PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone Controller Paper Airplane – Unboxing, Build and Test Flights remote control

this is the powerup remote control paper airplane this is the kickstarter version from 2020 and it’s based on the powerup four it has a controller at the front which uses bluetooth this aerial to connect to a mobile phone this version the power up 4 has two motors at the back to provide direction control in this video i’m going to show you quickly how it’s assembled how easy or difficult it is i’m going to show it flying tell you my experience and give you a few hints on the sort of space you need and other things to be aware of if you’re looking at purchasing one of these i’m also going to demonstrate a foam version which came as part of the same kit which was an option and how that flies as well i don’t often do unboxings but i’m going to do an unboxing of this this is showing the kickstarter kit that i got there was different levels you can get different amounts depending upon that and you can also order these separately there was an option at the end of the kickstarter which was quite good to add some extras that you hadn’t included before but if you’re not interested in the unboxing the chapters are included in the description so you can skip forward and see the other parts so i’m going to go through an unboxing of the power up if you’re not interested in this then i am using the youtube chapters feature so if you look on the timeline you should be able to jump forward to the next chapter if you prefer but let’s show what’s in this so the power up comes with various different optional extras and depends upon the um package that you bought obviously mine was through kickstarter so it was the reward level as you can see this is what i ordered on mine which was the the basic power up bare bone i ordered some templates accessory kit parts kit the f22 foam foam-based kit and the night flight kit which should add the ability to put lights on to the onto the power-up so this is the power up 4 and this is the the main kit so bluetooth on the back 10 minutes flight on charge 230 feet 70 meter control range real-time telemetry various things each kit contains the smart module four printed templates instructions for the invader design a spare propeller set crossbar micro usb charging cable trim jig and a quick start guide and it’s available on the app the the app to control it is runs on your smartphone able to download on the app store or google play and there’s also a link to some free airplane designs as well so if we open this up nicely packaged in there so as you pull it out you can see straight away so there’s the the main body see an aerial on there little on and off switch a little charging cable and there’s a qr code there scanning you see it’s all quite nicely packaged in here we’ve got the trim card installation guide and several invader model templates so these are marked out i think these are identical so you’ve got multiple spare copies

yeah so they’re they’re identical so this is wing folding line and and they might make sure i read these properly to to not spoil them but it comes with these includes a little instruction book and this I’m blown away really by the the quality of all the packaging everything it’s all very very professional very different from a lot of the kickstarter i have had some some that quite professional the next dock was always a good example but this is actually really well professionally done some instructions there and safety information instructions on charging how to craft control the safety information it looks like it’s mainly on caution with charging various things on that there’s fcc approval something about fcc complies with the fcc rules for canada not directly relevant to me in the uk but it’s there so put all this back in here keep it all together ooh i wasn’t expecting i was expecting to have to charge it i’ve just switched it on by accident as i was putting it in and it looks like it’s it’s ready charged so perhaps part of the testing there’s some charge in there so i will be i’m charging it properly and putting it together and running some test slides make sure that’s pushed down so it doesn’t damage that aerial so the next bit is some paper airplane templates i just use some scissors to cut through this tape selection of templates and some plastic bits i think this is the stand this is so that you can mount when you’re not running it you can mount it up so invader i think that’s the one that’s in there the standard one this is a this is a waterproof one so it’s the fold lines there’s the tabs yeah so this is the same as the other one but it’s it’s printed on a waterproof paper there’s two of those what we’ve got here is a eagle so this is the these are the i think the easy difficulty easy this one’s difficulty intermediate looks like that’s the same so it’s two of each of the templates in here the onslaught another easy one valkyrie valkyrie intermediate see this the speed slow but that the glide is rated high here the emperor on another easy one and then lastly

the wide glider another intermediate one and as you see all of them probably won’t be able to see this on the camera but it’s got the writing in a very very pale marking so whereas on the standard one it was quite obvious on here it’s not quite so easy to see but will mean that it doesn’t look you can’t really see the writing once it’s put together and you’re flying it so yeah so one desk stand two invader onslaught i said it’s got different things all weather and night flying is the invader onslaught for takeoff and landing then the the other take place there there’s go back in there for now that’s what else we got we got so i mean i thought that the spare parts kits i thought it’s probably worth having in case any of the parts break i don’t think it added much to the cost but there’s a an extra crossbar some bumpers these are like foamy style bumpers a front clip and then two propeller sets so that’s two pairs so there’s two all pair and another one accessories kits i’ve got landing gear set vertical fasteners horizontal fasteners front clip screws and a screwdriver yeah tiny little screwdriver so these these must be the landing wheels that’s the one for the front two for the rear front clip and then these are the horizontal and vertical fasteners now it said screws so i didn’t see any screws in here let’s look again is it in that tape yeah i won’t put it apart but there’s the screws inside there so that does include the screws night fight kit let’s get a led panel so one power pod and one red and blue led so there’s the power pod and there’s so it looks like a little led strip that just sticks on me and there’s a tiny little and looks like jst connector just curious as to what the batteries are it’s very tight assume it’s designed that you can replace them it doesn’t say on the box i’ve got a vision of this all flying apart i’m guessing it’s

it’s a group of of button cells or something like that so just have a quick look yeah there we go there’s three three button cells that are in there so it should be possible to get replacement batteries if required put that back together so i don’t know if those are screws and then finally there’s the foam plane like that with the paper i think there’s a couple of different kinds i chose this one it’s foam board jet that you assemble there’s a build video online details how to start building it suitable for beginner to intermediate as you can see it’s two foam boards pre pre-cut or pre-scored so you can pop them out and assemble those so that’s it for the unboxing i’m gonna have a go at putting some of this together and having a go just gonna show the assembly of the paper airplane this time this will be played forward in speed if you want the detailed description then the qr code is included on the box and i’ll include the link in this description if you want to watch the full official video here is the paper plane in action note how far it travels which is an indication of the minimum amount of space you need to fly the plane and here i’m going to show the assembly of the foam version

again this will be speeded up so you don’t have to watch in real time and i will include a link to the official video which will be in the description so do

here is the phone plane flying this time at a different location with more space there’s slightly less wind as well although the wind did pick up a little while we were flying unfortunately the foam plane did take quite a bit of damage to the front when it landed nose down this is after a few such landings so the one problem i had with this is that there was a slight breeze the field i was in wasn’t huge it was about the size of a single soccer field football field and it was surrounded by brambles and as you can imagine the plane caught the wind ended up in the brambles and i had to literally climb through these these very sharp bushes to retrieve it so really you do need a lot of space for these planes and i’d recommend at least two football fields wide two football fields long with the direction going lengths of the football fields will be ideal can go away with a bit less than that but certainly gets your heart racing when you see it’s heading towards some trees or something like that so all in all this plane really fun to fly i prefer the phone version which i felt like had a bit more control although it may be through experience so and it also depends upon the wind conditions so the one downside of this is that you need to have very good conditions for flying even a slight amount of wind as you can imagine it being a paper airplane is going to carry it off course you also need a large amount of space