This is an extremely important video that I’m about to make and the West needs you this is an active participation video which is rare these days because Most of the mainstream media is just reporting on bad news and telling you. Oh, there’s nothing you can do about it But this video you can do something about it. I’m gonna show you how Beijing since Chinese Communist Party members to come to your country in the West colonize your country break your workplace laws your tax laws become create a form of colony a parasitic Economy. We lean our economy which sucks on the West and is very bad for us I’m going to expose a milk tea shop one specific one, which is I’ve spent hundreds of hours investigating Up here. There’s a card if you want a bit of context to what I’m talking about You haven’t seen my previous video talking about milk tea shops in the West and how they break all the rules that there are and they They lie cheat and steal. They don’t pay tax and they’re bad for every country that they’re in There’s a little bit of context. What’s this video? Firstly I understand what I’m talking about here Now I need your active participation in this video because I’ve done the investigation I’m about to provide you with the information And now I need you to go to the Fair Work Ombudsman I need you to go to Any government agency a lot of the government agencies? Blind and a little bit naive to what’s going on you need someone like me to go out and spend hundreds of hours of their own time and investigate and Get to the bottom of what’s really going on in this country. I have started up a Facebook group called Australian born Europeans Which is kind of a spoof of how the Chinese start up their own groups called Australian born Chinese or American born Chinese and they have their own little groups within your country I don’t see any reason why I can’t start up Australian born Europeans or American born Europeans We can coordinate ourselves within that group There’ll be a link in the description somewhere where you can join that group. We can coordinate water Everybody will be doing to try and get this information out. I feel that When you discover one type of business and I feel like all of these milk tea shops are breaking our Laws and our rules our workplace laws everything there. They are parasite on all countries that they enter and I feel that’s so important that if we can work harder I never said it’s going to be easy But if we can work hard to do something about one of them That will bring awareness to all of the rest of them and they will all be forced to pay tax They’ll all be forced to hire other people other than Chinese and the discriminatory Practices. So let’s get on this. Let’s get on with the investigation now What I’m talking about is hey juice hey juice is a milk tea Shop they have Opened up many shops all over Sydney. We have East gardens we have Chatswood Eastwood we have Collingwood and we have black town soon they’re going to open up one in Castle Hill South Village and North Ryde and I’ve gone and I’ve filmed all of these Shops if you have a look And all of these footage that you’re seeing right now is the hay juice milk shops Milk tea shops. They as you can see they only hire Chinese They don’t hire any brown people white people black people. They don’t hire anyone other than Chinese and and this this is Sure discrimination and It’s pure racism and it is how a colony behaves when a colony wants to Infiltrate your country and that’s what I truly believe this Business is doing So what else are they doing? They they use we pay a peer-to-peer transaction form of transaction, which is used through WeChat which is a Chinese the Chinese Facebook every single transaction, which is made through we pay a Certain percentage of each transaction goes back to China And and the balance sheet is held within the Chinese app

the your Taxation Office does not have access to the balance sheet So, I don’t know how many transactions are being made and every single transaction that a certain percentage is being sent back to China So they’re effectively stealing money out of your country with every single transaction Which is being made through we pay This needs to stop WeChat needs to be banned in every Western country because it’s a Parasite on your economy and you’re wondering why the economy strong starting to struggle and China’s getting rich They’re stealing money out of your country they’re effectively taking attacks from every single transaction within your country and sending it to China that is Absolutely ridiculously offensive They use easy, they prefer not to use uber or Uber eats or they any of the Western Delivery services, they use easy, which only hires Chinese people surprise surprise. They get paid through we pay as well So all the transactions there all go back to China. So easy again is a Racist form of delivery service. You see how the colony? The colony only hires other colonists and this is how a colony behaves they create an economy within your economy, so you got Only Chinese businesses using only other b2b businesses within your country and sending attacks Back to China. What’s the definition of a colony? Well, this is what it is and it needs to stop and It’s very important that you guys Understand what’s going on in your country and why your economy is struggling. This is a Chinese contract, which I was met I managed to get hold of what I have done is I planted someone within Hey juice took a lot of time and effort, but I’ve planted Someone within hey juice and they’re still there right now and they gave me the contract the workplace contract and Here it is It is all in Chinese it breaks all of the laws that a Basic contract should have it’s not fair. It doesn’t have proper dates Addresses, it doesn’t have the owners. It’s not in English firstly. I’m not sure if this is a law, but it should be a law imagine imagine is Big businesses because China is the biggest economy in Asia. Big Chinese businesses are Dominating and creating monopolies within Australia and America just just say an example and you Have the you have the option of paying one unemployed or signing a Chinese contract which you cannot read with all these unfair clauses in it What do you do when you have to sign it? So what we need to do right now is we need to ban all contracts that are not in English we need to do it now because what will happen in the future is Soon then we’ll have to hire more Chinese people to translate Chinese contracts within our own Country and then they get more jobs how unfair is that? And then next thing, you know, maybe we’ll have to change the judges And the the civil service or the civil courts, I will have to be able to read Chinese you see how this is happening in the colony is trying to take over The entire country they’re doing this everywhere. They’re going by the way. So this contract there’s a part of this contract where They state that the first 24 hours And the employee does not get those 24 hours paid up front They will only get it if they last six months on the job so part of the scam here is that this employer will Hire people on visas or student visas or work visas something like that pay them cash and Maybe fire them before six months is up and pocket the 24 hours up front You might not be able to translate it. But that’s what the translation means here another thing is that Will that’s an illegal contract? 24 hours kept for six months. That’s really unfair. That’s an illegal contract. Hey They get paid $12 per hour and only after a long period of training where you can become a

Manager to manage one of these stores on your own that means opening it up in the morning starting everything up and closing everything Closing locking everything up at the end of the day you will get $15 an hour, so twelve dollars an hour plus the the 24 hours you don’t get paid when you start and Only when you’re experienced You will get paid $15 an hour Now all of these businesses have this say all of these haeju’s stores have this same structure And it breaks our workplace laws. Like I called up the Fair Work Ombudsman and they told me that all of these Everything here is illegal And that’s where you guys come in I need you guys to crawl up and do something about this because I can’t do this all by myself Now it’s under the minimum wage And also they pay cash Now what they do is they pay with cash All what he does is he? Teaches each of his employees to get an ABN and he coaches them He says what you do is you feel in that you are a trading assistant to get there ABM because They’re a Bien’s of being rejected. And so he’s figured out the trading assistant is how he can get all of his employees a An ABN and they can invoice him $12 an hour Now the thing here is that on the ATO website it clearly states that this is illegal This is tax fraud. He is breaking our tax laws and skirting around our laws He should be paying PAYG the employees Should be getting paid at least the minimum wage. They should be getting paid more on the weekends. There should be a penalty rates Over time they should be paid Superannuation, this is another thing So there’s or every one of these businesses are a parasite on our economy because think about this He’s pocketing money that needs to be going to my government to pay for hospitals and schools and police and fire Brooke, you know the fire brigade that is Keeping Australia from burning down right now. That’s money that this guy should be paying Hey Jews should be paying taxes to my government to help my country and he’s pocketing that money and Australian people are going into this business and buying juice from someone who is breaking our laws Superannuation it’s not paying superannuation. That means that super animation is not going into superannuation funds and They’re not investing it in the Australian stock market. This is why the Australian stock market is struggling at the moment and the Australian economy is struggling in the moment because we’ve got so many parasitic businesses like this that are Loyal to Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party and not loyal to Australia. Another thing. He does is he tells The the owner of pages tells all of his employees If anyone asks how much you are being paid he coaches them to not say how much they’re getting paid Just say oh look. It’s personal. I can’t tell you how much I’m getting paid per hour The reason why is because he’s breaking out laws Now it’s not fair for other Businesses, which are next door because this cheating business who is not paying tax PAYG not paying superannuation penalty rates is able to hire more employees for less therefore he’s having a competitive edge of Good Australian businesses that are doing the right thing we need to stop this business right now and the most frustrating thing about this is the Cheating Chinese businesses who are loyal to Beijing and they’re not loyal to us these cheating Chinese businesses gaining political power within my country and my Politicians are falling for this con artistry now Let me show you a little bit of a talk which an Australian politician gave on Sydney today Sydney today in my opinion is well, I think I’ve proven The Sydney today is huge classifiers and media organization operating in Australia They have direct ties to Beijing there are Chinese Communist Party There are foreign foreign media agency and

classifieds as well now David Coleman David Coleman gave a talk where he explained how important Chinese businesses are to Australia Let’s watch this first it’s also important to note that our immigration system is Non-discriminatory and it’s not based on what country people come from. It’s based on the contribution they bring to our country and that’s what that’s what matters in Australia is is the contribution that people bring in so many millions of people throughout our history have brought such Fantastic contributions. It’s also immigrations also been very important for our economy. So today there are about 1.4 million people in Australia who are employed by migrants so migrants who set up a business on coming to Australia and then hired people it’s about 1.4 million people in that situation in Australia And in fact about one in three small businesses in Australia Was started by an immigrant so this is a very very important part of our economic success and we see so many examples of that around around the nation in the Chinese community people who have immigrated from China is about 68,000 businesses in Australia started by people Who immigrated from China employing huge numbers of Australians a very very positive? Part of our economy. And of course, we also have people With very high levels of skills who have immigrated to Australia who have helped to develop our economy and in bringing those skills and in investing in Australia They have helped to grow the economy and to create more jobs and more opportunities for the broader Australian community which is a very very positive thing so we should celebrate those economic successes from our immigration program and we should be proud of What we’ve achieved now my problem here is well, there’s multiple problems with what he had to say How many of these? so-called good Chinese businesses that are bringing so much money to Australia are not paying tax and exploiting workers Lowering the mineral minimum wage for everybody Because we have so many of them that have a competitive advantage over so many good Australian businesses How many are cheating like ages? How many? 40,000 how many atoms out of all of the businesses that David Coleman Rick believes is Doing such a good thing for Australia how many of them are cheating and are loyal to Beijing and are officially colonists and parasites on our country how many now I’ve exposed I expose the the begum the begging monks I Was the first person in Australia to expose them and it took almost two years for the mainstream media to do something about I expose the beggars as well This is the next level Right. Now what I am doing I Hope I hope the mainstream media catches up a little bit faster than they did last time. I hope this triggers a proper investigation Into every one of these milk teen restaurants in every Chinese business. That is not paying tax in Australia we need to do something about it and Also, cause a lot of fear amongst not only the Chinese businesses but every other immigrant business that is not doing the right thing because every little every cent of tax needs to go into my government because my government Needs to pay to defend this country and if they’re not paying taxes they’re weakening my country from within they’re weakening my hospitals my schools my my police my Defence Force everything’s being weakened and Dare, I say it Our Anzacs would be turning in there then graves right now to know that Most Australians are still asleep at the wheel here and blind to what is going on here. Now, let’s continue now what I’ve done is I’ve discovered that the owner is a guy called Daniel is y n This is publicly available I’m just I’m just taking a photo that he has already shared on Facebook And anybody in the world can have a look at this photo? it’s not like I took a Private photo and I’m exposing him. This is how I discovered who he is now Imagine this for a scenario his his wife

Might be driving a nice Mercedes or a nice BMW around around Australia well, and she’s living the high life Through these cheating businesses both his children are given a good life too and and his families he’s able to steal money out of the Australian economy and provide his children with a good education and a good future at the expense of Australian children This is offensive to me and offensive that everybody who has ever fought and died for this country to allow someone loyal to Beijing in My country to prosper at the expense of the Australian people. It’s offensive to everybody No doubt this guy’s got enough money to buy property which is pushing up the property prices in Australia making it more expensive for real Australians eighteen-year-old Australians because of the divorce rate now Society is destroying our community while cheating businesses like this Are killing it they’re buying property They’re living the high life at the expense of loss and not doing the right thing that they’re breaking our laws Now that’s another thing that they advertise in CCP wrong Web sites like Sydney today They don’t advertise in proper will Google or in Western media that you don’t see advertisements for jobs in hey juice in say Korea 1 or seek You only see them in Chinese Classifieds because they don’t want to hire anybody other than Chinese They’re breaking. All discrimination laws. They’re pure Racists and if you look at all the footage, you can see every single business only hires Chinese. They’re racists Another thing they do is they lie about Australian produce. That’s another thing which I was a little bit shocked about They they say that hey juice is made from Australian made Produce but a lot of it is imported from China So a lot of the money is going back to China to buy produce from China instead of buying locally made produce in Australia It’s a colony they’re building a colony here, and it’s Outrageous. Another thing they do is what they do is it’s part of a citizenship scam They start off a business in Australia. They get citizenship By pretending that they’re paying taxes and doing the right thing by Australia and hiring Australians when they’re not hiring any Australians They’re only hiring hiring other Chinese as a colony Then they get their citizenship. They start up a family. They spend their money within their little colony. It’s a colony that’s what it is and Then what they do is they bring mum and dad or grandma and grandpa over here who have never paid taxes in this country in their lives and they become parasites on our pension system and parasites on our Medicare system and just they’re just parasites on our economy and you cannot get rid of the pricks by time they get here and This entire scam is destroying our country from within It’s a parasite and then then you have then you have his wife driving around in a nice car and it’s children living The high life and then they have this attitude that they’re better than you When they lie cheat and steal their way to the top it just makes me so angry and it should make you angry as well The thing here is then his children grow up. They get a good education They are most probably going to be the next leaders of Australia The next Prime Minister is going to be loyal to Beijing through their criminal parents that only got powerful in the very beginning by cheating We need to do something about this and this is where you guys come in This is where you guys come in start up the group and I would like you guys to Join the group Where I can send you the the contract the contractors evidence Everything up setting this video. You can probably write down and contact Fair Work Ombudsman the ATO We need to contact if I could at least have 20 of you guys join up with Stream born Europeans we can chat in there and we can coordinate just say we have a few people that Will continuously harass the Fair Work Ombudsman to properly investigate this business the ATO

May be Fair Work Australia as well. If the ATO can do something about the ABN scan scam if we can get the Anti-discrimination Board or the Human Rights Commission to investigate why they never hire Anybody other than Chinese because that is a discriminatory hiring practice If we can do something about this one business and we can have enough of you guys out there So just say just say we have people 20 30 40 50 more the merrier constantly Emailing calling knocking on the door Forcing these Australian Government agencies to do something about it. We need something to be done Maybe come calling up talk shows and talking about. Hey juice if we can somehow miraculously convince our government organization to fine shutdown do something some sort of Do something about this one business? It will then cause a reaction Where we will be able to do something Easier it will set a press precedent. I never said it was going to be easy, but if we could have some Aziz out there that will get together and Continuously call the media Call these agencies and we’ll do something about it It will then snowball and then we’ll be able to do something about all these other bad Businesses that are breaking our laws, why are the laws there if they’re not enforced? I know a lot of ossie businesses break the laws, but Aziz are spending ozzy dollars in Australia They’re not sending it abroad and Aussies a lot Discriminating against other people and doing all these bad things that hay juice is doing so, please Make me in the group. You can email me Leave a comment below if you want. Let’s let’s do something about this is a very important video for me Took a lot of time for me to get this information from the inside. So please don’t waste my Investigation here spend a lot of time on this one I’m begging you I’ll see you guys in the group and I’ll see you guys in the next video