all right coming from our studios wherever they may be you are listening to beyond sight and sound metal detecting treasure hunting radio for you the always valued and appreciated listener i am your host Josh Kimmel you all know me and tonight well I guess first off last week with the stealth diggers men what a hoot we had had a little bit of a glitch to work through but it was just an absolute blast everybody seemed to have a good time we had a great time with the contests it was just a lot of fun always fun to set down and chat with the stealth diggers I’m actually kind of surprised we didn’t get a couple of calls saying you guys are just having way too much fun but that’s all right that’s the way it goes and I see here kind of glancing through the chat we’ve got Bob mr. Keebler so shout-out to the stealth diggers I see trooper Brian also in the house Sookie past pursuits gremo town there are a number of people so that is great to see for tonight’s show obviously we’re talking about dog tags The Wolf Wolf kind animal tags not military tags it’s a little bit of a different subject you don’t normally well as a matter of fact I can’t think of a time that I’ve heard any of the shows cover it but it’s something different something interesting and you never know you just may learn something but before we get on with that we should probably bring in the other people we have here and let me guess you guys are waiting going Oh yep here’s the dirt bandit now no he’s not lost in in the mountains ginseng hunting but he is down and out apparently he picked up a little more than ginseng in the mountains and he will not be making it he has some a very bad stomach bug will say so best of luck to him hopefully he gets to feeling better and at last minute I thought hey I know somebody we can have set in with us so i made a quick phone call used a lifeline called a friend and tonight we’ve actually got mr. Layton Harrington one how’s it going Layton and Layton says that the cat got his tongue so we’ll we’ll see what’s going on there hopefully he’s able to get back through we had an issue a couple of weeks ago where his audio cut out shortly into the show so we’ll see what happens and it does appear that we just had someone try to call in we are not ready for colors yet i’m sure we will be in a few minutes though so hopefully they hopefully they can make it back to us here in a few minutes and we’ll see what happens with that hopefully they make it back ok and it looks like maybe Layton has his audio taken care of I think so how you doing tonight Josh alright alright sorry about that little glitch on my end still can’t see you but that’s ok we can work that out oh well hopefully we get that straightened out oh why if not we’ll roll with it back tonight it’s all good a little bit of an interesting guest here I think he’s got

uh oh gee 22 years and the hobby of metal detecting you know I’ll tell you that’s uh that’s quite some time I’m sure he’s got a lot of information that the folks are gonna want to hear that’s for sure oh yeah that that would not surprise me he got into dog tags some years ago he was into coins and you know tokens are cool and he found himself just kind of moving over towards dog tags and I believe he actually has probably the largest collection in America of serial number one dog tags you know I can’t even imagine having something like that what a great way to display and be you know in that predicament where you’ve got the largest amount of tags weight is for a mall how many rolls you have yeah and and to go for a specific number like that wow you know growing up I always thought the lowest number was the coolest same to no matter what it was that I had I remember buying my first metal detector with my dad and you know we thought number ten thousand was low but who know right oh right yeah and day I I think a lot of people don’t realize because we we dig up dog tags some of them just oh well that’s neat and then people throw them in there scrap bucket or only throw them in a finds box and don’t give it much thought but there is actually a collector base for them there are actually referencing resource materials out there for this sort of thing amazing yeah but we should probably bring him into our guest tonight is Neil Rory uh how is it going Neal well good evening can you hear me yes great you said well help you got doing good how you doing saying awesome now you’re up there in Oregon so how’s the weather up there for you had been super nice where you doing known for our rainy weather but we’ve had gorgeous weather this summer and it’s sticking around oh that’s that rainy weather over to the east coast we’ve got five days of rain coming and we’ve got about two inches already in the ground today and we’re expecting a semi hurricane over the wheel we go we need to do a truck swap their guy that we’re kind of in a drought here not a bad as California but yeah they are talking to out stuff here actually dharna well in that swap maybe we can pull some strings and have some of that dropped in Ohio has the dirt awful dry it out right look hard to dig in but that’s okay not fast as I say how’s the conditions out there Neal is that something that does it does it go the other way like it does here on the East Coast you don’t find as many or good conductive Patek targets when you know this is real dry doesn’t work the same way over there it is definitely different and depending on your equipment I guess I mean I the last four or five years I’ve used a mine lab in track and it’s so different than the detectors are using the past and and it seems like a dry ground i actually get less iron targets and and actually the the other conductive targets come in pretty well even in the dry the main things actually yeah that’s good point those mine labs it’ll be are pretty good yeah yeah it’s definitely different it’s hard for me to say the better or whatever I’ve never been that type of guy to say I got a better detector but they work differently and I am very happy with it yeah well and I’m sure Layton will agree with me where I’m happy with my mind lab I’m sure he is as well yes yeah absolutely you know I switched from White’s like you said you like one isn’t necessarily better i think it’s all in a user we’ve discussed this many times on the shows his and mine and other people shows it’s it’s a matter of how good you learn a machine and what it’s trying to tell you at the time that’s all exactly yeah there’s lots of conditions you know ever overlaid power lines and there’s all kind of the reasons why it might work differently and yeah man if you change up your equipment sometimes you might find more stuff that’s really that’s right i had we see miller the bug killer is in the house that’s a new name to see he don’t follow the show haha that’s great i love that one yeah jeff miller he’s at a duquoin Illinois I know him yeah yeah exactly he’s definitely a good guy to

talk to alien ships and hopefully I see Ohio relic hunters in the house and I was told did he will be wearing a certain shirt tonight so he was very tickled to receive his package in the mail this morning he received a beyond sight and sound shirt sweet gratulations to him yet he posted pictures of it up on the beyond sight and sound for them mmm very got a kick out of that but why don’t queue was start off with letting the listeners know you’ve got 22 years in the hobby but how did you get your start I got started in mental well I started collecting coins as a young kid I was like eight years old my parents are taking me to a flea market and there the coin and stamp the other had a table and he would I’ve go and look at his stuff and I just thought was amazing Yossi coins large sense of eighteen forties I thought of the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and he was nice and gave me stuff got me my start and interest in coins and then wasn’t too much after that I would win to a party when my friends had a birthday party that’s local park and I seen a guy over in the grass doing something thinking he was a landscaper yeah I kind of wanted oversee was doing and I watched him get down and dig and he pulled her coin out of the ground and was wiping it off oh my gosh i was up eight or nine years old and I remember that night in bed laying there couldn’t sleep thinking about coins in the ground just floored me I could not I would like that I’m going to do that someday I didn’t get a milli Tector college 20 years old or so that’s when I first got started not they’re really nice so so even at a young age that experience stuck wouldn’t you oh yeah bottom at the whole time that’s right yeah definitely and yeah I’d say I remember just thought of wow there’s actually these old collector coins but I want to have they’re actually in the ground free for the taking that’s amazing so I knew I was going to do it someday and I’ve been hooked ever since right goodbye the not funny yeah kind of going man all i gotta do is go out and looks that’s all yeah yeah yeah you just wasn’t done right yeah unfortunately it it doesn’t happen quite as easy as we would like some time exactly but just like anything the more you do it the better you’re getting like I explain it to people you know it’s like picking up a guitar you know you can’t just pick up a guitar know how to do it you know and sound good you gotta take takes practice and learning it and more you do it the better yet and yeah yeah first unplug field learning machine learning what it’s telling you exactly set up right all aspects that’s right so yeah so starting out one to find coins that’s great i love to find coin but then almost everything else you find gets more interesting you’ll find a token the medals and medallions and you know everything is taken me one step further away from coins and and numismatics you know get into exile noumea tokens and then dog tag is one more step away from going really and still in an egg going into a category that’s a very interesting and it’s it’s that had been taken all my attention for several years now just about right and then after getting into the hobby you’re still into coins and stuff when did you find ourselves making this I don’t know lack of a better description innocent transition into cleaning dog tags well the um yeah it’s hard to say I had a few I I found several with my detector and just kind of kept them I have a display cases and it was kind of fun to put them in there and co-workers you know kind would bring me stuff like hey look at this I found as I’d see my stuff I’d have big display cases in my office I’m a property manager and so I deal with lots of people tenants and stuff and they’d bring me stuff and I actually had one of my co-workers actually had several dog tag old ones from Seattle Washington that he had gotten in a collection and so so I’ve beaten some silver coins like I like dog pegs I gave him some silver coins for him and then I started getting on ebay and looking at them and holy cow and I started seeing what’s out there because the dog tags on the west coast aren’t nearly those the East Coast much more you know from mid Midwest to the east coast so yeah start looking at that stuff and wow I was just amazed at the name of the shapes the sizes the age you know pre 1900 dog tags I was just absolutely made them yeah it just kind of drop it that’s probably been last 10 years where I’ve really fun dog tag though yeah it’s um yeah I was on a thing sorry about that excuse me I didn’t I didn’t realize I was cutting in New to what they ask a question I mean it’s a very curious subject for me also i mean i’ve been doing as far as most people know over forty three plus years this year I’ve got quite the collection of tag myself just a couple points i want to touch on real quick when yield one of them is i’m sure that you know there’s so many different aspects to collecting them particular tags i’m

wondering do you try to get one from each state and is lower the number as possible is that how you’re trying to work it or is it just something that you know you’re trying to do doesn’t matter which one it is as long as it’s a low number well and even the low number really isn’t that isn’t much of a thing when i can deal with other dog tag elixirs other than number one that’s usually a prized possession just to get the serial number one several guys like those high particularly really like those but down but the most collectors click their area that’s what i found the majority of them just do their areas i have know plenty of guys that that like collectie michigan is a big state there’s a lot of collectors out of Michigan but Michigan has you know town issued tags they have County as you take townships is a big thing in Michigan I’d really never knew that onship was until he got into dog tag and I started getting you dog tags that are a certain Township and I didn’t know what that would do the research so out of Michigan there is oh my gosh thousands of different two tags issued by different agencies and the wild at the end with so on that’s mostly what guys collect hit their area so it’s not a personal goal of yours to try to get one from each particular state you’re saying you it doesn’t matter where they come from yeah but for you personally you’d like to try to get the number one day if you could I yeah I don’t care how old it is how new it is if it helps your real number one and it doesn’t have to be a dog tag I collect cat license tags too I’ve gotten that license eggs there’s serial number one yeah that I just like the number one I have other interest to I like where the tag the date matches a serial number like I’ve I have a nineteen seventy dog tag and the serial number is 1970 that’s interesting to me it’s actually even you know much harder it is easier said than done I mean to actually find them I have very few in my collection I probably have a two dozen in how many years I’ve been looking for them it’s actually very hard to find that yeah I would think that that is hard to find yeah been speaking up your collection about how many tags do you have well I’ve got tens of thousands of tag but I have a lot of trade material because I by collections and so I by for a few tags and a collection but you know you can’t just cherry-pick the collection usually usually have to offer for the whole collection so yeah I’ve got lots of dog tags but for the stuff i focus on yo yes they’ll still several thousand eggs would like I do collected serial number 1 i’ve got a few hundred of those I’ve got ya the date matching a sterile number and you know a few dozen of those I also collect solid serial number where the serial number is four digits or more where it’s just one digit you know like it was 22222 you know something like that that’s interesting to me you know and they’re not really worth more it’s just I am interested so you even in this weird hobby of dog by collecting I’m one step weirder where I collect other things other people don’t even see you know their niches and subcategories in the same subcategory yeah yeah when I was theater I wouldn’t say it was weird Neil I think it’s more than beat let’s put yeah that’s true yeah yeah yeah yeah it makes it fun with all my into the collect because then I can tell them my want list you know send what i want and then they tell me what they’re interested in so if i find something and then we do trading you know we love doing tricks and it’s amazing how many i get for ID to get packages in the mail you know they’ll find one in the collection just mail it to me they don’t even expect anything in exchange because they know down the road I’ll probably find something that they like all the send it to them you know so it’s actually in this hobby I’ve met be very nicest people the yeah there’s great people when and when I delton coins I did a lot of dealing coin Sue and I actually met a lot of coin dealers are very unpleasant people they weren’t the nicest guys but in the dog tag guys they’re they’re just a different niche and a different group of people definitely a golden retention yeah different breed of person yeah no definitely that right well you know oh oh so you’re not alone either Neal when you’re talking about like you know these particular little niches as you call more different and weaknesses I did the same thing back in nineteen seventy six when they reissued the two-dollar bills so what I did was I had someone friend of mine in a bank who actually cherry picked a couple of two dolla bills for me because they came out in 1976 we issued I had them get me the last four serial numbers that said 1976 so you’re not alone i did the same thing we were thinking the same way only 20 years apart that is awesome yeah that’s very that’s not highly interested now someone would love to have that definitely yeah and that we’ve actually got a question in the chat about it cat tags you know what states actually I mean I’m sure quite a few did but are there a few that you can think of right off the top of your head that actually issued cat tags

well they’re mostly the cat tags I’ve seen our city or count our count issued ones but I’ve only got a few in my collection I’ve seen the earliest ones I’ve seen as Seattle Washington all the way back to the 20s and there are very small tag about the size of a dime actually I’ve never owned one I’ve seen a few in collections but they’re there i’m assuming they’d be probably spending I’ve never even seen one up for sale they’re so rare but yeah 19 20 something 20 and I think I’ve seen in nineteen twenty nine months of a Seattle Washington cat license tag but yeah I’ve never seen a County issued one or a state issued one and the bigger is the agency you get you know the bigger numbers like the town’s an issue as many as like the county the county is covering a lot more people so they so they’re much more common the County issued tag doesn’t mean they’re worthless but they’re just not nearly as desirable that the older town ones but yeah cat a lot of towns now mix them together they say take pet license lines does cat or dog they kind of mix them together but it’s hit and miss and you’re not sure why some areas issue them and some don’t like some cities don’t issue them you got to go to the county but some cities do it and you don’t have to go to County it just depends on your area gifts and a lot of a lot of unknowns actually with the Hobby you still we’re still lots of towns and stuff the issue tag we’ve never seen reports up so we’d love to get reports from people we keep a database and there’s a book a wonderful reference book written by a doctor bill bone he’s out of them Clinton Kentucky lives in hickman county kentucky he’s done it for more than 40 years and yeah he’s got an awesome reference book I have the very newest issue of it so it’s got the very newest information and I keep it updated yet there’s always reports every week I’ve got new reports whether it be from metal detectorists or I’d get on ebay and just look at tags that are put up for sale and so we document although that we see and yeah we like to keep a running tab basic we’re just documenting the oldest known from every issuing agency whether it be a city county township borough you know New York there’s boroughs yeah and new jersey game what a fitting name for an author to write a book that primarily documents no tennis and he was he was a how he got started he is a veteran he’s a retired a veterinary doctor he went to he grew up in Kentucky went to Auburn studies Auburn for veterinary license and then he practice some in New York and mostly in Florida retired so you just say I’m not sure how long has been retired I think close to 20 years now I actually got to go visit him in Western Kentucky took a trip out there last October got to do some medley checking out there drove a little bit through Missouri and Illinois Kentucky you down into Tennessee a little bit look at it and have a great time with a black and what this name of this book again the book is just called us dog license tags you can get it on I finked on Amazon you can get it on there you can get directly from him you can buy it did little spendy $65 I that’s postage paid a lot of his like said work he’s put in so many years into this to accumulate there’s a lot of information loss of stuff on dog light you know dog licensing you know I didn’t even starts out mid and explain why they even licensed dog you know why did they make people pay to have a dog and Raeven was lots of dogs would get out until people livestock and to reimburse the farmers for what they lost and people had to pay a tax to have the dog so they could get reimbursed for it and that was whale away back in the early eighteen hundreds when I did that was an actual issue a dog tag the first city to issue an actual tag data for to be affixed to the dog collar charleston south carolina 1850 was the first year of that robbers are like that’s like the holy grail of dog tag too if you can get one of those oh my gosh i be worth a lot of money the same person I made those is the the the the same guy that made slave tags it was the same person that was commissioned to make those so on the app itself much in my interest cuz they look very similar to us leg tag those dog tags though yeah very interesting yeah you have any in the sleeve case no I do not and I have a man I’d love to go and dig one yourself how people do know I’ve never had one of those oh they’re here yes everyone either i think i’m just in the wrong part of the country but you know what is it I’ll take all the other history stuff that we have one of each cooks but most an ass real quick to kneel about literary tags or something like that is that something that you also collect them myself I don’t have any but I’m definitely would love to get some I’ve seen some really neat ones there they are rarer than dog tags harder to find I don’t know a lot of guys that you collect them but I think they get them

because the interest is still there just like me liking dog tags so I I do have some cat tags because they’re very similar not yet i would love to get one there is actually go tax tags to that are extremely rare too so yeah never really have that since gasps I’ve only seen pictures of them so yes that’s simply amazing yeah and so while we’re on the on the different types of tags that we’re talking about real here I know this might be a little touchy subject for some folks but you know we kind of covered this real briefly before we get on the air crematory tags I find about a half a dozen every season because I am on the water here a lot of people spread their ashes and along with their loved ones they’ll also throw the whole entire bed the ashes come in and lo and behold the bag will rot away and I will come along and find the toe tag or bag tag I guess it would be named Crematory I always send it back into the ocean but you know I I just I just don’t feel it’s my obligation to keep something with that yeah that and I have myself have not found one of those but yeah from what you’ve explained and found I’m it would be very similar probably looks very similar to a dog tag I’d probably take a home and be all excited them and then do the research and realize what i have and i would do just as you suggest go right back where he found it and give it right back to work should be yeah i know that point 10 it going so much you see son did I skip it like a stone and I send it off into the ocean where it belongs and you know I hope that if there if it comes down to it it’s someone to the same for me so but I just didn’t know if you know I mean I’m sure that’s a kind of we third collection to have but to my knowledge I don’t know anybody that has so I’m happy yeah you I’m hoping that they send it back but you know let’s just play on preference I mean everybody does your own that’s right yeah it might just go in their junk drawer if they find it just like a lot of dog tag get a lot of Mellie tech gurus they’re more interested in coins and stuff and they’ll find some dog tags and it kind of goes in with their other stuff and I don’t really think much of it so it’s probably right along with that sometimes fact is I’m exactly guilty of that that particular situation I you know I’ve kept almost everything I’ve had for years and years and I happen to be going through one of my old boxes and in amongst some of the junk was a toe tag I remember where I found it as I’m sure you find things that you remember exactly digging them I went back to the same Beach and threw it back but only 20 years later oh wow yeah like they were you know at the time I had no your would be where I was a young guy didn’t know what this was all going to turn into some 30 something years later and so going through it well my goodness that’s toe tag so I do remember finding it down on the beach so I went down just recently within the last five years and threw it back out there so again without amazing yeah I imagine the first one you’re probably just kind of going oh well that’s kind of interesting you know and drop it in the house good now has anybody supposed to know right yeah and that’s how we that’s how we learn we see these fines or the fines that someone else makes and start to put two and two together and become a little more knowledgeable ourselves along the way that’s right hey you know like i said earlier i’ve been doing this a long time myself and you know I still learn still learn every time I go out I talking with new people such as yourself you know and it’s always room for improvement right right the best thing about the sabi the research and the fun the people you meet the opportunity that is that’s great right and I see where Jeff Miller says apparently he found the dog tag it’s one year older than what the book states that might be documented already i’ll check mine I know he did and most County tags are very very well documented cuz i made so many of them so those are usually the ones that are pretty much well document i do remember jeff had reported a i look in my book here i keep good notes and i think was a Perry County Illinois and yeah I think the book head if I remember I’ve had 19 19 but then he had found a 19 18 yet for sure no I’ve got it changed in my book here and that’s one nice thing about the doctor bone he makes his book any double spaces everything because he knows this is a work in progress and you know there’s going to be CH and there’s going to be changes so yeah I believe the space in there not going to scratch it out and and write it in there and I always send an email to him I put it in take a picture and send it to him so I get an update is database and reflects these changes and the future parenting printing the book what does little leaves you plenty of room for like

annotations that right yeah yeah what a great way book does this the is the book illustrated also well there is some yeah he’s it um yes got pictures in each section you got it separated by states and then in within the state Daisy lists of cities towns first and then counties and if there is an Italian suit so state that has it Kyle townships stayed some the states of issue that tags to the probably the most common 3 1900 dog tag is the 1882 Indiana State tag and it’s a state-issued tag and there is very well known several hundred or known and yeah they’re very very neat ones and actually have that one I actually in my collection for a while and I end up doing a trade i had serial number five of that and they issued tens of thousands of cakes and i had number five which is a very low number but until you had to have number one of that would go my gosh I and it’s hard to put a price on something like that and that’s one thing I need to reiterate with dog tags there is no set price guy so that this book that we have is more of a reference just so what’s known I’m dog tag the pricing of a dog tag is very subjective um there is no set pricing it’s just what willing someone’s willing to pay for that’s what it’s worth and so yeah so you know sometimes if I you know sometimes I’d rather someone taking Twitter up on the ebay said someone will send me picture and say how much you pay me for this and I get all jazz and excited about it I probably over pay for stuff if they put it on ebay and I had to bid against other people if nobody else has interested in the other fights wouldn’t go very high but it’s kind of a funny thing is then I’ll get people that you know I’ve had people a little offended to my price because then they asked somebody else that has a little more interested in they were willing to pay more money and then they’re like oh you know well they offered and paid me this much and that’s like well I wasn’t trying to you know trying to lowball shoot that’s just why I was all the pay 40 on if they’re won’t pay more sell it to them that’s fine threaten any reason maybe it went from their area or something say they exactly wanted it yeah gehen back to that yeah their area if that’s what they need to fill their collection they’re going to put more money into it or or like like the planter shapes the shapes and the you know the the discs of metal are made out of any others dog tag shade I mean doghouse shapes dog or what you call it a fire hydrant shape there’s clover there’s octagon oh my gosh this the list is endless horseshoes a turtle I think that turtle shape to dog tag an old one meal so that kind of stuff can bring interest very high interest you know if it’s a funny shape you know or something and you know different yeah but it’s really hard to price dog tags and I just recommend if you want to get top dollar for I put on ebay there’s all of us guys that collect that stuff we get on there we all see it and if we’re interested in it we will pay the money for it so yeah I have a couple letter interesting shapes I have a couple liner like a shield or a badge a couple of the doghouse ones some of the clover ones like you said and out fire hydrants like you also said to some of shapes of bells whistles really really strange oh yeah yeah yeah there’s none that don’t even have a name you know there’s such an oddball shape that you just don’t know yeah I know yet all right when i spoke with neil as telling him how I’ve got a Chicago be high oh oh yeah yeah yeah I’ve yeah there’s some neat there’s some generic ones that are just as you know like a coin this round or a square or rectangle yeah there’s lots of those two that’s fun but sometimes if agencies issued very elaborate ones like shook vago from the 1880s there or like just my coin like die struck like a coin like they’ve got raised images and stuff on when most dog tags are more in kuester just a disc of metal however they want to make the shape of the plant and then it’s just pressed into it some agencies made really beautiful dice trucka tags that are very highly sought after I got a buddy my meal that has one from 1890 locally here from Massachusetts i’ll have to dig them up and find out what exactly town it’s from we don’t have ours our cities and so that’s how ours are struck for each town or city I’m not necessarily state itself they always have mass on the end of me but I’ll have to check it out maybe it might be one that might end up in the book I know it’s from 1990 and he found it last year wow yeah we’d love to see that and that’s that’s actually the specialty of dr. bone he collects any pre 1900 aughh tag like a soft mmmm all yeah he likes to he documents a serial number that the issuing agency whatever city you’re you know town it’s from and and who owned the I mean he should see his record he likes to put who owners he knows he puts it on there anyway and he would love to see that and get that report and so this is a reference book uh yeah does it happen to mention maybe this shape and metallic composition of the noon tags

that are in the book not really now this would I mean this is a huge book you should see the size of it let me see how many pages is and right now it’s 500 pages and it basically is a list it’s mostly just a text list is she says the issuing agency and the year the oldest known that’s really with all I’m there’s some specialty areas in the back of the book like talk about different things you know certificates a lot of times he was just got a paper before they started issuing tag it was just a paper that you got when you went paid the tax so there’s a section in there about that so that that’s another collectible collectible mad for the paper certificate there’s plenty of guys that collect those too and those were mostly shredded after a while they are just thrown away when they were done with it for that year are all the tags the same metal base like just asking is the old grasser our earlier noted how a days are they mostly at the beginning were mostly brass but there is the early aluminum ones I even had a 1897 Detroit Michigan that was aluminum I don’t lanta during the World War two ERA there was a few what they call fiber I’m not even sure what did they call it a fiber tag but i’m not sure what the composition is odd it’s not even really metal there’s something like a thorn plastic wafer or something yeah it’s almost like it’s well they call yeah there is some plastic he wants to go that’s kind of like that and then there’s some that is almost almost cardboard like a hardened like a mix of plastic and cardboard together very very weird yeah yeah so a really weird Cody yeah you’re right yeah like I’ve ever ever even been the presence of one of those I’ve never seen one I mean I’ve heard of them you know I see some plastic ones that you can behind out days but to go back that far and they have one made of aluminum that’s that’s just where they were they do you think they were made out of aluminum because they were trying to be cheap at the time or just do your most available type of material that they could use yeah i’m not sure and actually at one point I didn’t heard some I don’t how true that is but i was told that a lemon with a little expensive back then actually but should it it’s a it’s a good conductive metal that you really usually come in really well on meddling decker so when i find and i’m happy i found here and where I’m at and I’m in Eugene Oregon which is Lane County I found a 1934 Lane County dog license tag that was aluminum and it held up pretty well on the ground actually not too bad and that’s probably another thing I should touch up on as some of the tag say dog tax some say dog license it all known the same there’s no difference that’s it dog tax dog license dog permit registered dog in Ohio they put reg dog re G period dog and registered dog right and it’s all the same thing it doesn’t mean anything different just depends on what that age of the issuing agency wanted to call it when they when they say dog license I think that’s a nicer wid in saying dog taxed so it may see ya better that’s right yeah being a little politically correct yes yeah soften the blow a little bit yeah you watch no matter how you look at it that I right ain’t money yeah not enough that’s cool that’s right I guess we’ll let everybody know hopefully as long as our skype glitch was resolved from last week the call in number is 4 195 495 744 if anyone has any questions about dog tags or comments for Neal uh I’m curious I mean we know that you collect them we know that there’s other people in the states that collect them but what about overseas do they pursue this like some of us do there are thumb and there is a facebook page that is in I think it’s out of Poland can’t read any of it I don’t know what they’re saying but i’m a member of it and they post amazing of their dog tag are amazing they have to dog tag dated back of seventeen hundreds I’ve seen dutch lender 1794 the dog and and and some of the planets and those are just absolutely amazing that what they put into him there die struck their sizable and i’ve never been able to buy and he did they don’t really it’s hard to communicate with them that they don’t speak the same language but i got invited by a guy that was on the ARB club is called the is al c stands for international society of animal license collectors then on facebook or they do have a facebook page is it closed it’s a closed groups you have to be invited into it so if anybody is interested in into seeing it they can friend me on facebook Neil McIlroy and they can find me I always have them my avatar picture is a dog tag so you can probably find me

pretty fast and yeah if you’re my friend i can add you to that if you’re interested in seeing what other people have for dog tags and and just connecting with new people yeah it’s a lot of fun so but yeah the overseas dog tags I’m myself not so interested in foreign ones but I’ve seen some beautiful ones and other people are very interested but it doesn’t seem to be real big hobby anywhere to the pretty shallow collector base there we write as of right now we only have 120 members in our club worldwide not just in termination but worldwide 120 members so it is a little bit shallow but but at least the guys that do are interested in it they do pay money for a dog bag damn you know they’re willing to pay for it if they want the collection you’re not shy about putting out some money I guess that with only a hundred and twenty members worldwide that kind of makes the competition a little stiff when one comes available with somebody that’s yeah and exactly and most people do put it on ebay I mean that’s the thing is and with no set pricing you’re just not sure you put it on ebay and there’s plenty of people are on there that are willing to pay for them you let the collector make the price and oh gosh you know it’s amazing to see the price sometimes and then sometimes you’re a little disappointed I’ve had tags at the yellow that I thought were going to go grace it didn’t go so good you know extras i had or ones i wasn’t as interested in as other ones but then sometimes you put up other ones if you can get just a couple people want it and that’s one thing is something so thanks yeah yeah like um I found there’s a few people in la crosse wisconsin that are crazy about anything with the name lacrosse Wisconsin on it so the dog tag they don’t necessarily eggs but I put up a few lacrosse this honor early 1900s dog tagging the prices were crazy there’s a few people that were bidding against each other just because they wanted it Wow yeah I was absolutely amazed when I had a similar tag at a diff from a different town I had one from Green I think was Greenland with Eric Greenland Michigan it was basically the same exact tag same day same shape so for twenty dollars the one from La Crosse Wisconsin soul for 170 dollars this is like right so that’s a huge fan so yeah so they interest it just depends on the area and who didn’t against you or whatever yeah sounds like I need to be looking a little harder for dog tags yeah some can bring the pre 1900s really do bring really good pretty good money you usually if you got a pre 1900 mostly you’re starting out about a hundred-dollar bill for a pre 1901 right about there depending on condition obviously you know the better recondition the the higher prices you’ll get but what the other nice thing with dog tags it’s okay to clean them actually unlike the old coins and stuff like that the collector those if you clean it allow it to kill the collector value or the numismatic value of them behind i was just gonna bring that up because with coins if we clean them we hurt the value yeah yeah but with dog tags not so much no no your opinion with you being a collector who buys or trades for dog tags how do you prefer to receive them do you mind if they’re cleaned up or do you prefer to get them however so that you can clean and restore them yourself big that I would prefer to people to just to leave them the way they are just the way you found it because the I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals or whatever and even what I do isn’t really big secret and I don’t do it aluminum tags but the brass ones i tumble them in a rock tumbler with some aquarium gravel some soapy water and let them know you know go for a day or two or three sometimes I’ve tumble tags or three days just let it go and go and go and it’s amazing it doesn’t ruin them you can’t even hardly tell them they’re not scratched up or anything it just kind of polishes them up and and just make them look much more presentable and it’s it and I’ve never had any collector buck at it or tell me I be that was actually I learned this method from dr. bonum so he’s the top guy of dog license tags and yet the way he does it so I’ve never really had big conversations about it but that’s what I found right well then and that was going to be another thing was if you had a recommendation for cleaning them you were saying Leighton I was just going to ask him a question yeah that’s a good idea i mean like he said after two or three days tom when it’s all going to you know the scratches turn into a beautiful luster anyway no matter what but i’m just wondering he’ll do you have any dog parks there at all where you could actually go to like we do here on the east coast they’ve actually got dog box where you can take your dog to and you know i’m surely as many licenses lost there and we also have a second question by grandma damn she wanted to know if you actually own any dogs just still that you know that is so funny i got into dog tag i’m actually a cat guy we’ve don’t know how I i I’m a property manager and I live in a large apartment complex about 200 units and and yeah it’s that I mean some of my tenants have dogs we

allow them I just myself having a dog is almost like having another child it’s a lot of work to take care of dog but but no I’m actually not much of a dog I’d I like animal like all animals but yeah it is funny that when I meet these other fellows I collect dog tags they are all very big dog feel and I actually usually have a job in you know taking care of rescue and dog in order in there they’re very much into dogs and I’m kind of an outsider in that fact that i’m actually not much I’d prefer not to have a dog so cuz I like a girl running with grimille team being a cat person yeah I love cat but there anyway but dog park you know was funny we have playing around here I see him and I thought that and but I just I don’t know why they’re fenced off and there’s people in there I’ve just never gone in there with my detector yeah I’ve never done it but I sure want to and I’m gonna try to so yeah I’m sure somebody has and I would love to see their dog tags I find any please send me pictures right well the thing is here you know this is relatively new you know I don’t remember or recall any particular areas that were considered just a dog [ __ ] back you know maybe more than the last ten years going to say this is a new sort of but yeah right area so you know if you’re going to find them I’m assuming it would probably be a fairly new tag or at least within the last 10 or 15 years of you know Sergey but I you know mostly where I find dog tags I don’t know about you but particularly here on the East Coast we do find them in our parks back in the day we you know we never had to worry about locking our dogs up we open the front door at 7am and let them run for the day and at night making everything so politically correct you have to have them on a dog leash less SXT long you can only have them in your yeah you know blah blah blah you all the stories but oh yeah you know that’s yeah that’s it so that really confined you know the loss of these tags so if you do find one in a park it’s probably is going to be an old one so that’s where we used to find most of our techs back in the day yet yeah isn’t any mark yeah yeah definitely yeah definitely more in the city parks our backyards they like if you get permission to do somebody’s house I died I found in the backyard is where you find the dog tags if you’re going to find the knee anyway yeah I did talk to a fellow actually hook up a guy from Cape Girardeau Missouri and he had he had probably 23 1900 Cape Girardeau tags and I was like how did you get so many of these and he found him around the courthouse in that town he they let him do the yard around there and he found all these dug around the courthouse I don’t know what if that’s always been the courthouse it’s just so hard to say but and I don’t know if they were left over kegger didn’t get issued that year and no one knew what to do with employed just took him outside and threw him in the grass who knows but very interesting yeah I know I you know I’ve had the same almost same type of situation where I was up against school and I guess they must have had a area where I guess maybe some of the kids must have had some lockers and I found probably about 300 locker tags and in fact I got so many of them that I stopped digging them so what I did was I started weeding it through the numbers and I started keeping all the double numbers are all the same numbers like we touched on earlier in the show went all the nice ones and through the other ones away but here we have 25 years later I wish I’d kept them all now yeah exactly all right yeah hmm there’s a collector base for dog tags i wonder if there’s collector basis for these other tag yep the water tanks yeah exactly and it’s patil because you never know I know when I was putting the promo out there were a number of people comment and saying what I didn’t even realize there was a collector base yeah I mean I keep I even keep all my beach tags here on again like I said on the beach when you were ish dude a locker at the beach they gave you a safety pin and on that safety pin it used to have the locker key and I can’t tell you how many you know over the years I’ve found from every number from one to ten thousand lips are red vehicle each text and they have the name of the beach where they came from so I never post that because then everybody knows where I’m going right right past pursuit posted that he found a milk-bone brand dog tag oh yeah and that been an advertising dog tag like the I’ve seen some of them too and he wants to know if they are hard to run across or if they are in fact collectible they are and that’s another thing within this hobby there’s basically three different types of tags I click the license tag of the tax tag what he’s referring to those

milk-bone tags that were basically an occasional tag yeah yeah it was kind of promote to you know whoever you went through I see rival dog food ones and the basic law you good ones yeah so few if you have paid and you can get your name and put on their self your dog got loose and someone read it on there can bring it back you got your phone number of your address on it or whatever so yeah there’s a collector base Rose it’s very small even lower than regular dog tag and there’s also rabies vaccine tags a you know Fred door issued by the pharmaceutical company that made the vaccine Pitman more i think is one of them there’s several different ones so so yeah within dog tags yeah there’s tax tags or license tags there’s the rabies tags and then there’s just the ID tags so yeah much less interest in those but there can be neat and sometimes you find them together if the whole ring of tags fell off together you’ll find the whole thing that’s always fun to see hmm I know you know also too we were talking about the safety pins that were provided for the key and used to put them attachment in bathing suit and of course the safety pin would break open because they were very you know cheaply made in the surf but you know I remember when I was a kid my dad telling me that when he used to get the keys they used to come with an elastic and the elastic would go around their wrists and so I found a few of them with the elastics still there they’re all run from being in the ground but you know I find them yeah yeah exactly yeah very nice a little different topic there but you know yeah it definitely definitely a pretty cool thing to find definitely add fun to see that the different era huh yeah well you know we talked a little bit too about that number one that I had from Kent County buddy of ours gave us some permission on his private property and I have to agree i think that you’ll probably find if that’s what you’re looking for specifically that’s probably the best place to go looking for i’m sure that’s a question that maybe somebody might want to ask you some time you know where would you go but to find a particular thing especially singled out like this on this particular show I think the you know a personal piece of property would probably be your best bet where you’re going to find a local dog tag that belong to that owner and I’m thinking that’s where you would probably be a good start yeah yeah there have been some private properties that I’ve been on to where I’ve hit them from I don’t know say the early 20s early 30s yep oh yeah yeah they’re out there there’s a found just about everywhere I found them in public parks I found them at the grounds that the University of Oregon has got lots of grounds here where I lived home of the Ducks no go there and go to Tecton and i found a san diego county california dog tag at the university to right in the middle the ground there so how that got there was like nineteen ninety or something where the date on the tag so so you just never know you don’t always find them from where your ad you can find them comment from all over yeah the stories he thought there would be interesting to know i was going to say his is another little aspect of it too is something that you can actually put with it a name of the dog oh that particular one from Kent County that I got that we talked about earlier in the program just prior to the program I actually know the name of the dog that went to sew on the back of the tag put a little tiny sticker i put the dog’s name on it and so that way if you know five or ten years i start to get a little crazy i love that is that that is very rare to get that information as I think the tag was dated nineteen twenty seven or something like I wasn’t spring old so yeah that’s amazing information you have there that’s good yes is this shows sometimes how much research we put into our finds that we make yeah yeah that was good most of them issuing agency that purge their files after only about 10 or 15 years I’ve had people one on you’ll get a hold of the agency and see if they can find out who owned it but that almost impossible to find that if it has any age to it at all yeah well when this technology maybe the database will start to you know keep all the information for a little longer than 15 years it’s sad to know that they’ve actually like you said courage that but ya knows you know maybe in the future that will be something that more people would get involved in it would be really cool to have the name of the dog or you know some of these livery tags to find out exactly what they were made for and what what they were you know who they hey I’m sure there were cows that were updated or somebody’s best friend at one time so yeah sure yeah I guess maybe they figured the dog wasn’t going to live much longer that so I need the information hard to say why they would do that but they just didn’t need that information for very long but yeah it’s one of those things the Baylor research you’re fine no matter what it be it’s so

fun but yeah you get shortstops pretty fast with dog tags if that’s what you’re looking for anyway unfortunately yes well and I know like what the token database you can make submissions online to that to help build their database of information I how do people get submissions to dr. bone for his book they just call you they call him el ser a website they can do it through or yeah well sometimes on that facebook you people will post stuff and if he sees it or if I prompt them to see it then he will we’ll make the make the changes or put it into his information yeah it’s uh we don’t have a database like that actually if you go on a token catalog com if you put in dog tax ortog license there’s actually plenty of people have posted dog tags or dogs I’ve actually found a few on there that were unreported we didn’t know about them i was amazed that they were on there i just happen to run across them so but yeah baby that is something we should start doing or think about somebody hasn’t because we’re not really on the internet the club anyway isn’t really I mean we both mostly deal you know in emails between each other but to report to put it into the database mostly just emails or phone calls or whatever we’d like to see the tag so you know to take a picture of it at least because we don’t have to actually see the actual tag in person just a picture of it just to verify what we’re what’s being reported then okay then we can change the database a lot of dog tag don’t have the state on it that’s another thing it just has the city’s name on there so if someone found it in that city we need to know that you know we need to hear from the finder you know that the metal detector strohauer was found you know to to to be able to properly attribute it just recently a guy in Trenton Utah which in the book the dog tag book there’s no listing for any known dog tag from Trenton Utah the guy was doing some sifting he found a 1928 dog tax tag and all says on it is trenton but you know you’re ninety-nine point nine percent sure it’s from trenton utah it’s the very first ever known to be from that town whether it be modern or old is pretty amazing to see that so so that’s the kind of information we need with the report we need that you know that you know there that you know the pedigree or you know how are you say to great condition it was found them yeah yeah cuz most are found in the area they were actually issued in yeah exactly so yeah so we’d love to hear from people if anybody know I could give out my email if that’s proper to do you I don’t know I lately if ya if you would like to share because that was another thing with the show I thought well a lot of people don’t realize that there is this resource of information out there and if they don’t know it’s out there they don’t know that they can contribute to it yes and we would love to get some you know it is to contribute and even if even if you don’t know I mean I did I wouldn’t know if you got something like I don’t get I don’t mind getting bombarded with emails you can send me emails all day long with pictures of dog tags I’ll look at it tell you if you got something we don’t have in our book I’d love to see what you got because it doesn’t necessarily be super old to be a new report I’ve been looking for a Monmouth Oregon which is just right outside of Salem Oregon and I know their dog tag there but I you know I’ve only seen very modern one so in the book there is absolutely no listing for Monmouth Oregon yet because I haven’t really got I wanted to get one with a little bit of a John just to be able to submit it but I’ve seen like 2013-2014 Monmouth or e so anyway it doesn’t necessarily have to be super old to be a new report and we’d love to get the reports yeah like you were saying there with trenton i mean what obviously his was older but it is the only known example right then yeah it was the first the other first reported yeah you just never know you know where when they’re these are going to pop up and and it’s so open-ended I mean that it’s its vast and this project of putting in the database is going to be just like the token database I mean it’s almost endless I mean every day there’s new submissions all the time you know there could be every day I guess it probably every day but it’s you know there’s plenty out there to be known we’d love to get the reports if anyone ever wants to email me my email address is odd coins at msn com or you can just get on my facebook too if you’re my facebook friend send me a picture through the facebook is fine that’s great no real is that is that um well we got another watch I grandma tea and she wants to know that you mentioned something about go tags earlier she know where they required in lots of areas or just a small area a very small area off the top of my head I can’t even think of who right where I seen the goat tag from but I guess it depends on that issuing agency that agency if they decided they needed in some more revenue and wanted

to make a tax they did it so yeah so what and we’re were they pretty much like off the top of your head the only animals that seem to have have went through the similar tagging process like that were the dogs and cats and goats yeah obviously dog is the main thing cats is pretty small i mean there’s plenty more of those but then after that there’s the like the delivery tags or the dre in canada the dre tag dr a wise another they’d have to do you can see tags that say double draining there was two horses on that one carriage or whatever yeah those remember yeah it’s interesting yeah the other I’ve seen most of those are out of Canada but um but I’ve seen some in the u.s. major more major cities yeah that’s interesting yeah absolutely as they say how about that late and it looks like they both learned a little something I certainly did like we mentioned earlier again you know prior to the show it doesn’t matter who you are how long you been doing it you can always learn from something ya ali and no knowledge is power it is right only just king that’s right so mr. Keebler actually had a pretty good question on he wanted to know if there are such a thing as a military animal tag never thought of hole there and that’s another area of collecting US air force bases yeah they would on that yeah I’ve seen here I’m trying to think of there’s any other military stuff but yes there is a military I had a fella down in California Samia Beale Air Force Base a dog tag and I can’t remember if it was for a tax or a license or feel as though or the vaccine tag actually and might of but yes there is yeah there’s a there’s plenty of those of the Air Force Base tags actually that’s something I’ve never found I’ve never seen anything like that yeah that that very neat actually a very good question i kind of forgot about that because they are hard to find hard to get hard to come across actually right now and with this book I imagine that it just basically documents the tags for the United States alone yeah that’s it yet has an overlap into anything else yet I I would hope that someone would pick up and I don’t know of any known publications for Canadian dog tag but there’s some really neat Canadian dog tags other guys cic on the farms people find some amazing dog tags out of the various cities and someone on there and there we just had posted in the chat from digging freedom that mr crabbin a found in 1881 dog tag over in the Netherlands wow yeah that’s amazing and that yep there’s the European ones are very old and and and they’re very elaborate beautiful tag see what’s amazing for how old they are they really put some thought into it some of the design they’re just beautiful I’ve seen one where got like a couple little kids fitting with a dog you know just so elaborate this they just really went to yet went all out on their tags and then whole address meal was odd coins at correct that’s right yeah odd coins Oh didi co INF all one word there and msn com yep that’s fine yeah because we had does somebody in the chat trying to confirm and do you have a email address for dr. bone or do you just basically everything just kind of goes through you oh you can do it that way in the man he’d more than what he’s a super nice guy he’ll he’ll respond to you too also that’s great them yeah and i got i don’t i didn’t do verify if it’s okay to give out his email address so maybe I’m I can maybe worried yeah we should just leave that with they can go three and you yeah if they need a more direct contact maybe you can take care of that in a not so public fashion yeah i just did verify and also and he offered this a few months ago and i forgot to verify with him that he’s still doing it I’d like I said I last October when visited him he literally has millions of dog tags he has a dog tag room that has Rubbermaid buckets that are to the top of dog tags he is trying to give he’s trying to give these tagged away so he was giving out packages of dozens of dog tags all you had to do is email him your address name an address and he would send you dog takes for free and he tried to get him for your area what you’re interested in because he’s got him separated and so I night and I was going to make that phone call that I got busy at work and forgot to make that phone call to him but um I will yeah I will load a double check with that and make sure he’s still doing that cuz i can’t imagine he giving away all those dog tags i went there and stayed a week with him I went I got to

go through two of the buckets he had about 20 of those buckets full of tens of thousands of dog tags I went through two of them staying up till midnight every night and look through looking for the stuff I’m interested in I barely I barely made a dent in them so i’m waiting for the day to go back to visit him to be able to look through a more so yeah and how is huge in the mule is he gettin to from people they just send it in to him or Rosie RC yeah he got all those I like that he’s been doing it for over 40 years so it’s a hundred accumulation he’s gotten them from agency that just the leftovers don’t know they did an issue him they’d order a few thousand a year and if they didn’t use them all they would just send him the rest I he’s bought in collections and that’s one thing is when you get it you look through a question of people who collect them and there’s usually only a few tags are interested in but people don’t want it to sell those few they want to sell the whole collection so so you just get he gets multiples or just extra stuff and he just puts them away and yeah and I was absolutely mind-boggling allowing to go visit him and to see him his holdings yeah if it was Florida how much how was he laid over 40 years right I wasn’t sure if he was a metal detectorists also and that’s how he kind of get started but the weather you clarified that’s that’s pretty cool yeah and he got into it from you know being the vet dr. so you know he kind of got interested that way seeing the dog tags and thought it would be a neat collectible but no he’s not in the metal detecting he’s yeah he actually lined me up with a loss of areas that metal effect when I went to go visit him last year and we had a great time going around and had a fun time in Western Kentucky yeah unfortunately didn’t find any dog tags out there not in the ground but I found another stuff though it was a black and you say that this is his his newest addition how many editions have been done already called actually well he called it this one I have now it still says a second edition but he does he every few years when he gets a lot of new reports he will he’ll he’ll revise it and put the additions in there the new reports and new listings and and then he’ll print some more of them he does it all himself he produce you know he uh publishers himself and has it done if he’ll make I think 20 of them at a time and when he gets down and seldom then he’ll make some more so you know is really are a very unique books yes yes it is yeah it’s very unique and I’m not sure how many on this last time when he printed these up how many have left of them so it’ll probably another year or two before he prints anymore and but if you become a member of the is al see the only ten dollar years very cheap to be a member he will put in the new addition in the we have a quarterly newsletter called paw prints so it just you know it’s just kind of like a newsletter and there’s a whole section in there for so so you can update your own book instead of having to buy the new book when it comes out if you don’t want to have to pay $65 your new book you can keep up on all the new additions and had men just revise your own book you know hand write it in there yeah right and I assume there’s probably some sort of a notification and newsletter when these new books do become available oh yeah he will navya advertise it through the paw prints art and send out emails to all of us his mailing list and he posted on the facebook is a LCS posting there or the facebook page yeah so if anybody is interested and getting added to that let me know I can do that for them if they’d like to see they not to become a member of the club and pay to be a member they can just be added to the page and see what’s happening hmm yeah i’d be interested in seeing some of that stuff going on that’s interesting the book is very unique the topic is very it’s it’s something different it’s something you don’t normally hear people talk about yeah and if you’re not thinking about and looking for you probably don’t see much about it but when you start looking into it and going looking forward now coin shops antique shops the flea markets when you start looking for it and what you find is absolutely amazing it’s cool they’re out there you just gotta go look for it right yeah I’m sure probably kind of threw you for a loop when I contact did you say hey how do you feel about being on a show to think about this oh yeah it’s awesome I could talk for hours and unfortunately longer I talk the louder i get my wife always makes fun of me because i get to way too excited enough that’s the passion exactly yeah i mean rang when you’re excited about a subject and you’re passionate about it you got to show it that I loved and that’s part of the fun of doing this I got into dog tag men and doing this I’m actually probably one of the biggest contributors to his book other than Bill bone himself to send in reports that’s kind of part of the hobby to of how much time I spend doing that fine and just searching out new reports checking the book to see what new for some reason inside me I think it’s really important to do that

other guys don’t really care you know they don’t they don’t think it’s that important they just like getting their dog tags so so we’re in just another aspect of the hobbies is just another it’s another treasure hunt without actually having to put out the money or the effort just to see it and be able to report it you feel like you did something don’t it would surprise me after tonight’s show if you get quite a bit of emails or some personal imes with people showing you some new tags that you haven’t seen before so I my fingers crossed I hope I nap so yeah yeah I’m hoping so yeah I don’t yet I don’t mind getting Bombardier’s emails if I get 200 emails i’ll be happy great they may even contact you for your address and say hey guys got some I’d like to sing or oh yeah I’d love to see them and I’m very generous with my offers and i trade my silver coins for more pay cash money for them it’s yeah it’s fun but that’s secondary to the to my hobby and just like to see them and like to talk to people yes I a lot of Mellie tickers don’t like to give up their fines and that’s fine I totally understand because I’m one of those guys so if they just want to report it and show it to me that’s great that’s happy it makes me happy yeah that’s awesome well I hope that I hope it works out I hope that you get quite a bit information on who knows hey even if you get one that you can put into the book tonight after tonight show that’s a plus that’s something you didn’t have before so you know that’s that I hope it works is if that happens deal would you please let us know I will I will definitely let you know I will let you know what all comes through and hopefully I get to report lots of fun stuff to you because I’m sure this is something where some people were you know they honestly did not know that this information was there so they have probably tuned in tonight just out of sheer curiosity whereas other people do have an interest in the subject and maybe they tuned in because of their genuine interest in the subject so it should be interesting yeah I’m sure we’ll get some sort of reports or whatever to tell you about and yeah I’ll give you a breath and re uh would you and we’ve already probably covered that but one more time would you like to let people know where to find you in case they would like to send you some images yes please do don’t don’t hesitate you know bug to me you can send an email to me odd coins @ that’s all one word odd coins ODB co AI NS @ or you can find me on Facebook Neil McIlroy my avatar picture is always of a various dog tag in my collection so if you do word search for her name search for Neil McIlroy’s should be able to find me pretty fastening and send me these pictures through there no problem dumb sure they’ll probably see they’ve got mutual friends in common as well oh yeah I’ve got dozen with detectorist friends on my facebook so yeah right well before we let you go I know Layton had mentioned some of his tags do you have any like one favorite tag that kind of jumps to the front of your mind one of my recent tags i acquired daksa justin within the last week or so it’s from Mount Sterling Illinois 1907 serial number one was found by Lee and I don’t remember his last name madam right offhand use out of Illinois obvious yeah he found that and took me a couple weeks of writing to him and negotiating them and and an over offer I’ve paid probably more for that tag than I have just about any other tag but yeah I did a lot of silver coins and some cash money and finally made it he didn’t want to give it up but i told him i have so passionate about I couldn’t it I could hardly sleep at night when I see him post that on his facebook he found us 1907 Mount Sterling Illinois tag server 1 oh my god I gotta no I can’t leave that you said I’m gonna make you a deal you can’t refuse yes this tag yeah that’s what I basically did to the guy and I felt bad for bugging him but I couldn’t put he finally gave in and was nice and now we actually made other made some other trades for other tags we had in his collection and yeah so and yeah just about depleted my whole silver horde that I had my over offerings is fine that’s fine with me if that’s what I think in if you do collect anything and your collector don’t don’t worry as a bait to put out the money for it if that’s what I put out the money it’s worth it to you if you want it to put up the money or trade do the trade get your get what you want that’s right lately you may not ever come by again that’s right doing why you tend the time to buy is when you see it into that right exactly well we certainly appreciates you for taking the time to sit down and discuss this interesting topic tonight Neil well that’s a great pleasures online guy that was awesome all right well I guess we’re pretty much at the end of our rope so hang in there with me guys for everyone else hey it has

certainly been an interesting time we appreciate everyone for dropping by tuning in tonight if you thought it was an interesting topic or you enjoyed the show drop us a like you know click the hands throw us some stars if you’ve got a topic you’d like to hear I’m not hard to find people know where to find me for sure let me know send me a message somebody you’d like to hear on the show also advanced promo it hasn’t even showed up on facebook yet but october 21st Frank can dozy we will be talking about ghost town hunting and we’ve got a few other shows coming up about those towns until then though thanks for tuning in everyone stay tuned and you know we will certainly be around and we’ll be back next week we’ll see if folks you