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Hey you guys! Phoebe here from Little Grey Box with Matt behind the camera and today we are in beautiful New Zealand because we are doing an amazing RV road trip all the way from Christchurch down to Milford Sound and back. Now we’re gonna be covering roughly 1700 kilometres visiting beautiful mountains, amazing ski fields and some of the South Island’s most gorgeous spots along the way (music) Now there is one really important thing you guys need to know and that is that we are doing this road trip without very best friend! Laker: Hey you guys! This is Laker, he is our all-time best friend the three of us are just hanging out in a van having an amazing time. This is the trip of a lifetime the kind of thing you look back on with fond memories forever Laker: Oh it’s amazing so far we’ve only just started Oh! Day one! We’re kicking things off in a place we haven’t visited before at Aoraki Mount Cook National Park Now Aoraki / Mount Cook is actually the tallest mountain in New Zealand It stands at 3,764 meters high you guys to give you an idea of just how high that is Sir Edmund Hillary used it as a training ground before he tackled Everest Yeah it’s that big. Now it forms part of New Zealand’s stunning Southern Alps that is the mountain range which runs the entire length of the South Island What we decided to do is take the Hooker Valley Track as a way to see it now that is just one way to do it there are so many others there’s mountaineering stargazing all kinds of adventure activities including scenic flights that you can do out here but we decided to do a little bit of trekking. Now unfortunately for us we’ve come out here in the Hooker Valley Track is closed as you’ll see behind me so we did get to see a little bit of the area which is really lovely but it would have been nice to do the whole thing Now the whole track is 10 kilometres return it is just one trail in and out and it’s meant to be spectacular you have mountains on either side of you it should take around three to four hours to complete and I would recommend packing a picnic lunch that you can bring with you so you can sit somewhere beautiful and soak it all in because this is just perfect (music) (Laker strumming out a TUNE! Can you guess it?) Alright you guys this is it! our motorhome ain’t she grand Now this has been organized for us by the incredible team at Motorhome Republic I reached out to them and asked if they would want to work together after falling in love with them last year when we were planning our Canada trip and they said yes so a huge thank you to them Now we picked up the motorhome yesterday from Christchurch that was right near Christchurch Airport and we drove from Christchurch to Twizel where we spent the night at the Twizzle Holiday Park this morning we woke up and we drove right here to Aoraki Mount Cook National Park Now let me give you a little bit of a look inside this beast because it is equipped with absolutely everything you need like literally we just had some people from Beijing walk over and say ‘Hey can we have a look we’ve never seen anything quite like this’ so we’re giving tours may as well give you one… come on! So through here we have a Laker this is our side door you guys it is so tall in here… plenty of head height we’ve got all of our switches for all of our electronics up here to my right you’ll have a look when Matt gets in we’ve got one of the beds so that’s where Matt and I are sleeping above the kind of driving area we’ve got our breakfast nook this is where we’ve been eating our meals and kind of hanging out of a morning and an evening we’ve got so much storage Matt’s falling over! We’ve got so much storage in all of these places but what we decided to do was unpack all our luggage in there because our big bulky hardshell suitcases were taking up too much room and in hindsight it was a much better idea to pack soft bags instead of big suitcases so I would recommend that but even if you do bring suitcases you can just do what we did unpack in here and use all this storage so you can find your stuff easily now when it comes to cooking we’ve got a full burner cooktop here we’ve got three gas elements and

one of these hobs we’ve got a grill check this out all of our cooking stuff is in here we’ve got our plunger for coffee, essential We’ve got all of our bowls and plates all about cooking implements everything we could need and then come down here we’ve got our sink we have a microwave, toaster, kettle, space heater we’ve got a mirror here through here is a little bathroom but to be honest with you we’ve just been using the showers at the Holiday Park just so we can like get out of the van away from each other for five minutes and have some alone time and to be really quite frank that toilet is just for numero uno, not numero dos then back here we’ve got our little fridge and this area now this area is where Laker has been sleeping but this actually moves out so this can also be a seating area or a dining area but we kind of liked it like this and decided just to leave it there so we can just lay around and hang out and enjoy ourselves so ours is the Maui Platinum River Motorhome and it is just perfect it is a really good size for us it’s really easy to drive, it is diesel and we are having no problems whatsoever so I ten out of ten recommend you guys the amount of freedom this thing is giving us it is like the road trip of our dreams this is the kind of adventure you have once in a lifetime and never ever ever forget about it we have been dreaming of doing something like this our whole lives and we finally made it happen and we just couldn’t be any happier Matt: What are you doing Phoebs? Alright… and for lunch, we are trying to eat really healthy um… we are having some beautiful hommus and salad and veggie and bean wraps and we’re probably gonna have those with maybe some crisps or something like that so these are super easy to make and we picked up everything we needed grocery wise from the Countdown near Christchurch Airport but you could stop at any supermarket and like I said we’ve got everything we need on board it’s so easy (music) We are in Wanaka one of my favourite places in New Zealand now Wanaka is based on the southern end of Lake Wanaka which you can see behind me it is also the access point to the Southern Alps Mount Aspiring National Park now you guys that place is chock full of activities and in fact there’s so much you can see and do from Wanaka itself including great ski fields like Cardrona and Treble Cone there are loads of great restaurants cafes, pubs, bars in town over there not only that but it is a great base for activities like skydiving, snowshoeing horse riding, trekking, four-wheel driving there are Warbirds Over Wanaka which is like a plane exhibit and you can also do some great scenic flights from this place as well and of course, everything lake related. Now you guys I love Wanaka for one reason in particular and that’s because it is so laid-back. All the times that we’ve come here and kind of connected with locals the story has been that people have moved here, they’ve come here on holidays and then they’ve moved to you because they’ve loved it so much so I tend to find that makes the locals really appreciative of the area and it sets the tone. Where Queenstown is kind of your party zone, Wanaka is a bit more laid-back and you know me, that’s my vibe (music) So we’re trying to take a cute photo for Instagram and look at these little ducks they want to be friends Namaste ducks, you are beautiful! I love you Subscribe to my channel (music)

So this is where we are staying tonight right here at the Glendhu Bay Motor Camp Now I found this place online and I was feeling you guys It is the only lakeside holiday park in Wanaka and it is just beautiful so let me show you behind us… wow! So we have got these beautiful mountains behind us the Southern Alps, of course, we’re gonna be able to see Mount Aspiring in the morning we’ve got the lake we’ve got everything we could possibly need with a powered site now for three adults for two nights it was a $108 New Zealand dollars and I think that is fantastic value it goes perfectly with our Motorhome Republic camper look at us and you guys, come and have a look at this guy so Laker’s going to entertain us but really we have everything we need here I mean there’s showers there’s laundry facilities there’s Wi-Fi there’s fire pits there’s barbecue areas there’s even hot tubs which we’re hoping to try tomorrow night after skiing but look I can’t think of a better place to stay in Wanaka (music) So we thought we’d come somewhere we have never been before for dinner and we are here at The Prince Albert aptly named because it is in Albert Town which is a little bit outside of Wanaka Town not a far drive maybe five or ten minutes now this place has some great beers some great drinks and you guys the menu is fantastic if you love burgers this is your spot we have had so much fun today it’s amazing how much you can pack into one day already but we are not done we have so much fun planned for tomorrow including a full day up at Cardrona. Laker’s gonna learn how to snowboard which is incredible oh my gosh I’m gonna have you ski buddy! So you guys we’re gonna get some rest right now… well I am, I think these two are going to the pub to watch the State of Origin. I am gonna get some rest right now and I will see you in the morning Good morning you guys we just had a great sleep in our beautiful RV and we are up bright and early this morning because you cannot come to New Zealand in the winter and not take advantage of the snow so today we are going to Cardrona. Now Cardrona and Treble Cone are both within close driving distance of Wanaka but I have to say I think Cardrona is my favorite just because it has more runs that are better suited to my very low skill level so we’re gonna be at three different skill levels today Matt the expert Laker is a total novice and for once in my life I’m not gonna be the absolute newbie and I’m so, so excited So we’re gonna give you a look at Cardrona show you some of the runs, show you some of the food options and guys you know when we’re making these snow videos there’s one thing we like to say Shred it (music) Before we head up the mountain we are just making a quick stop here at Charlie Brown now they have amazing coffees, delicious crepes and all things yummy this is a great way to start your day… we just had some coffee in our RV and now this is going to be our proper breakfast before we head up the mountain on the shuttle you guys… yum now they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options so no matter what your dietary requirements they’ve got you covered (music) Alright we’re all kitted out, so we’ve done our gear rental, we’ve got our lift passes it’s really quite warm here today, albeit quite What is this? Not overcast but there’s a bit of cloud cover it should um… yeah it should clear up in the afternoon in the meantime not many queues because we timed our visit outside the school holidays you guys so we’re gonna get out there shred it! Laker: shred life! Shred life! (music) All of that shredding builds up one heck of an appetite you guys and we have come here to the Noodle Bar this is where we ate last time we visited and because we were here in school holidays it was really busy but today it’s really lovely and quiet you can see the snow outside it’s just lovely and I have ordered this vegan bento box

What! Now they have a great menu they have so many different dietary requirements covered, gluten-free, vegan vegetarian, dairy free meat lover whatever you are… this looks incredible let’s jump in and try something cause I don’t even know what half of this is…what’s up with this thing? What is that? (mumbling) it’s delicious! Matt: are you dressing each other? We’re best friends, it’s not weird Is it normal? it’s normal! We’re wearing matching outfits that we bought on purpose because we wanted to match And looking very sexy Absolutely! (music) Alright, so Laker’s done his private two-hour lesson with one of the amazing guides here, Roy and he’s about to show us what he’s learnt Hey you guys, this is Roy my instructor my first time snowboarding and this is the best student I have never taught before Phoebe: this guy! What’s he doing? Good morning you guys so we are waking up here again at Glendhu Bay Motor Camp in Wanaka, we had a great night’s sleep feels like we just starting to figure things out, we know where everything is in the van, we’re starting to work like a well-oiled machine we’re making dinner we’re playing cards and we’re getting a great night’s sleep it’s been amazing so far Now today, we’re actually doing something really exciting I’ve been telling Laker that we’re going snowshoeing when in actual fact we’re going skydiving in about 45 minutes and he has no idea. Matt and I have been talking it up so hard we’re like get ready for snowshoeing! He’s been asking us loads of questions, we’ve been lying through our teeth about it and he literally has no clue so we’re about to tell him when he gets back from the shower blocks and see what he thinks see if he’s ready to jump out of a perfectly good plane in about 45 minutes from now Good morning you guys so we are waking up in Glendhu Bay this morning we’ve got the mountains behind us How’d you sleep? Look at that! Oh amazing like a bug in a rug Like a bug in a rug except we’re bugs in RV’s and today you guys we are you doing something really really exciting we are going snowshoeing are you excited? Woo! I am Have you ever been snowshoeing? Never, first time that’s exciting I’ve put tennis racquets on my feet before but never actual snowshoes It’s gonna be exactly like that What if I told you that we’re not going snowshoeing today What are we doing? We’re going skydiving What! No! Did you have any idea? Nooooo! We’re going skydiving in about 40 minutes from now Holy %$*! No! You shouldn’t have eaten such a big breakfast No way! We’re jumpin out of a plane? Yes Holy #!*$ We’re going to Skydive Wanaka, we’re gonna drive there right now we can get strapped up and we’re gonna go up we’re gonna jump out of a perfectly good plane, I’m shaking I’m so excited I really wanted to go snowshoeing….no! We’re jumping out of a plane? it’s happening oh I’m not prepared I’m getting the jitter, I wish I was one of those people that was like really like ‘oh yeah no big deal’ I’m not, I’m so excited and nervous and oh my gosh I’m floored (tense music) Oh my god, I’m so nervous I’m cold and sweating all at once no comment (music)

That was epic there are no words to describe how much fun that was from start to finish the team at Skydive Wanaka are so professional it is so beautiful you get a scenic flight on the way up you know Sam who was strapped to my back he was like pointing out all the different places we could see Queenstown Mount Aspiring, Mount Cook we could see so much from up there and the moment that door opens your like… wow I’m really about to jump out of this thing and then bang you are out and just the smile on my face I was screaming, hooting, hollering the adrenaline was pumping I was so happy I just felt alive you guys and in that moment you just feel like this is what life is all about moments like these so I cannot recommend Skydive Wanaka enough and it is the perfect perfect complement to this awesome trip that we’re doing these are the kinds of memories you have forever and I am so so grateful for them it just… yeah, it’s amazing And that brings our first video of our NZ road trip to a close so far we have covered from Christchurch here to Wanaka but we have a long way to go so make sure you tune in for our next videos so you can see more of this epic adventure thank you so much for watching you guys I hope you enjoyed this video now if you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say hello in the comments below have a great weekend and I will see you next week love ya!