LAVC Town Hall for Students – Monday, August 31, 2020, 1:00 pm

PRESIDENT GRIBBONS: Good afternoon, Monarchs I’m Dr Barry Gribbons, president of Los Angeles Valley College Welcome to the first day of the fall semester semester So far it’s been a start like no other in Valley College’s 70-year history While the world has profoundly changed our focus has not We remain committed to ensuring that you have access to high- high-quality classes and are supported in achieving your educational goals We have quite literally over a thousand people here at Valley College that remain committed to supporting you through the pandemic and beyond Today I’m joined by Dr Alex, Joshua Hopkins and Jessica Ruis with our next step and guardian scholars programs, who will provide information about the programs I also have a few updates for you and we will answer some of your questions Go ahead and start typing in questions that you might have into the chat, at the end we’ll get to your questions as you type them in First some updates Starting today, we are distributing Chromebooks to folks in our LA Promise program If you’re interested in joining the valley promise you still can The applications are still open open With that comes a variety of support as well as free tuition The program is limited to full-time first-time students, but if you’re interested, go to our website and you’ll be able to obtain some additional information If you need a computer, there’s another way that you can receive one as well We have As fast as go devices, we’ve order 1,850 of them and they’re available to you to apply for The applications are available through the student information system I’ll ask our dean sherry Rodriguez to put some information in the chat about how you can access the applications Also, in addition to receiving a surface go twice, you can apply for other technology support and for emergency grants We’ll post some information about how to apply for those as well If you do need a surface go device, while we did order 1850, they might go fairly quickly, so please get your application in today In addition, we heard you that there was some challenging in access student services So student services has increased the different ways that students can connect with them That includes an open Zoom session as well as helpdesk through a call-in number as well as email All those services are available, links to them from our home page, and we’ll post the information about how to access them in the group chat as well If you still need to purchase textbooks, the bookstore is processing online textbook orders and is making shipping free So by all means go to the website and go to the bookstore and you’ll be able to make your textbook purchases online Lastly, just a comment about student access to campus We are striving to keep the campus as safe as possible Access to campus is limited to folks who have in-person classes There are no other in-person services available on campus at this time But if you do have in-person classes and there are a few of them, there’s a process that you’ll need to go through Your names will already be on a list that are at the check-in station, which is at the

Fullerton circle You will need to complete the symptom economic in advance On our home page you’ll find a link to the symptom check online When you come to campus, remember to wear a face covering and practice physical distancing Let me turn it over to Alex, Joshua and Jessica with our next step and guardian scholars programs After they give you some information about the programs, we’ll answer your questions Alex >>Thank you, Dr Gibbons Welcome to the fall 2020 semester I’m the coordinator of the guardian scholar and next step programs I want to talk to you today to invite you to check out our programs but at the same time to introduce you to our programs for some of you who haven’t heard of them I’m going to go ahead and share my screen Like I said, we have two foster youth programs at the LAVC campus The first one is guardian scholars Before I talk to you about guardian scholars and next steps, I also wanted to share with you all that we have under the special programs umbrella the EOPS program, which is extended opportunity programs and services, which provides resources for historically marginalized students We also have the CARE program, which is a program for parenting students Although they are very special in their own right, today I wanted to talk to you about guardian scholars and next-up programs, designed to support current and former foster youth Some of the things that guardian scholars and next-up offer are counseling, which Jessica will talk to you about in a bit Every month we have interactive meet clause consist of various topics directly related to students’ immediate reality Some of those could be around financial literacy, we’ve done classes around cooking We also have party registration for our guardian scholars and-up students and provide on and off-campus referrals to community agencies we work with, as well as agencies on campus, departments on campus as well We also provide educational grants or stipends at the end of every semester So if a student completes a certain number of counseling contacts and is certain number of meet-ups they’re eligible for an educational grant We also provide textbook service We help our students with textbooks We all know how expensive textbooks can be We also help students out with textbooks We also have our own computer lab and tutor tutoring Because things are a little different now with the situation and working on a virtual platform, we still provide tutoring, although it will be online We also provide additional support for students who qualify for the next-up program I invite you all to contact us We’ll provide our number and email after this presentation But we want to invite you all to see if you qualify for either next-up or guardian scholars But one thing is that we don’t turn any students down If you are in foster care for one day or five days or ten years, you’re eligible for one of our programs With that being said, I’m going to turn it over to one of our students, Joshua Hopkins, who can tell you about the importance of these programs >>Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share my experience with you I want to start off by saying I am one of the tutors in the EOPS office but my journey started off testing into math 110 and English 28 Because of the structure and function of the guardian scholar program I’ve been allowed to work my way up through the classes and to become a tutor The program works great if you work it yourself You have lots of access to counselors, unlimited, actually, who will sit and support you being a non-traditional student or a student from a marginalized history, that kind of access is very important to keep you on track with the challenges of school and reaching your goals You also have priority registration, which has helped me out immensely, staying ahead of the curve on what I need to do for my classes and making sure I am able to take those classes Also, the tutoring I started out needing a lot of tutoring The available practically 24 hour around the clock has been immensely

helpful for my performance thus for at Los Angeles Valley College I’ve also been able to take advantage of all the LAVC foundation scholarships through the guardian scholars and EOPS programs, and I would have to say that it is primarily the source of my success so far at LAVC >>Thank you so much, Joshua, for offering us your personal experience in the program My name is Jessica Ruiz and I am the guardian scholars next-up counselor and I have the privilege of providing academic, career and personal counseling to all former and current foster youth students that are attending Valley I offer my counseling services with encouragement, validation and positivity I really strive to create educational plans that are collaborative with understanding what my students’ needs are and developing these plans that will work with their lifestyle I really want to encourage you to join our program, join our community We really are like a family, as you can see in this photograph Our meet meet-ups allow us to connect and to build a sense of community on this campus So I really encourage all former and current foster youth that are watching to reach out to us, because we want you to be part of our community I want to be someone who is on campus that can help you develop a plan to reach your academic and career goals We hope to hear from you Contact us Back to you, President Gribbons PRESIDENT GRIBBONS: Thank you, Jessica And thank you Alex and Joshua for joining me today and sharing the information about the next-up and guardian scholars program, all really important programs, and your advice really does apply well to everybody here at Valley College With that, let me take some questions The first question I have is from Tobby.y asking about the library offering book pickup services like city libraries Currently the library does not have services for book pickup They are looking into different ways of making books available to students in the next week or two we hope to get additional information out about that Charles asked a question about adding a class and the teacher not putting him on Canvas yet Sometimes there’s a little bit of a lag between when you add a class and when your name appears on Canvas But please do email the instructor If you haven’t heard back from the instructor yet, you can always contact the department chair in that department or your division dean I’ll ask Tanya to post some information about how to contact the different offices here at Valley College in the group chat There’s a question about some of the books being required for classes not being available in the bookstore and you’re with EOPS, what should you do? It’s a great question You could always contact your EOPS counselor The books should be available in the bookstore And you can call the bookstore directly, but either through the staff in EOPS or the bookstore directly, they’ll be able to help you access the books that you need There’s a question from Susan about the issue of taking classes, online classes requiring materials needing financial aid to purchase them at the beginning of the class, not at the end We do our best to make different resources available to students, and we understand that the timing is oftentimes a challenging one There is a distribution coming up for financial aid In addition, we do have emergency grants that are available for people that are experiencing any financial issue related to COVID-19 If the link has not been posted yet in the chat for the emergency grants, I’ll ask staff to add that so you can access it We will begin the process of making awards for the surface go devices as well as technology and emergency grants starting this week

So we’ll work hard to get those awards out and to help all of you students as soon as possible The district has not secured the surface go devices quite yet The original due date was scheduled to be Thursday, and I haven’t received an update on that But hopefully the devices will be received as close as possible to Thursday and then we’ll be working hard to get them out to all of you as quickly as possible Doreen asked: The Chromebook school loan was hacked So the Chromebooks that we’re providing to students are not loaners They’re actually given to students, as well as the surface go device Those are not loans Students are able to keep those If you are having problems with the Chromebooks that were provided previously, you might have one year of technical support available The surface go devices will come with one year of support as well So you can get some tech support available through those resources Althea posted that she missed the first Zoom meeting yesterday What should she do? You should contact the instructor and let the instructor know if you miss a class meeting Students are required to attend the first class But if there was a circumstance that came up, by all means email the instructor and hopefully you’ll be able to take care of anything that you missed Let me see if there are any additional questions There’s a question from Ashley about how to find the teacher’s email addresses when you’re on the wait-list for a class to get a class permission number That’s an excellent question We do have a lot of email addresses on our directory information But if the address for the individual that you’re looking for is not available there, you can always email the department chair, and the department chair should be able to connect you with the faculty member There’s a question from Natalie about up updates on incompletes and the SIS system The in incompletes are processed on an ongoing basis So I don’t have any information about the specific classes For specific classes you’ll want to contact student services You can do that via Zoom The helpdesk phone number or email They’ll be able to look up your individual cases and provide information for you Tavy asked: Is it possible to audit a Zoom class? And I’ll ask for that information on auditing to be posted in the chat as well Susan made a comment that the date for distribution of funds was removed from the student portal so that students are not aware of what the date will be and that creates some challenges in budgeting I’ll have staff look into the information that’s posted in the student information system into the portal and we’ll see about getting the dates — we’ll make sure the dates are post posted there That information is generally maintained by the district, but we’ll follow up and make sure the dates are posted for students Tavi asked when W’s will be changed to EWs Students are still able to apply for EWs If you received a W or any other grade and experience some challenges related to COVID-19, you can petition for your grade to be changed to an EW Students services is processing those petitions, and they pose them as they’re coming in Tavi, for your individual petition, you can contact student services The best way is probably by email or by Zoom, and they’ll be able to give you specific information about your petition Susan posted another

comment about help with purchasing materials with financial aid at the beginning of the semester Susan, yes, I will talk with staff and we’ll see about those dates Generally speaking, the disbursement dates are set and it’s difficult for colleges to make any adjustments But I’ll look into the dates so we can do our best to get the financial awards out to students as soon as possible As I mentioned, the college also has emergency grants So you have some unique needs, you can apply for an emergency grant and that will give another avenue for providing support for purchasing textbooks >>Could I answer the question about textbooks? PRESIDENT GRIBBONS: Yes, Sherry >>I just wanted to mention that students can take advantage of the book loan fund through tomorrow There’s a deadline of September 1 If they qualify for a grant through financial aid, they can use those funds to purchase textbooks in the bookstore and that information is on the COVID-19 update page PRESIDENT GRIBBONS: Perfect Another great resource for Susan and other folks that need access to textbooks at the beginning of the semester Let me see if there are any additional questions Dean Rodriguez also provided some additional information about auditing and indicated that it is permitted only with the written permission of the instructor, and students would be using the audit add permit There are no guarantees about audits, of course, and there’s a 15-dollar per unit charge With that, I don’t see any additional questions Again, I want to thank you all for joining us