LGWI – Heroes of Might and Magic II 011 (Country Lords)

welcome back boys and girls to let’s get on with it Heroes of Might and Magic to the succession Wars and eventually probably possibly his expansion price of loyalty we start off this episode and scenario aid country Lords take me home not quite wrong saw and we’re going to have to deal with a very the scenario my opinions actually pretty taxing uh if you don’t have the two alliances if you elected to skip the dragons and you say the necromancer as opposed to the doors this map is extremely difficult and my gosh you could spend at least three damn in-game months on this trying to get this right the way it stands right now even would be alliances this is pretty difficult and I will spend longer on this map I predicted any other thus far even the door failed training map we’ve started off with just one hero but we don’t have a castle and we’re going to have to take all enemy castles in order to achieve victory this map are the few castles this map is pretty big as you can tell by how this looks we don’t have Laura Corrigan instead I believe this is Vesper who will be joining us yes Vesper he’s got a few abilities logistics will be incredibly useful basic wisdom advanced scouting fifty centaurs thirty gargoyles and ten minute ours worst we have is average speed so we will not be traveling uh too poorly which is good trust me first thing we’re going to be doing here is uh I don’t remember the layout of this map that well but I do know that we’re going to be hopping in this observation tower for a good reason yes yes it tells you that you have lost your last town you need to conquer one within the next week we have this huge treasure trove of goodies here wonderful goodies that we can capture however there is a night there he is uh rather quick the Rangers are average speed and I don’t know whether he has any skills upon him so he will have no trouble gathering all those quickly over here in the far distance we have a sorceress castle that’s the only castle relatively close by it’s the only one we’ll be able to take they take it we’ll have to go through a bit of stuff it’s a few days away um if you go take the sorceress castle you guarantee your your survival quickly and you can have more days to build in the castle however this night will pretty much take everything by the time you get back to so what I’m going to do it go do here in the interests of in the interest of you know showing him the arrow his ways I’m gonna go off that way now I could have you know I could have just skipped the observation tower for earlier because I knew he was over there but I I don’t know whenever you first play this map you don’t know where everything is and yeah screw it it’ll be more authentic this way or whatever let’s go take this bit of gold yay and watch him take the shiny loot oh it makes me angry folks excuse me I will show him not the pilfer my loot damn it hmm this is not as loud as the volume could be there we go I’ve learned my lesson with games I have to click out of the window or else bad things can happen Vesper this bird is a warlock so he starts off with the curse spell which can cause units to inflict a minimal amount damage 8 times 10 is 80 15 times 3 is 45 well go ahead and cast the curse on them okay my gargoyles will get first move then the cavalry will get first move then my centaur should be allowed to strike and that’ll be good I will fly up here I’m not exactly too keen on getting my gargoyles slain by them rather my centaurs get shot which they will but not before striking first ah again I remember that happens and that that was unfortunate is now it’s time for these

guys a strike there we go you fled you coward we lost what seventeen centaurs in three minutes out yes 17 centaurs and three minotaurs that’s not bad that could have been worse let’s go ahead and loot these chests because I’m crazy we’re not learning necromantic we won’t take up ballistics though that’ll be useful I’m gonna pick up these chests I still should be able to make it if I can maybe you guys could laugh at me I’ll leave this it as a failure power failure I should have enough time to pick up the chest though I hope if I do it right I will pick a stage but we are only going to pick up the chest and we are only going to take experience points no matter what diplomacy I’m just not a fan of that no matter what people say okay go here we’ll pick up that now we’ll in the turn again I may not have enough turns though how long will it take me to get there five six yeah I’ll make my beeline now I I won’t think of all the Jess the nice thought and I sent them in but I may have already dally for too long we’ll see folks will say I gained enough levels I’ll get there by day 7 I hope I really should have divided my scent I miss at times my gargoyles that that was irresponsible of me well this will be on board to it as he keeps using them maybe this won’t be as unfortunate as I thought it would be yes yes sweet lucky and this could be worse I only lost a few centaurs now let’s go open they join me I guess I should have picked up diplomacy after all then how about that everybody smooth those over there by the way the Lightning helm how’s the damage you take from lightning spells that can be cool steel with this stack yes yes rub it in why don’t you yo I think I made the right decision folks now I have new regrets I may have to end up having regrets at the future but I don’t have any regrets right now kill those shoot that stack Oh loser it’ll lose a gargoyle I reckon but that won’t be bad we’ll get over there I think open over there maybe we won’t folks boss ball hold a grudge to the rest of my life 5 health for health shoot you dead that was probably a waste but whatever oh maybe we won’t lose a gargoyle I’m pleased and yeah I guess we could have picked up this chest there you found base logistics I wasn’t sure so I made a mistake folks I apologize I I didn’t want it I didn’t want this to be too badly of a blooper though so let’s see was defended this place Dix that’s who’s defending this place average speed you will act first Oh curse these cuz I’m gonna go ahead and attack these I do not need that rawal skating all over my sent our static screw you I’ll take that then again you do shoot twice so that was also unfortunate yeah you can move twice all the way up here that’s achievement if I’ve ever seen one and I have seen many achievements in my day there we go damn it yes yes I probably should have

used curse there that would be like wasting spending more magic points I don’t have all the time the world for that folks side I took care of that pretty nicely lost my shooters but well we do let’s go ahead and step in say hello yeah lovely music also as it turns out not not getting here in time is not that much of a problem since you pretty much have all of your basic buildings built they’re now upgraded on cottages or archery ranges or stone hinges but you know everything except for the red tower we’re pretty good so I guess the final thing we’ll do then is increase my production of sprites by age because I’m actually [ __ ] well we have the description everybody Wow Wow that’ll be great yeah I’m trying to think of what I want to do here sweet learn some great spells there haste and lightning bolt we also have the handy as ever dispel magic just in case things go awry as they are prone to do very much want to do um step out of here let’s go ahead and summon a second hero here I’ll go ahead and take arey over at the sorceress Luna and Lee because his troops will be compatible with Vespers and scouting and wisdom are far more important on this map than the same navigation nope that’s my read to them folks and I’ll give you what’s the fastest unit I can give you here they give you a uniform here you go buddy have some unicorns yeah unicorns I guess I can let you keep it gargoyle but I won’t give those to ye old Vesper here divide those up so that they’re equal Vesper is gonna go I don’t know where best one’s gonna go I don’t know where to go from here that’s the problem okay I guess we’ll just go up this way I’m gonna send arey here all the way back I’m gonna have them pick up this stuff as a matter of fact I might end up hiring another hero because there’s a lot of stuff for me to pick up here all these mines and whatnot I will actually go ahead and do so your objective is to get to that stag it will take you four plus turns well dick in my pants that is a true statement I can’t because yeah I spent my gold oh wow Cyclops growth plus five would be great my pyramid but you know what I don’t and you do not give me a compatible thing at all fine whatever I’ll just build a statue screw you scare these doors away it’s the fall parade run for your lives and latias it’s that that probably didn’t sound like a dwarf at all there’s another stack of doors there’s a delicious stack of overs over there though but that is going to slow my unit down to the speed of molasses it’s true I calculated it myself using very important algorithms I think planning that gold over there is more important since there’s so much of it so I’m gonna go ahead and leave these mines behind for now I’ll get around to it eventually whenever I pick up another hero yep that ogre stag is too enticing I just can’t ignore it as I said I planned on spending a while with this man so I’m not expecting miracles here princess sorry but the princess is in another castle I could pick those up and do that there but then arrey would move just a little bit slower and that would be not desirable we’ll go back well who

has the fastest units I guess it doesn’t matter we don’t I want more leadership ballistics pathfinding I don’t remember exactly how this map looks in terms of what’s terrains up there well go ahead and snag the Barbarian and let’s give you two unicorns why not we’ll leave these trees behind there now you are also not without unicorn it’s time for you to pick up some of this stuff over here I guess I’m gonna hand you pick up the ogres as well but I’m actually [ __ ] it’s true folks yeah and build something – mm-hmm no I can’t I’m broke I can’t afford all zero structures that could be a problem already I guess if I snag some of the gold here not exactly sure where I want to go here but I will I’m actually just going to go through North here I’m going to ignore that sorceress tower I don’t remember whether this is the best strategy I truly don’t but I’m gonna go ahead and do it okay I should have brought another hero along with you there’s an observation tower there I will claim that next turn I’m still not entirely sure where I’m going here that’s a dead end but I need to see I don’t know where I I’m going so there’s just something about it it’s like wasted movement he just for in this game for some reason I get angry it’s like ah it’s kind of flooding it is it is I’m not gonna build a spell it fine I’ll build a dam structure you convinced me I guess it’s possible that I could end up saving my money and somehow worm my way to a red tower but I’d like to have this game in hand by the time like even if I build this here I’m not gonna send my primary hero back I’ve come a long way so I first started playing this game and I’m absolutely finicky about oh so much movement lost overs with my go ahead and pick this stuff up take the gold take that when you can you gotta do it growth suck it up I don’t want to fight him cuz that’ll be a pain in the ass what’s over here okay that’s roughly a dead end there’s that town there that would lead me to that that oh yeah that’s what we want that’s that’s definitely what we want you know oh and we want those to everybody oh yes it’s gonna take me a little bit to get there but rest assured Papa Graham wants those and Papa Grimm’s gonna get them all right it’s good that I moved to the tower I need I had to see where I was going in the story I’m doing around here let’s uh go ahead and summon sure atlas why not leave your troops behind you’re taking unicorns with you we your cards the unicorn Posse the unicorn squad their squads of chords and their uni what run run run I’d be scared of two unicorns myself I think I speak for everyone let’s say we’re skipping that we’re skipping the little villages they’re not gonna help us I’m

nom-nom-nom-nom-nom the red rinds those will be most beneficial gold gold it’s mercury around here and everything is actually supposed to my opinion help you build the red tower so quickly but like I said that’s just my opinion I’ve been known to be wrong from time to time folks so why stop being wrong now pick that up I’ll leave the artifact there stars for Fay and I run into another pack of ogres and it over his robes and then I’ll get angry eat it will be it will be what is my phrase for it ah yes most unfortunate there we go upgraded buildings what a lovely powerful troops we have right there all the better to crush you with my dear hello dragons the Dragons snarling and growling agree to join forces with you there Ally dragons you say that’s amusing because I’m not counting multiples well I mean I guess if you want to deceive yourself that’s time let’s go ahead and do our best hop in there when we can take this material more gold for the gold God more blood for the blood god and I will I’ll actually take a break it in this recording at the start of the third week since I’m nice and generous and everything and so many people make remarks about a video length and whatnot yeah it’s your your call folks it’s fine whatever you want to do yeah overlords the overlords yogur Lords are taking over that was funny I don’t care who you are folks that was funny right there and that was that was truly amusing why are you not laughing yeah I don’t get it folks just don’t get it what what’s the day day five hmm well we’ve done enough gold that I don’t think we’ll be getting enough mercury because we’ve blew it all on coca Coker’s damn it that is disappointing oh I see you there that field of gold Rafa Rafa Ramu it’s a castle castle finally a Vesper will not be moving then slow anymore congratu-fucking-lations skipping the artifact go ahead and run up here what the we’ll grab the ore mine you’re mine the ore mine rollergirl Roger you buy the old mine and we tease sometimes man I think you lost it let’s build a marketplace that may come in handy it just may I may end up buying a tower after all look at you they explore in the seven seas of rye yeah more movement yay one more red dragon the Ambrose I remember you I don’t know one hand I’m tempted to take that castle I believe I could on the other hand I think they just don’t remember what the best ideas are well it’ll be a fun learning experience for all of us everybody by all of us I actually meant just me sorry you did it wrong I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you go ahead and click that for the for the Google overlords and I’m glad we had to gallop all the way right there I’m glad like this shiny loot you know I remember the first several times I played this map and you know many of the other heroes of mine magic to maps not to mention just everything in general I was always such a timid and just you know tentatively reaching out my

tendrils and exploring the map not really you know doing it right I would say well we only have one marketplace so getting the requisite mercury is gonna be pretty painful I I’ve seen many you’ve seen many truthful statements in my day but I’ll go ahead and give the old college try what’s the worst that can happen I do it wrong I need 30 or nice well this is not gonna work out everybody okay I tried I’m a little short damnit well but if I hadn’t spent money on the of Britain Stonehenge yeah like I said it doesn’t really matter I don’t plan on coming back here so I won’t have those bores around very fast speed we’re going to explore the map with them as well just have a bunch of tiny heroes running around doing fuchal sure let’s get this castle for now that is day 7 though I think I’ll just walk in here and take it why not I mean I’m here it’s guarded by 26 peasants I fail to see the problem problem No alrighty that was fun we had just enough movement to do it to everybody I think yeah this was really a worthwhile blaze to capture we couldn’t build a marketplace here and gotten better trade rates though damn I regret everything I’ve ever done with my life now I guess I should have used this prefer smell sometimes Dermott doesn’t do it right everybody but that takes care of this video that into this you know part of scenario 8 I will see you all next time when we take on more yay