Canuck's Course Critiques! Episode 4 – Starla Park Country Club

it’s hello there welcome to another episode of [ __ ] course critiques reloaded episode 4 I think we’re on and so I started the thread and I’ve already been overloaded with requests so I’m going to try to get through them as as best I can probably won’t be able to get to everyone but i’m going to pick and choose and kind of give more priority to people who you know maybe haven’t had a critique or anything in a while or ever so today we’re going to look at starlet Park Country Club this is by co-ruler too and again I just kind of go through and play them and give my honest opinion of what I like and what maybe needs to be you know worked on or what I think anyway might need to be worked on and yeah we just kind of goes and people in the chat i do this live on twitch so if you guys want to chime in your welcome to do that as well so yeah this is just all my opinions so let’s don’t take it as you have to design like how i say because that’s nothing true and there’s bar better designers and me out there so let’s jump right in Starla park just got off work it’s Friday feeling good tired but young kid alright so we’ve got a slight little dogleg left to start and comes back to the right looks like we got a rusty theme I like this new theme interesting choice on heavy rough it’s very green I’m not sure if I like that that contrasts that much but that’s a fairly minor visual thing i like the the look of this first hold a nice opening tee shot j kessler tgc good evening yes afternoon for me all right oh you got a nice long I like I like starting courses off with par 5s nice little like that second shot it just that that planting right in front of the green there maybe I would like to see maybe a bit more around here but it just looks a little out of place just just planted in that one little area right side the green but it’s just my opinion oh that was a hook and that is going in the sand you’ve been wanting to play this course I had not heard of it until Dale brought it up co-ruler pitch it out of there well this might funnel no not quite that’s okay all right we’re in for an opening birdie not a bad par-5 to kick off all right second hole I like the look off the tee right away those bunkers kind of up on the hill there looks great okay good looking hole here finds it very oh yeah okay that’s that’s some better planting down there a little bit more or varied and not just in one spot I like that bunkers look nice i like how the fairways not like completely flat there’s some good engine

on it okay green seemed fairly tame thus far Oh missed one my potting has been awful lately just awful okay number three looks like we’ve got a short-ish bar for coming up lots of bunkers there mmm so it looks like its kind of you get two options I don’t know that second option looks pretty darn narrow or do you just want to play it to the middle you definitely get some options but it’s definitely an iron off the tee because you got to hit it over that gap we’ll try that see it a 4-iron okay Oh bunker bunker everywhere maybe a little too much on the bunkers on this hole but that’s 156 out trying to find that little piece of this should be interesting but maybe you should play the middle the green here I’m not though oh not quite have you played ecliptic Bay the 15th killed me round I was practicing for us clip dick bay yes I have that’s a good course that’s an Arctic fury course I believe Irving hello this is the david hasselhoff or more of course i don’t think so okay we’re in no I like that par 4 like interesting short par force here we got a little downhill are three oh I get it I’m slow today okay pretty simple here I like the cart path look really sharp here on this just not enough I just look really sharp I like it club selection vital on this shot I went down to clubs roll it up there yeah that’s not bad not too shabby okay this looks like a hole on a muni course used to play yeah it kind of reminds me of a whole I play as well that’s a good one when’s your next designer QA will you be working on windjammer um yeah I don’t know I don’t really have a schedule for it’s just whenever I feel like it might squeeze one in maybe on Sunday or something goofy Tyler how are you I’m doing well just got off work looking forward to a weekend I think I’m going to go see Captain America tomorrow night that’s plan all right nice long par 5 here I like this look I nice planting here on the left green pin at the back which is good no no that’s just it’s visually appealing at that here not going on in that little snapshot it like that get going get going get going get going get going okay three or four in Vancouver it is a 435 439 ah man another par nice long par-4 they’re one of my favorites so far all right like another

downhill par-3 this one looks a little bit shorter it’s a very steep drop there but that’s okay I like the use of the the pine straw that bunker is a little I think that bunker could have used some work it looks a bit maybe too deep looks like you just went a little too much in there that’s just my opinion though this looks a little funny but it’s hard to make it look good with the what this kind of lighting well I’m sure no yeah just popped up there ya missed on the power train I shot an 81 in real life yesterday it’s pretty happy with that okay a long par 5 here again bunker in the middle it looks like okay you know I love I like the dark green rough just the contrast though with the kind of stock heavy rough is just a little bit for much for my eye a little bit odd and you know that bunker in the middle of the fairway I’d like to see a little bit sicker band a rough around there you can do that with the red brush pretty easily all right who do i need to ask for help on trying to recreate a course that i play on oh I don’t know there’s a lot of guitar see our guys around I am NOT one of them I’m so yeah I will have would not be able to help you very much but no there’s a few guys they may be reach out to them like clv or friend bomber this is interesting I like is planning on Malala it’s like these collection areas here kind of neat there to catch anything that’s missed give me a good kick kick slightly to the right like that oh one day I’m gonna get an albatross not today ah ha ha I get it all done I said I’ll plant yeah I did say that didn’t I depends on the project ok and we made a birdie finally ok oh this is a pretty one really like the tee shot right along the water here I like holes along the water all right I was on fire up sawgrass there this week or last week I should say on fire hmm tired okay how do we got 140 here yeah nothing fancy to this whole but I like this one lighting helps it out a lot too it’s visually an appealing hole and I might have a chance of birdie on it go in the hole yes I got to get into practice or under 24 next week or for this week i should say well I guess it’s next week I don’t even know a course for plane and I’m planning on doing dawn patrol in a few hours well this is nice

too I really like the bunkering yeah that’s nice there ok we’re up oh no I did not pay attention crap you gotta have a sand shot here huh okay see what we can do here cut cut cut old good bounce ah not enough though not enough CC tournament at midnight sun Oh when’s that when is that going to be is that coming up get in boom oh it’s this week nice nice little birdie streak to finish off the front nine I’m enjoying this course right another long par 5 okay now he’s had three long par fives in a row I don’t know I would like to have seen a bit of a change up there I like to have it see at least one par five that you can really give it a go into this one you almost can but again that’s just a personal opinion of mine it you can he’s the three par 5s he’s made have been very good I think I’m hungry like I said that already but I just went to the dentist and I had the fluoride done and I can’t remember how long I have to wait to eat oh no no pizza trying to watch my figure two hours I’m not waiting that one oh this is a great little par-3 here I like this one a lot 30 minutes that ok I prefer 30 minutes to 2 hours I can’t tell oh I went in yeah ok taking it ok another nice hole here ok I like the angle how the the fairway kind of wines it’s a little bit deceiving on where he should actually hit the ball that bunker is a little funny looking up I like the idea he’s he’s going for but I don’t know that long elongated bunkers going vertically looks odd in that circumstance maybe that’s just me sup scout badge II need tips at pudding oh I don’t know hi I need tips on putting all the time too I’m terrible except when i get those short ones and we’re fine all right oh this is a nice view here everything

opens up great hole here really sharp you know it’s start the course started off pretty good but it’s been picking up momentum I feel it’s turning into a really really solid course Bugsy hello this looks good if I got enough get up there no I saw that gonna roll all the way down Oh get off the green at least oh just oh no it didn’t no I got to putt that no no dice all right we’ll take that too but okay look look at that retaining wall that’s that’s a really solid one yeah that’s pretty good it blends in pretty well a lot as best you can do yeah nice like a hole I just look at home when I finished 9 i’ll release the front nine ok i just released minute oka lake to a huge round of absolutely nobody noticing or playing I didn’t realize you had curving it’s the nature of the beast here when you get a course designer and so many people can design golf courses it’s hard to get your course out there it’s very difficult oh now um I don’t know about this cliff here on 15 it just kind of I’m used to this course was kind of going with the natural nice rolling banks on the lake and then that that just seems very pronounced oh wait a minute well look at this look you give that a little sliver a fair way just for some hope I think I can do it I think I can do it here we go cut in the corner we got it this one’s a little bit of a funny whole know if I dig this one too much but this has really been a lonely hole Irving says he likes cliffs break from the pattern oh I missed okay look at that bunker there that’s pretty cool those those fingers 625 yards but pretty sharp dogleg so you might let us have a go into it this one if I can find the fairway off the tee which I’m going to need a nice bounce okay no problem all right a couple of islands of trees there but again doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to get there in two hey I would have liked to have seen one par-5 I could have really had a go at but there’s no wind and it’s just that I don’t think unless you get crazy tailwind you’re not really going to have the opportunity but that’s just

me that’s just me no I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all I’m just saying that’s I prefer to have o-ring likes that the 5s or fives I like a good risk/reward five okay well look at this fairway here look at what he’s done leading up to the what’s kind of neat cool I like that a lot little standout features on this course okay oh man missed another one alright cool hole I think as par threes are really good throughout throughout oh nice I like this 18th hole closed in feel he did some nice work there that’s nice natural looking there I ever rage quit the designer oh yeah I’ve deleted courses i deleted a course that was 11 holes in not too long ago just it was looking good too i just deleted it okay don’t like it anymore it happens way up the hill here great finisher really like this one look at this okay we’re in no I didn’t believe that course that course is still going all right wouldn’t it eight under Starla park done uh it started off a little slow for me but um over time I’ve I really enjoyed the layout of the course a nice natural feel about it some good planting some neat ideas i think his par threes were very very good now there’s not too much to really poke poke at there were you know a couple planting bunker issues here and there but they weren’t in any way continuation of you know anything um good solid course not medium difficulty i would say thoroughly enjoyed it i’m gonna give that a yeah yeah but an eight I like it really good course all right guys um I was going to do a stretch of these but to be honest i’m quite tired so i’m going to take some time and rest and i will be back at nine o’clock so about four hours for Dawn Patrol so talk to you guys later