[FULL] Royal Sister Returns EP.5丨China Drama

Episode 5 Don’t talk when you know nothing about the situation Fine I know nothing But those who come here for counseling must know They would feel that this place is too shabby So you must be very unprofessional Shut up now It’s the most basic respect for your boss Do you understand? Here we are Come with me Ms. Feifei Zoom a little here Hi That’s it Mr. He asks you to take me to my office It’s over there What do you mean? It’s over there -OK, that’s it. -Where is my office? It’s over there Thank you By the way your desk is the last one Xiao Yan is this a hospital? This is It’s actually a counseling center here owned by my friend, He Happy You’ve seen Happy before He’s a very, very good therapist Xiao Yan You really think that I’m sick? You happy to say that? I didn’t say that I just want to help you I’m not sick I don’t need any help Fine Then you can go up to the counseling center and prove me wrong Do you dare to go? If you do not that explains your mental problem I want to ask if you know where the corporate directory is I’ll find it out myself What are you doing in here? You’ve disturbed her work Are you listening? You are doing this on purpose, right? Why do I waste my time doing that? Stop rummaging Here you are Thank you It’s right there. How could I not notice? What’s the matter with you? Miss Xiao Yan, welcome Is Happy available? Yes, yes I’ll take you there It’s okay. I can handle it Please go on with your work OK Happy Xiao Yan Here you are Hello, Wang Te Hello Let’s go to my therapy room and have a chat there OK Let’s go This way please OK Xiao Yan gives us a second I’ll talk to him in private Okay, please help him Don’t worry Have a seat Let’s get started I want to ask you how you can tell that I’m sick Can you look inside of me? I can’t I just hope that I could help release you from negative sides OK Let’s do a psychological test, OK? What to test? Your happiness quotient Hello I want to ask if there’s a designer named Peter Sorry to bother you What are you up to?

Where is Wang Te? Where do you hide him? Wang Te What are you doing? What do you want? Keep lying I saw you two in the morning coming down the stairs together Where is he? You just followed us all the way here Yes This is my buddy’s company Why do you bring Wang here? Don’t you have anything else to do? I brought him here to let Happy give him psychological counseling You’d better not be lying to me Why do I lie to you? By the way didn’t we break up? I don’t need to explain to you You broke up with me but I haven’t said yes Then you can say yes now Why should I say yes? We’ve been together for ten years Why should I give that up to you two? Just be a man, will you? I Where is Wang Te? What do you want? I want to fight with him Are you done? No! Fang Ge I’m telling you now seriously I said that I was in a relationship with Wang Te just to piss you off I brought him here to let Happy give him some counseling Anyway Wang and me are high school classmates I can’t just let him suffer Well, how can I know if you’ve been hiding something from me Did he go to you and cried again last night? Well he came to me I couldn’t just kick him out, right? Xiao Yan when will you end this dubious relationship with him? I’m not in any dubious relationship with him, okay? Get back to your work Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan Why don’t you both go to my office? Fang Ge I really think he has a mental problem so I brought him here to let Happy check him out We’ve been together for years and we’re in a good relationship If Wang and me are having an affair will I let you know that? I would try my best to hide this How would I bring him here? Hey guys can you find another place to talk? Hi, little maid! Who is she? This one I told you before, remember that? There’s a little seductive maid in He’s home Why are you here? I’m working here The maid has been promoted to an assistant No I work here during the day and I’m a maid back home at night Wait, are you serious? Sure So you mean that you’re just Happy’s maid and you have no relationship with him? How come I have any relationship with him? It’s all your nonsense I didn’t say anything If Happy knows that you tell others he’s kept a girl secretly in his house he won’t let you get away with it What did you say about me? Your water is getting cold Let me get you some more You said You said that I’m his secret girl? No That’s what he always behaves Where do you want to go most? Who do you want to see the most? Emily Ai Why do you come here? Does it mean anything special to you? I lost my beloved one here So now if I ask you to say something to her what are you going to say? If I could choose once again I will never leave you After you left I’ve been living in guilt every day I feel like I cannot breathe What have you done? Why are you blaming yourself so hard? I gave up love for money and power But now I realize money can’t bring me happiness It can only bring me pain and regret I’m going crazy

I’m going crazy In fact, she left a few words for you She wants you to stop blaming yourself You follow my instructions now and come with me to a happy and quiet place You are floating on the surface of sea now The water will take all your unhappiness away You will feel physically and mentally relaxed and happy ever You feel like you are starting a new life again There we go You can wake up Here is a doctor’s phone number You go to him and get some medicine from him As long as you take medicine on time I’m sure you’ll be fine Thank you I’m telling you when you meet him in a while you must apologize to him, understand? Don’t talk nonsense all day long What do you suspect? When will you get dressed up as a maid like her? So I could take a good look at you Wang Te’s gone? He’s gone How is him? He has some mental disorders I think his feeling must have been badly hurt Do you know who his ex-girlfriend is? I don’t know He didn’t mention it to me Maybe his ex-girlfriend is you? You are insane! If I were his ex-girlfriend do you think right now you would get a chance to be jealous here? Fang Ge don’t touch my stuff Listen, Xiao Yan You made a right decision You should break up with him I totally agree with you OK You guys Today is my birthday That’s what you’re doing to me I really don’t get it Today is his birthday? I forgot Today is your birthday? I almost forgot it You already forgot Ge, happy birthday I’m so happy I just got dumped by you I’m having a really good birthday No, we’re back together You won’t break up with me? No OK I’ll give you a big party tonight Are you out your mind? You are paying? I’m telling you it has to be a big party It’s so rewarding coming here Go get my bag from his room Let’s go Hurry up Come on Big party We really got a big surprise today Yes Hello, Fang Ge Sanshun we will meet you at the bar tonight He Happy is gonna buy us dinner Him? You’ve gotta be kidding me? He’ll slip way every time when we pay the bill You always pretend to be drunk I’m always the one who pays the bill I’m not going Am I the kind of person who will trick you? We won’t get to rob him. How rare would it be? Tonight He Happy offers to buy us a dinner What do you think? If you guys are not like this I wouldn’t end up eating instant noodles for a month Don’t be ridiculous I want you to come, you should join us why don’t you believe me?! I really can’t go I have to go to work My salary would be deducted if I’m absent from work If it goes like this I won’t afford to eat instant noodles this month I’m telling you It’s my birthday today so it’ll be on He’s treat tonight Come or not. It’s up to you We’ll rip him off Bye bye I Hello Why can’t people live in the world alone? Ma Sanshun I remember I warned you not to eat instant noodles at home I said I couldn’t stand the smell You hate it, but I like it I’ve tried to convince myself to meet you halfway could you please do me the same? I really can’t stand the smell Can’t you stop eating instant noodles at home? Then you tell me is there anything more convenient and affordable than instant noodles? Well You’re a manager at least why do you treat yourself like this? I’m okay with it It’s none of your business If you really can’t stand it then let your rich boyfriend rent a fancy apartment for you How nice would that be! Screw you! What? You It’s very expensive! Hello, mother Wait

Mother, what happened? Why are you crying? OK I’ll be right there I’ll be right there Listen check it out again this afternoon Check it again, remember? OK What are you doing? Are you gonna go to hell? You are in such a hurry Where are you going? I’m gonna go out When will you come back? Does it have anything to do with you? Who will send me home if you don’t come back? Why are you so troublesome? Li Fei send her home after work What?! Mr. He She’ll send me? Now the maid gets to get a ride home Try not to if you can Lisa Is Happy here? He just left When will he be back? He may not come back today By the way, did you go to the hospital today? You have to believe in yourself You can absolutely surpass yourself Thank you Then I’m gonna go See you Bye bye Mother Mother Mother What’s the matter? What happened? How are you feeling now? Say something Son if you come back later you’ll never see me again What are you talking about? You know what? Your father made a will today He leaves nothing to us He gives all his property to He Yikun I want to know what you think I’m okay with it I respect their decisions Mother Mother, are you OK? I’ll get you some water My son How can you respect their decision? You already know father loves my brother more What can I do? Why don’t you fight for it? Mother He’s my brother I’m not going to fight with him for property I’ve told you many times Why do you still mention it? My stupid son I really don’t want to hear you say that Think about that If I die how can you make a living? You two are both your father’s sons Your brother may not think so If you don’t fight for it you will gain nothing in the future It will be too late for you to regret Mother, how could I have nothing? I have my own career I have my dream I will make my money myself What’s wrong now? I don’t want to hear that Let me Here I really don’t want to hear you say that Son I want you to get our property back Mother you have to listen to me kinship is always more important than wealth My god My son You want to piss me off! Of course I know kinship is more important than wealth But I want fairness I’m gonna fight for the position in your father’s heart Do you understand? Son Okay, mother Son It’s OK You know, before when I married your father I became the devil in He Yikun’s mind No matter how I pleased him He wouldn’t give me a smile Because of this your father didn’t sleep in the same room with me It’s okay, mother Son After you were born your father is cold to you As your mother what would I think? What would I think, son? It’s okay, mother It already happened Just let it go. Okay? Xia Qingqing got Yikun to get the check back You go find her and get her out of this city in your own way Tell her I will teach her a lesson if she still imposes herself on Yikun Father

Now that you’ve heard it you know what to do I don’t get it You’re the chairman of the company How could you do this to a little girl? Don’t you find yourself despicable? How dare you! You talk to me like that just for a girl! Yeah You crossed the line I despise you! You! Yikun How dare you talk to your father like that? I’m talking to my father It’s none of your business Brother Can you stop talking to our mother and father like that? Don’t pretend to be a good boy here Yikun What’s wrong with you? You argue with anyone around you Happy just wants to be kind Don’t take this the wrong way Your father has arranged such a good marriage for you You won’t accept it Now you are fighting with your father just for an unknown girl What’s wrong with you! Good marriage Fine So let your son He Happy accept it Father he is also your son Why can’t he get married for the Group? Stop it It’s your business It has nothing to do with me Don’t get me involved Happy has already done that He keeps in mind that he is part of our family he should think about the Group so he’s already united with Nana by marriage I, mother Then you can give birth to one more son then he would replace me to get united by marriage with EMT You will get on top of the world by then Mr. He you heard what he said Stop now Just drop it Yikun you really disappoint me! I’ve been raising you for so many years See what you become now You get lost just for a girl You should know what your responsibility is It’s the whole Group You’ve seen this Are you happy that I scold Yikun? And you You’ve been doing nothing serious You just fool around as some so-called therapist I’m humiliated by you! Why did I have two sons who have no aspirations? Get out! All of you! Mother, I’m leaving Happy Brother I don’t care about your business I don’t care But there’s only one thing Show my mother more respect He Happy when you’re strong enough then you can come to tell me what to do You’re just a maid Now you become a secretary Can you tell me how you make it happen? Can you stop judging me with your dirty mind? You are the one who really try all ingenious ways Every time you meet He Happy you behave like a good kitten But with me you become a hellcat immediately I would like to know what makes you behave like this What do you mean? I think you can change your face, right? What are you doing? Let me see if your face is real Don’t touch me Let me see if your face has changed Stop What are you doing? I don’t want to give you a ride Get off I haven’t get to my destination Get off You have a car. Big deal! OK, I’m gonna go That’s a big deal Bye bye Hellcat! You Beauty can I use your cell phone? No Bro may I use your phone?

You What do you want? I was dropped on the side of the road by a bad guy But I don’t know where I am and I don’t have money So I have to call my friend to pick me up I can help you but what if you take my phone away? Fine Come on you hold my hand then I won’t run away with your phone You let me hold your hand? Give me your cell phone Hello, hello Mr. He I’m your cutest maid Please come to pick me up right now What! you haven’t gone back yet You are asking me? Please ask your cutest Li Fei why she dropped me on the way I don’t know where I am Just come pick me up Wait can’t you just get a taxi? Sir If I have any money I wouldn’t call you Why are you so troublesome? Tell me where you are I’ll pick you up I am I don’t know where I am What’s this place? Huangting Square Huangting Square Okay, I got it Wait there I’ll be with you in a minute Bye bye Thank you Thank you, too Why do you thank me? No girl ever asked me to touch her hand Why? Because I’m not handsome enough They don’t know how to appreciate you I think people with good heart are the most handsome You are so handsome Come on You can go now Bye Thank you Go Get secretary Cai here right now Okay, I’ll do it now You are expecting me, Mr. He? Tell me did you send a check to Xia Qingqing? I was just following the chairman’s orders You listen to me You are my father’s secretary But don’t you dare pry into my business If you dare to get involved in my life and to disturb Xia Qingqing again I’ll get you out of the company right away! Get out of here! The chairman didn’t dare talk to me like that How dare you I think you forgot who helped get you to this position Let’s see. What happened? Look, over there Go What’s going on? Hello, emergency center? There’s a car accident here Let’s see Excuse me Who are you? What are you doing? What’s the man doing? What are you doing? who are you? I’m sorry Excuse me What are you doing? What are you doing? Let go of me, let go of me I told you to wait for me there Why are you hanging around? Isn’t this the gate? There’s a car accident I just wanna see if I can help Help? It’ll be great if you don’t mess things up Not to mention help! Mr. Lin It was that customers mistake last night why do you fire Qingqing? Last night, Mr. Wang called Mr. Cheng complaining about Qingqing Mr. Cheng wanted to fire Qingqing what else can I do? I’ll go explain to Mr. Cheng Don’t do that You know him If you go to him now I’m afraid you will lose your job as well That’s not fair for Qingqing to lose her job How about this, Qingqing? I’ll redeploy you to the food and beverage department What do you think? OK, good

Then you go there to register tomorrow Thank you, Mr. Lin Why are you driving so fast? Why are you looking so stern? I didn’t mean to ask you to pick me up Shut up Why should I shut up? Why don’t you punish Li fei? She dropped me off on the road She left me alone on the side of the road There’s nothing I can do so I have to Can you just give me a break? You are so noisy! You are annoying No I Aren’t you feeling well? Have some rest Happy just came back from aboard and you drove him away How can I feel better and rest? Wasn’t it right to scold him? Don’t take it the wrong way He’s your son you could scold him It’s just that you always say what he has done makes you lose your face so why not let him work in the Group? So what kind of job do you want me to give him? So let’s say what do you think if you make him the deputy general manager? What? You want him to be the deputy general manager? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Is it that terrible? He’s your son, too Just because he is my son I know well what he could do I know that In your heart Happy is never as good as Yikun Why don’t you treat Happy the same as Yikun ? As a father, you are unfair What’s wrong with you today? Does Happy want to be the deputy general manager? No I want him to do that It’s like he can’t walk and you want him to fly It will not be good for him How about this? If he wants to work in the Group he has to start from ordinary work Cheers! Let’s drink Let’s drink Happy birthday Here, cheers! Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to me Happy birthday Fang Ge will we celebrate your breakup with Xiao Yan after celebrating your birthday? Stop it It’s Fang Ge’s birthday today Can you please not speak out my birthday wish today please? May all your wishes come true! May all your wishes come true! He Happy I hate that you’re a privacy expert You always pry into others privacy and it’s not exactly right, am I right? What day is it today? Today is my 28-year-old birthday It’s a day of celebration If you dare to get Xiao Yan to break up with me today I’m telling you I’ll stick to you forever That’s good! We could pair up like chopsticks Then you two have to release a single called Big Pear OK, good Fang Ge, I really want to know what you did to He Happy so he bullies you like that That’s because among us I’m the only one who knows his evilness well Come on I really want to know how evil he is That’s a long story Ever since I went to His home I opened the door and found out that he hid a Millie secretly in his home Since that day he tried every method to insult and embarrass me You can do whatever to insult He Happy but leave me alone Or else I feel that I’m insulted Don’t say that You guys stop pretending right now, OK? I have a wish today and it’s also the wish of us three Can you tell us what is going on with you two now? What’s the matter? You are dating He Happy now, right? Yeah you have asked me for many times Is he now abroad? Of course What do you think? What? I No, I’m telling you He’s just trying to make this about us and get away with it, understand? Your problem with Xiao Yan hasn’t been solved yet Aren’t you going to fix it with Xiao Yan? Look over there No, no, no I’m not trying to make this about you Here’s a good point When you subconsciously do something that means you really want to do it What you two have done before really makes me doubt it You know what this is? It’s called suspicious syndrome Suspicious syndrome?

Am I really suspicious? Look at you two If you keep going like this it’s going to be too much to watch Why are you so close to me? Go away! Are you serious? You are pretending Can you stop pretending? I have very sharp eyes I’ve already seen you through Well, you’ve seen it through, right? Fine He wanted me to ask you today about one thing What? He asked you to ask about me? He asked me to do it Yeah, yeah, It’s him What kind of things? I am gonna tell you Wait, quiet, Fang Ge What does he want to know? What do you want to know about me? Come here Give me a toast Here here Wish me a long life with good fortune But what’s particularly important today is to wish Xiao Yan happy I’ll go to the bathroom You go ahead Go ahead OK I’ll be right back Wish me a long life with good fortune May Xiao Yan be happier and happier May you both break up soon It will work at 12:00 today What are you doing? You just came back then you’re fooling around with your circus clown now That’s none of your business Of course it’s my business Your father asked you to marry me In other words I’m your girlfriend before we get engaged I don’t care what you think but I’m asking you Why did you hit Li Fei? When did I hit her? Is she worth it? You don’t have the gut to admit it You are accusing me OK, I hit her So what? I’m warning you if you dare to be rude to my friends again I’ll teach you a lesson Five Five It should be ten Ten You lose Six He’s so stupid He plays without thinking Does he? That’s his real IQ Would you like another drink? You bitch! Who are you calling bitch? You What are you doing? So I hit her, so what? What are you gonna do with me? You dare to hit me OK OK Maybe she is having an affair with him You are screwed What’s going on? You are going to regret this! How dare you hit me? I hit you, so what? Calm down How dare you do this to me? Get this! Stop fighting How dare you hit me! Millie, that’s enough You called my names! Stop! You bastard! She dared to beat me I’m a black belt in taekwondo I’ll kick you to death Who is she? The love of my life Do you think it’s fair to me? Don’t ask me for love I can give you all the money you want Consider it as a compensation to you I’m gonna be the queen model in the show OK You bitch dares to hit me Let’s see how I’m gonna teach you a lesson If you go on like this believe it or not, I’ll kick you down I don’t think you can beat me at the police station I’m telling you, you behave yourself It’s OK If she goes on like this she will be sorry in the future What are you doing You still want to fight, right? I heard you shouting outside Listen who dare to fight will be punished seriously Come and sit Tell me. Who started the fight?

OK That’s a good question I’m telling you right now The one in red started this She came and slapped me Right How could I not fight back? Tell me, why did you start this? Police officer this woman seduced my fiancé I seduced your I You’re her fiancé? Don’t listen to her I am not her fiancé You are How do I become your fiancé? You asked me not to cause you any trouble I’ve already told my parents and yours as you wish What? What did you tell them? You will marry me and I’m willing to marry you too Now your parents and mine all agreed that we would be engaged You You So since the first time she met me she’s been treating me terribly She always bullies me and now she hit me All these are because of you She It doesn’t have anything to do with this She would I am not in a relationship with her, OK? Why did I beat her if you have no relationship with me? You are in relationship with him why did you hit me? I am not in a relationship with him You asked for it Stop now I think you should manage your private life My private life? It’s not my private life Police officer It’s not what you think That’s not the case Nana So why is that? Are you alright, Nana? Are you hurt? I’m fine Who hit you? Who else? You dare to beat my daughter Police officer I’m gonna accuse her of hurting others on purpose Auntie with all due respect please don’t try to bully me ’cause I’m all alone here Your daughter started this