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In my head I always toss to be a proficient Richter and There’s Nothing Else to life Almost You know it’s like that, was my role I have to Make it in fact I will Make it Associative Here Guys Came from There With All Sorts of Weapons Actually Once I got hit by this Guy here Just Can’t believe it it’s Probably my back Here When i suspended Three Times my first two years I was walking here Once it’s a guy run Me over here to list I don’t know why he Revealeth Myself My Younger Brother, omar you When you come back to my Studies I think this, Is what it all Started It Just Feels like it doesn’t Feel real that it Should not Make sense They’re like You’re Here One Day and then like next Minute you’re Playing front of Thousands of People have got the Overlords and To Play for Him and Now Regularly for the last Three Four Years It’s so Fortunate I have kaja Company I still Completely free, my regular it’s like Very very Nice to know Everybody that Lives on that road Still descent Some of the Same Guys To live There and People Used to come From Everywhere I literally Down that road that road that over that road Well the Time We know that you’d Have? You Playing against the road so we Still play Stoney lane Which Is my road against Fulham road that was quite A big For Us, was A big Game as Time went, on We still played Parks as a park Further Down Cobol sleaze Park They succumb Over Play Here There You go, over There and Play There Actually When you think About it’s Quite This is Amazing by it’s Crazy So this will be the Stump Obviously Here’s A Crease but We play we’re Here and This this is like? Full of eggs you know in A while in the Shop set To see, where They put the eggs and Stuff Flat and the Bread and Stuff Always Just pinch one Full Stop Here Make that Would be the other lie? and if you nicked you Onto the wall you wrap you’d have a Square leg umpire Sitting on the Wall There, oh There Umpires Here One of Them pies Ago and you’d Probably Have an Umpire from the Opposition The the Team Batting so there was A bit of? Gian Sometimes Pause They I’ll be looking to hit who that gap I don’t know if you Can See Through There You learn how to do it, oh you dame For that Anyway but you Don’t realize when you come in and Play here a lot o you gon place in your schools and Stuff You Actually hit so Many balls that you are Becoming better Without even Realizing I Guess and Obviously straight wasn’t it was A big hit at the Time for me But I spin out I get like four spin Oh, I was trying belting straight as I could I learned so much in This Park I remember There, was a time I couldn’t play? As a young Kid I must be 1213 off my hip and Ended up practicing my Brother’s Here Just Trying to have them know Playing the Test much here and I just kept hitting the guy after order Because I spent County cricket at The Time Age Groups I took you to There I remember Thinking How much it Worked Just Just Practicing off my stuff I had that sort of Street sort of Wise About me Where I just Wanted to prove the House That was the Best one Here and Stuff so i always had that I always have that competitive Edges are in our People Probably See Me as so laid back I have my own way of being competitive Voting and I think I was Definitely one of the better Players There Hi There That Guy There Michael he, was a good friend of mine I see his Grandparents live Over There and He’s Actually Quite good for Polyester You See like Regularly When i’m Around here Everyone my park Is Still here Just Feel Around We just know what Comes Anymore I remember There’s A group of Older Guys Playing? And we were Playing on the Bamboo Temple for that Method Guys Came from There With all sorts of Weapons and I remember? They Just Charges A group of Guys Playing here and me my Business Just run because it was so Scary you know, he liked the guys alone I think I don’t know you know the things that they spin Around Is that metal Bars and Stuff on us you know There was Times like that but again you learn To Run Sometimes when you have when you need to? For Us this, was A safe place to be even Though it, was a rough place There I don’t really Make that much sense to someone but This was our? Go to Places Life ever Those Problems you know Way from School why have I come Here and you sort of Take your mind off Things I’m come on play Football Cricket Spend all your, day here Literally until the sunset and then go home even Though it’s Rough at the Time it Feels

It felt Safe because it wasn’t The Knives and The Guns as it was as it is Probably now It wasn’t as Ruthless at all Thing even Though it was pretty Rough at the Time Stuff Actually Once I got hit by this Guy Here and Wondered I saw One of Senior Guys and he When I saw it it never did Anything but he You Warned the Guy and Never again like you know who? Was that sort of? Upbringing Great Memories Even When I drive Past I always Feel like I wish if There Is any Time in my life I love Never Happen I’Ve Come back to those Days that is Coming all the Time No Worries About Nothing you just Play Creaky if Play football go Home Look Forward to the next Day Because you can do the Exactly Same Thing Little Little Things That Give You that warm Feeling Inside that you Feel Makes you feel Like Almost Like A human being Sometimes Sometimes You get Caught Up in in Everything else That you forget your roots so you forget Where you’re from you forget your friends and I try never to do that Always Know them from Here This will always be our Cell Phone Sparkle yes my my You Work, so hard as a Youngster to become Whatever You want to become and then the Time Comes and you Probably give up And i think that was Another Thing my dad Never ever gave Up i think he saw From an Early age I we were Quite Talented and Stuff and he, was like no he was adamant that, We were Gonna? We had to Make it and even Though he Had some Pressure From Family About you know Why the Plane Tricky They’re wasting Their Time There’s no? Almost no There’s no Career in It and it’s Hard Because of Where we’re From and Backgrounds and Stuff and But my. Dad, was like nah They’re Gonna They’re Gonna do something because my dye Knew I was going on in Terms of cricket as I know they’re Gonna do Something and Things like that We never Think about this School Just brings Great Feelings and Memories and Things I Can’t Believe it’s Probably not Back here after so Long I’D Finish Here and Then Straight to the Puffs Sometimes my mom Would Take Us to the mosque or? Think that, We went to a mosque, or we’d go straight to a park so to Make our Way Was to Walk Up to the road of the mus and then do it a U-turn from the other Side History is Apart I’m not been Back Buddy since I left Actually I remember Coming back Once And since Then I’m not Coming Back I was Never I don’t think I was ever Naughty on it Another? Night in Private School they know It First I heard my older Brother? It said Is in them See he’s Gonna Cause, Obviously we’re in Nursery I? Remember he Came to this gear This gear, was a lot longer A thing at the Time and used to be on this Climbing Frame here and He Came and Said Hello to me and that’s The first Memory I have of this School I Just Knew That Cuz He’s A Model because Obviously a little bit Scared and I felt real Safe Because he Was here I remember after that day? I was fine I? Think my Favorite Time was When My Sister my Brother my Younger Brother, we were all in Here at the same Time But it Just brings Back Those Memories when you were? Young innocent I Remember There was A 1995 We were Didn’t Theseus and the Minotaur Wanted to? And I was one of the bad I was so Shy and I didn’t want to do it The Teacher of Force in and i said to Teach I can, do I’ve Never Been The Brightest One from A Body And he was going on? Sometimes I was so Into Sport like I said love Just going outside Where I can’t Wait to leave to go outside to play They Timed in A time Whatever it, was I think Everybody knew that, We were so interested in in Cricket that, We were I? Think Even Their Teachers and other Teachers Knew that, We were Gonna Try and Get, Somewhere as Cricket ism When I went to south Africa and I was always Proud to tell People that I was from Mansa Middle School it was? Because he’s so big Over the Osi and I remember When I used to tell People i said I really Feel Proud of it and

When i told People that he Came to our School? The People Over There Would Look Would Have loved her Name and Robin Minnelli you Know I remember About him that Spilling so you see like Flip this Long Spelling Boys Hair and You have to like Memorize and Learn the Spelling up all These Words and Stuff Obviously Don’t know Them because Cheers Yeah I think Sometimes you forget How Lucky you are that you brought them this Way and There’s Children Now They, don’t have Anything in as you get older you realize how Fortunate you are with Where you were Well you had as a Kid and they all Make A big Difference Into Whatever you want to try to become so? For me it was A this was the best Primary Schools you Could? Ever Come To and Sometimes in My Training and Stuff Like that and the School Would, allow me to Don’t understand and I think that made a massive Difference in to me Developing as A as a cricketer We have Such a mixture Here in Terms of you Just Have everything? All Different Types of Religions to color that in Terms of Love Arabs Pakistani Backgrounds, Bangladesh, They’re all Different it’s great because you Sort of Just Learn to gown With Everyone I really Charlie don’t Really Care and To be Honest With you Nobody Should, ever Care what kind of Somebody is A lot of Religion someone Is it’s end of the day, we’re all Human beings and Things that I knew and that’s what you learn Straightaway you don’t Learn None of the Stuff I said She live Here This Is 197 my House so as you can, See it’s quite a busy road I Used to see There was A bus I could Take to here and then get to school But Because my friends used to tell the other bus as I was jumping with them so it’s a walk a little bit and then bus it I’ll Show you this One Place, We recorded the Churchyard and This is where I Remember Those Fights Almost Every single day I Was very Fortunate Because of my friends as Soon as They’re in Trouble They always used to Say Look you Play cricket We don’t want you to join it, We don’t need to Take part in it and Even Though I knew that was Best I also felt Because They, Were my friends or my best friends I Needed to do something Or Help them, or but Initially I always Just Avoid Or Try and stop it I think with me Because I had A Vision Or Something That I was able to see a future in I saw That that kept me Going and Grounded and you sort of Know what’s Best for it and what’s not some of our mates They Probably Didn’t Have that So not Sure what they wanted to be Or? When as soon as you get Co-OP and it’s very difficult to come out of it so that Guy Coaching There Now he, was in my year and he’s my school Team I Always Felt if I were a play for england Or A County Player Become Like A Well-Known Guy I always Though you know I’m never Gonna Change or? Feel like I’m Bigger Than Everybody else Or Higher Than Anybody Else in Any sort of way, I was like I’ll come Here end of Every Year? Every Season, We have A 1000 Competition here Give Us from all over the Country Come out of this Particular Graph Tennis 1000 Is a Team I still Playing that couple of Thousand People here even Though It’s not as much as. What Obviously Player Loads and Stuff but The Pressure of People Wanting to get you out Because you’re an England Player That Pressures Big and I feel a pressure More Than Probably Sometimes Favoring Them I Think I do it because Makes Me Feel Part of the Community That Makes Them Feel like i’m Still father as, well Because it’s Something I would have done before So because I would have done it then I don’t see why I should stop now I want to be able to look back I think you know I Played at the Best Grounds in The World as, well as Still at the Same Time I was Playing at my local club Grass or my school grandeur I still back and Thinking I never Ever Thought I was Too big to Play for Anybody Else Or not Play for People, or, well stuff like that you know Part of my role as A cricket is to inspire Or Make People Feel Part of who I am and So when they love Watching my TV they Feel very Happy and Proud about they know me Or

You Know I shook Their Hand or whatever it is you know They Always They do Culture and Hopefully inspire The Generations to Come to play cricket as well To Trap Their Friend and Given Some Sort of no, we talked about the vision Elia has given Some sort of Vision and Hopefully Their Parents to Push Them as well Secular School I became A bit more of A Not a Rebel There, was a harsh Word I’d say I was A bit more I? Had the guts To do A few More Things Things That You Look back and Think Well why why, do I do that other Stuff but at The Time you know You have a laugh with your friends and you you Probably going Through that age That Stage Where your Personality is Changing and Things like that When I suspended Three Times in my first Two years Or Week I Was a report for a couple of Years One was for Bad Language? One was for We took Stop Watches and Just Threw in The Scientology you know he’s Just like mess Around? But you Know Detention I couldn’t Afford to get Attention because my dad Because I was training from 13 to 15 my dad Said to me Every day you’re Gonna Train Just Give Me Two Years of your life and then you can, do what you want after that So for them two years There was no Detention I couldn’t Afford to Tension or couldn’t Afford to? Get kept Behind and Stuff so I Had To behave Myself at the Time when, you’re struggling Financially and Stuff my dad’s to Somehow Get a booking, or, was Take his Time out Stuff so? you know how to I do Make Sure I fulfilled Those Two Years that was the Best Thing I think my dad ever did for Us and I’m Forever Grateful for that because I know it could Have turned out A lot With Crickey was massive here We were Always Known for being a strong so we’re Going to nationals, We went to? London and we’re Playing against at bedford School and all These that king Edward’s and Stuff Arisa Smash Them and Come Back but, We still love it because like i said We Always like the underdogs? We didn’t have much between Us and stuff but, We used to? Love from Just smash the Teams and Then come Back Enjoy it I think Throughout My School Years We Probably Lost Two or three games Thanks? And I remember We played against Sully a whole School they? Had like a couple of Kentico at the Time and We went They were Chasing 1:30 and We won in H overs Me and this guy Just? It was to Us? Because, we’re so used to Playing on a wiki like this which Is not that Easy but that was A good Pitch and we Just Absolutely Smash but We still love that is the kind of Stuff that We Supply one? Go Ahead and it Smashed other Teams A lot of guys who, were plated they couldn’t Afford Bad So we always used to share as I can play I had all the equipment Nice to share all my stuff and When I got out get my pass to the next Guy Going in and Stuff Those Are The Kind of Memories that you kind of Cherish Forever? So Look back and Think out How Good they Were and so far We always Felt like, we Gotta Prove to these are we gonna? We’re Better Than They might cricket that’s the most important Thing if They want to play Us at cricket then We’re Gonna Beat Them I think I always have had That Mentality even When, we’re Playing against Australia Or Whoever and They Think They are Bigger Always That You know drives You and you want to show them like Ricky, We gonna be Better than you today? so So yeah, oh? Yeah We’re not real Juice mix of France the other Thing This egypt together Shall are Always Following You the only but You’re not Gonna be Thanks for so on this road right I Was walking Here Once? I’m going to meet my father at the Bottom of the road It’s the Guy run me Over Here on Purpose I Have Nowhere I’ll tell you Exactly where to This day, don’t know why, he run me over Right Here so here He he Came so fast down This way I stood against This Butcher and he Came back and There’s no Cars on the Side So i thought There was two Girls in Front of me From the sixth Form I thought he Was going to go I speak to them? And all of A sudden now You Reverse and Any Faster Bank Strange to me Enough Filling back Into the bush and his car

Tilted his Head so I ran down the Bottom of this road like it’s Shocking my labor’s Pouring Blood So I run all the way Down for my dad I Didn’t tell him, on the Phone I was in Shock and he Came Pick Me Up because it’s Only Limping so happens I Kind of cost at this Guy Ran, me over so he went and the guy Goes to my dad the first thing Said Tomorrow’s your, lucky’s Still alive By the Time Because the car was Tilted The fiber gate Had Come and There, was A lot of Fungus the Panic and Stuff And i just couldn’t to lift out I don’t know why, he run me over This is the Police Took state Myself me I Was Really Scared I Didn’t Call my House for? Well I was in Poeple great School for a while Thankfully There’s A bush under The Side and I fell back Into the Bush and it, was A bit Uphill then sort of? Got a layer that if There’s A wall that’s done Crazy I think is 9 Or 10 I came here Eirick and I came here at the best Time A lot of Youth cricket going on and the Guy Trevor who, were Gonna Meet now He Really Took me under his Wing I think he, was in Charge of the Youth and he Used to live Just over Here I used to pick us up like my dad used to showed us sometimes to drop us off for to bring us, over like We didn’t have A car lever and he’d pick us Up and bring Us here it was a lovely Guy he Always Looked After Me and my Brothers and my father Trev, oh Yeah it’s been A very Long Time I haven’t Seen Him since he was 15 16 Since you he went on from here so it is a lovely Scene Back in he wanted to be a professional Cricketer from from that Age 11 12 13 When he went out to bat he went to make big runs and Make them Quickly He wanted The ball out of the Ground and very often it happened if The first ball Was a Bad ball it Would go for six There was no Playing in he wasn’t very Big There was not much of him? But Because he was so effortless and his Timing, was so good he Could Have Batted all Afternoon so you know Physically to hit that you know some games 86 Is 10 6 Is in That Hundred Ninety Five you know There Were 21 Force and 1560s Physically for A ladder that age In 20. Overs it’s a lot of Work that is you could Just Tell that he was very Special Love That People here Thought I was Gonna become A? an international Player Obviously as a play you, don’t really See that too much you just Carry on and Try, and be the best Occur Here Playing it was great because When I was Training A? Warwickshire The Time When the Academy was About Tightening my technique UP and Leaving Balls and you know I saw in my Defence out Which was a problem at. The time Whereas When I was here I just Play my Shots and Almost Go the other way so it was a great Balance of Having Both of Them it was great Obviously and to get One-Nine-Five but it Was a game Where my dad’s friend son was Playing and it was 15? and he got her Somebody the year before and We came to my House and They were Talking About how they’re Gonna get me out? I was for the first Time, We came mind games with Me and I was 14 I Didn’t really Know. I was very determined to? 5-Minutes Place Myself My Younger Brother, omar This Guy Volleyed he’s One of my best mates Still Loves Played County cricket so There’s One Two three four five by six seven of us play County cricket That’s Trevor’s Two sons Were Good Friends of Mine This Guy Bumped, Into not Long Ago actually James for acre so And he was Playing Worried at the Time? Was A left no Seam and That’s Obviously Trevor but That Pictures so typical of Myself Where I’m? Pretty Quiet like Never Said A lot as a Kid but When I went out and Played I would I’ll Try and Express all my Feelings and When I was Playing I was very Shy? I would be very Afraid to speak in Front of People or even Doing doing something like this I’ll be very Afraid of it Talking to the Teammates Making A Speech Whatever it, was cricket as helped me so much and I think it’s something From an Asian so background, We were very Shy, of this kind of Thing and Something, Over Time of Cutbacks I’ve got used to doing and my Favourite one Ricky has Changed My life so much in Terms of that for me to have Played for England Is an incredible achievement for Myself and for my Family and From the hard Work that

We put in That the Sacrifice as a family that we’ve put in A Community the People have helped me With us all the way I feel like um we even Though I won’t be able to repay that I feel like I’m Showing that he, was in A waste of Time Listen Wasted I love it when my parents Come to Watch me Play and My Friends Come I Watch you Help me Along the way and they had to go through A lot more than Why I go through so I feel like I’m Repaying Them in Terms of Their being Proud of Me and Where my dad Can, we Have Black you know Keep his Head up on the high end save Myself like that means Into the Madness That is Jose Again this Side Leg Side Three Sixes in the oh Tom’s Choice it’s to be Read To end A test Match Mowen Ali With The first Hat-Trick for an England Spinner Since 1938 39 it’s been A fantastic day i mean You’re Going Down Memory Lane, We sort of bring back all Those Feelings and The Memories of you See and it’s a great Place to be I think and also it Makes you Humble that you realize Where you actually from sometimes you Can Forget that to Play From the ground Like This or my school ground or my my park, Is almost like recharges your Batteries Days Like Today and so if You go back to the reason why, you played cricket you you remind Yourself The Reason why you played and You’re so humble Beginnings and it’s in A fantastic day and it’s you