The Longest Journey – Game Summary

Welcome to the year of 2209, where cities are huge and heavily over-industrialized In contrast to the high-tech societies, the dreams of April Ryan are quite the opposite They are full of fairytale-like creatures Talking trees, dragons, imaginative landscapes – Everything seems so absurd, that it just has to be a dream And on top of that: she often ends up only dressed in her underwear But as if her dreams aren’t weird enough, some strange things are going on lately while April isn’t sleeping at all Some elements of her dreams pop up out of thin air While waitressing at the Fringe Café, April witnesses as a flute-playing Mole Person jumps through a jukebox Fortunately, she is not going crazy, since she is not the only one who saw it But everyone, except April, denies the incident What’s even more disturbing is that Cortez, April’s weird Latin American friend, seems to know about her dreams He claims to know the “truth” So, to shed light into the dark, he… …he just opens a portal for us to enter Arcadia, since April Ryan is a Shifter… Hold on a second This needs some serious explanation Luckily, at the other side of our shift we find some kind of monk He tries to give an overview: You see, the earth as we know, is only half the world We live in a parallel universe One world, the one we and April know, is the industrial world, which is called Stark, dominated by science and logic The other world is called Arcadia and is based on chaos, magic and fantasies As April finds out, the vast majority of both worlds doesn’t know about the existence of their counter-world or if they do, they claim it’s only a fairytale People from Stark don’t know about and don’t understand magic, whereas Arcadians don’t understand the concept of science and technology Nevertheless, April Ryan is forced to understand both worlds She is told that she is the chosen one It seems very confusing, but at this point the whole secret is revealed in a rather long story I try my best, so hold on tight and keep watching A long time ago, there was only one world There was no split between Stark and Arcadia Unfortunately, the coexistence of science and magic didn’t get along well Some people abused magic for selfish reasons and for thirst of power Earth was flooded with chaos This was the time, the dragons showed up… …DRAGONS!!! They are called Draic-Kin and they are ALIENS! They lived on earth for untold generations There are only 4 in total on earth, but they stayed put until the total disaster was about to take over the world One of those alien dragons founded the Sentinel to watch over the Balance They consisted of 6 Magicians, 6 Scientists and the Driac-Kin himself The Sentinel was ordered to split up science and magic, chaos and order, into two worlds – Stark and Arcadia To focus the powers of all members of the Sentinel, they built a tower The Draic-Kin used a disc, which was forged with the fire of their alien world, to channel the flow of magic and science A smaller copy of the disc acts as a key to the tower The Draic-Kin split up the key in four pieces and handed them to the 6 Sentinel members of Arcadia, who had to hold them in safe custody In Addition, there are 4 stones, which the key needs to be complete Those 4 stones were given to each of the dragons – two in Arcadia, two in Stark Since the divide, each world is visible to the other only by way of dreams A Guardian was chosen to watch over the Balance and redistribute chaos and logic wherever it was needed As a Guardian, the soul is separated from the body for a thousand years

Thus, every 1000 years there must be a new guardian, a new chosen one As time went by, a movement started to rise, which wanted a reunification The so called Vanguard tried to persuade each chosen one to control the guardian in an attempt of a reunification But each time they failed As of today, the current 12th Guardian is already 200 years overdue The body and soul could no longer be separated So, the disc broke and the Guardian was forced back in his old body The tower is left unattended since then As you may have already guessed, the Sentinel sees April Ryan as the new chosen one This is the point where the longest journey of April really begins After learning the unbelievable truth in Arcadia, April finally is able to shift back to Stark with the help of a pocket watch from the art obsessed Cortez April obtained the watch from Brian Westhouse, an old friend of Cortez Back in Stark, Cortez explains what needs to be done: To obtain some more information about the Vanguard, April has to help a criminal homeless boy named Warren Hughes, who…who just knows people… So, April breaks in the police station, tricks some policemen, makes it to the server room and does what Warren asked for Simple as that! One upside of the break in: April found some encrypted data files in the police records on the Church of Voltec, which is the Stark name of the Vanguard After returning the favor to Warren, he sends April to the hacker Flipper He is able to decrypt the files and reveals, that the leader of the Vanguard in Stark is Jacob McAllen His right hand man is Gordon Halloway, a guy whose personality was split into chaos and order by the Vanguard Sounds pretty familiar! Turns out, the headquarters of the Vanguard is linked to MTI MTI is located at a high society district you are only able to enter with a top level ID In order to obtain a fake ID from Flipper, April returns a favor Therefore, April organizes an Anti-Gravity control unit for Flipper’s floating chair by “cleaning up” an air traffic accident Unfortunately, the fake ID will take some time In the meantime, April opens a shift while dreaming Back in Arcadia, April learns about 4 magical species This is after talking to some people and reading some books… …really, you have to read some in-game books They are just a few pages, though But you have to read them What all of the magical creatures, April learned about, have in common is that they share stories about a savior, who can restore the Balance April decides to visit the Alatien first This species lives at the island of Alais An old sailor promised April to get her on a ship, if she could get his bird back, which he lost in a game of cups So, April beats the cup handler by using a magnetic screwdriver A piece of logic and “technology” an Arcadian cannot understand

We trade our Screwdriver….I mean magic wand for the talking bird Now we could board the ship, but unfortunately there is no wind An evil alchemist used a spell to stop all winds Since we really want to go to that island, we now have to beat an evil alchemist On our way, we find the talking bird, which already run away from the old sailor He locked him in a treasure box and lost him again in a game of cups April calls him “crow”, who becomes our sarcastic companion from now on Next, we stumble across the Gribbler, who wants to eat us Clearly, this whole situation resembles the fairytale Hansel and Gretel with an old witch, who eats children for breakfast The witch also reminds me of Gollum with the hissing noise and her posture Before we escape, we rescue another magical creature It’s one of the Mole Persons we saw in the Fringe Café Its species is called Banda Oddly, they all have strange names After killing the Gribbler, the enemy of the Banda, April is kindly invited and celebrated In gratitude for the victory, the Banda give April one of the key-pieces to the Guardians’ tower Back on our route to the alchemist Roper Klacks we end up in his levitating castle, where April has to master a magical maze with moving stairs Finally, we have to beat an evil sorcerer with something beyond his comprehension Something that is pure logic: A calculator! With a vial full of wind potion from Roper Klacks castle, we are finally ready to set sails But Murphy’s Law strikes back: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong Of course April runs into a massive storm while in the middle of an ocean Other people would change course and try to avoid the storm, but not April Ryan Nope She navigates the ship full speed ahead into the hard of the chaos storm As the ship sinks, the crew abandons April from their lifeboat for her reckless behavior So she ends up trapped at some floating pieces of the destroyed ship in the middle of nowhere At least, her sidekick Crow is still around Worse things happen at sea A saying that truly applies as April is pulled down the ocean by Mermaid-like creatures It turns out, she was kidnapped by the Mearum – an aquatic species April is held captive in an air bubble where she finds instructions at the wall for creating magic tools, which allow April to breathe underwater and to talk with the creatures of the sea It just happens that she uncovers an ancient cave, with engravings, which proof that the Alatien, today’s enemy of the Mearum, are in fact related to each other They share common ancestors, which came to earth with the Draic-Kin This discovery convinces the queen of the Maerum that April has to be the “Waterstiller”, the foretold savior of the Maerum who reunites them with the Alatien people

Finally, April is brought to her initial destination: the island of Alias But to meet the winged Alatiens, she needs to overcome some obstacles, since their city is not accessible via foot So we just use another potion from Roper Klacks castle to float to the entrance This impresses the Alatiens such that they think, April might be the “Windbringer”, the one who brings strength back to the weak Alatien But to proof that she is the chosen one from the prophecy, she has to answer some questions Alatiens love to tell stories And therefore, April has to learn about the 4 tales, where she really has to pay attention Only after answering all questions right, she is allowed to talk to the “Teller”, the leader of the winged Alatiens The Teller is convinced that April is the one from the prophecy So April managed to bring both, the Alatiens and the Maerum back together She is the chosen one, the “Waterstiller” and the “Windbringer” In return, April receives the second piece of the key from the two species Finally, April is allowed to talk to one of the 4 dragons, who can only tell us: Kindly, he hands us one of the 4 stones, the key needs to fully function Next, he brings us to a ship of the “Dark People”, who are giving April the third piece of the key just for telling them who she is: They also hand us a stellar map to find the gateway of the Guardians’ realm Back at the Harbor, April has to flee from an evil vortex of chaos Under pressure, she is able to open a new shift In Stark she is also chased by the Vanguard So April shifts again In Arcadia she receives the final piece of the key from Abnaxus, a species that can see the future, past and present at its will but doesn’t understand the concept of only living in the present Since Abnaxus is a clairvoyant, April doesn’t have to proof anything in return After the long journey, April has all pieces of the key With a forging statue she is able to blend all 4 pieces together But April is not given a minute’s rest She is attacked by an Army of Chaos So, she just shifts again To be able to shift at her will, April practices with a shift to her dream from the very beginning with the talking tree and dragon From the dragon she obtains the second stone for the key Now, the only things that are still missing are the 2 stones from the Dragons in Stark Since quite some time has passed, the fake ID she ordered from Flipper is ready by now Because Flipper is a hacker and a badass nerd, April also asks him to decipher the stellar map, which again, will take him some time So in the meantime, we try to infiltrate the headquarters of the Vanguard By pretending to deliver a pizza, April makes it to the office of Jacob McAllen, the head of the Vanguard Turns out, it was not the best idea to run into the central office of her enemy open

handed Therefore, April is imprisoned in a strange lab of the Vanguard and is forced to hand over the key and the precious 2 stones McAllen already had the remaining 2 stones Fortunately, Cortez comes to a rescue During the epic fight with McAllen, both reveal their true identity: They both are the dragons of Stark With McAllen and Cortez dead, April is on her own She takes back the complete key with all the stones from the strange lab and heads to Flipper Unfortunately, Flipper was shot by Gordon Halloway, the assistant of McAllen Literally, with his last words, Flipper manages to explain the deciphered stellar map just before he dies The entrance to the Guardian’s realm is at a space station called “Morning Star” To get there April signs up to become a space colonist, which have a layover at the Morning Star At the space station she frees the imprisoned last Guardian and enters the gate to the Guardians’ realm, which is in-between worlds But of course she is followed by Halloway In the interdimensional world, April needs to proof that she is worthy to enter the tower, by mastering 3 Trials First, she has to defeat the Chaos Vortex with magic, which she can with another potion from Roper Klacks castle They turned out to be very helpful As a second Trail, she needs to face her deepest fear So she is brought back to her childhood, where she has to face her stepfather She feared that he doesn’t love her But she manages to forgive him The last Trail is just to cross an insurmountable barrier She even consulted Crow on this matter The Guardians’ tower is floating over the Well of Making which is separated from April just by….by nothing At this point, she needs to proof her deductive skills So she asks Crow to fly to the Well of Making and throw some of the water into the nothingness Hence, nothing becomes something Arriving at the Tower, it doesn’t accept her arrival So the last Guadiana helps to activate the elevator This is where Gordon Halloway sees his opportunity to sneak in As April accepts her fate and is ready to become the new Guardian of the Balance for the next 1000 years, the Tower doesn’t fulfill the ritual Perfect timing for Gordon Halloway to show up He claims to be the next Guardian But he doesn’t feel well His Balance seems to be a little off While he and Adrian are fighting, April tries to restore Holloways Balance with the Talisman

which she used to trap the Chaos Vortex After restoring his Balance, his whole personality changed With his true self he isn’t under the influence of the Vanguard anymore So it seems like the Vanguard failed once again Gordon is now ready to begin his 1000 year long Guardianship After April’s very long journey and finding out that she is not the new Guardian, April has to find a new purpose in live In the end, we get a hint form the narrator that Gordon Halloway was the last Guardian and both worlds are going to be reunited after all But that is a different story Even though the game was released in 1999, this is the perfect ending to reference the two other games: “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey” from 2006 and “Dreamfall Chapters” from 2014 So turn in for the next game summaries to find out more about Stark, Arcadia and the Balance Thanks for watching If you liked my content, please share and subscribe