Donkey Kong Country – Episode 12: SO MANY FAILS!

hey everybody this is star game attorney 9 and welcome back to narp so let’s play Donkey Kong Country in the last episode we started off in this new world of Frank Rock industries inc and then this episode will be contained forward on it wasn’t that easy so but hopefully can get back into this and so Oh what is this it’s like is this like it looks like goo well they’re mine so now let’s keep going I don’t know it’s weird hat as where we can actually Bert swimming free water that’s one weird thing oh what the heck okay here we go um what some something was wrong with the music for some for a reason something anyway let’s continue let’s keep going this is look away now okay it kind of looks like a maze in this one kind of with with because you’re like multiple places to go not just once one place to go how can we get killed by those fish you’re not like that aggressive man we’re not doing when I stirring well but let’s try not to fail many that much all right let’s get done I gotta call real quick now let’s just follow them let’s just follow oh no there’s something here no they’re just bananas that’s all okay your sway okay let’s go let’s keep going I guess there’s just a bunch of bananas when when I want word were worried you’re done we’re not supposed to go down the second case in there any Kong letters all right let’s kick Oh God so we got wheeled these spiky wheels in the way we don’t know can I risk ourselves for bananas I feel like we should I mean wouldn’t hurt getting at least bananas I mean it helps us get lives that’s one thing that helps we’re benefits oh god oh god that’s a boy you can do this go okay all right keep keep it calm good all right okay man there’s some and I’m oh God oh no where did that come from I’ve got oh god I don’t know all right there’s a boy these fish oh no come on you gotta be kidding me know and we only got six lives left that’s with us come on and I just died again wow that’s Duchess whoo oh my god yes okay let’s be more calm okay we’re just gonna go through the whole thing let’s go simple we don’t have to do the net for the bananas and I just died again man we are getting so many does already in like three minutes now Oh God um ok let’s let’s be more careful okay spell through is we don’t just not have to worry about the bananas we don’t need them really okay unless we were we want extra life all right Oh God all right let’s be calm calm k Oh God okay go go good so far so good I see wheels up there I don’t know why okay uh-oh we don’t need that Oh Oh God ok this is where we lost one of us ok there we go ok I just for doing well we’re doing well that’s a good thing right here that’s that’s all right we got an extra life that’s a good thing ok like this Oh God we’re close to these [ __ ] wheels can we avoid them good we bought it phone I feel like we’re you miss a Kong letter though that’s on their mind let’s we’re good we’re good or that’s a second come letter alright so something new so there’s some new enemies hold on this one other than the previous underwater levels that’s cool so let’s avoid these spiky wheels and there’s our checkpoint

finally we’ve made it alright that’s good that’s something good that we’re making progress so far else no no no no no I’m not gonna risk it wait I don’t show you go there let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go I don’t care ok it’s just a banana bananas ok let’s just go I don’t think there’s gonna be anything oh it you know risco for a screenshot this is interesting this interesting all right ar15 know for our 14th screenshot that’s nice alright let’s check anything over here okay it looks like pretty much amazed because there’s like multiple ways to go already said that but I’m just want to sit then let’s go let’s keep going I just want to check around ooh we got shark perfect now can kill all the enemies in our way we’ve just earn our super super sharp sharp nose that’s a shard oh no oh no oh no we r square your doom okay let’s be calling us become just want to go to a head I’d yeah that’s why I meant that’s why I meant that’s why I’m anthem we don’t want to go to a head because we might mess up alright so we got did he come back alright let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go there we go alright and their charter com better we avoided that just in time okay skull rounds go around the where we going where we going we’re going we’re going down um but everybody but every boy can we do it yes okay all right doing good oh so many spiky wheels oh this is what it’s kind of scary um okay we don’t need to we don’t there’s nothing there oh god we only just lost Donkey Kong and there we can get him right now just okay good oh my god we all we were we almost lost diddy kong there let’s go let’s go let’s go I don’t care I don’t care in the car oh my god it looks risky let’s go let’s go let’s go okay we’re good we’re good just be calm there’s nothing down there I know we just saw there let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s keep going let’s keep going there’s nothing there’s nothing oh my god um I don’t think there’s something there let’s wait the fresh that’s all I don’t know go now go Duncan oh okay good okay we should be near like last color i suppose i’m nervous because we only have donkey kong lost okay point the fish avoid the fish the last coming later right there we got yes all right let’s get to the exit please can we get to the exit safely oh god oh god oh no oh that was that was risky to do oh my god those wheels when I came close to each other oh ok let’s let’s go all the way back we don’t need really much to do we can just go back up there oh god what up with what alpha without touching these spiky wheels ok all rights get diddy kon Ricky there we go okay disappoint these wheels Oh God get him get oh no oh no this is so tough oh we boys just in time just in time all right let’s keep going I’m kind of sweating to be honest oh because this is like kind of challenging to do when you got all these wheels that are in your way I’ll they’re all they’re always there like in your way I like all the time i’m there is there no okay things should be near to a barrel yeah we’re killing you’re near we’re near there we go all right let’s make sure we need to make sure we don’t lose anyone just in case we fill in that in those between those two wheels were just near the exit I suppose all right one thing we should go I don’t think the colors are here anymore since we were at them okay let’s

keep going listen boys are fish that are in the well my guy came out of nowhere again no don’t don’t touch me okay oh oh god oh god with the fish boy to fish skip going okay we can just go pass through threw up whoo yeah there we go all right we need to go in the middle and finally we made it yes oh god I was so risk it was risky do blue monkeys fishing perfect we get to see it’s funky con once again do ski yeah it’s dudeski your butt has gotta be on the level somewhere oh yeah we love we love to the COG I know yeah I free all right let’s get going like yeah because there’s not much with deponca con so anyways we’ll be continuing drew elevator antics let’s go okay at least it’s the ground level I don’t know what’s this war let’s go up there’s a whole it let’s see what this war spell it out let’s see oh okay nevermind um Oh like I’m done for yep yep as soon as I got the banana I knew I was gonna mess up there my god all right no I don’t should we should not gonna do anymore all right let’s speak careful oh god oh we know I thought I suck I saw letter there we just saw that her there I think we should I don’t know how we’re gonna get though um why are we to get there they’re all God come on we got three lives left this is not looking good not looking good like I literally suck Oh God come again there we go yeah there’s still yours to come later first come later there was a boy oh god no no oh oh my god we don’t wait i don’t really i really don’t want to go for game over right now ah that’s not gonna be a that’s not gonna be nice really all right mom okay okay let’s go back I don’t think know the Cobras are down here getting it or rattlesnakes all right about it Oh God there we go where were those clothes we need to become we’re not we’re gonna be too if we have if we can’t get them okay good so far to go god you’re coming from there okay listen we’re not gonna go for this pin in this go um jump on IM there we go we got diddy kong perfect okay we’re doing we’re going to so far so far we’re good progress progress let’s go past have we got peas in the way oh god I suppose our said the next colors here I don’t know I’m still yeah okay nevermind i thought there was okay go bad pass these beasts I don’t care what a bananas really I just care about going through levels like yeah like that’s example of surviving through this oh god there’s something here right yep what is this for bonus level collect the prizes okay bananas okay all right um there’s our second call letter perfect and we got at you oh god oh oh my god we literally got that we I can’t believe we actually got that balloon I did not expect we didn’t I did not expect to get that balloon I was just gonna shoot for the statue and there’s a checkpoint wow we’re doing good okay oh we can’t hit it well there we go um well it’s a reason it’s called elevator mmm you see this peril I don’t know what for bought it there we go I don’t know we’d apparel for doorways what are we supposed to use a barrel um let’s go let’s go down with him okay nevermind hey let’s boy that be oh

god oh god guru whoa okay roll roll oh god no no this is so challenging but we can do it we can do it we can do it there we go Donkey Kong is near there we go roll you just want to roll there we go there all right I’ll beez in the way no no I see a hole I just saw a hole there yeah we just saw I saw hold down below hi guys yeah I don’t know if you’ll see outside but I site okay let’s creep guns try again there we go um go and jump and jump and roll no I know me too okay we’re good we’re good that was close all right roll it there we go oh god oh my god beat those guys are tough wait oh my my oh no this is not looking good this is not looking good okay man they’re so strong with her with their helmets oh well we were all I thought it lighter ma died on oh okay we just got that ink on the left keep going oh no okay um um um I’m still scared okay good roll okay good good oh my god okay see Boyd the bee let’s quit this piece and go down there we go tango Down oh no my oh no oh my god this is not looking good it really isn’t oh my god so many fails Oh God jump jump jump okay barrel bird down okay jump go roll roll god um yeah got to be down roll perfect all right okay we’re back here jump jump jump jump good perfect oh no we lost a con I mean time time oh oh god oh god oh god jump oh no please no I love with the seeds no oh god no I really do it we’re not in for it for it came over right now Oh God oh no not you not she okay roll roll jump jump barrel uh not the seeds okay jump jump row row girl oh ok Natalie oh my god we got one last life and we’re done if we screw up we’re done for oh my god this is unreal um okay I’ll be right back and when we got back to where we were before we last I’d so I’ll be back alright we’re back to where we were and yes we did get game over yes I had a thing what’s going to happen so yeah perfect 25 lives Oh God Oh wouldn’t get the count letter the last ether calendar but whatever screw it wages I just want to survive oh my god no this one is hard so many fails on this one I cannot believe it’s unreal die go through it roll and roll and kill Abby and roll something there we go that’ll roll that’s cool Oh Oh God and okay I think like I’m starting to lag doesn’t that’s bad special for a game for a level like this that’s the bad thing about this let’s get donkey kong I don’t care I nittany 100 oh my god we couldn’t or watch this is gonna be a long video sorry about that but I just have so many fails fill out this level it’s so unreal I cannot take this anymore oh my god oh

god um do this yeah ok ok I’m just going to go through this level huh I didn’t expect it to it to die so many times again here and let’s be calm ok ok we need ok that’s a boy da winner will screw that um roll and go and go didn’t I want it to happen oh my god ok I’ll be right back when we are near I ran back guys um man I I have a few more deaths after all that oh my god it was painful oh my god I seriously had to go through another game over wow this is so insane finally we finally made it through at that part oh my god that was so oh I’m so rating oh my god hey let’s not die finally we finally did it finally we’ve survived through the level we did not get the percolator but you know what I don’t care it we were it was so hard that oh well that’s it for this episode as long as so much rage we will not raise not in rage much but so many fails on that we even got a few game overs I didn’t I I haven’t had a good few game over top screen my god I was painful really was oh my god i was probably most one of the biggest fails I’ve ever had out of this whole let’s play so yeah I’m gonna end up here um hope you guys enjoyed this episode of darlington country I’m star game 39 if you enjoyed this video please get a like and also love leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel for more videos in it and next episode of donkey kong country will be continuing up through the industries and we a blackout basement next time so see you guys