ATN X-Sight Review: Connecting a Mobile Device Via WiFi

hey this is Kevin with Consumer Reports and I’m back looking at the a tnx site and in this part of our review I’m going to actually look at in detail connecting the a TN X site to a mobile device and so what I’m showing here is I’ve got my rifle there sitting sitting there ready to go I’ve actually got the USB power supply hooked to it I’ll talk a little bit more about that in the review and I’ve got some notes there and then I’ve got my Samsung Galaxy s5 will be the Android operating system mobile device that I can do just to be clear the the firmware version on the x-height that I’m using for this part of my review is firmware version one point eight point zero seven point three four three the also the version of the 18 of city and app on my android is version 1.3 oh and these were the versions that were released and available about the first of October 2015 alright I’m going to read a few things out real quick some some notes that I’ve got here and then I’m going to kind of jump into more of a free form part of the review so just bear with me or the unique features about the 18 X I day night rifle scope is the ability to wirelessly connect a mobile device utilizing the Wi-Fi interface with a mobile device connected you can change some of the settings on your X I view live streaming images of what is being displayed in the Exide and a new feature is the ability to see photos and videos stored on the memory card inside your X ID and that’s a that’s a capability that’s active right now for the Android operating system it is not active with the Apple iOS them to do this you’ll first need to download it install an ATM Obsidian app on your mobile device once the app is installed all you need to do is turn on the Wi-Fi feature and the X site which looks like any other Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device and you ought to go take a look at the instruction manual on that as far as knowing what the actual Wi-Fi connection name is which by default it’s actually 18 obsidian and the the password also which is by default etienne obsidian with your device connected wirelessly to the Exide you then start the ATM at City and app on your mobile device and really it’s pretty simple to do and I’m going to do that real quick now I just got through turning on the Wi-Fi on in the ATX site up there and now I’m going to start the Obsidian app right here and you can see that’s the icon for the 18 obsidian app right there I’ll start it now you know I haven’t turned it on this is a I’ve already done this several times but but this is coming to it for the first time and so that’s the main screen that you’re going to see when you go into the the Android version of the ATN obsidian app map now just to kind of walk you through you got three different main functions you’ve got the gallery function right here which is used for showing your your videos and your photos that are actually on the micro SD card on the x side you’ve got your viewfinder mode here which is actually which is used for looking you know with your mobile device at what’s actually being displayed in the viewfinder and then you’ve got your settings that are used for changing some basic parameters for your X side there’s a in the upper left corner there’s a little menu drop-down menu I’ll say that you can get to right there to be able to switch between those and also over on this side there’s another is these four circles together there’s another menu that’ll come up and the home screen is this back screen that you’re looking at here you can either reboot the device or turn the device off and then you know there’s just about support now if you open up this this app and you see that the gallery is highlighted right here but you see that the viewfinder and the Settings icons are under intensified it’s because you don’t have your your Wi-Fi properly connected to your your your mobile

device and you know again you know go take a look at the instruction manual for doing that it’s really no different from connecting any you know to any wireless network that you would with your with your phone now look real quick here at the the gallery option when you go to gallery now what it’s going to do is it’s going to show you you know all of your videos and your photos that that are stored on your memory card now it can also show you if you’ve already downloaded some of these photos or videos to your mobile device if you slip switch over here by going from X site to in this case Android you can see that I’ve already downloaded one photo and one video to my mobile device I’m going to go back to what’s on the X site here now you can go through and and say if I wanted to delete one of these pictures for example you know I can go through and I can pause my finger on top of and hit the check box and then I can delete that we’ll go ahead and delete that one right there so I deleted it from the microSD card on the inside the X site I could also say hey I want to say for this one right here I want to download and that’s what this icon right appears for I want to download that picture right there to my my mobile device so when I go back over to mobile device what you’re going to see is there’s another photo that’s now sitting there on my mobile device they go back to the Exide and then there’s ways you know features over here to like hit select all to select them all or hit that checkmark to unselect them all you also have an option of viewing just a a you know you can select a view by turning that icon off you can view photos only you can view videos only or with both of those highlighted you can view both now when you view a photo and I’ll just bring up this one right here you can see it brings up that image and that’s that’s actually something I had set up last night I was just looking outside the window and my office upstairs and that’s just the photo that I took on the Exide I’m gonna hit hit the back right here which would be the back on any you know on your whatever your your mobile device is and then we’ll go hey let’s I’m gonna hit this video right here and we’ll just show video real quick all right so you can see all that all that plays good will back out of that now back on this screen here I think I’ve covered everything there what I want to show here is that a couple of things number one is that that you know like in this case right here the the this icon right here is very bright and these two right here under intensified and you can also see at the top where says connect to your device is that the the Wi-Fi is not connected next when I go and I look at the gallery mode okay as far as this first bar right here it says I know because it doesn’t you know it can’t find the X site because the Wi-Fi is not connected when I go over and select over there to the Android feature I can see my photos in my video that I’ve got on the phone now you know I wasn’t able to find where these photos and videos actually resided on my my my samsung phone here you know my first thought is cool I’ve already got them on my phone I’ll just go and maybe send a couple of them to my buddies or something like that but I couldn’t find where to go in and and what folder these were in and I actually hooked the phone to my computer and started searching that way to see if I could find the folder where they were located I wasn’t able to find it if you happen to know you know please you know leave a comment and kind of point us all in the right direction of where you can actually find those photos or videos on your mobile device so what I want to go to next is I’m just going to go into the viewfinder screen alright now the reason that the viewfinder screen looks a little bit hokey is because I’ve got it pointed at the TV over here to my right the X sites pointed over there to my TV right there so it’s just given me some changing background you know just just bear with it it’s just something to show that something’s changing to prove that it’s actually working you know if I were outside and I had something moving around out there would probably work out

a lot better but I don’t so for this screen basically there’s there’s very little you can do here you can see that the reticle is displayed on the screen here and you know you can see that the image is updating you know as it changes now as i zoom in and out I’ll do that real quick alright and it’s really hard to tell but you can see how the reticle shifted to the zero to the center right here you can barely see it in there that’s because it recenter does I zoomed in and it’s going to move back out as it moves back into its zero position as I move out and so there it is it’s back in at zero position alright so for this screen right here again there’s very little that you can do with this screen other than the view but it does show the reticle and it does show the image next I’m going to move to the setting screen and I’m going to use this feature over here and then I’m going to turn on the settings all right so so now you have you have you know several different things that you can change and I’ll just kind of scroll through the bottom you can see that all the settings a lot of the settings are there then you just scroll up or scroll down now I’ll go ahead and talk through a couple of them so in the display portion of it you can basically turn you know the location of where for example the the compass is located none top or bottom and what what they’re referring to there we’ll just go in select top is that in the display screen there’s actually a status bar at the top and a status bar at the bottom and it’s talking about do you want it to display on the top status bar or the bottom status bar the you can also change the location of the clock there are some other things like altitude and velocity that you cannot change on this display right now I would imagine in the future they’ll probably go ahead and add those in and the the for the day night mode you can switch between day or night you can switch you know and then and right now it’s in day mode if I switch it to night mode you won’t really be able to see anything but because I’m not looking at the view screen but I’m in night mode so it should be showing things very bright through there if I were in the viewfinder mode so we’ll switch back to the day mode you can switch between the green color for the night vision or the white color you can switch to the different light amplification modes low medium or high and you can also switch to the brightness intensity of the screen and it goes one through five keep going down for the reticle you can turn the reticle on or off you can select the reticle types just by bringing up that screen and say right now I’ve got this particular reticle selected if I wanted to select perhaps this green solid one right here I’d just select that and hit this button here to go back and it’s already selected and the zero setup mode right there it’s going to bring up and you can see the screens in the background of the TV that’s displaying and you know in this particular screen right here it looks it looks you know like it’s like it’s pretty usable there is one thing that I want to point out and that’s that that there is no zero point like in your one shot zero feature that that’s part of the exite that dot is not at that particular location anymore now I can move these arrows to move the reticle left and right and I can use these arrows to move the reticle up or down if I push reset it’s going to probably bring the reticle back to the zero zero point right here so one of the things I want to point out is is that after you zero your your X I always write down what your x and y offsets are like in this case right here my zero X&Y offsets are X is minus 170 and Y is minus 120 what I went through you know and figured out in one of my previous parts of the review was that one count equals about 1/8 of an inch or one eighth of an MOA or an eighth of an inch and a hundred yards so so your ability using knowing that value right there an eighth of an inch and a hundred yards you can actually go through and change these settings to correct for a zero if you wanted to do it with this this particular screen here most likely I would do it or most likely you’ll do it with you’re looking through the Exide itself the zeroing feature here but they do give you that option right there I’m going to hit done on that we’re going to

go to shooting solution now for shooting solution they this is an experimental you can see this feature is experimental it’s listed right there and what they’re trying to do is is giving give you a different position to hold to account for a target being at a varying distance other than your zero distance now you know the only inputs that you have in this right now a muzzle velocity target distance and wind speed and wind direction but to me these aren’t enough input variables to really calculate what your your true ballistic drops going to be you know for example they don’t have in here your a ballistic coefficient of the bullet you’re shooting or your height you know your your your scope height above the barrel bore or your your zero range of where you actually zeroed it so I think you know this this feature right here shows a lot of promise on what what a TN can do with the X site in the future but it doesn’t in my mind really provide the the robustness that you might want for bullet drop compensation just my opinion alright so I’m gonna hit the back button here keep scrolling down I’m just talking fast to try to keep this thing from being so long in the capture mode you can actually switch resolutions between 1080 and 720 here now when you switch resolution this is just a note what’s happening is you’re actually zooming in on the the the sensor itself so when you switch to the 720 resolution you’re going to notice the image is going to get larger you know on your screen as you’re looking through it so that’s just that’s just a the way that they’ve incorporated that feature go ahead and switch back to 1080 you can turn the microphone on or off the time to photo mode you can turn it on or off the number of shots that it’s going to take the number of seconds between each shot you can select those geo-tagging you can turn it on or off you can turn the GPS on or off you cannot turn the Wi-Fi on or off the Wi-Fi is going to be turned on or off inside the the X side up here the when you turn the GPS on especially with the GPS and the Wi-Fi you’re going to be going through some some power your power consumption is going to be high your batteries that you go through is going to be quite a few so you know I would say use that sparingly in the setup mode you can go through and select the digital zoom range is either standard or extended I talked about that I think in part two of the review the lens type I’ve got the 5 2 to 18 X excite so I’ve got a 5 X lens you know you can go through and say none 3 X 4 5 X I’ve got the 5 X you can set the the date in the clock source of manual or Wi-Fi date format date time units format your memory card or restore to factory settings and that pretty much covers the the settings now I’m just going to flip back over to viewfinder mode and you can see the whole time the Wi-Fi has been running the whole time that this review has been going on so far and it’s still displaying in the background again I apologize you know the the TV is so close and it’s not in focus and you know the interlacing of the TV and video and blah blah and it’s like so it’s not perfect but I think you’ll get the point of what I’m trying to say now I’m going to go back to my notes because after after I did my evaluation and and it took several days several different nights of looking at the the the Exide itself and looking at you know what what’s coming out on my on my phone there also I looked at and evaluated with a with an iPad and I made some notes here after going through all the evaluation and I’m just going to go through some of the notes here and so just bear with the video but when you’re trying to turn the Wi-Fi on or off there’s a delay of about 4 seconds to switch from on to off and 8 seconds to switch from off to on if you happen to press the button again before it switches then you’ll potentially toggle the mode again alright what I’m talking about right there is that you know inside the X site when you go to the screen to where it’s where it says Wi-Fi and you scroll down to turn the Wi-Fi on or off when you press you know one of these buttons here either this one or this and right here when you press that button you know there’s going to be a delay before it’s going to turn on or off and it took a while for me to figure that out after got the exite and I would get frustrated

because I push it and it’s like well did I push it or not so I push it again and then you know next thing you know I’m toggling it on and off once the delays occurred so you know a thing to remember is is that you know when you’re turning it off it takes about four seconds from the button push to turn off and when you turn it it on it takes about eight seconds from the button push to turn on so when you push the button start counting the seconds after eight seconds if it doesn’t turn on then push it again the next thing here is with the Wi-Fi off you can run on USB power with the Wi-Fi on it will not reliably run on USB power based on my experience if you’re planning to run the device and stream video to a friend using a Wi-Fi plan on using some lithium double-a batteries for maximum reliability okay what I’m really saying there is is that you know I’ve used this this portable USB charger extensively with this thing so far but when I sat down and started using it with the the Wi-Fi connection what I realized is is that the power draw from the Wi-Fi ends up being so great that it overcomes what the USB charging device can actually provide so even though it’s plugged in right now the the power is really being being it’s really coming off these batteries right here now just for kicks to make my point I’m gonna go through and you can see that right now the Wi-Fi is running you can see that if I go through and and take the battery cap off to get a break the battery connection right there all right now you can see at this point it’s still running but at some point just randomly there’s going to be a situation to where the there’s not going to be enough juice and the unit is going to shut down okay that’s why I say that that’s why I say that it’s not reliable with the with running on the USB power when you’re broadcasting the Wi-Fi I just wanted to show this real quick is that when when you your Wi-Fi connection to your ex site what you’re going to see here is that basically the screen froze and you can see at the top up there it says connect to your device all right the next thing if your battery dies with a Wi-Fi turned on when you turn your X site back on you may have to go back to into the settings and turn the Wi-Fi off and then back on again to actually make the Wi-Fi signal broadcast all right what I’m trying to say there is it that sometimes you know like if your batteries just died on you and it shuts down you know when you bring it back up you may have to go through a sequence of you’re thinking you know the indicator might be saying that the Wi-Fi is on but it’s really not so you have to actually turn it off and then turn it back on again and then it’ll reset okay I went ahead and turned the Wi-Fi off on the Exide again after I rebooted it and then turned it on again and it was just like I described before you know it was in the on Poisson state but then wife I wasn’t actually working so I had to turn it off and then back on again for the Wi-Fi to actually start up again after it shut down you know from that low-power situation so I’ve got it all back connected again and I’m going to keep going down the list here all right when you’re when you’re connected via the Wi-Fi to your phone and you know when you’re streaming video to your mobile device using the viewfinder featuring the app you cannot take photos or video using your ex ID although if you switch to settings in the app you can take photos and video with your X ID all right so what I’m saying there is is that while you’re while you’re displaying this if you’re buddies sitting there and you know you know you’re you’re you’re sitting there hunting and he’s sitting there watching on whatever’s mobile device is and you’re like I want to get some video and you reach up here and you press the button up here to get video or to try to get a picture you’re not going to get it because what’s happening is is that the X site thinks it’s in recording mode whenever it’s sending information to the to the display and the viewfinder but if you go through and you say hey let me go to settings and in this mode right here the X site doesn’t think it’s recording anymore meaning sending information to the to your mobile device you can now go through and take the photos and the video off of your ex site you could have also gone through and switched a gallery and it would have done the same thing we’ll go ahead and go back to the viewfinder mode another thing I found is that you cannot turn the Wi-Fi off on the X site while your mobile device is in the viewfinder mode while in the viewfinder mode the X site considers

itself to be in a recording state so you know again if you now if you want to save battery life and turn your your wife off on the X site you’re gonna have to tell your buddy or whoever – to get out of the viewfinder mode on their mobile device another thing I found is that sometimes the reticle would shift into the upper left corner when displaying on a mobile device it would always stay in the correct position on the X site and I think I think there were some instability issues that I might have been having on my mobile device here and and I’m not sure if it’s related to to the Obsidian app or the the mobile device itself think I’m going to talk a little bit more on that a little bit later and what I’ve got here this is actually one of them one of my long notes right here but I’ll try to condense it a little bit you know what I found is it you know as I was having issues if you’re having an issue with your X site and and you’re having an issue with the the Wi-Fi connection or you know the screen is not displaying properly in the viewfinder mode then then what I found is you’ve got to go through a certain sequence of steps to basically reset everything back to to what it was originally okay and you know this this set of steps is what I found right here is that you know if you go through and close the app on the mobile device and if you turn off Wi-Fi on the Exide then turn off the Exide then turn on the Exide then turn on the Wi-Fi on the Exide then you know reconnect your mobile device to the exit and restart the app if I was having any problems with instability or anything like that if I would go through and do those those particular steps that would would reset everything and it would start back working again now you know so far I don’t know how long this video has been so far but but what you can see here you know the screens displaying you know I’ve been able to go through and and be able to show a display screen like this or or there I haven’t had any issues is what I’m trying to say the only issue I had was when I removed the battery cap I knew that was going to happen and at some point you know there wasn’t going to be enough juice and I was going to lose lose connection here to the mobile device I expected that I knew it was going to happen it did it so once I reset it by going through these basic instructions right there when I reset it now everything worked back good again another point is that you know if your your say for example you’re in the settings mode and you know you’re doing something whatever it is if if you have your sleep mode or lock mode or whatever that is and your mobile device set to a very short amount of time what you’re going to find is is if you’re not constantly interfacing with this screen right here then it’s going to go into that sleep mode so you may have to um you know Ari you know unlock your mobile device and get back into the screen so you may want to change the settings on your sleep motor or lock time on your mobile device all right this is going to be a hard one to demonstrate with a setup that I’ve got here because there’s really no clarity in the screen here with what you see on the TV but you know what I want to point out is there is a little bit of delay I don’t know if you can see it from the time that I move the gun until I actually have a change in the screen on your mobile device so there’s going to be a little bit of delay from the time that you might might see an animal or pull the trigger until you you see that on your mobile device another point about the mobile device is that I got better streaming video you know if I went in and I turn off the Bluetooth you know like any in any mobile device and I’ll just try to swipe it down right now you can see you’ve got all this stuff running when I went through and turned off location and I turned on Bluetooth it’s on right now but when I turned it off go ahead and turn it off I seem to get slightly better performance on the video streaming now you know the thing to keep in mind is is that you know this this is a computer you know your mobile devices the computer and you’re going to be sending you know information video from your ex site to your computer and so your computer has CPU and memory and all that and if you’re maxing out your your CPU and your memory on your computer here with all these miscellaneous apps and programs and stuff then you’re going to degrade the performance of your mobile device so be aware that you want to keep your mobile device efficient when you’re streaming video to it and I think you’re probably going to have some better results now another point I want to bring up here real quick is that that you know basically your X ID up here is working like a we’ll just call it a wireless router all right so it’s

sending out a wireless signal and you can see the strength of that wireless signal by your your little icon that’s at the top of your mobile device so like in this case right here I’m obviously like I’ve got full strength which I should have full strength because I’m only about a foot away from the from the the transmitter the wireless transmitter on top of the X site now what I’m getting that is is that the the wireless capability of the X side is for the unit I’ve got is extremely good I was actually able to just set the Excite in my kitchen on the counter and have it look at the TV and the other room so it continually be updating and I went and was were able to walk around outside about 50 yards away and this was this was actually through a couple of walls and I was able to see 50 yards away before I started having a degrading image on the in the viewfinder mode when I set up the the X site to where there is really no obstruction between in the Exide i was able to go out about a hundred yards before I started noticing noticing that the bars were getting so low that I could start seeing some degraded stream resolution or image or whatever it is due to the video not streaming as well alright that’s a hundred yards away and some I got two points here number one is that the the wireless capability of the exercise is very good as far as how far the distance that you can actually pick it up all right the bad is is that the signal strength is so strong on the X site whenever it’s broadcasting that you’re potentially using a lot more energy to broadcast as needed for the range that you’re probably going to be using a mobile device with this particular unit you know if they had some way to go through and change the the power that it’s broadcasting from say maximum to like maybe a high or a low or a high mid to low that potentially you could get more battery life out of your X site alright another thing I found during my my review here is that you cannot use two mobile devices at the same time or I wasn’t successful in doing that and it kind of makes sense because you know you basically you can change settings with your device right here and so if you tried to pair two of them up to your your X ID it might be difficult for it to understand which one is the master so I was not successful in being able to connect an iPad and my Samsung Galaxy s5 to this X site at one time I couldn’t make it work now I’m not I’m not showing the iPad right now but one of the things that I noticed is sometimes I had to switch between the view finder and the the settings modes here and I’ll give you an example I had to switch between view finder and settings like that and then switch back on my my iPad to be able to reset the video streaming and typically you know like if my iPad went to sleep due to lack of strain input then I might have to go in and do that reset for it to go through and properly start streaming video in the the video streaming feature you know and and it’s like you know it’s there’s it’s very subjective of what I’m going to say here but the video streaming feature seemed to be a little bit more stable using the Apple iOS system than it did with the Android system now you know that could be a function of of everything I have running on my phone versus everything that was running on the iPad you know I don’t really it’s not like I have hard evidence that was just my impression it it seemed to be a little bit better now the last note I’ve got here is that the the reticle did not display on the iPad so on you know on the the the Apple device you know you would see the the viewfinder screen which you would not see the reticle even though the reticle would be set up to be shown inside your excitement all right some of my final thoughts on doing this part of the review and they using the mobile device with the ATX site is it can be a little bit frustrating up front you know when you when you don’t know what the limitations are and you don’t know that there are delays between pressing a button and turning things on and off and when you don’t know that there’s a specific restart sequence that you need to go to for maximum connection reliability then it can be frustrating because most likely you’re going to be doing those things and it’s not going to be successful in your getting it frustrated once you once you to learn those and go through that sequence what

you’re going to find is is it actually gets more pleasurable once you know what to do and it reliably do what you want you know in front of your buddies and stuff like that then then you’re going to be happier with the Excite and the the overall performance do I think that Etienne has some more work to do with the Exide as far as firmware updates and and updates to the apps sure yeah I can I definitely think they’ve got more work to do am I willing to live with to do more work most definitely honestly I feel the exercise is a great value pop product it puts you know real night-hunting capabilities into the hands of far more people with it’s good resolution and value price that I think probably anything out there the the Wi-Fi feature itself I think is one of those that’s a nice to have feature it’s it’s not a gotta have feature at least it’s not for me you know I like it but but I can go out and do whatever I want to do without it and most likely if I’m in in a hunting situation unless I’m sitting there with somebody right beside me and you know I doubt I’ll be using it I also feel that that there’s there’s probably some more development that that ATM needs to do with battery consumption with the Exide specifically they need to look into the the Wi-Fi mode and see if they can dial back some of that power and some of that range to give people a little bit more battery life when they’re using that Wi-Fi mode I think that you know less range and longer life would end up with a more pleased customer with this feature this option well that’s the end of the review I apologize for it being so long and for me trying to talk so fast but I really had a lot of information to cover you can see all of this in a text format with pictures of the different screens if you go to Consumer Reports comm and you look at my excite review and I think this is part 8 of that particular review you’ll see this video will be posted there along with with all most of the commentary and some other screen grabs and stuff like that of showing the different menus on the Android system if if you like this video please like or subscribe or both and and I’ll try to keep bringing more in-depth reviews thanks