Are Chinese Men Cowards?

I have a very serious question for all of you out there our Chinese men all cowards Now why would I ask such a crazy question well it’s because they keep telling me they are I get these anonymous emails from time-to-time anonymous messages from Chinese men and Written in Chinese and English who claim to on behalf of all Chinese people Wants to harass my wife Want to kill me want to go after my Chinese family and my family rather than me because you know, there’s such cowards I have a huge huge problem with this First of all, I think it’s the lowest of the low most cowardly behavior to threaten Somebody’s family if you disagree with them now, I do understand that This is a quite a common tactic in China if there’s a political dissident overseas who says something they don’t like first thing they’ll do is detain their parents or their wife or something and you know, That way they they pressure them into shutting up and stopping the talking about something but for someone like me just a youtuber who has an opinion about China because I’ve lived there for so long for people to Threaten my wife. I hate the fact that they constantly Refer to themselves as all Chinese people. I find this very insulting to proper Chinese men Because I know proper Chinese men I have Chinese friends and Chinese family who I consider to be some of the best people I’ve met in the world Not only are they honorable and not only are they intelligent but they’re also incredibly Kind and they would never think of trying to attack somebody’s family member or wife Now what I’m about to show you is something very important this is something I have to show to the world and it’s something that I want anybody who’s interested in understanding how China works and the psychology behind China and some at least a Segment of the Chinese population is concerned and of course Chinese people I want you to watch this because it’s about time you stopped allowing this kind of behavior to be publicly accepted in China right Now what I’ve got here is I’ve got a printout from I’m gonna link it down below To an article on the Chinese version of Quora which is called Juhu So it’s a public forum, you know like quarry, you can post questions and have discussions and things like that Actually go there quite often to read because I enjoy some of the topics on there and I’m actually my my Chinese reading is pretty good and I’ve always enjoyed, you know, just going through the articles and stuff anyway There is a particular Thread there. It’s gotten over a million views. I can see over here. It’s gotten over a million views and it also has 1600 odd like hardcore followers, you know people that are following the trend hardcore and There’s a discussion up there about me. You know, like what do you think about the youtubers open today? Of course, there’s a lot of like disgusting slanderous nonsense on there, but there’s a little here and there a bit of support however And this is what’s important is very recently there’s been a post which has been getting a lot of attention a lot of replies a lot of uploads and stuff and that is by this anonymous person again coward But it’s actually a group of people and what they have done Over the past two years to try and get rid of me in China and what they plan to do in the future So I thought I’d read through it with you I’m gonna skip most of it because a lot of it’s about their tactics and some of the dastardly things they’ve done to other people and how they’ve managed to shut down what they call reverse nationalists, so Chinese people who they think aren’t patriotic enough or nationalists enough They’ve actually gone after them and reported them to their superiors got them fired all that kind of stuff So there’s a lot of information about all that Which I’m just gonna skip over because you know, you’ll be able to understand from the actions They’ve taken so far against me and the actions they plan to take against me You’ll be able to understand the sort of type of characters. We’re dealing with here And more importantly just remember that this is on a public forum. It hasn’t been taken down hasn’t been shut down It’s being positively discussed people are encouraging them. It’s getting up voted. And anyway, let’s continue So the gist of this thing is it starts out by saying that they have to cut this black flag Winston stossel and the reason that they have to do this is Number one, it’ll be a big victory for them for this group of people And number two it’s going to be a stark warning to other foreigners who think that they can eat the soft rice in China And you know do what I do basically would make videos about China okay, so Very quickly. They say that over the past couple of years Lots of Chinese friends from different walks of life have been trying to get rid of me through various means, okay And they’ve basically said they’ve been doing things like contacting the Public Security Bureau The immigration departments, you know entry/exit Bureau of Shenzhen and China various government organizations

But it hasn’t been working okay, and they they’re really pissed off that it’s not working and they give some reasons why they think it’s not working they say they say here that the reason they think it’s not working is because my income and My lifestyle aren’t linked to me living in China, which is actually true and that’s another thing they lament about in this thing is they go on about how I’m funded by donations from overseas Right and they say that’s my motivation for making slanderous videos about China, which is not actually true I just you know, talk about China in my daily life And in fact, you know It’s it’s kind of sad because this week I was going to put out a very positive video about China there have been really looking forward to releasing One with my wife together but I have to take care of this right now because of this this harassment and this nonsense that’s going on and I want I want you guys to know about it because it’s very Important you have to know what these people are doing behind the scenes okay, so They say because I am NOT getting paid They can’t like basically go in and attack my employer and get me fired and you know affect me that way and all that so they also say that they can’t use the law or Outside law from you know other countries. It’s just too difficult All right. So now they there first of all they’re talking about what they can do You know in order to get rid of me and that’s what’s written in this bold paragraph here So they say they need volunteers and have to use this multi angled multifaceted approach to get rid of me and the idea is that They harass me. They continue to harass me until I become mentally unstable and then I kind of snap and you know lash out and say lots of bad things because What they follow to say is that I’ve been very cautious and that’s why it’s been hard to get rid of me it’s because I am First of all, I don’t directly criticize the Chinese government. I don’t directly criticize China and They pissed off that I don’t do this so what they’re trying to do is get me into a mental state where I start lashing out and Attacking the government and attacking China so that then they can use that material to to basically get rid of me So yeah, they explain a bunch of the crap about how they managed to get rid of other Chinese reverse nationalists and then This is where it starts again it get interesting here as they say this year Our focus is on getting rid of Winston stirrers all but he has been a bit of a tough bone to get rid of Ok. So again, they’re going on about how because I don’t earn my money in China I’m not employed in China, which is actually a big gripe of mine It is one of my major criticisms about China is the fact that they don’t let people work on a spousal visa So if you’re married to a Chinese person, you can’t work. You actually have to go and get a separate work visa Which has nothing to do with your marriage. So if you’re married, you just can’t can’t work on a marriage visa anyway so they say that they can’t get me that way and then they also Say that I’m very stubborn. And of course, I’m stubborn, you know The more I’ve been attacked and I’ve been dealing with this kind of stuff for years, right? But the more that I’m attacked the more I’m inclined to make videos. So, you know you reap what you sow ok, they also say that I’m a racial supremacist, you know, all my racial supremacy is very exaggerated alright, I mean if that’s what you believe I do think that you guys are just Maybe you’ve got racial inferiority. I think that’s your problem is you think other people think they’re superior to you But the problem is I don’t think I’m superior to Chinese people. I never have I’ve got great deal of respect for Chinese people That’s why I married a Chinese person. I’m not going to marry someone I think is under me Okay, so just think about that for a minute Hmm as a mole nonce, it’s not really very interesting what I do find quite fun is they use a Chinese idiom here which basically means the harder of foxes to catch or the most Sly of fox the more enthusiastic the hunter will be to to catch the Fox Obviously referring to me here Anyway now here is the interesting stuff and this is what I want to cover. This is what they say This is what we’ve done this year. So what have we done this year to get rid of Winston? Okay So the first thing they talked about here was going to put that down for a second First thing they talked about here is how they’ve attacked my wife. Mm-hmm. So They’ve contacted my wife they put a full Chinese name in here and the full address of her clinic where she used to work you know, I actually made sure that they kept her on the Roster is working there because I kind of foresaw this happening but they contacted her work and lied and said that she they’ve even put it here that they that she has been exposing her patients that the children’s That she treats their details online

They also reported her to the medical Bureau of Schengen. And of course the you know the government medical Departments things like that sent all this information sent information about me and It’s true. There was actually a 23 or 24 page official Official letter sent from multiple sources because you know, they work as a group So, you know, there’s multiple people sending the same letter which is kind of stupid And this letter was all about me. Basically who said very little about her the only thing that they really said about her is that she’s a national security risk and that she She doesn’t treat her Chinese patients Well, because she thinks foreigners are better than Chinese people and she’s not patriotic enough and all this kind of nonsense But they made a big screw up in the letter because in the letter They had a whole paragraph there about how she’s had two children with her foreign husband and that she talks Nonsense about China and stuff and then it clicked those like hang on a second I haven’t had two kids but my friend C milks had two kids, so I asked him and yes Guess what the exact same letter slightly altered had been sent to his wife’s former employee Which is ridiculous because she hasn’t worked there for years So, you know obviously the former employee contacted her and said like what’s this nonsense and the same thing with my wife they contacted her they’re like what is this spam that we’re getting because it’s being sent to multiple places and the end result of that is that She was able to explain to the hospital and to her superiors what’s going on and they were like, okay We understand. We will ignore any more of these harassing Mails because obviously they know her Don’t forget to become a doctor you have to work for years and years and years and all that stuff and you get to know everyone, so if someone just comes along and accuses you of being a spy or Whatever it is, they’re not going to just believe that Which is good. Anyway, they then say the other things they’ve done in these past two years knows it this year. Yeah No, this is this year. Sorry. So the other things that they’ve done this year is they have searched groups on QQ groups of Sorry groups of martial artists like fight clubs they’ve sent all my information and all the bad deeds that I do to them they’ve searched Loansharks because you know loan sharks in China They very often are or they employ thugs that go and beat people up and stuff to get money It’s just like that everywhere in the world so they’ve sent to these like thuggish loan sharks all my personal information and all the the bad deeds that I do against China and also to influential people, etc, etc now this shows you the mentality they obviously trying to Stoke some nationalist rage in these different groups of bad guys and these thugs to try and get them to beat me up But again, it just shows you what kind of cowards these are because it’s something that they could never do themselves They would never come to approach me if they really hate me that much You know I’ve never had a single Chinese person ever come up to me on the street and be rude to me the fans that watch my videos that approach me have always been very pleasant and It’s something that that I found very outstanding. It’s only these these cowards. Of course, they’ll never show their Okay. Now here’s the absolute ridiculous part. Okay, so they’ve attacked my wife they’ve tried to get her fired They’ve tried to get her into trouble with the law and the government They’ve tried to incite people to physically attack me now. The next thing is They’ve discovered my family’s Details might you know, my extended family’s personal details, which is not true because I’ve got a very unique surname It’s incredibly easy to search my surname on Facebook or LinkedIn or just google it and you’ll find my family It’s that simple, you know there very few people with this surname. So what they did then is they sent like a mass email to All of my extended family some random aunts and uncles that I haven’t seen in years cousins that are living in different countries My parents and I don’t know who else whoever they could find, right? so they sent this email but This email is absolutely ridiculous. It’s it’s just a big slanderous email about what a loser I am and what a scumbag. I am and that I love Japanese cartoons I don’t know what that has to do with anything and that I’m a loser and I can’t make money and I’m broke You know, it’s it’s just a huge bunch of crap but the problem is that What they don’t realize about this email is it’s very insulting and it’s very racist what they said in the email, you know And it’s very discriminatory towards not only my family but foreigners. So here’s what the outcome of that email was is I got Contacted by some of my family members who received this email and they asked me What’s going on? And remember my family? They’ve got nothing to do with me. They don’t know about China

they don’t watch my videos, especially not these random cousins and aunts and uncles that I haven’t spoken to in like 20 years and They were like what’s going on here Winston are Chinese people really this rude and disgusting You know Cuz in must again say in the in the emails that were sent it always says we Chinese people woman Don’t go around we Chinese people don’t want Winston to be in our country. You’re fair. You are his family You must take him out and you blah blah blah racists. There’s another next thing so they think because the email says We Chinese people they think all Chinese people are vulgar disgusting racists, you know Because that’s what the email looks like and I had to tell them that no Absolutely not. It’s only this little love when I say little it’s actually a very large group of people that Percentage-wise. It’s only a small percentage of Chinese people that I like this and the majority of Chinese people my friends my Chinese family are fantastic people and please ignore it and just block the Email because what they’ve done is they’ve used gorilla mail or mail calm, you know these kind of anonymous mail things to send from of course because they’re cowards and It’s very easy to just block those. So I just told them just block that those anything coming from those servers and so they’ve done that so Next and this is even more ridiculous as they said within the same two days We sent to Businesses in the same area as his parents business emails now this this is what they did and they even admitted in here is that they They went onto Google Maps because my parents have a business and of course their websites online is very easy to find There’s no magic involved. There’s no hacking or anything. Just go search my surname. You’ll find my parents business super easy so they found the address of my parent shop and They searched in that area for all the businesses in the area Right and they went and dug up the email addresses of each one of those businesses and they sent this random mass email to really ran in places like a pizzeria a pet food shop a bunch of other businesses in the area and You know The email was really despicable because what they said in the email was on behalf of the ster CIL’s They’re pretending to be my parents here, you know on behalf of the stove’s we need your help to get our loser bullshit son out of China and then they just went and basically pasted all the slanderous crap that they put in the previous email to my family in there and Then at the end they signed it and put my parent’s personal email addresses in there right now needless to say there was no reaction from that and except for one business because my parents know the business next door quite well, they were like, hey, we’ve got this really weird email and We’re actually quite angry because in the email they say that I’ll just put it up on the screen here they say that I’m a bore and all bores are inherently racist and that’s why we You know with that, I’m sorry. No birds are inherently racist and that’s why they made apartheid No this stuff now the person that they sent it to was Afrikaans at war. I’m not I’m an english-speaking South African I’m not Afrikaans I’m not a poor but the person ate one of the people they sent us to was a poor so they were really insulted by this and they were like our Chinese people all so discriminatory disgusting racist Again asking this question because in the email again It says we Chinese people us Chinese don’t want to Winston in the country bla bla bla So they were like look, I don’t know your son. I don’t know what the deal is here But what the hell is wrong with Chinese people? So again, you know I sent an email mass email to all these people to explain to them what’s going on and they’ve fully understand and none of them took it seriously and they’re all like this is just the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever read in my life and they days basically blocked it off okay, so that’s what they’ve done so far and here is quite funny as they’re like It’s obviously working because in his recent video, you can’t have an opinion about China. He’s starting to say things You know against China like if you if you’re a high profile person and you’d say bad things about China you could disappear Well, prove me wrong. That’s an actual fact that does happen in China. Okay that Happened to friends of mine has happened to you know celebrities from being being for instance If you do something wrong or you say the wrong things against the party, etc, etc. You will disappear in China It’s just the way it works and sorry to disappoint you but that video was not actually a Reaction to any of the things you guys have been doing that was just a video. It’s gonna release anyway okay, so They say it’s working and this is what we have to do is we have to keep pushing him we have to harass him to the point that he breaks and says bad things and starts to attack the Chinese government and attack Chinese people because then we can take all of what he says put it together and then use it to like give a

definitive strike in other words They want to take all the things that I say cut it up out of context and send it to The police or the Public Security Bureau that kind of thing to get rid of me right makes sense That’s kind of their you know, mo. That’s what they do. This is the important part here They say like Niemann codes or she assumed and there in other words, like what could you guys do to help? They said well, you can look at everything that we’ve done really above article you can you know basically do the same thing as what they’re saying, but Here we have some different methods for you. We have some above the table methods and we have some under the table methods Okay. So for the above the table methods here they say Schengen is a first-tier city so it’s easy to find some influential people so search for Influential people in the in the government party and things like that keep updating them You know keep updating them about all the bad things that I say. So basically they want people to go and harass anyone who’s like a government official or somebody who’s influential in shinjin and Just spam them every time I make a video or something and just say that I’m saying to add things things like that Right, they say you can also You know search on QQ for those groups of influential people in cetera, et cetera and of course, you know send stuff to them too and here again is the really Really annoying thing there like about the tiger who follows the tiger and they put my wife’s name in there So about my wife is what they’re saying says we have to chase down and beat the beat her basically It’s a it’s a Chinese idiom basically means that we have to What’s it we have to get rid of this tiger as well We have to get get rid of her so that what can you do? Well, you can contact the Schengen Medical Board, and it says it’s very easy to find their their address in QQ and You can you know basically forward all this information to them and keep harassing them. Try to get her fired, right? Great guys, you guys are some you know it it does bug me that they’ve been trying so hard to attack my wife, but the thing is It’s been done. I there’s nothing I fear about there’s nothing she fears, you know Because you guys have been doing this for a while. Now. The thing is you guys keep doing it It doesn’t actually change anything because the damage has been done. It’s been dealt with and it’s no longer going to be an issue So the more you continue to attack her the more it’s just going to get ignored and thrown out basically so just bear that in mind, please and here is what they say about the Under-the-table methods. It’s kind of interesting that they think above table methods include Harassing someone’s wife and getting her fired and just that kind of nonsense anyway They’re like we can’t go into detail about what? We’re going to do with the end of the table stuff, but you can get lots of ideas by looking at what we’ve done before All right, and then they say think creatively and here is his parents business website right here and they give that right and Sorry it continues it’s not that we’re not done yet And then they’re like here’s this parents business Address and they put a Google Maps link and then they go go on to say, you know foreign foreign Foreigners are not like China or the foreign systems not like China. You can’t leave public comments on businesses. That’s actually not true You can I guess I just don’t know how to do it But what you can do is you can go to all the different Businesses, you can look up the details find the website address From there you can find the email and then they basically say then you can send them Complaint emails and harass them about me and my family awesome guys use such Upstanding people on to you then they have links to sort of crowdfunding websites where they can get money to continue to harass me and stuff, which is awesome and links to all of my personal details Which I’ll show you in a minute and then they post the details of my parents their phone numbers their addresses their email addresses This is on there under the tables section, by the way So what they’re saying is go and harass his parents because that works in China and that’s what they normally do in China and anyway Just to to wrap this up They they didn’t go and they have they have a website with I mean a link with all of my personal details Which they think are my personal details. My favorite part. Is this where they’re like, this is his email address Use guerrilla mail You can use guerrilla mail to send him anonymous harassment emails and I’ve been getting tons of these kind of silly death threats and things but of course I’ve now blocked guerrilla mail and all these free mail things so I don’t get any of them anyway anymore and they put my parents

details here and by random cousin who I don’t know that he found his His resume online they post my random cousin’s resume. I don’t know how that’s supposed to help anyone and Then they have like the people that you can contact In Shenzhen to complain about me and to complain they’ve got the one you can complain about my wife her superiors email address and That kind of thing it’s really disgusting and then they post my wife’s personal like way boys stuff you know way boys basically like I guess Facebook Something like that. So it’s got all the pictures of her and me together and things like that She shut down all those social media ages ago because of all the harassment anyway So that’s all old outdated stuff and there you have it. I really wish that these losers these 50 cent wool mouse rolls these people these disgusting cowards would stop making all Chinese people look bad because you know, What as much as you say we Chinese people say you’re not welcome. We Chinese people want to threaten your wife We Chinese people hate you. I will never believe you because I know Chinese people and I know that you And I know that you do not represent all of them So as much as you keep whining on in your cowardly way about doing these Dastardly things and how butthurt you are about the fact that someone has an opinion. That doesn’t match your own at the end of the day I can very safely say that you will just remain a coward you that one individual sitting there thinking that you have the support and Are part of this huge collector thinking that everybody believes the same as you do But you will still be a coward at the end of the day and I will still be Who I am Making videos my own opinion about China. So keep going guys. Keep making yourselves look bad. Well done You’ve just in this video proved to the world how bad you make Chinese people look? Until next time stay awesome Oh and by the way every single Friday Don’t forget another soap in today video won’t be a beast in Standard Time now 86 up here Wednesday Go take a look at him because just like me he constantly gets threatened by these cowards, you know And it’s tough for us to keep going but we keep going because we’re never gonna stop sorry cowards And of course most importantly a TV China every single Monday. We’re by the way Oh you coward guys out there should go watch that because we talked in depth about China even more and you’re gonna hate it So much go. Check it out. Go give us some free views go Give us some thumbs down go give us some interaction in the comments. Can’t wait till next time, you know the drill Cheers