Blindness and Sight

gospel or not John chapter 9 story of a sign that Jesus did you know every one of Jesus miracles is real Jesus did miracles and he still does miracles he healed the sick and he raised the dead Krenzel depres he cast out evil spirits every last one of those are real and that record of him in the Bible is for a specific reason they were number one God wants you to know that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever wherever we did back then he still does today because he told his church to pray for people in his name and he would do whatever they ask in his name so the miracles you know God does miracles all the time okay God does miracles all the time Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever there’s different words in the Bible for the miracles like within the three gospel day they use a word that means power works of power but a Johnny uses a unique word it’s signs the miracles are signs or what is a sign do the sign points to something later so you see aside Cedar Rapids 30 miles so that signs not Cedar Rapids is pointing to a city down the road 30 miles okay and all the all the miracles and John are signs because every one of them points to something greater they they speak to the human condition this is the sign of a healing of a blind man but as you see it talks about greater issue see because I hate well I hate be blind I really hate to be blind I mean I’ve often thought of it how much of my life is you know enjoying the beauty of God you walk out tonight you see the stars and stuff like that I mean I just I just could I can’t fathom that I’d have to adjust I suppose I hope I never go blind but I’d hate to be blind and if you’re blind you know you hear you may overhear someone say look at that rainbow but it doesn’t mean anything to you you can’t even register with you you don’t know what they’re talking about or someone says look at the stars tonight and you thought you’re out of the conversation doesn’t even mean a thing okay because you’re blind and you can’t even participate in that experience and you have no point of reference for it all right well that healing of the physical blindness actually points to it even worse blindness could there be a worse blindness yes spiritual blindness spiritual blindness someone says you know what I just met Jesus it doesn’t mean to think he doesn’t touch anything in you okay some somas is it you know we just said Kathy died and went to heaven spiritually blind one come on doesn’t even touch the most important part about you is your spiritual life and if you’re spiritually blind what’s the Bible say if the blind follow the blind they will both end up in the pit okay so there’s this is what this story points to it i’ll show you that there before i read that there’s a proverb i keep quoting lately and it says that the path of the just is as The Shining of the light unto the perfect day you’re supposed to use your imagination that problem you see is heading out early morning you’re on a path you’re going somewhere but you just got a little crack the light but it’s enough to see you can avoid any pit boil Falls your more trip over any rocks or roots and you move along but as you move along the sun comes up at the light comes clearer it’s just as clear by noon this as clear as it could ever get he says that’s the way it is with your spiritual life you’re saved you just get it just a little light at first but if you continue on the sun goes up alright and ultimately we’re headed for the perfect day what

happens is the perfect day you see everything as it really is you see everything as it really is now the wiccan are on a path to same promises the way of the wicked is this darkness the wicked the path bill is a different way though they got they do have light every single person that ever born in this world has enough light that they’re going to be a comma before but their path is the Sun going down in a getting darker and darker he says that he hates his brother is in darkness it doesn’t even know what he stumbles over and ultimately it’s black total blindness one time somebody took me down to a gold mine in South Africa he said you want to experience I’ll show an experience and we walked a mile zigzag underground when we got about a mile down they turned off all the lights and I’m telling you it creeped me because you ever heard the expression darkness it could be felt man I said get the lights on I had enough I had enough I was relieved when they turned the lights on I thought about what Jesus said about he’ll depart from me ye that work iniquity into outer darkness reserved for the devil and his angels see everybody’s on a path and some people are going into greater light you get by the way you can never stay the way you are you can’t stay the same you become more of whatever you were yesterday so if you’re on the one path man you’re in deeper darkness than you were a year ago ultimately they had this total darkness if we on the other path things are coming clearer you’re starting to see sun shining we aren’t quite there but we’re almost at the the full day on that day everything will be seen as it really is not as it pretended to be and there’s nothing hidden that will not be revealed okay this is another sermon entirely but be careful of hypocrisy it’s short-sighted sooner or later everything will be revealed whatever is real is what’s going to come out so you may as well just be real now amen beware of hypocrisy it’s self delusion who’s other story illustrates it let me read a few verses and then talk talk you through John 9 Jesus passed by he saw himself oh wait though look at John 859 the verse before then they took up stones to cast at him that’s Jesus they were going to kill him but Jesus hid himself Jesus hidden hid himself okay we got a god that hides himself part of the reason why he wants us to seek him he wants to draw out of us faith wronging holy longing so Jesus hid himself when I was a temple going through the midst of them and so passed by and as Jesus passed by he saw a man which was blind from his bed and his disciple bastard said master who said this motors parents that he was born blind okay that’s a common question what’d he do wrong or what is his parents do wrong that he’s been punished this way but if you want to find out where someone went wrong you couldn’t go back far enough that’s a waste of time where did I go wrong what did I do wrong if only I had read that dirty book in seventh grade or smoke pot it is okay you can’t go back far enough where did you go wrong in the garden when Adam sinned brought in a whole principle of futility into this world it’s a waste of time and no light is going to come really from the past in that sense you won’t figure anything out won’t be anything else better off so Jesus doesn’t even answer it instead he says me neither hath this man send or his parents but that the works of God should be manifest in him I must work the works of him that sent me wallets day the night comes when no one can work as long as I’m in the world on the light of the world okay look he’s a waste of time to

go in the past he doesn’t even answer it she’s is not this guy or his parents that said you’d have to go all the way back to the beginning to find out where it all went wrong but that’s a waste of time in this case he says look I’m here to do the works of him that sent me and that’s the one designation about jesus in john over over the father sent him the father sent the son to do a specific work and what is the work of Jesus he said the reason I came into this world is to bear witness to the truth all who are of the truth will hear my voice are you of the truth have you been born again of the truth and then he spit on the ground and picked up the clay in the spittle and he viewed like this he’d done it before when back in the garden he made a man’s body out of clay and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life in this case he’s making a new eyeball in the anoints the man’s eyes with this spitting play and he sends him go down to the pool of Siloam but the word Siloam means the same one go wash in the pool of Siloam and you will see go wash in the pool of the one sent by the father go wash in the pool of Jesus I remember how my eyes were open yes after my baptism all the Sun is even stuff natural I thought wow I never knows birds before stars it’s too caught up in myself as I was looking down but you were making so the man had to make his way to the pool of Siloam and wash and then yes and he got a site mag not so hot fat on that if he’s shocking really all of a sudden the light reflecting on the water the curtains around the pool people just probably freaked out he came back in his neighbors or st. therefore and they which before had seen him that was blind said isn’t this the one that’s satin baked oh he’s so new that even his friends don’t recognize him at first some of you have experienced what happened to you what happened to you Luo man if any man be in Christ he is a new creation right it was not really him and after them for is that really him in some cases it goes i guess that’s just a phase he’s going through he’s going to do a church phase we’d get it back down to the clubs in no time right is that really hammer was this someone else and so this is he some said this is he verse 9 other said he’s like him he said no it’s me there for sending the wrong your eyes open now listen to his answer he answered and said a man that is called Jesus he made clay in anointed my eyes and said unto me go to the pool of Siloam and wash I went and washed and then i received my sight well it’s all true but it’s not completely true because Jesus really is a man that how they know Jesus is more than a man but you couldn’t see that well yet it’s like the light of the first night except in light who is Jesus by the way that’s the most important thing of all who is Jesus because every one of you will be judged on that your relationship to Jesus that’s the judgment whether or not you’re rightly related to Jesus and all your sins and everything they do not have to damn you no matter what you’ve done evil again stuff it does not have to download if you come into right relationship with Jesus but you must have your eyes open to who Jesus is that light can only come from above that guy was not looking for that but it came to him i was up looking but he hit me right between the eyes a man is called jesus when they said to him where is it

because i don’t know i don’t know so they brought to the Pharisees him that a four-time was blind verse 13 own fancies do kind of get a bad rap people don’t get the Pharisees because they think they’re just horribly evil fire-breathing demons and therefore they miss the point that the Pharisees are a warning to us who are the Pharisees really not as far away from you as you think the Pharisees were the ones that theologically closest to Jesus the Pharisees were the back to the Bible movement of their day only they went long the whole thing started to resist the worldliness called hellenism that was sweeping the world so they said our goal is to keep all 613 commandments of God you can’t condemn that but the man cannot be saved in the flesh see I’m saying that because people read especially oh yeah black hats terrible people oh no it’s a warning to us that’s why they’re all over the Bible you think he just gave us someone to hate no he’s warning you it can happen to the best of them they brought him to the Pharisees that a four-time was blind then it was a Saturday when Jesus may declare it open his eyes well the law of God says six days she labored 7z the rest and Pharisees in their zeal to keep the law of God will commentaries about every one of the command and in their commentaries they would ask questions like what is work how much can I lift how far can I walk by the time they were done there were 1,200 Commandments around the Sabbath alone let’s pour this way you were so glad when the weekend was over you couldn’t believe it I need to rest I need to get back to work see this is what people do with the Bible they butcher it and destroy its meaning and striven of its benefit but that law was such a blessing six days she’ll area but the Sabbath you get to rest because you’re not a slave now once that make you if you feel like you have to work seven days a week now a slave so it’s the trial it’s an investigation by Authority an investigation into a miracle by unbelief and here’s what they say then again the Pharisees also asked him how he received his so how did you get your sight back you wouldn’t wouldn’t you think you’d be going haha thank god this guy was 9 no they’re looking for details so that they can discount it so they can discount Jesus see that’s the meaning of spiritual darkness it’s not being ignorant for no one can be faulted for being ignorant it’s deliberately closing the shades because you instinctively know what the light might reveal and what the light might demand view so you pretend it’s better than pretend you don’t know and define fault with the Bible so you won’t be bothered by his message like Mark Twain once said there’s not the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand bother me it’s the parts that I do understand so she says then s official tell us he said unto them while he put Claire on my eyes and I wash and do see the fancy said and then silver said someone discusses this man is not about right because he doesn’t keep the Sabbath day even in the law of God said if you’re fair if your arts falls into a ditch on saturday you’ve got permission to go get your ox out of the ditch if someone gets sick on the Sabbath day of doctor has a right to freedom but according to their 1200 sub laws see they could just dismiss Jesus now listen to me that’s what this evil generation is doing they dismiss Jesus now it’s Easter time perhaps the highest and holiest holiday of all Christians where do you see to cover a Time and Newsweek because they will no doubt have a picture of Jesus on there and go and

tell everyone how he didn’t exist how he wasn’t really claim to be God everything it’s crazy it’s crazy okay they want to dismiss it that’s darkness he said therefore said some of the fence this man is not of God he doesn’t keep the Sabbath day others said I’m commandment is a sinner do such miracles and there was a division among them right always divides light has divided us life was the right of you salvation is division because he says come out of them come out of it and be my people and the light of God divides people it doesn’t unite it divides because there are some to accept the light and some that reject the light so the light divided them they say em to the blind man again what do you save him then evolve in my eyes look what he says next he’s a prophet Oh stronger light first he said he’s a man now evil ways or it amazed a profit he’s a prophet he speaks for God God speaks through him but the Jews didn’t believe concerning him that he had been blind oh we don’t believe you were blind and received his sight until they call the parents of him that received his sight and they asked him saying is this your son who you say was born blind how then does he now see but try to imagine your son is born blind the heartache I mean he’s literally reduced to begging by the temple and now the parents are sitting there with that same son he sees there’s a parent you’d be overjoyed I think anyway he’s got the look darkness is not just a sphere sphere to say it’s a kingdom the kingdom of darkness is ruled by fear and the parents knew that if they had any praise for Jesus that would be excommunicated out of the temple and that was that in effect is barring them from access to God they’re terrified how terrified so terrified that they can’t even rejoice in their sons healing we all know you tell me they don’t know we didn’t know who it was who opened his eyes we don’t know he’s an edge ask him he’ll speak for himself these words speak his parents because they feared the Jews now this is a really relevant story to our time because I’m going to tell you something political correctness is it kind of heightened fear of man and the Bible says the fear man is cause as a snare and the way it’s working the what the leaders of the world are actually doing to people is not only do they want to shut up Christianity and our morals and ethics they want to take a step further they want to force you to confess to things that you know are not true on many many issues the gay marriage issue the Muslim men you’re supposed to say that it’s a religion of peace on so many issues there’s so much pressure and so this is a very relevant story because the kingdom of darkness operates by fear and the only the only way to be free of the fear really truly it’s counterintuitive is to step out into the light so he says he’s a prophet and so it says in verse 22 these words speak his parents because they feared the Jews for the Jews have agreed already the very man did confess that he was Christ he would be put out of the synagogue that’s taking a kind of Investigation this is this decisions already made the verdicts already end there’s not a real an inquiry okay that’s where our people are they will not surrender to God already therefore said his parents ease of age ask him 24 then again they called the man that was blind and said unto Him give God the praise they’re literally putting him under oath there we put you under off give God the praise we know that this man is a sinner who is who they talk

about Jesus give God the glory first they said this man broke the Sabbath now they say this man is a sinner first the blind man says a man touch my eyes then he says a profit the one is going into greater light and the other is going into deeper darkness and I dare say that both of these are true of everyone in this room you cannot be static you are going into greater light or deeper darkness they put him on her off by in the name of God the net that this man is a sinner he answered and said there’s 25 whether he be a sinner or not I don’t know I want you to see the difference here the Pharisees are speaking as authorities that’s one of the problems the spiritual darkness do you think you’re already the expert and what left is there for you learn did you take the posture of an expert come on we put you on know we know he’s a sinner tell it you’re only going to go deeper into darkness but notice this man’s posture he’s not an expert just a witness hey this is what happened to me listen what happened to me like a good old song says a once was lost but now I’m found I was blind but now I see man I did not know I tell you I did not know there was a whole world of born-again Christians I did not know about the body of Christ that there’s people all over the world by faith in Jesus who just loved so much and give so freely now I know I always pinch myself because a oh gosh if the sinners could know a beauty of this life man Wow I just didn’t know about scripture and no idea I serving the bubble because I realized one night that I met I was illiterate I said because I never read the Bible had no idea I was so blind the little glimmer of light came that he called me to just walk after that light don’t ever forsake it don’t ever forsake it and now it’s like the Sun coming up we’re almost there at the perfect day and one of the things about the Sun coming up for us you see something that the kings of the earth and the rulers could never see even though they’re trying to solve the problems of the world the least Christian knows more than them they are literally blind guides stumbling over each other you can see but who’s going to listen to you and me right let me go back to my text here so they put him under oath and he says all I know is what I experienced I was blind now I see then they said to him again what did he do to you how do they open your eyes but it’s not an honest inquiry they’re not really wanting to believe in him they don’t really want to know and notice there’s no referencing Scripture they’re looking for something some reason to reject you maybe I’m talking to you today you look for something to justify that’s all a crock he answered them I already told you and you didn’t hear why would you hear it again will you also be his disciples so he’s getting cheeky then they reviled him and said you’re his disciple but we are Moses’s disciple they were really deceived they actually was serious serious there they thought they were if they really really really believed Moses instantly they believe in Jesus but that’s how deception works in the worst kind of deception of self-deception you don’t need the devil you already deceive yourself half the time because we tell ourselves what we want to hear then we

have these I pro a priori investigations where the decisions already made we just trying to find something to supplement our will he said we know that God spoke to Moses asked for this fellow we don’t know where he comes from that’s what Lewis says we don’t know where he goes from now if you know the story I mean you know there’s more to that than meets the eye because what they’re saying they’re referencing his birth remember Jesus was born of a virgin and everybody knew that there was questionable events around his burn and burnt it’s a very important thing to Jewish claims the Messiahship you got to prove that you come for the line so what they’re really saying is we know God spoke to Moses but we also know that this man is a bastard that’s what they’re saying this man is a bachelor so they go from saying he’s broke the Sabbath he’s a sinner too he’s a bastard see this is the descent into deeper darkness and this generations well on his way it’s terrifying really huh the man answered and said to them why here in is a marvelous thing that you know not where he comes from and yet he opened my eyes now we know that God will not hear sinners but if any man be a worshiper of God and do with his will him he hears that’s pretty good theology you know that since the world began was it not her than a man open the eyes of one that was born blind if this man were not of God he could do nothing and they answered and said unto Him you were all together born of sins and you’re going to teach us and they threw him out they excommunicated now look I’m telling you I excommunications serious thing okay in those days that be fearful that make you a living leper because the whole community revolved around worship in the temple and everything like that and the fear of man is very binding but you can see the willful ignorance in the fairy face of evidence but look at the grip of the world like on his parents and then excommunication they’re going to shut the door to God on this man but a little today even though they’re very shortly with the resurrection of Jesus a new door would be open to guys for everybody amen how many are glad for that open door here’s why the next chapter Jesus’s look I’m the door I’m the door anyone can come through me they’re good they get to God on the door these are the Shepherd’s they throw them out jesus said no I’m the Good Shepherd my sheep hear my voice they follow me let me move on i’m going to close shortly famous last words right Jesus heard that they cast him out and when he found him he said unto Him do you believe on the son of god he answered and said who is he Lord that I may believe on him and Jesus said unto Him you’ve both seen him and is he that talk of a fee and he said lord I believe and he worshiped him think of his think of his progress he went from a man profit a person that did good and feared God but then at the end of the chapter Jesus comes to him do you believe on the son of god who is he Lord he’s still not an expert he’s still a seeker who is he Lord well you’re talking to him he made the confession yay lord I believe he did what we did this morning he worshiped Jesus talk about light huh but what about the others they went from decide right away this man is not of God he’s a sinner and then he said where’s he’s a bastard he couldn’t be of God false prophet the darkness deepens just like

in our age there is no darkness there is no blindness like willful blind yes like the refusal to see because they know instinctively what the light will eventually reveal and they back away from that so heavily no no no no no no no get me out of here get me out of here what does it mean to walk in darkness is the cloud of self-deception that people surround themselves with self-justification at any cost defensiveness the world went a defensive must by which the guilty hide themselves it’s shutting the curtains and closing the shades and blocking out the light of the world remember he said we must work while it’s light there is a time element hey everybody there is a time element you don’t know how much time you have to come into the light that’s what salvation is is getting your eyes open it’s coming to the light and there are certain things that you can’t see until he opens your eyes you can’t see who Jesus really is so someone doesn’t get it they don’t get the big deal about Jesus but where their eyes are open or someone get the big deal about your sins my sins over all the bliss of this glorious thought love you don’t realize how serious their sins are how bad the leprosy is how far spread it is and how fatal forever sin is oh man with his light comes because in the light we not only see God but we see ourselves as we truly are and that’s unnerving for some but we have found that if you stay in the light then the same light that exposes everything it’s a lot of people don’t like church for that reason they think it’s the people or they’re judging me for what I wore you’re not that important one’s looking at you but I know why you feel that way God’s in church and wherever God is light is wherever light is people see themselves and sometimes it can be disconcerting man it can be uncomfortable the instinct is get me out of here they’re judging me oh we’re not judging you but you busy judging ourselves but God’s here what God is there’s light and if you stay in the mind the same light that exposes everything will purge you and make you holy let’s read the last three verses and then our clothes and jesus said for judgment and come into this world that they would see not they would see not might see they would see might be made one it’s not a difference between people we can see and people can’t see it’s the difference between people who know their blind and people who think they see that’s the best possible lord I don’t know I don’t know teach me and one of the fantasies which were with him heard these words he said are we blind also you say one blind some shocking to them because this is how deception worse the Pharisees were the experts shocking you telling me we’re blind what everything’s were blind woman’s you can see listen to Jesus’s answer he said to them if you were blind you and I have sinned but now you say we see there for your sin remains what you’re saying Oh only you were blind but because you say that you see then what can be done about your sins you already the expert you already know everything there for them father in the name of Jesus if this whole message was for one person it’s worth it if you could just show one person the truth about their spiritual blindness and it’d be worth it all father shine your light into the hearts there’s no one that’s here by accident you brought us all here together you gave this message I just

pray that you shine the true light that lightens everyone I pray that you bring us into the full light of day if there’s anyone that slipped off the pad and it’s going the other way into the sundown I pray to you jar them loose and put them right back on the right path in Jesus name Amen god bless you all you