Ultimate Guide for Content Optimization. (Best way to rank better in google SERPs) (Urdu/Hindi)

There is a common joke in the SEO community And It goes like… Where do you hide dead bodies? And the answer is On the second page of google. because nobodies go there And this thing is quite true as well because being a site owner or an SEO you keep on working on a campaign for months trying to rank certain keywords And for no reason at all these keywords get stuck on the second page of google I wish I had some one-trick for all types of solutions, which I could tell you and all your problems get resolved But in reality, there could be more than one factor due to which you get stuck on the second page of google However, in this video, we will take the case of one of the most powerful Google ranking factors that is content optimization In this video, I will not only give you an on-screen tutorial through which you can optimize your content to its fullest potential but I will also give you an example of a guy who hacks the entire ranking singles of google Just by applying this technique So stay tuned Ok so.. How to optimize your content to its fullest potential and observe drastic improvement in your search ranking Before we begin let’s start with a story The story is about this guy, his name is Kyle Roof has a marketing agency by the name of high voltage SEO in phoenix Arizona Around a year back an SEO community on Facebook organized a ‘Rank or go home competition’ Number of SEO experts participated in this competition On this particular competition rhinoplasty, Plano was the keyword, and they have to rank that keyword within a month on a fresh domain and with a budget of $1000 to spend only Ok, Sir. and the competition started After a month, results were announced and Kyle got 5th position But just two weeks after the competition Kyle’s ranking got improved and he got on the first position not only on organic searches but also on google maps and knowledge snippets It means Kyle completely dominates the Rhinoplasty Plano keyword in six weeks only But no big deal for an SEO expert.. right? Even if he ranked a Keywords in 6 weeks No Big Deal So what was the big deal The big deal was that the entire website was built on dummy text It means the content written was not in English in fact, it wasn’t written in any language it was just a dummy text And he was able to rank it His technique was that he used his main keywords in H1 and H2 tags and then dummy text, dummy text, dummy text nose job dummy text, dummy text plastic surgery In this way, he placed related keywords on certain positions of the page Main keywords were placed on title tags and he was able to rank the entire site When these results got popular It also rang alarm bells on google And then google de-indexed his website manually And they deindexed it because he calls the bluff for google’s entire ranking protocol that Google doesn’t go for your content Google only looks for the keywords and the related words that complement that keyword and their placement If you are able to do that hen with text or without text or even dummy text your site will rank This site has been closed but through waybackmacine.org I have pulled out the archive pages of this site and I am sharing it with you Just give me a moment Ok Now see this This the site

Rhinoplasty surgery center How long is rhinoplasty recovery time Dummy text, dummy text, dummy text rhinoplasty texas After that dummy text, dummy text after that a naked URL After that again dummy text dummy text Alright Now look at this page Dummy text, dummy text rhinoplasty Plano texas After all dummy text again Look at its home page Plano rhinoplasty surgery center uses his keyword in H1 After that a naked backlink all dummy text again All dummy text again After that Nobis Nastro, I think this is also some term related to surgery After that… About us After that… This is what he was able to rank Now I will tell you how to apply the same technique on your content Now unlike Kyle, I do such kind of optimization in two steps I do it in two steps because being a site owner or an SEO manager my first preference is to serve my audience and then my second preference should be to serve google What I am trying to say is that just by putting dummy text and keywords even all over even if I am able to rank a site I am running a business website and it will not benefit my audience The audience will only get the benefit if I give value to them and plus if that site ranks I will be able to cater lots of them So to do it in two steps first I will do a manual analysis For example My keyword is best telescope for kids Ok so this page is ranking at the first position and this is on third Alright These three are on top And let’s assume that on the second page This is me This is my page Ok gigooptic.com Now I have to asses that why I’m on the second page and these 3 are on top of the first page Now first I will see that what do these three pages have content vise that these three are on top So let’s do a content analysis of our page In our content, we put the main keyword on the title tag After that have put a table of contents put two paragraphs After that have put a comparison table of best telescopes After that reviewed the telescope Ok Have reviewed the telescopes And… So, the length of content is short And started directly with review On the other hand, the guys who are ranking on top Let’s see what they are doing Ok So this article is not even updated but still, it’s ranking on top The keyword is placed in the main title After that… Here comes an editorial note Then under 6, Age 6 and Under Then the second H-tag Alright After that, for over 6, these are the telescopes Then all telescopes So he has divided the telescope age-wise

it means the selection criteria get a bit easy even among kids so what else it got Methodology Telescope binoculars and astronomy gears Manufacturers alright So… Basically, the information part is but more in the article and the content length other than review is sufficient This means it is not just a review content, it has a lot more Let’s see who is ranking second What does it have? Types of telescopes are there Refractor telescope is there Reflector telescopes Compound telescopes so types of telescopes are there Ther pros and cons Telescopes basic are there Parts are there Features are there And… Best telescopes for kids under 7 Ok After that pros and cons Reviewed the telescopes after that, all telescopes are reviewed This is in the third position let see this What he is doing given an intro paragraph Feature to look for when buying best telescopes so it’s sort of a buying guide Mentioned about lens That you have look for the lens Look for the power of a telescope Equipment and material You have to look for budget How much expensive or cheap telescope you want to get You have to do research You should know the purpose Why are you buying a telescope I mean what’s your actual motive What do you wanna see through this telescope Want to see stars, moon or comets And after that, he has reviewed the telescopes So based on reviewing these three top articles I got to know that if I have to rank this page Then I have to increase the length of info content I mean I can put buying guide Can tell telescopes qualities What you have to look for when buying one Can tell types of telescopes I mean one way or other if I put more informational value in this article Rather than just reviewing If I put all this together hopefully I will be able to rank just by doing this and even if I could rank at least I am giving more value to customers rather than just reviewing for them So this is my manual analysis Now let’s come to our technical analysis For technical analysis my brothers This is the tool which I use its an awesome tool and best part is it is free So I will share its link in the description of this video as well link So you grab it from the description and asses your content through the help of this tool Ok so… It’s a bit heavy so it takes time in loading So, website auditor, my tool has opened Once it gets opened then you have put the URL of the page you want to optimize So, in this case, we were assuming this is our page so you copy it and then paste it here Once you finish it it will take a bit of time to crawl this page It has crawled the page now we will straight to the content analysis tab So the page is loaded Now you come to content analysis And in content analysis, you will come to TF-IDF TF-IDF is an abbreviation of term frequency-inverse document frequency

it’s a bit technical so no need to go there But it will work fine for you Ok so. We have put the page URL Our keyword was…best telescopes for kids after that Run the audit Audit run will take a bit of time Yes Sir, Its audit report is completed Now basically you to go to settings just check whether your search engine is Google or not it is Ok press apply Check your competitors Competitors are basically all those which ranking on page one for this keyword so you can manage that according to which website you have to optimize your content So basically it is a review keyword So according to the review keyword, you can deselect amazon because the amazon page is not a review page it is an eCommerce page so you won’t be optimizing your content according to amazon anyways So deselect Amazon and instead of amazon select the one on 11th position and deselect wiki viz and instead of it select this one So these are the top ten not necessarily all ranking on page one. Two are from page two but top ten review content ranking for this keyword Then press save and then let see what we have Now these are all the keywords according to which you have to optimize your content So reflector telescope Its word count average is in all these articles is ten and you have used it in your article 14 times overall it’s ok Telescope for kids is on average 8 times in these articles and you have used it only 2 times so you have to optimize telescopes for kids in your article Since it’s your main keyword, so try to optimize it in your h2, h3 or h4 tags Best telescopes for kids you have not even written it in your article And its average is 6 So it means at least 4, 5 or 6times you have to include this in your article After that telescope, for kids average in all other articles in 8 and you have used it 18 times So you have to lessen it So basically what you should do is that wherever you have used telescope for kids replace it with best telescope for kids 6 to 8 times So its word count will get less and other one get increased After that astronomy software has been used 1 time and the average is 3 so add it 2 times more Higher quality has been used 8 times you should decrease it bring it 3 or 4 times Red dot ok Best Telescopes is fine 70 mm refractor you have used it 4 times you should decrease it Or you can even let it got because It varies for according telescopes You might have the one more which have 70 mm refractor so you have used it 4 time Anyways Try to optimize the first 20 keywords in the list Well, the free version of this software doesn’t allow you to copy this list In the paid version you can download the entire sheet So you have manually copy and paste the required keywords Well these are multi-word keywords After that here comes single-word keywords

Go through single word keyword as well Which words are there to be optimized Astronomy has been used once and its average is 9 to so use it 8 times more great hasn’t been used even once and it has been used 12 times on average so… at least 7to8 or 10 times use the word great Moon is required to be used more After high is to be used lesser it has been over-optimized In a similar way Try to optimize 20 to 25 single-word keywords and 20 to 25 multi-words So once you have optimized these related keywords Just read it through once as well that either the newly optimized words does it make any sense in the comprehension as well or not so once that part is done Your article is perfect in term on content And mostly it gives a jump of about 3 to 4 positions It means like if you are ranking on the 11th or 12th position then you will come on 8th 9th or 10th position just by content optimization Even if you are not able to get the ranking jump then at least you should have the satisfaction that content vise your article is perfect and now you have to focus on other external or other site technical factors so your article may rank better So that it for this video and I will see you in other SEO tutorials Take care of yourself and God bless you