《花千骨 │The Journey of Flower》第19集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

[Fire of the Heart 心之火 (Xin Zhi Huo)] sung by
Julia Peng Jia Hui 彭佳慧 and F.I.R. 飞儿乐团 (Fei Er Yue Tuan)
Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ VikiWhen yearning flew across the night sky, ♫ ♫ it twisted around the fingers,
and left behind a beautiful image like a dream.
♫ ♫ When infinite cherry blossoms fall, ♫ ♫ a thread of sadness and regret sweep across me
as I remembered that feeling.
♫ ♫ So much hurt. So much resentment. So, so much pain! ♫ ♫ So much love. So much hate. So, so much mess! OH~ ♫ ♫ One whose love is too insane, that is a willful squander. ♫ ♫ Every reconciliation after a fight,
we hug, kiss wildly and surrender.
♫ ♫ One whose love is not mad,
is not fit to say they have loved before.
♫ ♫ I’m not asking for tomorrow, eternity or a future. ♫ ♫ Your glance lights up this moment with me in it.
It’s enough.
The Journey of Flower Episode 19 You’re saying that someone left you the three words “Test of Life Stone”? Yes, Superior Immortal I”ll forgive the lack of seeing the actual person Why is it that you cannot even get clues from handwriting? When I got up there to see it, it had already entirely dried Superior Immortal, I am being honest! I think someone is trying to give me a hint! A hint? I remember now. When Hua Qian Gu entered the sect, there was indeed something that didn’t match up with her Test of Life Stone Honorable Superior! There must be a problem with Hua Qian Gu’s Test of Life Stone. Honorable Superior must have known long ago You don’t need to do anything about this. I’ll take care of it Honorable Superior, your disciple Li Meng has something to say to you Come in Honorable Superior. Honorable One has sent me to come get Junior Sister Qian Gu’s Test of Life Stoe What does Honorable One want the Test of Life Stone for? I think he wants to clean the disciples’ stones Okay, I know. In a bit I’ll send it over myself Then I’ll go first Why did you have to hypnotize Li Meng? I wanted to know, why you care so much about Hua Qian Gu’s Test of Life Stone? Take out her Test of Life Stone for me to see And if I said I can’t? Then I can only ask Mo Yan to come ask you for it Hua Qian Gu is my disciple. It should be under my care I won’t give anyone her Test of Life Stone If you continue to make a fuss, then I’ll cut off relations from you From now on, I won’t let you come up Chang Liu During the battle at Tai Bai, the Seven Murder Faction not only failed to get the Fantasy Dream Bell, but also lost the No Return Ink-Stone. They definitely won’t give up just like that I guess that they will make another move very soon We’ve been too passive. We’re always waiting for them to make a move We cannot avoid the battle with the Seven Murder Faction Right now among the ten deity devices, the Flaming Crystal, and the Sympathize Life Sword are both missing In a few days, I will go down the mountain to find the Sympathize the Life Sword Of course. The Sympathize the Life Sword is extremely strong. It definitely cannot fall into the Seven Murder Faction’s hands He put an enchantment on the entire Hall of Emotionless? That proves the problem with the Test of Life Stone even more! I must have it! Senior Brother, what is it? Zi Hua!

Even if I spend all my power today, I will break open your enchantment! Stop it! Fated crisis? Have you gone crazy? You spent half of all your power to open the enchantment? You’re the one who has gone crazy! Hua Qian Gu is your fated calamity, but you took her as your disciple anyway? It’s not your place to interfere with my business Have you forgotten your teacher’s will? You must kill your fated calamity without mercy! A human can decide the world. I believe I can change all this You are the sect leader of Chang Liu You are the immortal world’s compass, and the most important person to me Your safety is more important than anything else! Hua Qian Gu is my disciple Her safety is of the same importance to me! Okay then. You don’t dare to make your move -Then I’ll do it for you!
-Stop there! Zi Hua! Zi Xun, you and I are both those cultivating immortality You should understand that fate is unavoidable If the heavens have decided that I cannot make it past this calamity, then why should I force it? The fated calamity You won’t live or die but become a demon You’ll feel bad if you kick her out and drive her away! Killing her to rid of all troubles is the right thing to do, but you-! But you take her as your disciple? -I cannot let you face this danger.
-Zi Xun! You’ve cultivated for so many years, sophisticating and striving both internally and externally. You are correct, Hua Qian Gu is my fated crisis. She came from the village in the forest, to Chang Liu, to the Hall of Emotionless Do you understand? I cannot avoid it! Do you think killing her will finish things? I don’t care! I will listen to you in any situation! -With this being the exception!
-Zi Xun! It smells so nice! Daddy, it’s fortunate that you came. Mother doesn’t cook anymore! -Why?
-Tang Bao! Okay okay, I won’t say it anymore. Or else Mother will cook even less for me! Daddy, you must stay for a few more days, okay? It tastes really good! Dongfang! Dongfang! Dongfang! Dongfang! Hurry and wake up! Dongfang! Dongfang! Dongfang! I finally found you Zi Xun, you’ve gone overboard! Dongfang, Dongfang wake up! -Teacher, please save Dongfang!
-Daddy! -Daddy! Daddy!
-Dongfang! -Dongfang, you’re awake?
-Daddy! Come, I’ll help you to the bed to rest Daddy, this is great, you didn’t die! What? You thought I died? I haven’t even eaten Bones’ food yet, how could I die? Dongfang, you’re injured, stop talking Bones, I want to see you a bit more. I’m afraid that- Don’t say such unlucky words! -Dongfang? Dongfang!
-Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Teacher, Dongfang he-! Teacher, how is Dongfang’s injury? His injury is very serious. The Impetuous Dusk Break is Zi Xun’s martial art specialty If he hadn’t cultivated some power earlier, he would have died already I’m using my power to keep him living now, but after 49 hours,

his power will run out. Then no one will be able to save him Zi Xun, you and I have cultivated together for many years. What we learned was all kind and peaceful But the you right now, wanted to kill someone And harmed an innocent as well! I’ve done what I’ve done. If the Shu Emperor wants to send soldiers to catch the culprit, then have him come after me alone Do you not feel that you’ve done wrong at all? Harming innocents, that is indeed my wrongdoing But Hua Qian Gu must die! Hua Qian Gu is my disciple I will do everything I can do protect her If you continue being like this, the one you will have to kill from now on will probably be me I would rather you hate me, then let Hua Qian Gu harm you! Zi Xun, wake up! No one wants to harm me And no one can harm me I know the result of the fated crisis But nothing has happened now! Why be like this? I’m just afraid that when that happens, it’ll be too late to do anything Hua Qian Gu is my disciple No matter what, I won’t forsake her Zi Xun, I do not wish to have a day where we must cut off all ties with each other Cut off all ties? For Hua Qian Gu, you want to cut off all ties with me? And you say you don’t love her! I don’t want to talk to you about these things anymore I promise you! I can spare Hua Qian Gu’s life I hope you are truly wishing to change I’m only saying that I won’t kill her That doesn’t mean I’ll forgive her How is the Grand Scholar’s injury doing? In a grave state What should we do? Dongfang Yu Qing Hua Qian Gu Superior Immortal Zi Xun It’s hard to deal with all of them Now they’ve all been stuck together! Senior Brother must be having a big headache I just knew that once someone met up with love, nothing good would come of it! In these years, Xia Zi Xun has left the Seven Murder Faction, but her personality never changed, and she always has to make a move! If Zi Hua hadn’t stopped her But now that we mention it, She shouldn’t have been so heavy handed Senior Brother says he has his way of dealing with this situation To the outside, just tell them that Superior Immortal Zi Xun accidentally hurt someone. Don’t tell them anything else What nonsense! How is he going to deal with this? How can an injury from the Impetuous Dusk Break be dealt with easily? How about this? I’ll make a trip to the palace right now I’ll tell His Majesty about the Grand Scholar’s condition. Right now, the most important thing is to heal the Grand Scholar’s injury Dongfang Why are you so silly? Why did you have to use your life to save me? You have to hurry and get better! Don’t you know everything? Then hurry and get up and tell me what I should do to heal you Hurry and get up! Hurry and get up! Get up and say something! Don’t you love joking the most? Teacher! Teacher, have you found a way to heal Dongfang? No. Right now, I can only give him inner energy to extend his life -Teacher-
-In the end, this situation came about because of us. I have to do my best to save him Wait a second Zi Xun? Superior Immortal Zi Xun. You must have a way to save Dongfang, right? If I have done anything wrong, you can punish me however you want Please, save Dongfang! I came precisely to make up for what I did wrong Zi Xun! Don’t force it anymore

I’m sorry I’ve used all my power, but I still cannot force out the Iris Sun Energy from his body Is there no other way? Is Sha Qian Mo the only one who can save him? Your meaning is Zi Xun is from the Seven Murder Faction, so what she learned was the Iris Sun Energy To heal his injury, only Sha Qian Mo who practiced this can do it Teacher, is Big Sister Sha really the only one in this world? This is too funny. Why should I help you save someone? If you help me today, if you need me to one day, I’ll return to the Seven Murder Faction Do you think I’ll hope for that? Sha Qian Mo. Don’t make things difficult! What? Are you using your beauty on me? Do you think…I’m more beautiful, or you? I think if I capture you, I can have Bai Zi Hua hand over two more deity devices! How dare you! If I hadn’t lost so much energy… Your skin still isn’t too bad But you cannot sleep at night, right? Because your skin is remembering all of that for you Sha Qian Mo. If you won’t help me save someone, then forget it What is the meaning of this? Superior Immortal Zi Xun, you should stay here in my Seven Murder Hall Use my nourish skin soup to wash your face Then drink some of my soften muscle honey water once in the morning and night. I guarantee you’ll become much more energetic You’ll return to the spring of your life! Sha Qian Mo. Is this the way you, the demon ruler, treat your guests? Don’t you people of the sects say that I don’t follow reasoning? Okay then. Then I won’t follow good reasoning Why are you looking at me like that? Did you know? Getting angry often will affect your looks! Let’s go! Senior Brother, Dongfang Yu Qing’s life is on the brink We should let go of the differences between the sects The great sect leader of Chang Liu has to go find Sha Qian Mo for help? That isn’t only Chang Liu’s issue, it’s the entire immortal world’s issue! There’s a life at stake. I cannot think that much No matter what, Zi Xun betrayed the Seven Murder Faction before That was all because of me. Now, I have to be the one to fix things up Zi Hua! Zi Hua! Teacher. I have something I want to discuss with you You want to discuss Dongfang Yu Qing’s condition with me? -I…
-I’ve already decided. To keep rumors from spreading, I’ve decided to go find Sha Qian Mo and ask him to help But…but with Honorable One Honorable Superior! Something terrible has happened! Superior Immortal Zi Xun has been captured by Sha Qian Mo!

Bai Zi Hua. Holy Ruler was right You really did come. Holy Ruler said that we have to treat our v.i.p. guest well Please What a rare guest! Honorable Superior has come to my Seven Murder Hall for the first time How is it? How does it compare to your lifeless Hall of Emotionless? I have come this time to take Zi Xun away What is her relation to you? At least, she used to belong to my faction Are you going to let her go or not? What? Are you made? I get scared easily! Shan Chun Qiu, hurry and have Superior Immortal Zi Xun come out here Do you not see the way Honorable Superior is looking at me? My legs are turning weak! Hurry and go! What are you looking at? It’s so hard to see you, so what if I look at you a bit more? Chang Liu’s most beautiful man, most powerful man, the coldest, the one who lies the most! The most pretentious one What is that look in your eyes? Are you jealous of my beauty? Look. The one you want has come Zi Hua! You’ve finally come They’ve caused so many bad things to happen to me! I have no energy left in my body I feel so terrible! Anything else you want me to go through? Honorable Superior’s name is quite famous. Naturally I’ve heard a lot about it It’s hard to keep from playing with you a bit Forget it. Seems like you’re the type to forsake love Just what do you want? I’m being idle anyway Since you’re so no fun, what else can I do? As to the reason you came, it’s very simple One Xia Zi Xun and Dongfang Yu Qing’s life, bring me the Flow of Light Harp in exchange! No! That definitely cannot do! The deity device is important of course. But we’re dealing with two lives! You don’t need to say anything more! If we want to save Superior Immortal Zi Xun alive, even if we have to rush up to the Seven Murder Faction, we still cannot let them act like this! Then what about the Grand Scholar’s life? It still requires his willingness His willingness. His willingness allows him to capture a Superior Immortal? Does he not have one that he is concerned about, one that he finds important? That Shan..that Shan Chun Qiu? Is he not the right hand man? Get him here! We’ll repay one life with another! Senior Brother ! Senior Brother! Senior Brother! You-! What did they say? Right now, let’s not even talk about Dongfang. Even if it is to save Immortal Zi Xun, Honorable Superior didn’t say that he’d do the exchange Think about it. This Flow of Light Harp is Chang Liu’s precious treasure Of course they cannot just give it to Sha Qian Mo just like that Why can’t they? Aren’t lives at stake? How can you be so childish? Qian Gu. Right now, the Three Honorables are discussing. They said they’re having a meeting, but I think they’re arguing! Can I just pretend all of this never happened? I won’t give the Flow of Light Harp to you. If you want it, then kill me! Little thing I thought that you’d never be willing to see me again in this life

I…I just didn’t know how I should face you Put down the hate in your heart As long as you turn back, you are still the big sister I originally met You came to find me this time for Dongfang Yu Qing, right? Has your Teacher told you the requirements? Big sister, put down the hate in your heart Why do you have to snatch the deity devices? If you let go of the Flow of Light Harp and Superior Immortal Zi Xun, and save Dongfang’s life, I’m sure those with prejudices against you, will definitely put those down! What does it have to do with me if they have prejudices? Besides, I want the Flow of Light Harp, not because I want to put the deity devices together to form the Great Desolate Energy Force And this Flow of Light Harp, has special meaning to me I can save Dongfang Yu Qing and let go of Xia Zi Xun But I really need the Flow of Light Harp! If I can, I will return it within a few days of borrowing it But…based on Bai Zi Hua’s personality, I’m afraid he won’t let me borrow it that easily Big sister, can you tell me what you need the Flow of Light Harp for? It is to fulfill someone’s dream If I don’t have the Flow of Light Harp, then all that happens afterwards will not occur Little thing, if one day, I have the Flow of Light Harp, then I’ll tell you her story, okay? Okay, big sister I’ll go back and beg Teacher Really? I trust you, big sister Okay. I’ll wait for you Teacher, even though Big Sister Sha’s personality is bad, but I can tell from her eyes, that she really does need the Flow of Light Harp! She definitely won’t lie to me! And she also said that she’ll return it after a few days At the moment Dongfang’s life is in danger. Only Big Sister Sha can save him! I will definitely do my best to protect the Flow of Light Harp When Dongfang gets better and Big Sister Sha finishes using it, I’ll definitely bring it back If Big Sister Sha really lied to me, Even if I throw away this life of mine, I’ll definitely get the Flow of Light Harp back! Little Bone, this situation isn’t as simple as you think I know Sha Qian Mo’s personality very well But his underling Shan Chun Qiu has a very ambitious heart He only wants to steal the deity devices If the deity device leaves Chang Liu, then the consequences will go out of our control -Teacher!
-We don’t need to talk anymore about this Teacher! How did it go? Mother, did Honorable Superior agree to it? Teacher rejected the idea Oh no! Daddy can’t last for more than another ten hours! Dongfang, I won’t let you die like this -I’ll go get the Flow of Light Harp right now.
-How are you going to get it? I’ll go up to the Hall of Emotionless and steal it! But what if Honorable Superior finds out? Now that things have come to this, I cannot think about all that! Dongfang definitely cannot die Let’s go! -Teacher!
-Honorable Superior Have you two heard the song I played before? I’ve heard it before It is called Clear Autumn Cold Moon. How many verses did you hear? How many verses?

Two verses! Okay. Then practice two verses Hurry and take the Flow of Light Harp! Hurry! Hurry up! -Mother, mother!
-How are things? Hurry, he’s gone! Hurry up! Okay, hurry up! Okay -Dongfang! Dongfang!
-Daddy! Daddy! Wake up, Dongfang! Why hasn’t Daddy woken up yet? There needs to be a bit more time before he can fully recover He won’t be awake until a while later Then what do we do if he still doesn’t wake up tomorrow? Little thing trusts in me. You dare to not trust in me? Big sister, we trust in you Tang Bao is just worried about Dongfang. Don’t blame her Big Sister, where is Superior Immortal Zi Xun? Little thing, don’t worry. She’s okay I have to go play the harp now Dongfang, you must hurry and wake up Liu Xia! Do you see this beautiful Flow of Light Harp? I got it for you. Do you see it? Liu Xia, can you wake up and look at me? I remember, you once told me, that you wanted to play a song for me to hear I’ve always been thinking. remembering I keep thinking of the way you look when you play the harp Liu Xia, it’s my fault I’ll play a song for you right now, okay? If you want to keep your little sister’s life, then use the deity device to exchange for it! -I only want the deity device!
-Big brother!
Big brother, so in your heart, the deity device is more important than me! I hate you all! Custodian of the Law! Let’s hide underground!

Tang Bao, wait here. I’ll go take a look Big sister Little thing. This is my little sister Liu Xia Look. Doesn’t she look like you? The way you speak, the way you call me big sister, they’re all so similar Big sister. She..? When Liu Xia was alive, she liked to explore all types of harps And the Flow of Light Harp, as the best of the harps, Liu Xia once said that if she could play a song on this harp, then she would have no regrets So you wanted the Flow of Light Harp to fulfill Liu Xia’s dream? Liu Xia knew that the Flow of Light Harp was in Chang Liu, so she secretly went in to take the harp At that time she ran into the eldest disciple Zhu Ran Zhu Ran manipulated her, using Liu Xia to exchange for the deity devices in my hands Liu Xia thought I gave her up for the deity devices And with hatred, she killed herself So in so many years, you’ve never let go of what happened to Liu Xia? It’s my fault If I hadn’t wanted the deity devices, then this wouldn’t have happened to Liu Xia Big sister, don’t be sad anymore Even though Liu Xia is gone, I am still here I’ll play a song for you Big brother, you’ve really found the Flow of Light Harp! Yes. I know you like it, so I got it just for you Big brother, actually I only wanted the Flow of Light Harp just to take a look at it And to play a song for you to listen to I didn’t want to keep it Big brother, I’ve always been looking for you I always wanted to find the happy you Don’t go after any deity devices anymore So what if you’re the first in the world? I want to see a happy big brother! I don’t want to see you living in such exhaustion! Okay. I promise you As long as you come back, I won’t want to be first in the world, and I won’t want any deity devices anymore Stop Big sister Take the Flow of Light Harp away Liu Xia won’t come back again She told me not to look for the deity devices Then why should I keep the Flow of Light Harp?

Big sister Go I want to be alone with Liu Xia for a bit This time, you have to really thank Hua Qian Gu She paid a big price to save you that even Honorable Superior didn’t want to pay Let’s go! Don’t hope that I’ll thank you Even though I promise Zi Hua I wouldn’t kill you, You should be more careful. The farther you go away the better It’s because I like Teacher that Superior Immortal Zi Xun wants to kill me? Daddy’s gaseous pulse is much more fluid and his facial colour is returning Looks like that Big Sister Sha’s method really works! Tang Bao, stay here and look after Dongfang. I have to immediately go to the Hall of Emotionless and give the Flow of Light Harp back to Teacher Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Hurry and go. If you’re late, Honorable Superior will find out! OK! Senior Brother, the scholar has recovered and come back! Where is Liu Guang Qin? Superior Immortal Zi Xun has returned to Sweet Aroma Pavilion Did you eventually take the Flow of Light Harp to trade? Let me have a look at it! So I can be relieved! It is not here anymore! It is not here! You give it to Sha Qian Mo? It is not his fault! it is me who secretly give that to exchange for the prisoners! Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki [Cannot Say 不可說 (Bu Ke Shuo)] sung by
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建华 and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖
With your hands, you untie my lock.
We fell into a whirlpool of tenderness.
♫ ♫ Through numerous turmoil and wasted time on all the wrong steps, our affections have not changed. ♫ ♫ Bound for life, one idea leads to a disaster. But still we insisted on making the same mistake again and again. ♫ ♫ In one instant,
the vow to stay together for life is shattered to dust.
♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us.♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I don’t dare to say it. ♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you. ♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. ♫ ♫ Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I cannot say it. ♫ ♫ Holding onto the promise. Don’t blame me for my weakness. The situation does not allow you and me.
Give me up so that you can live.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you.