from talking about honesty dear sun on stepfather’s Nate a shade inseparable great what’s going on deleting the ball back at all or show you be the on On my god pleased please adjustable lack get the ball back get the ball kicked a ball back Tony Rominger ago by do you have no storm was right row over a donor under when a of the little animal are constantly doing skills rates listening me Golding down LT and afflicting the rice together let I that was a sleeveless killers the skills to track backs fled flat for an order for can call them for

a out shares skills that staff why don’t our a I’d love to a really good and skills on free fight like that is something if I co because I would it could be fine eaten like playing against people just do all those Brierley poll sheer skill moved on my god h that it has no skill Mozart five decided that are there to I can’t a can’t do that any skill was a try this on TV outside sandison keep the UPS rigorous deduction at qpr car park got all I never saw her coming out scouts close to a have had an unlikely to panic away to are directed also wise tax on a duvet both sixth hour, Saddam River snout stuck in Brierley frock inched up risky or is 15 minutes that its Gatwick or are we were more or less won against Chelsea right why it like those with more as one here RR easy that a long before he’s doing all kinds of weird skill with R’s are in fantastical are my Scottish or English tourist and Scottish Ivan so Scottish I’m English or from London me , I’m in my my voice like a live dartmoor for all I was up more thing in university four are not up north small spotlight on war grasmere do wire sound a bit like more Morton sometimes but R would go fours go for a speculative long sure there bunch half the tears and a lot Stirling had got that far that way loci we are gonna be coming through in the ethic up against Chelsea Pol pot but for some reason is at Chelsea that so we’d bike then again I mean tally ever hammers gone the two liver or two and administer are Max Air and sea young left back from Norw and Chelsea are a dollar Tory no dairy go easy on easy as you like to nil home win against Chelsea in the attic our own fans are up to care for what you player me what you playing at Wells most goal was most expensive goalkeeper mind forking out for a denial of in the latter bought by small keep your mate bicycle keep your no I don’t knock rating to support but walking you don’t local side so that that’s what support queen’s park Rangers wed not doi finer plastic weakens betting on by more on for a tweed Africa one time when I want a new Norwegian death To make sense it young and soon fall a bit but in the fifth joined on points for spurs before their again with arsenal for only 7. when man city in second Sellers not reasonable faster in and still push on you make it may be into the top four top three McMichael will feasibility year this s we deathly don’t need him but you you Fraser support for them in Chelsea fair enough learnt enough them in funchal seems retinue closer to each other by the promenade person for forums to scores again I was like before lesser teams are all is a swum in the foreign players Grims or are quite large grind up to try to get to where we are today eight, sunny a vital game arm their spinners and good fun Quincy

I think R o’gara think a lot of that hatred for a game comes from the fact that I’m not regard it as I just emaciated with my po armed with a you would if you’re not good enough for Michael what you what you even doing unity that 50 or 68 year out of the I play’s man is clear for you, Fonda next and reappear work obviously not always seen also for Armenia sky could be OK but Pollock and so far lossiemouth in sheff wed there were there RI mean we when we went to note down under expect anything I know week of C pulled one back fairly early on all fairly late on arm but on standards watched Leeds game which was ER defining good game to watch a problem the most entertaining one Neil came back for are right we R going researching four some players were never got my like a transfer or cruise in my tracks are the moment all bunch, we random players idea sky B we player whisky I saw fairly early on as a the fridge and discos or three age in the early on David of Arias from back to the season one tried power is their 80 rated tried and for think although while the players report with a say in they’re not too sure want to sign is a had to be fair Daniel chambers Barry although Danny almost akin I could be switched out in a on liked the look of him really like and look around, consult your often streaming ensure man’s wash or reporter channel ended their drop a drop in the channel try and make sure write in and out substrate where else would still looking some players before seller back maybe it honor at a it always happens always liked our warplane or woman never kno also liked it definitely a defender defender is is deftly someone will want to sign Brian Kent is that is that you order eluted name or is that a player he asked me to M to buying Ken is there had factoring special or my and my wine Kent we what you’re saying leftwing as well though left wing as well our own dear, good to get on almost like what servant I doubt there like players like camera could dentdale it one light that is you have encountered in their names, by its games MM young before you see here a year he a year Coleman’s I worked to draft was to were whatsoever to we’ve got rigour your club disco it to be for the half decently four great used to she took a six pence in whorls , we like grey areas hold tryouts I’m player thing Mr Armed we will the city as early as we’ve got game against her consumers want some recover games employee want it and the stream is los with a double gets a penalty in the 34th minute and in its ilsa deal in the 14th, just after halftime day or so can a man sent o of temper, kano I think he’s a real Madrid are fickle, Kanazawa would you think someone else is suggested him it I know exactly who he is and under it is fantastic west Indies error which did not think he’s like to unfamiliar sight, and that you his release was 105 dead dead had a knock on accept any more than at any lesson that pasty issue I appreciate your suggestion doing it just these guys are just there to tie down to like maximum contracts and is literally noth are absolutely nothing I can do about it wore gonna do or try and find edit the instructions given a contract one

gives me you what other position on local left Winger right Winger contract want coughing a contract one means that they will try and find players who are close to the end of a contract us enough for that means never really understood it by them to liste why mine on tractors use of element sign of the to use their sense senior team assesses and a scout some player Miller 10 matches he the response time levels, as a sub R R53 players east Kerry assigned to the defender positions R’s the gonna kill we for not believing my youth yac you for objectives so white Hart wrote to run out don’t need that don’t need a where my financial is crucial do not need youth players to be given away he R that’s why a sight more import night trying qualify for a champions league won by a right back four SC cells Burke some local him or see what’s going on with whatever although at the moment I don’t worry if he is into this tie is very little about Maximilian boy over style why back to the centre back lady over there, no , no assessor, it’s all about by SR were don’t thought don’t curry player fightback do not carry a player with with right backs all left back of four fallbacks are just generalise it’s a full bottle opener fall back to a moment I don’t see any reason why we can change or not we are in fifth 0.3 teams and 51 points there are between we need to retake into gear into the champions league man rid us does dusty a minute to make into chapters reseller of wiser for a swim a job modern lines Sunday the show basically backing them into the team to arrive at a do or about that you can back into the teams are to four Lanes less Kim Bailey on the picture ironside less also get our Mason Morison race on the pitch to an to do arms affair as a starter right to for a task that a decent enough team surely is back shortly we’ve got we’ve got too many goods right writing his land right wing seems to be up best position Wilson is that the unstable soil signed hillside in the use: don’t understand why he is not by counting towards my youth objectives were SCH a thorough look so quick look , can guarantee anything because at Aunt Dahlia a asking for suggestions is in Gary Mrs. Central issue means the R. Wordwide had add take so long to scale I don’t understand it if wished I could see Ed was oval racing and then make a dec grass or so why wish Wilson is final and will play in next on the nothing out the problem the last game we play on the stream won one of mere clawed away from homes to rescue a point in the a 6 minutes not the best or maybe we’ll lose some ground on the Benelux it so it was still were in there in fifth place level four other game in hand potentially gonna go four points ahead of , but so hopefully Everton can do us a favour artfully attempting a survey there are stg is good faith so I am bomb by I’d believes he may I believe you just I of may the cup or a bad signings why haven’t scoured the players on the Thames his own back sure list English as a test also don’t have a legitimate so hard to see a much RE R10 millions 10,000,000 maybe as the ballpark figure for a seller like could be could be a better risk but there is coming to take Tracy she’s orders or movie is decent blokes it is decent

scale approach to buy him see why don’t nobody error was the boss had goods are faulty real across a good, but management Ros follow the ballpark in got a 10,000,000 straight lines to our a diagnosed as well I don’t like it because I never had no towel much the R am sorry do tsarist sorry I shared a passion and in many walks out more crucial room where like 20,000,000 somehow begin at the money to do it also be really cheeky their goals or receipt rugby super cheeky RR buyers I’m so sorry always or if a special act or over it lets go ahead to pull out best in back out to low divest G Greenwood falling at best defender R Tabak Pereira before he had strongly on the bench bail E are not playing a role in this game row call really the nest our team recorded by a he wore a terrace their they aren’t, looking for a graphite and aback to be fair to famous carriers Burley the final games on to a stream day longer than normal but less fun with a fine your little game really was a turning point where we call it back to mean to kneel down at two draw 22 that was at hotels the point where I stole a given up and just stopping playing Peter but there is nothing looked up to of things have looked good for mineral and so are we haven’t played as many games but spring good thing goods sorry lanzarote writing about message does my bad luck only apologise I was tried by stupidly cheeky bas could you say it I hate take I hated top grimy a do or do hated top together R skills to pay the bills are our way ensure strength lad please point where it restrained by Naomi like fighters six beware just ranks rear area bar defect yours away their he was await it was all 100 Senna went through on goal my god wages showing it to them all my gosh all my gosh right by tomorrow on a sea of nine delegates are a thing, it is Wallace things wayside I think not send you have a good couple games where you def all the Golan is a who is that it had to tetchy of actual aside money to buy or Greenwood Gulliver in Stephanie to her that play on your us on tour, does that we start things areas Bernie Burnley struggling conceding a La goals gets it all weighed with his left foot defender coming across in just can get there in time goalkeeper outstretched arrears left Comte De across at easier to like tack officer to blow when all the bargains of the season I think I think we signed him for like 8.8 million clauses release clause was really really low the same as this week keep week either week went middle of the park as well tears free schools like 12th 1,000,000 that’s why I like looking for players to have gone release clause in the contract is sometimes you find players were like not ha all defect she was trying to tell that into the far post their comeback in on is it Leicester just Crockett they’re good at fantastic tether there we keep week controls the ball under par quite 94 passing a thing or so after FS us R or what was Akbar screaming Pollock had hour-long bowl on boats warriors

R done a fantastic goal or is a sigh eights Sanchez we bass is offside that’s annoying Arent antacid old asset or, English or strength lad please goal come on a final ball would feel that Bonior planes like a flat back five R. Basset good good passing Bernie asset wouldn’t follow our glue eight and a westerner basically past as Y8 my mouth just made a sound is correct in their, described that just frustration Russell there is frustration or days a week to stream or more times a comeback next time there are endless I do in terms of what days normally normally I’m on my normalise of anoraks 7.00 PM most and whatnot most nights but I said may be like two or three times a week I try to get some streaming like every other day so that Monday wed Friday eight and M are sometimes are also to receive them at the Sunday instead I don’t feel I can say I’m trying to driver had more of her structured schedule and any am also tried apply eight games at a tim it just aren’t right figure out a way trying you make it entertaining see you guys are now an Allied alight by a game a stream if it’s not gonna be Sime that’s that’s where you are in doubt space and when I tryi a I did not insecure oh snooker around to bed at swapped I was a forms a site walloped old man was from Tucker physically were just on the stroke of halftime as well I did not seem sneaking round at far post ago this where is he a folly it in a four he looked offside to the per sidebar all my god would honor is just places it into the far post time that after gloriana to say marine normally stream you are a couple days a week aren’t normally a roundabout cross etc. clocked a penny when I’m feeling maybe late Ahmadi bit different this week go because I am aware eight on Friday and Saturday attack on Sunday numb off on Monday so he I mean if there’s any light particular gains at want to see me playing roulette by Noel see why can do on not made of money b by no also early Sunday try a pleasant different ensued eyes that I can say I’ve got a couple games I want to play he artist don and that’s pass pass within the issue dice all faces up as I don’t play other games as a donor like an that I wanted to be like pouring tea after watch our rear really like that don’t I wanted to make my streams is acting as a can be a spicy sense of a good hour because I’m bad essay for so it’s always gonna be spiny spirit some b Greenwood or my god had a hell is he translates days got the ball at speed down scored that goal G tardis TTL I don’t hands treaty a you on the A luck that on a player by player duty on wine and database duty on one arm I don’t play the d an untidy duty eight Storey mode when recalled in a long time buyer also don’t have like a good save of it available so like buy it had a omelette sorcery 16 Amaral had gone a on PC now draws and assailed arm or so, unlike exports from a soccer’s it was on my games gold whether a few m by never really had anyone who wants reduce your mind are in agreement for agreements row R trails it dross car to <

area R brain dead look at him cenotaph stick goal from Mason Greenwood four nil is too easily Bernice robin Burley have got one of west offences in the premier league this season’s to they are reassurance was a bomb in the table but Yorba the lyricist as ever specially considering a summary opponents of the have come up against already incriminate you know that we have to be winning th against these are kinds of teams murder suspect two burly of course bar RR Terry them to shreds are my gosh I nursing zephyr tha absolutely being torn apart him only look on this R is just too easy I hits its first time Sanchez RE bass nine goals and premier league this season making us a citations war or later in the streams what a way to an extreme five Nils still many more to come in this game do or defect you go for lunch or just being shifted within our leader for some Sir Leon scream as ensue war, Co.s it is caught on C try not proceed as well market dollar merits of saint ban tacitly well Cooper to go R by goddess two DS 82 is eight masonry and woodwinds that Rik Waller winds six knelt still moreover mainly to lower very much unselfishly playing in m orders to the are in charge of the international scene as well so can bear that we’re gonna be trying to give him some games or to sell a go slow to strikers two instructors latter Ashford and Greenwood R alter error fall apart defensively every has only been tested lord eight Greenwood as collateral for Shaun Lee back in action over Grimsby Town shelter for some a long time out on loan for appear obvio been test and see how well he comes back and adapt to the game again I can say after being away for quite some time and have a the squad at the chance to gel packs a bit, and he has had begun socially distinctive yellow Afro their did invaluable spirits mind you playing on loan to Liverpool R do managed to clear Burnley do doubtful for Owens honesty aside towards the corner flag John Ley you’re my gosh almost always coming back and make an immediate impact burial us as a sufferer from them R ways Afro on an terrier that doesn’t last six and always more home turf moor the close of blues or Anna stadium masonry Moore picks up the match ball for yet another hat trick prince is second on this seas but at 11 shots mount on a 6040% possession jus just waiting to rotate way to the, had 84 likes of Burnley on the unlucky daily tough game few of us eight by inflating profession of the tour De but still signals a 6 May also will take it it like your Greenwood breathtaking fantastic run by employees and you were doing well wigan good, form are there is no stopping us a moment in the run of form that we’re in drogheda some two yes of course meant of course did nor is our letters go ahead and check in pox Pereira thanking us for all of the first team action may expect more from you you bent antacid on the last couple of seas give got genetic up, up in the next streams are against Preston let’s go ahead and have a look at Lee can we have a look Premier

that only the some reason it refuses to share a premier league I don’t know why that is them away always refused chairman Italy often with a cane familiar thing we must be axed him at fifth place that family had not doing too badly as team is fantastic ruc we have also seen as a missed it we also now the manager or the England and national team this is the current set up within the an Italian am I Hodson a boy as well to see Grimsby town’s of finest masonry was in the squad when the sack on the rise well loo fairly decent their goodison soon as the gun international saying all Yer assault come into their crime as well so sweet where is always good news dalziel other’s egos and next game’s first game on the next I streams gonna be at a cup game against Preston north end away from to such said big sensor on who is common throughout our this evening is always a pleasure to coming out with you guys and I appr a problem dogs at four although I want to face a new games on stream bubbled and appoint people Zobel see out goes maybe they’re