The complete guide to EGR cleaning (1.6HDi and 1.6TDCi engines)

so if you’re really interested in how to take out the EGR valve in 1.6 HDI engines and thoroughly clean it so this is a guide how to do that remove all the pipes take out the EGR valve, clean it take it completely apart clean it then putting everything back together so if you want to do that stay tuned so the EGR valve is really located underneath the filter box the air filter box so really all these pipes the air pipes to the turbo and these air pipes needs to be taken out it’s not really that difficult and then the air filter box removed and then there is an access to to the EGR valve so first is to start with with these pipes so that one is fairly simple it’s basically twist here and and pull so basically you twist that and pull it out I filed that there so it’s slightly easier on mine, it would be more difficult on yours so the two catches on that pipe so it’s basically needs to be rotated that way and then taken out so you rotate may potentially be difficult and then you take it out so there are two catches here so basically rotating that way two catches to go in next one is that air pipe so I generally have a zip tie so it doesn’t really rattle that much that’s pretty stable so I have to actually cut it so this there is a catch underneath I’ll show it so this has to be pushed pushed that side in order to unclick and there is a catch on this pipe so basically it’s simple release and then I hold it somewhere else and then just push it until it clicks and here at the end it’s a bit basically remove it so here is the catch so this really stays like that so here is the catch this rubber grommet so basically you have to pull it that direction so here are a few catches on these two kind of protruding plastic and that one so somewhat wiggling and then it could be taken out of course you have to remove the the cover is basically just just a pull and there are four plastic things is basically pulling and then click on so the next thing is really to remove the airpipe to the turbo and this is and this is one bolt that needs to be undone and then another one here and then and the crankcase breather I have to be careful to pull it out so undoing these two bolts, undoing these two bolts with a simple screwdriver until the the bracket here moves freely same thing with that one, until it kind of moves freely so forgot to say I need to remove the MAF sensor connection so basically one just unclips it here and pulls it out and let me see so basically unclip it like that and then pull that’s a bit clip it like that in then pull and can be really taken out and put somewhere else not to be in the way so this is the crankcase breather and this is the air filter piping so the there are two plastic clips so one is underneath it cannot quite be seen one is underneath and one here so generally what I do I’ll have a bigger shot so I really put kind of a screwdriver and slightly push it in one underneath and and with it with a screwdriver like that so this doesn’t really break otherwise this only holds i have it half broken here so one has to be rather careful with that one so once we’ve removed the the MAF sensor next thing is to undo really this so there there is one underneath so I have the screwdriver underneath so kind of to pull it like that and I’ll hold my finger on that one so I can just slightly only slightly push it that direction okay and that’s only slightly out it just on top so the next thing is to

push the turbo here and that is kind of this is out so next thing is just to push it slightly that direction that’s it that’s out the next thing is basically to undo it from the filter here and there is no easy way you just undo it unclip it like that has been some oil coming from the from the crankcase breather but that’s kind of all right there is has been a bit of oil so one thing I forgot to say I mean generally this this o-ring you can see my video here how to basically fix oil dripping from this crankcase breather, it generally pools down there so there will be quite a bit of oil there and this will be also quite a bit of oily so see that video and see how you replace this with a fatter o-ring and this makes a really good seal and the PCV valve will work correctly so next thing is to really to remove the airbox, there are two grommets one here and one underneath here and there is not really an easy way to remove that well there is an easy way but it’s basically what I would do I put my hand underneath my hand underneath the airbox and basically hold it here don’t put your hand too much because you will touch the MAF sensor here and just basically lift it to. Two grommets and there are kind of rubber grommets underneath so that’s the only way I know for a lot of people so mine’s 1.6 HDI Peugeot Partner and there’s a lot of space I don’t really need to remove plastic covers here and there but if you need you may need to remove quite a few of the scuttles here and covers but I don’t really have access to one of these so I can only show on mine so basically I put my hand in it underneath and just basically lift it and that’s it careful and well that is the airbox completely taken I’ve got the MAF sensor here and that’s why I said do not really put your hand too much in there so if you really wanna I have another video that will come up here how you can really make this not, let me put it down there somewhere how to make the airbox not rattle, check out this video should be around here a few grommets and a few things that that you could replace and it will be really quite quiet so next thing is to really put some aluminium foil on the turbo and the crankcase breather just so no really debris can can come in especially in the turbo so I put aluminium foil just on top of it so um so here’s the EGR valve, let me put some light on so that’s that’s the EGR valve and I’ll put some more light so there is one bolt here so like two bolts like that and I’ll put more light and you’ll be able to see it but two more bolts so you can take it out without really removing anything but for for filming purposes it will be easier to remove the filter and I’m replacing the fuel filter as well so I’ll remove the filter and the bracket as well here so this this could be shown how exactly the EGR valve is removed so the next thing is to undo the the electric plug for the filter so this is for the heater plug so basically the same as the so same as the maf sensor basically you just stick your finger and pull this this plug, it comes out basically it’s it’s pulling it’s pulling that thing and this is out so this vacuum pipe just to put it out of out of the way and somewhere so the next there are two lines or the fuel line in and and and out the two fuel lines I’m not too sure which is in I think this is in I have labelled the one so not to really mess them up so in order to remove this this line is basically there are two plugs so you squeeze this side and

this pulls out that way and because it’s fuel lines so there will be some fuel so it might spray so I’ll put some tissue around around here because it probably will spray a bit of fuel, so it’s basically pushing these these two tabs and and push that pushing that side and then pulling and it should come out fairly easy there we go I can see a fuel coming back so what I’ll actually do I’ll put aluminium foil on that so there is no really any chance of debris going in in the fuel lines so next is next is the second one and I’ll more the camera so it will be slightly better view on that one and now I’ll put some tissue as well and just around it because it is probably the same thing may spray a bit of a bit of diesel or a bit of fuel here so this is the second line for the filter and basically the same squeeze plug but that’s really tight so I basically have a screwdriver and leverage like that and push it from that side I can push with with one finger so let me put some tissue around because that that might leak a bit so basically it’s screwdriver here leverage and and basically push and it should come out there we go that’s the fuel line so I’ll put some foil as well on so not to get debris inside so um next thing is this this thing here I have a really a plug for the I have a fuel sensor or water in diesel sensor so if you really wanna know how I installed this you can see this video here so we have to unplug it as well let me see I’m not too sure, I’ll probably have to take it out and then unplug it unplug it after so basically for the filter it’s basically squeezing squeezing this this tab here that side and basically lifting it so there were because there is it will be full of fuel so there might be a bit of a spillage so I’ll put some some tissue down there basically it’s again this tab so basically pull this tab here and just lift the filter so I have a connection there so that might be the water in diesel sensor is still connected so I’m not too sure how to unplug it I mean I can’t quite see it yeah well it’s basically is the same connection so I unplugged it so that the connection I’ll show it later on how how it is but now it’s pretty easy so I’ll really try to hold it as level as possible so basically squeeze this and just lift it outside not to spill that much so this is the connection for my fuel in diesel sensor is basically the same it’s basically the same plug it has this tab that one pulls and it’s taken out so so that’s the the fuel filter with the heater plug that basically if it’s too cold it heats the diesel so it it can go along some Delphi HDF939 and that’s what I use for my for my filter so next is to really undo this bracket there are three bolts, this bracket for the fuel filter so the three bolts here here and here I mean you don’t need to do that I mean the EGR valve is here the back but it’s a bit easier and doesn’t really cost that much to remove that once all three bolts I think that’s an 8 mil so next is basically this bracket just just just lifts out this is this is the bracket for the for the fuel filter and that’s

it really now we have a pretty good view of the EGR valve because it’s much easier to do it to show it that way then with this bracket you don’t have been able to see much so this is the EGR valve here so there is a this small I’m not too sure if you can see there is a small aluminium gasket well steel probably not aluminium gasket in between here so generally people put these blank blanking plates, so this is really instead of that aluminium which has a hole in, they generally put a blanking plate there so the next thing is really unplug the EGR valve is the same thing so you push this side like this thing and this unclips and just to move these cables away slightly and that’s the EGRvalve, so the two bolts from this side so I’ll really put the camera somewhere here so you will be able to see it two bolts here and the clamp and the clamp that side so the clamp that is between the EGR valve and the intercooler there is a small intercooler to reduce the temperature of the gases it looks like this this is this is the original clamp and I’ve already replaced it and I’ll show it later when I remove it already replaced it but this is the clamp, slightly misshapen here so you really it’s quite difficult to have a tool like with the screwdriver to to undo that clip so one really need a tool like that so this is kind of Draper and it’s on the top is like that looks like that so basically you can um let me hold it properly so these teeth kind of there can can squeeze in there and release the clamp and then you kind of you undo it like that and then I think turning it around it can you can put it back together but this needs to be slightly hammered on top too to make a good contact because I’ve got a gap in there they shouldn’t be this gap, so this is how you do it so if you really want to see how this in action you can see in my previous video where there is no talking but I’ve undone it there so I’ve replaced it with this particular clamp 16283J that is actually a screwed screwed so this is from the side so this is the EGR valve so this is this is the clamp between the intercooler and EGR valve so this is the clamp and I’ve replaced it really with this you can find all the details underneath in the description what I’ve replaced it with it’s much easier so basically a screwdriver in you can undo that clamp rather than the other with a squeezing thing next thing it’s basically just a screwdriver it’s much easier than a tool and basically turn it and kind of unscrews, there we go it’s already I’m kind of doing it with one hand so it with it’s been difficult to see there you go that’s the that’s this clamp and I can actually I think I can completely undo it so then I can kind of squeeze it out the camera is shaking a bit, so one can kind of undo this clamp there is a small gasket like I don’t want to lose it but basically you put this aside and then I can actually then I can actually clamp it back together well it could stay like that hopefully I won’t lose this really try to screw it in so that’s keeping these brackets keeping and the intercooler and the EGR valve, so next thing is really to the two bolts holding the EGR valve, that bolt and me and another bolt and down here actually so it’s a bit stuck inside so there is one here it’s an eight millimeter bolt so it’s fairly long goes inside oh one bolt here and another one let me see this is visible not quite, so the bolt really is down here so

that’s what my finger is here so that’s that’s the other bolt goes from there and connects here so this is really this is a bit tight because this bolt here because quite a few pipes so really have a kind of a small tool that can squeeze into these places and undo this 8mm bolts so when I’m doing the EGR valve hold with when when you’ve done completely hold this gasket here not not to drop somewhere in the engine so there’s a kind of protrusion here so someone can kind of hold it there so that bolt it’s really the first one is fairly easy to undo with with the ratchet thing, it’s fairly easy to undo and then you can even do it by my hand so I’m not really well let’s undo this bolt completely I mean this is my replacement EGR valve so in the description of the video are all the components in description the video and the when I was last time undoing this this was like this EGR valve has been there for year and a half and I’ll see how much carbon has been built so really rounded these bolts and I ordered new ones and they are in the description if you want to really check out and buy new bolts because they’re fairly long and they’re fairly long this bolts bit weird so I really last time i rounded it this one so the things bolt with with this tool because it’s not really much space and this is fairly flimsy and it doesn’t hold so I’ll try to hold it not to lose it somewhere down in the engine here that’s I mean this went fairly easy actually I have to say this bolt was not even tight surprising so probably didn’t so yeah the EGR valve started moving slightly yeah the bolt is very awkward actually but let’s vgive it another go oh yeah that’s probably it’s easy to rotate by hand now so it needs really of two turns yeah it’s rotating fine so with one with one finger here I’m holding this gasket because I do not really want to loose this gasket and this bolt I’m not gonna take out I’ll take it all together with the EGR valve so who is with two small fingers this this gasket here so I’ll hold it with but like that so I don’t really loose it probably somewhere in the engine but you can take it after it awkward this bolt but it’s coming out so there we go so hold really with two hands so there we go, that’s teh gasket holding like that and this is the EGR valve I mean it’s actually not too bad this is this is the bolt in the back that was I was undoing, let me take it out more like that so these are the see these are the two bolts and that’s really the awkward one and then another so that’s the EGR valve of out of the car looks like that that’s the electronic part and this is the shaft there that closes and opens so my camera really cut out because there wasn’t enough battery but it’s not really too bad I mean it’s a year and a half and I think you can see the shaft there perhaps probably not it’s been like a year and a half so it’s not really too badly clogged so let me see yeah perhaps you can you can say so so it’s not really too badly clogged, well there’s quite a bit of carbon and it’s pretty dry carbon is not really oily carbon, so that’s actually quite good

let me see here there is quite a bit of carbon so the next thing is really to do to clean it so we need to really separate you know you have a kind of a something because it will be black stuff everywhere so the next so I put something to kind of protect floors and so on so next thing is really to undo these three bolts here and basically take out this top part so then we can clean the bottom part so this is really a replacement valve it’s not my original valve so the replacement valve has proper bolts, these bolts are somewhat star-shaped bolts and I think it’s E7 E7 a star-shaped, that what works for that one so this for this one but for the others might be different so I mean is fairly easy, it just undo the bolts I mean they might be rather tight these bolts depending on the condition of the EGR valve, in my previous one the original one these bolts I couldn’t really undo I broke like three bits of these and really completely I couldn’t really open it to clean it so basically I’ll hold it and then undo them by hand so the bolts taken out so this how it how it is this bolts to the intercooler, this bolts to the engine and this is that side just to kind of remember how it is because there is a specific way to put it back together I mean I have a video how to put it back together but how I’ll show it again because apparently this should be the ultimate video so I’ll show all the the different bits that I’ve done so basically just pulling I already done it but this really sometimes from the carbon and so on gets really clogged inside and it’s very difficult to pull but eventually with wiggling out you can you can take it out so yeah well there is quite a bit of carbon kind of everywhere so this is one and a half years a bit more than one a heavy at one point one year and eight months so there is quite a bit of carbon in inside there is quite quite a bit of a I think it’s dry it’s basically let me shine and it’s quite a bit of dry carbon as well so we have to clean that one so there is a shaft inside so hopefully it’s visible so there is a shaft, this really can it stays in that position but if one pulls it slightly it kind of can this actually can rotate I think that’s the position that it has to have to kind of stay in, but there is a shaft inside so and with them with a channel, so this has to really very freely rotate, so when you so you and put it with a finger and then leave it in that that really moves the shaft inside the actual valve open and close, so this is closed this is open so bottom is when this is to the bottom is closed and when this to the top is open and should really from vibration should come down but there is a bit of a carbon quite a bit of carbon build up here on the on the side and everywhere there so it doesn’t really move that’s freely, so it’s a it’s a good time to actually clean it so I intend to really clean it every every two years or so so I fiddled around to see how the valve can be better visible so I really hope this is visible and the camera there so the valve so if I put it up so the valve closes and I put it down the valve opens so closes and open so there is some movement there I think can be seen hopefully can be seen on the camera not entirely sure actually hopefully that’s visible there okay so that’s it now cleaning up everything so one thing to say I’ll take this apart as well to clean it to clean that bit this should really freely rotate so when you

hold it and release it should come back there is a bit of a movement in mine, there is a bit of a catch but that’s probably all right it should really rotate like that freely there is a spring inside that I’ll open to clean if I can but this also has to be quite clean next thing for this one not really so I’m be cleaning it with this Wynn’s carb cleaner or carburetor cleaner one thing one but you can use an EGR valve cleaner or any carb cleaner and I’ll have in the description what where you can get this or EGR cleaner is the same so some people really so I’m using a toothbrush so spray inside clean it in a while but one thing and some people really advise is to put oven cleaner inside and this will certainly clean it extreme well, the oven cleaner will make it like brand-new but oven cleaner it’s either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide and they really react with the aluminum from the EGR valve, so will eat it so if you want to do that with oven cleaner we have to be really quick wash it with water very quick so not to really it so you can see what happens if you put aluminum in sodium and potassium hydroxide here so don’t do that I don’t really advise it use a carburetor cleaner it’s it’s it’s easier and it’s safer so I really cleaned it fairly well I mean how shiny it is so I also with soapy water under the I spent probably about half hour but it’s pretty clean let me shine the torch I mean it’s pretty clean inside well I couldn’t really reach towards the end, that’s the shaft I mean probably next time I’ll buy some not just a toothbrush but but something else that can reach kind of in in in between there so because it’s a lot of water and stuff so I really so let’s see how this operates so it you see how easy it is to slide down and up so that’s actually the action so I’ve taken out the gasket I’ll I’ll put it later, so I’ll wash that one as well yeah so that’s it I’ll leave it to you to dry for a couple of hours probably on the on the radiator just to to heat up to evaporate all the water but next thing is to do this so next thing is to really undo the top part I mean you don’t need to but in case you want to undo it There are four bots one two three and four basically and so basically I already broke there was a there was a tab here that you kind of undo with a screwdriver, but I already broke that but it doesn’t really do any any function so that’s actually all right I mean you don’t need to do it basically just pulling it out wiggle and kind of pull out, it’s a bit difficult and need to rotate a little bit too and to separate it and that’s it so there is a spring that does the springy action so that’s what’s inside I mean I have a another video here how you can do with the slightly different design this is a bit different design that than what I’ve had it’s an upgrade so um it’s a different EGR valve , so this doesn’t really separate in this kind of rotates underneath but no gases really come up here so you

don’t really need to take that apart so I’ll really clean that one with a toothbrush probably just scrape it not really wash it too much because there is the power there so that’s really the electronic part, I’ll show later how to put it together so um I’ll be cleaning this one now so I’ve cleaned it fairly well I mean just with a toothbrush in dry not really and then only slightly with a bit of water I was holding it I didn’t film it but it’s nothing really just to scrape out the carbon so next thing is really to put it up together my other my original the original EGR valve is slightly different than that one so this can separate so you can see my video I will post a link in the description as well so this is slightly it’s almost the same design but not entirely so there is a sticking part this this sticks and the sticks upwards, this sticks kind of sideways hopefully it’s really visible so the side that goes in this groove here goes like that in there the next thing is I mean fairly the same so the next thing it’s really there is a there is a catch here let me show it so there is a catch here this this groove here that goes on top of that and rotate so you need to really rotate one so it once so once you put it inside and then this needs to be rotate it once so there is a spring action so when then this rotates there is a springy action so basically so I have to rotate that like that so um get it lined put it in and kind of rotate I can feel rotation here once more and slightly opens one more and that’s it so it catches so there you go that’s a spring action inside that’s what the spring does this this rotation of the pin so that’s how you can do it I mean it’s trial and error so basically you put if you rotate it slightly and then continue rotation and and then you close it up well that’s it I mean this is the spring action next is really to close it up with with the bolts so that’s closed and then of course one needs to always check this mechanism that’s operating so this is the power and they are situated like that and there is no other way that this could rotate with that that’s that’s how that’s how it is so how to put it back together so this is towards the block of the engine, this is is towards the intercooler so look how shiny it is I have cleaned it fairly well and this moves freely completely freely there is a bit of water there but wow that would be actually alright it will dry out so how to put it together so if you hold it like that so if you hold it like that so basically you push it that way and then turn around so this goes over the bar turn it around and when this opens it goes so when this puts down so you turn it around lock it like that and this will go towards the top, it will be like that towards the top when this opens it will turn it will push it down first of all to put the gasket on, next it’s basically you slide it like that this is towards the block of the engine put it on top then turn it and lock it that’s it that’s that’s done then of course the three bolts so if I open it slightly perhaps it will be visible that this this is towards this is towards the end so let me open it slightly so you see the perhaps you can see the pin is towards the end it dropped down so put it like that on top slide it into place and it’s perfect now when you see it inside I mean I’m not too sure it can be seen but the pin hopefully can be seen the pin

basically rotates the pin is up like that the pin is up and that’s how it should be and that’s it now it’s the actual bolts and that’s it , the EGR valve is pretty clean, as clean as I can I can get it probably in one year next year I’ll undo it again it’s ok it’s quite clean I don’t think there is any torque for this bolts so nobody has specified anything, so I’ll just do it as much as I can and then next thing is to really put it back in the car next thing is really to put EGR valve on so it sticks like that and then of course it has to go into the intercooler and it sticks like that one not to forget the gasket that goes like that actually the two bolts go through here and let me see how this go it’s a bit it’s a bit difficult to really do with the bolts without, but I’ll try to hold it like that and then also the other bolt from the other side just so they will go through and then put it in actually try to match the bolts and to go in the in the intercooler so it’s always a bit fiddly this thing and the bolts are a bit sticking perhaps first yeah first go in the first it has to go into the intercooler so it’s easier not really too match it then going down let’s see if this will turn around here turns this bolt and in the other the back bolt as well it basically one has to rotate slightly this aluminium gasket to match the bolts and then it’s basically fitting it of course these bolts and then the other one as well just a bit at the back but it rotates fairly freely yeah so next is putting the clamp on that holds the EGR to the intercooler let’s see that should be actually okay trying to position it correctly and then screwing it on, next is the the two bolts for the EGR valve, so I’ll do 12 Newton meters on this really 12 Newton meters using a torque wrench that’s 12 and then so the back one’s a bit tough really because there is no not much space that’s 12 so that’s my torque wrench in this little thing so this really fits in there in between the plastic and 12 Nm should be kind of all

right the bolts are not really too big so uh so I can I can actually click in clicking the sensor here for the not the sensor, the EGR valve plug for next is to put the bracket for the for the for the filter next is the bracket for the filter and that’s pretty easy basically you put it down and then the bolts and for the bolts also do 10 10 12 Newton meters not really that much you don’t need that much fairly small bolts doesn’t move at all next thing is to fit the fuel filter in and I’ve removed the sensor so basic the lower plug goes into this bottom hole but it’s it’s just that there is nothing there and the next thing is just slides on slide sound like that and then has to be pushed a bit more to kind of click like that and that’s it it’s very stable fuel filter next thing is the bottom the bottom hose and I have labelled this 2, I have a number 2 on there just to kind of remember which one is which and this goes on the bottom edge is basically clips in and just one just pushes it if I can slide it in between all these cables that’s it that’s number two and number one basically again just push it like that and these are two fuel lines next is just to clip in the heater plug clicks in and that’s done next is the air box so next thing is the really the air filter box and basically I’ll slide it in and there are two pins here that basically put it inside slightly slanted to the back and then push it forward and then goes on these two grommets and this is it slightly backwards and then forwards clip on basically a slight push on both grommets and that’s it the air Box secured and we have to put the maf filter that’s it the box is pretty secure next is to put to remove these of course not to forget about these and next is to put the air pipe on so this pipe is really the reverse procedure basically I’ll put it in in in here to click and then this to in there and then basically push it to click these tabs to click and this to be fully inside all right and then basic tying up this bolt and and this bolt here that’s it so that’s secure next thing is next thing is this pipe that goes down there so generally I put a zip tie underneath so because this kind of is a bit flimsy so here is the tab so you push it goes on on goes on that pin here clips on that side push forgot about this vacuum pipe so it needs to be clipped needs to be clipped in there and then the pipe gets clipped on on this pipe here and gets clipped on that thing and then basically we push it push it that side until it clicks that’s nice and secure next thing is that pipe

it’s basically there are two tabs here so it’s a underneath and and rotate that direction so it’s fairly fairly easy I say fairly easy but it’s not always so push it and then twist and that’s done then this gets clipped in there and this is nearly everything so last thing is really because I’ve taken the fuel filter out the last thing is to get the air out of the system and pump this kind of bulb that gets the fuel to get the air out of the out of the fuel system so this is really pumping, I’ve replaced a new filter so you have to really pump quite a bit so it’s basically squeezing this until you hear squashing of a fuel just easier with so this is the last one, so fuel starts going, you can kind of hear it, I’ll pump a few more times just to get the fuel as much air bubbles as I can, but this is pretty hard now and that’s it check for any fuel leaks and of course I have put the cover on on top that’s how we’ve cleaned the EGR valve everything’s put back in so if you really enjoyed this video please subscribe like if you liked the video and let me know for any comments in the comment section thank you very much indeed for watching hope that was really useful thank you