[ POE 3.12 ] Scourge Arrow Ranger Build Guide – Path of Exile: Heist

Hello and welcome to another Path of Exile build guide! Now that you’ve got a little sample of what the fantastic Scourge Arrow can do, you probably understand why this is one of the most popular bow skills out there And with Blight league bringing a ton of improvements to poison mechanics, it’s in a better shape than ever before! So let’s dive right into it and talk a bit about the build’s overall capabilities A great league starter, it doesn’t actually rely too much on gear up to mid-tier maps so clearing story mode and dipping your toes in Atlas farming can be easily done with self-found gear Even if you wish to invest a bit of currency in equipment, a few chaos orbs for each piece will go a long way and the build works very well on tighter budgets But that should not be a problem as this is one of the best farming builds in the game – once you get the ball rolling you’ll level up incredibly fast and clear maps in no time There are very few other builds that can compete with it when it comes to clearing entire screens with a single shot Its incredible speed coupled with almost permanent uptime for all your flasks makes it an insane delving machine Add Phasing in the mix and darkness diving becomes a walk in the park And as with any respectable farmer out there, you can run literally all map mods Depending on how low you get your Scourge Arrow cost you might need to bring a mana flask for no regen maps Apart from that, it’s all smooth sailing However, the excellent mass-clearing potential does come with a downside: single-target damage is not exactly great While it can kill bosses, this is definitely not its strongest point and it takes quite a bit longer than other builds With some serious investment in best-in-slot gear pieces even this downside is almost completely mitigated so you have the option of making it a jack-of-all-trades, master of everything Lastly, while it does have several defensive layers and solid effective HP, I would still not recommend it for Hardcore play as it is, at the end of the day, an evasion-based build Up to you if you take your chances So, with this being said, let’s see how you actually go about getting all that The guide is divided into seven main sections: build overview, passive tree and leveling, ascendancy, pantheon, gems and links, gear flasks and jewels and finally “pros & cons” In the video description below you’ll find a link for importing the entire build guide in “Path Of Building” tool It includes the passive tree broken down into level brackets, example gear and a detailed “Notes” section on gearing, stats priorities and gems With that out of the way, it’s time to lay out the build overview As the name implies it, the build revolves around Scourge Arrow, one of the most interesting bow skills in the game It can be broken down into three components, each with its own simple mechanics First is the channeling part which quickly builds up to 5 stages, each of them granting huge amounts of additional damage The higher your attack speed, the faster you’ll obtain these Releasing the channeled attack fires an arrow which pierces through all enemies and deals some decent amount of damage on hit As the arrow travels it creates spore pods in its path, one for each stage that was built while channeling After a short delay all the spores explode, each shooting 9 thorn arrows in all directions So channeling for a longer time not only grants more damage but also additional spores, greatly boosting your clearing potential Obviously, many times channeling all the way to 5 stages is overkill and even 1 or 2 pods can easily clear most packs You can even just tap the skill as you would with a normal attack and you’ll still get one pod Here I should also mention that there is an interesting interaction with “additional arrow” affixes such as the ones that can be found on a Shaper quiver or on Death’s Harp unique bow While this does not increase the total number of pods, they will be distributed along the paths of both arrows This way a large target, such as a boss, can get hit on average by more thorn arrows Both the initial arrow as well as the pod arrows are dealing chaos damage and each hit will apply a stack of poison Poison is an ailment that deals chaos damage over time and there is no limit to how many poison stacks an enemy can have Modifiers such as damage over time, chaos damage, poison damage or just pure increased damage will directly affect your poison stacks In terms of defenses, this build sports a very high chance to dodge both spells and attacks, huge amounts of evasion, solid HP as well as plenty of mechanisms that disable or cripple enemies Couple that with your insane mobility and permanent uptime for your flasks and you obtain a really hard to kill character And speaking of flasks, they are a crucial component of this build In fact the entire Ascendancy class, the Pathfinder, revolves around flasks and having at least one of them up at all times However, as always, I will talk about all these in much greater detail in the passives,

gems and gearing sections respectively And speaking of which, let’s actually start with the passive tree and leveling You begin as a Ranger and immediately grab a few DPS notable passives such as “Finesse” and “Toxic Strikes” as well as some defensive ones like “Heart of Oak” and “Primal Spirit” As you can see you’re already starting to work on flask effectiveness and poison damage and even if Scourge Arrow is not available until level 28, you can use Caustic Arrow or Toxic Rain until then In Act 2 double-down on poison damage and chance to poison on hit by taking “Swift Venoms” wheel Then grab “Farsight” for a large amount of attack speed, accuracy and damage over time In this act you’ll also complete “Deal with the Bandits” quest and pretty much as always the best option is to kill them all and obtain two additional passive points While leveling through acts 3 and 4 pump some more DPS through “Master Fletcher” and “Acuity” There’s pretty much no wasted modifier on these passives: bow damage, accuracy, attack speed, damage over time – you need each and every one of them At this point it’s also wise to invest a bit in defenses and getting “Acrobatics” and “Phase Acrobatics” will drastically improve your survivability Dodge is a completely separate avoidance mechanic and it’s an additional layer of defense on top of evasion After that top everything off with “Herbalism” for a large amount of life as well as boosting your flasks even further In acts 5 and 6 go towards the upper part of the tree and push your poison damage some more with “Fatal Toxins”, “Hunter’s Gambit” and “Fangs of the Viper” Finish off with “Revenge of the Hunted” for a solid chunk of life and evasion As encounters get a bit tougher, acts 7 and 8 are a more balanced mix: “Entropy”, “Coordination” and “Trickery” will take care of the damage part This mostly comes in the form of attack speed and increased damage over time Meanwhile, “Blood Siphon”, “Resourcefulness” and “Blood Drinker” along with their adjacent nodes will boost all your defenses At this point in the game bosses and rare mobs become increasingly harder so it’s a perfect time to start using Wither + Spell totem combo against these targets I will however describe this setup in greater details in the “Gems” section Moving on to Acts 9 and 10, the first order of business is to grab “Method to the Madness” wheel for a large amount of Chaos damage as well as Chaos resistance After that it’s time to focus on defenses once more and grabbing “Sentinel” as well as “Constitution” should see to that On the way you should also pick up “Profane Chemistry” for some extra flask efficiency Finally, at this point you’ll get the first jewel socket of the build and since there aren’t any skill specific ones, use the best rare you have With the campaign out of the way, you’ll start going through the Atlas and by level 80 your first target is fill in the so called wheel of life from the Scion starting area I know it might not seem like you’re making much progress but boosting your HP is a very important defensive mechanism in Path of Exile All the DPS in the world is useless if you’re dead From this point, up to level 90, start heading towards “Dirty Techniques” at the bottom of the passive tree Then grab one of the best life passives in the entire tree, “Golem’s Blood” I know it looks like a lot of traveling to get down to these nodes, but trust me, they’re totally worth it! Finally, as this build is a farming beast, there’s a high chance you’ll push to level 100 with it, so the final points can be used to grab 2 additional jewel sockets and “Unpredictable Offensive” for some extra damage and stun avoidance And that about wraps it up for the passive tree and leveling Up next I’ll be covering the Ascendancy class which empowers pretty much every aspect of the build The Ascendancy of choice is the badass Pathfinder, a sort of nature hippie, Alchemist archtype This subclass mainly focuses on poison and flasks so make sure you use them constantly First points go to “Nature’s Reprisal”: this provides a significant buff to your chaos damage and, more importantly, helps spread poison to nearby enemies after you kill a monster This has a huge impact on your efficiency making it possible to clear entire screens with a single well-placed shot After completing Cruel Labyrinth take “Master Toxicist”, the staple node for this Ascendancy This passive alone will account for about 20% of your entire damage, as long as you have at least one flask effect ongoing The third passive is “Nature’s Boon” which will generate 3 flask charges every 3 seconds for all your flasks You also gain 20% chance not to consume any charges whenever you use a flask These bonuses allow you to have literally permanent uptime for your flasks, even during boss fights Finally, after completing Uber Labyrinth, grab “Nature’s Adrenaline” for some very solid attack speed and movement speed bonuses during the effect of any flask Now I’m quite sure you’ll punch the monitor if I’ll say flask one more time, but I feel like I can’t stress this enough: the entire Ascendancy revolves around permanently having flask buffs UP It also provides the necessary means to constantly refill your bottles so there’s no excuse not to use them all the time! With the ascendancy out of the way, we can take a quick look at the Pantheon choices Generally speaking Pantheon choices are situational and there isn’t a “best” pair that will outperform all others in every encounter However, there are certain options that complement specific builds quite well in a wide range of scenarios For this particular case, here are my recommendations: For the major god, “Soul of the Brine King” is likely the optimal choice – stuns are basically a death sentence to high speed, mobile builds which rely on good positioning to stay out of harm’s way If you can get some decent stun avoidance elsewhere then “Soul of Lunaris” provides

very solid defensive bonuses that synergize well with the evasion and dodge focus of this build As for the minor god, the optimal choice is likely “Soul of Garukhan” for some extra movement speed or evasion Alternatively “Soul of Ralakesh” is a solid option for Blind and Maim immunity, ensuring you’re not incapacitated against tougher mobs Having covered the pantheon choices, we can now focus on one of the most important aspects of any build: gems and links As usual I’ll start off with the main skill, “Scourge Arrow” and its support gems First in line is the very interesting “Mirage Archer” – whenever you hit an enemy with an arrow a sort of ghost of yourself will appear on your back and will continue using Scourge Arrow on its own, targeting nearby enemies It will do so for a few seconds, regardless of what you’re doing during that time: moving around, blinking, using other skills, etc While the DPS output is lower than that of other support gems, this gem is invaluable during boss fights or encounters that require a lot of movement Instead of doing zero damage during that time, the mirage archer will keep shooting and most importantly will continue applying poison stacks on enemies Next support is “Added Chaos Damage”, a very simple and straight-forward gem – as the name suggests it, it adds a very large amount of flat chaos damage to the skill One thing worth mentioning here is that this gem gains A LOT of damage from levels As such, I strongly recommend trying to get a level 21 gem through corruption The best way to do this is to level up several “Added Chaos Damage” gems in your secondary weapons set Once they’re level 20, use the gemcutter’s recipe to get them to 20% quality If you’re unfamiliar with this method, check out my “Tips and Tricks” guide by clicking on that “i” thing in the upper right corner Finally, once these gems are lvl 20 with 20% quality use a Vaal orb on them and hope for the best If you’re lucky, you’ll get a lvl 21 gem with 20% quality If you’re unlucky it can lose a level or quality and become corrupted in the process, preventing you from using another Vaal orb on that gem again Moving on to next support gem, “Unbound Ailments” is all about boosting the damage done by ailments And if you remember, in the build overview section I’ve mentioned that poison is an ailment On top of that it also significantly increases the duration of each poison stack, indirectly boosting your overall damage in longer fights 5th support is “Deadly Ailments”, another pure damage gem that buffs your poison damage And the final support gem is the rather interesting “Infused Channeling” – as you channel Scourge Arrow you’ll gain a buff that boosts its damage quite significantly This “Infusion” buff also grants a strong defensive bonus against damage types which match Scourge Arrow’s tags Namely: Attack, Projectile, Channeling, Chaos and Bow The Scourge Arrow setup should ideally be socketed into a body armour having the affix “Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost” Without that mana sustain becomes a real problem once you have 6 links and you’ll need to turn off an aura to have enough unreserved mana Next gem setup is “Wither” which applies a stacking debuff on enemies, causing them to take increased chaos damage as well as slowing them down Since Wither has a very high Intelligence requirement but at the same time doesn’t gain that much from additional levels, you can keep it at level 12 or 13 This brings the INT requirement in line with a max level Added Chaos Damage support, making gearing much easier Since you’ll be too busy channeling and firing arrows to cast this, the first support gem is “Spell Totem” With it casting Wither will instead summon a totem that repeatedly uses the skill for you While totems can be destroyed and have a limited time, it’s still far more efficient for quickly applying a few debuff stacks while you keep using Scourge Arrow You then double-down on this with “Multiple Totems” support gem – this makes it so you get two totems with each cast instead of one and increases the maximum number you can have active up to 3 However, 2 totems should generally be sufficient so you only need to cast it once most of the time Finally, add “Faster Casting” support so the totems get to spam more Wither stacks before they’re destroyed or expire Up next are the auras and first one is “Herald of Agony” While technically not an aura, for the purpose of this build it acts as one so we’ll just call it that It provides increased poison damage as well as additional chance to poison on hit, helping you reach 100% While this herald is active, whenever you poison an enemy you gain a buff called Virulence which stacks up to 40 The herald also summons a spider minion which gains increased damage with each Virulence stack However this build doesn’t focus at all on this minion so its damage is pretty much irrelevant Next aura is the very interesting “Summon Skitterbots” In practice this summons two permanent and invulnerable minions First one generates a chilling aura, reducing enemies’ movement and attack speed while the second shocks nearby enemies, greatly increasing the damage they take from any source A great 2 in 1 defensive and offensive aura for a decent mana reservation cost Third aura is Precision which grants a really solid amount of accuracy, helping you reach 100% chance to hit Unlike most auras it doesn’t reserve a percentage of your mana pool, but rather a flat amount which increases with each level of the gem This allows you to fine tune how much you level it up, according to the size of your mana pool and the amount of accuracy you actually need If you’re already at 100% chance to hit, there’s no real reason to further level up Precision The last gem in this setup is “Enlighten” which lowers the mana reservation cost of

all linked auras However, do note that it needs to be at least level 2 to have any impact and ideally you should aim for level 3 or 4 to get a significant benefit Finally since we’re talking about auras, there’s an additional one that you can obtain by wearing “Fenumus’ Weave” gloves: Aspect of the Spider This aura periodically casts spider web debuffs on all nearby enemies, slowing them down and causing them to take increased damage The gloves themselves provide a huge amount of chaos damage against webbed enemies so they’re a perfect match for the build However do note that you cannot link or support this aura with any gems Next setup is a “Cast When damage Taken” one – as the name suggests it, this trigger gem will automatically cast other linked active gems after you receive a certain amount of damage The higher the level of this gem, the more damage is needed to be triggered but also allows for the linked active gems to be higher as well As such it is always good to find an optimal balance between how often this setup is triggered and how far you push the level of the gems For this reason I suggest keeping Cast when Damage Taken at level 7 First triggered gem is “Immortal Call” which grants a powerful defensive buff that reduces both physical and elemental damage you take for a short period Then you have “Blood Rage”, a very strong offensive gem – it provides a solid amount of attack speed and life leech as well as a chance to gain a Frenzy charge on kill In turn Frenzy charges provide even more attack speed and damage However blood rage also has a downside, a damage over time debuff that constantly drains your HP Still, this is easily offset with some life regen from various sources The last gem in this setup is a curse and it can be either “Despair” or “Temporal Chains” Ideally, you should get Despair from other sources, for example as an affix on your bow or from Witchfire Brew flask I’ll go over these options a bit later on in the gearing section Normally the curse limit is just 1 so if you already have Despair from your items, you cannot really use Temporal Chains as well A solution to this is to anoint “Whispers of Doom” passive on your amulet, increasing the curse cap by 1 Another option is to use a body armour with the affix “You can apply an additional curse” “Despair” increases damage-over-time against cursed enemies as well as reducing their chaos resistance and providing some additional flat chaos damage It is quite an obvious choice for a build that revolves around poison “Temporal Chains” slows down time for the affected enemies – what this means in practice is that their attack, movement and animation speed will be much lower On top of that it makes any debuff on them expire slower and thus any poison stack they have will last much longer, indirectly boosting your overall damage This is a great 2 in 1 defensive and offensive curse and this is why I strongly recommend doing your best to have both curses online Finally you have several utility gems that greatly enhance the build and these should be socketed in your bow Since only 3 of them need to be linked, the weapon will be much cheaper and easier to buy or craft First is Withering Step, the build’s Swiss army knife, which grants two buffs: Phasing and Elusive Phasing allows you to pass through enemies while Elusive increases your movement speed as well as chance to dodge Elusive starts off with very high values but they get smaller over time until the buff expires completely Finally, Withering Step grants an aura which applies several stacks of Withering debuff to all nearby enemies, increasing the chaos damage they take However you need to keep in mind that using any skill will immediately remove Withering Step and its buffs So how is this skill useful? First, it is an amazing mobility skill allowing you to quickly cover large distances between packs Arriving at a new group of mobs with Withering Step active will immediately apply Wither debuff, weakening and making them so much easier to kill Having Phasing also allows you to position yourself optimally without getting stuck in the middle of a monster pack Lastly, it’s an amazing tool in boss fights as well which can be used to quickly reposition out of harm’s way or apply 6 stacks of Wither without needing to drop your totems If you want to make the best out of this build, you definitely need to get familiar with this skill The next utility gem is “Plague Bearer”, a very interesting toggle skill It has two modes: incubating and infecting While incubating it gathers part of poison damage you’re expected to deal up to a total of 1 million When you then toggle to infecting mode it deals that gathered damage to all nearby enemies This is a great way bottling overkill damage, especially from white mobs and then releasing it against rares or bosses While at beginning it might seem a bit underwhelming, as you progress with the build and get more and more poison damage, you’ll be able to max out that million damage in 1 or 2 scourge arrows My advice is to pop Withering Step for the chaos damage debuff and immediately after release the poison from Plague Bearer – then grab some popcorn and watch your enemies melt Both these gems should be linked with “Increased Area of Effect” for quite obvious reasons: you want as many mobs as possible to be affected when you trigger them The rest of the gems from this setup don’t need to be linked with anything and are more or less optional And if you don’t have 6 sockets on your bow, it’s not really a problem, these are just good to have “Blink Arrow” is very useful for teleporting over ledges and elevated terrain If you really want to be efficient then this gem kinda becomes a must-have “Summon Stone Golem” will provide you quite a bit of life regen, offsetting the degen from Blood Rage as well as the damage done by Coralito’s flask Finally you can add a “Summon Holy Relic”, a minion which also grants you some life regen

That also heals the golem so you should need to resummon it less often If you don’t mind pressing too many buttons, then you can replace the relic with Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace, and use only the Vaal buff part With the gems out of the way, it’s time to take a look at what you’ll be wearing while spreading joy and poison through Wraeclast Gearing up for this build is quite straight-forward and your damage will scale quite nicely with better items In this section, for each gear slot I will outline three tiers: basic, mid-tier and best-in-slot As a general rule of thumb prices increase significantly with each tier, but so do the benefits that the items bring Starting from the top, a basic helmet needs 70+ life, 70+ elemental resistances, on an evasion base item Ideally squeeze in some Intelligence to be able to max out your blue gems A mid-tier one should have pretty much same stats but with higher values The third suffix should be an additional resistance roll, pushing the total over 100, 300+ accuracy or 25+ Intelligence For best-in-slot the main affix you’re looking for is “Nearby enemies have -X% to chaos resistance” which translates in a huge DPS boost for this build Other excellent mods are 70+ life, some elemental resistance, maybe even some INT Moving on to the weapon, a good basic bow is Lioneye’s Glare which comes with solid damage and the great “hits can’t be evaded” affix With that accuracy becomes irrelevant and in early gearing stages that is quite a big DPS boost A great Mid-tier bow is another unique, the recently buffed Darkscorn This weapon was clearly designed for poison skills so it makes sense for it to make an appearance here as well As best-in-slot a rare fossil crafted thicket bow is optimal The most important affix you’re looking for is “60% chance for Poisons inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage” This translates to a huge DPS bonus, far larger than any other damage affix The other important mods are “Curse enemies with Despair on hit”, adds flat chaos damage, chaos damage over time multiplier, attack speed, increased damage with poison and poison duration Holding your infinite arrows is a quiver and a basic one should have a mix of life, resistances and some DPS affixes such as attack speed, poison damage, accuracy or physical damage to attacks A mid-tier one is either a rare with similar affixes but higher numeric values or a corrupted Maloney’s Nightfall with a new implicit such as “Projectiles deal increased Damage for each Enemy Pierced” This unique quiver however is only effective if you have a reliable way of blinding enemies An abyss jewel with chance to blind on hit should easily take care of this As for the best-in-slot, the ideal one is a corrupted Drillneck with “bow attacks fire an additional arrow” implicit As I mentioned in the overview section, if you fire an additional arrow the spore pods will end up more clustered and this increases the chance for a target to get hit by multiple thorns This is not exactly easy to quantify in terms of pure DPS, but general consensus is that it helps deal superior damage to single targets such as bosses Moving on to body armour, regardless of tier there is one absolutely mandatory affix that you need once you have 5 or 6 links: “Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost” Without this mod it is impossible to reserve all your mana with auras and be able to constantly fire Scourge Arrows At the same time, using fewer auras and a more DPS oriented armour such as Dendrobate, still ends up inferior in terms of damage Other useful affixes on a basic armour are maximum life and some resistances For mid-tier you should already aim to have at least 5 links, 80+ flat life, some resistances and ideally some % increased max life or life regeneration All these on an evasion base item Finally, a best-in-slot armour should have “Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Maim” as well, adding a nice chunk of damage Ideally, if you have such an armour with an open prefix, craft “You can apply an additional curse” so you can use both Despair and Temporal Chains Since the item is getting quite busy, resistances are optional as they can easily be capped on other pieces of gear It’s also worth mentioning that you can quite easily craft such an armour yourself by using Serrated + Pristine fossils on a high item level base For basic-tier gloves, a pair of the very cheap “Embalmer” fit the build perfectly They provide quite a bit of chaos damage, increased poison duration, some life and chaos resistance On mid-tier ones look for aspect of the spider, some life, elemental resistances and if they have an open prefix you can also craft chaos damage to attacks in your hideout The aspect of the spider not only greatly boosts your DPS but also slows down the enemies quite significantly It is totally worth the reservation cost and the build was designed so it can accommodate this aura The best-in-slot option, “Fenumus’ Weave”, doubles-down on aspect of the spider and greatly increases your damage against targets affected by spider webs With boots the choices are quite simple: basic and mid-tier ones need some movement speed, maximum life and resistances The more, obviously the better This is a gear slot where you should really focus on working towards capping your resistances For best-in-slot you’re looking for pretty much the same mods but in addition with some chance to dodge spells or attacks Moving on to your belt, quite similar to boots this is a slot where you should stack up as much life and elemental resistances as possible In addition to that, a mid-tier one would have some flask-related affixes such as “increased flask effect duration” or “chance for your flasks to not consume charges” If you have an empty prefix then you can craft some of these using the bench in your hideout

The best-in-slot is, as expected, a Stygian Vise belt with similar affixes but the added bonus of the abyssal socket As for the bling, the affixes for a basic or mid-tier amulet are intelligence, maximum life and resistances Get as much as you need to max out the gems and cap your elemental resistances Any extra damage affixes or chaos resistance are just icing on the cake A best-in-slot amulet is pretty much the same but needs an open prefix where you can craft some flat chaos damage Blight league has introduced a new crafting method called “anointing” which uses oils dropped from Blight encounters to add a notable passive to amulets, without changing the item in any other way For this particular build the best option is “Whispers of Doom”, allowing you to apply a second curse on enemies, namely Temporal Chains, greatly boosting your damage output as well as defenses A cheaper but still decent alternative is “Corruption”, a straight-forward damage passive If you’re looking for a defensive option then “Discipline and training” is likely your best bet Do note however that it’s not yet confirmed if “anointing” will become a standard crafting method once Blight league is over Finally, let’s have a look at rings On basic ones search for maximum life, intelligence and resistances Some DPS affixes such as accuracy, attack speed or physical damage to attacks are always welcome A mid-tier one should have pretty much the same affixes but with an open prefix where you can craft some flat chaos damage to attacks The best-in-slot option is the unique “Circle of Nostalgia”, a ring whose affixes revolve around Herald of Agony The most important ones to look for are “increased Chaos Damage while affected by Herald of Agony” and “Herald of Agony has increased buff Effect” Combine this with one of the mid-tier rings to ensure you are still resistance capped With the regular gear out of the way, it’s time to have a quick look at jewels With the proposed passive tree you should have up to 3 sockets if you’re using a Stygian Vise belt I would recommend using just a single Abyss jewel and the most important affix to look for is “chance to blind on hit” – blinded enemies have a high chance of missing their attacks, effectively boosting your evasion With so many projectiles and high attack speed everything that survives more than one hit will be permanently blind Other good affixes here are maximum life, “increased damage over time while wielding a two-handed weapon” or flat chaos damage Mid-tier jewels should ideally have some “% increased max life” and at least two damage affixes such as attack speed, %increased damage with poison”, “% increased damage over time”, “% increased chaos damage” and so on The best-in-slot jewel is the usual suspect, a Watcher’s Eye with “% increased attack speed while affected by Precision” And finally, let’s talk about flasks I’ll repeat what I’ve said a few time throughout the guide, flasks are hugely important for this build The entire ascendancy revolves around flasks and about half of your damage comes from them Prioritize them over other pieces of gear, get the proper affixes and up their quality as much as possible First flask is a Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching Evasion builds tend to get hit rarely but hard so spamming a few instant heals will be a clutch life saver As for the suffix, bleeding removal is absolutely mandatory while mapping And just to put things in perspective: the 900 something base heal of the flask is actually about 2200 on this build 2nd flask is Coralito’s Signature, a staple of pretty much any poison build It helps you achieve 100% chance to poison on hit without sacrificing additional passive points and it increases poison duration Third is a Chemist’s Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline – this is bread and butter for a fast-paced build and you can have it up almost permanently Fourth bottle is an Experimenter’s Quartz flask of Heat – 10% chance to dodge both spells and attacks is a very solid defensive boost and freeze immunity is pretty much mandatory in end-game And the last flask is a bit more flexible – the cheapest and best option is likely Witchfire’s Brew This is especially true if you don’t have any other source of Despair curse, in which case Witchfire becomes mandatory However if you already have Despair curse and are looking for a more defensive option, a Cinderswallow Urn will help keep your life topped You can also get one with movement speed and stun avoidance, helping you become stun immune If you can’t afford either or at the beginning of a new league, then Atziri’s Promise is a decent option To wrap up the gearing section, here are some excellent leveling uniques that will help you progress through the campaign: With gearing out of the way, it’s time to take a final look at the pros and cons for this build so you can better understand if it’s what you were looking for Starting off with the Pros Insane speed and mobility – This will likely be one of the fastest builds you’ve ever played Turned a wrong corner? Forgot to pickup that exalt orb on the way? Who cares? You’ll be there and back again in a split second Excellent clearing capabilities: the area of effect coverage is amazing and you’ll clear entire screens with a single charged arrow And any stragglers will collapse a second later from a poison overdose This build is a delving champion – delve is incredibly profitable when you explore the hidden areas in the dark and you amass huge amounts of currency doing that With this build you can pop in and out of most such areas without even firing a flare Efficiency scales with player’s skill: good positioning and careful placement of the spore pods will greatly increase both your damage output and survivability While it’s not mandatory to do so, it definitely rewards an involved playstyle The build is not really gear depended: most of your damage and efficiency will come from

gem levels rather than very expensive items You can totally run red-tier maps with the basic-tier gear I’ve shown in this guide Poison build – while this is more of a personal preference, I know for a fact that many players have waited for a long time to have an efficient poison build Well, here it is! Enjoy! As for the cons It is an evasion build – while you end up with a very beefy chance to dodge and evade attacks, there will always be some hits that will pass through When that happens they will hurt quite a bit as you don’t have great damage reduction mechanisms Average boss killing capabilities – while you can still kill most end-game bosses, it will take somewhat longer than other builds However, with best-in-slot gear and some practice, you’ll easily overcome this handicap as well Damage scaling is somewhat limited – beyond gem levels there are fewer damage boosting affixes available for chaos than you’d have for elemental or physical damage builds Learn anything new, exile? If you did, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that there are more videos coming up in the near future with more exciting builds to try Make sure not to miss them by subscribing to the channel so you get notified when that happens And while you’re at it why not like this video as well or drop a comment down below to let me know your thoughts Thank you all for watching and see ya next time!