[ENG SUB] The Journey Across The Night 01 | Chapter CAT FOOD – 01 (Joseph Zeng Shunxi, Cherry Ngan)

How is it? Looks good? Come on Let’s go Do you go out at night? I’m here to study That’s good Come back earlier at night Don’t take elevator after 12 am Why? You have too many questions You are making me paranoid You’d better think nothing People lived here go to bed early And this damn elevator has been used for over 20 years It’s clanged every day One day, clanged! If it’s broken, no one will help you Which floor? 5A means the 4th floor? There’s no fourth floor 5A is 5A Door open Big noise Not really civic-minded Unsocial Superstitious Live in her own mind Maybe single Lazy Alcoholic Probably unemployed Work at night Uncertain job I’ll kill you! Don’t eavesdrop Better to be careful Hard to communicate Petty Constant quarrels Clean doorway Regular cleanup Probably not get alone well with others Smell of herbs Patient at home We’re here