Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had quite that I mean quite a lot of People request this particular guide today. I’m gonna do a guide on item builds for every character in the game So I know I did an item guide before very general item guy that people were like, please make me more specific I need know what they build on each individual unit. So you know what? Fine, I’m gonna do an item guide for every unit in the game and imma organize it by class So we’re just gonna move straight down the list starting from Assassin’s and NES or screws You follow my cheat sheet follow along. If you have any worry about what order I’m gonna go. So without further ado Let’s start with Assassin’s so as I’m going into these classes I’ll talk about general items that are good with clock with assassins in general and I’ll go and break down individual things so assassins Love video edge love rapid-fire because a rapid fire allows them to be ranged and range is really effective at not Clumping and not blocking the other assassins as well as goes through assassins main Problematic defensive item which is fan. Dancer. Let’s just start Kazakhs. What do you build on Kazakhs? Well, obviously the normal stuff like rapid fire us Ie is all good The one really interesting one is serifs because the unit has 50 mana You can get rapid fire all tease off non-stop Additionally things like lumens are very good because he’s such a little mana pull that early game if you want a snowball really hard Luden’s or serifs will give you a lot of a lot of early power aside from that Ya just very very standard stuff. You could put a e on it. You could wrap fire on it but for the most part You’re really not stacking Kazakhs like almost ever and any of these comps you’re just having them hold items for some of your better assassins moving on pike So Pike is a unit that really wants to get a lot of mana. So with with 40 additional mana, which is two tiers You’re able to either once and immediately ulti which is really powerful. So what goes well with pike Double or triple shogen is a very very classic build. However, typically speaking you can use those items better So you don’t really see many people do show you stacking any more or less It’s really their only thing that they can do Additionally Morelos is really good because he tends to hit a lot of units with his old tee It’s very very wide so you can Apply Mireles to a lot of different targets as well as stunning them at the same time on top of that frozen hearts really good When he travels over units He will apply the frozen heart debuff for a couple of seconds and pike as an assassin tends to jump over a lot of Units so Fairly strong at that any tier item will work fairly. Well, you don’t really want to do syrups because syrups is a It’s service is an item that you want to use on units with low mana costs because it gives you 20 back every time you use an ability and Showed you this is an item you want to use on units with high mana cost like over 100? And so this is a shogen user not a seraphs user, but any tier either will work Well on this unit pretty easily You can even a demon spatula him for 40. Mana So he only has to auto once and he can synergize with other demons on your team moving on Zed That is actually the classic just beat him up DPS carry You want stuff like the optimal items are a double rapid. Fire ie or double wrap or like rapid fire ie Bloodthirster, I like double rapid fire because he can then attack from four hexes away Because that’s how multiple rapid fires interact with the melee unit And so he’s really really powerful and cuz he typically gets the ninja bonus. He is your raw ad flat attacker Very very strong attacking that works with IE. Great. Any BF store item is gonna be good I tend to actually find that he’s a great are you into stacked Zeke’s on if you’re in if you end up getting a lot of Zeke’s like a lot of the other users will tend to use other items and Use they’re all teased a lot more but that is really just like a puncher There’s a physical damage DPS machine with his ulti being quite lack lot lackluster. So You can use any of the kind of BF swear items and he’ll be a great unit cat you need a lot of tears I’m gonna be honest with you generally speaking 5 tiers or four tiers is how many you need for her to go off She also does really well with sorcerer Spatula which is really really good and it ends up being that she just needs a way they may gain a lot of mana She’s actually an assassin that doesn’t really use the assassin energy very well like she tends to do a ton of damage to her raw ulti her ulti being very very powerful at doing AoE and Applying Morelos or healing debuffs on everyone. So what’s good on her? First and foremost, like I said, a lot of mana afterwards Morelos is really good gun Blade is good if you want to keep her topped off She’s very powerful user of death cap as well but generally speaking you want to have about I would say about 60 mana 40 to 60 minute before she becomes even a relevant unit in the game So which is why you see very very few cats with items because it’s such a big investment

Next is Evelyn. So this is kind of an interesting unit I try to originally to stack a lot of serifs on her and then in the bean that like no one got low enough beef us that her execute can ulti and kill them so she gets A crit multiplier if the enemy unit is below 65% which takes a little bit of time. Actually, I would say Maybe one serifs is good maybe Morelos is okay. Don’t put rapid fire on her. She’s a unit that tends to be or tends to want to Shock on her olltii after the fight starts like give it a little bit for your assassins to do some damage to people so I would say A little bit of mana not too much like, you know when they go double serifs maybe just one at most she does well with death cap because she crits like Insanely hard and I would say she does fairly. Well disorder you me as as well source for spatula Rengar, this Deena is pretty funny So this is the other just the physical DPS u unic carry He just runs around gains a ton of attacks people from his olltii. What do you want on him? Well, I would say RFC is pretty necessary so he can constantly be hitting someone even after he jumps to them it doesn’t matter if it’s in melee range, uh He wants to move the least amount and so he’s able to constantly stack an old piano Latino T on top of that thirst Ur is really good because you have such high uptime but it sound like Zen who tends to interrupt his his uh, Auto attacks with within his ulti here and there like you won rengar to be all the way and in people’s spaces Because a lot of times with our FC Zed isn’t in the of a lot of danger But even with RFC rengar, like constantly finds himself in the middle of fights Which is why the third item can be pretty flexible. You can go with RFC I’ve seen GA a lot just because these in there so much I’ve seen a magic resistance dragon’s claw be used quite a bit so the third item is way more situational, but definitely the first two being RFC and Bloodthirster are very very very use essential. I would say Lastly it’s a colleague. This unit does a lot of damage her ulti crits. She is she can use a lot of different things because she has a Insanely strong spell and hits pretty hard herself So what is the number one thing to put on her seraphs? So she has 25, mana or A thirty-minute you ulti she gets Most of it back others once all T’s again. It just shotguns her and like machine guns her ol tease out which can all create so Before above everything else once tariffs for a Kali is great. And usually when you’re looking to build assassins, you’ll put the seraphs I’m like, let’s say Kazakhs and then eventually move this eras over to a colony. What’s your in defining her? She’s very very powerful with this Eris Super strong afterwards. It’s kind of situation was up to you do not put RFC on her because she needs to be and mainly arrange to old TSU will just Attack from range I can just stack her up with a lot of defensive stats So gun plate allows you to heal quite well, I tend to put dragon’s claw on her quite a bit Stuff like phantom dancer is really really strong as well. Even things like warm hugs I take after the seraphs that she has enough damage at that point after that It’s just up to you to be able to just like get her in fights and let her stay in there GA It’s a great item, but I tend to love defensive itemizing items on her especially after the seraphs That’s all for assassins. Let’s move on to blade masters. So If you are a really really interesting unit If you’re looking to stock for your ax she actually does really really well with up life steel She has 1.0 attack speed which is the second highest in the game the highest in the game being kale So what she does really really well with attack speed items stuff like ship she tends to proc a lot stuff like Gun blade is actually incredibly On her and thirst er because she tends to lifesteal off her immune immune ulti as well as her auto attacks. So I’ve seen like Gunblade few are just never die additionally with lifestyle items on her You can also go RFC because her ulti covers multiple hexes like about two hexes Which is about her RFC range It ends up being a very very valuable tool to keep her uptime very high as well as still have Being range to hit people with her old fees. So lifesteal RFC very very good off your ax Uh, let’s keep going. So shen. This is a unit that just Wants to get his ulti off. Honestly, you don’t really stock anything on shen Uh, you may be stack one tier item. He starts with a lot of mana Oh these ones typically never old these again. You could put stuff like Dragon’s claw, you can put stuff like GA to kind of guarantee the old tea, but to be honest I would not recommend stacking this unit a lot he just does this but if you do want to do it just put the standard stuff on them stuff like like normal stuff like warm mogs very very powerful If you would go a more offensive oriented build

You can stack multiple show chains on him cuz he has such a high mana pull you get so much back hirato You can maybe get multiple Shen all tees off, um not recommended though Typically, one of the the least stack items stacked blade masters that I see Aatrox is a really interesting one. So aatrox has slams people for so much damage the eggs Odia aatrox items especially in the diamond meta which is a patch or two ago was gunblade phantom dancer and dragon’s claw and actually ended up being gum blade GA and dragons claw and the way the reason why GA is so good is when You die with mana, you retained the mana and you D agro the enemy team So after you die, you come back with like your mana pool still there either once or twice amélie ulti So if you want the best items on a tree ox PDG a claw perfect, really really strong unit especially in sorcery cop come Compositions any kind of extra ap makes them just hit super hard Additionally, if you do put them in a sorcerer comp you can put stuff like you me on him and he can just generate Mana sooo stupid fat. Actually, I let’s keep going game playing is a really interesting one Okay his barrels of Python hits so you can kind of do whatever you want on this unit I’ve personally stacked hush on him red buff is great. Morelos is great Relative red buff actually Can apply at the same time but the stronger debuff will override which currently is Morelos But any of that is super super good he can lifesteal with this barrel not recommended, by the way You can use shogen to get multiple barrels back up I personally like putting a ga on him and then putting a red buff for Morelos and then another thing afterwards Really? It doesn’t matter what happens the reason why I like GA is because if he does die his barrels stay out and his mana Stays up so he D a grouse comes back and pretty much gets a guaranteed ulti every single fight But aside from GA and you know, one of the healing debuff items you can put anything on it Under the Sun on him usually Another on hit item like hush is something pretty common You can even put a disarm item on him to affect the entire enemy team The one really interesting thing about game plank is each individual barrel Can do damage to the same target? So if somehow your barrels end up stacking on the same target, they can double explode and do crazy damage. Let’s talk about the the next blade master which gets stacked be most so draven’s super good stupid gear with items To make jayven work you need RFC and you need erster like that’s pretty much necessary The thirst sirs may be a little bit less necessary against comps to have a ton of Morelos or read buffs But for the most part, it’s really really important, especially when like you’re playing its ionic users You constantly get shipped down, but they’re so less to keep yourself really really high especially for you that hits so hard due to his ulti RFC allows it so you never have to Get the position that he can make him. Very very safe I think those two items super core and the third item is just kind of up to you. I’ve seen dragon’s claw I’ve seen ie if you want more damage. I’ve seen rage plate. I’ve seen another rapid fire But generally you close out with either another defensive item. So let’s say you want Claw or PD or GA or you close out with a hard-hitting offensive item? Which can be even another thirsty or just an ie just to slap people around Yasu is a really interesting play master and the last one on the list since his Cyclone applied applies on hits really really powerful unit I could to love syrups on this unit cuz remember low mana users were serifs means they regained most mana after every cast and he just Spam chainguns his ulti and in nato’s and hits everyone and it’s fantastic usually what ends up happening on top of the Nano is I’d love to put on hit items like a Red buff on him cuz he skills really well with health because the shield health doubles on him his shield is based on the health that he has so things like more marks things like red buff Anything that has a giant spud component in it will make him wait anchor than other years twice as tanky on This unit as opposed to other units Oh so red buff is really nice. I’ve done hush It’s really nice If you have your against a lot of mages the tornado can silence everyone you could disarm everyone as well You even life steal off everyone so you have a lot of stuff to work with I would generally recommend those serifs being key and then Defensive vitamins a they should be very good afterwards or on hit atomization. ‘s being very good afterwards stuff like claw I wouldn’t super recommend GA. He doesn’t res with full shield. It’s okay But stuff like even warm ox super good on this unit moving on brawlers Brawler’s are kind of people only stack one or two units in brawlers. So this is kind of weird Okay. So Warwick will start with Warwick work is a unit that tends to

Yeah extra on hits, but he’s not very powerful I have actually in my life never stacked anything on Warwick And I’ve never seen anyone else stack anything on Warwick in theory He would do well with on hit items stuff. Like even life steel would be good just things that you would use to like just Shiv to be able to like just walk a run through people. However Yeah I Would highly not recommend stacking beans at work. Just let them be he’s a know. He’s a good unit Oh, and it’s um attack speed but just give it to other units, please Rex I really interesting unit actually the super well shogen I’ve seen show Jim Plus rage. They range might be able to carry ultra hard quarks. He constantly heals What going down does damage like when he comes up and heals again? I’ve seen a really powerful Stuff recently from Rex ID because what ends up happening is she hurt herb damage recently recently got buffed in the last patch So she just does insane amounts of damage on every unburrow and because she has voice energy. She can do true damage as well. I found a lot of some variant of success by by going, uh Attack speed oriented items on her. However, I would recommend generally speaking not stacking too many things on her but she could do well with both tank items as well as Shogen as well as attack speed items. She would in fact, I showed you plus attack speed items Just generally what I would look to stack on her blitz is really interesting So blitz has crazy level skilling level one on his hook is a hundred damage level two is 450 I think level three I was just three star blitz is 850 which is just nutty. He does really well with stuff like death cap It’s really funny a show gins for him to get multiple with he’s off attack speed to work with shogen But generally speaking. I’ve just seen a lot of death cap on them He’s there to one-shot someone and not make them they don’t have fun if blitz is in the game. So Yeah, he’s a very much one-and-done brawler Continuing on volibear. Wow, this unit can use everything under the Sun actually? You can turn him into a demon. Uh, you would with demon spatula and calm demon bear you can Turn him work with six glacial. So he just permanently sees these people you could put ie on him You can life still you can Titanic on him. Uh He’s very very versatile when he can do but let’s talk about essentials. So Essentials if you’re looking a stackable bear you need y at least one rapid fire bear minimum one wrap if I are necessary Perfect items I would say to rapid-fire so he ends up not Always having 100% uptime and not moving into melee range for danger is ideal and then it’s another thing could be very good So hurricane is good. Titanic is good red buff is good He can do the whole shebang every item Under the Sun that has on hits you can hush with him I wouldn’t recommend going some of the disabled hush as if you have glacials because if they’re silenced But also cc’d in glacial stun. It really doesn’t really do much for you but if you want him to do damage stuff like ie Super powerful, you can even turn him into an assassin and cuz he can a weak reg he does insane stuff each one of his old T’s jumps can It’s like him hitting as well so he can life steal a tug with blood with bloodthirster as well He’s just guys so many options. It’s very very versatile bear, but you need at least one Optimally to rapid fires so it’s very difficult to stack right now. Cho’gath is the last brawler The current one has seen a lot of uptime. So what is it with Joe? Is that 400 base damage on to start show which is what generally you’ll see the most? He’s very very good with mana items stuff. Like you want accelerate his olltii, right? So stuff like serifs is nice He’s great with GA Cuz once he dies He comes back up with Good amount of mana and in case you guarantee an ulti every single time in this position, unless you’re against demons He’s gray with Morelos because he hits such a wide area You’re almost guaranteed to marilla’s to do to hit multiple targets and do a ton of damage So you’ll see a lot of Morello Sancho gasp He’s okay with death cap. I would only recommend that cap in at least three sorcerer if that six sorcerer comps and I would say he also does well with Like maybe a little bit of rapid fire I’ve seen some of that and sorcerer you mean he does really really well with to try to get multiple ol teas The thing about cho’gath is you really want to make sure you can get mate get his ulti off and make sure as ulti does a lot of damage So your item should be geared toward you. No, mana or Morello is some way to Guarantee a some way to guarantee the ulti goes off and that does damage Continue on elements list. Lissandra. No-one stacks lissandra No one I have not seen a single person put an item on this unit even after the buffs. I’m so sorry There’s just this

Lissandra after buffs, I think still need some help I would not recommend doing a lot with her her ulti a ohi’s, but it doesn’t feel great about it It’s just it feels very mediocre I’m sure you can stack mana items and be somewhat relevant on her with like serifs or something, but just in general Probably hard pass and recommend going to someone else But I’m sure you can serve on it. No problem Kennon well, this is a great unit. So Kenneth ulti takes six times, okay? Which is really good at applying like you know Morello is over timing you’re able to get make sure if people walk in you’ll always be able to get that Marella’s refreshed Remember, let’s take bad in situations where it’s like he’s against nights and then each night What you call it passive ends up affecting each individual take of Kennin old tastes or chemi old He just gets negated if you have against a lot of nights But Kennan is the premier Murillo’s user like you can hit ton of people Morelos super awesome with Murillo’s on top of that I’ve seen GA Be put a lot on a Kennan To try to make sure that he gets the ulti off because for Kevin the old T is the most important thing That on top of like stuff like I’ve seen Death Cap I’ve seen dragon’s claw have seen PD generally speaking you go Morelos for your damage and you just go a wide variety of other things I’ve seen a lot of PD plus Dragon’s claw to deal with assassins. If you’re against a lot of sass and heavy teams that dive into you great if you’re playing kenan but yeah, Morello sin2x ideal kenan items next brand, uh Brands really interesting. I would say shogen is really good cuz bran has a lot of Multiple children’s meat is really good for brand He’s able to get a lot of value off of them rapid fire. So he doesn’t move is really strong Ye Stice throwing away these like bombs that people Morello is on brand is great bounces to a lot of different targets super powerful Not very common to stack. I would say kenan and maybe you see a lot more stacking Thinking of which let’s go to anivia. So anivia pretty interesting unit. I’ve seen I’ve seen a lot of Morelos on her somewhere Ellis is really really powerful her on her but even deathcap her base damage is really High super strong on her I think one of the best things is like serifs Cuz she doesn’t have that much mana and for her to get her ulti off quicker is really really important She’s very very powerful at being able to Olfi corner stalkers and make them lose attack speed and that on top of morels burn makes her very very valuable in game situations Where people are stacking like Rangers or drains and corners? So Marella’s plus-x items from reloj plus tier items very very strong Let’s move on Guardians Brom. Brom is actually the best tank in the game if you can’t get his ulti the work He’s actually incredible the whole team that gets a ton of damage And you want to throw stuff like thornmail? dragons claw war mugs onto This unit unkillable reflects tons of damage as long as his shield is up You’re not you’re not dying except for the red buff in and Morelos So keep that in mind while you’re playing him, but like every once he has these items this is like Exodia for for Brom He is the strongest tank in the game Which is funny as we go into Leona leo is a great CC but actually a unit that that just like calls down Light onto people and stuns them for 7 seconds at a time something crazy at to start And actually does a decent a OE splash as well so things like Some sort of a piece posh is really good with Leona on top of just getting mana is really really strong for Leona I wouldn’t even say like being able to get consistent old. He’s awfully low might even be worth stacking Strongman Iams likes tariffs on her but in general not something I would regret not someone I’d recommend stacking Items on if you get a stack of guarding you stack Brom other units can use items better than we owe them gunslingers So let me talk about gunslingers Every single gunslinger can use blade master spatula to be a better unit I’m going to throw that out right at right now is incredible on every single one except for game plank Which is already a blade master that is like the core in-game best build ever on them aside from that Let’s talk about what else can be used So graves tends to hit everyone in one wave So what’s good with graves red buff is good with graves grapes in the pie red buff really easy to multiple targets the very beginning Hey guys, i’m tanky stats was really strong titanic great with graves Especially if you have a grave 3 just crushes people actually flat ad is pretty strong with graves as well your if you ever have like An IE on graves or like even like a bt. You can do a lot of damage Especially if he gets going with his procs, he does tons of damage early. The biggest problem is cuz he’s melee he also tends to get focus and killed really easily so stuff like phantom dancer can be used to offset some of the some of it defensively and I like putting Gianna Gianna him all the time because he will take Damage to die come back and do more damage and he does really really well with what the armor and a flat ID

Chris is a really interesting unit Generally speaking Chris and guns leaders in general can use everyone hit item under the Sun for optimal triste items. I like shrink It’s like shrink hex Obviously the blade master spatula ie is really good Titanic is really good on tryst as well tryst 3 specifically because the difference waitress to interest 3 is value Titanic doing double damage, so all those unions are great and Similarly. They’re also super great for Lucian’s Let’s just jump into Lucian shrink, hush ultra good red buff ultra good for both these units able to be applied really really easily. Um, The one funny thing actually is Luden’s is fantastic fantastic On Lucian the best Luden’s user in the game look outside of a Kali I’m pretty sure or Yasu Actually, I think it’s better than y’all so cuz yacht his Lunas has an internal cooldown of a couple seconds And yeah, so could sometimes rocket his ulti so fast He can’t he can’t get the second fluids proxy just doesn’t proc with loot with Luden’s on one of his middle. Wall T’s, but Lucian 35 mana every time he dashes proc steel T Especially early Lu the in solution will carry you so hard in the early mid game Straight to like a path for finish just by having the item incredible stuff like hush Disarmed great items shrink great items read lots of great items on The only thing I have to say about the difference between Lucian interest is tryst has longer rage by a lot for hex range She can cover a wide variety of targets Sometimes Lucian the stupid stuff like – into CC – and the damage dies easily if you want something to apply on hit item stuff To the front line Lucia could do that very easily to get to the back line sometimes it’s better just secure the items on the Tristana or to overlap items on both Tristana and lucian a good example is if you’re against mages I’ve done hush on both of them just to make sure I can get with the the lockdown I need against certain mages like Karthus so that they can’t cast MF really interesting unit. She uses a lot of different items than other Gunslingers so her best items are serifs Like she has I think 80 max. Mana Give or take – sick – serifs bomb items on her – seraphs Marella’s are the optimal three items on her She gets the old tea like off one auto and just crushes people uh I would say at the very least one serif said marilla was his ideal and then Afterwards you kind of can do what you want. You can put death cap on her if he ever in a mage composition She’s something that just does an AoE cone in terms of damage. You need be careful similar to Katarina. She has very specific very very specific items that she wants So if you don’t have those items, it’s really hard to run a meth. Even though she’s a 5 cos unit This is something for you guys to keep in mind Or halfway through ladies and gentlemen a little bit over half. Let’s go the Knights Darius is really really good with stuff like war mogs claw, you want to be able to constantly? Be tanky so that he could just spin he just stacks people on top of it. He spins spins spins great with defensive items Yeah, just excellent unit really really good all around As a warning he tends to get countered by red buff, so just be careful Additionally the same items that get on the Darius great on Garen stuff like claw stuff like war mug stuff like PD excellent Excellent on Karen on top of that. Actually Gary is a really good Morello as user You usually have them hold marilla’s for a little bit transferred umbrellas later to a better target but especially early game Morello as you have war montréal II Harvard people to kill and and actually In the night composition Mireles could be a large majority of your damage mordekaiser Never stack this unit. This unit is really bad of if you have to stack this unit. I Would just say make him relatively tanky with warm eyes and claw He has a a a weak frontal cone with his slim You could maybe go gunblade to be able to work with it a little bit better You can maybe go serifs. Although I kind of highly recommend you sell the seraphs and give it to someone else This is the least act night in the game. Please do not put items on mordekaiser. Poppy. Poppy is a great night Such a good unit. You could stack so much on her. She’s great with uh, Almost everything. She does so much base damage on her level 1 or ulti on a level 2 old tea. She stuns two targets That’s like four hundred base damage Incredibly high base damage means that you can do kind of whatever you want Especially because I think relatively speaking if I remember correctly here, mana cost isn’t that high? Yumi is a great thing for this your whole night she does work with a thing that makes her generate mana faster Also just stacking her with claws really good especially cuz she’s your know a lot of times They already have the physical mitigation through the dot your dodge the claw

Giving her magic resistance is something that’s very very vital in her kit I would say this is also a unit that can not give you stuff like all the defensive Items that Knights usually use a claw PD war mugs really really strong. Generally speaking If you’re running Knights Knights love ionic spark because they don’t generate alive damage by themselves. Ionic Usually you will put Annika users. I can use AP. So generally they have some sort of magical damage decent base damage under kit poppy could be your good ionic holder in this cup up additionally stuff like sedge and Darius and or Garen can hold ionic as well But poppy is usually my girl if I have if I have her to throw ionic on next night It’s edge edge is really interesting Morelos is actually pretty good edge if she gets her old tea off It’s great stuff like GA is great on sedge any unit that needs to get her old His or her ulti off she is great on because remember they retained man. I wondered initially things like just straight defensive items claw PD warmers great as you can see is kind of a pattern with all the Nights all The defensive things are really really good on nights the biggest problem of nights they don’t do much damage is what kind of wear Marella’s comes in on this unit as well as Garen and Kind of poppy based damage comes in to be able to take over for the damaged portion for this specific class. Uh, Finally, there’s kale kale is such an interesting unit high space attacks be in the game Her best item in the game is actually making her blade master. She it’s four he gets to recurves worth of attack speed and each play master proc can generate more mana on top of that if you give her sorcerer you mean she generates twice as much mana per although Incredible items to put on her. She’s Super good with shogen as well probably the best three items are like Yumi shogen and Play master spatula all three of those if you have play masters means that she’s gonna keep four people alive at all points in time She’s an incredibly powerful unit It’s something you really need to keep an eye on in terms of How much recurves? Actually matter on specific units for her. It matters the most of any you in the game One point one based attack speed don’t sleep on it. She’s a beast. I also said kales a beast Remember she can also be stocked with the image items because she has so much attack Smith shiv is really really strong and kale as well If you have a ship user in your ranks, but you don’t you don’t think it scales very well You can always give it to her it gives her flat Mana to get her first ulti off better And she it does tons of damage on her more than anyone else assuming they have equal uptime Rangers are the next class we are talking a little bit about ranges before scale really really well with sikhs and To be honest Rangers right now the more ships you have the better one Shiv. It’s okay to shifts Okay pop for three shifts for shifts That’s a first second place right there shaves are God for Rangers. And the reason is Ranger isn’t really interesting of buff You can’t break the attack speed limit So your cap at two point five? but you’re you just attack so fast and Shiv is a Is an item that scales off of your units attacks me almost every single ranger wants the same stuff Everyone can do super well with ship It’s generally speaking the best item you put on every single Ranger in the game all four of them But let’s go individually down down the line vain She does really well actually With which him even though she doesn’t use. Mana? She’s probably the highest raw damaged ship user because she’s the highest attack speed ranger at 0.75 attack speed after the recent buff. She’s pretty strong with damage items But she has no utility whatsoever as vain 3 the best item for her as Titanic cuz it splashes 200 damage Parata Which is more than you can get from Shiv but really hard to get consistently in vain 3 on top of that things She can do stuff like things like rage play things like rapid fire and Titanic are technically her best three items But very difficult to get there But yeah, those are their best three items Varys very interesting unit Varys could do all can use a bunch of Volunteer items I’ve seen stuff like show gene on various I’ve seen Morello is on various because his old he can travel and go through a lot of different minions I’ve seen rage played on Varys. I’ve seen ships You can just shave stack every ranger in the game, but varies a little bit different in that you can throw that cap You can throw magic damage stuff because his base damage rights are fairly high various is also possible to be used in sorcerer comps with you me as a Shotgun or actually, it’s more like a rocket launcher from the back line a linear rocket launcher that does 800 plus damage Nukes so he’s a really interesting unit That could stack a lot of stuff. That’s generally speaking for mages. The next unit is ash ash is the most optimal ship user most of the times She’s a great balance between doing good damage and being able to use the extra mana from ship very well She’s able to get off her first ulti very quickly she has

Average attack speed point seven worst attack speed is Kendra’s I think it’s point six five and various also has two point seven as well And so she also has a really really high uptime on her auto attacks unlike various which has the lay off his ulti You can get a ton of ships. She aprox because she just doesn’t stop auto attacking. So Vayne is your raw damage Ranger if you put ships or damaged items heard nothing but damage ash I would say could good ships. Dr gray balance it between the two if you want other items ash stuff like RFC is Good on every Ranger but especially on her because she’s a she has a longer straightening about four and so it doubles to eight hexes She never really moves and you want to put her in a corner? additionally things like rageblade things like shogen showed is really strong at her with shogen and rage played you’re able to just shotgun out a Bunch of different all teas back to back to back and the thing about her old tea is it stuns for? 11.5 seconds per hex traveled at – star – and so she’s able to get eight seconds timeout stuns off Especially with stuff like rapid firecannon and showed you consistently over and over again. So really really interesting unit Very very strong unit the best overall ships doctor in my opinion The next unit is kindred now. She’s really interesting She can’t generate mana why she’s old things so you don’t really one of these shogen on her My favorite thing for her to put on her is actually you me he’s able to generate twice as much mana per auto make her it making her sorcerer and she’s able to alter you very quickly and then get her old tea back very very quickly as Well, I would say even faster than shogen in general additionally a lot of times She could stack stuff like GA or stack stuff like PD what I Rangers biggest enemies his assassins back liners well You can stack kindred with a lot of defensive stats and put her in the middle of your comp and when they focus kindred they stall out and She’s able to old team protect the rest of your Rangers I’ve seen really interesting deviations as well you remember I said Ashe is the best overall shift stocker Well, if he stacked to the three shifts on to kindred sure she has the lowest attacks sweet She probably does the lowest amount of damage to ships But with sixty starting mana, she gets her ulti off almost instantly at the start of every fight so if here gets a lot of assassin players ship Ships and mana items or you me on to kindred are ways to beat assassins on to the last two shapeshifters So shapeshifters gain a ton of extra HP on every transform and so That means items that give HP especially warm OGG. They’re super valuable on shapeshifters So after that, every shapeshifter can use warm mug Nidalee is a really interesting unit. Sorry the very beginning uh Usually you put items on her that just kind of transition Well from the beginning to the to the middle and then you take the items off and put it on a better carry So she does really really well with RFC even on transform. It still makes her range So she doesn’t waste that much time running up so stuff like RFC RFC was Shiv very very powerful on Italy especially early I’ve seen BT as well to be able to make sure that she stays kind of topped off She’s kind of like a mini Draven in terms of itemization that she wants but she packs a big punch Shiv is also great on her, but she is also good on pretty much any range attack damage carry, especially in the early mid games secondly is at least at least you actually want to stack kind of defensive items on if she Ends up popping off her old T She just wasn’t you just wanted to be a alive long enough, er to constantly put demon burn on her target Well while keeping herself up, she technically gains a hundred percent lifesteal or a ton of life still off of her ulti as well So you could you could technically stack row a lot of damaged items. I personally haven’t found much assess doing that I’ve seen stuff like frozen heart be very good on her so mana defensive stuff I’ve seen things like warm ons be good on her as well. Remember warm are so good on every single unit in the game Things like that tend to do very very well More likely swing this is a unit you sell in the future for Swain or replace in the future So item items items on her pretty bad just in general Shyvana is a really really interesting unit number One thing you want is on Shyvana is warm bogs afterwards then it’s kind of a toss-up if you Defensively, you’re gonna wanna thorn me or PD PD is for more assassin users door mail is for non assassin users pretty much It’s a lot better especially against 80 users like Jamin that have RFC that go through your PD Thor mill actually tends to reflect quite a bit and with war mods You’re pretty much unkillable with a combination of the two the third item said she already has magic community doesn’t eat She doesn’t need claw. You can do anything from thornmail to rapid firecannon to thirst, ur to rageblade She has kind of a lot of flexibility another third item I’ve done everything I’ve done thorn double thermal and a normal PD to make sure I could just the physical damage ever It’s whatever happens the most important thing is warm box and afterwards you can kind of break down what you need from there Nara is the next unit really really surprisingly tanky unit

Really really strong you on the transfer a bunch of CC remember what I said for all shapeshifters warm ox is king same is true here the fun the funny thing about this is actually Nara is great with Titanic actually slaps super hard with Titanic So warm arcs plus Titanic means Nora’s hitting for like 300 a hit because he has over 3,000 health So really really strong itemization on him alternatively you can always do the same thing you do for sivanna, which is pd But the one thing you need for Nara is probably you need a claw because he doesn’t have built-in magical resistance Remember, he sometimes a new or old dodge? So physically our physical damage wise may be okay, but definitely you’re gonna want to do things like claw for sure Another thing that you should know and I’m sorry for saying this in the fourth middle There’s for shapeshifter if you have GE on any unit especially a shapeshifter they will be on shape-shifting on their transform back and so they will need to regenerate their mana back to full to be able to be shape-shifting again Just something to keep in mind. So GA may be good in some situations may not begin some situations hard to say Last unit is Swain Suede’s actually a monster use it up remember what I said you can stack war mugs and anything on on Swain you don’t even have to stack warm on since Wayne he He heals and he does damage based on ulti stuff like death cap gun. Blade is great. Morelos is great on Swain things like GA is great because Realistically speaking. It’s super funny If you’re all team and you die while at g8 you heal While you’re a J as well as you can explode and dude the end suck life while you’re in GA for him a great item Onto this unit as well It’s countered by red buff pretty hard. But any kind of Witch magical damage source, really really strong if serifs is not bad as well Generally speaking. You want enough defensive items to wear swanky Popoff and then one swing oldies once with shapeshifter bonus It’s hard to kill this unit without red buff so any kind of AP item any kind of life still API my gun blade and any kind offensive item like claw like watch some ecology a PD all Exceptional on Swain lastly without further adue sorcerers. So there’s seven of these he’s just the last seven years I gotta say sorcerers for almost every sorcerer. That cap is great Serifs is great Morales is absolutely phenomenal And as I say that the first one is the exception Kassadin is a really weird unit cap stands like the mana training tank For sorcerers does a really really it’s really really interesting. Caston is great with RFC gray with rageblade Really really cool. If you put claw or defensive items like PD on them eventually with raids play casts and just can not die I’ve seen bloodthirster cast as well It didn’t really like that as much technically you could also put desk a podcast in to increase the shield that you gains Not optimal in my opinion but things like RF see things like rage like great on cast things like claw things like PD defensively our greatest Well, not something you tend to stack much But very interesting when you get the stacking going on the Kassadin re so this is really interesting always a great ship user because it She gets her flat. Mana so she can ulti really quickly up and Shame just with wild buffalos her to do a lot of early damage and carry you through the early game on top of ship you Have stuff like Luden’s and I remember when I said Luo Tian’s is great on Lucian Well Lunas is also good on low mana carries like re which has like 75 mana. So pretty pretty excellent on re Early lunians is a great early mid game item on this on this champion I’ll say it’s act from that a lot of serifs on a cop on Aria is great Usually you’ll you’ll eventually kind of replace this unit. I don’t think morels is that is that good? But it’s decent on her a death cap is usable but like eventually this unit just gets replaced in the future So you just want to put early game items on her and then kind of replace her go. Move me forward shiv Lute is great for early game Loulou so she’s actually a great Shogen user I’ve seen double showed you and Lulu pretty much make your team a CC bot This running joke. He’s here all for Lulu voice lines You automatically win the fight and with to show jeans plus rageblade. You definitely hear that every single time So she’s good with attack speed. She’s good plus children. You’ve heard a lot She’s good with death cap because it affects healing and shielding. It’s a really really powerful unit and I’ve seen ionic being built on her as well cuz you Det generally want one eye on Ionic, and we’re all cops to do extra damage. She stays in the backline So she’s hard to kill and she puts us a buffs onto your sto team So I’ve seen that quite a bit, but definitely not a seraphs easier a shogen user and multiple shogen. She just goes ballistic

Vegard really really interesting unit low self 100 sub 90 mana pool Which means that serifs is really good on Vanguard 1 or 2 is very solid I’ve seen defensive itemization on Mae got quite a bit and then you even have things like gun blade because if he kills someone with lower story, that’s 20,000 damage to them and with gum blade you heal your entire health bar So I’ve seen that generally speaking for me perfect Veigar items would be double Serifs into X X being probably a defensive item. I’ve seen claw be used a lot. I’ve seen not that cap I’ve seen like PD be used a lot I tend to like that a lot more than going for Anything else because for me I see Vega as a you and I kill the stuff Single target stuff over and over again. As long as you get along great the fight double serifs. Give some 40-minute back a cast So he’s able to do that very easily up I think maybe RFC would be great with double stairs because he doesn’t move from the backline very very safe position He’s able to generate mana constantly nuke down your team. I like that. I like the ionization a lot Morgana really interesting unit you remember what Kenan ended up having which is Morello speedy and claw Morgana is kind of like the anti diver of mages so really good into assassins really good against Like frontlines that suck against magic damage like for instance Knights So things like death cap things like Morelos are really strong things that apply mana like frozen heart Our defensive stats are really strong because she has two parts of her ulti base damage is enormous So if you get both parts, it just does stupid amounts of damage. I’ve seen that cap. I’ve seen serifs I’ve seen frozen heart I’ve seen Dragon’s claw I’ve seen Ga-ga is very strong similar reasons as Kenan wise strong. I’ve seen Morelos So he’s a little bit versatile because she could be both a damage dealer plus a tank So a lot of similar a similar itemization to Kenan from the elementalists tree. Oh, I forgot Twisted Fate Definitely my bad. So TF is a really interesting unit on the current patch I’ve seen a lot of shift stacking t @e f so shiv is really interesting It gives him a tack speed suit which accelerates his cast but also It makes his first car come out instantly instantly. So double shave gives you 40 minutes. He’s a 50 mana unit. And so What happens is after what although instantly starts picking a car if you get a blue card? With mage team copy is win the game. So I’ve seen double shift work very well. Saris works really? Well. I’ve seen Luden’s as well. It’s okay It’s not optimal but anyone with low mana cost can use illusions. Okay, I would say Shiv is the best item on on TF and you’ll see it run a lot especially in like three mage comps where you use TF as a strong man the battery RFC could also be used as TF to make it to make him a man about a very safely But shiv is generally the thing I see the most a really in soul is a very interesting mage I really still got they’re too much or I really still got nerfs a ton because used to be ultra super broken And so what ended up happening is a really in soul I got in there for multiple times both max max. Mana And all that stuff damage ended up not being too good if you went off to more really insult It’s something like RFC double shogen, so he’s able to constantly generate mana from max range and then fire him off really Well, it’s not like death cap is really good morels is really good But those are optimal items really really hard to get similar the pike where you can’t get double triple showed you on pike But generally speaking you want the items on other targets. You don’t really see Saltstack too much. I was just slap like Amarillo’s on on soul. What expect one Olvia fight years Li and that’s it But Seoul does a lot of damage and nukes really hard When it hits not someone I recommend stocking items on unless you’re very very committed toward the life of a really in Seoul Karthus the last sorcerer on the on the sheet. So what does Karthus do? Well Marella is fantastic with Karthus deathcap Fantastic with Karthus double serifs is fantastic. I would say optimal build double saris Marilla’s double serums that cap the best build on Karthus you can olfi instantly and he’s kills everyone Karthus is disgusting champion switch to start up. I cannot stress enough the seraphs extra important The Marella isn’t deaf cap. Just god mode. You just want to be nine with this unit incredible incredible unit That’s really all you need. So this is run 52 minutes I’ve gone through every single class and every single unit in the game some I do not recommend stacking items are on at all I hope you guys liked this rundown I’m gonna call it run now. That’s enough It’s a guide but run out for all the units and all the things you stack on the units. Thank you guys Hope you guys enjoy this item guide. Peace