Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon | Episode 10 – Season 2 | Max Steel

looks delicious what a delightful plopping sound don’t eat it go turbo right Oh God can you eat this stuff lucky me our cafeteria foods the one thing in the universe the Makah no can’t stomach getting a little cramped in here go turbo flight yeah Steele what’s that truck hauling liquid nitrogen let’s give top the deep freeze go turbo strength oh this isn’t part of the sim max the auto decrypt program I’ve been running has located the second piece of the turbo star it’s a Copper Canyon mine they’re not fooling around let’s get out of here right uh sorry uncle ferrus don’t be you just proved you and Steele could take anything Mac you know or Dredd can throw at you you can’t tell because of all this sit but I’m proud of ya no pressure max but if we know where the second piece of the turbo star is you know Dredd does too I gotta run I gotta take Kirby to the vet go turbo speed that’s sort of make sense at long last the second piece of the puzzle that will make all bow before master Dredd my name is Steve and this is my you infect turbo together we keep the earth safe from the bad guys monsters ultralights you know like superheroes with a secret identity and everything we are the ultimate turbo team ahh max has power and I have got the alien know how to control it and we’re gearing up for biggest battle up together we are back Steve Copper Canyon mine is way out here why are we just flying there again uh because we got serious turbo stuff no matter which galaxy everyone loves a sweet ride exactly Copper Canyon mine looks like a bit of a fixer-upper back in the old days they say they dug so deep they unleash the beast from the center of the earth behold the color swatch now I found it on some cheesy web site so now we’re believing everything we read on the Internet huh huh those tunnels are too cramped for the turbo car stealth mode Oh keep it off the radar you know steel I’m starting to think that not telling Ford’s about this was a bad idea plus it kind of feels like we’re lying we’re not lying we’re being secretive the same way Forge has been all along and don’t forget Jefferson and Cass remember how they almost let slip that the turbo star was some sort of super weapon yeah I remember but if this thing turns out to be a turbo ice cream maker we’re gonna feel pretty stupid speak for yourself ice cream is awesome not that I know but I’ve read the reviews online Batson why did it have to be feds we know the turbo star is linked to both our pass let’s just hope the secrecy is worth it when the editor of school news blog sees this footage he will flip thanks for the help curb step what’s the story creepy places and the creeps who creep them it’s on urban legends I’m gonna prove the copper Squatch is bogus huh my mom used to tell me to eat my Brussels sprouts or the copper Squatch

would get me on my face it’s just an old cobweb and there’s no copper Squatch I promise huh okay but only if you promise will be no Brussels sprouts no Brussels sprouts dread Elementor I will be arriving on earth earlier than expected really that’s excellent news when my humanoid battle form arrives on your planet we will finally get to meet face to face I look forward to it until then for the glory of Makino Pablo Yamato keep a close watch on our ally I want to know his every move listen better be good news I think finding the second piece of the turbo star qualifies as good where tell me now at the bottom of an abandoned mine outside Copper Canyon we’re already on our way excellent we must find the last two pieces before Mackinac ends our deal and ends us we know the turbo star piece is at the bottom of the mine but getting through this maze is the problem were you able to download that map from the city archive steel no they only deal in hard copies papers so archaic no turbo ah come on you face way scarier than a spooky old mine but what if this place really is haunted by the evil coppers watch there is no yeah thanks don’t you think we have enough footage of there not being a copper Squatch and don’t we lost I don’t do lost this map from the city archive says every tunnel and cave laid out we’re not leaving until we get to the bottom of this watch another dead end ah this mine is killing me ah your choice of vocabulary is not helping max this would be so much easier if I could just turboblast my way to the bottom max steel what a pleasant surprise Dredd you never know who you’re gonna bump into when you go spelunking and I was just getting a little peckish careful max deal dig too deep well you might get in over your head Dabra scratch only my Brussels sprouts I promise we’re onto you dread we know all about the turbo star yeah except what it is and what it does a little help with that would be awesome leave the fate of the world to the grown-ups boy happy digging max steel cave in cave out go turbo cannon we’ve got to get that second turbo star piece before Dredd it’s somebody out there he’ll we’re totally trapped others robbed it is way not comfortable Sidney Kirby go turbo hurry max it won’t hold for long max deal what are you doing here getting you guys out of a jam it’s become a habit well I am totally stoked by your rock lifting abilities Thanks hey what’s with the paparazzi treat me come on I was doing a story about the legend of the copper Squatch but a way better story would be about a living

legend the max steel living legend I never really thought of myself as a living legend but huh well I guess I am max time’s a-wastin oh right sorry I have to find a way to the bottom of the mine you guys stay here where it’s safe let me film you and I’ll get you to the bottom in turbo time max she’s got the map the real max deal up close and personal the greatest documentary ever mockumentary is more like it just uh get my good side ed great then we go straight down this tunnel don’t you think this is too dangerous for these civilians they’re safer with us than facing what’s out there alone trust me I never realized that fear of enclosed spaces until a mine fell on my head less whining more searching we can’t afford to let max steel get that beast take that tongue maybe I’ll find it and keep it for myself Oh they’d like that your turn on freak that tunnel on the left should take us down a few levels just a few tons of debris shouldn’t be any trouble what yeah watch it and this mine is a mess it’s worse than your room oh yeah what are you talking about you could eat dinner off the floor in my room true you still got last week’s hummus on the floor and rotting orange peels and cheesy sticks yuck by the way GC sticks make great back scratchers so what are you two roommates yeah yeah that’s that’s one way of putting it so what else does max still do when he’s not saving innocent civilians from certain doom the usual off-duty superhero stuff even the environment bench-pressing elephants occasionally making the bathroom smell like elephants come on steel that’s disgusting and totally not true what is that you’re looking for down here anyway the copper Squatch you mean the bogus Squatch I know right we’re actually looking for the colonel as Max’s personal old-time country lawyer I must I’ll say I must object also I’d kill for a pal suspenders and some thumbs right now you’re not an old-time country lawyer steel mill ma is it stuffing this man driver just suffering from the vapors now sus4 advised you not to talk about the turbo huh our mission is secret superhero stuff that’s so cool there is no copper squads do you scratch your back with GZ sticks is there any other way no time for the munchies let’s go steal go turbo what was that nevermind the turbo star should be right behind this rock well hello turbo star nice to see you now we’re one step closer to destroying maginot destroy Mackinac who’s that who’s there so the turbo star is a super weapon yeah meaning we need that piece now more than ever the copper Squatch lives Robert Squatch heck yeah the copper Squatch will destroy you leave these mines before I unleash the curse the Commerce watch chicken haha the turbo star it’s all starting to make sense now when it’s her both start oh hey uh is it cool if we stop filming now haven’t you heard of freedom of the press freedom of the press ended in 1955 Lucy me of the government band of blowing up a bubblegum in chocolate Howell or I’ll say I should know you are not a lawyer and stop pretending to sweat but that copper’s watch wait that’s not the copper Squatch that’s prism and he’s

real turbo here take this and find cover yeah I will he’s breaking up tomes go turbo strength Wow that’s deep he hasn’t even hit the bottom yet oh I pictured you with me Matt Steele go turbo flight what in the did you see that could that have been the nah it couldn’t be could it go turbo speed no Briggs never a stop I’m telling you I sighed I saw the coppers watch fool there is no proper school it’s the turtle star peace and those who pumps out it slow him down gave me the turbo star piece and I will spare you no way yeah you’ll have to get through me first your little film is about to come to a horrifying end you’re so gloom and doom dread yeah we prefer happy ending Sidney Kirby you were knowing little not playtime is over come on max get up he’s getting away say goodbye to your little friends loyalty max steel it will always be your undoing until next time no Dredd escaped but the turbo star piece that turbo star piece was important wasn’t it it was but as long as you two are okay we’re fine you totally saved our lives yeah no biggie if I can get it signal on my phone I’ll call the cops on that Dredd guy for you oh it must be nice to have such a simple mind sometimes wait never mind I’m not a minute oh hey wait up don’t leave me here alone hey you guys need a lift

ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts magnificent we are so close one more piece and we are good to go I have a double cross this trash-talker kid is garbage garbage in here uncle ferrus Oh Mac still a little busy here we know what the turbo star is it can destroy Makka No we went to Copper Canyon mine and red was there and maybe the copper squatch and dread stole the piece of the turbo star whoa whoa whoa how do you know all this a few weeks ago we kind of sort of broke into your computer and copied the turbo star file his idea you what the turbo star is dangerous it destroyed your father our first priority is to stop Dredd from getting the final piece and if you ever break into my files again not even the turbo star will save you is that clear crystal there’s no such thing as a copper Squatch ridiculous couple squats you