Garry's Mod Plane Build Off – Episode 4 (FINAL) – Fight Time!

Josh do on account of a test flight not especially girls look I just fine if you get a rocket launcher out of something absolutely I can’t fire from this chair one on oh well I can slap you in the face and in the face with it but now I have you all right right then you sing but I’m gonna lower you now ah I haven’t been lowered your nose yeah sis cuz I’m going so fast oh you’re upside down no I’m not you are look um dealer yeah Oh God oh Jesus what’s just happened here you hit the edge off I uh this isn’t working it is working but we’re gonna fly home backwards okay you could see my point of view this definitely is not working if you could see my point of view which is pretty good Oh God have you ever seen an airplane go backwards I don’t want to you want d by all go grab hackers now I’ve by up them you bailed why did you bail you are being very friendly okay I’m coming for landing hey there we go I’ve landed its job Tata Tata Tata boo teases what he is readily find Maltesers Oh pictures o.o a piece of all teaser Oh a piece of candy cat i would offer you i mate but wait you’re not there oh how could you say that well I’m sorry cat enter your car come on we’re ready I’m not getting in my car never knew that again it scared you oh my god Oh Mike what the hell is going on oh oh god what the hell okay right my plan is you know there’s a such thing as a melon bomb no okay hey someone some genius very like ye some genius made something called a melon bomb okay I don’t get this look at where are you how do you fire them no it does you don’t fire it it’s you know the dynamite is that oh yeah inside a melon so when you do it it blows the melon melon up and then the dynamite drops down oh really so you can weld de melon to the your yang something perfect right kid and I have one please I think it’s on the first page of The Dukes what top rated yeah well a nice gnarly popular apparently popular it’s not the first page is definitely isn’t exploding melon it definitely top my favorites a different fuels then in dupes yeah aren’t you popular apparently popular ratio it’s not on the first page it’s not there what the [ __ ] sex time with Molina right all I can see is a bunch of future delorean bottom left bham level note there’s a combine troop carrier version too um I don’t know I’ll give one to you yet that’s a good idea Josh you are meeting this sense of time we’re alright though what the melon exploding drops a piece of TNT basically the melon okay when you are you can weld the melon to your thing and not the bomb and then when you press spacebar it loads and then it drops dynamite and then you can explode the dynamite oh nice ok put one on the center thing I have now that there was a bomb it looks like a bomb on melon Josh ok well well where are you

I’m here ah there we go right now how do i use this I use it Josh a space with it it has to be yours oh god you got it wait it doesn’t work nothing has to be yours it is mine and some dick has changed it back my plain Seaford you can’t use him once can’t you know well I all right wait I think what need to do is I need to go to gravity gun then who so we just magic have a lot of melons oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] sake we have a lot of melons welded to the bottom for aeroplanes is that we kind of say yes thank you exactly good solid idea that is exactly one time exploding your present space oh yeah mmm that means i can no longer use space to go up oh god problem a little bit why did they have to make space this is so much the dynamite what basically done my book Oh God and it is harder than I thought I just went up I just press space to go up oh god Eddie exploding bright just reach out and not a space right okay weld tool all right it’s welded okay I oh god a compressed space is horrible this is horrible hey this might have to be what we do just before okay let me just put one more on in Regina right you just type back to nearly love oh no I’m duplicator tool as you try to talk there we go right then four oh god this is horrible saying that thinking I cannot buy space otherwise it’s just going to ruin it okay Tata Tata Tata we just got tutted putt putt putt putt look we’re going breaking the rules going a bit over time but I difficult with my airplane that’s it deletes the inside things so you asked me Josh we ask we deserve bit of extra time don’t we yes Oh God and nearly press space in to go up well you can you can only use them once got you yeah oh [ __ ] ah so we have one shot one shot I don’t we just crash into them right I think we’re done we’re gonna meet everybody on the big podium in the middle ready to show off our planes and get ready to fight alone cab and Harry had added a few guys oh well catch at a ball on the timeline a bit of a ruddy struggle i did hear it what’s your throat on there and now I’m lifting up your plane Oh put it down okay there’s a lot of lag um it’s itachi still making last-minute modifications taste Oh gone wrong what did I tell you how to weld it in place before you try and edit it also no collide Josh no collide yeah I know if I design then a seat went for it then I died so anybody let’s have a look at each other’s airplanes catch this stop views because yours it’s [ __ ] amazing it’s a cool right what’s going on with this end possible oh this hold on it these little saw blades will deal damage if you stand under them well so if anybody tries to take over my actual place stand back oh I told you stand back men up just got no problems right Harry let’s move on to yours now this is a pretty special looking thing visibly it was meant to be in what I y-wing but then it went wrong so I turn it into an invisible one ok now when I saw you flying this thrusters were kind of like just going off in every

direction so it’s all kind of maybe possibly could do pasta what things have you got next I take us out absolutely none oh right ok Josh make mine is sort of like a Lancaster bomber type thing I get punished and it looked it dances frost lab slip down put it down to the bar and a 13 colors it comes out the engines oh oh and yeah right ok and Josh uh you’re successful minute not with it I’ll join us but if it’s not finished and it’s not finished and you can’t win ok well I’m just gonna do it observe I’m just muttering my control plane yeah I have no weapons we have no weapons oh no I did have weapons are mine but when I put it down and did this with it it made the melons crush on the side and so now my bombs are down down there listen no one ever cook spice bombs off down there oh don’t worry bit i’m alone i don’t i just crush you with my joint so basically catches anyone that can do damage cuz it’s probably the only well i’m gonna be able to win yeah God with one no right okay then everybody get ready to okay so the rules are this once you’ve taken off you’re not allowed to touch the floor once you touch the floor you are out told me out oh god oh no josh is out gone bad odd don’t hit me oh my god oh my god you like him don’t connect over there nope you can no con you because you got a silly mod installed your son of oh no I see it I have is off oh well I don’t oh very close to mine baryonic elegantly riding everybody grab your aeroplanes enter your vehicle’s much mrs. he bounced I’m just gonna start mine from over here so because most quite begging it on a crashing to straightaway let’s all be the first one to hit the ground lines to us too Ready Steady Go Oh hurry Yeah right I’m just asking yourself is mine remote control oh right right amor Josh already five times I got to get my father oh no no no houses been started yet cuz i wasn’t in oh god this is incredibly hard to fly is out here is incredibly hard to fly my oh go ahead baby smoke when it cuz when i turn goes right through the camera and I can’t see anything oh god guys are that a real couple oh I’ve never really fighting like this woody I’m upside down at them open hello by my lasers Christ Oh formats oh no my steering it’s it made to be one way not but I there’s no sat down staring at all I didn’t touch a floor battle dice is flying into the pillar uncontrollable count Yasha saw that is our home damn it damn it down down oh god oh Jesus oh right my own thing now going backwards um oh my god i think the camera of my airplane is getting the top of the world god oh god oh my god i just don’t like walls the floor okay go categorize out re way it was hardly a dog by right let’s get their dog but i think i don’t know how i can offer you damn damn considering catch the only one that can actually dogfight it’s gonna be a bit of a nun been alright reddit are like mine is so maneuverable once maneuverable when it’s flowing flowing on the floor oh my pups go down yours in spots occasional girl I my run flies upside down that is mine Michael devour road

look Michael I was up in the sky that that that is constable oh jeez this is definitely not the means it was meant to be flown in but oh well oh Jesus Christ okay next challenge land it smoothly put me down land it landed smoothly see now this is where my one comes into play haha ya mind burly flies so basically I landed already yet the land on the podium yeah on the pole [ __ ] what radical to poke you I’d I could do it I thought anything like still ranging then come back down why I challenge you to land on the podium lads my brave suicided just ignore that no mr. only just mr. lads only just missed it I can’t tell when one’s going oh good okay I’m going for you turn what’re you do oh so close to it so close lads I’ve got this smoke is getting my nerves now big time getting cheese blue white and dark blue cat going for it I’m coming over landing lights robust robust I languages I landed I agree I will only made by one that it can turn when it’s going at speed I’m sorry I’ll and going [ __ ] okay guilty so fast oh god oh god oh god oh god God dang it gosh good oh no oh no it’s got a controllable god I hate this how did you win for the flight test is that Harry what stop leave me alone you disqualified scalfa mates gone sky-high genome skin as well no i’m at like it would I’ve got to the laggy would sign that’s already scared i have added bonus did you say eat completely treated parachuters well what else was I gonna ready do then hanging a minute hang on a minute hang on in it eat or no ready for us that’s going come on Don today or wait we’re actually not so Joe they look amazing i hit fly seat that’s why I so sketchy that’s why I told you to get away from it then gold Bennett going where can you kill me when you fly into me know your flight yes I lounge with it actively he gently yes oh okay that means I won the flight test as well because I managed last apart from Harry yeah I’m the landing test she’s celebrating that’s what I think you’re winning mate Oh duck season okay jeez avenged me catch what it’s mommy died oh my god nice what’s left die die this is what I think you already play mate no aim no I haven’t got deep in the gift that was no cheaper to get haven’t caught you yet you don’t know I don’t know I don’t please don’t please please come over it messy take on paper yeah just ignore them take ignore them come on now hush hush hush legends are very good Josh all right so guys I think on that note we’re gonna write e ND great series legs but it’s great but it’s not if not even a series as an episode nice it’s been a series is this is being I’m not making a buddy one hour 51 minute okay good boy forget somebody cut this down down look boss boss got it down into about 900 Catlett me alone oh my God he’s boise good get out there Bessie go get out there get out there

he’s going for it she’s going for it look no she’s gonna keep going down maybe she’s going down you’re going down and on that note I think it’s time to say goodbye dear later John ah no no no no no my legs don’t sonali to go get change the green no 51 is on the blue team know what we were that’s fine oh no the engine still blue quickly sketch out the fishing on the geckos photo and goodbye goodbye buzz is she’s not even dying mom oh god it’s like Oh you you win Oh