Guide: Anlæg på scooteren // Guide: How to install a stereo on your scooter

Hey Kenneth What’s up, Kasper? What are you up to? I’m just putting this sticker on the PGO I’ve put one on the other side so I could take a picture to use on the website But then I kind of stalled Now it looks good on both sides Indeed it does Awesome! Well, we’re here again because we’re going to add a little something to the Pgo Hot 50 from our previous project Yes You could call it a mini project What’s is that you have there on the table? We have had a wooden plate made – – which fits under the seat of a PGO Hot 50 – – it’s for sale in our webshop – – if you want to install a stereo on your scooter Cool So let’s go find all the products we’ll need for this project Are you ready? Yeah, let’s do that after you’ve answered your phone It’s ringing constantly these days What is that you’re messing around with? This is a list of all the things we need Great Speedline’s Pgo Hot stereo project Right, let’s go grab the rest of the stuff – – lead the way I’ll lead the way Now that we’re doing the stereo, there are some small things we’ll fix now that we’re at it – – things we didn’t finish completely during the project’s original run There is something with the cap of the ignition switch, the kickstand and a few other things Where is 230, Kasper? And that’s just because we want to make sure it fits the original as well as the unoriginal box Yes, that’s why we’re bringing both And now we’re headed downstairs again Oh, we also need the thing for the ignition switch What is it? It’s the chome thing for the ignition, I don’t know what we call it exactly Cap for ignition switch or something like that Yes, it is called Cap for ignition switch from TNT What is that? These are bolts with LED, we’ll see if we can use them for something on this project Yeah, let’s make something awesome inside that box Whether it’s going to be these or something else, we’ll see as it comes along The idea is that it will go great with the rest of the LED lights on the machine Yeah, we’ll see if we can’t think of something We’re crazy about the Topgun switches Do you recall who discovered that you can use this bike grease on scooters? That was us during the Hot project That’s right! Kasper, now we’ve found everything we’ll need Evertyhing? Yes! Yeah, make sure it’s placed correctly It almost fits more perfectly in the unoriginal seat box Not quite but it does fit We need to figure something out – – of course we’ll make room for the speakers – – but we also have to fint a solution to make it easy to remove the plate We need something here to be able to do that Do we have something nice that might do the trick? A PMX spoiler? I don’t know We’ll figure that out First we have to find out if the speakers even fit Have you cut out the template? Don’t you think we should show how to do that? We have three different sizes of speakers but we’ve chosen not to include the smallest size We hope both these sets will fit but if not we’ll have to combine the sets with one from each Let’s open some boxes! Of course we would preferebly install the larger ones The package itself functions as a template, is that right? You can cut it out from the box There are some dotted lines, it might be a bit difficult to see on camera

Believe us, they are there Are you sure that’ll work? Sure – they’ll be placed right next to each other but it’ll be awesome They just about fit, if you really want it – – and we do! And now you want me to do the honors of cutting out the template? Well, I think it’s been made perfectly clear on numerous occasions – – that I should stay completely clear of all more or less technical operations And do note that once you’ve cut out the template, the stereo can’t be returned We can put this seat box away, because we’ve chosen to use the original box The unoriginal box is an OK product – – but to me it seems the original one has a thicker plastic shell and I like that The color is also a better match since it will be on display in the store But besides that it’s a great alternative to the original box If you want somewhere to place your seat and to store your chain lock it’s a fine choice What are we going to do about the plate? You can choose to paint it or you can put felt on it And we’re goint to do the latter Yes, we’ll try to put felt on it Then we’ll see later on if we should’ve painted it instead And if so it’s lucky we have more plates on the way from the manufacturer Should we do the same over here? Of course we don’t want them to touch each other I simply will not aceept that they don’t fit – – it has to be these It can’t be true – – or it actually can But look here they should be able to fit They will just fit I want these We’ve been messuring – – and we want a spacing of 10 mm from the speaker to the edge of the plate And we’ve tried to find the centre by rule of thumb We’ll draw around the edge of the template and we’ll see if it won’t be fine That looks pretty accurate, Kenneth And the spacing should be 10 mm on the other end as well? The edge of the speakers is 10 mm and it’s important that they’ll fit all the way around There’s plenty of room We have more plates coming Is it all that bad? Don’t you think it’s just the veins in the wood that cheats us a bit? So what you’re saying is that it will turn gold in time? Sure But since we’re putting felt on anyway it can turn into whatever it wants And that’s the second one We could’ve used a piece of sandpaper if we had that This is not a wood shop, we’ll use the tools we have That looks really good What’s included when you buy such a set of speakers? Screws and clips are included What about cables – – no wait, I think they come with the amplifier This looks great It actually looks kind of cool just like that But we both now that the wood will look horrible in no time We made room for the speakers in the plate And they fit! And there’s is enough room to move the speakers around a bit It’s a great template that’s included Now we’ll see if we can make some brackets under the plate – – so the plate will be a unit that can easily be removed from the seat box – – and put away for safe storage on a shelf or something like that In the instance that you actually want to use the space for someting else than partying with the guys I think that will be a great solution You’ll just take one plug out and then you’re able to take the entire thing out We’re going to make the brackets for the amplifier – – and we need to figure out a solution for easy removal of the plate – – because it will sit tight in the seat box We have to find a nice solution A bar or something like that Don’t we have some knobs on the drawers in the kitchen we could use? That’s a great idea, let’s see about that We’ve chosen the amplifier without bluetooth connection beacuse it will be displayed in the store – – and we want to be able to control the choice of mucic and when it will play We’ve chosen the wired version and then we’ll place a radio in that Isn’t it a bit tall? I think there’s plenty of room underneath What I wanted to say before is that it is also available with bluetooth and I’ve tested it myself and it works perfectly

We’re still using the wired version though I would place it here And how do you want me to screw it in? It’s always easy to have the ideas I see what you mean Maybe we can find a small piece of wood we could screw onto the plate First a small one and then one that’s a bit bigger You could also – no you can’t Maybe a small block and a plate Where are the cut outs? You could make the parts out of those to make the most of the wood It’s just becauce we want to make it as one unit There simply isn’t enough room becuase we’ve chosen the large speakers No, it doesn’t work We could cut a bit off the amplifier? I don’t think we should do that, bacause we don’t want people to do that at home Yeah, it will be difficult to return the amplifier then We can pick these up again and if we did like this Look here what we’re going to do Then you’ll cut these off and you can use this underneath You can make two of those No, because the other one has to be this wide I think we should do that Let’s do that That was a great idea Now we have our amplifier – – and then you’ll draw around it and then you’ll make a small plate to put on top afterwards Great idea In order to succeed you have to be smart when you cut out the first templates – – because you have to make sure you don’t run out of wood If you want the amplifier to be placed under the seat instead all this won’t be necessary – – it’s just because we want the solution where we can remove the entire thing Yeah, this is what you do, if you want to follow our example In that case you would probably have cut the plate here, but that really wouldn’t matter It fits perfectly, Kasper Seriously, look at this That couln’t be any better Nice stuff, Kenneth and Kasper’s solutions Now we just have to place the small screws in the middle First we’ll use the big drill near the edges – – and plus that’s the black wire We’ve made the holes, that went pretty easy – and a great idea to do this with the amplifier Yeah, that’ll be great Then we had to figure something out to be able to pull out the plate The felt will be on the sides as well – – which means it will sit tight when you out it in But that will make it difficult to get up unless you have something to pull – – but then we had the genious idea to use two of these Anti-vibration end plugs from Zoot You would usually use them on the handlebar, but we’ll use them instead of a knob from the kitchen We would be quite unpopular if we did that I’m sure And your mom would be mad if you did that at home I suspect these are cheaper as well We might as well drill the holes right away Should we think about the LED lights now as well? It wouldn’t really be a Speedline project without some kind of extra cool features We’ve placed these here – – and then we’ll place these LED bolts ind front of and on each side of the handlebar ends Two red and four blue First we’ll fix these onto the plate They are aligned now, I think It might not be completely aligned but that’s how it is When the music’s playing nobody will notice This will start moving, when you start drilling Hold on to it then That’s great Now we have to figure out what to do with the LED bolts The problem is that the screws aren’t long enough to go all the way through But they don’t really have to be all that fixed If we drill the hole a bit on the tight side, they will be held in place fine Do a test with the holes you’ve just made That works fine And they won’t fall out Kenneth, you’re taking meassurements for the LED bolts I tried to place them by rule of thumb and that wasn’t good enough The surveyor was busy today so Kenneth will have to do it himself

I was looking for a compass but I couldn’t find one Why would we have one of those? Don’t you have a caliper? Why don’t you use that? Yeah, great idea But I can also use this Sure, now you gone through all the trouble making that This is much more fun Where do you want it? I’ve done my part This isn’t working all that well I think you’re doing good, great solution Where do you want it? In the middle This isn’t good Why don’t you tape the pencil onto the caliper? It’s the day of great ideas today Maybe we should seek a solution to the Middle East before we head home? Now we have to figure out how to make the ends meet This is a bit too big and things are getting too fancy, I think Please, just make some lines and let’s get on with it Or place it in here This is just an advanced class of geometrics What did you end up doing? We ended up using the holes for our handlebar ends *Kenneth and Kasper goes on and on and on about the possible geometric solutions to the world-shaking issue of the placement of the LED bolts* This concludes all that had to be done on the plate – – or not quite beacuse now we have to place the holder for for the amplifier We might as well do that now We’re so messy today We’ll just drill two holes here and then we’ll be able to fix the amplifier to the plate This isn’t really all that clever what we’re doing here But they do fit and we’ll just drill all the way through For a minute I thought it was a complete mess but I think we’re good Be careful, I don’t want to cry on camera This is not fine art but it’s just to make sure the amplifier can be placed where we want it But I have to admit, I really like it It is great Now all that’s left is to drill the holes for the LED bolts And now we can use the LED bolts again Both of them It’s time to put on the felt That’s a large piece of felt at a low price, don’t you think? Do you get all this? Yes, so you can easily buy just one if you’re a group of friends doing a similar project Now we have to try that glue Have you shaken it? This is exciting

Wow, that’s some smelly stuff, don’t do this in your living room No, you definitely need some fresh air while doing it and that’s why we’ve opened the gate I think we need to use some staples here on the back Maybe if we had used more glue it would stick on its own This glue is better than I thought at first It seems the felt is also nice to work with I’ll use some staples on the back to make sure it stays on I think this is a really nice detail Of course you have to try it out immediately I’m excited to see if it still fits with the felt on It fits perfectly It’s just awesome Should we put in the speakers as well? That looks really good, Kenneth Yeah, it does That is so cool, Kenneth, this will be so awesome Now we’ve decided to start solding the wires It’s the right thing to do and the finish has a more complete look in the end And Kasper thinks we should use heat shrink tubing så he’s faound a set we can use

Shouldn’t that one be red? Kasper wants red heat shrink tubing here and that makes sense It’s a good way to show how to use the two different colors in the heat shrink tubing assortment The wires for the speakers are now attached – – we haven’t tied them together yet We’ll do that once the LED bolts are in place The plug for amplifier’s power supply is in There is a positive wire and a ground or negative wire – – and the remote wire is for turning the amplifier on and off We want to be able to turn on the amplifier with a switch on the scooter You can also choose to combine these two and attach them to the battery – – in that case the amplifier will be turned on all the time until the scooter is turned off We’ll have the possibility of turning on the amplifier when we want to – – because if it’s turned on all the time it will use up all the power in the battery The yellow wire will be connected to a switch – – and the other one to the positive position We’ve decied to use a plug – – like we’ve used for some of the other things we did for this project – – so we’ll have one plug for all the power including the LED bolts Then you’ll be able to completely remove the entire stereo set up – like we talked about earlier We’ll use this 6 pin plug Ah, it can also be used for those, I didn’t even know that This is a special pair of pliers with a different design – – as you can see here, which makes it possible for the pliers to turn this end around It’s really great for this kind of job And now it’s time to install the LED bolts What’s going on here is that Kenneth is making sure the holes for the LED bolts go all the way through the felt It’s not that easy with the inner ones, we’ll have to do that from above I’m going to try and place the wires nicely so it won’t end up a complete hodgepodge I just need to place around this at the bottom – – so we’ll have a little control here Kenneth is putting all the wires from the LED bolts together to end up with only two wires That will make it a lot easier to attach them to the plug we want to use – – to be able to disconnect and remove the stereo from the seat box Kenneth my friend, we’re almost done And everything will run through this plug Should we see how it looks in the box? Yeah, let’s do that I’ll unplug these beacuse we want them to be underneath Wazzup, guys! This is so cool Awesome! And now we just have to get the power running You’re at it again? You’ve cheated, you’ve already placed one of them I can remove if if you want? No, that’s fine One of them seems a little loose Yeah, I don’t know what’s happened Can’t you do someting to make it fit better? Yeah, I’ll try this What are you up to? I’m just putting on the cap for the ignition switch I’m bored, all I do is stand around waiting for you It looks good

Don’t hate, appreciate While you’ve been doing other things, I’ve made some wires for all this in the front Yeah, I had to go get some orders ready for shipping That’s an important task as well Do you wanna see it? These two are from the original project This one is for turning the lights under the seat on and off – – and this one is for turning on the amplifier We’ve made a constant positive – – and the remote runs from up here – – that’s the one that powers the amplifier, to turn on the amplifier – – and then we have the power to the LED bolts – – that is the only power that comes from up here – – the rest is powered directly from the battery That’s how it’s made Now I think it’s time to put the seat box back in – – but first will make a couple of holes in the box The plan is that the stereo will be playing in the store more or less constantly – – so the amplifier will generate a great deal of heat which isn’t a good thing in a completely closed compartment We need to make room for the plug – – and then we’ll make an extra vent I see you’ve already found the cup drill Where should I drill? The front will be best to avoid getting water into the box if the scooter will drive on a wet road at some point OK, so one on each side here in the front That’ll work Let’s hope it works with all the lights or else you’ll have to edit the film if we’ll have to start all over We haven’t tested it at all Is it powered up? I think so Here’s the finished set up – – and it can easily be placed sit tight in the seat box If you plan to ride everyday it might be a good idea to place four unbrako bolts inside the box – – for the plate to rest on inside the box We don’t plan to use our scooter for driving so we’ll put it in We might have to take it out again to tune in the amplifier By the way, did you plug in all the wires? We forgot The wires are in I know you said the lights were a little bright but I don’t really see the problem No, you’re right, it’s not bad at all It’s so cool Should we give it a listen? Sure, sure *Actual sound from the stereo* You can say a lot of things but it actually is really cool It’s totally cool It will be on display in the store so come check it out Hopefully it will be playing as well As we mentioned earlier we’ve chosen the wired amplifier You might want to turn off the amplifier while you’re messing around with plug like that There also the option of getting the amplifier with bluetooth connection to avoid the trouble with this cable If you get the wired amplifier you could drill a hole for the cable – – and place the phone next to the speakers while playing music Don’t you think? Or maybe on the outside and then have the phone in the pocket That might be a bit dangerous though You could also go all the way and run the cable all the way up to a RamMount on the handlebar There are plenty of options Well, that was it, I guess? All the products are for sale at, the links will be in the description below That’s it, see ya